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12.01.2012 24:00 Uhr

Kogeto unveils Dot panoramic video capture prototypes for Android, GoPro (video)

Earlier this week, Kogeto announced plans to bring its Dot panoramic video recording accessory to Android handsets. Having already launched an iPhone version of the device back in May, Kogeto has a prototype of its Android counterpart on display here at CES,

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Skype: Version 5.5 Beta für Mac OS X erschienen

Heute ist eine neue Version von Skype  für Mac OS X erschienen. Die Version 5.5 ist aktuell noch im Beta-Status, und bringt unter anderem eine Verbesserung bei der Ansicht aktiver Gespräche. Zudem soll die Verbindungsqualität und -stabilität verbessert worden sein. Aus der Pressemeldung: Today, we’re pleased to announce an update to Skype for Mac with

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Contour

The ever hungry live-streaming hoards need to be fed with fresh B.A.S.E. jumps, pressure flips, DJ sets and the occasional tech talk spectacular. Contour is ready and willing with all the tools of the trade. Don't miss the action at 6:00PM ET.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with ContourLive from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Contour originally appeared on Engadget

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Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn settles with protesting employees

Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner Foxconn has settled a dispute with plant workers who threatened mass suicide over wages and working conditions at the company's Wuhan factory.

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Samsung to support Verizon FiOS TV; iPad app due in 2012

Verizon and Samsung have together announced that Samsung will be the first consumer electronics manufacturer to commercially support a Verizon FiOS TV app on new TVs and Blu-ray players. With it, FiOS subscribers can watch programming and on-demand content directly without the need for a set-top box. Samsung will begin incorporating the functionality into its "Smart" devices as it adds them to its product line during 2012.

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Target confirms Apple center openings, talk to Geniuses where you buy your socks

Target this week confirmed rumors that it will be adding Apple mini-stores to a handful of its retail locations. A representative for the bullseye store told The New York Times that 25 locations will be getting what it describes as "extended displays." The mega-retailer refused to go into details, so far as what the areas will stock, but it will likely contain, at the very least, the iPads and iPhones the store already carries. Not word on an exact date, either, but the areas should be open before year's end.Target confirms Apple center openings, talk to

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Crapgadget CES, round five: iPad 2 / 3 case is probably just one third short

What's this, an iPad case that will work with either the iPad 2 or the iPad 3? According to the vendor, that's exactly what it is. Maybe so -- maybe not so.Gallery: iPad 2 / 3 case at CES

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Skype 5.5 for Mac beta updates call UI, tweaks performance

Skype has released a new Skype for Mac beta, v5.5. The software includes a new and improved call interface. It also gives Mac users the option of accepting incoming calls with or without video, a feature already present in finished Windows versions of Skype.

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Red

If you've been to the movies lately, you've seen through Red eyes. This is some of the tastiest cinematic tech around -- some people like them so much, they've even been known to name them. Ted Schilowitz from Red swings by our stage at 5:30PM ET, and we can't wait.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with RedLive from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Red ori

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12.01.2012 23:00 Uhr

Panasonic Skype tablet eyes-on

At Panasonic's press event here at CES 2012, the company announced and briefly showed off a device it called a Skype tablet, then promptly whisked it away before we could get our hands on it. Well, we swung by the Panny booth to see it up close and some more info on the thing. As you can see in the gallery below, it's got what appears to be a webcam and a 7-inch LCD on the front, plus a 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD slot round back. Unfortunately, our attempts to gather more info about the device were rebuffed, but feel free to peek at our pictures and pontificate on what lies beneath its silver facade. Gallery

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Reports: Anobit deal worth $390M; Apple holds $54B offshore

Apple's buyout of Anobit was worth about $390 million, according to Bloomberg sources said to be familiar with the acquisition. Negotiations reportedly continued for about two weeks after December 20th, when the deal was originally claimed to have been forged. Two anonymous Anobit shareholders specifically say that an agreement was signed on January 6th.

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Google's Matias Duarte reveals design standards for Android 4.0 at CES 2012

Looking for a little more consistent UI experience with your Android devices? Google is looking to make that happen as the folks in Mountain View has revealed that the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich OS will be the first Android software to institute design standards for developers. Android Design is a online repository for the UI guidelines and blueprints for version 4.0, which we learned would unify smartphones and tablets back at Google I/O. This set of information shou

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Google the offline Chrome app

Those folks over at Mountain View aren't just obsessing over phones and televisions, it's also added a few more treats for those of us who use the offline email mode in Chrome. Now you can choose if you want to save 7, 14 or 31 days of backdated missives for those ten-hour flights spent with some guy's elbow stuck in your ribcage. You'll also find that yo

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Human Interface Guidelines für Android-Entwickler

Android Design: Ein Styleguide für Android-Entwickler. Guter erster Schritt, der hoffentlich vor derartigem in Zukunft verschont.

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Cerevo Live Shell with Contour+ hands-on (video)

Contour and Cerevo are teaming up this week at CES to release the Cerevo Live Shell accessory for HD camcorders enabling high-quality automatic upload and streaming to UStream from any HD video source -- in this case, the Contour+. The Live Shell is simplistic in design, featuring a small LCD screen with icons for useful indicators, an HDMI input, line-in port, microphone input, compos

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The Engadget Podcast CES wrap-up: join us live, in-person!

Sure, we've had fun all week, hustling around Las Vegas to bring you the latest news from CES, but this, truly, is the moment we've all been waiting for. Tim, Brian and a rotating cast of Engadget editors and special guests are going to send off this party in style -- oh, and if you happen to be in or around Las Vegas, you can join us, too. The first 50 people who email jon.turi [at] will be able to swing by the Las Vegas Convention Center to hang out for our final podcast of CES 2012. And yes, there will be giveaways.The Engadget Pod

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Viele von Ihnen dürften Ihre Support-Profil noch nie angesehen haben, bzw. wussten noch gar nicht von dessen Existenz. Das eigene Support-Profil listet alle registrierten Apple-Produkte auf, und zeigt auf Knopfdruck den aktuellen Garantiestatus, sowie alle Supportfälle an. Dies bringt einige Vorteile: So sehen Sie sofort, ob Apple Care noch eine Option ist (2) , oder

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Acer Iconia Tab A200 hands-on (video)

Here at CES, you'd expect little 'ol Tegra 2 to get lost in the mix amid the Medfield prototypes, Windows 8 samplers and quad-core Tegra 3 devices. Not necessarily -- not if the price is right, anyway. The Acer Iconia Tab A200 packs NVIDIA's last-gen SoC, and no, it's not the slimmest or lightest tablet on the block, but for $330 you get a 10-inch slate on the brink of an ICS update. That counts for something, right? We'd say so, especially if Ice Cream Sandwich does indeed correct some of the sluggishness that's

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Thousands line up in China ahead of Friday launch of Apple's iPhone 4S

Hours before the iPhone 4S is set to go on sale in China, massive lines with thousands of people have formed outside of Apple's heavily trafficked retail stores.

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12.01.2012 22:00 Uhr

Apple explores motion-based 3D interface for iOS

A newly-published Apple patent application suggests the concept of a motion-controlled 3D interface for iOS devices, namely the iPhone, notes AppleInsider. Titled Sensor Based Display Environment, the filing claims that implementing 3D polygonal interfaces on a touchscreen device can be difficult, owing to factors like screen size, and the need to both hold a device and change perspectives in the interface.

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Ainovo $79 Novo7 Paladin Ice Cream Sandwich tablet hands-on

Nope, that's not a typo -- we just got our hands on a $79 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. The folks from MIPS popped by the Engadget stage to talk about the budget device. The Ainovo Nova7 Paladin is available now in China, so if you actually want to get your hands on the thing here in the US, it will likely cost you a bit more when you actually factor in, you know, air fare and such, but the company assures us that something along the same lines ought to be coming to the States in the near future, with a similar price point.

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Acer Iconia Tab A510 hands-on (video)

The follow-up to last year's Acer Iconia Tab A500 -- aptly named the A510 -- is hanging out in the NVIDIA booth at CES. The 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 display comes with Android 4.0 on board, alongside a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing cam. The tablet feels lighter than its predecessor (as it should, since it loses the USB 2.0 port), and we prefer the soft-touch plastic backing to aluminum finish on the last-gen model. That 1080p

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Coda announces cheaper, worse version of bland all-electric sedan

We know what you're thinking: Coda's all-electric sedan is getting another price cut? No plebes, instead of slashing the price, it's opting instead to release a lower-ranged variant of the $39,900 car for $2,650 less. Those savings net a smaller 31kWh battery which'll go 125 miles on a charge -- 5kWh and 25 miles less than its more expensive brother. That equates to a real-world starting price of under thirty grand after federal rebates take effect. Last we checked, we can't think of anyone wanting less range, but maybe with its lower starting price it'll generate enough buzz to hit those

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Nintendo

After a long week of CES craziness, we're ready to get our game face on for some serious talk about the business of fun as we meet up with Cindy Gordon, VP of corporate affairs for Nintendo of America. Join us at 3:30PM ET.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with NintendoLive from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Nintendo o

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Verizon's ZTE Jetpack hands-on

Verizon launched two new mobile hotspots at CES, both called Jetpack. We found the ZTE entry -- the Verizon device has all the branding -- and gave it a quick once over. The device itself is quite big for a mobile hotspot, measuring 88mm x 88mm x 18mm, though finish and materials are slick. The menu system is easy to use, buttons responsive, and as seen in the pic above lets you get at settings, SMS messages, and a quick heads up as to how many of the 10 supported clients are currently connected. Power on and off is controlled by a sliding switch, rather than an on off button, which we think is a great idea. Have a gander at the galler

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16 GB iPhone 4 still available at some Radio Shack locations

If you're in the market for a cheap iPhone 4, you may want to call your local Radio Shack. A leaked document provided to 9to5Mac suggests the electronics retailer still has inventory of both the 8 GB and 16 GB models. The two iPhone 4 models are available for US$99 with a new two-year contract. This offer extends to all US carriers with an iPhone which inc

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webOS gets OTA update, delivers performance improvements and bug fixes

With so many of us performing funeral dirges in honor of webOS it's easy to forget that the tablet and smartphone platform is still officially supported HP. In fact, just today, the company issued yet another incremental update -- pushing TouchPads to version 3.0.5, while Pre 2 and Pre 3 handsets are moving on up to 2.2.4. Both form factors will be getting improvements in calendar and messaging, while the Pre2 gets better Skype support and MAP for Bluetooth. TouchPads are also adding support for HTTP live streaming and bringing the time-saving "double space equals period"

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Hanvon C-18 Mirasol e-reader hands-on (video)

Qualcomm unveiled its new C-18 Mirasol e-reader yesterday, and today, we managed to get our hands on it here at CES. Manufactured by Hanvon, this device is officially labeled as an e-reader, though to be honest, it felt more like a tablet to us. Unlike the lightweight Kindle, the C-18 felt a tad heavy in our hands, with backlighting more t

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Samsung insists Apple's 'cracked it' TV is nothing new

The late Steve Jobs' claims that he had "cracked" the TV strategy didn't represent anything new, Samsung's Australian audiovisual director Philip Newton claimed in an interview Thursday. The division leader unusually interpreted Jobs' statements for the Sydney Morning Herald as having referred to "connectivity," not really interface, and so wasn't new. He also equated having a feature at all with having beaten Apple to it, contending that the Samsung 2012 TV lineup was as good because it already had voice and touch.

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Daily Update for January 12, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Flash) or the non-Flash link below. To subscribe to the podcast for daily listening through iTunes, click here.

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Sneak Peak: Fantastical kommt in Version 1.2 mit deutscher Sprachunterstützung

Vor wenigen Wochen hat einen kurzen Test über die iCal-Erweiterung Fantastical veröffentlicht. Flexibits war so nett, und hat uns eine erste Beta-Version der Ende Januar erscheinenden Version zugesandt. Die Version 1.2 wird unter anderem eine deutsche Sprachunterstützung bekommen. Somit dürfte eine große Hürde für alle Unentschlossenen fallen. Die deutsche Sprachunterstützung ist sehr gut eingepflegt,

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Facebook launches 'listen with friends' feature, lets others shame you for poor taste

While Facebook's Open Graph might have exposed you as a Belieber way back in September, you couldn't chat and stream that questionable musical taste to your friends, style, until now. Listening to tunes on music services that integrate with

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ZTE T98 ICS tablet hands-on (video)

We'll admit: in addition to playing with tons of cool gadgets, one of the elements that makes CES fun is the challenge of actually finding these gems in the first place. Such was the case with the ZTE T98, a 7-inch Tegra 3-powered tablet running stock Android 4.0 that was lurking in a booth without any marketing material to establish its identity. Branded as a China Mobile device, the T98 offers a 1,280 x 800 WXGA display, NVIDIA's quad-core CPU underclocked at 1.3GHz, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP rear camera with no LE

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Samsung preps Galaxy Tab 7.0N for Germany

Samsung has reportedly unveiled a new Galaxy Tab model, the 7.0N. The tablet is a new version of the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but does have some modest upgrades, including a forward-facing speaker and the inclusion of Android 3.2 by default. An Android 4.0 update is promised in the future. The tablet's main purpose though is the presence of a 10.1N-style metal frame, a design trait Samsung has been using to deflect Apple legal action in Germany.

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Sony Music Unlimited bringing its own streaming flair to iOS soon

We heard back in December that Sony's fledgling Music Unlimited service would eventually be spreading its wings to cover even more operating systems, and here at CES 2012, we've learned that it's Apple's own iOS on the docket. Tim Schaaff, head of Sony Entertainment Network noted this week that the company will offer a gratis iPhone and iPad app for Music Unlimited "at some point this quarter." It's bruited that the iOS edition will offer offline caching for subscribers to its service (at least the premium ones), enabling 'em to save playlists f

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Verizon: all future smartphones will be LTE-based

Virtually every Verizon smartphone in 2012 will be an LTE-based 4G device, hardware marketing associate director Keith Lampron said in a discussion Wednesday. It would now be a "hard requirement" for nearly all devices, he explained to CNET. Only push-to-talk phones and, presumably, basic feature phones would be exempt from the 4G demand.

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Google Maps wird zum Labyrinth-Spiel

Google Maps kommt in Kürze, wie das Video oben verspricht, mit einem neuen Feature auf das wir alle gewartet haben. Die eigene Umgebung - dank Web GL - zu einem Labyrinth-Spiel machen, in dem man diesen ominösen blauen Fleck durch die Heimat kugeln kann. Wir sind gespannt.

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Amazon's Send to Kindle lets you send stuff to your Kindle

Do you like Amazon Kindles? Do you like PCs? Do you like documents? Would you like to send documents from your Kindle to your PC? Fantastic, because that's totally what you can do with Amazon's new Send to Kindle software. You might wanna take this opportunity to grab a notepad, because it's sort of complicated: download the program for free, fire up Windows Explorer, find a document, right-click it, and choose Send

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Apple seems to buck declining PC shipment estimates

The PC market is in a serious decline both in the US and globally. According to Gartner, most manufacturers are struggling, except Apple which is on the rise. Gartner's latest figures show that worldwide PC shipment estimates for Q4 2011 fell 1.4 percent. The biggest losers in the last three months of 2011 were HP and Acer, which declined 16.2 percent and 18.4 percent respectively. These numbers were even worse for the US market where shipment estimates declined 5.9 percent, the worst performance in the last decade. The only bright spots, in an otherwise abysmal report, were recorded by Lenovo, Asus and Apple. While Acer and HP struggled in Q4, Lenovo and Asus were booming globally. Lenovo increased its shipments by 23 percent, and A

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Qualcomm Halo wireless charging concept eyes-on

Let's run through the fundamentals of wireless charging: floor-mounted electromagnets pump out EM waves to your EV's engine to absorb. This means ripping up the floor to install and precisely driving your whip over the exact sport. There's no efficiency loss between wireless and wired charging, in case you were wondering. We got to speak to Qualcomm's Joe Barrett as he walked us through the chip foundry's innovative approach to the technology that it picked up from the University of Auckland. The Halo is a 28m

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Hands-on with Dyle Mobile TV, broadcasting live to a handset near you (video)

Dyle couldn't have found a better showcase than CES to exhibit its next gem. It's only been a few days since we first heard that the joint venture between MetroPCS and the Mobile Content Venture would bear fruit in 2012, and, well, we're in Las Vegas and we've seen it take its first steps. Although live TV broadcasting to mobile devices couldn't exactly be considered cutting-edge, judging by our time with the handset, this is one of the greater implementations of the concept. The company tells us that the app is set to hit its beta stage within the next few months at no cost, but that might change dependi

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Cricket's ZTE Chorus hands-on

Cricket's latest Muve music service device -- which by the way just became the 2nd most popular music service in the US -- the ZTE Chorus made an appearance at CES so we decided to give it a once over. First off, the OS kinda looks like Android, though, of course isn't. The housing, and display quality are rather low end, and while we can look past the housing quality being cheap, we can't ignore the fact that the display and touch sensitivity on this phone is very poor. On the upside it does have Muve and for folks looking to get in on that ecosystem, the $50 Chorus might just be the ticket for those only concerned with music. Quick ga

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Sharps IGZO-Displays bestehen angeblich Apples Qualitätstests nicht

In den letzten Wochen war mehrfach zu hören, Apple vertraue beim kommenden iPad auf eine neue Display-Technologie. Dabei sollte die Technologie mit Bezeichnung "IGZO" zum Einsatz kommen; IGZO steht für "indium zinc gallium oxide" und ermöglicht erheblich geringeren Stromverbrauch. Im Vergleich zu OLED-System liegen die Komponentenkosten auf niedrigerem Niveau, zudem lassen sich dünnere Panele fertigen. Trotz Retina-Auflösung und leistung

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Tobii Eye-Tracking: Gaze UI im Video

Filed under: Windows 8 Ja, und auch Tobii ist für euch keine Neuigkeit mehr, aber wir wollten auf der CES doch noch einen tieferen Blick drauf werfen, denn die Aussicht zumindest in weiten Teilen auf die Maus zu verzichten und die Augen dazu zu benutzen ist natürlich verlocken. Es steckt alles noch ein wenig in den Kinderschuhen, und kleinere Bereiche wirklich gut zu treffen erfordert einiges an Übung, aber dennoch kann man sagen, nach Eingewöhnungszeit könnte man wirklich Lust darauf bekommen es im alltäglichen Einsatz zu haben. Video nach dem Break.

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[Tipps und Tricks] DNSChanger auf dem Mac erkennen und beseitigen

Der Mac gilt in der Regel als sicher vor Viren und anderen Schädlingen, hundertprozentig geschützt sind die Rechner mit dem Apfel-Logo aber dennoch nicht. So kann auch OS X von dem aktuell kursierenden DNSChanger so manipuliert werden, dass Dritte Zugang zu Ihren Login-Namen und Passwörtern

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Gobandit Live with WiFi offers thrill-seekers quicker sharing, speedier self-indulgence

Two years ago, the Gobandit GPS HD brought an action camcorder to the masses that actively tracked location, speed and altitude. In the same tradition, the Gobandit Live brings an expanded set of features geared toward adrenaline junkies, which include a gyroscopic sensor, 1080p capture at 30fps, a 170-degree f/2.8 wide angle lens and -- oh yeah, WiFi. While this last feature certainly won't be usable on the mountain or along the trail, it allows clips to be uploaded instantly once the camera is back within range. For those who'd rather do without WiFi, the Gobandit Race provides an otherwise similar feature s

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with MIPS Technologies

MIPS has been pretty busy as of late, hookin' up a little Android ICS action onto the Ainovo NOVO7 tablet, for the budget-minded slate seekers out there. Amit Rohatgi of MIPS Technologies joins us on stage to talk about affordable tablets and more. Don't miss it, live at 2:00PM ET.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with MIPS TechnologiesLive from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with MIPS Technologies originally appeared on

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News: iLounge Best of Show 2012 video now available

It’s been a busy last few days here in Las Vegas, and we’ve now posted a YouTube video highlighting the best items we’ve seen at the 2012 International CES. The video contains pictures and details of all 25 award winners—the highest number in recent memory—including exciting new products and the best booths we saw at the show. It’s the best five minutes you’ll spend checking out new Apple products this week.…

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Cut the Buttons – neues Multitouch-Game für iPhone und iPad

In Cut the Buttons können Spieler, wie der Name es verrät, ab sofort ihre Fähigkeiten an der Schere via iPhone, iPod touch und iPad unter Beweis stellen. Neben Schnelligkeit muss der Spieler auch Geschick an den Tag legen, um die richtigen Knöpfe abzuschneiden und in einem Becher zu sammeln. Dabei macht die App Gebrauch von

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'Hundreds' of Chinese line up for iPhone 4S launch

The five Apple Stores in mainland China are seeing hundreds of people in line for the iPhone 4S, reports say. The phone will officially launch in the region on January 13th, three months after its initial rollout in the US and a host of other countries. Apple's Chinese outlets are divided between two in Beijing and three in Shanghai, as well as a lone Hong Kong location. The last city has had the 4S since early November.

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Telekom muss Glücksspielseiten nicht sperren

Das Verwaltungsgericht Köln hat eine Anordnung gegenüber der Deutschen Telekom für rechtswidrig erklärt. Die Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf hatte den Provider verpflichten wollen, zwei Glücksspielseiten zu sperren.

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Apple supplier data suggests great holiday sales

With just under two weeks to go until Apple announces financial results on January 24, analysts are lining up their refined estimates for just how well the company may have done for the holiday quarter. UBS analyst Maynard Um, in a research note to his clients quoted on GigaOM, believes that supplier data is pointing the way to Apple's best-ever quarter. Um bases his assumption on the preliminary first quarter revenues for Multi-Fineline Electronix (MFLX), a manufacturer of flex

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Spare One: Handydauerbrenner (15 Jahre mit einer Batterie) im Hands-On

Filed under: Handys Wir hatten es ja schon vor ein paar Tagen mal erwähnt Das Spare One hält mit einer Batterie satte 15 Jahre. Soll vermutlich so als Sicherheits-Handy in der Ecke rumliegen und im Krisenfall dann eben einfach bereit sein. Aber bevor wir uns den Keller damit füllen wollen wir doch mal lieber wissen wie es in echt aussieht? Also. Ausgepackt das Ding. Nicht ganz so slick wie im Render-Bildchen, aber doch nicht unansehnlich. Gallery: SpareOne Hands-On

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Livio Internet-Radio App available for Pioneer's App Radio, woo

In "bolting the stable door two days after the CES horse has bolted news," in-car radio company Livio just officially announced that you'll be able to get the app on Pioneer's AppRadio 2 car stereo (announced Monday). Since one of our gripes with the initial AppRadio was its lack of additional apps, we'll happily take everything more we can get on the $500 in-car-entertainment system of choice. The shortest PR we've seen this week is available after the break, too.

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Atmel

Smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen gadgets have been at the center of our tech lives, and things are just starting to get interesting. We welcome Atmel's product marketing manager Sherif Hanna to talk tablets and touchscreen tech. Join us at 1:30PM ET.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with AtmelLive from the Engadget CES Stag

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LG signs Microsoft license for Android, talks 5-inch phone

LG on Thursday became the latest company steered into signing a patent license deal with Microsoft. The Spectrum designer has agreed to pay Microsoft an unknown amount for "broad coverage" both on Android and Chrome OS despite LG not yet having a Chromebook on the market. Unlike past such licenses, however, Microsoft didn't issue a boilerplate observation that LG was paying royalties, leaving the door open to a lump sum.

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Daimler Dice: Augmented Reality in der Windschutzscheibe

Dice heißt ein von Mercedes vorgestelltes Augmented-Reality-System für das Auto: Die Frontscheibe wird zum Bildschirm, auf dem Informationen zur Umgebung erscheinen. Bedient wird das System durch Gesten. (Microsoft, CES2012)

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Telefonzellen: Telekom baut jedes zweite Telefonhäuschen ab

Die Deutsche Telekom baut weiter Telefonzellen ab, die wegen des Mobiltelefons immer weniger genutzt werden. Durch Vandalismus entstehen laufend hohe Kosten. (Telekom)

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Personaler bevorzugen Online-Bewerbungen

Langsam setzten sich papierlose Bewerbungen auch bei den Personalverantwortlichen als als die bevorzugte Form durch. Ob Online- oder traditionelle Bewerbung der richtige Weg ist, hängt auch vom Unternehmen ab.

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Klage gegen Symantec wegen Panikmeldungen von Norton Utilities

Symantec sieht sich in den USA mit einer Klage konfrontiert: Weil die Software mitunter Fehler und Sicherheitsprobleme melde, die gar nicht vorhanden seien, sei sie als Scareware einzustufen.

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12.01.2012 19:00 Uhr

Sprint LG Viper gets full specification leak, doesn't want to hurt Mother Earth

While our early hands-on with the LG Viper revealed a four-inch Nova display and an able 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the full breakdown has made its way to SprintFeed's inbox. Some interesting features include a mention of eco-friendliness (no further details here, but expect recycled plastics), NFC capabilities and a substantial-sounding 1700mAh battery. We're sulking about the inclusion of Gingerbread, at a time when every major manufacturer (including LG) has readied upgrade programs to ICS and the five-megapixel camera's a drop down from LG's other dual-core handsets. Hopefully, these stepped-down specs will

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Deutsche Technik für französische Landstraßen-Maut

2013 werden in Frankreich rund 14.000 Kilometer Landstraße für LKW ab 3,5 Tonnen mautpflichtig. Die Kontrollbrücken für das System kommen aus Deutschland – ein Milliardenauftrag.

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WiFi certification fuels speculation of Samsung Galaxy Note successor

The Samsung Galaxy Note is just now working its way to the States, but a recent certification by the WiFi Alliance is already stoking the flames of its replacement. Known only as the GT-N8000, it's thought this device may be the eventual replacement for the GT-N7000. Of course, this isn't the only plausible explanation, as the new model number may hint at yet another new family of devices. There's credence to this flow of logic, too, as the Galaxy S II (i9100) was the spiritual decedent of the original Galaxy S (

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Neue Hinweise auf Ursprung von Stuxnet & Duqu

Der russische Security-Dienstleister Kaspersky Lab hat eine neue Analyse veröffentlicht, die belegen soll dass die Trojaner Duqu und Stuxnet aus der selben Quelle kommen. Nach Angaben des Unternehmens hätten (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaOlympia 2012: Helfer bekommen Facebook-VerbotMicrosoft legt seinen Netflix-Konkurrenten auf Eis

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Streikende Foxconn-Arbeiter drohten mit Suizid

In einem Foxconn-Werk in Zentralchina ist Anfang Januar ein Streik eskaliert: Arbeiter drohten damit, sich in den Tod zu stürzen. Es ging um schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen, niedrige Löhne und gebrochene Versprechen.

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Deutsche Bahn veröffentlicht Ticket-App

Die neue iOS-Anwendung dient dem Herunterladen, Speichern und Verwalten der gebuchten Handy-Tickets.

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Drew Bamford von HTC Live auf der Engadget CES Bühne

Filed under: Smartphones Und falls ihr auf spannende Neuigkeiten von HTC auf der CES wartet, unsere Kollegen in Las Vegas haben gleich um 18.30 Drew Bamford von HTC live auf der Bühne. Wir sind gespannt. Video nach dem Break.Continue reading Drew Bamford von HTC Live auf der Engadget CES BühnePermalink | 

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with HTC's Drew Bamford

Supercharged specs are key, but give us a slick, smooth and satisfying UI to really seal the deal. We chew the fat with Drew Bamford, HTC's director of user experience to delve into the depths of the mobile experience. Join us live on stage at 12:30PM ET.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with HTC's Drew BamfordLive from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with HTC's Drew Bamford originally appeared on Engadget on

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Samsung's Smart TV and Blu-ray players will be first to get FiOS TV App

Although not the first to announce, Samsung and Verizon have officially announced that Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players "will be the first consumer electronics manufacturer" to get live HD and video on-demand including Flex View from Verizon FiOS TV. The embedded release after the break doesn't include a time frame, but the previously announced timeframe was the first half of 2012, so this would have to be released before that in order to, technically, be first -- and everything in a press release i

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with NVIDIA (update: video embedded)

Matt Wuebbling from NVIDIA will be kicking off Wednesday on the Engadget Stage at CES by demoing some of the chipmaker's latest technology. Join us at 12PM ET after the break to follow along. Update: Interview video is now live.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with NVIDIA (update: video embedded)Live

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Rumor: Sharp's IGZO display didn't make the cut for Apple's third-gen iPad

A new report claims Sharp will not be supplying display panels for Apple's third-generation iPad, suggesting its touted IGZO technology will not appear in this generation of devices.

12.01.2012 18:20 Uhr, AppleInsider, Permalink

Intel considers iOS, Windows Phone gear as Medfield options

The VP of Intel's architecture group, Dave Whalen, says the company has been "talking to everybody" about using its Medfield chips in mobile devices, according to UK paper The Telegraph. "When we took over [development] in April we took a conscious decision to focus on Android," Whalen elaborates. "Windows, other operating systems -ñ we recognize that there will be opportunities. Itís not a 'no,' it's just not now. When the time's appropriate we'll look at other OSs."

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Grafiktreiber: VGEM rendert in 3D ohne Hardwarebeschleunigung

Ein neuer GEM-Treiber soll ohne Hardwarebeschleunigung in 3D rendern und damit Compositing für Linux-Desktops ermöglichen. VGEM soll die bisherigen Softwarelösungen wie Llvmpipe beschleunigen und auch mit anderen DRI-Treibern verwendet werden können. (X Window System, Linux-Kernel)

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Staatstrojaner: Bundesregierung lässt neuen VoIP-Trojaner testen

Die Bundesregierung lässt beim Bundeskriminalamt die Software Finspy testen. Sie liest zum Abhören von Voice-over-IP-Gesprächen den Audiostream eines Computers direkt aus dem Kopfhörer und dem Mikrofon aus. (VoIP, Datenschutz)

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Bericht: Google will zurück nach China

Vor allem in Android, Produktsuche und sozialen Netzwerken sieht der Konzern laut Wall Street Journal Potenzial.

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Suchmaschinen: Bing überholt Yahoo

Yahoo, das seine Suchergebnisse von Microsofts Suchmaschine bezieht, verliert Marktanteile auf dem US-Suchmaschinenmarkt.

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Urteil: Registrar nicht für Cybersquatting verantwortlich

Laut eines Urteils ist eine Registrar nicht dafür verantwortlich, wenn seine Kunden unberechtigt erworbene Domainnamen auf andere Seiten weiterleiten.

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Apple tops latest mobile shopping satisfaction survey

With more and more consumers using smartphones to visit retailer websites, it's important for those retailers to make sure that shoppers have the best possible mobile shopping experience. Research firm ForeSee announced today that Apple's mobile shopping satisfaction score was at the top of the pack, with 85 percent of 3,000 consumers putting the company on top of their list. While the ForeSee study doesn't specifically say it, the Apple Store app seen at right could be the reason that Apple's mobile shopping score was higher than overall satisfaction with Apple's web store (at 83 percent). Others in the top five were (in decreasing order of satisfaction) Amazon, Dell, Netflix, and eBay.

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Nik Software veröffentlicht Snapseed Desktop für Mac

Im Rahmen der Conumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hat das US-Unternehmen Nik Software heute die Mac-Version der Foto-Anwendung Snapseed veröffentlicht. Snapseed für iPhone, iPad und iPad touch war kürzlich von Apple als eine der besten Apps des Jahres 2011 ausgezeichnet wurden.Die ab sofort im

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AMDs 28-nm-Grafik ab zweitem Quartal auch im Notebook

Nachdem AMD zur CES 2012 die ersten Radeon HD 7000M für Notebooks offiziell vorgestellt hatte, dahinter sich aber ältere Grafikchips in neuem Gewand präsentieren, gab es jedoch auch Neuigkeiten zu den nächsten Lösungen. Demnach soll ab dem zweiten Quartal die zweite Welle der Lösungen folgen.

12.01.2012 18:05 Uhr, ComputerBase, Permalink

12.01.2012 18:00 Uhr

Crapgadget CES, round four: iBallz is the ultimate, intimate gadget protector

Grab your iPad by the iBallz. It's safer that way. Trust us.Continue reading Crapgadget CES, round four: iBallz is the ultimate, intimate gadget protectorCrapgadget CES, round four: iBallz is the ultimate, intimate gadget protector originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:39:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Lenovo: Android tablets still need to improve to rival iPad

Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanqing in an interview late Wednesday made the unusual comment that Apple had effectively locked up the tablet market in the near term. While Android had 32 percent of tablets, according to IDC, the executive told Bloomberg the iPad was the "leader" and that he didn't see Google changing this yet. Implying that even Lenovo's own IdeaTab S2 wasn't enough, he saw Android needing to find a breakthrough, although he wasn't clear what that was.

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Target confirms plans to open special Apple shops

Target has confirmed plans to host Apple mini-stores in its retail chain, Reuters reports. Initially, at least, the effort will be limited to 25 Target outlets, a part of a new "the Shops at Target" initiative revealed in New York. Separately, some other companies getting special treatment will be Miami's The Webster and San Francisco's The Candy Store, who will be featured in Target outlets and web sales for six weeks beginning in early May.

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Archos G9 Tablets bekommen nächsten Monat Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade

Filed under: Tablet Auf der CES ist es bislang noch recht still um Archos, aber jetzt hören wir von anderer Seite zumindest, dass es nächsten Monat das lang erwartete Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade für das G9 Tablet in der ersten Februar-Woche kommen soll, und neue G9 in den Wochen danach dann gleich mit ICS ausgeliefert werden sollen. Read | 

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Verizon's Droid 4 priced up: $249 on a two-year contract

This slider was still lacking its most important spec when we went hands-on, but a carrier document outed over at Droid-life fills in the blank: it lists a "minimum advertised price" of $249 on 24-month bond to VZW. Of course, we're still waiting on the second most important spec -- the release date, which hopefully won't be as futuristic as the handset's appearance.Verizon's Droid 4 priced up: $249 on a two-year contract originally appeared on Engadget on

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Musikstreaming-Dienst Rdio startet in Deutschland

Der von den Kazaa- und Skype-Gründern Janus Friis und Niklas Zennström gestartete Musik-Streamingdienst Rdio startet nun auch in Deutschland. Das Unternehmen ermöglicht seinen Kunden einen Zugriff auf eine (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaBSI empfiehlt Online-Test auf DNS-Changer-TrojanerOlympia 2012: Helfer bekommen Facebook-Verbot

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Independent-Spiele: Humble-Store statt Indie-Bundle

Noch gibt es keine offiziellen Informationen, doch die Macher des Humble-Indie-Bundles arbeiten offenbar an einem Humble-Store. Erste Titel nutzen diesen Vertriebsweg bereits. (Games, Open Source)

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Facebook platziert Werbung in der Neuigkeitenliste

Bis jetzt standen Anzeigen auf der Plattform nur am rechten Rand, doch nun sollen sie in die Mitte rücken. Innerhalb des zentralen Nachrichtenstroms tauchen dann vereinzelt bezahlte Einträge auf.

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Musikindustrie verklagt Irland wegen unzureichendem Copyright-Schutz

Fünf große Plattenlabels begründen eine Zivilklage gegen den irischen Staat damit, dass die Regierung EU-Vorgaben zum Urheberrechtsschutz nicht umsetze und keine Netzsperren ermögliche.

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Microsofts Bing zieht erstmals an Yahoo vorbei

Bing, die Suchmaschine des Software-Konzerns Microsoft, ist im Dezember erstmals als zweitgrößtes Angebot gelistet worden - zumindest im Kernmarkt USA. Laut Statistiken des Marktforschungsunternehmens ComScore (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaMicrosoft legt seinen Netflix-Konkurrenten auf EisWindows 8 erscheint möglicherweise im Oktober

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Target confirms it will open 25 Apple store-within-a-store outlets this year

Target on Thursday confirmed that it plans to open 25 specialty stores dedicated to Apple products inside 25 of its existing retail locations.

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Musikstreaming-Dienst Rdio startet in Deutschland

Deutsche Musikfreunde haben auf der Suche nach einem On-Demand-Anbieter ab sofort einen weiteren Dienst zur Auswahl.

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iPhone 4S customers lining up in China

With only hours before sales begin, customers are lining up to buy the iPhone 4S in China. There are five Apple Stores in China, and Tech In Asia reports that each location already has "hundreds" of eager shoppers waiting for doors to open. As we've seen elsewhere, Apple employees are using a ticket system to deter would-be line jumpers. China Unicom will begin selling the iPhones at 12:01 AM as well, but Tech In Asia believes many customers are interested in getting unlocked phones from Apple. If you're in the queue at one of China's Apple Stores, let us know! We'd love to see your photos and hear your stories. [Via

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PSA: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 hits stores, $50 on contract

It's been a pretty busy week for Nokia. We now know that AT&T will be getting its own slice of the Lumia pie, and now its T-Mobile branded Lumia 710 has finally touched down on US soil. The middleweight Windows Phone is priced up at fifty bucks (after a mail-in rebate of the same amount) on a typical two-year contract, which should explain any queues forming outside your nearest T-Mob outlet. Or not.

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Leaked screenshots reveal new details on Nokia N9 MeeGo update

New details on the forthcoming MeeGo update for Nokia N9 users have just emerged this morning, courtesy of a batch of leaked screenshots and firmware information. Originally posted by a user on, the shots point to many upcoming functions with which Android and iOS users are already

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Lüfter- und Beleuchtungssteuerung mit „Corsair Link“

Ziemlich genau ein Jahr ist es her, dass Corsair auf der letztjährigen CES mit „Corsair Link“ ein modulares Hardware- und Software-System zur Überwachung und Steuerung verschiedener Komponenten im PC vorstellte. Auf der diesjährigen CES folgte nun der Startschuss für die Markteinführung.

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Patente: LG zahlt an Microsoft für Android und ChromeOS

Microsoft hat mit LG einen weiteren Anbieter von Android-Geräten als Lizenznehmer gewonnen. Das Unternehmen lizenziert Microsoft-Patente, auch um Notebooks mit Googles ChromeOS anzubieten. (Microsoft, Android)

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iPad: Apple will das Schulbuch neu erfinden

Vieles deutet darauf hin, dass Apple das iPad in großem Stil an Schulen verteilen will - mit Hilfe der Schulbuchverlage. Kinder wären die Marke so von klein auf gewöhnt. (Apple, Internet)

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Musikstreaming-Dienst Rdio startet in Deutschland

Deutsche Musikfreunde haben auf der Suche nach einem On-Demand-Anbieter ab sofort einen weiteren Dienst zur Auswahl.

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12.01.2012 17:00 Uhr

Samsung umgeht Apples Tablet-Verkaufsverbot

Apples Klagen verhinderten, dass die Android-Tablets von Samsung in Deutschland erscheinen. Samsung umging das mit dem veränderten Galaxy Tab 10.1N und versucht nun, mit dem Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus N ein 7-Zöller mit Android 3 in Deutschland zu verkaufen.

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Midland SubZero Ohrwärmer-Headsets avancieren zum absoluten Pisten Hit!

Mitte Dezember haben wir bereits ein kleines Produktreview zu Midlands neusten Ohrwärmer-Kopfhörer-Headset verfasst und sind auch weiterhin von den Teilen begeistert. Nicht nur optisch sondern auch soundmäßig schlagen die Teile ein und scheinen zudem auf den Skipisten immer beliebter zu werden. Die kleinen Multitalente halten gleichzeitig die Ohren warm und sind Feder leicht. Die ersten

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Tajima e-runner Mini Sport: Elektroeinsitzer für die schnellen Sommereinkäufe

Die aus Japan stammende Tajima Motor Corporation hat den e-runner Mini Sport vorgestellt. Der Mini-Roadster erinnert entfernt an die Straßenschleuder Ariel Atom, hat aber von den Fahrwerten dann allerdings relativ wenig mit dem Sportwagen gemein. Der e-runner ist 2,49 m lang, 1,29 m breit und 1,09 m hoch. Bei einem Gewicht von nur 280 kg schafft er 70 km/h Spitze. Nichts für die Nordschleife, aber mit einem Wendekreis von nur 4,5m ein absoluter Spaßbringer im Kreisverkehr. Ab Werk kommt das Gef&a

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FCC chairman implores Congress to speed up spectrum auctions, does it with a Galaxy Tab 8.9

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski renewed his pleas for more broadband spectrum yesterday, and he chose a rather peculiar platform upon which to do it. In an address here at CES yesterday, Genachowski called upon Congress to hurry up and open auctions for spectrum, and to allow his commission to reserve some space for itself. "It would be a very serious mistake to pass incentive legislation and prohibi

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Report: MobileMe/iCloud

Apple ID issues

12.01.2012 16:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink


unhiding Library folder; creating/applying mail rules

12.01.2012 16:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Help Please

Verizon FiOS system and configuration

12.01.2012 16:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Apple TV

jukebox without TV

12.01.2012 16:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Lion

application-level design issues; versions and autosave issues; the issue of complication/complexity; printer compatibility; and questions about installing Snow Leopard as an alternative

12.01.2012 16:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Applications

Quicken and alternatives, along with related file formats, and also touch on iView MediaPro and Adobe upgrades

12.01.2012 16:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: iPhone/iOS Platform

important notes about unlocking issues and the FCC; iPhone 4S defects; plus more on international travel issues, as well as bluetooth devices; email signatures vs. iOS 5; song lyrics and more

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Supplier performance seen pointing to strong Apple Q1

The performance of Apple suppliers is pointing toward a strong December quarter for the company, analysts indicate. UBS analyst Maynard Um uses the example of Multi-Fineline Electronix, which helps supply flexible printed circuit boards for products like the iPhone and iPad. MFE has posted preliminary net sales of $239 million for the quarter, exceeding a $215 million consensus forecast.

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Samsung umgeht Apples Tablet-Verkaufsverbot

Apples Klagen verhinderten, dass die Android-Tablets von Samsung in Deutschland erscheinen. Samsung umging das mit dem veränderten Galaxy Tab 10.1N und versucht nun, mit dem Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus N ein 7-Zöller mit Android 3 in Deutschland zu verkaufen.

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Cut the Rope gets ported to HTML5, gets chronicled on the way

Outlined during Microsoft's CES keynote earlier this week, gaming app Cut The Rope has had its journey to the world of HTML5 published for the masses. Tying together features like CSS3 styling and canvas-rendered graphics, the blog post details in cheery technical detail how creators ZeptoLab and Pixel Lab (not related) transferred the game from Objective-C to Javascript. Check the game for yourself down at the source and expect to see some extra levels designed especially for the browser platform. We'd love to play through those new levels, but we're all a little busy here

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Telekom klagt erfolgreich gegen Sperrverfügung

Die Deutsche Telekom konnte sich erfolgreich gegen eine Anordnung der Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf zur Sperrung der Webseiten zweier großer Sportwettenanbieter mit Sitz im Ausland wehren. Laut einem heute (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaPatente: Asiens IT-Firmen verdrängen US-HerstellerCeBit: Eric Schmidt eröffnet, Microsoft rüstet auf

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Apple's rumored television is 'the elephant in the room' at CES 2012

HDTV makers have shown increased innovation at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, spurred largely by fears that Apple is planning an entrance into the market with its own television set.

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Android: Microsoft und LG schließen Patentabkommen

LG darf damit von Microsoft geschützte Techniken in seinen Smartphones, Tablets und anderen Unterhaltungselektronikgeräten mit Android und Chrome OS verwenden.

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Archos G9 tablets getting Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade next month

Sure we haven't heard a lot from Archos at CES thus far, but the company subtly dropped some good news for customers. According to Android Police, the company narrowed its estimates, letting it be known that its G9 tablet will be receiving a hearty helping of Ice Cream Sandwich, come the first week of February. The Android update will start rolling out to devices around that time, with preloaded ICS units hitting shelves in the following weeks.

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CyanogenMod hat jetzt eine Million aktiver Nutzer

Warum auf ein offizielles Android-Update (lange) warten, wenn man sich ein Custom-ROM installieren kann? Das ist das Motto, das immer mehr Besitzer von Android-Geräten befolgen: CyanogenMod (CM) wurde nämlich (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaTwitter wettert gegen die neue Google-SucheCeBit: Eric Schmidt eröffnet, Microsoft rüstet auf

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Eee Pad Transformer Prime: Android 4.0 ist da, Update für Transformer folgt

Asus hat in Deutschland damit begonnen, das Update auf Android 4.0 für das Tablet Eee Pad Transformer Prime auszuliefern. Im Februar 2012 will Asus Android 4.0 für das Eee Pad Transformer veröffentlichen. (Asus, Android)

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Linux: Systemd mit Syslog-Ersatz veröffentlicht

Der Init-Dämon Systemd enthält in der aktuellen Version erstmals den Protokollierungsdienst Journal. Dieses soll bisher genutzte Syslog-Dienste ersetzen, speichert Einträge jedoch in einem Binärformat. (Applikationen, JSON)

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Freie Bürosoftware: Calligra auf Android portiert

Die freie Bürosoftware Calligra wird auf Android portiert. Probleme wie die Abhängigkeiten der Desktopversion von D-Bus und Ksycoca haben die Entwickler bereits gelöst. (KDE, KOffice)

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Apple-Patent beschreibt virtuellen 3D-Desktop für iPhone

Schon seit einigen Jahr beschäftigt sich Apple mit der dritten Dimension bei der Verwaltung von Programmen, Dokumente und Widgets. Bereits 2008 hatte sich Apple in einem Patent mit einem 3D-Desktop für OS X beschäftigt, bei dem Fenster auf mehreren Ebenen aufgeteilt und Symbole auch in der Tiefe angeordnet werden können. Mit iOS und dem iPhone hat sich aber mittlerweile das grundlegende Konzept der Benutzerführung gewandelt und so hat Ap

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XtremeMac shows three new mobile chargers at CES

XtremeMac makes a variety of cables, chargers and other accessories for the Apple's line of portable devices. The company used CES to introduce three new chargers for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod that'll join XtremeMac's lineup in the first quarter of 2012. These new products include: 3 in 1 USB Mobile Cable: a USB cable that has three separate connectors (micro USB, mini USB and Apple 30-pin) compatible with most portable devices. InCharge Boost: a portable 2300 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It includes a integrated 30-pin connector to charge your device, LED status indicators, on/off switch and a USB

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The Cube: 3D-Drucker wird endgültig wohnzimmertauglich

Filed under: Drucker Raus aus den Laboren, rein in die Wohnzimmer. The Cube von der Firma 3D Systems ist so etwas wie der erste wahre Consumer-3D-Drucker, der ganz ohne besondere Vorkenntnisse und große Geldbeutel das Leben mit selbst gestalteten Dingen verschönern möchte. Ohne DIY-Kenntnisse ist dieser 3D-Drucker ohne große Montagen etc. sofo

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Neues Lebenszeichen vom Berliner Stadt-WLAN

Wie bereits in den Koalitionsverhandlungen vereinbart, wagt der neue rot-schwarze Senat in Berlin einen neuen Anlauf für ein öffentliches Stadt-WLAN. Konkrete Pläne nennt Berlins Regierender Bürgermeister allerdings nicht.

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Google Dart für Browser Games

Dass sich die Programmiersprache Dart auch für Browserspiele eignet, will Google mit einer Portierung der Box2D-Engine für Physikberechnungen zeigen. Erste Demos erreichten Frameraten bis zu 60 Bilder pro Sekunde.

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12.01.2012 16:00 Uhr

Apps: miCal reduziert, Monkey Flight und ACDsee kostenlos

Weihnachten gibt es traditionsgemäß ein Feuerwerk an App-Angeboten. Nun ist Ruhe eingekehrt. Heute gibt es dennoch den ein oder anderen

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Plextor's PlexEasy backs up your photos, phone and tablet without a computer

It was first announced in Europe just about a month ago, but Pextor's PlexEasy stand-alone DVD burner is finally hitting the market. The drive backs up data to CDs and DVDs directly from a variety of sources -- including SD cards, cameras, smartphones or tablets over USB. While it's made to be used without a PC it can be connected to one and draw it's power from your computer's USB ports. Despite Plextor touting its release here at CES we couldn't actually track down any info about pricing, but we'll make sure to update this post as soon as we do. Check out the complete PR after the break.

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Adobe will CS6-Updates nun doch großzügig handhaben

Entgegen bisheriger Annahmen sollen Creative-Suite-Nutzer der Versionen CS3 und CS4 doch auf die Creative Suite 6 upgraden können.

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SpareOne cellphone claims 15-year battery life, we go hands-on (video)

Xpal Power (owners of Energizer and PowerSkin) has leveraged its battery-tech know-how into the SpareOne, a cellphone that can maintain its charge for up to 15 years on just a single AA battery. It's designed to be used for sponsorship, hotel use and (most importantly) emergencies, to throw into your trunk and forget about until you need to contact roadside assistance. Now at CES we've had a chance to get our mitts on the device to see what it's like in the flesh plastic. If you're just a little bit curious, why not join us for a short trip?

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Microsoft signs patent agreement with LG, now covers 70 percent of US Android smartphone market

Microsoft's patent-licensing ways continue, going after manufacturers of Android devices with wild abandon and, more often than not, wrangling them into (surely expensive) agreements. Latest to take the bait is LG and, interestingly, this one covers both Android and Google's little laptop operating system: Chrome OS. With this agreement Microsoft now covers 70 percent of all Android smartphones sold in the US, which is a quite startling figure. And, of cou

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Erste Bilder von PowerColors eigener HD 7970

Neben dem Referenzdesign der Radeon HD 7970 (ComputerBase-Test) gibt es aktuell ausschließlich ein eigenes Design von XFX zu kaufen, das zwar auf das Standard-PCB, dafür aber auf einen anderen Kühler sowie höhere Taktraten setzt. Darüber hinaus hat Gigabyte bekanntgegeben an einer Eigenentwicklung zu arbeiten.

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Some RadioShacks still stocking 16GB iPhone 4

Some RadioShack outlets may still be stocking the 16GB version of the iPhone 4, a new training document suggests. The document states that both 8 and 16GB models are available for $100 with a two year contract, and that the offer is "good for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon." No 16GB iPhone was ever built for Sprint however; only the 8GB option is available with that carrier.

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Rdio: Skype-Gründer bringt Musikdienst nach Deutschland

Der Musikstreamingdienst Rdio kommt nach Deutschland und bietet ein Musikabo ab 4,99 Euro im Monat an. Gegründet wurde Rdio von Skype-Gründer Janus Friis. (Instant Messenger, Musik)

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Middleware: Xaitment legt Quellcode offen

Der deutsche Middlewarehersteller Xaitment stellt seinen Lizenznehmern den Quellcode der KI-Module Xaitmap und Xaitcontrol zur Verfügung. Das soll Spielentwicklern ermöglichen, die Algorithmen ihren Bedürfnissen anzupassen. (Games)

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Nvidia: Audi, Tesla und Lamborghini setzen Tegra 3 ein

Audi, Tesla Motors und Lamborghini werden in den Bordsystemen von einigen ihrer Modelle künftig den Prozessor Tegra 3 von Nvidia nutzen. (Prozessor, Grafik-Hardware)

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Wowereit: Berlin versucht erneut kostenfreies Stadt-WLAN

Trotz mehrmaligem Scheitern hat Klaus Wowereit den Plan für ein Gratis-WLAN nicht aufgegeben. So steht es in den Richtlinien der Regierungspolitik. (WLAN, Internet)

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Adobe will CS6-Updates nun doch großzügig handhaben

Entgegen bisheriger Annahmen sollen Creative-Suite-Nutzer der Versionen CS3 und CS4 doch auf die Creative Suite 6 upgraden können.

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Dem Kindle friert's - Über Betriebstemperaturen

Apple bzw. Amazon geben folgende Betriebstemperaturen für ihre Geräte an: iPhone: 0° to 35° C iPad: 0° to 35° C Kindle: 0° to 35° C Fire: 0° to 35° C Nun, bislang habe ich das schlicht ignoriert. Das iPad verwende ich in eher häuslichen Umgebungen, während das iPhone stets in der Hosentasche beschützend warm gehalten wird und auch Temperaturen jenseits der 40° wie in Nevada hat das iPhone nicht interessiert. Der Kindle ist nun das erste Gerät, bei dem ich tatsächlich merke, wenn ihm zu kalt wird: Das Display wird langsamer. Träge. Geradezu schläfrig. Und wenn ich Artikeln wie diesem hier Glauben schenken darf, geht der Kindle bzw. sein eInk-Display dann auch einfach kaputt. 0° to 35° C ist für mobile technische Geräte eine absurde Temperaturspanne. Jeder kann sich ausrechnen, dass man die Geräte in Deutschland weite Teile des Winters über jenseits d

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Show and Tell: Finger formen Textbuchstaben

Dass man mit Fingern auch Buchstaben abbilden kann, weiß jeder, der mal eine Schule besucht hat und via Zeichensprache über das aktuelle Wendy-Cover diskutieren wollte. Die israelischen Bastler Oleg Imanilov, Zvika Markfield, Saron Paz und Tomer Daniel haben mit dem elektronischen Handschuh mit dem Namen Show and Tell genau das auf einem Android-Smartphone umgeset

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Verfassungsgericht: Netzagentur darf Preise diktieren

Die Bundesnetzagentur darf in die Preisgestaltung von Mobilfunk-Netzbetreibern eingreifen. Das hat das Bundesverfassungsgericht in einer heute veröffentlichten Entscheidung geurteilt. Damit wurde ein fast vier (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaiPad-Kauf der CDU ruft Rechnungshof auf den PlanPatente: Asiens IT-Firmen verdrängen US-Hersteller

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Foxconn: Selbstmorddrohung bei Apple-Zulieferer

Etwas ruhiger war es in letzter Zeit geworden um den größten Elektronikproduzenten der Welt. Nach mehreren Skandalen in den vergangenen Jahren in Bezug auf schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen, Gewalt oder zu hohen Arbeitsdruck beginnt 2012 für Foxconn mit einem neuerlichen Zwischenfall: Etwa 150 Arbeiter drohten, sich aus Protest gegen “militärische” Arbeitsbedingungen gemeinsam vom Dach einer Fabrik zu

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iFrogz releases Boost speaker, uses 'near field audio' to boost sound

iFrogz was back at CES this year. Last year, most of its new products were iPhone and iPad cases, but this year the company is branching out. In addition to a USB gaming headset called the Caliber (it vibrates when loud sounds are played, "enhancing" the audio), iFrogz also has a product called Boost, which is a little speaker about the size of the iPhone, which amplifies whatever you play. What's interesting is how it works. iFrogz calls it "near-field audio," but essentially what happens is that they've embedded a mic in the speaker itself, and whatever it "hears" coming in gets amplified and pushed out louder than before. It's actually pretty ingenious. As soon as you lay the

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Verizon to enable global roaming for LG Spectrum and Droid 4

VZW's latest LTE handsets don't make the best travel companions right now. Aside from getting stressed in airports and talking too much on coach trips, they also lack support for global GSM roaming. However, Big Red says it's "working on a few network enhancements" that will let the LG Spectrum and Droid 4 (shown above) work outside CDMA areas -- probably by the first half of this year. It's a nice gesture, but it also reminds us that what we're going to need in future -- full-on data roaming at LTE speeds -- will be

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Battlefield 3 verstärkt Maßnahmen gegen Cheater

Battlefield-3-Entwickler Dice hat angekündigt, künftig noch härter gegen Schummler vorgehen zu wollen. Gerade habe man Hunderte bestätigte Cheater aufgrund Meldungen anderer Spieler sowie der Auswertung von (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaCeBit: Eric Schmidt eröffnet, Microsoft rüstet aufWindows Phone: Mit 'Qualität statt Specs' punkten

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Apple exploring motion-based 3D user interface for iPhone

Apple has shown interest in developing a new user interface for the iPhone that relies less on the device's touchscreen, and more on manipulating a 3D environment with motion controls.

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12.01.2012 15:00 Uhr

Red Epic-X gets disassembled, photographed by FCC

What do you find when you tear open (read: carefully disassemble) a Red Epic-X? Well, a whole lot of red, as it seems. Wireless Goodness has posted a hearty collection of teardown shots that it acquired from the FCC, revealing the camera's Mysterium-X sensor and Red 1242 processor. Sure, the Epic-X has been on the market for quite a few months now, but as you might imagine, those lucky enough to actually get their hands on the somewhat-elusive $34,5

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Update: iNMR 5.0

Nucleomatica's NMR spectroscopy processing software is now a 64-bit Cocoa application and includes real-time dragging, a non-modal Overlay Manager, improvements in manual phase correction, faster fitting of a simulated spin system, and other improvements.

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Update: MacVector 12.5

The DNA and protein analysis and assembly software adds Muscle and T-coffee in the Multiple Sequence Alignment editor, improved performance, tools redesigned for easier use, support for Bowtie assemblies of FastQ data is Assembler, enhanced SNP Reporting in the Align to Reference SNP tab, and more.

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Update: QuickBooks for Mac 2012 R5

Intuit's business accounting, finance, and invoice software gains 1099 Enhancements for 2011 Tax Year reporting requirements, recall of last transaction for payees, improved performance when printing large reports, lists, and registers, and more.

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New: Corel AfterShot Pro 1.0

Corel's AfterShot Pro is a photo manager that offers non-destructive editing, raw image processing, batch operations, multi-version editing, and other features.

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Announcement: More from CES 2012

More not-shipping-yet products were announced at CES, including an audio/MIDI dock and recording device for iPads, an audio amplifier with space for an AirPort Express and support for AirPlay, a Thunderbolt-equipped version of a video interface for HD/SD video production, and a pressure-sensitive stylus for iOS devices.

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Update: Subtitles theEditor 1.14

Wide SD's subtitle editor adds interface improvements, drag-and-drop for videos, auto-loading for videos, more translation options, improved auto-detection of encodings, and the ability to read more damaged subtitle files.

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Update: Yummy FTP 1.8.8

The FTP/SFTP client adds Kaleidoscope as a supported diff tool, support for TextMate 2 as a remote editor, enhanced Full Screen mode in Lion, and other enhancements and bug fixes.

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Update: WebsitePainter 2

Ambiera's web authoring program gains table support, image galleries, master pages, seven new templates, improvements to the web editor including multiple selection editing, higher quality image rescaling, damaged file recovery, and other changes.

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Update: Xto7 for Final Cut Pro 1.1.1

Xto7 for Final Cut Pro is an import translator for Final Cut Pro 7 that converts the new Final Cut Pro X Project XML (fcpxml) to Sequence XML for import into Final Cut Pro 7 or other applications.

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Update: GraphicConverter 7.6

Lemkesoft's multi-function graphics utility adds highlight and shadow adjustment, color balance, histogram equalization, a metadata tab in slideshow preferences, and more.

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New: Snapseed 1.0

Nik Software's Snapseed is a photo enhancement application that features a Tune Image filter with Auto Correct.

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New: PDF Nomad 1.0

SintraWorks' PDF Nomad is a PDF editor featuring page manipulation, merging or interleaving of PDFs, creation of forms, text markup, page annotation, creation and editing of outlines, linking within a document, and more.

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Amazon Update

Amazon has good discounts across the Mac line-up, from MacBook Airs to MacBook Pros, Mac Minis through iMacs to Mac Pros. *And*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through any of our links to make purchases!

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Linux Mint: Release Candidate mit KDE 4.7

Die Linux-Mint-Entwickler haben einen Release Candidate ihrer KDE-SC-Variante veröffentlicht. Linux Mint 12 KDE verwendet Version 4.7.4 des freien Desktops. (Linux, Linux-Distribution)

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Sage kündigt ERP-Webdienst an

Unter dem Namen Office Line 365 will das Softwarehaus Sage auf der CeBIT eine Web-Ausgabe seiner Mittelstands-ERP-Anwendung Office Line vorstellen.

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NIkon D4 Ethernet Tethering Hands On (mit Video)

Filed under: Digitalkameras Die DSLR Nikon D4 dürfte eines der Foto-Highlights der diesjährigen CES gewesen sein. Der 16,2MP-Edelklopper soll vor allem den populären Highclass-Modellen von Canon (5D/1D) Paroli bieten. Neben der exzellenten Bildqualität ist eines der interessanten Features der Kamera die Netzwerkkonnektivitä

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Comcast network upgrade blocks DNS blocking, could make SOPA self-incompatible

Now here's a quirky twist in the ongoing SOPA opera. Comcast has just deployed DNSSEC technology across its entire internet service, which adds an extra layer of security to websites by checking that they have a special DNS signature to prove their identity. All well and good, except that in the process Comcast has been forced to admit that DNSSEC is "technically incompatible" with DNS redirect tools -- which happen to be precisely the tools that the Stop Online Piracy Act would use to block websites accused of copyright violation. The irony only deepens when you realize that Comcast is a

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GameChanger board uses your iPad for board games

We stopped by Identity Games' booth here at CES in Las Vegas to see its GameChanger game board (which you can basically see above, albeit in a very cheery/creepy PR picture setting). Despite the less-than-intriguing marketing, the GameChanger is a really great idea. It's a 1'x3' board with an iPad dock in the very middle. With the help of a free app and some plastic cutouts, you can play physical board games, using your iPad for various digital functions.

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Berlin: Neuer Anlauf für kostenloses Stadt-WLAN

Die Berliner Regierung will neuen Anlauf für den Aufbau einer kostenlos nutzbaren WLAN-Infrastruktur im Stadtgebiet nehmen. Das kündigte der Regierende Bürgermeister Klaus Wowereit heute im Rahmen seiner (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaGrenzüberschreitung: Werbung in Facebook-TimelineBSI empfiehlt Online-Test auf DNS-Changer-Trojaner

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Simpsons iGhost-”Scherz”, Neue Version von Type2Phone, MUPromo-Angebot Pins & Updates: Notizen vom 12.1

Simpsons iGhost-”Scherz” Ausschnitt aus den neuen Folgen der Simpsons: Abgesehen davon, das Europa in einer der neuen Folgen versucht Griechenland über eBay zu verscherbeln – es gibt auch gibt dort in einer Nachrichtensendung eine Meldung zur neuen Keynote mit Steve Jobs, der “iGhost” vorstellen wird. [via] MUPromo Pins 1.2 Heute gibt es bei MacUpdate

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o2 Telefónica und Telekom vereinbaren Netzkooperation für höhere Übertragungsraten via UMTS/LTE

Überraschung für o2-Kunden: Telefónica Deutschland und die Telekom haben eine Netzkooperation vereinbart. Los geht es ab dem 2. Quartal 2012, das Ziel ist eine Erhöhung der Übertragungsraten an UMTS- und LTE-Standorten. Für einige unserer Leser dürfte die Geschichte ein wenig wie ein Deja-Vu wirken: Vor einigen Jahren hatten o2 und die Telekom eine Zusammenarbeit, die

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Um Google+ erweiterte Suche in der Kritik

Nachdem Google in der Internet-Suche eine umfangreiche Integration des hauseigenen Social Networks Google+ vorgenommen hat, steht der Internet-Riese in der Kritik. Durch die Integration von Google+ in die Suchergebnisse werden auf der rechten Seite sowie innerhalb der Ergebnisliste verschiedene Verweise auf Google+ gesetzt. Mit der Integration von Google+ wird Google voraussichtlich in einigen Tagen fertig sein, sodass auch in Deutschlan

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Deutsche Bahn: Neue Ticket-App für das iPhone

Schon bisher konnte man Bahn-Tickets über das iPhone kaufen. Jetzt hat die Deutsche Bahn eine spezielle Ticket-App (kostenlos, App Store-Link) rausgebracht, mit der man bei der Ticket-Kontrolle im Zug nicht mehr ins Schwitzen gerät. mehr

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Apple Media Event am 19. Januar in New York: Was erwartet uns?

Im neuen Jahr kamen bereits erste Gerüchte auf, dass Apple einen kleinen Media Event in New York plant. Dabei soll “Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services” Eddy Cue eine Schlüsselfunktion spielen. Eher untypisch als Ort für Produktvorstellungen wie dem iPad 3, Apple HD TV oder dem iPhone 5 dürfte New York eher der

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iPhone 4S Jailbreak Status: Planetbeing knackt zusammen mit Saurik Apple’s Sandbox!

Und wieder gibt es Neuigkeiten in Sachen iPhone 4S und iPad 2 Jailbreak. Neben dem fleißigen Entwickler Pod2G, der in den letzten Wochen stets für positive News sorgte, bringen sich nun auch Planetbeing und Saurik wieder aktiv in das Geschehen mit ein. Getreu dem Moto zusammen schafft man einfach mehr, geht es weiter auf eine

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iPad 3 Produktion läuft auf Hochtouren: Auslieferung der ersten Modelle bereits Anfang März möglich

Ob es sich bei der letzten CES Sichtung wirklich um einen iPad 3 Prototypen gehandelt hat, ist bisher immer noch ungeklärt. Allerdings sind die Apple Jünger heiß auf das neue Tablet, welches neben dem Retina Display auch mit einer verbesserten Facetime Kamera ausgestattet sein soll. Sharp übernimmt hierbei einen großen Teil der Zulieferer-Fertigungen. Informationen von Macotakara

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Erneut schlechte Neuigkeiten von Foxconn

Der chinesische Fertiger gerät erneut in die Kritik, als kürzlich die Mitarbeiter gemeinschaftlich mit einem einen Suizid drohten. Das Unternehmen, welches auch Apple beliefert, und schon lange für seine schlechten Arbeitverhältnise bekannt ist, soll seine Mitarbeiter nun noch um ihre Abfindung betrogen haben, so der Spiegel. Seit Foxconn Großaufträge, wie die Fabrikation von iPad, iPhone

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France ISP Free builds its own cellular network, offers free service to subscribers

The fact that French ISP Free just began offering its own cellular service is pretty nice, but the realization that it did so by building its very own prepaid network -- rather than simply hopping on a dedicated cellular provider's towers -- is a noteworthy feat. Even more impressive, Free is offering the service, appropriately called Free Mobile, to subscribers at a price that matches the name of the company. Sure, you're not getting a ton of minutes with the basic free plan (60 minutes and 60 SMS / MMS messages), but you can get a load more (unlimited calls and texts, 3GB of data and unlimited ac

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Tobii Gaze UI eyes-on (video)

We know what you're thinking: another CES post about Tobii's eye-tracking Gaze UI? Why yes, yes it is, because this time we were actually the ones behind the driver's seat. We tracked down the company's booth and got some personal one-on-one time with the laptop. As the first matter of business, we first needed to calibrate our eye movements with the sensor, a process that took a couple minutes to push through before we were ready to have at it. The prototype laptop is running an early build of Windows 8, so we navigated around the Metro interface, played a couple games, switched back and forth between tabs, zoo

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Windows 8 erscheint möglicherweise im Oktober

Microsoft hat im Rahmen seines (letzten) Auftritts bei der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Ende Februar als Termin für das Erscheinen der Beta-Version von Windows 8 genannt, viele weitere Details (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaPatente: Asiens IT-Firmen verdrängen US-HerstellerCeBit: Eric Schmidt eröffnet, Microsoft rüstet auf

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Viewsonic Viewpad E70: Tablet mit 7-Zoll-Display und Android 4.0 für 170 US-Dollar

Viewsonic hat mit dem Viewpad E70 ein Tablet mit 7-Zoll-Touchscreen und Android 4.0 alias Ice Cream Sandwich vorgestellt. Es soll im März 2012 zum Preis von 170 US-Dollar auf den Markt kommen. (Android, Viewsonic)

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12.01.2012 14:00 Uhr

Fernwartungstool aktualisiert

Das Fernwartungstool von heise Netze setzt ab sofort die aktuelle Version von UltraVNCSC ein, die Bildschirminhalte unter Windows 7 und Vista schneller überträgt.

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Musiker-Dock für das iPad

Griffin hat mit dem StudioConnect eine Halterung für das Apple-Tablet im Programm, die sich für den Einsatz im Aufnahmestudio eignet.

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Apple kündigt Neuigkeiten im Sektor Bildung und Bücher an

Filed under: Companies Apple hat für den 19. Januar in New York ein Event angekündigt, wo es um Bildung und Bücher gehen soll. Die Location ist keine geringere als das weltberühmte Guggenheim Museum. Apple drang mit dem iPad, dem iBooks Store und iTunes U in der Vergan

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PHP-Studie: Mobile Apps, Cloud und polyglotte Programmierkenntnisse im Trend

Laut einer von Zend Technologies durchgeführten Befragung sind die derzeit wichtigsten Trends unter PHP-Entwicklern das Schreiben mobiler Apps, der Einsatz von Cloud-Techniken und Kenntnisse mehrerer Programmiersprachen.

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IBM bleibt US-Patentmeister

2011 war IBM zum 19. Mal in Folge das Unternehmen mit den meisten erteilten US-Patenten. Unter den 50 ersten Firmen sind nur drei deutsche, darunter Siemens auf Platz 30.

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Bericht: PC-Markt schwächelt zum Jahresende

Im 4. Quartal 2011 blieben die weltweiten PC-Verkäufe unter den Erwartungen. Auf das Gesamtjahr bezogen, verzeichneten IDC und Gartner lediglich ein Plus zwischen 0,5 und 1,6 Prozent auf gut 352 Millionen Rechner.

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Keine Next-Gen-Konsole von Microsoft oder Sony?

Geht es nach den ersten Tagen im Jahr, dürfte 2012 in puncto Spielekonsolen im Zeichen der großen Next-Gen-Debatten stehen. Nach einem vielversprechenden, mittlerweile aber in Teilen dementierten Gerücht zu ersten Präsentationsterminen macht nun eine neue Prophezeiung die Runde.

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Tamaggo 360-imager concept hands-on

Why settle for a boring 62-degree view (the field of view of a 35mm lens) when you could be taking in the full 360? Well, we suppose iPhone attachments are needlessly bulky, and throwable camera orbs can easily concuss bad catchers -- but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have options. The Tamaggo 360-imager, for instance, might be a pretty good option. This egg shaped (Tamaggo / Tamago, get

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Microsoft legt seinen Netflix-Konkurrenten auf Eis

Der Software-Konzern Microsoft hat seine geplante Video-Plattform vorerst auf Eis gelegt. In den Dienst, über den Filme und Fernsehserien ähnlich wie bei Netflix als Streams angeboten werden sollten, hatte das (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaPatente: Asiens IT-Firmen verdrängen US-HerstellerCeBit: Eric Schmidt eröffnet, Microsoft rüstet auf

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Foxconn workers end dispute in Xbox plant

Microsoft and Foxconn have announced that they have resolved the dispute with Foxconn employees, who threatened to suicide en masse. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft was quick to point out that the dispute was over "staffing assignments and transfer policies, not working conditions" at the Xbox production line in Wuhan. Foxconn separately added that about 150 workers had engaged in the dispute after being told that they were being transferred to another business unit in the facility.

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Düsseldorf: Telekom gewinnt Klage gegen Internetsperren

Die Telekom hat mit der Klage gegen die von der Düsseldorfer Regierung geforderten Internetsperren Erfolg gehabt: Die Sorgen der Telekom, als zensierte Internetanbieterin stigmatisiert zu werden, seien berechtigt gewesen, urteilte das Gericht. (Internetsperren, Zensur)

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Frogster: Tera lädt ein zum geschlossenen Betatest

Es ist eines der wenigen Abo-basierten Onlinerollenspiele, die in nächster Zeit auf den Markt kommen: Frogster lädt jetzt zum geschlossenen Betatest von Tera. (MMORPG, Runes of Magic)

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CES: Sony zeigt brillenloses 3DTV mit 4K-Auflösung

Filed under: Fernseher Auch auf der CES ist das Thema 3D noch nicht ganz vom Tisch. Und klar, dass vor allem im brillenlosen Sektor noch einiges machbar ist, zumal die 3D-Brillen noch immer ein Hindernis für viele ästhetisch und komfortabel gesinnten Käufer sind. Sony hat zwei brillenlose 3DTVs in

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12.01.2012 13:00 Uhr

Crapgadget CES, round three: EZ Gas Check draws you into danger

Remember kids -- when you're hovering over copious amounts of leaking gas, that yellow icon means you're basically safe. Maybe.Crapgadget CES, round three: EZ Gas Check draws you into danger originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 12 Jan 2012 06:48:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sonderaktion: Adobe bietet nun doch CS6-Update für ältere CS-Versionen

Besitzer von Photoshop CS3 oder CS4 erhalten nun im Rahmen einer Sonderaktion doch ein Upgrade auf die kommende Version der Creative-Suite. Eigentlich wollte Adobe das generell nicht mehr anbieten. Nun sind Kunden verärgert, die extra ein Upgrade auf die noch aktuelle CS5-Version gekauft hatten. (Creative Suite, Photoshop)

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Doppelstern: Kepler entdeckt zwei Tatooine-artige Exoplaneten

Das Weltraumteleskop Kepler hat zwei Exoplaneten entdeckt, die um zwei Sonnen kreisen - wie der Planet Tatooine in der Star-Wars-Filmreihe. Außerdem fand Kepler drei Miniplaneten, die kleiner als die Erde sind. (Wissenschaft, Nasa)

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Intel Z2460: Angry Birds auf Atom

Auf der CES kann man mit Intels Referenz-Smartphone mit Atom-SoC herumspielen; außerdem sind Lenovos Smartphone K800 und Tablet K2110 zu sehen. Wir haben erste Eindrücke der drei Geräte mit Atom Z2460 gesammelt.

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Apple lädt Presse nach New York ein

Der Computerkonzern plant am 19. Januar eine "Ankündigung zum Thema Bildung". Neue Hardware soll es Medienberichten zufolge nicht geben.

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AirPlay-Lautsprecher von Bang & Olufsen

Der Beolit 12 ist ein tragbares Soundsystem, das sich von iOS-Geräten sowie Mac und PC via iTunes mit Musik beschicken lässt.

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kurz & knapp: Gerüchte über iPad-3-Produktionsstart, Musikabspieler von Shazam

Das japanische Apple-Blog Macotakara glaubt an einen baldigen Produktionsstart des neuen Apple-Tablets +++ Shazam macht der iPod-App Konkurrenz +++ Spanischer Android-Tablet-Verkäufer fühlt sich von Apple erpresst +++ CES-Splitter

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Distro zur CES 2012 ist da

Unsere US-Kollegen rotieren seit Anfang der Woche wie verrückte Hummeln auf der CES 2012 herum und haben uns nicht nur mit den heißesten Technik-HandsOns versorgt. Nun gibt es das passende Distro-Magazin zur weltgrößten Elektronikmesse, wo es noch mal einen runden Überblick über die Highlights aus Nevada gibt. Unten habt ihr die Formatqual der Wahl. Distro Ausgabe 22 PDF Distro iTunes Store

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Microsoft 'erklärt' Suizid-Drohung bei Foxconn

Gestern ist bekannt geworden, dass rund 300 chinesische Foxconn-Arbeiter, die an der Produktion von Xbox-360-Konsolen beschäftigt waren, mit einem Massenselbstmord gedroht haben. Microsoft versprach die (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaDoom-Studio id Software muss Entwickler entlassenPatente: Asiens IT-Firmen verdrängen US-Hersteller

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Neues Launch-Datum für die Radeon HD 7950

Am 22. Dezember 2011 fiel der Startschuss für die Radeon HD 7970 mit der neuen Graphics-Core-Next-Architektur, die mittlerweile seit einigen Tagen im Handel erhältlich ist. Von der langsameren, dafür aber etwas preiswerteren Radeon HD 7950 gibt es dagegen bis jetzt noch kein Lebenszeichen.

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Windows 8 looming for October 2012 launch

Windows 8 will be shipping around October this year if a hint dropped to Pocket-lint from Windows Business Group director of PR Janelle Poole eventuates. The radically redesigned OS, which Steve Ballmer has referred to as Microsoftís biggest gamble in recent times, had been rumored to ship early. Heavily criticized for failing to deliver a tablet OS to take on Appleís iPad, Microsoft is betting that by developing its full Windows platform around a touch-based paradigm that it will attract users who want a ëfullí desktop experience on a tablet.

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Neue Informationen zu „Jagged Alliance: Back in Action“

Im Jahr 1999 sorgte der Strategie-Action-Titel „Jagged Alliance 2“ mit einem hervorragenden Gameplay und einer guten Genre-Mischung für mächtig Furore. Bald zwei Jahre nach der Ankündigung erscheint mit „Jagged Alliance: Back in Action“ nun der dritte Teil der Reihe.

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AMD Trinity: Gleichzeitiges Spielen und Videokonvertieren per Notebook

Nach Llano kommt Trinity - AMD nutzt die US-Messe, um seine nächste CPU-Generation mit integrierter Grafik (APU) im Betrieb zu zeigen. Dafür muss ein Notebook mehrere anspruchsvolle Aufgaben parallel bewältigen. (PC-Hardware, Server)

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Acer Revo 70: Kompaktes Mediacenter mit Blu-ray und Minitastatur

Acer ist vom Hi-Fi-Gehäuse abgekommen und hat das neue Nettop Revo 2012 wieder quaderförmig gebaut. Der Mini-PC ist vor allem für Medienwiedergabe gedacht, dafür gibt es ein Blu-ray-Laufwerk und eine vielseitige Fernbedienung. (Acer, Media Center)

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Netzwerkscanner: OpenVAS-5 als Beta veröffentlicht

Der freie Netzwerk- und Sicherheitsscanner OpenVAS-5 ist als Betaversion zum Testen freigegeben worden. Eine verbesserte Einbindung des Sicherheitsprotokolls Scap soll den Anforderungen der US-Behörde Nist genügen. (Linux, Applikationen)

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Battlefield 3: Entwickler fordern zum Melden von Cheatern auf

Tausende von Spielern, die nach Auffassung der Betreiber im Multiplayermodus von Battlefield 3 betrogen haben, hat Dice in den vergangenen Wochen gesperrt. Jetzt fordert das Studio die Spieler auf, verdächtiges Verhalten zu melden. (Electronic Arts, Battlefield)

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UMTS und LTE: Telefónica beginnt Glasfaser-Kooperation mit der Telekom

Die Deutsche Telekom vermietet Telefónica den Zugang zu ihrem Glasfasernetz. "Da wir nur einen Teil der Standorte anbinden, riskieren wir damit nicht, dass die unsere Netzqualität erreichen", sagte ein Telekom-Sprecher. (UMTS, Telekom)

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Neue Domains auf dem langen Weg ins Netz

Die ICANN nimmt ab sofort Anträge für neue generische Top Level Domains (gTLDs) wie .berlin oder .bayern entgegen. Das umfangreiche Zulassungsverfahren wurde sechs Jahre diskutiert, ist aber weiterhin nicht unumstritten.

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Panasonic Viera Touch Controller Prototyp im Hands On

Auf der CES zeigte Panasonic seine Vision der Fernbedienung der Zukunft. Der Viera Touchpad Controller will natürlich primär das User-Erlebnis mit den dazugehörigen Viera Smart TV erweitern. Der vorgestellte Prototyp hat ein zentrales Touchpad, mit dem vor allem Applikationen wie Webbrowser vereinfacht werden. Jeder, der mit einer hande

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O2 kooperiert bei der Zuführung mit der Telekom

Die Deutsche Telekom wird künftig bis zu 2000 Mobilfunk-Knotenpunkte von Telefónica-O2 über ihr Glasfasernetz anbinden.

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Verfassungsgericht erklärt Preisvorgaben für Mobilfunk für rechtens

Die vier großen deutschen Mobilfunkanbieter sind mit ihrer Klage gegen staatliche Preisvorgaben endgültig gescheitert. Das Bundesverfassungsgericht wies die Beschwerde gegen eine Anpassung der Terminierungsentgelte ab.

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Eric Schmidt eröffnet CeBIT

Gemeinsam mit Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und der brasilianischen Staatspräsidentin Dilma Rousseff wird Googles Verwaltungsratschef die IT-Messe in Hannover eröffnen.

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12.01.2012 12:00 Uhr

Music Unlimited: Sony will Musik aus der Cloud auf das iPhone bringen

Bislang stand der Streamingdienst Music Unlimited von Sony nur für Android-Geräte und PC zur Verfügung. Bald sollen auch iOS-Nutzer zuhören dürfen, denn Sony kündigte auf der CES 2012 eine iPhone- und iPad-App für Musik aus der Cloud an. Sony hat auf der CES eine kostenlose iPhone- und iPad-App für

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Shazam Player: Kostenlose Alternative zur „Musik“-App

In den Vereinigten Staaten und Großbritannien ist die Gratis-App schon verfügbar und erkennt weiterhin Musikstücke durch das iOS-Mikrofon. Zur Anbindung an den iTunes Store, YouTube, Facebook und Twitter gesellt sich mit „Shazam Player“ jetzt aber auch der Zugriff auf die eigene

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Cyborg cockroaches inch closer to reality, blame science

Few things on this planet are more indestructible than the lowly cockroach -- except, of course, a cyborg cockroach. That's what researchers at Case Western Reserve University are looking to create, and they're a lot closer than you may think. In fact, chemistry professor Daniel Scherson has found a way to harvest energy from the chemicals swimming within these insidious insects, meaning that they may soon be able to create robot cockroaches with a mor

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O2: Mehr Daten-Kapazität übers Netz der Telekom

Der Mobilfunkbetreiber Telefónica Germany (O2) wird seine Partnerschaft mit der Deutschen Telekom wieder aufleben lassen. Das Unternehmen nutzte bis vor einiger Zeit das Mobilfunknetz des Konkurrenten in (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaMS: PC-Absatz wohl noch schlechter als erwartetiPad-Kauf der CDU ruft Rechnungshof auf den Plan

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Vodafone will Erwerb von Bundesliga-Rechten prüfen

Vodafone prüft laut einem Bericht von „ernsthaft“ die Option, die Rechte an der Bundesliga für bestimmte Übertragungsarten zu erwerben. Konkret dürfte es dabei um die Möglichkeit gehen, die Fußball-Spiele via IPTV und über das Mobilfunknetz zu verbreiten.

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Sonys Google-TV: Erster Eindruck ernüchternd

heise online hatte in Las Vegas die Gelegenheit, einen prüfenden Blick auf ein Vorserienmodell von Sonys für den Sommer angekündigter Google-TV-Box zu werfen.

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WLAN-Kabel gefunden: Buffalo demonstriert 802.11ac

Buffalo präsentiert auf der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Geräte mit dem kommenden WLAN-Standard 802.11ac. Diese sollen Übertragungsraten von bis zu 1.300 Mbit/s (Brutto) ermöglichen. Noch sind die Produktstudien allerdings zu Vorführzwecken per Kabel miteinander verbunden.

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Drei Stunden im Taxi: Microsoft schimpft über schlechte Organisation der CES

Nach dem Ausstieg aus der CES meckert Microsoft über deren schlechte Organisation und lobt die Cebit in Hannover: Dort müsse das Microsoft-Team nicht täglich bis zu drei Stunden mit Taxifahrten verschwenden. (Eric Schmidt, Microsoft)

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Ivy Bridge: Intel zeigt DirectX-11-Grafik mal mit, mal ohne Mogelei

Zum Auftakt der CES hat Intel einen Eklat verursacht: Die angebliche Livevorführung von DirectX-11 mit Ivy Bridge war nur ein Video. konnte den gezeigten Rechner nun aber selbst mit dem Spiel ausprobieren. (Intel, Grafik-Hardware)

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Samsung NaviBot S im Hands On (mit Video)

Filed under: Haushaltstechnik Die Idee, den Haushalt mit dem Smartphone oder Tablet zu steuern treibt Samsung mit ihrer NaviBot-Linie besonders forciert an. Seien es Waschmaschine oder Trockner, oder neuerdings auch der Staubsaugroboter NaviBot S, der mit der dazugehörigen App angetriggert und kontrolliert werden kann. Mit der Funktion Visionary Mapping Plus hat er immer den kü

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Deutsche Bahn veröffentlicht Buchungs-App DB Tickets

Nach dem DB Navigator zu Erstellung von Reiseplänen mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln hat die Deutsche Bahn nun eine Buchungs-App nachgereicht. DB Tickets erlaubt die Buchung und Verwaltung der sogenannten Handy-Tickets, mit denen sich Nutzer direkt über das iPhone für die Fahrt autorisieren können. Wie bei allen Online-Buchungen der Deutschen Bahn, wird auch bei DB Tickets ein Benutzerkonto vorausgesetzt, welches aber bequem über die App

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AluPen Pro: iPad-Stylus mit Gummispitze und Tintenmine

Eigentlich sollte das iPad ja ohne Stylus zu bedienen sein, doch manche Anwender wollen einfach nicht darauf verzichten oder brauchen ihn für ihre Arbeit. Der eine muss oft etwas skizzieren, der andere hat sich einfach an einen Stylus gewöhnt. Für die gibt es den AluPen Pro. Der AluPen Pro von Just

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MacBook Air: Schnellere SSD in Form eines „stillen Updates“?

Sollte Apple weiterhin von Samsung den SSD-Speicher für das MacBook Air beziehen, könnten sich dessen künftige Käufer bald über die rund doppelt so schnelle Performance der 830er-Reihe Samsung-SSDs freuen. Die bisherigen 470er-Modelle würden seit längerem nicht mehr gebaut, heißt es auf der CES

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Olympia 2012: Helfer bekommen Facebook-Verbot

Bei den Olympischen Sommerspielen, die in diesem Jahr in London stattfinden, werden rund 70.000 Helfer im Einsatz sein. Von diesen wird es allerdings wohl keine der inzwischen häufig zu findenden Berichte (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaPatch-Day: Sieben neue Updates in diesem MonatFirefox: Zugeständnisse bei schnellem Update-Zyklus

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300 Foxconn-Mitarbeiter drohten mit Massenselbstmord

Über 300 Mitarbeiter des Auftragsfertigers Foxconn sollen Anfang Januar mit einem Massenselbstmord gedroht haben. Die chinesischen Angestellten einer Fabrik, welche die Xbox 360 für Microsoft herstellt, wollten auf diese Weise eine versprochene Abfindung durchsetzen.

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12.01.2012 11:00 Uhr

Mac-Marktanteil weiterhin im Steigflug

Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr ging es mit den PC-Verkäufen für HP, Dell, Toshiba und Acer ausgerechnet im Weihnachtsquartal 2011 am US-Markt nur bergab. Der Mac hingegen geht mit einem Zuwachs im Marktanteil von fast 21 Prozent als Sieger aus der neuesten Studie der Marktforscher von Gartner

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Apple kündigt 'Bildungs-Event' für 19. Januar an

Wie bereits Anfang des Jahres durchgesickert ist, wird Apple noch in diesem Monat eines seiner Events abhalten. Ort der Präsentation wird New York City sein, genauer gesagt lädt das kalifornische Unternehmen (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaMS: PC-Absatz wohl noch schlechter als erwartetiPad-Kauf der CDU ruft Rechnungshof auf den Plan

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GSC Game World: Arbeit an Stalker 2 geht nach Betriebsferien weiter

Das ukrainische Entwicklerstudio GSC Game World stand schon kurz vor dem Aus - jetzt verkünden die Angestellten, dass die Arbeit an Stalker 2 doch fortgesetzt werden kann. (Games, Stalker)

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Tomtom und Samsung: Bada-Smartphone Wave 3 erhält Navigationslösung

Das Bada-Smartphone Wave 3 wird die Navigationslösung von Tomtom erhalten. Samsung und Tomtom haben eine strategische Vereinbarung getroffen, nach der Samsung die Navigationsdaten für das Wave 3 nutzen darf. (Smartphone, Navigationssystem)

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Buffalo demonstriert mit AirStation Transferraten von 800 Mbps

Auf der Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hat Buffalo einen ersten Prototypen für den noch in der Entwicklung befindlichen WiFi-Standard 802.11ac vorgestellt. Der neue Standard wird zu den bisherigen Standards 802.11b/g/n kompatibel sein und bietet durch Verbreiterung der Kanäle, größere Anzahl von Antennen und verbesserter Modulation eine erhöhte Geschwindigkeit von theoretisch 1,3 Gbit pro Sekunde. Die von Buffalo vorgestellte Air

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer bekommt ICS im Februar

Auch alle Eee Pad Transformer-User warten sehnsüchtig auf ein Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update. Wie Asus kürzlich mitteilen ließ, wird dies allerdings nicht vor Februar passieren, was so gesehen aber auch schon ziemlich bald ist. Also noch ein bisschen Geduld beweisen, liebe Gemeinde.

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Adonit zeigt drucksensitiven Stift für iOS auf der CES

Bei einem Grafiktablett ist es Standard, dass festgestellt wird, wie stark der Stift auf das Tablett gedrückt wird, in iOS-Apps wird Drucksensitivität softwareseitig simuliert. Adonit zeigt auf der CES einen Stylus, der 200 Druckstufen bietet - hardwareseitig.Die Mac World ist von dem Prototypen

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Ice Cream Sandwich to hit Eee Pad Transformer in February, says Asus

Eagerly awaiting that sweet Ice Cream Sandwich update for your original Eee Pad Transformer? Keep waiting. Asus recently told Android Police that the classic Transforming tablet wouldn't be getting its ICS update until early February. The statement came shortly after a mix up on Asus' Singapore Facebook page that mistakenly claimed the update was arriving this week. Bummer? For sure, but at least you'll get to practice the gadget lover's most valued virtue: patience.

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CES: Polaroid kündigt Kamera mit Android an

Ist es ein Android-Mediaplayer mit Kamera, oder eine Kamera, die sich mit Android-Apps erweitern lässt? Polaroid hat mit der SC1630 ein ungewöhnliches Gerät vorgestellt: Vorne Kamera mit optischem Zoom, hinten Android-Gerät.Es ist der erste namhafte Kamera-Hersteller, der ein

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Windows Phone: Mit 'Qualität statt Specs' punkten

In einem Interview mit 'The Verge' sagte Joe Belfiore, Vizepräsident der Windows-Phone-Abteilung, dass Microsoft mit Android nicht in einen Wettstreit der technischen Spezifikationen treten, sondern durch (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony: Keine Vorstellung der PS4 auf der E3-Messe300 Foxconn-Mitarbeiter drohten mit Selbstmord

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MYDP: MHL-Konkurrent mit DisplayPort statt HDMI

Einige Smartphones haben einen MHL-Ausgang, der USB und HDMI in einer Buchse kombiniert; bei MYDP wird HDMI durch DisplayPort ersetzt.

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Chaos zur Bildverschlüsselung

Brasilianische Forscher haben mit zellulären Automaten ein neues Verfahren zum Schutz privater Bilder entwickelt.

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12.01.2012 10:00 Uhr

Fujitsu und Toshiba: Android-Tablets für die Badewanne

Sowohl Fujitsu als auch Toshiba zeigen auf der CES Tablets, die im Wasser versenkt werden dürfen. Während eine Firma noch im Konzeptstadium ist, dafür aber drahtlos Energie überträgt, hat die andere ihr Tablet schon fertig. (Toshiba, Fujitsu)

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Lenovo announces brainier Classmate+ PC, heads to top of the class

Kids have been honing their computer smarts on Intel-based Classmate PCs for a few years now, and Lenovo's just sewn its name inside the collar of its second generation of student-friendly lappies. Based on the chip maker's "Learning Series," Lenovo's new boy comes in clamshell and convertible flavors, and brings an Atom N2600 processor, a max of 2GB DDR3 memory and up to a 320GB -- or 32GB solid state -- storage along to class. It'll launch in uniform grey (like the first generation pictured), but orders that meet the minimum requirement can choose to splash a little color on top. As before, these things are designed to handle the daily rigors dished out by

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Survey shows Apple offers most-satisfying mobile shopping experience

Respondents to a new survey gave Apple the highest satisfaction scores for its mobile commerce experience, with online retailer Amazon coming in second.

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Survey shows Apple offers most-satisfying mobile shopping experience

Respondents to a new survey gave Apple the highest satisfaction scores for its mobile commerce experience, with online retailer Amazon coming in second.

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Buffalo demonstriert 802.11ac-WLAN

Der neue WLAN-Standard 802.11ac schafft Transferraten von über einem Gigabit pro Sekunde und soll noch in diesem Jahr in Routern auftauchen.

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Apple in den USA drittgrößter Computerhersteller

Aktuellen Zahlen des Marktforschungsunternehmens Gartner zufolge war Apple im abgelaufenen Quartal der drittgrößte Computerhersteller in den USA. Im Jahresvergleich legte Apple um 20,7 Prozent zu - anstatt 1,7 Millionen Macs setzte Apple in den USA knapp 2,1 Millionen Geräte ab. Dies entspricht einem Marktanteil von 11,6 Prozent. Für die anderen Hersteller klassischer Computer sieht es weniger gut aus. HP musste innerhalb eines Jahres 26

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CeBit: Eric Schmidt eröffnet, Microsoft rüstet auf

Im Rahmen der gerade stattfindenden Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas war auch die CeBit (6. bis 10. März) ein Thema. So wurde gerade bekannt, dass Google-Chef Eric Schmidt die Messe in Hannover (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony: Keine Vorstellung der PS4 auf der E3-Messe300 Foxconn-Mitarbeiter drohten mit Selbstmord

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Mini-LED-Beamer: iPhone-Projektor mit 720p-Auflösung

BenQ bringt mit dem Joybee GP2 einen winzigen Projektor auf LED-Basis auf den Markt. Er kann mit dem iPhone und iPod touch direkt verbunden werden. Im Gegensatz zu früheren Modellen liegen seine Auflösung und Helligkeit mittlerweile im akzeptablen Bereich. (BenQ, Beamer)

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JVC: Camcorder filmt mit 4K-Auflösung auf vier Karten

Mit dem GY-HMQ10 bringt JVC seine erste Videokamera auf den Markt, die Videos mit einer Auflösung von 3.840 x 2.160 Pixeln aufnimmt. Das entspricht der vierfachen Auflösung von sogenanntem Full-HD-Video und entspricht 8 Megapixeln. Durch einen Trick kann die Kamera dennoch SDHC-Karten nutzen. (H.264, Camcorder)

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Casio: Szenenanalyse mit der Kompaktkamera

Casio bringt mit der Exilim EX-ZR200 eine kleine Digitalkamera auf den Markt, die durch eine besonders kurze Auslöseverzögerung, schnelle Serienaufnahmen und eine auf die Spitze getriebene Szenenanalyse glänzen soll. (Digitalkamera, Casio)

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CES: Sony zeigt Hybrid-Notebook

Unter dem Namen "Hybrid" zeigt Sony auf der CES ein "Vaio-Konzept der Zukunft". Das Gerät kann sowohl als Notebook als auch als Tablet verwendet werden. (Sony, Mini-Notebook)

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Onlive: Google TV soll zur Spielekonsole werden

Google wird den Spiele-Streaming-Dienst Online in Google TV integrieren. Damit sollen sich dann komplexe PC-Spiele auf Google TV spielen lassen. (Cloud Computing, Server)

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12.01.2012 9:00 Uhr

AMDs „Trinity“-APU kommt zur „Mitte des Jahres“

Mit dem öffentlichen Auftritt hält sich AMD auf der CES 2012 in Las Vegas zurück, für Partner und die Presse ist man jedoch zu Gesprächen bereit. Dabei zeigt man sich hier und da offen und verrät einige kleinere Details, hinter vorgehaltener Hand auch noch etwas mehr.

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Adobe äußert sich zum Upgrade von älteren Versionen auf die Creative Suite 6

Als Adobe vor einigen Wochen verkündete, man werde in Zukunft nur noch Upgrades von den direkten Vorversionen und nicht mehr für alle älteren Versionen ermöglichen, zog dies viel Kritik nach sich. So hätte es demnach nur noch für Besitzer der Creative Suite 5 sowie 5.5 vergünstigte Upgrades gegeben. Setzen Anwender hingegen auf Programme der Creative Suite 3 oder 4, so bliebe nur der Neukauf oder Umstieg auf das Abo-Modell. Jetzt hat sic

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Canon: Mobiler Scanner mit USB 3.0

Der Imageformula P-215 von Canon ist ein tragbarer Einzugsscanner zum Ablichten von Dokumenten, die als Einzelseiten vorliegen. Er wird über die USB-3.0-Schnittstelle nicht nur mit Strom versorgt, sondern schickt darüber auch die Daten zum Notebook oder PC. (Scanner, Cloud Computing)

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LG überarbeitet smarte Haushaltsgeräte

Das koreanische Unternehmen stellt in Las Vegas unter anderem einen neuen "smarten" Kühlschrank vor, der im Zusammenspiel mit Smartphones automatisch Einkäufe erfassen kann.

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Corning stellt Gorilla-Glas 2 vor

Die zweite Gorilla-Glas-Generation ist bei selber Stabilität 20 Prozent dünner.

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CES: MOTU zeigt Video-Interface mit Thunderbolt

Auf der CES 2012 hat MOTU das HDX-SDI, ein Video-Interface zum Anschluss von SD- und HD-Quellen, welches durch seine Form auch ins Rack passt, mit Thunderbolt-Schnittstelle vorgestellt. Alle HD- und SD-Auflösungen bis zu 1080p30 werden von dem Gerät unterstützt, das diesen Frühling ausgeliefert

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Corning stellt Gorilla-Glas 2 vor

Die zweite Gorilla-Glas-Generation ist bei selber Stabilität 20 Prozent dünner.

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Samsung NaviBot-S hands-on (video)

If you're looking to control more than you're washer and dryer with your mobile device, Samsung can oblige with a update to its NaviBot line. The latest smart vacuum model, NaviBot-S, can be summoned via the same app that is used with some of the company's other WiFi-enabled appliances, or the more traditional stock remote control. Featuring Vi

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ComputerBase bei Microsoft: WP7, Tablets und Metro

Ein (vorerst) letztes Mal ist Microsoft mit einem eigenen Stand auf der Consumer Electronics Show vertreten. Zwar ist von Windows 8 außer einigen Demos nicht viel zu sehen, vom Erfolg des neuen Betriebssystems ist man aber vollends überzeugt.

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12.01.2012 8:00 Uhr

Visa certifies NFC-equipped Android, BlackBerry smartphones for payWave

Despite repeated industry attempts to build a buzz, buzz, buzz around NFC, growth of the promising communication tech has only been stilted by limited, real-world implementation -- not to mention a dearth of enabled devices. This stunted consumer adoption hasn't put a damper on Visa's stride towards a contactless payment future, as the company's just announced a list of smartphones, both here and in Europe, that officially support its payWave system. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II, LG Optimus NET NFC, BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9790 an

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Ungewöhnliche Dimensionen: Drei neue Tablets von Toshiba

Der japanische Hersteller Toshiba nutzt ebenfalls die laufende Consumer Electronics Show (CES) zur Vorstellung neuer Produkte. Die Gerüchte über ein neues Tablet bewahrheiteten sich aber nur teilweise. Der Öffentlichkeit wurden gleich drei neue Tablets offiziell vorgestellt.

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Secure transfer key iTwin gains multi-user capability

Secure storage-and-sharing USB key iTwin has been upgraded to allow users to share files stored on a computer with multiple people simultaneously, providing an end-to-end encrypted solution for mirroring files that are on one part of the two-part USB key instantly to its mates. The free update lets multiple iTwin keys "belong" to each other, making transfer of data easy without the constraints of e-mail, the technical complication of VPN or the ongoing fees of cloud services.

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Statistik: Die meisten Foren-Nutzer schreiben unter Pseudonym

Den Erkenntnissen des Foren-Dienstleisters Disqus zufolge verfassen Nutzer mit Pseudonym mehr Beiträge als Mitglieder mit realem Benutzernamen oder ganz anonyme User.

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Nikon D4 Ethernet tethered shooting hands-on (video)

After getting our eager mitts on Nikon's long overdue D3 successor, aptly named the D4, we got a second chance to revisit our fat-bodied, photo-taking friend at the company's CES booth. The 16.2MP DSLR features a 3.2-inch LCD screen and is capable of 1080p video capture at 30fps. But that's not why we went back for more and it's not why you're reading this right now. We were keen to put the D4's big, bad networking capabilities to the test -- one of which links an array of up to ten of the cameras together for simultaneous, remote shooting over WiFi. Unfortunately, this feature requires use of the TW-5A wireless dongle, which is still awaiting FCC ce

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Live from Las Vegas, it's Engadget Distro's CES Special Edition

If you're reading this, you likely know that CES 2012 is in full swing. Since things kicked off this past Sunday, we've posted some 575 different previews, posts and hands-on and sucked down countless gallons of coffee to avoid the slumber we so fondly remember. Of course, it's all in the name of keeping you informed, and to that point this very special edition of Distro is all about the Consumer Electronics Show. Doing what we do best, we've filtered out all of the noise to bring you the biggest breakouts of this year's show in an easily digestible timeline. In addition, we've compiled CES-flavored versions of all the content yo

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Ab Modelljahr 2012 alle Shutterbrillen kompatibel -- fast

Der Shutterbrillen-Standard Full HD 3D ist zwar längst festgeklopft, aber kompatible Geräte sind bislang nicht aufgetaucht. In diesem Jahr soll sich das laut Brillenhersteller XpanD ändern. Kunden müssen beim Kauf trotzdem genau hinschauen.

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12.01.2012 7:00 Uhr

LG Google TV and Magic Remote Qwerty hands-on

While Samsung waits to debut its take on the Google TV platform, LG is already showing off its hardware, including a new remote control. For LG's part, it has decided to blend the QWERTY needs of a Google TV controller with its existing Magic Motion remote gesture control and scroll wheel technology. The result is a decently well balanced dual-sided remote with relatively simple controls. Because of the shape and added weight, we actually preferred this remote to the lighter original Magic Motion remote for pointing in our brief hands-on time. The scroll wheel was also a great hel

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Warpia ConnectHD hands-on

Warpia is showing off its latest wireless streamer on the CES showfloor with the ConnectHD, mating your HDTV with your computer for all of your wireless video needs. We had a chance to see for ourselves how Skyping from your couch feels. The ConnectHD features a 720p wide-angle wireless HD camera for video calls made directly with your HDTV, via apps like the aforementioned Skype. However, the main sell from Warpia is the wireless streaming of content from your computer to your HDTV through mirroring your computer desktop or

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Apple bucks declining PC shipment trend, according to latest estimates

Apple remains conspicuous by its absence (again) at this year's CES, but preliminary shipment estimates for PCs sold in Q4 2011 show that the company appears to be bucking the generally declining trend. Worldwide shipments dropped 1.4 percent compared to the same period last year, with the US seeing a 5.9 percent decline. The global drop includes an estimated 16.2 percent decrease from HP while Acer battled an 18.4 percent loss in shipments. Staving off any decline, both Lenovo (23 percent) and Asus (20.5 percent) managed an increase. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mac shipments -- includ

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Supplier profits viewed as early indicator of strong Apple earnings

As fourth-quarter 2011 earnings reports for various companies within Apple's supply chain have begun to trickle in, analysts have taken suppliers' growing profitability as an early sign that the iPhone maker will report breakout profits for the holiday quarter.

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Third Rail Mobility announces new cases, battery at CES

Third Rail Mobility, a case/battery system that our own Mike Rose reviewed (and liked), announced revisions to their iPhone 4/4S case and battery systems at CES 2012. Now they are available in colors aside from black, allowing you to customize your iPhone and keep it charged. Soon their line will include green, red, pink, white, purple, and blue. On the off chance you want to keep your black case but add an extra layer of protection or just accessorize a bit based on whatever outfit you're wearing today, you're also in luck: Third Rail has also announced a line of silicone "bumpers" that slip around your exis

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[App-Test] Run Roo Run

Von den Scribblenauts-Entwicklern kommt Run Roo Run, ein Hüpfspiel mit 420 Leveln, in denen ein Känguru von Perth nach Sydney reisen muss - eine Reise, die mit erstaunlich vielen Hindernissen gespickt ist, wie der Spieler schnell feststellen wird.Känguru Roo will ihren Sohn Joey aus dem Zoo

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MSI GT783 hands-on

A sub-three-pound laptop? Been there, done that -- at least if you're MSI. Three years after bringing netbooks and other cute things to CES, the company is focusing on more robust machines -- so much so that while other OEMs are launching me-too Ultrabooks, it's trotting out a gaming box instead. The latest addition to the family is the GT783, a 17-inch beast of a portable rig we saw while making the rounds at CES. Chief among the specs is NVIDIA's top-shelf

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Crapgadget CES 2012, round two: Mugtuk's child-scaring hugging iPhone case

Kids love iPhones, which is always a panic when you hand a volatile infant a $650 smartphone. That's why Mugtuk have produced this pleasant way to terrify your children into never wanting to touch your blower ever again.Crapgadget CES 2012, round two: Mugtuk's child-scaring hugging iPhone case originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 11 Jan 2012 23:49:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Facebook gets chatty, brings Comments Box plugin to mobile media sites

Chiming in on your favorite posts is about to get a little bit easier, now that Facebook has brought its Comments Box mobile plugin to media websites. Today's announcement comes just about a month after the social network introduced its Subscribe button, marking its latest efforts to enhance user engagement on mobile web platforms. According to Facebook, the new feature will use "social signals" to automatically detect the highest qua

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Nokia confirms Lumia 900 doesn't have Pentile display

While we knew the Lumia 900 would have "Clear Black" AMOLED display, what we didn't know was whether it would sport a Pentile Matrix layout (like the Lumia 800). Well, fret no more friends, it's official -- the Lumia 900 has a full battery of subpixels in an RGB array. Nokia confirmed as such earlier via it's US Twitter account in reply to a user's inquiry. Between LTE and the RGB panel it looks like Nokia has its first genuinely lust-worthy Mango d

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IK Multimedia announces iRig MIX and STOMP

IK Multimedia has announced two new products, the iRig MIX and iRig Stomp, at this year's CES event. The iRig MIX aims to provide customers with a portable DJ solution, while the STOMP builds upon the company's original iRig product geared towards guitarists.

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12.01.2012 6:00 Uhr

ViewSonic ViewPad 10e hands-on (video)

You've already seen the ViewPad 10pi and the prototype E70, but we have one more tablet from ViewSonic for your thirsty peepers. Known as the ViewPad 10e, it'll go on sale at the end of the month for $299 and is squarely aimed at the budget crowd. Build-wise, you'd never know it, as the slab contains a downright sexy 10-inch IPS display with excellent viewing angles and a svelte 9.1mm profile. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends. Rather than shipping with Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich, the ViewPad 10e runs Gingerbread with some fanciful software enhancements. Further, because it lacks certifica

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19. Januar: Apple kündigt Special Event an

Apple hat für kommenden Donnerstag, den 19. Januar 2012, ein Special Event angekündigt. Entgegen der Gerüchte soll sich das Event

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Sony demos 24- and 46-inch glasses-free 3DTVs, we go eyes-on (video)

Take a quick tour of the showroom floor here at CES and you'll certainly see, 3D days are here again -- at least, where flat panel manufacturers are concerned. And while the industry continues to pump out mass market iterations of the living room tech that hinge upon hideous eyewear, companies like Sony are hard at work behind-the-scenes refining displays that won't make you look a fool. The autostereoscopic panels, shown off at the company's booth in 24- and 46-inch models -- employ a subtle 3D effect that isn't immediately noticeable. In fact, we found the visual pizzazz was b

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Google Search app for Android gets revamped with streamlined UI, speedier results

Google rolled out a revamped version of its Search app for pre-ICS versions of Android today, with an emphasis on speed and simplicity. Compatible with Android 2.2, 2.3, or 3-point-anything, this upgraded app sports a streamlined UI, with categorized search suggestions displayed at the top of a device's screen. The app will also now feed you country-specific results and suggestions, along with suggestions from other apps already installed on your phone. Interested parties can grab the update on the Android Market now, linked below.

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AirGo, the ultimate wireless outdoor speaker uses Airport Express inside

The AirGo is a sturdy outdoor speaker designed by Russound, a company with years of experience making quality speakers. While there are a lot of great things about the AirGo, being shown off this week at CES 2012, the most interesting thing to me was that instead of using Bluetooth or cables or even embedded AirPlay for transmitting audio from a music machine, the AirGo instead has a space on the back for inserting your own Airport Express. You buy the speaker, and then put in your own little Wi-Fi unit from Apple, which is where all the audio comes from. There are some distinct advantages to this, one of which is that you can use the Express as a Wi-Fi extender (not to mention that you might already have one lying around your hou

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Toshiba FlashAir wireless LAN SD card hands-on (video)

The first card using the SD association's Wireless LAN standard is Toshiba's FlashAir and we've just spent some time with it here at CES. It's much like existing Eye-Fis insofar that it also crams WiFi into a diminutive SD card, but instead of merely being able to join

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Samsung Smart Interaction gesture controlled HDTV demo (video)

Samsung revealed some of its 2012 HDTVs would include a built in camera and mic to enable a feature it calls Smart Interaction, which is just a brand name for voice and gesture control. We stopped by the company's massive CES booth today and squeezed between all of those 55-inch OLEDs to get a quick demo, and found it mirrored the suddenly common Kinect functionality we've become accustomed to closely. Like Microsoft's add-on, Samsung's setup has a keyword that activates it (Hi TV) and like the

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Verizon says (almost) 'all' future phones and tablets will be LTE

In case you hadn't noticed, Verizon is going all in on LTE. And that doesn't just mean investing heavily in its network and snatching up spectrum left and right -- it also means making the 4G tech a "hard require

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Verizon FiOS TV app to deliver VOD and live HD to LG TVs

Everybody has to have an app these days and telecom companies like Verizon are no different. Apps on smartphones and tablets, apps on game consoles and even apps on HDTVs or Blu-ray players. The latest app from Verizon is the FiOS TV App, which will be coming to LG's Smart TV Platform in the first half of 2012. In addition to 26 live channels, like Verizon's Xbox 360 app, LG HDTVs and Blu-ray players will also have access to video on-demand, including the 10,000 Flex View titles. As excited about this as we are, our enthusiasm is quickly tempered when we realize all the live chann

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12.01.2012 5:00 Uhr

Olympus looking to Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and others to solve its money problems?

Olympus has had a rough go of it lately, what with a $1.7 billion accounting scandal that implicated its management on the highest levels and resulted in the company suing its own executives and president for fraud. Now, Reuters reports that the company in a financial pinch and may partner up with Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Fujifilm or Terumo Corp. to get the cash it needs. Naturally, none of the companies in question are confirming that such a deal is imminent -- Samsung has even denied

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Great things to do with your Mac mini

Today, we celebrated the Mac mini's 7th anniversary. As workhorse machines go, the mini cannot be beat. It provides a great deal of computing power along with a small footprint and plenty of ports for devices. Add any monitor, keyboard, mouse, or trackpad and you're ready to rock and roll. Here are some of our favorite ways to use minis in real life. Media Center. The Mac mini gives you the media power of an Apple TV, a small footprint, and adds computing on top. Connect your Mini to an EyeTV or similar capture system, and you've created a workable DVR solution. Yes, Apple dropped FrontRow support with Lion, but we're very fond of Plex and

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Mushkin debuts three new SSDs at CES

We love us some speedy NAND Flash here at Engadget, and Mushkin's just unveiled a trio of SSDs full of the stuff packing Sandforce SF-2281 controllers. The Chronos Go offers 560MB/s sequential writes and 525MB/s reads in drives up to 480GB in size. The Atlas mSATA SSD does sequential writes at 535MB/s, maxes out at 240GB, and will be available to be dropped into the Ultrabook of your choosing. Both the Chronos Go and Atlas are scheduled for a Q1 release. Lastly, the Scorpion PCIe modular SSD lets you chain up to four SSDs in a RAID array to get sequential writes up to 1275MB/s and reads up to 1500MB/s when it drops sometime in the first half of this year. [Image Credit: DailyTech]

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ViewSonic E70 tablet hands-on, seven-inches of Ice Cream Sandwich for $169 in March (video)

When we arrived at the ViewSonic booth, we expected to find only two new tablets of interest. As trade shows often go, the company surprised us with a pre-production model known as the ViewPad E70. With a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen, this tablet will ship out of the gate with Ice Cream Sandwich and will be available for a mere $169 by the end of March. While there's still much work to be done -- especially with the software interface -- this little guy could be an excellent value for many who want a tablet that's small and inexpensive. We're told the ViewPad E70 features a 1GHz CPU and 4GB of internal storage, along with WiFi, a microSD slot, a micro-HDMI port and a

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Algoriddim's Mac App of the Year djay 4 trades iOS and Mac features

Algoriddim is back in a booth at CES 2012 this week in Las Vegas, and TUAW stopped by to chat with the company as well as congratulate them on winning Mac App of the Year for its turntable music app, djay 4. We got to see the app early before it was released, and since then, Algoriddim's CTO Frederik Seiffert says things have been going well. The app is selling more copies all the time, and obviously, with the award and the holiday season, the end of 2011 was very lucrative for Algoriddim. One of the reasons the app has done so well, says Seiffert, is because Algoriddim took a lot of what it learned about making apps for iOS, and brought that knowledge back

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Samsung shows off integrated TV streaming apps and DirecTV RVU... again

Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV and Verizon FiOS TV all displayed ways we could enjoy their service without a set-top box tied to our TV during CES 2011. A year later, while tablet apps have launched, living room progress is limited o DirecTV's HR34 soft launch and a limited Verizon FiOS app on Xbox 360 . So, here we are at CES 2012 with all four lined up at the Samsung booth under the N Service banner, again. Despite our disappointment over the delays, Comcast's app was slick, though limited to VOD-only just like the Xbox 360. Time Warner Cable's por

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Aha Radio in the Subaru BRZ hands-on (video)

Aha Radio announced this week that it'll be an optional extra in 2013 Subaru and Honda autos. Vehicles so equipped will have the ability to listen to thousands of web radio stations and apps -- like Slacker

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12.01.2012 4:00 Uhr

AirGo, the ultimate wireless outdoor speaker with Airport Express inside

The AirGo is a sturdy outdoor speaker designed by Russound, a company with years of experience making quality speakers. While there are a lot of great things about the AirGo, being shown off this week at CES 2012, the most interesting thing to me was that instead of using Bluetooth or cables or even embedded AirPlay for transmitting audio from a music machine, the AirGo instead has a space on the back for inserting your own Airport Express. You buy the speaker, and then put in your own little Wi-Fi unit from Apple, which is where all the audio comes from. There are some distinct advantages to this, one of which is that you can use the Express as a Wi-Fi extender (not to mention that you might already have one lying around your hou

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Siri auf iPad 3: eingeschränkte Funktion - Sprachassistent kein Muss

Das iPad 3 wird mit dem Sprachassistenten Siri ausgestattet sein – davon geht zumindest fast jeder aus. Klingt auch durchaus plausibel, aber nur beim ersten Blick. Denn schnell drängt sich die Frage auf, ob Siri auf dem iPad 3 überhaupt Sinn machen würde. Natürlich würde sich keiner gegen Siri auf dem iPad 3 wehren. Immerhin ist Apples neuer Sprachassistent das herausragendste Feature auf dem iPhone 4S, auch wenn es sich noch in der Beta-Version befindet und stark verbesserungswürdig ist. Daher wäre es auch nur logisch, wenn Apple sein für Anfang März erwartetet iPad 3 ebenfalls mit Siri ausstattet. Aber angesichts der spezifischen Funktionen und Voraussetzungen, scheint eine Siri-Erweiterung auf das Tablet gar nicht mehr so unbedingt sinnvoll. Was spricht gegen Siri

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Visualized CES Edition: Behringer's iNuke Boom speaker dock, a 10,000-watt altar for your iPod

No word on whether it goes to eleven.Visualized CES Edition: Behringer's iNuke Boom speaker dock, a 10,000-watt altar for your iPod originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 11 Jan 2012 21:37:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Motorola Connected Home Gateway tour (video)

When we first told you about Motorola's Connected Home Gateway, it was little more than a picture of a cool looking router. Thankfully, however, the company has been giving tours of the technology on the floor of CES, showing off the way it brings together such things as climate control, home security and automation. Of course, it's not really a real world use case here -- for one thing, the wireless in the Las Vegas Convention Center WiFi isn't all hot the week of CES, with ten billion gadgets being shown off at the same time. Still, the walkthrough we got was pretty cool, shutting off lights

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Hands-off with the Golden-i head-mounted computer

Until now we've only seen the Golden-i shown off as a concept, but now it's actually shipping. The wearable computer (manufactured by Motorola, using technology licensed from Kopin, running software created by Ikanos) has 512MB of RAM and a TI OMAP under the hood. Currently it's a series 3 with a maximum clock speed of 1GHz, but the next iteration should move to a 1.2GHz 4 series CPU. Instead of relying on a touch screen, keyboard or mouse you control the Windows CE machine using voice commands and by moving y

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Samsung GT-N8013 'portable tablet' hits the FCC, reveals few details

No big CES product reveal here -- just the usual line art and test reports found in your average FCC filing. In this case, it's one for the Samsung GT-N8013, an as-yet-unannounced device described as a "portable tablet computer" in the FCC documents. As PocketNow reports, however, the very same device also recently received WiFi certification (along with a presumably similar GT-N8000 model), where it was listed as a smartphone (there's also a reference to "phone model" in one of the FCC docs), leading to speculation that it may be a successor or variation to the Galaxy Note (which was the GT-N7000). All we know for sure at the moment, though, is that the device packs Bluetooth connectivity and dual-band a/b/g

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Production begins for Raspberry Pi's $35 Model B Linux computer

Good news for everyone who's hoping to lay down petty (or exorbitant) change for a relatively well-equipped Linux computer: the Raspberry Pi Model B has officially begun production. Unlike the Model A, this $35 computer board features both an Ethernet adapter and 256MB of RAM (rather than 128MB). Although the company had initially hoped to produce these devices in England, it has since decided to move production to China and Taiwan to satisfy both cost restraints and demand. Designed with the budding programmer in mind, the $25 Model A will enter production at a later time. Unfortunately, there's no firm ship date as the company hasn't yet decided whether to receive its order of 10,000 units

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VGo telepresence robot gets Verizon LTE, we go eyes-on (video)

The idea of a telepresence robot isn't exactly new in the tech world, considering there's been a few going to school in the place of teenagers for over a year now. But the VGo 'bot -- a chest-high roving device that has a display and camera built-in and allows patients and others to interact with a remote operator -- is at CES this year to show off its inclusion of Verizon LTE, instead of the WiFi-only model we've seen in times past. Certainly, the robot can default to WiFi in the absence of Big Red's next-gen network, but the nationwide coverage definitely gives

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ViewSonic ViewPad 10pi dual-boot tablet hands-on (video)

The ViewSonic ViewPad 10pi was announced here at CES, and according to the company, it'll be in retail stores later this month. This is a scary proposition. Sadly, our time with the tablet was filled with glitches and frustration -- as is, this dual-booter seems entirely unfit for the market. The Android 2.3 environment is nearly unusable and often freezes completely. While this could certainly be resolved with a software update, the hardware implementation is regrettably poor for Android use. Rather than capacitive navigation buttons, necessities such as home, menu and back are located along the edge of the tablet as small, physical buttons. Half the time, they didn't e

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Crapgadget CES 2012, round one: Watch your Bag

The Alarm Clock that comes with a bag filled with a rainbow of morphing colors. An Alarm Clock that comes with a bag, filled with a rainbow of morphing col An Alarm. Clock. that. comes. with a bag filled with a rainbow of morphing colors. There's no wires to plug in, which is good, because if you're the sort of person who would consider this a wise purchase probably can't afford an electricity bill.Crapgadget CES 2012, round one: Watch your Bag originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 11

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Cirque shows off its Glidepoint NFC trackpad built into a laptop, we go hands-on (video)

Each year, CES always seems to circle around a few common themes, and NFC -- Near-Field Communication -- is getting a large chunk of the spotlight this week, and it's not all completely about mobile payments. In fact, we're just scratching the surface of what NFC is truly capable of. We stopped by the NXP booth and found a treasure chest full of the latest innovations in the world of NFC, the first of which is the

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LG Airplay enabled speaker dock eyes (and ears)-on

LG wasn't very forthcoming with details when it announced its new AirpPlay speaker dock back in November, so here at CES 2012 we decided we'd stop by LG's booth to dig deeper and see it for ourselves. It looks like a foot square black rubik's cube, with glossy and matte exterior squares alternating around the outside, along with two mesh speaker grilles on the front corners. Up top is a dock that fits any iDevice and the power button, while a Smart Square screen resides on the front that'll have touch controls when the dock ships in Q2 or Q3 of this year. A 3.5mm input jack and a USB port are on the back, and

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Apple granted 20 percent more patents in 2011 over 2010

Apple is widely recognized as one of the most innovative companies in technology, and also the most valuable, but when it comes to patents it is ranked 39th among companies with inventions patented in the US in 2011, AppleInsider reports. The ranking is a significant improvement for the Mac maker over last year, when it was awarded 563 patents and was rated number 46. IBM and Samsung were the two top-rated companies.

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12.01.2012 3:00 Uhr

Apple becomes No. 3 PC maker in US with industry-leading 21% growth

Apple climbed to third place among U.S. PC vendors in the fourth quarter of 2011 as the rest of the top five vendors saw shipments decline year over year as part of a worldwide contraction in the PC market, according to a new analysis.

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Motorola DEFY MINI hands-on (video)

The Motorola DEFY MINI is perhaps Moto's attempt to revisit the success they saw in China with the DEFY. Sure, this handset is inexpensive but it seems to have a lot going for it in the spec department. Water resistant, dustproof, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, a 3 megapixel shooter in the back and a VGA cam in the front -- in this dept the MINI outdoes the original DEFY -- and a 1650mAh battery that should make it functional for a full day. Sure the display is only a 3.2-inch, but that form factor still serves a huge percentage of the population, and this example was pretty good as far as our tired eyes could tell. Follow the read link to see a short video tour and a few pics. Gallery:

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The Engadget Video Podcast is live from CES at 09:00PM ET!

Happy hump day! It's been a crazy week thus far, but there's still plenty to come. Tim and Brian are joined tonight by tech pundit Scott Steinberg for an outside take on the week's industry-shaping events. And you can join us as well, by streaming the live video after the break.Continue reading The Engadget Video Podcast is live from CES at 09:00PM ET!The Engadget Video Podcast is live from CES at 09:00PM ET! originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 11 Jan 2012 20:30:00 ED

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Bang & Olufsen intros B&O Play brand, showcases $800 Beolit 12 portable AirPlay speaker

We've just met Bang & Olufsen here at CES, sitting through a variety of PowerPoint slides and Venn diagrams, but boy was it worth it. The company revealed its lifestyle-focused brand, dubbed B&O Play, and the first product in the lineup which we already spied passing through the FCC back in November. The Beolit 12 is portable AirPlay speaker for iOS Devices, and although it's basically iPhone-speakerdockapalooza here in Vegas, B&O Play's solution is cut from a unique and elegant mold

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Engadget HD Podcast 281: CES 2012 - 01.11.2011

We're live and in your faces from CES 2012, with our first podcast, including video taken right on the AOL / Engadget stage between North and Central hall. We had plenty to discuss, from Dish's big announcements to Ceton's too-good-to-be-true embedded Media Center DVR. There's all kinds of new display tech floating around, and the streaming video market is as murky as ever. Join us as we give our opinions on all this intrigue and try to keep up with the flood of CES news by pressing play, or check after the break for the embedded video. Also, check back Thursday night at 11PM ET for another live video podcast directly from the show floor. Get the podcast [

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Shazam Player brings lyrics support and more to iOS

The iPhone's default Music app already has lyrics support built in, but you have to fetch the lyrics yourself; songs sold on the iTunes Store still don't include lyrics after all these years. Shazam, makers of the well-known app that will identify songs playing in your vicinity after sampling a few seconds of audio, has released a free music player app called Shazam Player for the iPhone and iPod touch that addresses this gap in a big way. When first launched, Shazam Player will scan your entire music library to find songs compatible with its LyricPlay feature. Depending on how big your library is, this could take awhile; my iPhone 4S has close to 5000 songs o

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Dish CEO denies talk of asset sale, commits to nationwide network

A new service trademark, a 67-page FCC application and a recently redefined brand? These are not the marks of a company looking to lend itself to the altar of M&A. After plunking down over a billion dollars on acquired spectrum, Dish appears dead set on launching its

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Microsoft tops Yahoo in US search results for first time, according to ComScore

It very nearly caught up to Yahoo in the last round of ComScore figures, and Microsoft has now finally done it -- it can officially claim to be the number two search engine in the US. According to the research firm, Microsoft's Bing search engine and other websites fielded a total of 2.75 billion search requests in December of 2011, compared to 2.65 billion search requests handled by Yahoo -- that translates to a market share of 15.1 percent and 14.5 percent, respectively. As you'd expect, that still leaves Microsoft far behind Google, which processed a whopping 12 billion search requests during the month, representing

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“Mobile Geschichte”-App für iPhone im Test

Als ich die Pressemeldung zu Mobile Geschichte las, dachte ich zunächst, dass man es mit einem “interessanten” Konzept zu tun hat. Und tatsächlich ist die Idee der App für iPhone durchaus interessant, die Umsetzung allerdings birgt zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch ein paar “Kinderkrankheiten”. Da uns ein Testcode zur Verfügung stand, habe ich mir dann spontan

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Sony to launch iOS app for its Music Unlimited service

Sony has announced today that it will bring its Music Unlimited subscription service to iOS devices, seven months after the Android app version and a year since its US debut on PlayStations, Bravia TVs, PCs and other connected devices. Sony Entertainment Network head Tim Schaaff told reporters a free universal iOS app would be available this quarter, and that the iOS app will offer up to 5GB of offline caching for premium subscribers to compete with other services like Spotify, reports MobileBeat.

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Most of Apple's $82 billion cash stockpile is 'trapped' overseas

Apple may have enough cash on hand to make Scrooge McDuck's money vault look like a kiddie pool by comparison, but according to SeekingAlpha, most of that cash is effectively trapped overseas. US$54 billion of Apple's overall $82 billion in cash is in offshore accounts, and Apple cannot repatriate that money to the States unless it wants to pay a huge 35 percent corporate tax on it. If Apple attempted to bring that money into the States, right off the bat through

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Mercedes-Benz

What are telematics you ask? Get your fill of answers as Tim sits down to discuss this and more with Mercedes-Benz USA's head of marketing, Steve Cannon and the manager of advanced product planning and telematics, Sascha Simon. Catch it live at 8:00PM ET.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Mercedes-Benz

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Asus: „Ivy Bridge“-Notebooks mit Nvidias „Kepler“ ab April

In der 62. Etage des Trump Towers stellt Asus in Las Vegas neben einem atemberaubenden Blick über die Stadt auch einige Neuigkeiten bereit. Darunter sind auch angehende Notebooks für Intels „Ivy Bridge“-Prozessoren, die mit einer Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M gepaart werden sollen.

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Hands-on: BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 mostly fixes tablet's woes

RIM gave the media its first access to its BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 firmware at CES, and we've given it a test to see whether there's promise yet. Read ahead for a look at the firmware and whether it might help RIM recover its ailing position in tablets.

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NVIDIA Windows 8 developer tablet eyes-on

Have you been itchin' for another taste of Windows 8 on a tablet? Well, NVIDIA obliged us with a developer model of a Tegra 3-powered slate. We'd seen a nondescript device with Intel's touch at BUILD in the Series 7 and now we've caught a glimpse of some NVIDIA handiwork alongside Microsoft's upcoming OS. Notice the three sensors on the back side. We presume those m

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Motorola MOTOLUXE hands-on (video)

The Motorola MOTOLUXE -- born the XT615 in China -- was on hand at Moto's booth so we took the opportunity to check it out. While the feature set might not be world beating, or even attempt to come close, we expect the price will move people in its favor. We've covered the specs pretty thoroughly, and to be honest expected a much "cheaper" set. The MOTODELUXE feels great in the hand, the display is clear and bright, nothing noticeable squeaks, and that lit lanyard slot still has us smiling. Pricing and launch dates will be determined the Greater Chinese, Europea

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Forthcoming TomTom iPhone app to feature enhanced social integration

Just when you thought navigation apps pretty much had all the features you thought you needed, TomTom has thrown some fresh ideas into the mix. The company is at CES demonstrating an updated navigation app that uses social networks as a source for turn-by-turn directions. "According to recent studies, the vast majority of iPhone users use Facebook on their iPhone," Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director Consumer at TomTom said. "By integrating Facebook features into our TomTom App we make navigating to places, events and seeing friends even easier." The app, which will be delivered this quarter, uses Facebook places, events and friends as a source for destinations, and allows drivers to

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Lenovo IdeaPad S2 7 with integrated WHDI mirroring hands-on (video)

With inconvenient HDMI cables and half-baked wireless solutions, HD streaming from a tablet or laptop to an HDTV has been clunky, at best. And while WHDI has improved the experience drastically by minimizing lag and providing a standard platform, dongles went out of style long before the first slim tablet made its debut several years ago. A near-perfect solution may be on the horizon, however. Amimon has teamed up with Lenovo to integrate WHDI technology in the new IdeaPad S2 7, enabling wireless streaming without the need for an external transmitter -- you'll still need to attach a receiver to your TV for now. We had a

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Briefly: Sony iOS music service, Tim Cook, Adobe CS6

Sony will be offering an iOS version of its "Music Unlimited" service for iPhones and iPods, while Tim Cook claims "money is not a motivator" and Adobe offers a discounted CS6 upgrade for current CS3 and CS4 users.

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TrendnNet shows off 12 new IP cameras, more

Wireless networking specialist Trendnet is showing off its additions to its Wi-Fi network range extenders and IP camera lines at CES with a total of 13 new products, most of the new models of IP cameras for home, SOHO and small-to-medium business (SMB) markets. Already offering 23 models of IP camera, the company has outed another 12 models to be launched over the next six months. The company also added a 300Mbps "N" range extender.

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12.01.2012 1:00 Uhr

A closer look at Origin PC's Phase Change cooling system (and its new gaming laptops too)

Believe it or not, we just spent 45 minutes with two of Origin PC's founders and weren't treated to a gaming demo. Then again, the company isn't here at CES to brag about 3DMark11 scores. Instead, it's showing off its new freon-based Phase Change cooling technology, which enables the Genesis desktop to be overclocked to 5.7GHz, and which pushes that desktop's starting price from $1,337 to $4,499. So how does that $3,000 feature work? In brief, it uses a compressor to send chilled vapor through insulated tubing, eventually hitting a cold plate running as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The Little Devil chassis used

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LG's Gaikai powered cloud gaming service hands-on

Between OnLive's upcoming Google TV integration and LG's recently announced cloud gaming application, the gap between gamer and game is narrowing rapidly. We dropped by LG's CES booth to try out the outfit's Gaikai powered offering and have to admit, it was pretty smooth. We hadoken'd our way through a few rounds of Street Fighter IV with winning results -- as far as we can tell, the input delay was about as snappy as OnLive's best offerings, although a few artifacts betrayed the stream's clarity. Gaikai engineers were on hand to remind us that the floor demo is a very early beta of the servic

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Spanish firm NT-K beats Apple in court, files extortion charges

Two months ago, Spanish tablet maker Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá (or NT-K for short) won a design infringement lawsuit Apple filed against it a year earlier. Now, NT-K is on the offensive and seeking damages from Apple; the company has filed extortion charges against Appl

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Adobe kündigt Creative Suite 6 Upgrade-Angebot für CS3/CS4 an

Selbst unter Profis war es durchaus üblich, nicht jeden Versionssprung der Creative Suite mitzumachen und Adobe gewährte auch Besitzern älterer Versionen günstigere Upgrades. Die Änderung der Upgrade-Bedingungen sorgte daher für Unruhe, Adobe macht nun Kunden ein spezielles Angebot.Die Änderung sah

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TOSY and Justin Bieber announce mRobo: we go hands-on, dance-off (video)

Beethoven's Fifth. Michelangelo's Pietà. Plato's Republic. Cornerstones of human civilization, to be sure, but they all pale in comparison to what we saw today at CES: TOSY's new mRobo robot, inspired by none other than the Cultural Colossus of our time, Justin Bieber. The Vietnamese manufacturer and pubescent Prince have just taken the wraps off their latest collaboration: a petite, portable speaker-robot that dances -- nay, transcends -- just like his only slightly larger progenitor counterpart. When in speaker mode, the mRomo weighs in at just 3.3 pounds, stands a little under eight inches tall, and boasts 2GB of internal mem

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with HP (update: video embedded)

HP will be swinging by our booth at 8PM ET tonight to show of its latest and greatest laptops. Update: Interview video now embedded.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with HP (update: video embedded)Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with HP (update: video embedded) originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:20:00 EDT. Please see our

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A closer look at MSI's Phase Change cooling system (and its new gaming laptops too)

Believe it or not, we just spent 45 minutes with two of Origin PC's founders and weren't treated to a gaming demo. Then again, the company isn't here at CES to brag about 3DMark11 scores. Instead, it's showing off its new Phase Change cooling technology, which enables the Genesis desktop to be overclocked to 5.7GHz, and which pushes that desktop's starting price from $1,337 to $4,499. So how does that $3,000 feature work? In brief, it uses a compressor to send chilled vapor through insulated tubing, eventually hitting a cold plate running as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The Little Devil chassis used for the pu

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Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock hands-on (video)

So, Belkin pulled a bit of a switcharoo on us with its Thunderbolt Express Dock. The device we saw back at IDF was very different from what made it out on the CES floor here in Vegas. But you know what? We're not mad because they managed to slim the dock down in the process. The outfit was also able to fit a single HDMI port into the peripheral while adding a nice cable channel to hide that unsightly Thunderbolt cable that

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T-Mobile CTO says carrier may get next iPhone

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray claims that upcoming wireless chipsets would allow Apple to include the carrier's unique operating spectrum in the next iteration of the iPhone, which would finally bring the popular handset to nation's fourth-largest network, though quickly-advancing LTE rollouts by the top three telecoms may cause the Cupertino, Calif., company to completely bypass the frequency band altogether.

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Adobe extends CS6 upgrade pricing to CS3, CS4 owners

Special upgrade pricing for Creative Suite 6 will extend to owners of CS3 or CS4 after all, Adobe has announced. Owners of pre-CS5 suites had recently been told they would pay full price, discarding an earlier, more lenient policy. Under the new arrangement, a special discount will run from whenever CS6 is launched until December 31st.

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Camalen at 2012 CES: Leather iPhone 4/4S Case

At its booth in the 2012 International CES iLounge Pavilion, Camalen has introduced Hexa case for iPhone 4/4S. Borrowing from the design of the company’s previously released iPad 2 case of the same name, the protective leather holder can be used as a stand in a number of angles and either landscape or portrait orientation. No release date has been announced, but the case will sell for $59.

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Boostcase at 2012 CES: Snap-On Battery Pack

It’s not the only battery case of its style being announced at the 2012 International CES, but Boostcase has taken the opportunity to unveil its Hybrid Snap-On Case & Detachable Extended Battery for iPhone 4/4S; it’s scheduled for a January 2012 launch. The solution combines a hard plastic shell that features a pear-shaped cutout surrounding the Apple logo and a 1900mAh battery that snaps into place, using the opening to anchor…

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Happy 7th anniversary to the Mac mini

"I wish I had a nickel for every time somebody asked me that," Steve Jobs said as the question "Why doesn't Apple offer a stripped down Mac that is more affordable" flashed up behind him during Macworld 2005 keynote. Today, that stripped-down computer celebrates its seventh anniversary. The Mac mini has had its demise predicted nearly as often as the iPod classic. But the durable little machine keeps chugging on and has inspired everything from a fan of RAID machines to media centers, car stereos and even apple pie. While the Mac mini began its life as a low-end PowerPC G4 ma

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with NXP's Jeff Miles

We've got plenty of questions about near-field communications, and who better to talk to than Jeff Miles, a VP at NXP, the company behind the NFC chips in your devices? Follow along at 6:30PM ET, after the break.Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with NXP's Jeff MilesLive from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with NXP's Jeff M

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IDC: fall 2011 worst year for PCs as drives, tablets dig in

Fall 2011 was the worst season for PC growth in the US in a decade, IDC found in preliminary results. The overall PC field shrank 6.7 percent compared to what it had in late 2010, based partly on hard drive shortages triggered by Thailand flooding. However, the iPad and other tablets like it, combined with a tough economy, meant many didn't want PCs, particularly in the "difficult competitive landscape" of the US as well as Western Europe.

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Henge Docks at 2012 CES: MacBook Air Docking Station

We covered Henge Docks’ MacBook Pro docking stations a few months ago, and now we’re excited to see that the company has used the occasion of the 2012 International CES to unveil its MacBook Air version of the accessory. The units are now up for preorder at $55 and $60, with Mini DisplayPort and USB passthrough—no Thunderbolt though. It may be a good solution for those looking to dock an Air and save space at a pretty reasonable…

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Eton at 2012 CES: Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Adding to its lineup of solar accessories for Apple products at this year’s International CES, Eton has introduced the Rukus Bluetooth speaker system. The lithium ion battery can be charged through a standard wall adapter, but there’s also a monocrystal solar panel on top to gather energy from the sun. On the front of the unit are an e-ink display and playback controls.

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Haier at 2012 CES: Huge Soundbar

Although it’s not nearly as large as the comically oversized iNuke Boom, Haier’s Evoke Soundbar with 3D Sound is still one of the biggest speaker systems we’ve seen at the 2012 International CES. Measuring in at 40” long, it’s certainly the widest practical docking station we’ve come across, and it supports not only iPhones and iPods, but iPads as well. It’ll retail for $400 when it’s released in early…

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DBEST at 2012 CES: Wired and Bluetooth Speakers

U.K.-based DBEST has introduced two new speakers at the 2012 International CES, although no price or release date has been announced for either. The first is Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi System (a.k.a. PS4007BT). Packed with two 3W loudspeakers, a microSD slot, an auxiliary port, and Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker can be used for music playback or as a speakerphone. It has rechargeable batteries that last for up to 50 hours of continuous playback…

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Lethal Protection at 2012 CES: Out of this World Holder

Lethal Protection’s Life-Phorm is certainly one of the standout accessories we saw at this year’s International CES, and accordingly, it was a finalist for our Best of Show award. The stand and holder works with all of Apple’s handheld devices and with its six articulating plastic legs, can stand on or wrap around pretty much any surface. When it launches in March 2012, Life-Phorm will be available in black, gunmetal grey, or army…

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