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08.01.2013 24:00 Uhr

SwingTIP lets your golf club and iPhone join forces to improve your swing

Proving yet again that there's pretty much nothing that can't be made to work with an iOS device, a product called SwingTIP, on display at CES 2013, creates a link between your golf club and your iPhone or iPad. The lightweight sensor (US$129.99) connects to your device via Bluetooth and sends detailed data on every swing to a companion app, with the goal of showing you what you're doing wrong and offering suggestions on how to improve your game. Hopefully they're more helpful than some we've received over the years. In addition to working with its companion app, the data produced by the SwingTIP can be uploaded to a website and used to create scorecards. These can be shared with your golf

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Gigabyte announces support for Intel Collage in Z77 motherboards, invites you to make a DIY 4K display

Running a PC with a Gigabyte motherboard, dual Thunderbolt ports and four monitors? You might want to consider revising that NVIDIA Surround setup into makeshift 4k display. Gigabyte has announced that it will soon be issuing updates for its Z77 motherboards to include support for Intel Collage technology, allowing users to split a 4k video signal between four HD monitors. Not a bad trick, considering the cost of native 4K displays. Intel's Co

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MakerBot Replicator 2X eyes-on

You might remember that way back in September Makerbot took the wraps off its next generation of Replicators. Sadly, when the company invited us out for a sneak peak, the cutting edge Replicator 2X was no where to be seen. Thankfully Bre Pettis decided to swing through CES with the dual-extruding, ABS optimized version of its 3D printer in tow. Aesthetically there's not much different about the 2X -- it's the same black body and a Stepstrudder t

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Dish Network makes an offer to buy Clearwire, even though Sprint was already buying Clearwire

Surprise news this afternoon as Clearwire announced it's received an acquisition offer from Dish Network, even though Sprint was already on the hook to snap up the company for $2.2 billion. According to the press release, a special committee of the Clearwire Board of Director's has decided to negotiate with dish based on its proposal, although it has not changed its recommendation of the current Sprint transaction. Predictably, Sprint is not taking the news well, producing a series of bullet points about why Clearwire can't and shouldn't sell to Dish.Continue reading Dish Networ

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Roccat Kone Pure und Kone XTD

Mit der Kone haben die Hamburger Roccat-Studios ihren ersten großen Erfolg gelandet. Noch immer steht die Spielermaus synonym für die Peripherie-Schmiede. Mit der Kone XTD aktualisiert Roccat sein Flaggschiff mit zeitgemäßer ADNS-9800-Lasersensorik und verbessertem Scrollrad. Außerdem wird dem Erfolgsmodell in Form der Kone Pure eine Variante mit verkleinertem Maus-Chassis zur Seite gestellt.

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60 Millionen Lizenzen für Windows 8 verkauft

Auf dem 11. jährlichen J.P. Morgan Tech Forum auf der CES 2013 in Las Vegas hat Microsoft verbindliche Zahlen zu den Verkäufen von Windows 8 und zum App-Store genannt. Demnach unterscheiden sich die Verkaufszahlen von Windows 8 angeblich nicht signifikant von denen von Windows 7 im gleichen Zeitraum seit der Veröffentlichung.

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OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion beta seeded to developers with minor changes

Apple on Tuesday seeded build 12D50 of OS X 10.8.3 pre-release to developers with no known issues.

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MakerBot Industries hat auf der CES seinen neuen 3D-Drucker vorgestellt. Es ist der bereits angekündigte Replicator 2X mit zwei Druckköpfen.

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Apple verteilt weitere OS X 10.8.3 Beta an Entwickler

Vor wenigen Sekunden hat Apple den neusten Build von OS X 10.8.3 für Entwickler freigegeben. Er trägt den Namen 12D50. Wie immer sind keine weiteren Details über die Vorabversion bekannt.

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Apple rejects iOS game about Syrian civil war

Apple is like a security guard, wandering the halls of the App Store with a ban hammer that it uses liberally on apps that don't meet its strict guidelines. As reported by io9, the latest app to fall under its scrutiny is an iOS game from Auroch Digital called Endgame:Syria. According to GameTheNews, Endgame:Syria is an interactive simulation based on the Syrian Civil War. Players take a role in the conflict and can change the outcome of the war based on the military strategy they choose. The developers say Endgame:Syria is a "novel way to inform the public" about the conflict, but Apple disagreed and reje

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Apple rumored to (again) be working on a cheaper iPhone, could arrive in late 2013

Remember this song and dance? You should. Major news agencies far and wide have been asserting that Apple would be producing a "cheaper iPhone" for years now, and it looks as if a few fresh rumors have the smoke all roiled up again. The Wall Street Journal is today reporting that Apple is "working on a lower-end iPhone," citing o

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Hands-on with Archos' two iPad lookalike tablets, the Archos Platinum 97 and 80

What to make of two Archos-branded tablets that look almost exactly like Apple's ubiquitous iPad and iPad Mini? We weren't quite sure, honestly, but after spending some brief time with both Archos' Platinum 97 and 80, it's easy to understand why Archos went with that look -- the two Android tablets are beautiful, simple, and sleek. But looks only go so far, and when we actually spent some time using the device, we were a bit less impressed. While the 9.7 and 8-inch IPS touchscreens are perfectly serviceable,

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Facebook invites the media to 'come and see what we're building' next week

And the CES disruptions begin. Facebook has just broken into an absolute blitz of news out of Las Vegas in order to invite select members of the press to its California headquarters next week. The reason? Predictably, minimal clues are given out in the invite itself -- we're simply told to show up on January 15th and "see what [Facebook] is building." You know what we think we just might, thanks! P.S. - Any educated guesses on the "what" can be tossed in comments below.Filed under:

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Twitter search improved with 'real-time human computation,' teaches you what trendy hashtags mean

Twitter's pretty often enhancing its microblogging platform by adding plenty of new features, and the latest changes could very well be among the most useful ones. Via its Engineering Blog, Twitter has gone into detail about how it has improved search within its social network, noting that a "real-time computation" system has been built to help "identify search queries as soon as they're trending, send these queries to real humans to be judged, and then incorporate the human annotatio

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Sesame Street hits CES with augmented reality app for kids, we go hands-on (video)

At this year's CES, Qualcomm's got a big show -- but not all of it has to do with bleeding-edge performance and kick-awesome graphics. In fact, the San Diego company has a bit of a family side. It's partnering with Sesame Street to highlight its Vuforia platform, an Augmented Reality-based SDK that gives developers handy tools to make the most out of their apps. The program on display, called Big Bird's Words, is a word recognition tool to help children learn vocabulary. As you'll see in the video below, Big Bird himself lets the y

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Sony VAIO's David Ng

It wouldn't be a CES without a big showing from Sony. We'll be speaking with the company a few times this week, starting with a conversation about its laptop offerings with VAIO product specialist, David Ng, including Sony's jump into the convertible world of Windows 8. Jump on after the break to check out the conversation. January 8, 2013 6:00 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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Asus Qube: Set-Top-Box mit Google TV

Google TV, seit der IFA 2012 auch in Deutschland zu Hause, ist bisher nicht der erwartete Erfolg vergönnt. Auf der CES werden gerade einige Geräte vorgestellt, die Google TV unterstützen. Ob die von Asus vorgestellte Set-Top-Box namens Qube an dem eher mäßigen Erfolg etwas ändern wird, bleibt abzuwarten.

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Motorola petitions ITC to keep Apple complaint going

Late on Monday, Motorola Mobility filed a petition hoping to keep a complaint against Apple with the US International Trade Commission alive, says FOSS Patents. Earlier, an administrative law judge had ruled that a patent covering the deactivation of a touchscreen when lifting a phone to the ear was invalid, due to an existing Motorola patent making it non-novel. On remand, though, Judge Thomas Pender said there was indeed an infringement by Apple, and ruled that the ITC's domestic industry requirement had been met. If Motorola can convince the ITC to reject the earlier invalidation, it may

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CES Show Report: Native Union

Native Union this year was showing off new and improved versions of its Gripster iPad case along with Switch, its new rechargeable, portable Bluetooth speaker.

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CES Show Report: Cerevo

Cerevo is showing a number of iOS-compatible devices, including Otto, a remote light dimmer and control switch, and the Smart Trigger remote trigger for DSLR cameras.

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CES Show Report: Tru Protection

Tru Protection touted two distinct features of its iPhone 5 screen protection films at CES 2013. Unlike some rivals, the product is designed, assembled, and packaged in the U.S.—although the film is sourced from outside the U.S., as the company continues to seek a U.S. supplier. Second, the film ships in a package that also serves as an easy-to-apply template. Two pieces of film with the applicator are expected to ship around late January, according…

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Panasonic's wearable camera HX-A100 heads-on

Panasonic launched its own wearable cam today at CES, though, unlike some of its competition, the HX-A100's camera is tethered to its controller by a cable. The IPX-8 compliancy badge does, however, mean that it can be submerged up to 5 feet underwater, and while there the in-built WiFi will see you sending your videos live to Ustream in 1080p at 60fps, 720p at up to 120fps and 640 x 360 at a very speedy 240fps. Our man James donned the Panasonic HX-A100 to give it a whirl at the booth this morning and while we didn't get a chance to see any of the action cam's video o

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WSJ: Cheaper iPhone could debut in 2013

In a tweet on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal claimed Apple is currently working on a cheaper iPhone that could hit the market as soon as this year.

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AT&T hints at best-ever iPhone sales in holiday 2012 quarter

Today AT&T announced that it sold 10 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2012, beating the 2011 record of 9.4 million units. Based on knowledge of what percentage of those sales numbers have been iPhones in previous quarters, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is forecasting that AT&T sold 8.1 million iPhones during the last quarter. That's in line with AT&T's comments that it sold a record number of iPhones in the quarter. During the 2011 holiday quarter, the carrier sold 7.6 million iPhones. With that quantity of iPhones being sold by AT&T alone, Munster believes that Apple will announce sales of 45 million devices in the quarter during its

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Sony CEO Kaz Hirai talks 4K, Xperia Z, death of the PS2 and more at CES 2013 (video)

4K TVs and streaming? The Xperia Z? The death of the PlayStation 2? Just a few topics of conversation as our own Editor-in-chief Tim Stevens sat down for a one-on-one interview with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. We won't waste any more of your time here -- head on past the break to watch the full video!

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Imagination Technologies' PowerVR Series 6 mobile GPU debuts at CES, we go eyes-on

Last week, Imagination Technologies gave us a glimpse of its next-gen PowerVR Series 6 mobile GPU and its prowess with OpenGL ES 3.0. That demo didn't showcase Series 6's full potential, as the company could only let us see a test chip on an FPGA board that could deliver only 1 GB/s of bandwidth -- one tenth of the GPUs performance capability. Now that Imagination Technologies' first Series 6 partner, LG, has given the go ahead, the time has come to see what Series 6 can really do on an optimized board destined for an HDTV. In addition to the Series 6, the company

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Verizon's Connected Athlete adds sensors / data to your gear, tracks habits and more (hands-on)

When most people think of Verizon and sports, the company's NFL Mobile app usually comes to mind. However, this may soon be changing thanks in part to a collaboration between the carrier and Cisco. A project referred to as the "Connected Athlete" will soon allow people to track an athlete's step-by-step performance in real-time. Here's how it works: a user's gear (helmet, shoes and gloves) is outfitted with sets of motion and pressure detecting sensors that track information based on its wearer's motions. Using Verizon'

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T-Mobile CEO: 100,000 iPhones join the ranks every month, 1.9 million so far

T-Mobile USA isn't just happy to have an official deal with Apple in place; it's ready to crow about the fans who've already signed up. CEO John Legere told those at a Citi conference that his carrier is activating 100,000 new iPhones every month, despite many of those users still having to chase down an unlocked model and forgo 3G until T-Mobile's spectrum refarming comes their way. That rate mate be accelerating -- there's 1.9 million total iPhone customers on Magenta's network, or 200,000

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Intel's Mooly Eden: 'Voice will do to touch what touch did to keyboards'

We've spent a big chunk of this morning talking to Intel's Mooly Eden, who showed us through the company's new perceptual computing platform. He's an effusive and passionate speaker who describes himself as one of the company's dreamers and thinks that a user interface revolution is shortly upon us. We've already spent some time interacting with the company's new depth-camera and eye-tracking technology, but now we wanted to dig deep to understand the thinking behind the system and what technical and practical limitations that need to be addressed before we can get to the computing future of Star Tre

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Mozilla's Jay Sullivan

Sure CES is primarily a hardware show, but that doesn't mean that some of the top software companies aren't getting in on the action. Mozilla will be on-hand to discuss the desktop and mobile browsing wars, and the company's VP of products, Jay Sullivan, will be paying a visit to our stage to discuss the latest Firefox goings-on. January 8, 2013 5:30 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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Asus bringt E2KM1I Deluxe und Sabertooth 990FX Gen2

Der taiwanische Mainboardspezialist Asus hat auf der CES auch neue Mainboards am Stand. Gezeigt werden die Mini-ITX-Platine E2KM1I Deluxe auf Basis von AMDs Brazos-Plattform und ein überarbeitetes Board der auf extreme Übertaktungsergebnisse ausgelegten, mit militärischer Optik angehauchten Sabertooth-Reihe mit 990FX-Chipsatz.

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HiSense brings 84-, 101-inch UHD TVs to CES, we go eyes-on

We stopped by the huge HiSene display at the opening day of the CES show on Tuesday to check out the Chinese company's UltraHD TV sets. Sporting 3,840x2,160 resolution, the sets included the Ultra-LED XT900 family that will be avaiable in 65-, 84-, and 101-inch sizes. The last one promises to be the largest UHD TV on the market, once it reaches store shelves that is.

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Apple rejects game about Syrian war from App Store

Apple has blocked a game about the Syrian civil war from appearing at the App Store, developer Auroch Digital says. Called Endgame: Syria, the title is meant to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict, and is already playable on Android and the company's website. In its rejection, Apple cites a guideline banning apps that "solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity."

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CES Show Report: iBattz

iBattz this year expands on its lineup of iPhone battery cases with iPhone 5 models of its popular Mojo Refuel and Armor removable battery cases, as well as a new submersible waterproof case design.

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CES Show Report: Braven

Previously known as Spar before improving its lineup under the Braven name, this young Bluetooth speaker manufacturer came out swinging at the 2013 CES, debuting two major new speakers, and publicly showing a third that made a small-scale debut late last year. One is waterproof, another large and metallic, and the third is made from plastic.

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CES Show Report: Lucien

Lucien offers cases for the iPhone, many designed using a patent-pending is3 technology that embeds Swarovski crystals within the case, eliminating the need for glue. The crystals are inserted into a pool, then capped with a ring that is screwed down over each crystal, securing it in place. Lucien’s cases are also customizable, with an engraved panel, and come in more than 3,000 designs. Prices range from $200 for crystalized versions, to $650…

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PowerMonkey keeps your iPhone charged off the beaten path

Over the holidays I tried out several external battery packs for the iPhone. One of my more favorite ones is the Powermonkey Discovery. Made by Powertraveler, the Powermonkey discovery is a slim and light battery pack weighing a slight 107 grams and just 46 x 13 x 114mm in size. Inside you'll find a 3500mAh lithium polymer battery. The battery is enough to charge an iPhone two times when the Powermonkey is fully juiced. The external casing of the Powermonkey is what really (ahem) shines, though. It's made of a polished aluminum that almost looks like a silver bar you'd find on a pirate ship. The unit has six LED lights at the top. When all are lit green, the Powerm

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Sharp's 32-inch 4K IGZO LCD monitors (eyes-on)

When you're surrounded by huge 4K TVs cranked to retina-damaging brightness, it's easy to get desensitized to the high resolution. But, when you are standing in front of a 32-inch monitor (31.5-inch to be exact) at that same resolution, it's a whole different story. In the gargantuan halls of CES, Sharp is showing off the 4K-resolution low-power IGZO LCD panels it announced November last year. They had two touchscreen versions on sh

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Hulu showcases three new original shows for summer, renews exclusives

Ever wonder what's going on behind the soulless eyes of your favorite sport franchise's mascot? Hulu can clue you in this this summer -- its new original series Behind the Mask promises to chronicle the life of basketball's most cartoonish cheerleaders, from high school newbies to the NBA's seasoned pros. It's one of three original shows the streaming network is debuting this year, including The Awesomes, an animated comedy follow

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iBattz beats Mophie to iPhone 5 charging case, ups the ante using 'interchangable' i9300 batteries

It's usually a no-brainer that Mophie's quickly out of the gate with a battery-equipped case when a new iDevice is announced. This year, however, it appears iBattz is poised to hit it out of the park sooner with two iPhone 5 cases set to hit shelves in February and March. Notably, each case comes packed with two swappable i9300 Li-ion battery packs (the same kind for Samsung's rival GS III, seriously). The cells are rated at 2,200mAh each, which is notably larger in capacity than the iPhone's roughly 1,400mAh batts. The streamlined Mojo Fuel (pictured) will set you back $90 come February, while argonauts can sang the ruggedized Mojo Armor f

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Unofficial U.S. carrier T-Mobile has 2M iPhones on network, over 100K new activations a month

Despite not being an official Apple partner carrier, T-Mobile on Tuesday announced that it has nearly 2 million iPhones operating on its network, and interest in Apple's handset is fueling over 100,000 activations every month.

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CES Show Report: MapiCases

MapiCases focuses on quality materials and handcrafted cases, and its 2013 CES presence centers on the look and feel of handcrafted Turkish leather, now on more recent devices. Among the more than 15 iPhone styles of iPhone case on display, MapiCases offers $30-$40 pouch cases for iPhone 5, and wallet and folio-style cases for $80 and up. New this year are an iPad mini case: at $120, it is incrementally cheaper than Mapi’s iPad lineup, but as…

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Corning's USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt cables smaller, lighter, longer

Corning, the same company that brought you the Gorilla Glass used on most smartphones, announced new optical Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables yesterday at CES. The cables make use of Corning's ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber technology to extend data transmission range while being smaller and lighter. [Ed. Note: The demo at CES was impressive, as the optical cables were able to bend in ways we've never seen from optical cables.] The new cables won't increase USB or Thunderbolt data speeds -- it takes new controller hardware on devices to do that -- but it's possible to run data over further distances than ever before.

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Samsung debuts NFC-Bluetooth DA F60 speaker set, even charges your phone (hands-on)

While staring at all those HDTVs, we bumped into Samsung's latest addition to its audio family. Alongside a Bluetooth-connected sound bar with a built-in vacuum tube, the electronics company introduced its DA F60 Bluetooth speaker set. Alas, as is the case with a lot of Samsung goods on show here at CES, there's no mention of pricing, release dates or even regions, but it packs a decent amount of functionality. Along the left edge, there's an NFC plate that connects to compatible smartphones, allowing you to transfer audio from either the music player or other third-

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Panasonic grows its Lumix and Camcorder line, we go hands on

Point and shoots live on, so do dedicated camcorders, and Panasonic has just outed a bunch. We headed on over to its booth at CES to give them all a once over, and there's quite a few to get through so let's take a deep breath. First up for the camcorders is the HC-V210 with 72x zoom, power OIS and full HD, all in a small, discreet form -- ideal for light casual use. The HC-V720 however has a 28mm high sensitivity lens with 50x zoom plus real time broadcasting over WiFi in full HD. The body is bigger than the V210, with stylish metal accents, and a solid weighty feel. The HC-V520

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Microsoft moves another 20 million Windows 8 licenses over holiday season, 100 million total app downloads

Ready for your quarterly dose of Windows 8 sales figures? After hearing that some 40 million licenses had been sold through last November, the company's CFO and CMO for Windows Tammi Reller announced here at CES that Microsoft has sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses to date. According to her, that number includes "sell in to OEMs for new PCs," but she didn't clarify whether or not it includes blockbuster deal

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OLPC announces XO Tablet coming to 'select' Walmart stores later in 2013

One Laptop Per Child still hasn't revealed any pricing details about that US-bound XO Tablet, but today the company's announcing some of the retail shelves we can expect its new child-friendly device to hit. For starters, the XO Tablet will be available at 'select' Walmart brick-and-mortar stores and website in the US this year, however OLPC wasn't quite clear about when exactly that's going to be -- we tried asking the company ourselves, but we were told no information could be give

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Ford's Julius Marchwicki

Don't forget the cars. Automotive's a big part of CES and Ford's long been a big player at the event, showcasing the company's latest advancements in spaces like infotainment and device connectivity. Product manager Julius Marchwicki will join us on-stage to discuss what Ford is bringing to the table this year. January 8, 2013 5:00 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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ZTE Grand S unveiled: at 6.9mm, it's the 'world's thinnest' 5-inch, 1080p phone

There's no point in feigning surprise. We knew this one was coming. Still, it's hard to deny the importance surrounding the Grand S, which ZTE just made official. Just as quickly, the Chinese outfit secured its title as manufacturer of the world's thinnest full HD smartphone -- a ballsy move for a company that's historically associated with the bargain bin, at least in the US. The Grand S now stands as ZTE's flagship handset, and there's little doubt that the company's looking to stake its claim in the high end market. As you'd expect, the phone carries a spec s

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CES Show Report: Swissvoice

The Swissvoice booth at the 2013 CES offers a selection of products that feature a traditional handset design for iPhone and home audio. ePure mobile handset devices utilize Bluetooth technology, and some feature a retractable device dock; they come in a variety of colors and finishes with both cordless and corded versions.

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CES Show Report: Optrix

Optrix — known for its sport video cases — used the 2013 CES to introduce its newest ruggedized sport video case for the iPhone 5, the XD5.

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CES 2013: FileMaker celebrates half a million iOS downloads

FileMaker was here in attendance at the Digital Experience event last night at CES in Las Vegas, and they had some big news to announce: The company has reached a full half million iOS downloads for its database-driven software solutions. That's a big milestone for the company, and while iOS installs still pale in comparison to the huge amount of desktop users, a rep from the company told us that this many downloads signifies a big shift that FileMaker is going through. Initially, we were told, when devices like the iPad first arrived, they were seen only as content reading devices -- even Steve Jobs sat down on stage with the iPad and showed off how it worked as a content reading device. But what FileMaker's seen si

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Mushkin launches 'next generation' USB 3.0 drive, promises 300MBs read/write speeds

While Mushkin tipped its hand early regarding details of its "world's first" 480GB mSATA SSD, it did keep one thing back for CES. It's launching what it promises is a SandForce-packing, "next generation" USB 3.0 drive that will have read and write speeds of over 300 MB per second. The company is keeping the specifics about its performance, its pricing, availability and even its casing a secret for now, but we've gotten in touch and will update this when we learn more.

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Panasonic Powerlive Max retro boombox hands-on

Panasonic had this creature plonked front and center in its booth and all the sound and light whipped us into a 80s boombox throwback frenzy that could not be denied. First and foremost, Panasonic informed us this isn't currently targeted at the US market -- but we suppose if enough of you pop by the booth and crank it to 11 they may reconsider. Specs were a bit thin but we do know it's made up of thousands of blue lights, oversized knobs and the speaker cabinet contains four speakers powered by three separate amps -- the bottom speaker being a huge 15" "Ultra Super Woofer." Power specs were touted as having 23,800W (PMPO) and 2160W (RMS) but numbers aside it is seriously loud. We cranked i

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CES Show Report: OtterBox

Primarily known these days for its shock- and drop-resistant iPhone cases, OtterBox offers options for most of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices, with designs that range from truly waterproof to less substantially protective. Made solely from rubber and plastic, its cases are generally sold at a premium relative to other brands, and rivals have aggressively targeted its products in recent years with smaller, lighter alternatives. At this…

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CES Show Report: Other World Computing (OWC)

Also known as Newer Technology, Other World Computing (OWC) is using the 2013 CES to show off a handful of products for iPhones and Macs, with some aimed at business customers; we’re focusing on those made for consumers. The collection includes an innovative new iPhone case, an updated home outlet replacement, and an attractive iMac mount. 

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CES Show Report: Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology’s focus is on data accessories, especially USB flash drives. It’s exhibiting some impressively capacious models at CES, alongside a cool new wireless file sharing device aimed at iOS users.

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CES 2013: iMusic BodyRhythm wants to pummel your shoulders via touch input

There's always a few wacky things here at CES, and at Pepcom's annual CES sideshow I stumbled upon the iMusic BodyRhythm. It looks a bit like a life jacket, but can be controlled by your iOS device via a special app. What does it do? It "massages" your shoulders via a series of tiny taps. Frankly, it wasn't the most relaxing massage I've had, as it felt more like Smurf paratroopers landing on my shoulders at strategic points, and then jumping around with clogs on. Still, the high-end leather and novelty of the product will mean the company intends to sell more to high-end customers in Asia than your average Apple Store customer in t

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IK Multimedia's iRig and iKlip STUDIO mobile peripherals learn to play nice with Android, stay friends with iOS

Ever since IK Multimedia released its mobile music peripherals, Android users have been left to look on their iOS-toting brethren with jealousy. No longer. Today at CES 2013, the company has announced that its iRig MIC, iRig MIC Cast, iRig PRE, iRig MIX and iKlip STUDIO devices will n

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Kirk Skaugen reveals why Intel made touch mandatory for Haswell Ultrabooks

We were able to sit down with Intel's PC chief, Kirk Skaugen, and chew through the revelations and news that were announced at the press conference the day before. We wanted to know if Ultrabooks will eventually replace Laptops, what was the motivation behind the decision to make Haswell Ultrabooks touch only and if there's one form factor from the several available that's winning the popularity war. Share our curiosity? After the break is where you need to be.

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Samsung's Evernote-ready T9000 smart-fridge hands-on

Nestled in the corner of its home appliances stand, Samsung's upgraded T9000 fridge-freezer stood imposingly next to last year's model, but the major differences here are an expanded touchscreen and improved app selection -- including Evernote integration. We had a few pokes at the interface, which also includes a read-only Twitter client and Epicurious access and it's relatively responsive -- if not up to the standard of your favorite tablet. But given that it's Evernote, your grocery demands / last ditch pleas for milk can

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Bang & Olufsen launches BeoLab 15 in-wall speakers for stealthier beats

Most Bang & Olufsen audio systems' designs virtually beg for attention in the living room. The company's just-launched combo of two BeoLab 15 satellite speakers, a BeoLab 16 subwoofer and an Amplifier 1 is very nearly designed for the opposite. The entire array can hide in the walls or ceiling, and juts out only when it's tilting to direct sound to a specific area. The Amplifier 1's 195W of total output won't produce the most thundering sound, but this is one time when subtlety is arguably the greater value -- i

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Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs: too early to call the game on Windows Phone

This shouldn't come as a surprise after Steve Ballmer crashed the Qualcomm CES keynote yesterday, but at a follow-up briefing earlier today, the latter's CEO Paul Jacobs reiterated his support for Windows Phone. The exec said "it's too early to call the game" on Microsoft's mobile OS, and emphasized that he "never counted Microsoft out" as it has a lot of resources plus benefits, especially with the tie-in with its enterprise software and Xbox. "It is growing, they are gaining traction. When you use the devices they

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Huawei Ascend W1 launching on O2 in UK, due to land sometime in Q1

A little late to the party, perhaps, but Huawei is finally trotting out that Windows Phone 8 device it promised way back in June. So, when can you get it? Sometime in the first quarter, if you're living in the UK -- O2 just announced the Ascend W1 as its first Windows Phone 8 handset. Specifics on the launch are as allusive as ever, of course -- Huawei would only say that the handset would hit China and Russia in January, though they were more than happy to

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Harman preps in-car infotainment with Android, shows concept with gestures and HUD

Harman often works behind the scenes to supply the infotainment systems for the cars we know. This year, it's hoping to catch more of the limelight by putting mobile front and center. Its high-end car system for 2013 runs a unique virtualized platform that keeps vital car functions running on QNX, with an Android-based interface on top: drivers will have access to Android's usual app suite as well as an automaker-run app store. While exacting details aren't available, Harman does promise integration w

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Samsung's Ryan Bidan

We enjoyed Ryan Bidan's appearance on our stage last year so much that we're bringing Samsung's director of marketing back for another round. We've got a lot to talk about after what's been a banner year for the company in the mobile space, and the exec has agreed to bring some goodies along to show off. Join us after the break, won't you? January 8, 2013 4:30 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!Continue reading Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview wi

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Das Asus Vivo Tab Smart mit Atom Z2760 ausprobiert

Mit dem Vivo Tab RT (TF600) und dem Vivo Tab (TF810) hat Asus bereits zwei Windows-Tablets im Angebot. Abgerundet wird das Angebot aber erst jetzt mit dem neuen Vivo Tab Smart ME400C, das sich technisch in einigen Punkten von den beiden Schwestermodellen unterscheidet.

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Razer zeigt „Projekt Fiona“ Gaming-Tablet „Edge Pro“

Vor fast einem Jahr kündigte Razer mit dem „Project Fiona“ ein spieletaugliches Tablet an. Dessen Entwicklung wurde auch mit Hilfe von Community-Feedback stetig vorangetrieben und findet nun ihren Abschluss – auf der CES in Las Vegas präsentiert Razer die finale Version unter der Bezeichnung „Edge Pro“.

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Netflix streams SuperHD, 3D to Open Connect partners

At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Netflix announced its Netflix Open Connect initiative is now delivering the majority of Netflix international traffic, and has accepted its first two US ISPs for the service. Additionally, Netflix Super HD and 3D TV shows and movies are available on the service for the first time.

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Firefox 18 adds Retina support, better performance

Mozilla has released Firefox 18, a fresh update of its multi-platform web browser. The new code is most relevant to MacBook Pro owners, as it adds support for the ultra-high resolutions on Retina displays. Performance is another focus of the update though, as it smooths out tab switching, boosts JavaScript speeds via the IonMonkey compiler, and improves image quality through a new HTML scaling algorithm.

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CES Show Report: PureGear

In late 2012, we covered a number of iPhone cases from PureGear, and were pleased by the consistent level of quality in both construction and design. At the 2013 CES, the company is expanding its lineup to include a very creative new series of cases, as well as Lightning cables and chargers.

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CES Show Report: Adonit

Having impressed us in 2012 with its improved Writer keyboard cases and Jot styluses for iPads, Adonit arrives at the 2013 CES with a sequel to its advanced pressure-sensitive stylus Jot Touch, repriced and featuring new technology. The new version will sell for a lower price of $90, including 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, palm rejection technology, and a Bluetooth 4 chip for improved power efficiency. Adonit is promising one month of battery…

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CES Show Report: SkinIt

SkinIt, known for customizable skins, has been getting deeper into the case market recently. A few new cases were shown, including an iPhone 5 version of the company’s Infinity Case.

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CES Show Report: Xvida

The makers of a successful and fully-funded Kickstarter project brought actual working models to CES, complete with packaging, pricing, and a near-term ship date. Xvida says its all-in-one iPad case, stand, and wall/car mount system, along with an aluminum desktop stand, will ship in February to Kickstarter backers and pre-orders. The basic Boomerang case, stand, and magnetic multi-mount unit that connects the Boomerang to a stand or magnetic…

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ZTE im Live-Blog: Noch ein 5-Zoll-Androide

Nach Sony und Huawei will auch der chinesische Hersteller ZTE ein Android-Smartphone mit 5-Zoll-Display und FullHD vorstellen -- angeblich sogar das dünnste der Riege. Im Live-Blog der Kollegen von TechStage erfahren Sie mehr.

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Panasonic 4K OLED TV eyes-on (video)

Panasonic wasn't about to let Sony one-up it in the 4K OLED arena, and announced its own 56-inch UltraHD prototype the day after its competitor outed a very similar panel here at CES 2013. We'd never tire of the luscious combination of 4k and OLED, so we couldn't wait to high-tail it to the Panasonic booth to gaze at new screen in its full glory. As with the Sony model, it sucks you into the screen with the level of detail, brightness, ultra-dark blacks and vi

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Target agrees to price match Amazon 'year round,' hopes you'll stop showrooming

The CE pricing war just got really real. Gregg Steinhafel, Target's chairman, president and CEO, just announced a move that'll undoubtedly get the attention of Amazon. And while we're at it, the attention of Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and practically every other major brick-and-mortar retailer that it competes with. Following Best Buy's move -- which saw the retailer price match Amazon during the holiday 2012 shopping season -- Target is taking it one step

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NHTSA details new sound requirements for hybrids and EVs travelling under 18 mph

It's a requirement that many such vehicles will already meet, but the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now detailed just what sort of sounds all hybrids and EVs will have to make when they're travelling at speeds under 18 miles per hour. Namely, they'll have to make a sound that's loud enough to be heard over ambient city noise, that changes to match the vehicle's speed, and that also remains audible as the vehicle is idling. The agency isn't requiring any one specific sound, however, and says that automakers will have a "significant range of choices" available to them -- they will be required to use the same set of sounds for each vehicle of the same make and model, thoug

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Fujifilm's bridge cams dominate CES lineup, we check out the FinePix SL1000, S8300 and HS50EXR

What makes a bridge cam? You can use the lens length as a general rule of thumb -- if it's long enough to form a bridge, that model qualifies (full disclosure: we made that bit up, but perhaps it'll stick). Fujifilm's got a few such devices on the CES shelf, and we've dropped by to check them out. At the high end, you'll find the FinePix HS50EXR, which includes a brand new 16-megapixel 1/2-inch EXR CMOS II sensor with phase-detection focusing and an autofocus speed of 0.05 second, along with a 42x (24-1000mm) f/2.8-5.6 manual zoom lens. Next up, we have the SL1000, with its 16-megapixel 1/2.3-

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CES 2013: Kanex introduces meDrive, a simple file server for iDevices and Macs

Kanex just announced its new meDrive, a bring-your-own storage network drive, accessible from your computer or iOS mobile device. Supporting WebDAV and Bonjour, it offers easy setup and discovery. Retailing for $99, the device is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to bring along videos and other high-storage items without taking up a device's limited storage. Meant for use on trips and for serving data on local networks, you can swap out drives as needed. WebDAV allows an easy way for small business to share iWork files as well. T

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LG Tab-Book Ultra Z160 & H160 Windows 8 Slider

Filed under: Laptops LG hat eine ganze neue Linie auf der CES vorgestellt: Tab-Books Das ganze ist natürlich ein Slider und im Fall des Ultra will es auch ein Ultrabook. 5-Punkt Multitouch, 11,6 Zoll 720p IPS Display, USB 3.0 und HDMI. Das Ultra ist gerade mal 1,05kg schwer und 15,9mm dick, also für ein Ultrabook ein wenig heftig, das H160 1,23 und 19,4mm unterscheidet sich visuell so stark nicht. Das Keyboard ist nicht gerade komfortabel, vor allem gegen dem Rahmen der heraussteht. Bislang gibt es noch keinen Preis oder wann sie rauskommen. Video nach dem Break.

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Updated Android-based I'm Watch, new I'm Here GPS tracker make their debut

We got a look at the first version of the Android-based I'm Watch at CES last year, and the Italy-based company is back again this year with an updated version and another new accessory. As you can see, the I'm Watch appears to be largely unchanged on the outside, but it promises a number of others improvements courtesy of the new I'm Droid 2 operating system (no word on the Android version it's based on just yet), including a "smart tethering" feature designed

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Bēm Wireless intros four Bluetooth speakers, aims to fulfill your wireless audio needs

Never heard of, Bēm Wireless? Don't worry, it's our first time, too. The audio company has taken to this year's CES to show of quartet of interesting wireless speakers. First up, its $300 Speaker Trio consists of a charging base that houses three wireless speakers -- no word whether it's inductive, though, we'd hope so for that price. The cube-shaped sound pushers have a 120 foot range in total over Bluetooth, and come in either black or white. If you like the aesthetic of the Trio but only need one for traveling, the company also offers its Mobile Speaker. The unit runs over Bluetooth, comes in si

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Red Digital Cinema's Ted Schilowitz

This time last year, the folks from Red Digital Cinema dropped a few exciting goodies off at our trailer, so we're more than happy to welcome the company's co-founder (aka "Leader of the Rebellion") Ted Schilowitz to our stage, to check out the latest in high-end cinematic hardware. January 8, 2013 4:00 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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Aereo TV service to expand to 22 more cities in 2013

Live TV streaming service Aereo is planning to expand to 22 more US cities this year, the company has announced via its website. The full list includes Austin, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Cleveland, Kansas City, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Providence, and Madison (WI). The expansion appears to be possible because of $38 million in second-round venture capital funding. Several firms and "select individuals" are mentioned as sources for the money.

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EU-Verordnung: Datenschutzreform sollte auch IP-Adressen schützen

Jan Philipp Albrecht, Berichterstatter des EU-Parlaments, will den Kommissionsentwurf für einen neuen Datenschutz noch verschärfen. Kritik kommt aus der FDP. (Datenschutz, Internet)

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App des Tages: MyScriptCalculator – rechnen ohne Tasten

Heute präsentieren wir euch einen großartigen Taschenrechner – ohne Tasten. Die Rede ist vom MyScriptCalculator. Richtig, kein Suchen nach den richtigen Tasten mehr, ihr müsst einfach die Rechnung auf die groß angelegte Fläche schreiben.

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Toshiba's concept smartwatch reads your pulse, pulls maps from your phone

Last year at CES, smartwatches seemed like they might become the next big thing (they didn't). This year, the trendy wearables are all fitness trackers, which have already become something of a meme among gadget makers. Toshiba thinks it has a way to bridge both trends. Here at CES 2013 the company is showing off a concept smartwatch that measures the pulse in your wrist. Of course, it also does all the other things you'd expect a smartwatch to do, like pull in email and calendar appointments from your smartphone. We're told that if this came to market (and we don't know that it will), it would pair wit

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Aereo plans to launch its streaming TV service in 22 more cities this year

Ever since its humble (and very ambitious) beginnings, Aereo has suffered a few hiccups along the way, but that's not stopping the service from kicking off the new year with a rather striving scheme. The company today announced that it's expanding outside of NYC and bringing its over-the-air TV broadcasts to 22 more US cities in 2013, with said move e

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Hotmail: “Dead or A-Live”? Microsofts E-Mail-Dienst mit Serverproblemen

Wer momentan versucht, auf seinen Hotmail-Account zuzugreifen, könnte Probleme dabei feststellen. Sowohl die Dienste POP3 und SMTP (für E-Mail-Programme) als auch die Webseite an sich funktionieren momentan nicht. Beim Versuch, sich in den Webmailer einzuloggen, bekommt der Anwender einen Bildschirm zu sehen, der von einem Problem mit Hotmail berichtet. Nichts geht mehr: Auf E-Mails, die

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Microsoft und Adobe schließen fast 40 Lücken

Wichtige Updates gibt es unter anderem für die folgenden Produkte: Windows, Adobe Flash, Reader und Acrobat. Gegen die kritische Internet-Explorer-Lücke ist allerdings nach wie vor kein Kraut gewachsen.

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Firefox 18 brings improvements, Retina support to Macs

Those of you who prefer Firefox for your desktop web browser will be happy to know that Mozilla has just pushed out Firefox 18 for OS X. The latest version of the browser includes a variety of fixes and updates. However, the most immediately noticable (for those of you with the latest MacBook Pros, anyway) will be the new, full Retina display support. The latest update also might appeal to web gamers, as the browser now supports faster JavaScript performance via the IonMonkey compiler. Another little bonus is preliminary support for WebRTC. You can read

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Panasonic Electronic Touch Pen lets you scribble on your screen, we go hands on (video)

You know what's wrong with most TVs? The fact that you can't draw on them, right? Well as we learned this morning, Panasonic has developed its own solution to the problem with the newly announced Touch Pen and we managed to get hand(s) on. The wireless pen allows you to draw directly onto compatible Panasonic TVs, annotate, draw, whatever takes your fancy, and then share these images via a range of different connectivity options (via a paired tablet and Panasonic's Viera Remote 2.0 app, or save to USB etc). Panasonic was keen to point out that, u

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Hands-on with the Archos Gamepad, an Android gaming tablet with tactile buttons

The Archos Gamepad went up for sale in Europe back in October, but the 7-inch Android gaming tablet (with built-in physical controls, no less) is just arriving in North America this month. That's a full year after the US launch of Sony's dedicated gaming handheld, the PlayStation Vita, and the same quarter when Wikipad's expected to launch. To put it lightly, the Archos GamePad has some pretty stiff competition, both in the dedicated gaming handheld market and in the Android gaming tablet marke

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Netflix launches 'Super HD' and 3D streaming -- but only through certain ISPs

Rumors that Netflix was offering ISPs access to higher quality streams in return for partnering on distribution surfaced early last year, and were followed by the announcement of its Open Connect CDN network in June. Now the full picture has been revealed with the company's announcement of "Super HD" 1080p and (in the US only, for now) 3D streaming, which comes to its customers at no extra cost, but only on certain devices plugged in

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Fujifilm updates its ruggedized lineup with FinePix XP60, we go hands-on

We all love adventure-proof cams, and this week Fujifilm has a new model to toss into the market. The company's updated ruggedized point-and-shoot sports a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 5x, 28-140mm optical zoom lens. There's a 10 fps continuous shooting mode at full resolution (10 frames max) that you can activate with a dedicated Burst Mode button on the top of the camera. The XP60 can capture 60 fps HD video at 1080i, or 240 fps clips at a lower resolution. It's waterproof to 20

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ZTE Grand S hands-on

ZTE didn't wait for its official press event to take the official wraps off its latest flagship release, the Grand S: the company is previewing it in its booth. And in a rare match of marketing garble and specs, this grandiose moniker actually befits the hardware to which it's attached. For starters, the handset's decked out with a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB RAM and comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 pre-installed. But, its signature claim to mobile fame is its 6.9mm thickness -- a slim silhouette the compa

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Keine Ausreden: Fitness-Zubehör mit iOS-Anbindung steht hoch im Kurs – ihr habt die Qual der Wahl

Wer sich fürs neue Jahr vorgenommen hat, etwas mehr für die persönliche Fitness zu tun und zudem noch technikinteressiert ist, findet 2013 die besten Voraussetzungen, um sein Vorhaben zu erfüllen. Haben wir uns letztes Jahr noch über den ersten Schrittzähler Mehr zum Thema

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Panasonic: 20-Zoll großen Windows-8-Tablet mit 4k-Auflösung

Panasonic zeigt auf der CES ein 20 Zoll großes Tablet mit einem IPS-Alpha-LCD und einer Auflösung von 3.840 x 2.560 Pixel. Es soll noch in diesem Jahr auf den Markt kommen. (Core i5, Panasonic)

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Panasonic ganz in 4K: Ultra HD OLED auf der CES als Sony-Konkurrenz

Filed under: Displays, Fernseher Nein, Sony bleibt mit ihren 56-Zoll Ultra HD OLED Fernsehern nicht alleine dieses Jahr auf der CES. Während der Keynote von Panasonic haben auch sie eins dieser ultradünnen Monster gezeigt, die aber, wie schon bei Sony, weder ein Releasedatum noch einen Preis haben. Wir werden halt einfach warten bis es was darauf zu sehen gibt.

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Intel's Perceptual Computing demonstrations hands-on (video)

We've just spent time with Intel's Mooly Eden, who is spearheading the chip maker's push into what it's calling "perceptual computing," which is using natural and intuitive interactions to control your PC. The company has partnered with Creative on a Kinect-esque 3D depth-camera that can be used to control applications and play games, do faux-green screen broadcasting and collaborate with colleagues. While Microsoft's moti

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Ascend W1: Windows Phone von Huawei

Neben seinen zwei großen Androiden hat der chinesische Hersteller auch sein erstes Windows Phone mit nach Las Vegas gebracht. Das Ascend W1 soll bald auch in Deutschland zu haben sein.

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ThinShield, die dünnste iPhone 5 Hülle der Welt

Man kann sich gut vorstellen, wie viele iPhone 5 Besitzer sich nach so einer Hülle gesehnt haben. ThinShield ist die dünnste und damit leichteste Hülle der Welt. Eine 0,3mm Polypropylen-Schicht schützt das Top-Smartphone vor

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Blue Mic's Nessie adaptive USB microphone perfect for desktop recording

Most of us here at TUAW are in love with the products designed and sold by Blue Microphones. The company makes some amazing gear for recording podcasts and the like, and now there's a new member to the Blue Mic family -- Nessie ($99, expected to ship in the first half of 2013). Nessie works with both Macs and PCs, and can be adapted to iPads for portable recording with the addition of an Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included). Besides the cool design, which mimics those images of the legendary Loch Ness Monster swimming with its head above water, Nessie is designed to make all of your recordings sound a lot better than what you'd hear from a standard USB micr

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Firefox 18 launches with support for Retina display Macs

Mozilla Firefox officially gained support for Apple's Retina displays on Tuesday with the release of version 18 of the popular Web browser.

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Kim Dotcom: "Wie illegales Filesharing beendet werden kann"

Kim Dotcom hat in einem Tweet ein Fünfpunkteprogramm gegen illegales Filesharing formuliert. Über 5.500 Retweats zeigen, dass er den Nerv vieler Internetnutzer getroffen hat. (Cloud Computing, Dateisystem)

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Daily Update for January 8, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Flash) or the non-Flash link below. To subscribe to the podcast for daily listening through iTunes, click here.

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Hands-on with Sony's touch-enabled VAIO T14 and T15 (video)

When Sony announced the touch-enabled VAIO T14 and the new VAIO T15 Ultrabooks yesterday, we lamented the lack of specs and, well, any concrete info apart from the fact that these machines exist and will make it to market. The silence on the processor front makes sense, but we were hungry for more details all the same. Lucky for us, though, we spotted both models on the show floor this morning at CES. The new 15-inch T15 is the largest VAIO Ultrabook to date, and it doesn't depart from the silver, brushed-metal aesthetic we've seen on Sony's ultraportables dating back to the Ultrabook. It's c

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Patch-Day: 7 Bulletins von Microsoft im Januar 2013

Bei den Entwicklern aus Redmond findet heute, wie an jedem zweiten Dienstag im Monat, der so genannte Patch-Day statt. Einige Updates für hauseigene Anwendungen von Microsoft können die Nutzer jetzt (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSkypeHide tarnt Datenversand in Skype-GesprächenWikipedia: Perfektionismus verschreckt viele Autoren

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Corsair bringt mechanische Tastatur K95

Die mit mechanischen Schaltern bestückte „K90“ (ComputerBase-Test) war einer der ersten Versuche von Corsair im Bereich der Gaming-Peripherie. Im Rahmen der CES stellt der Hersteller mit dem Piratenlogo nun eine überarbeitete Version des Flaggschiffes, die „K95“ vor.

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Studie: Wie kann Filesharing gestoppt werden?

Eine Studie von Forschern an der Northeastern University in Boston kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass das Schließen von Filesharing-Diensten so gut wie keinen Effekt auf Verstöße gegen das Urheberrecht durch das illegale Tauschen von Filmen, Musik und Software hat.

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Patchday: Microsoft veröffentlicht sieben Bulletins

Das Jahr 2013 beginnt, wie das Jahr 2012 geendet hat – mit sieben Sicherheitsbulletins. Jedoch stuft der Softwaregigant aus Redmond im Januar nur zwei Bulletins als kritisch ein. Updates erhalten in diesem Monat unter anderem die Windows-Betriebssysteme und die Entwicklungsprogramme bzw. -komponenten aus dem Hause Microsoft.

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DealNN roundup: 13.3-inch MBP for $1398

This week has reduced the price on the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro which was $1499, but has been cut to $1398 with FREE shipping, making this about $22 less than the lowest price offered on this notebook, brand new, anywhere else. This MBP features a 2.9GHz Intel dual-core processor with 8GB of RAM and a 750GB hard drive with Intel HD 4000 graphics card and LED-Backlit display. A one year warranty on parts and labor is included from Apple.

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Apple refurbs: up to 29% off MacBook Air

Apple's online store today offers a wide variety of refurbished MacBook Air models. A refurb. 13.3-inch MacBook Air with a 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM and 256GB of flash storage has seen a $440 price cut lowing the cost to $1059. The newer 11.6-inch MacBook Air with a 1.7GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of flash storage has been reduced by $150 to $849.

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Forum roundup: force Applications folder to open in Finder

This week in the MacNN forums Grizzled Veteran "jmiddel" was looking for a way to force an applications folder to open in the finder, a few suggestions have been made, a solution has yet to be found. Forum members discuss the strange ways Photoshop works on a Mac in this thread started by Forum Regular "PeterParker" earlier this week.

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CES 2013: Noch mehr Frust in der Kamerakammer – Tag 2

Wie viele Großstädte, ist auch Las Vegas ein Ort der Gegensätze. Einerseits die beeindruckende Architektur und die ständige gute Laune. Andererseits die nervenaufreibende Weitläufigkeit der Casino-Metropole. Das, und was uns sonst noch so auf den Zeiger geht, erfahrt ihr in der neuen Folge der Kammerkamera in der Kamerakammer . 

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Faulty iPhone reportedly generated £19,000 bill

According to a report by the BBC, a faulty iPhone is to blame for a £19,000 (US$30,000) bill sent to UK resident Chris Bovis over the holiday season. Bovis claims Orange sent him the whopping bill for his usage during the months of October and November. Bovis said his regular bill is "about £43 a month." He brought his iPhone 4S to the Apple store at Lakeside Shopping Centre, and store employees supposedly confirmed the iPhone was the cause of this excessive data use. Mr Bovis contacted Orange with this information and the carrier allegedly wanted him to pay £400 ($640) while they investigated his claim. Bovis, who also

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Razer Edge: Gaming-Tablet will das schnellste der Welt sein

Filed under: Tablet Ein Gaming Tablet? Warum diese eigenwillige Namensgebung für ein Windows 8 Tablet? Erst Mal weil das Razer Edge in der Pro-Variante von der Ausstattung mit bis 1,9GHz Core i7 (mit Turboboost bis 3.0GHz) und NVIDIA GT640M LE eher schon ein Ultrabook ist. Und dann natürlich, weil es die passenden Controller ein Konsolen-Dock, Laptop-Tastatur und Ständer gleich mit dazu gibt (kostet natürlich extra). Mit 999 bis 1299 Dollar gibt es zwei Variante, eine mit Core i5 1,7 und 4GB RAM nebst 64GB Speicher, eine mit 1,9GHz Core i7, 8GB RAM und 128GB Speicher der aufrüstbar ist auf bis zu 265G

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LG Tab-Book Ultra Z160 and Tab-Book H160 hands-on

Here at CES 2013, LG's introing a brand new Windows 8 line: the Tab-Book and Tab-Book Ultra. As you may be able to tell from the naming convention, the devices are intended to offer the best of both worlds, offering a convertible slider form factor and, in the case of the Ultra, the thinness and lightness associated with Ultrabooks. Both models support 5-point multi-touch and pack 11.6-inch 720p IPS di

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Distro's CES 2013 Daily Issue 73.1 is hot off the digital press

Today may be the official first day of the rest of our lives CES, but we've already seen plenty of touchscreen laptops and UHD TVs. We've run ourselves ragged, covering every last bit of news worth your time, but we understand not everyone has the wherewithal to read every last post we've published since Sunday night. So, in the interest of keeping you informed (and entertained) we present to you issue 73.1, our very first Distro CES

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with CEA's Gary Shapiro

Of course, we wouldn't dream of concluding the first day of CES without a conversation with Gary Shapiro. The CEA's president will talk about all that goes into such a massive undertaking, discussing changes, show predictions and how the future of the industry will shape the Consumer Electronics Show. January 8, 2013 2:30 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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Samsung bringt 27-Zoll-PLS-Monitor SB971

Mit dem Samsung SB971 stellt der koreanische Konzern einen speziell für professionelle Anwender konzipierten Bildschirm vor. Durch Vorkalibrierung ab Werk und integrierte Kalibrierungsfunktionen soll der 27-Zoll-Monitor die hohen Anforderungen der Bildbearbeitung meistern.

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ASRock mit neuer High-End-AMD-Platine 990FX Extreme9

Heimlich still und leise brachte ASRock ein neues Mainboard-Flaggschiff für aktuelle AMD-Prozessoren auf Basis des Sockels AM3+ auf den Markt. Zumindest wird das 990FX Extreme9 auf der Herstellerhomepage bereits mit den Worten „Saving the best for last!“ vorgestellt.

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Design Cheat Sheet für iOS Entwickler – Ein absolutes MUSS

Der junge deutsche Designer Ivo Mynttinen liebt einfaches und schlichtes Design. Für ihn ist dies das Erfolgsgeheimnis für erfolgreiche Websiten und Apps. Da er auch anderen zum Erfolg verhelfen möchte, hat er ein iOS Design

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Daily Deals for January 8, 2013

It's time to save some of that hard-earned cash with our Daily Deals, featuring a handy list from Dealnews and our own hand-picked selections that include some sweet deals on iOS and OS X software (all prices are USD). Deals from Dealnews Ondesoft: [Mac Software] Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac for free B&H Photo Video: [USB Hard Drives] Hitachi Touro 1TB Portable USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $64 + free shipping Adorama: [Notebook Carrying Case] Cocoon Laptop Cases at Adorama from $13 + free shipping

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Facebook wird von fast 200 Millionen iOS Geräten aus angesteuert

Facebook ist immer noch die ungeschlagene Nummer 1 im Bereich der sozialen Netzwerke. Im Oktober 2012 knackte der blaue Social Network Riese bereits die magische 1 Milliarde User Grenze. Seit dem Börsengang gehen Mark Zuckerberg und Co jedoch vorsichtiger mit genauen Nutzer Daten um. Sickerte in der Vergangenheit dann doch ab und zu ncoh eine

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Spotted: Samsung shows off a white Series 9 Ultrabook with a different finish, we prefer the old version

Welcome to "Laptop Porn," an exciting series hosted by that lady who reviews notebooks sometimes. Here at CES 2013, Samsung is showing off a white version of its 13-inch Series 9 Ultrabook -- the same second-gen model that's been shipping since last year. What's interesting is that although this has the same magnesium-alloy frame as all the other Series 9 laptops, the finish feels different: it's smoother, and warmer to the touch. It feels so different, in fact, that we initially thought it was some sort of watered-down plastic version meant to be

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LG's 13.3-inch Windows 8 Ultrabook Z360 hands-on

By now, you should be familiar with all the Windows 8 options flooding the market and here on the CES 2013 showfloor, LG's showing off its latest Ultrabook entry: the Z360. The thin and light device measures just 13.6mm and weighs in at 1.15kg making it easily openable with just one finger. Of course, since the Z360's 13.3-inch 1080p IPS panel doesn't support touch input, there's an array of dedicated "Metro" hot keys along the left edge of the keyboard. Inside, you're getting a 4th-generation Intel Core i5 processor (alternate Core i3 and i7 configurations are also possible) which allows for the device to cold boot in just eight seconds. On the Z360's b

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Firefox 18: Mozilla gibt neue Browser-Version frei

Die Entwickler aus dem Hause Mozilla haben am heutigen Dienstag den Firefox-Browser in Version 18 zum Download veröffentlicht. Neu hinzugekommen ist bei dieser Ausführung der JIT-Compiler Ionmonkey. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaGoogle Maps: Zugriff für Nutzer von Windows PhoneSkypeHide tarnt Datenversand in Skype-Gesprächen

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Google to bring free Wi-Fi to part of Manhattan

Google is planning to launch free Wi-Fi in a part of Manhattan, the company revealed today at a press conference held in the borough. In particular the company will soon turn on Wi-Fi in the western portion of Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. Most hotspots will be situated outdoors, though some exceptions are being made for a local senior citizen's center, as well as a public housing complex.

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Mechanische Bluetooth-Tastatur von Matias

Die Bluetooth-Variante der mechanischen Quiet-Pro-Tastatur lässt sich drahtlos mit dem Mac verbinden und verzichtet auf den Ziffernblock.

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POP aus dem Schneider: Apple ändert Lightning-Lizenz

Der POP darf doch so gebaut werden, wie er einmal geplant war. Apple hat seine Lizenzbedingungen nochmals überarbeitet und erlaubt jetzt doch Lightning-Anschlüsse neben anderen Verbindungen. James Siminoff erklärt uns im Interview auf der CES 2013, wie es sich anfühlt, den Mac-Macher zu überzeugen.Ihr erinnert Euch vielleicht: Vor ein paar Wochen gab es lebhafte Diskussionen in den Medien und im Internet um den POP. Der Zusatzakku, der zunächst problemlos über Kickstarter finanziert wurde, bekam Schwierigkeiten mit Apples Lizenzbedingungen für den Lightning-Anschluss. Was dann passierte, erklärt un

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Tim Cook visits China again

The importance of China as a growing market for Apple's product is being underscored again today. Apple CEO Tim Cook met with China's head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei to talk about various topics, including Apple's business in China. According to a post on the Bloomberg News site this morning, Cook last visited China in March of 2012 and said that the company would increase its investments in the nation. At that time, there were only six Apple Stores in the country; now there are 11 in major cities. It's unknown exactly what Cook and Miao will be talking about today, or how long Cook's visit to China will l

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Monströs: Panasonic zeigt das erste 20-Zoll 4K Tablet

Filed under: Tablet Wer hätte das gedacht. Panasonic hat definitiv noch eine Sensation in der Rückhand gehabt bei ihrer CES Keynote. Ein 20-Zoll Windows 8 Tablet mit einer 4K Auflösung. Der Bildeindruck ist wie ein Photo. Das ganze ist natürlich mit Touchscreen und einen Stift gibt es auch noch dazu. Unsere Kollegen in Las Vegas freuen sich schon auf ein Hands-On. Gallery: Panasonic 4K Tablet

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Panasonic 4K tablet prototype hands on

The Panasonic liveblog was barely finished when we saw this beauty calling out to us from the show floor. This is Panasonic's 20" 4K tablet, running Windows 8. It's a prototype design right now, but seemed to be pretty well put together, and not something quickly knocked up for the show. Given that it's not a full release model, details on specifications are sparse, but we can tell you that as well as that truly jaw dropping display, there is a front facing camera (no details on resolution, but possibly 2-megapixel), and an Intel Core i5 running the show. Input / output wise there wasn't a lot going on, but there was micro-USB, microSD and at least WiFi. If yo

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LG's 55-inch 3D Google TV eyes-on

LG made tentative inroads into the Google TV space last year with only two available sets, but here at CES 2013, the company's announced plans to expand the line to seven additional models. The sets, which range in size from 42- to 60-inches, feature LG's Cinema Screen display at full 1080p resolution with 240Hz refresh rate and are also 3D capable. For input options, consumers will have ports for HDMI (4x) and USB 2.0 (2x) along with wired ethernet (WiFi is also supported). The company's custom Magic Remote has also seen some improvements as the buttons for navigation have all been moved further up, allowing users a more comfortable one-thumb experience. And from the time we spent hol

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Nokia's Chris Weber

It's been a heck of a year for Nokia and Windows Phone, so we've got lots of catching up to do with the smartphone maker's EVP / Microsoft ex-pat Chris Weber. We'll talk to the exec about the company's transformation in 2012 and find out what the next year holds for Nokia. January 8, 2013 2:00 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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Huawei Ascend W1 mit Windows Phone 8 für 219 Euro

Der chinesische Hersteller Huawei hat nicht nur zwei interessante Android-Smartphones auf der diesjährigen CES in Las Vegas vorgestellt, sondern auch das Windows-Phone-8-Smartphone W1. Ob und wann das Gerät auf den deutschen Markt anzutreffen sein wird, ist aber noch nicht bekannt.

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Corsair präsentiert fixen USB-Stick „Flash Voyager GT Turbo“

In Sachen Kapazität erreichen USB-Sticks schon Gefilde in denen sich aktuelle Festplatten bewegen, wie Kingston mit einem Stick mit einem Terabyte demonstrierte. Um große Datenmengen auch mit vertretbarem Zeitaufwand zu transferieren, muss auch die Geschwindigkeit stimmen. Corsairs Neuling zählt dabei zu den derzeit schnellsten.

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LED-Leuchtmittel: Rambus verkauft bald auch Lampen

Speicherspezialist Rambus beginnt in Nordamerika mit dem Verkauf von Lampen. Die Technik wird zudem lizenziert und verschafft Rambus so eine weitere Einnahmequelle. (Rambus, PC)

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Hands-on with Razer's Edge, a $999 gaming tablet / home console

The PC ecosystem is no longer as simple as it once was -- first there were desktops, then laptops, then tablets, then all-in-ones. Buying a PC now is more nebulous than it ever was. You could build your very own rig, piece-by-piece, or you could buy one of the many, many pre-fab options out there (or some mixture of the two, of course). And then there's even more outside-of-the-box options, like Razer's recently re-introduced Edge (aka "Project Fiona"), which occupies a space all its own. Part laptop, part

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Razer Edge vs. the competition: fight!

Audacious claims are starting to become a standard component of Razer hardware announcements -- following the Blade's claim to the title of "world's first true gaming laptop" is the Razer Edge: "a full feature PC and the most powerful tablet in the world." It certainly has the full feature PC aspect down -- with an Intel Core i5 (or i7 for Pro) processor at its heart, the Edge is more of a modular Ultrabook than your run-of-the-mill tablet. Then again, that seems to be the Windows 8 slate trend, doesn't it? We pitted the Edge against some of the category's recent stars, including two other tablets, a

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Scosche intros BoomBottle, thinks you'll prefer sound over water during bike rides

Looks like Braven's BRV-1 ruggedized Bluetooth speaker just got some competition out of CES. Scosche has unveiled its BoomBottle speaker, which is indeed similar in form to your average water bottle -- perfect if you don't actually use that H2O holder on your bike or bag. This IPX4-rated "splash-proof" system lasts about 10 hours per charge, pumping out sound through two 40mm drivers and a passive bass unit. The BoomBottle is covered in rubber and TPU to handle light impacts, and houses a 3.5mm input if you don't want to stream over Bluetooth. No

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Firefox 18 launched with Retina support, Android browser also updated

We took a look at Mozilla's mobile OS at the final pre-proper CES event yesterday, and little did we know the official release of its Firefox 18 browser was dropping today. The update adds the new Javascript compiler IonMonkey, which is said to make wep apps "perform up to 25 percent faster." Mac users who will settle for nothing less than high-res browsing will be happy to know Retina display support has been implemented, as long as you're on OS X

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Samsung announces 'world's first' curved OLED, we go eyes-on

Samsung's massive booth here on the CES 2013 showfloor has barely opened and already we're getting a look at one of its latest TV innovations. Sitting pretty in a far roped-off corner and hailed as a "world's first," is the company's Curved OLED TV. Not much has been divulged about the uniquely shaped TV at this time, but official details should be forthcoming quite soon. Gallery: Samsung 'world's first' curved OLED

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Samsung refreshes its mid-range Series 5 Ultrabook with touch; arrives in February for $749+

Just about a year after Samsung first announced its mid-range Series 5 Ultrabooks, it's refreshing them, with a higher-end aluminum chassis, backlit keyboards and touchscreens. The laptop, which will be available with a 14-inch screen, will be available black, red and navy (same as the GS III) and will come standard with a touchscreen in the US, though the version on display here at CES isn't touch-enabled. Perhaps the biggest difference -- aside from the touch bit -- is that the design has a considerably more upscale feel than the last-gen models. Here, you have a brushed aluminum lid that takes after the high-end Series

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Imprint Energy: Gedruckter Mini-Akku für mobile Geräte

Das kalifornische Unternehmen Imprint Energy hat eine Technik entwickelt, die die Herstellung von günstigen Akkus für mobile Geräte ermöglicht. Die Akkus sind sehr dünn und biegsam. (Technologie, Akku)

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4K-Mehrschirmbetrieb mit Intel HD 4000

Mit dem angekündigtenTreiber und speziellen Mainboards können 4K-Auflösungen auf mehreren kombinierten Displays ausgegeben werden. Das funktioniert beispielsweise mit Gigabytes Dual-Thunderbolt-Brettern.

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CES 2013: iBattz announces 12,000 mAh BattStation Tough Pro, new iPhone 5 battery cases

Just last week we reviewed some powerful iPhone cases from iBattz, including the Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case. Now the company, exhibiting at CES 2013 this week, has announced three new iPhone 5 battery cases and a new "über-battery" for keeping your iOS devices fully charged. That latter item (seen above) is the iBattz BattStation Tough Pro 12000 (US$49.90), with a huge 12,000 mAh of power that can charge a single iPhone up to eight times or a charge a dead iPad with Retina display. It has a silicone shell to protect the battery from drops and water splashes, perfect for taking on hiking and camping trips. There's no word on whether the BattStation is used to power the

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Dell Project Ophelia: Android 4.0 Stick macht PC aus jedem Display

Filed under: Laptops Allzu genaues hat Dell noch nicht über sein Project Ophelia rausgerückt. Es soll allerdings ein Stick werden auf dem Android 4.0 ist, und mit dem man jeden Bildschirm in einen PC verwandeln können soll, auch HDTVs. Die Idee die es von z.B. FXI Cotton Candy unterscheidet, ist, dass sich neben normalem Android eigentlich alles auf Cloud-Servern abspielt und man den eigenen Content so immer mitnehmen kann. Wie man das ganze bedient bleibt dabei natürlich das kleine Rätsel, das wir gerne schneller gelöst hätten, als bis zum Sommer wenn es denn endlich losgehen soll. Der

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TiVo Mini extender hands-on

Who doesn't want to be able to watch whatever they want, in any room that they want? Of course this was possible for years using TiVo's Multi-Room Viewing, but that required multiple DVRs which meant multiple Now Playing lists and multiple ToDo lists -- not to mention other costs. In comes the TiVo Mini, a smaller, more efficient set-top box that extends your TiVo Premiere into other rooms of the house. The Mini can connect to the TiVo via Ethernet or coax (MoCA) and has HDMI output as well as component and composite (via a dongle). The box is a trapezoid shape, so don't try stacking anything on it, and is about four times as wide and deep as the

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MEElectronics launches its personal audio lineup for 2013 at CES

MEEelectronics' wants us to escape the humdrum aspects of our lives with some fashionable yet comfortable headphones we can strap to our bonce here at CES. It's releasing three new headphones, including the Runaway 1200 Bluetooth cans and EDM Revolution 'phones, which, we're told, embody the tenets of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) that are integral to the EDM scene. After you've come down from the high you get from all of that unity you've received, you can jog around with the Sport-Fi in-ear units, which include wired and wireless versions that are designed to resist sweat and stay locked in your lugs no matter how hard you ride. The trio will be available in early 20

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Qualcomm's Raj Talluri

Own a smartphone? There's a pretty good chance you're carrying around a Qualcomm chip, as well. SVP of product management, Raj Talluri, will be joining us on stage to demo some of the The Snapdragon-maker's latest and most exciting technologies. Following along live by clicking through after the break. January 8, 2013 1:30 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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Panasonic mobile devices to use Anoto's pattern-based pen input technology

Panasonic is pushing further into touchscreen technology at CES, and it's not content with finger control alone. Thankfully, Anoto is more than willing to help with a deal to drive the pen input behind multiple Panasonic mobile devices. Its technique, which tracks a stylus' position across a near-invisible grid of uniquely positioned dots, lets would-be artists draw on Panasonic's 4K tablet and other hardware with higher accuracy and fewer worries about the touch surface's size or composition. Anoto hasn't said how long the partnership will last, but the initial scale sug

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Alpine introduces INE-W927-HD AV and navigation system, Pandora, Sirius and more on a 7-inch touchscreen

Got car, need entertainment. Enter Alpine's INE-W927HD mouthful of a new audio, video and navigation system. The device comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, built-in HD Radio receiver plus Bluetooth. There's also access to the popular Pandora and SiriusXM services, as well as playlist support for iOS and Android audio streaming. Alpine's heritage in this space comes through in the form of an "iPersonalize" system that tunes the sound up based on various

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gTar opens for pre-orders this week, shipping the week after

Here's a fun bit of news we're hoping doesn't get lost in the CES deluge: Kickstarter success story Incident is finally ready to start moving on its rock 'n roll iPhone dock, the gTar. The smartphone-friendly educational instrument is opening up for pre-orders this week, at $399 a pop. Josh from the company tells us that the first units have arrived at Incident headquarters and will start shipping next week, once all the requisite QAing is done. The iPhone 5 will also work with the device, if you've got the Apple adapter. A native gTar adapter, meanwhile, is coming later this year, "when Lightning connector components are made available to third

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Project Fiona becomes Razer Edge, starts at $999, sans controller

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has been dreaming about building a true PC gaming portable for years. He's cooked up prototype clamshells, controller-toting tablets, and built two top of the line gaming laptops along the way -- but now his dream is almost ready: the Razer Edge. Look familiar? It should. It's been handled, teased and even

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Leonar3Do launches HelloVR, Vimensio platforms to bring 3D computing into the mainstream

Leonar3Do is releasing HelloVR, a free app from Google Play that turns users desktops into a 3D environment that can be navigated with their smartphone. It'll be available for free on Google Play in March and promises to let users sculpt and create models from within the digital environment. Around the same point, it'll also be outing Vimensio, an educational offering that will let teachers create 3D apps without coding (costing $500) and a free version that students can use. Finally, LeoART will enable people to craft 3D models that you can then crank out on whatever injection-molding gear you

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Klipsch details Stadium and KMC3 wireless speakers, hopes to be at the Center of your listening experience

Sound and time: two things that fly by pretty fast -- and many an Engadget editor have been known to make time zip by faster with Klipsch headphones. While the company showed us its latest ear-gear in the fall of 2011, it's kicking off 2013 at CES with a focus on speakers. It was a year ago when we checked out a mockup of Klipsch's Stadium AirPlay speaker, and

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Quartalsprognosen: Samsung macht weniger Umsatz als Apple

Samsung hat seine Umsatzerwartungen für das vierte Quartal 2012 vorgelegt. Doch trotz eines neuen Konzernrekords wird der Umsatz unter dem liegen, was die Analysten für Apple voraussagen. (Börse, Samsung)

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NASA: Die zweite Erde ist da draußen

Daten des Kepler-Weltraumteleskops legen den Schluss nahe, dass praktisch jeder sonnenähnliche Stern über Planeten verfügt. Anhand hunderter neuer möglicher Exoplaneten erwarten die Forscher, auch einen erdähnlichen Planeten zu finden.

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CES 2013: Crayola Light Marker for iPad

You may already own a stylus or two for your iPad, but when it comes to the small hands of younger users, Griffin's new Crayola Light Marker might be the ideal choice. Rather that requiring the you to draw on the tablet's screen, the larger, marker-sized accessory allows you to draw in the air and watch your creations take shape on the screen. The Crayola Light Marker will work hand-in-hand with a free app that includes puzzles and games perfect for kids. There's also the option to draw freehand, choosing from various colors and other customization options. The magic marker will sell for $29.99 when it hits retailers this coming Spring.

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Sennheiser gets back in the (video)game, refreshes renowned PC360, PC350 headsets

Sure, many gamers will choose between the likes of Turtle Beach, Astro and Tritton for their headset needs, but lest we forgot about Sennheiser. While the German headphone-maker hasn't announced anything too exciting for audiophile gamers in last few years, that's changed here at CES 2013. The ever-popular, and impressive sounding, PC350 and

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Panasonic reveals 20-inch, 4K resolution Windows 8 tablet

Wow. Panasonic has just dropped a bomb in the form of a 20-inch Windows 8 tablet sporting a whopping 4k resolution. Our man on the scene liveblogging, Mat Smith, said it "looks like a photo" in person, with great viewing angles, and it sports a touchscreen display and stylus, to boot -- with super-detailed stylus manipulation of images also possible. DevelopingComments

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Garmin's K2 'glass cockpit' will change the way you interact with your car, we go hands-on at CES (video)

Infotainment platforms are a dime a dozen these days, but Garmin's K2 "glass cockpit" is definitely one system that you're going to want to take seriously. You'll be interacting with a 10.4-inch capacitive touch screen, which is positioned front and center, while a squat 12-inch digital gauge and information readout console is fixed just behind the steering wheel. The system pulls its realtime data from Garmin's servers through your connected smartphone, or, if vehicle manufact

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CCP Games: Dust 514 und Eve Online auf gemeinsamen Servern

Ab dem 10. Januar 2013 bekommen es erfahrene PC-Weltraumpiloten mit PS3-Landratten zu tun: Spieler von Eve Online und Dust 514 sollen an dem Tag gemeinsam auf dem gleichen Server unterwegs sein. (Eve Online, MMORPG)

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Firefox 18 bringt schnelleres JavaScript und Retina-Support

Der neue Firefox bringt einen neuen und beschleunigten Just-In-Time-Compiler für JavaScript, eine erste Implementierung für WebRTC, sowie Support für hochauflösende Displays.

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iPad would be America's 11th largest tech company

The iPad dominates in the tablet market, and according to Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, the tablet raked in US$32 billion in sales last year. As noted by Fortune 2.0, the iPad is so successful that it would rank as the 11th largest tech company in the US, if Apple spun off the iPad into its own company. The iPad as a company would even make it into the Fortune 500, climbing to the 98th spot above #107 McDonalds and #136 Nike. Sacconaghi believes the iPad will continue to grow over the next few years with sales as high as $46 billion in 2013. Sales will start to slow in 2015 and beyond because of market saturation. By then, everyone and their brother will have an

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Bericht: Billig-iPhone ab der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2013 verfügbar

So sehr, wie sich die Damen und Herren Analysten ein „iPhone mini“ herbeiwünschen, hätte es eigentlich bereits voriges Jahr soweit sein müssen. Doch stattdessen hält Apple, ganz entgegen den Vorhersagen, an der bisherigen Politik fest: Kommt ein neues iPhone auf den Markt, wird die Vorgängerversion

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Panasonic has plans for a 4k OLED too

Sony upstaged most during its press event last night by announcing a Ultra HD 56-inch OLED, but if you thought there wouldn't be competitors, you're mistaken. At the CES day one opening Keynote, Panasonic showed off its very thin (about a half inch thick) 56-inch Ultra HDTV OLED. Like Sony's there's no price or availability, but we suspect it'll still fall into the, if-you-have-to-ask category. Filed under: Displays, Home Entertainment,

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with RIM's Alec Saunders

It's been a long time coming, but this month marks the long-awaited next step for Research in Motion. As you can no doubt imagine, we've got plenty of questions for VP Alec Saunders -- and thankfully, he's no doubt in a much better place to answer than he was this time time last year. Join us after the break for what's sure to be a fascinating conversation about BlackBerry 10 and the steps RIM must take to make it in the cut-throat smartphone market. January 8, 2013 1:00 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule

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Forschungsdaten sollen vor Verfall gerettet werden

Eine neu gegründete Initiative will sich darum kümmern, Daten aus der Wissenschaft auch für nachfolgende Generationen zu erhalten. Dies wird zunehmend zu einem Problem. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaForscher bauen Nano-Magneten aus fünf AtomeniPhone-Dieb über Dating-Plattform ausgetrickstWinFuture

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Rumor has low-cost iPhone due in late 2013

Apple is planning on releasing a low-cost iPhone for China and other relatively poor countries in the second half of the year, say Digitimes supply chain sources. The people in fact claim to have seen a sample of the phone, which will allegedly have a larger display than the iPhone 5 despite the cheaper price. The hardware is also expected to have a new exterior design.

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CES: Elgato shipping Lightning version of EyeTV Mobile soon

Video import device manufacturer Elgato has announced a Lightning connector version of its EyeTV Mobile product. Using the same enclosure as the original EyeTV Mobile, the new model eliminates the need and expense of a 30-pin to Lightning connector adapter and connects directly the the new lineup of compatible iOS devices.

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Gerücht: Billiges iPhone mit großem Display extra für Schwellenländer?

Die Digitimes hat ein sehr fragwürdiges Gerücht in den Ring geworfen, das die neue iPhone-Generation betrifft. Passend zu Tim Cooks Reise nach China, schlägt nun eine entsprechende Mutmaßung auf. Angeblich soll der iKonzern Ende

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Defektes iPhone: 23.300 Euro Telefonrechnung

Ein angeblich defektes iPhone soll im Vereinigten Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland, kurz UK, eine Telefonrechnung in Höhe von mehr als 23.300 Euro verursacht haben. Der 26-jährige Bauarbeiter Chris Bovis aus Essex kontaktierte seinen Provider Orange als dieser sein Konto und damit verbunden auch Handynummer ungewarnt gesperrt hatte. Auf die Frage warum das so sei retournierte ein Support-Mitarbeiter, dass seine Rechnung aufgrund der massiven Internet-Nutzung mit seinem iPhone bereits umgerechnet knapp 11.000 Euro erreicht hatte. Weiters wurde er gewarnt, dass die nächste Rechnung mit knapp 12.000 Euro noch höher ausfallen werden. Bovis glaubte an einen üblen Scherz. Für Orange hingegen war dies eine ernste Angelegenhei

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Atom Z2420 Lexington: Lowend-Smartphone Prozessor Hands-On (Video)

Intel hat auf der CES für die sogenannten "emerging markets" seinen Atom Z2420 Prozessor der Lexington-Familie vorgestellt. Der Prozessor ist auf die kleinsten (und billigsten) unter den Smartphones abgestimmt und schafft maximal 1,2GHz, 1080p Video bei 30fps, HSPA+ und 5Megapixel Kamera. Acer soll mit im Boot sein und dieses Jahr Smartphones damit ausliefern. Android versteht sich. Das rappelt gerade so dahin und auch wenn Games erst Mal laufen, gibt es schon mal ein Haken beim Programmwechsel, oder ein Warten darauf, das es endlich losgeht. In Europa oder den USA soll der Prozessor erst gar nicht auf den Markt kommen. Video von der Leistung auf e

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MS Removal Tool: Version 4.16 wurde veröffentlicht

Heute findet wieder der allmonatliche Patch-Day bei den Entwicklern aus Redmond statt. Neben einigen Updates und Patches wurde auch das "Windows-Tools zum Entfernen bösartiger Software" in Version 4.16 (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaDropbox veröffentlicht App für Windows 8 & RTNetbooks haben PC-Markt für Windows 8 zerstört

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Day Z: Standalone auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben

Nachdem sich der „Day Z“-Schöpfer Dean „Rocket“ Hall im Dezember unter anderem aufgrund gesundheitlicher Probleme zurückgezogen und darüber hinaus Zweifel über die Zukunft der geplanten Standalone-Version der beliebten ArmA-2-Mod geäußert hatte, meldete er sich nun im Entwicklerblog zurück.

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Superhelden aus Plastikklötzchen

Hulk, Spider-Man und eine Reihe weiterer Superhelden sollen in Lego Marvel Super Heroes die Welt retten - in New York, aber auch an Schauplätzen fernab von dieser Welt. (Lego, Games)

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Tim Cook erneut in China

Der Apple-Chef hat eine weitere öffenliche Reise nach China angetreten und dort Regierungsvertreter getroffen – es ist sein zweiter Besuch des Landes in zehn Monaten.

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CES 2013: Scosche unveils boomBOTTLE bike speaker

Every year at CES, thousands of new products and accessories make their debut. On occasion, there's one that stands out for being completely unique and useful. Today's example is the Scosche boomBOTTLE Bluetooth speaker. While no price or availability information has been announced, the design of the boomBOTTLE will attract bike riders of all ages. It's an outdoor speaker in a weatherproof housing that's designed to slide into a bike water bottle cage (I guess you can use a Camelbak bag for your hydration needs).

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DarbeeVision announces Cobalt video processor set to enhance any consumer's content

If you are not a videophile, then you've probably never heard of the Darblet video processor. While those obesesed with the best picture quality money can buy, were head over heals for the little box that you put in-line between your HD set-top and your HDTV, via HDMI, the $349 retail price deterred most. The company is back with a more consumer and gamer focused model, the Cobalt. At $269 this phone sized box has modes for video, gaming and "Full Pop" and is HDMI 1.3 compatible. Although this price point makes it more interesting, it isn't exactly affordable enough that everyone will think the picture quality improvemen

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JVC launches two Mirrorlink-enabled head units at CES

If you derive immense pleasure at the thought that your whip and Android or Symbian device can be tightly integrated, then you may want to sit down. JVC is adding a further two units to its line of KW-NSX MirrorLink-enabled head units that'll let you span your mobile's display onto your dashboard. The KW-NSX600 comes with a 6.2-inch WVGA touchscreen, while the KW-NSX700's similarly-equipped screen is 7-inches wide. Both come with hands-free calls,

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with eMusic CEO Adam Klein

Sure CES is primarily a show for shiny new gadgets, but that's not stopping some of the top software companies from getting in on the hot Las Vegas action. We're kicking our week of interviews off with conversation with Adam Klein, the CEO of online indie musical retailer eMusic, to discuss the company's move to mobile and the state of the record label and music distribution in 2013. January 8, 2013 12:30 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

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iRiver and Valencell team up to produce ON, Bluetooth heart-rate monitoring earphones

iRiver has snagged Valencell's PeformTek bio-sensing technology for its freshly-announced ON active earbuds. Plug them into your head and the built-in hardware can relay vital statistics like your heart rate and fitness level to your smartphone. The company won't be pinned to a price or a release date, as it's still working on the companion app necessary for the gear to run, but expects to have it ready by March. If you'd like to know a little more, you can always peruse the PR, presented on the posterior of this post.

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Pioneer announces iPhone 5 connectivity kits for AppRadio 2 and friends

As part of its CES 2013 announcements, Pioneer will launch iPhone 5 connectivity kits for 13 of its in-dash products some time this spring. This is bound to be a bit of entertainment relief for the many of you who've upgraded to iPhone 5 and found your Pioneer set's AppMode was unable to follow your chosen path. There will be three different connectivity kits available for purchase: the CD-IH202 (HDMI), CD-IV202AV (VGA) and CD-IV202NAVI (VGA) for the various devices types -- coupled with mandatory firmware update

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Pioneer reveals three new in-dash touchscreen multimedia receivers with AppRadio, DVD, SiriusXM and more

At CES 2013, Pioneer wants to lead the way, literally. It plans to do this with three new in-dash navigation receivers -- the AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH, and AVIC-X850BT. The first two feature a 7-inch touchscreen with HDMI, USB, SD (microSD on the AVIC-X950BH) and component inputs plus DVD playback, "dual zone" capability, Bluetooth, and built-in RDS-TMC traffic and HD radio tuners. There's also 8GB of flash memory and 3D graphics acceleration, AppRadio mode, and SiriusXM support across the range. The AVIC-X850BT, however, is pegged as the more affordable option and as

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Pioneers breaks the road trip monotony with three new in-dash multimedia DVD receivers at CES

While Pioneer may have just announced a bevy of navigation-based goodies, it's also introduced some straight-up in-car entertainment. Three new multimedia and DVD receivers to be precise. The AVH-X6500DVD, AVH-X7500BT and AVH-X8500BHS feature MIXTRAX virtual DJ software, AppRadio mode, USB and smartphone connectivity plus internet radio, high resolution touch screens and Pandora. The AVH-X8500BHS and AVH-X7500BT benefit from "enhanced" iPhone 5 connectivity, and Bluetooth, with the for

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Intels 22-nm-Quad-Core-Atom-CPUs für Tablets Ende 2013

Im Rahmen der Pressekonferenz zur CES 2013 hat Intel die ersten 22-nm-Atom-Prozessoren für die „Holiday Season“ des Jahres 2013 – also kurz vor dem Jahresende – angekündigt. Die „Bay Trail“ getaufte Plattform soll erstmals vier Kerne in dieses von Intel bediente Marktsegment bringen.

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ReadKit: Mac-Client für die „Später lesen“-Dienste Instapaper, Pocket oder Readability

Falls ihr einen der populären „Später lesen“-Dienste Instapaper, Pocket oder Readability nutzt, habt ihr euch vielleicht schon mal nach danach gesehnt, auch vom Mac aus komfortabel auf die gespeicherten Dokumente zuzugreifen. Die Angebote haben in erster Linie die schnelle Bereitstellung Mehr zum Thema

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Intel shows Haswell, details Bay Trail, Lexington chips

Intel has demonstrated its fourth generation of Core processors at the company's CES press event. The demonstration also gave the chip maker a chance to demonstrate a new quad-core 22nm Atom System-on-Chip processor it calls "Bay Trail," as well as low-powered versions of existing architectures and processors aimed towards developing nations.

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CES Show Report: Scosche

With its origins in car audio, Scosche has become a mega-brand in the Apple accessories world, with each year’s new products ranging from cases and exercise gear to car accessories, speakers and headphones. Its exhibition at the 2013 International CES is no exception: new Realm wireless headphones, Lightning chargers and cables, a new weatherproof Bluetooth speaker, and other items are on display at its booth.

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First Looks: Scosche RH1060 Realm Bluetooth Headphones

Pitched by Scosche as "reference-grade," the new RH1060 ($250) is the latest in the company's Realm series of headphones, featuring similar styling to the Beats by Dre line -- generally with equivalent or superior sound at lower price points. Using Bluetooth 2.1 for wireless connectivity with iOS devices, RH1060 comes packaged with a nine-hour rechargeable battery and USB cable for refueling, and can also operate in wired audio mode with an included…

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First Looks: Scosche strikeLine Pro

Simple in concept, Scosche's strikeLine Pro ($30) is a retractable Lightning to USB cable, serving as a pricier but more compact alternative to Apple's $19 version. You still get a Lightning plug on one end and a USB plug on the other, but the center has a retracting mechanism to wind the flat three-foot cable up for easy storage. It feels sturdier than one might guess, given the huge number of cheap Dock Connector versions of this concept that previously…

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First Looks: Scosche kickFit for iPad 2, iPad (3rd/4th-Gen)

Planned for February 2013 availability, kickFit ($60) is a soft touch rubber-coated hard plastic shell that serves as a semi-protective tablet case at all times, doubling as a stand and exercise equipment mount for the iPad as needed. Two separate arms fold out for attachment to the screen/computer of an exercise machine, and can be flipped around to serve as a stand; a separate kickstand can also pop out as necessary. Scosche also plans an iPad…

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First Looks: Scosche boomBottle Weatherproof Sport Wireless Speaker

Packed with two 40mm speakers and a 10-hour battery, Scosche's new boomBottle ($150) is a rubber-coated, IPX4 splash proof tube designed to be used for music and speakerphone calls outdoors. Eight inches tall with a roughly 2.7" diameter, boomBottle can fit snugly into cupholders and water bottle cages with ease, or attach with a spring-loaded metal hook to a bag or belt. The peak volume level is close to JBL's Flip, with ample volume, midrange and…

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Kritische Schwachstellen in Asterisk

An mehreren Stellen in der quelloffenen Telefonanlagen-Software können Angreifer Pufferüberläufe provozieren und eigenen Code einschleusen. Verwundbar sind Opensource-Versionen sowie eine für den kommerziellen Einsatz Variante.

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Neuer Google-TV-Anlauf mit Asus Qube

Das wenig erfolgreiche Google TV erfährt einen weiteren Belebungsversuch: Asus zeigt mit dem Qube eine Settopbox mit Streaming-Funktionen und Android 3.2 für den US-Markt.

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Day Z: Standalone nicht vor dem Aus, aber verschoben

Nachdem sich der „Day Z“-Schöpfer Dean „Rocket“ Hall im Dezember unter anderem aufgrund gesundheitlicher Probleme zurückgezogen und darüber hinaus Zweifel über die Zukunft der geplanten Standalone-Version der beliebten ArmA-2-Mod geäußert hatte, meldete er sich nun im Entwicklerblog zurück.

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Windows-8-Tablet mit 1,1-GHz-Celeron für 649 Euro

Gigabyte verkauft den Slate S1082 mit 10,1-Zoll-Display, der zwar deutlich dicker ist als Atom-Tablets, aber mehr Rechenleistung und mehr Schnittstellen bietet und trotzdem unter 800 Gramm wiegt.

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Huawei macht Smartphone-Displays groß und scharf

Huaweis High-End-Smartphone Ascend D2 ist eins der ersten Android-Handys mit Full-HD-Display. Das gleichzeitig auf der CES vorgestellte Ascend Mate verwischt mit einem 6,1-Zoll-Display die Grenzen zwischen Tablet und Smartphone.

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EU-Datenschutzreform nimmt weiter Form an

Der Berichterstatter im federführenden Justizausschuss des EU-Parlaments hat seinen Entwurf für die von EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding angestoßene Datenschutzreform veröffentlicht.

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Ford öffnet Entwicklerprogramm

Verbunden mit der Hoffnung, mehr Apps für sein Anwendungssystem SYNC AppLink zu gewinnen, hat der Autohersteller sein bislang geschlossenes Entwicklerprogramm geöffnet.

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Letzte Löcher geflickt: RavenDB 2.0 ist fertig

Die neue Version der dokumentenorientierten Datenbank RavenDB bringt nach etwa sechs Monaten intensiver Arbeit Funktionen wie Production und Cloud Profiling, Bulk Inserts und Möglichkeiten zum besseren Finden und Behandeln von Fehlern.

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Nectar Mobile Power System verspricht mobilen Strom aus der Brennstoffzelle für den Gadget-Park

Filed under: Handyzubehör Soweit wir das überblicken, haben Lilliputian Systems und Brookstone ihr letztes vollmundiges Brennstoffzellen-Versprechen noch nicht eingelöst, aber machen schon munter das nächste: "Im Sommer 2013" soll das kompakte, 200 Gramm leichte Nectar Mobile Power System ausgeliefert werden, das man bereits jetzt für 300 Dollar vorbestellen kann. Nachfüllkartuschen (Nectar Pods) sollen jeweils 10 Dollar kosten und dafür 55000 mWh Energie an den USB-Stecker liefern (was Pi mal Daumen zehn Smartphone-Ladungen entspricht). Und

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Matias' new Mini Quiet and Laptop Pro beings silent mechanical keyboards to road warriors

Remember that unheralded Matias keyboard that we spotted at the FCC a few weeks back? Well, it transpires that it was one of a pair of units for those who want tactile typing on the go -- but without encouraging the death-stares of their fellow commuters. The (wired) Mini Quiet Pro for PC and Bluetooth Laptop Pro for Mac are tenkeyless units that use the same modified ALPS "Quiet Click" switches that we found on the Quiet Pro. The Mini Quiet Pro comes with a three-port USB 2.0 hub and a s

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Live from Panasonic's opening keynote at CES 2013

CES opens its huge showfloor to the public today and both CEA's Gary Shapiro and Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuga are taking to the stage for this year's opening keynote. He's likely focus on the company's focus on green tech and "smart solutions" -- and we're in our seats ready to hear what he's got to say.Comments

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Live from the Engadget CES Stage: kickoff with Felicia Day

With the show already in full-swing, it's hard to believe that CES hasn't even officially begunt. What better way to celebrate the opening of the show's doors -- and the kickoff of our second annual CES stage -- than a conversation with show ambassador Felicia Day? We'll be discussing the show thus far and tossing out some predictions for the conference to come with the Guild star. January 8, 2013 12:00 PM EST Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!Continue reading

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Report: Security

FileVault 2; security certificates and Safari

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Report: Mountain Lion

various questions and issues

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Report: Miscellaneous

Science Friday - 1993 - The Future of the Internet; notes on Internet beginnings

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Report: MacBook Pro

swollen batteries; external disk freezes with a Retina model

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Report: iPhone/Touch Platform

ATT plans and activation fees; FaceTime problems; Bluetooth keyboards; maps

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Report: iMac

SMART Utility, black screen troubleshooting

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Report: Help Please

Verizon MiFi tip (Cradlepoint MBR95); other notes

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Report: Applications

Facetime problems; Lithium network monitoring suite

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Report: Apple

the outdated Mac Pro and future replacements, plus USB 3, the Apple Thunderbolt Display, and Mac Mini and iMac features

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AT&T cracks 10 million in quarterly smartphone sales

AT&T sold over 10 million smartphones during the last quarter, according to an official announcement. The figure surpasses the carrier's previous record, 9.4 million, achieved during the fourth quarter of 2011. The company is also claiming the "best-ever quarterly sales of Android and Apple smartphones," though it isn't providing a breakdown of unit sales.

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News: 2013 International CES: Apple gear at

You’ve already seen dozens of our pre-show reports from Las Vegas, but today’s the day when the 2013 International CES officially opens for business. Completely filling the Las Vegas Convention Center’s floor space, offices, and meeting rooms for the rest of this week—as well as the nearby LVH and just about every other hotel—CES is going to be packed from edge to edge with new product and service announcements—many…

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Tobii Rex: Eye-Tracking-System für jeden Computer

Das schwedische Unternehmen Tobii stellt in Las Vegas sein Eye-Tracking-System Gaze als eigenständiges Peripheriegerät vor. Im Herbst 2013 soll Tobii Rex auf den Markt kommen, allerdings nur in einer kleinen Stückzahl. (Eingabegerät, Computer)

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Freie Codecsammlung: Ffmpeg 1.1 kodiert ins Opus-Format

Das aktuelle Ffmpeg 1.1 kann Audiodateien in das Opus-Format umwandeln. Außerdem wurden die Funktionen des FLAC-Encoders erweitert und die Schnittstelle zu den diversen Werkzeugen verbessert. (H.264, Video-Codec)

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CES 2013 – Der ewige Fußmarsch oder: Die Mandalay Bay-Odyssee

Amerika ist das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten. Und das Land der schier unendlichen Wege. Um auf der CES in Las Vegas von einem Punkt zum anderen zu kommen, stehen einem zumindest draußen die verschiedensten Transportmittel zur Verfügung. In den Kasino-Hotels sieht die Sache dann aber gleich etwas anders aus. Eine Messe ist generell mit viel Laufen verbunden. In Las Vegas bekommt diese Fortbewegungsmethode aber schnell eine ganz andere Dimension, denn die Stadt der Sünde kann vor allem eines sehr gut: äußerst weitläufig sein. So fühlt sich der “Spaziergang” durch ein einziges Hotel schnell wie ein ausgedehnter Marsch durch eine Kleinstadt an. Um von einem Eingang zu einem bestimmt

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Billig-iPhone mit 5-Zoll-Display soll Ende 2013 erhältlich sein

Die Meldungen rund um ein iPhone, das zu einem deutlich günstigeren Preis auf den Markt kommen soll, häuften sich in den vergangenen Wochen immens. Nun meldet das Branchenmagazin DigiTimes, dass Apple ein Smartphone mit einem größeren Bildschirm plant, das Ende 2013 auf den Markt kommen soll. Das taiwanische Internetmagazin beruft sich dabei auf die Meldung

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Der Schnellste USB 3.0 Stick des Planeten: Corsair Voyager GT Turbo

Filed under: USB-Peripherie Wir geben zu, den Claim den Corsair da für ihren neuen Voyager GT Turbo USB 3.0 Stick aufruft nicht geprüft zu haben. Aber sollten die 260MB/s Lesegeschwindigkeit und 235MB/S Schreibgeschwindigkeit nicht stimmen, dann wäre das Etikettenschwindel und wir würden empfehlen den Stick einfach wieder zurückzugeben. Schliesslich sind sie (in den USA) mit 50$ für 32GB, 90$ für 64GB und satte 180$ für 128GB alles andere als billig. Vielleicht schickt uns mal jemand einen zum Testen?

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Qualcomm and Wilocity cram 802.11ac and 802.11ad into single tri-band design

Qualcomm and Wilocity are teaming up at CES to deliver what they claim is the world's first tri-band WiFi solution that combines 802.11ac and 802.11ad. The new QCA9006 line (available in two different formfactors) is a natural evolution of the AR9004TB chipset, which married 802.11n to the WiGig standard. The newest reference design uses 60GHz, 5GHz and 2.4GHz radios to achieve both high speeds and broad compatibility. Sadl

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In diesem Jahr erstmals mehr Tablets als Notebooks

Die Marktforscher von NPD DisplaySearch gehen in einer neu veröffentlichten Prognose davon aus, dass in diesem Jahr mehr Tablet-Systeme als Notebooks verkauft werden könnten. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaFirefox OS: Prototyp-Gerät auf der CES zu sehenAcer bringt Billig-Tablet B1 mit Android für 120 Euro

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Bunt gemischt: Wenig unterhaltsame Gerüchte und ein teures MacBook Pro zum Sonderpreis

Gerüchte, Gerüchte. So hört man zum Beispiel, Apple plane für künftige Gerätegenerationen die Verwendung des neuen, deutlich schnelleren WLAN-Standards 802.11ac. Untermauert werden die Spekulationen durch eine aktuelle Stellenanzeige, über die Apple einen Ingenieur mit Erfahrung diesbezüglich sucht. Hallo? Selbstverständlich wird Mehr zum Thema

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Echter mit "Mottenaugen": Sharp präsentiert spezielle 4K-Fernseher

Sharp zeigt in Las Vegas zwei neue Ultra-HD-Fernseher, darunter den ersten mit THX-4K-Display-Zertifikat. Auch einen neuen 8K-Display-Prototyp hat Sharp vorgestellt. (Heimkino, Fernseher)

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Nintendo: Pokémon X und Y weltweit ab Oktober 2013

Premiere bei Pokémon: Die nächsten beiden Spiele für das 3DS in der legendären Reihe erscheinen erstmals weltweit gleichzeitig. Im Trailer-Video stellt Nintendo-Chef Satoru Iwata die Geschichte der Serie in einem längeren Vortrag vor. (Nintendo, Satoru Iwata)

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Firefox 18 mit Retina-Unterstützung

Der bekannte Web-browser Firefox wurde von der Mozilla Foundation in Version 18 fertiggestellt und nun zum Download freigegeben. Zu den Neuerungen des auf der Gecko-Engine basierenden Browsers zählt die Unterstützung der hochauflösenden Retina-Displays, die Unterstützung von WebRTC sowie eine grundsätzlich schnellere Ausführung von JavaScript-Funktionen auf Webseiten. Letzteres ist der neuen I

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Job posting suggests that 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi coming to Apple products

Yesterday AppleBitch noted that Apple had posted a job opening looking for a System Test Engineer for Wi-Fi. The company wants a candidate who's knowledgable with all 802.11 standards, including the new AC standard that triples current 802.11n speeds. The inclusion of an engineer versed in 802.11ac suggests that Apple is actively working with the standard. The original job posting read: System Test Engineering is loo

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Tipp: Adobe Creative Suite 2 kostenlos herunterladen

Der renommierte Software-Hersteller Adobe bietet aktuell die etwas veraltete Software-Zusammenstellung Creative Suite 2 zum Download an. Passende Seriennummern sind ebenso einsehbar, sodass die Programme umfassend verwendbar sind. Bei Adobes Creative Suite 2 dreht es sich um zahlreiche bekannte Programme. Neben Photoshop ist auch Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Indesign, Audition enthalten. Eine Version von Adobes Acrobat Pro

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Corsair's Voyager GT Turbo USB 3.0 flash drives put super fast I/O speeds in your pocket

Corsair's best known for its SSD and HDD storage solutions and gaming peripherals, but at CES this year the company has unveiled a trio of new USB 3.0 jump drives. Called the Flash Voyager GT Turbo, it promises to deliver read speeds of up to 260MB/s and writes of up to 235 MB/s. Corsair claims those speeds make it the fastest USB 3.0 flash drive on

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Zahlreiche neue Kameras auf der CES ausgestellt

Auf der CES 2013 in Las Vegas wurden der Öffentlichkeit bereits viele neue technische Errungenschaften diverser Produktkategorien präsentiert. Auch namhafte Hersteller von fototechnischen Apparaturen wie Nikon, Canon, Panasonic und Olympus lassen sich diese Chance nicht entgehen und stellen neue Produkte vor.

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Ungewöhnliche Ohr-Kamera von Panasonic

Neben Fernsehern und Fotokameras stellt Panasonic beispielsweise auch Küchen- und Telekommunikationsgeräte sowie viele weitere Produkte für den Privatnutzer zur Verfügung. Doch nun scheint das japanische Unternehmen weitere Geschäftsmöglichkeiten auszuloten und stellt auf der diesjährigen CES die neue Ohr-Kamera HX-A100 vor.

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AT&T's record holiday quarter signals sales of 8M iPhones

The 2012 holiday season was a record setting span for AT&T with 10 million total smartphones sold ? at least 8 million of which are expected to be Apple iPhones.

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First Looks: Speck SmartShell for iPad mini

Speck's SmartShell for iPad mini ($35) is heavily based on the case of the same name we've reviewed for the full-sized iPad, and doesn't offer a lot of surprises: it's a straightforward hard plastic rear shell with Smart Cover compatibility. Although it doesn't provide button coverage, it does extend all the way to the four edges of the iPad mini, with cutouts for the controls and ports. The only real distinguishing factor with SmartShell is the magnetic…

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Reverse Optimus: Intel- und Nvidia-GPU unter Linux nutzen

Vielen Linux-Nutzern bereitet Nvidia-Optimus einige Probleme. Nun ist es zumindest möglich, gleichzeitig beide GPUs gleichzeitig zu nutzen. (X Window System, Nvidia)

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08.01.2013 17:00 Uhr

An early look at Intel's 'Lexington' platform: Atom, tailored for emerging markets

Good morning, kids! We're here at Intel's CES booth, where the company is showing off a low-end reference smartphone running the Atom Z2420 processor, which is part of the new "Lexington" family of chips tailored for emerging markets. We learned yesterday that three manufactures are on board, with Acer being the biggest name. Curiously, though, the handset we just found is completely unmarked, and Intel won't say who makes it. It also won't share any specs other than the processor, though we already know what the platform is capable of: up to 1.2GHz of clock speed, 1080p video at 30 fps, HSPA+ connectivity and, support for dual 5MP / 1.3MP cameras. Whatever this phone is, it won't do more than that. Still, despite n

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Französische Regierung stoppt ISP-Werbeblocker

Am Wochenende löste die Ankündigung eines großen französischen Internet-Providers, Online-Werbung von sich aus herauszufiltern, viele Diskussionen aus. Nun hat sich die Regierung eingemischt und diese (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaIE-Lücke: "Fix-it"-Patch wurde offenbar ausgehebeltNetz-Zugriff: Teenager setzen Eltern außer Gefecht

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Mozilla: Firefox 18 mit Ionmonkey veröffentlicht

Mozillas Browser Firefox steht ab sofort in der Version 18 zum Download bereit. Größte Neuerung ist die Integration des JIT-Compilers Ionmonkey, was die Ausführung von Javascript weiter beschleunigen soll. (Firefox, Browser)

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Instant Messenger: Hike reicht SSL-Verschlüsselung nach

Mit dem plattformübergreifenden Instant Messenger Hike werden Nachrichten auf Android- und iOS-Geräten jetzt mit einer 128-Bit-SSL-Verschlüsselung übertragen. Windows-Phone-Nutzer senden vorerst im Klartext weiter. (Instant Messenger, Verschlüsselung)

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EyeTV Mobile erhält Lightning-Anschluss

Elgatos Fernseh-Tuner lässt sich künftig zum mobilen DVB-T-Empfang direkt mit iPhone 5, iPad mini und dem iPad der vierten Generation verbinden.

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Kensington wants you to be very afraid of losing your iPhone, buy its $60 Proximo system

A mobile phone is lost or stolen every 3.5 seconds, warns Kensington, handily quoting data from 2011. The company's solution is simple: a low-power wireless fob that stays in your pocket and sounds the alarm if you move too far away from your iPhone 5 or 4S. The idea has been around for a while, of course, and it

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Indien: Razzia bei Nokia wegen Steuerhinterziehung

In Indien wurde der finnische Handyhersteller Nokia das Ziel der Steuerfahndung. In der Stadt Chennai haben Fahnder des Finanzamtes eine Durchsuchungen in mehreren Firmenstandorten des Unternehmens (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaQ4 2012: HTC kann Abwärtstendenz nicht stoppenMedia-Saturn: Streit zwischen Eignern eskaliert

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Nikon adds cameras, lenses to 1 Series, shows new Coolpix

Nikon has unveiled expansions to its 1 Series line of mirrorless cameras, as well as a new model of Coolpix point-and-shoot camera. The J3 and S1 for the 1 Series were both revealed at CES, alongside two new 1 Nikkor lenses and the Coolpix S6500, complete with a 12-times optical zoom and built-in image retouching effects.

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Tim Cook makes second trip to China as Apple CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook met earlier today with Miao Wei, the head of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Bloomberg reports. An official ministry website post says that the two talked about developing China's IT industry, global cellular communications, and Apple's business in China. Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu has declined to say how long Cook might stay in the country, or who else he might meet.

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Netzwerkspeicher mit Smart-TV-App und neue WLAN-Festplatte

Seagates Netzwerkspeicher Central Shared Storage gewährt Zugriff per Smart-TV-App und die externe Festplatte Wireless Pro lässt sich von Smartphone oder Tablet per App drahtlos befüllen.

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Tethercell: Die fernsteuerbare Batterie

Den Kindern die singenden Teddybären ausschalten und den Nachbarn den seit Stunden laufenden Wecker. Mit der Tethercell werden Träume wahr.

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Windows-8-Tablet mit Celeron 847 für 649 Euro

Gigabyte verkauft den Slate S1082 mit 10,1-Zoll-Display, der zwar deutlich dicker ist als Atom-Tablets, aber mehr Rechenleistung und mehr Schnittstellen bietet und trotzdem unter 800 Gramm wiegt.

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NZXT Hale90 V2 mit komplett neuer Elektronik

NZXT stellt im Rahmen der CES 2013 drei Netzteile der neuen Hale90-V2-Serie vor. Mit 850, 1.000 und 1.200 Watt sowie 80Plus-Gold-Effizienz möchte der Hersteller Kunden mit besonders leistungsfähigen Systemen ansprechen.

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CES 2013: Intel stellt vierte Generation der Core-Prozessoren vor

Auf der Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hat Intel gezeigt, wozu die vierte Generation der Core-Prozessoren imstande sind. Die Ergebnisse sind durchaus beeindruckend – ein MacBook Air könnte beispielsweise 13 Stunden lang steckdosenunabhängig betrieben werden und dabei noch dünner gebaut werden. Kirk Skaugen von Intel durfte sich in einer Präsentation über die kommenden Intel-Chips

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Rumor: Apple planning low-cost iPhone with larger display for late 2013

A new rumor claims Apple plans to launch a low-cost iPhone with a larger display in emerging markets in the second half of 2013.

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Looxcie POV wireless cameras coming to Apple stores in Europe

Looxcie, maker of their self-titled Looxcie POV Wi-Fi cameras, has announced a deal a that will put its products in Apple stores across Europe come January 23rd. The new US$329 Looxcie HD Explore is a wearable camera that allows you to live stream whatever is right in front of your eyes. The camera wirelessly transmits what it sees to your iPhone or iPad, which then uses a Looxcie app to broadcast your video to the world. Getting a product into brick-and-mortar Apple Stores is a huge boost for manufacturers. While the Loovcie will be availa

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Transparente Ware: Haier verpasst der Waschmaschine einen Casemod

Filed under: Haushaltstechnik Manchmal liegt das Gute so nahe: wozu auf Waschmaschinen-Hula-Hoop-Reifen oder schwerkraftverhöhnende SciFi-Modelle warten, wenn man den ordinären Waschknecht zu einem Hingucker Casemodden kann, wie Haier es derzeit auf der CES zeigt? Leider hat die Sache dann doch wieder einen Haken, nämlich dass es sich bei dieser transparenten Ware um ein Schaustück handelt. Ab in die Produktion! [via

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Turtle Beach highlights latest Ear Force gaming headsets for 2013, prices tournament flagship Seven Series

While Astro Gaming and Mad Catz like to announce stuff in a controlled drip-drip, Turtle Beach -- as usual -- is going ahead with a tactical blitz of new gaming headsets at CES. Just as we've come to expect from the company, CES 2013 looks no different and no less exciting for audio-concerned gamers. While the headset veteran isn't showing anything with a major wow factor (think back to the

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Point brings augmented reality ads to your phone, now with interactive videos

This morning brings a revamped augmented reality app to the scene known as Point. Before today, the software was known as IntARact, but along with the new name, users will now find the ability to interact with videos -- a neat trick for an app that was previously limited to print ads, logos and the like. At its core, Point allows advertisers to engage their audiences by turning run-of-the-mill ads into interactive experiences. To get your toes wet with this new offering, you'll need to stumble upon a Point-enabled bit of media and have the app installed on your smartphone. The Point AR browser is available for

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Nintendo-Chef : Wii-U-Verkäufe sind 'nicht schlecht'

Grenzenloser Optimismus klingt anders: Nintendo-Präsident Satoru Iwata hat die Verkäufe der vor kurzem neu eingeführten Spielkonsole Wii U als "nicht schlecht" bezeichnet. Er gibt aber auch zu, dass man sich (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaProject Shield: Nvidia kündigt mobile Konsole anSony PlayStation 2 Produktion endet nach 1

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News: 2013 CES First Looks worth seeing

With so many 2013 CES reports (visit our special CES site!) hitting iLounge yesterday, we wanted to make sure that the latest CES First Looks didn’t get lost in the crowd. Speck’s CandyShell and CandyShell for iPad mini are excellent updates to its prior signature product, slimmer than expected for Apple’s tablet. As a new entry into the Beats-alike market, the Audiovox 808 Studio Headphones are glossy plastic on-ears at a budget-ish…

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Größeres Display: Apple bringt Billigversion des iPhones

Eine billigere Version des iPhones soll bei Apple bereits in Arbeit sein. Das neue iPhone kommt mit einem 5-Zoll-Display, berichtet die Digitimes. (Smartphone, Apple)

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Windows-RT-Jailbreak: Microsoft gratuliert

Microsoft hat eine Stellungnahme zum Jailbreak für Windows RT veröffentlicht. Man sehe darin keine Sicherheitslücke, behalte sich aber Änderungen in diesem Bereich vor – und gratuliere dem Entdecker der Lücke für seine Findigkeit.

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08.01.2013 16:00 Uhr

Adobe CS2: Die Verwirrung um das Gratis-Angebot

Gestern berichteten wir über den Gratis-Deal von Adobe Creative Suite 2 (hier). Dabei konnte man die etwas in die Jahre gekommene, aber nicht schlechte CS2 kostenlos für Windows und Mac abstauben. Doch schnell war

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Kompakter WLAN-Repeater mit AirPlay-Unterstützung

Netgears Dualband-fähiger WLAN-Verlängerer passt direkt an eine Steckdose und empfängt Audio-Streams von Mobilgeräten über AirPlay oder DLNA.

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Elgato EyeTV Mobile mit Lightning: Ankündigung

In Las Vegas stellt der deutsche TV-Spezialist Elgato seinen beliebten DVB-T-Empfänger für iPhone und iPad EyeTV Mobile in einer neuen Version mit Lightning-Anschluss vor. Das neue Modell EyeTV Mobile mit Lightning-Anschluss kann ohne Adapter direkt mit dem neuen iPhone 5, dem iPad mini, dem iPod touch der 5. Generation und dem iPad der vierten Generation verwendet werden

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SiliconDust announces two new HDHomeRun network tuners with transcoding, DLNA DMP beta firmware available soon

SiloconDust let us kown that it would be the first to certify a live TV tuner as a DLNA Digital Media Server, easily enabling premium cable TV to more devices with its existing HDHomeRun Prime network CableCARD tuner. A beta firmware of that software will be available next week for existing customers. The rub, though, is that you'll need a DLNA Digital Media Player (or Rederer) that supports

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Tim Cook heads to China again, meets with government officials

For the second time this year Apple head Tim Cook has taken a trip across the Pacific and headed to China. What exactly the purpose of his visit is and what's on his schedule is a bit of a mystery, but it does appear he met with Miao Wei, head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The two likely discussed the country's broader tech efforts, as well as Apple's operations which Cook toured back in March. With the communist republic becoming increasingly important to Apple's bottom line -- accounting for

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Axel Springer ändert Rechtsform von AG zu SE

Um die Ausrichtung des Medienkonzerns Axel Springer auf europäische und internationale Märkte zu betonen, will das Unternehmen seine Rechtsform wechseln und von der AG zur SE (Societas Europaea) werden.

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Angriffe auf ungepatchte ColdFusion-Lücken

Adobe warnt davor, dass Cyber-Kriminelle durch bislang nicht geschlossene Sicherheitslöcher in ColdFusion-Server einsteigen. Ein passender Patch ist frühestens in einer Woche fertig.

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CEO Tim Cook besucht China ein zweites Mal

Im Mai letzten Jahres reiste der Apple Chef Tim Cook in voller Montur nach China. Dabei stattete er einem Foxconn Werk und dem Vize-Präsidenten einen Besuch ab. Bald wird Cook ein zweites Mal in

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Amazon Prime arrives in Canada: Free two-day shipping, no Instant Video

Canadians can now register for Amazon Prime and get free two-day shipping on eligible orders for $79 a year. As a welcome, the company's giving new sign-ups a free one-month trial to reel them in -- unless they live in Quebec. Unfortunately, our northern neighbors won't be picking up Instant Video, with Amazon Canada's Steve Oliver telling The Canadian Press that there are no plans for the video service to join Prime there any time soon.Continue reading Amazon Prime arrives in Canada: Free two-day shipping, no Instant VideoFiled under:

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Livestream and Verizon team up to launch Broadcaster with built-in 4G LTE

The Livestream Broadcaster has been available since May of last year, and while the streaming add-on's had LTE capabilities since its debut back in April, something like a USB dongle was required to get such internet connectivity. Soon, however, that's about to change, as Livestream announced today that it's teamed up with Verizon to offer a new version of the Broadcaster. Essentially, the appropriately named Livestream Broadcaster LTE will boast the same features as the previous revision but with the ob

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Broadcom: Neuer TV-Chip mit H.265 & Gb-Ethernet

Der Halbleiter-Hersteller Broadcom hat auf der Unterhaltungselektronik-Messe CES in Las Vegas einen neuen Chip vorgestellt, in dem die zukünftigen Standards für das Video-Encoding bereits fest eingebrannt sind. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony startet weltweit ersten 4K-DistributionskanalEutelsat bietet Demo-Kanal für 4K-Übertragung an

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Thermaltake präsentiert „Chaser A31“ Midi-Tower

Der für eher extravagante Gehäuse wie der Level-10-Serie bekannte Hersteller Thermalright stellt im Rahmen der CES in Las Vegas mit dem „Chaser A31“ ein vergleichsweise schlichtes Gehäuse mit relativ klarer Linienführung vor.

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Vermeintliche Steam-Box auf der CES vorgestellt

Auf der CES stellte die Firma Xi3 zusammen mit Valve eine unter dem Codenamen „Piston“ entwickelten Mini-Computer vor, der laut der Pressemitteilung für „Steam Gameplay im Big-Picture-Mode“ optimiert sei. Das lässt die Vermutung zu, dass es sich um die von Valve für 2013 avisierte, als Steam-Box bekannte Konsole handelt.

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Sharp hypes IGZO displays, Apple called a 'prime candidate' to use

Sharp this week made its case to CES attendees that IGZO technology is the future of mobile displays, leading one market watcher to believe it's likely inevitable that Apple will adopt them.

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Interview: Ubuntu Phones sollen den Desktop-PC ersetzen

Die einen soll Ubuntu Phone mit einem einfachen Interface überzeugen, bei anderen den Desktop komplett ersetzen, sagte Canonical-Gründer Mark Shuttleworth im Gespräch mit Eine erste Version sollen Interessierte ab Februar 2013 ausprobieren können. (Mark Shuttleworth, Applikationen)

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Tim Cook unternimmt zweite Chinareise innerhalb von zehn Monaten

Steve Jobs hatte China während seiner Amtszeit kein einziges Mal besucht; Tim Cook stattet China hingegen bereits den zweiten Besuch innerhalb von nur zehn Monaten ab. Angesichts enormer Wachstumsraten auf dem chinesischen Markt konzentriert sich Apple schon seit längerem darauf, vermehrt auch chinesische Kunden anzusprechen und die Produkte interessanter für China zu machen. Gerade erst ging

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Hands-on Tixel: Taktilen Pixeln auf der morphenden Touchscreen-Tastatur mit (Video)

Filed under: Interface Design Die taktile Touchscreen-Tastatur von Tactus Technology haben wir schon mal erwähnt, jetzt zeigt die Firma auf der CES die neuste Version des Displays mit plastisch verformbarer Oberfläche, aus dem dank Mikrofluidik-Tricks je nach UI-Bedarf Buttons aufpoppen. Und auch wenn die Technik immer noch ein gutes Stück zum Massenmarkt vor sich hat, fühlt sie sich bereits recht gut an, wie unsere Kollegen versichern, die gerade in Las Vegas die Tixels befingern durften - Tixels? Richtig, st

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CES 2013: Seagate stellt neue Speicherlösungen für iOS und OS X vor

Neue externe Speicherlösungen für iOS und OS X stellt Seagate auf der CES 2013 vor. Darunter sind Festplatten, von denen sich Inhalte gleichzeitig auf mehrere iOS-Geräte streamen lassen, die sich als Medienbibliothek für daheim anbieten und schnelle Backups erlauben. Die Seagate Wireless Plus ist

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[App-Test] Zalando Mobil

Über das iPhone zum Schrei vor Glück: Zalandos iOS-App erleichtert das mobile Einkaufen, zwei Tage später ist dann die Bestellung versandkostenfrei da. „Fashion victims“ werden vom integrierten Mode-Magazin und dem Styleshaker beraten. Aktuell verlost zudem 3 Zalando-Einkaufsgutscheine

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iTwin Connect turns a humble USB stick into your own VPN (video)

Passing files over the internet using iTwin's 256-bit AES encryption's all well and good, but wouldn't it be nice if you could use that connection for other things? Luckily for you, that's just what the iTwin Connect was designed to do. In addition to the usual file-sharing jiggery-pokery, the new hardware can let you surf via your domestic internet connection, control devices on your home network and play with your desktop from afar. Even better, the company is throwing in US, Asia and Europe-based VPN servers of its own, so you can still catch that episode of Duck Dynasty

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Corsair outs Voyager Air with WiFi storage, NAS, USB 3.0 and repeater all in one

Corsair is very much associated with devices that need a physical connection to work, whether they're thumb drives or memory sticks. It's looking to cut the cord in style through its new Voyager Air. You'll have seen some of what it does with a predecessor like Kingston's Wi-Drive, with media streaming to Android and iOS devices, a WiFi repeater mode and USB 3.0 support, but Corsair's drive goes the extra mile by serving as network attached storage through a gigabit Et

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FreedomPop pals up with TextPlus to offer free SMS

FreedomPop's made a name for itself by selling cases that enable iPod Touch users to get at least 500MB of data each month for free, and now the company has partnered with TextPlus to give users the ability to send SMS messages as well. Along with a basic free plan, FreedomPop will offer three pricing tiers, maxing out at $15 for unlimited text and 1,000 voice minutes. The partnership will come to full fruition sometime in the first quarter, though the company doesn't specify any additional details. We have the press re

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Diamond Multimedia intros AMP2000 Android set-top box, availability coming later this year

It's been quite a few months since Diamond Multimedia announced it's AMP1000 set-top box, so the company likely figured there was no better better time and place than CES 2013 to release its latest Android-based media offering. With the AMP2000, the multifarious company joins the likes of Roku and FAVI in the powered-by-Google s

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Corsair unleashes second gen Vengeance gaming peripherals at CES, goes fully mechanical with K95 keyboard

When Corsair introduced its Vengeance line of PC gaming accessories last year, it made the odd choice of creating the K90, a mostly mechanical keyboard marred by a collection of out of place membrane keys. The keyboard was a little less expensive for the effort, but was nearly universally reviewed as a "really weird decision." Corsair got the message, and is now releasing the Vengeance K95, a black anodized brushed alumin

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Slingboxes get My Media syncing to USB, Companion iPad app for at-home viewing

The Slingbox news hasn't stopped just because Dish made its big splash. An update to the Slingbox 500 at first, and the 350 later this year, adds a local My Media sync component that lets Android or iOS users offload photos or videos to a USB drive attached to the Slingbox -- they just have to stream their content instead of chewing up their mobile device storage. Both Slingbox 350 and 500 owners are also promised the new Slingbox Companion app you see above. As long as they're toting at least an iPad 2, they can find sho

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McGraw-Hill reveals the SmartBook: an 'adaptive' e-book for students

McGraw-Hill is taking on the one-size-fits-all approach to textbooks with its freshly unveiled SmartBook: an e-book that is claimed to adapt to student's learning patterns. Aimed at college students, the SmartBook service peppers users with questions as they read and determines what topics it should present to reinforce learning. Come sometime this spring, the SmartBook will be available for more than 90 course areas starting at $20. It'll be joined by a handful of similar tools for driving home the curriculum, including something called LearnSmart Achieve, which is designed to

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Microsoft-Chef Steve Ballmer auf CES-Kurzbesuch

Vor einem Jahr hat Steve Ballmer die Consumer Electronics Show noch per Keynote eröffnet, dieses Jahr glänzt das Redmonder Unternehmen in Las Vegas dagegen durch Abwesenheit. Ballmer schaute dennoch vorbei (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaFirefox OS: Prototyp-Gerät auf der CES zu sehen

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Samsung erwartet Umsatzplus bei leichtem Gewinnrückgang

Nach dem dritten Quartal 2012 scheint sich auch im letzten Viertel des Jahres 2012 zumindest ein Umsatzplus für Samsung abzuzeichnen. Die nun veröffentlichten und vorläufigen Zahlen geben Ausblick auf den erwarteten Umsatz und Gewinn, der für das letzte Quartal des vergangenen Jahres indes etwas niedriger ausfallen könnte.

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CES 2013: Hyundai kündigt Eyes Free-Unterstützung für iPhones an

Der Automobilhersteller Hyundai hat auf der momentan stattfindenden Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas eine Reihe von neuen Technologien angekündigt, die in zukünftigen Vehikeln zu finden sein sollen. Darunter zählt unter anderem das Feature “Eyes Free”, das mit dem iPhone zusammenarbeitet. Im Sommer hat Apple auf der Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) einen Ausblick auf

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KDE: Plasma Active fast als Rolling-Release

Der Hauptentwicklungzweig von Plasma Active soll künftig immer kompilierbar sein, neue Funktionen werden zunächst separat getestet. Das Konzept könnte auch für die anderen KDE-Arbeitsflächen übernommen werden. (Mini-Notebook, Netbook)

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Übernahme: Xing kauft Arbeitgeber-Bewertungsplattform Kununu

Xing kauft Kununu für 3,6 Millionen Euro. Mit Kununu können Angestellte ihren Arbeitgeber bewerten - in Bezug auf Betriebsklima, Aufstiegschancen und Gehalt. (Soziales Netz, Xing)

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Nvidia stopft Sicherheitslücke mit Treiber-Update

Ohne groß Aufhebens zu machen, hat Nvidia ein Treiber-Update veranlasst, welches eine Sicherheitslücke schließt, die Angreifern das Erlangen von Administratorrechten für Windows-Betriebssysteme erlaubt.

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eBay app gets welcome update, now easier to list and check out

eBay has updated its iOS app with new features for sellers and buyers alike. Version 2.7 improves category, pricing and shipping guidance as well as its photo editing tools. This is a major plus since a good photo is a big key to getting people to bid on your listing. Seller-side updates include the ability to save multiple listing drafts, which is helpful when you're listing similar products. Perhaps the change is the ability to start a listing on the web and finish it on your iPad or iPhone (or vice versa). On the buyer side of things, the new update offers speedier checkouts and search enhancements. The

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Synology stellt DiskStation Manager 4.2 Beta vor

Der NAS-Spezialist Synology hat auf der CES in Las Vegas eine neue Version seines DiskStation Managers vorgestellt, welche sich aktuell noch im Beta-Stadium befindet, aber schon einmal einen Ausblick auf die kommenden Features gibt.

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DVB-T am iPad: EyeTV Mobile bald mit Lightning-Anschluss

Elgato hat mit der neuen Version von EyeTV Mobile den ersten TV-Empfänger für iOS-Geräte mit Lightning-Anschluss vorgestellt. Der kleine Stecker soll spätestens im März im Handel erhältlich sein. Zum Kaufpreis gibt es bislang noch keine Angaben. Der kompakte DVB-T-Empfänger ist Mehr zum Thema

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Canon: Vier neue Kompakt-Digicams für Einsteiger

Canon läutet das Frühjahr mit vier Kompaktkameras seiner Ixus- und PowerShot-Familien ein. Mit Preisen zwischen 120 und 190 Euro werden vor allem Einsteiger angesprochen.

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08.01.2013 15:00 Uhr

Apple Stellenanzeige verdichtet Hinweis auf super schnellen Gigabit-WLAN Support neuer Mac Modelle

Am Freitag haben wir bereits von dem Gerücht berichtet, dass Apple in diesem Jahr schon den neuen 802.11ac-Standard in den Macs verbauen werde. Im Vergleich zum aktuellen 802.11n Standard kann mit 802.11ac Modulen gleich die dreifache Geschwindigkeit erreicht werden. Das würde eine maximale Übertragungsrate von bis zu 1,3 Gb/s bedeuten. Nun verleiht Apple selbst den

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Intel bringt Armada von neuen Mobil-Prozessoren

Der Chiphersteller Intel hat auf der CES 2013 die baldige Verfügbarkeit seiner neuen Core-Prozessoren für besonders sparsame Ultrabooks, Tablets und Hybridgeräte bekanntgegeben. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaHuawei stellt Riesen-Smartphone mit 6,1 Zoll vorFirefox OS: Prototyp-Gerät auf der CES zu sehen

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Winbot: Ecovacs stellt Fensterputzroboter vor

Roboter ersetzt Fensterleder: Der Winbot des chinesischen Herstellers Ecovacs fährt auf Fenstern und anderen Glasflächen entlang und säubert sie. (Roboter, Technologie)

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Qualcomms Quad-Core-Konter

Mit vier Kernen, einer verbesserten Mikroarchitektur und Taktfrequenzen von bis zu 2,3 GHz will Qualcomm der Konkurrenz bei Smartphone-Prozessoren Paroli bieten.

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Neues Konsortium will Internet der Dinge vorantreiben

Um die internetfähigen Geräte in den Haushalten zukünftig besser venetzen zu können, haben zehn Firmen das "Internet of Things Consortium" gegründet.

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eBay-App synchronisiert Entwürfe

Die neue Version der iPhone- und iPad-App der Handelsplattform erleichtert das Einstellen von Artikeln und unterstützt Vorlagen, die sich auf jedem Gerät oder per Browser weiter bearbeiten lassen.

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CES 2013: Vivitek kündigt portablen Projektor mit ausgewachsenen Specs für 1000 Dollar an

Filed under: Projektoren Vivitek hat auf der CES einen portablen Projektor angekündigt, der 1,4 Kilo auf die Waage bringt, bescheidene 16 x 10,9 x 3,3 Zentimeter misst und trotzdem recht ausgewachsene Specs hat: das Modell Qumi Q7 HD LED projiziert WXGA (1280 x 800 Pixel) mit 800 Lumen und einem Kontrastverhältnis von 1:30.000, außerdem ist das Teil dank Texas Instruments DLP Link 3D-fähig. Dazu gibt´s noch 4 GB Speicher, damit der Stream nicht hakt, sowie einen ansehnlichen Anschlusszoo (HDMI, VGA, Composite Video, RCA-Audio-in und USB), was dann seinen Preis hat (1000 Dollar), wenn der Qumi Q7 HD LED im Sommer in die Läden kommt.

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Ben Heck mods midi controller into guitar enclosure, scores pinball soundtrack in return

Love pinball? So does professional modder Ben Heck -- he's building a ghost hunt-themed pinball machine, and needs it to sound just right. Luckily, a local musician is happy to help, provided Heck can rejigger his midi controller into a guitar. Challenge accepted. With the help of his musician friend, Heck spends the first episode of a two-part Ben Heck Show disassembling the instrument, des

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Eutelsat bietet Demo-Kanal für 4K-Übertragung an

Der Betreiber von Fernseh-Satelliten Eutelsat bietet Nutzern, die sich bereits in der kommenden Zeit einen Fernseher mit der neuen Ultra HD (4K)-Technologie zulegen wollen, die Möglichkeit, das Gerät zu testen. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony stellt wasserfestes Xperia Z mit 1080p vorHuawei stellt Riesen-Smartphone mit 6,1 Zoll vor

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Mozilla Firefox 18 veröffentlicht

Im schon von Firefox 16 und 17 bekannten Rhythmus veröffentlicht Mozilla mit Version 18 heute eine neue Variante des Browsers. Dank eines neuen JIT-Compilers soll vor allem die JavaScript-Geschwindigkeit merklich gesteigert worden sein. Firefox 18 kann für den Desktop als auch für den mobilen Bereich bezogen werden.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook makes second trip to China in 10 months

In his second visit to China in 10 months, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook met with the country's head of industry and information technology to discuss the tech industry.

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Update: VideoMark 1.7

The video watermarking software gets updates for Retina displays, Gatekeeper compatibility, and interface improvements.

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Update: iTaskX 2.10

Techno-Grafik's project manager gains Retina display support, Microsoft Project 2013 support, headers for printouts, merging or importing of various formats (MS Project MPP, MS Project XML, MS Project MPX, TXT, CSV, OPML), improved search in Help, iCloud integration, and other improvements.

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New: RMS Viewer

Glueck and Kanja's RMS Viewer makes it possible to read documents protected by Windows Rights Management Services through an RMS Rendering Server.

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New: Bubble Browser for Evernote

Macoscope's Bubble Browser for Evernote presents Evernote tags, notebooks, and dates as clickable, colored bubbles, with the size of the bubble indicating the number of notes, drill-down, content view, and more.

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Update: TinyBooks Pro 7.1.2

Ken Winograd's single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system improves the handling of recurring transactions and the handling of automatically calculated taxes (specifically, when two taxes are defined but only one is required for a certain transaction).

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Update: VueScan 9.2.02

Hamrick Software's scanning application improves support for some Canon transparency adapters and adds support for the Canon MF4700 and MF4800 series.

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Update: eMaps 3.0.0

Emanuele Traballoni's software for Google Maps now uses the latest Google Maps API release and includes import of places from KML or KMZ files, an option to enable/disable places, a new contextual menu for saved places, performance and stability improvements, and bug fixes.

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Update: Hype 1.6

Tumult's software for creating HTML5 web content gains CSS Filter Effects, a Resource Library (for managing images, videos, functions, and other materials), a Capo tool to set animation start times when recording, Timeline Actions, action chaining, new JavaScript APIs, layout guides, and more.

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New: Snail 1.0

Snail is a task and time tracker that lives in the menu bar.

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New: ReadKit 1.0

Webin's ReadKit is a reader for material collected in your Instapaper, Pocket, or Readability account, featuring offline reading, customizable typography alternate layouts, a focus mode with no interface elements, a built-in browser for inline links, and more.

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New: xDiagram Pro 1.0

xDiagram Pro is an enhanced edition of Vu Tien Thinh's program for creating graphic diagrams such as flow charts and org chart, now with gradient fill for shapes, new Custom and Table objects, customization of measurement units and scale, an option to save selected items to a template list for reuse, and other features.

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Amazon Update

Get discounts on new Mac Minis, Retina MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, plus digital cameras, TVs and much, much more at Amazon. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through any of our links to make purchases!

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Steam Box: Xi3 zeigt Innenleben von Piston

Die kleine Kiste ist aufrüstbar, verfügt in der Standardausstattung über viel Leistung - und auf der Gamescom 2013 in Köln will Hersteller Xi3 wieder über sie sprechen. Im Video bei zeigt ein Mitarbeiter jetzt schon das Innenleben der mutmaßlichen Steam Box. (USB 3.0, Steam)

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Fujifilms Retro-Digitalkameras: X20 löst X10 ab

Auch Fujifilms retro-gestylte edelkompakte Digitalkamera X10 bekommt ein Modellpflege-Update. Die Änderungen betreffen hauptsächlich das Innenleben, aber auch der optische Sucher wurde aufgewertet. Der blendet nun digitale Aufnahmeinformationen ein.

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Broadcom's new ARM-based chip boosts Ultra HD TV into living rooms of the future

When 4K TV, now known by the more buzzy Ultra HD moniker, finally makes its way to living rooms stateside, there's a good chance it'll arrive on the back of Broadcom's tech. With its ARM-based BCM7445 video decoder solution, unveiled today at CES 2013, the chipmaker hopes to power future set-top receivers and Blu-ray players geared towards the transmission of 4K x 2K video. Utilizing the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard to compress content by up to 50-percent, the BCM7445 allows for

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GeoPalz launches ibitz line of activity trackers for kids and parents

If you want to count your steps and measure your activity, there's no shortage of options from unobtrusive bracelets to clip-on dongles. GeoPalz chose the latter form factor for its ibitz line of activity trackers that are meant not just for individual monitoring, but for keeping the whole family on target for a healthy life. The ibitz PowerKey is specifically designed for children and even has

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Belkin outs AC1800 and AC750 dual-band routers, USB WiFi adapter at CES 2013

If you've been planning on re-tooling your home network after the new year, Belkin has just outed a line of gadgets that could help do just that. The company has announced a pair of dual-band routers -- the AC1800 and AC750 -- that sport 802.11ac muscle, IntelliStream tech to prioritize video and gaming streams, and a MediaPlay app for pushing content to your TV that's powered by Twonky. Both devices also feature Smart Start which allows for quick setup with a mobile device and USB ports fo

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ooVoo update lets you and a party of 11 watch YouTube together

Someone at ooVoo must like to party it up virtually, what with features like four-way video conferencing, 12-way chat and now the ability to watch YouTube videos with up to 11 of your internet pals. Oh-so-creatively called "Watch Together," the new feature is similar to what Google+ already offers with Hangouts but with a couple more people above G+'s max of 10. Ch

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Belkin unveils the NetCam HD WiFi camera, WeMo SMART functionality in tow for $150

Looking to keep an eye on things at home while you're away? If so, Belkin is looking to lend a hand with an HD version of its NetCam WiFi camera. The device touts 720p video and digital audio capture for monitoring on-the-go and boasts easy setup with an Android or iOS smartphone and your home's WiFi router -- no need to fire up that PC. Need to monitor your goods at night? No problem. This model features night vision, just like its elder sibling. A companion app handles the mobile workload and email alerts can be pushed to you

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Improv Electronics still hates paper, announces two new Boogie Board LCD eWriters

Improv Electonics' Boogie Boards will continue to lay waste to old-fashioned notepads this year, with a couple of new models joining the company's catalogue. If their current eWriters are a little too big for your liking, you'll be pleased to hear about the Boogie Board Jot 4.5 (stage left), a smaller and lighter entry to the range for quick scribbles, with a couple of holes in the rim for pinning the slab to a corkboard (or something similar). The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 (stage right), however, is bi

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Dell refreshes its mainstream Inspiron R laptops with optional touchscreens

So far at CES, Dell has announced that its XPS 13 Ultrabook will finally get a higher-res screen. Now it's shifting its attention to the lower end: the company just refreshed its mainstream Inspiron R line with optional touchscreens and a slimmed-down form factor. All told, the line includes three screen sizes: 14, 15 and 17 inches. Now that they've all gotten a bit of a makeover, the smaller two measure about an inch thick and weigh in at less than five pounds. Still, they're all just thick enough to accommodate a tray-loading optical drive, and the 15R and

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Dell's Project Ophelia: an Android 4.0 stick that turns any display into a PC

Dell Wyse, the company's cloud services arm, is worried about your security. It's also thinking that it's time you didn't need to drag that laptop wherever you go. As such, it's working on Project Ophelia, a chunky Android stick that turns any HDTV or monitor into a display. What's different to devices like FXI's Cotton Candy, for instance, is that the hardware is a gateway to a cloud server where all of your content lives. Users can play games, display presentations or finish the last few lines of that essay w

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Braven's latest portable Bluetooth speakers: 850 charges your iPad, BRV-1 laughs at H2O (eyes-on)

It's no secret that we generally enjoy Braven's pushes into the portable Bluetooth speaker arena. The company is again aiming to take your dollars away from the likes of the Jawbone Jamboxes, offering up two new units for CES. The 850 is it's largest speaker yet, being roughly the same size as Big Jambox -- and priced much the same at $300. As you'd expect, the 850 is clad in aluminum, and has a USB port for charging external devices. That's not all, however, as Braven claims this is the worlds first batte

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Nikon shipping D5200 DSLR camera by end of January in US

Nikon will be shipping the 24.1-megapixel D5200 DSLR camera in the United States later this month. The follow-up to the D5100, announced in November last year, will be making its way to North America at the end of January at the same time as a number of accessories, including a number of wireless remotes and adapters that will work with the camera.

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Android-Smartphones mit 5-Zoll-Display und FullHD von Sony

Handlich ist Sonys Xperia Z nicht mehr, aber Display und Kamera entschädigen einen, zudem ist es wasserdicht. Etwas günstiger wird das Xperia ZL, obwohl es ebenfalls einen Vierkern-Prozessor hat.

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Neues iPhone- und iPad-Zubehör auf der CES 2013

iPad-Gitarre, Uhr, Lautsprecher-Case, Kameragriff für iPhone: Viele Zubehörhersteller haben sich die CES zum Anlass genommen, neue Produkte zu veröffentlichen. Ein kleiner Überblick für den iOS-Bereich: Ion All-Star Guitar: Das iPad als “echte” Gitarre Die All-Star Guitar macht aus dem iPad eine Gitarre. Die Livestylemarke ION Audio will im Juni eine Lightning-Ausführung des Produkts veröffentlichen. Eine App steuert die Lichter am Griff an, Lautsprecher sind ebenfalls eingebaut. Wer noch nicht das neueste iPad hat, kann den Gitarren-Controller für den 30-poligen Dock-Anschluss bestellen. Kost

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BBC launches BBC Sport app

Following on the heels of their incredible Olympics 2012 app (no longer available), the BBC yesterday released their first dedicated BBC sports app. BBC Sport came about after the Corporation's success with its dedicated Olympics app and the fact that it noticed that up to 40% of its BBC Sport website traffic came from mobile devices. The new app appears to be a UK sport lover's dream. According to a blog post by Ben Gallop, Head of Interactive, BBC Sport, the app features: Top stories and breaking news from a range of sports, including live text commentaries from all the big events In-depth football coverage, including: a ne

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500-Dollar-Scherz: HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica ist gar nicht schlau (Video)

Filed under: Lifestyle Die Jungs bei ThinkGeek hatten für kurze Zeit für 500 Dollar eine HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica im Angebot, die wahnsinnig originalgetreu aussieht (exakt nach "2001: Odyssee im Weltraum"-Plänen gebaut), aber höchstens sehr dummen Nutzern eine Portion AI vorgaukelt: das Teil kann gerade mal geräuschgesteuert Phrasen dreschen. Phänomenal. Video nach dem Break. [via

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Wikipedia: Perfektionismus verschreckt viele Autoren

Die zunehmenden Probleme der Online-Enzyklopädie Wikipedia, Autoren weiterhin an sich zu binden, haben nach Auffassung des langjährigen Unterstützers Martin Haase auch eine Ursache im zunehmenden (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaFrankreich: DSL-Provider blockt Werbung im NetzDropbox 1.6.13 - Dateien via Cloud synchronisieren

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08.01.2013 14:00 Uhr

Schnelleres WLAN: Apple sucht nach 802.11ac-Ingenieuren

In Apples Stellenangeboten verbergen sich wieder einmal Hinweise auf kommende Entwicklungen: Für Santa Clara und Cupertino sucht Apple derzeit Mitarbeiter, die das Gigabit-WLAN voranbringen sollen. Zum einen wird nach einem 802.11ac-Ingenieur gesucht, zum anderen nach Entwicklern, die den schnellen

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Hyper debuts iUSBport mini, 2 and HD cloud storage and streaming devices (hands-on)

When the original iUSBport made its debut at CES last year it was called the CloudFTP. Since then, it changed its name and today it gained some new relatives -- the iUSBport mini, 2 and HD. For those who aren't familiar with the technology, it's battery-powered file server that connects USB storage devices and streams their content over WiFi, and it can serve as an external battery for those devices, too. The iUSBport2 looks much the same as the CloudFTP, but streams data at a 50 percent faster rate (30mbps) and can co

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Acer bringt Billig-Tablet B1 mit Android für 120 Euro

Der taiwanesische Computerhersteller Acer hat anlässlich der CES 2013 mit dem Iconia Tab B1 sein erstes Billig-Tablet vorgestellt, das im unteren Preissegment gegen die zahlreichen günstigen Tablets aus China (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony stellt wasserfestes Xperia Z mit 1080p vorBericht: Apple plant Billig-iPhone mit großem Display

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iPhone Betreiberlogo ändern – Netzbetreiber-Logo

Das Netzbetreiber-Logo zu ändern ist bei einem gejailbreakten iPhone sehr einfach. Ohne Jailbreak war dies zumindest bis jetzt schon etwas komplizierter. Dank kostenlosen Apps für OS X und Windows kann man das Netzbetreiber-Logo seines iPhones auch ohne Jailbreak sehr einfach den persönlichen Wünschen anpassen. Mit CarrierEditor für OS X bzw.

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CES 2013: iSmartAlarm promises a sub-$100, iOS-based security system

Our sister site, Engadget, got a chance to try out the iSmartAlarm, which is a Wi-Fi camera set with LED lights that send an alert to your iPhone if it detects movement in your home. There's a number of options, including being able to see the movement, call 911 or just ignore it. You can also get a remote tag (the site boasts it will track children and pets), motion sensor and contact sensors for use in a window or door. We've tested a number of home security systems that work with iOS, most recently the SwannSmart ADS-450 WiFi Network Camera. With a sub-$100 entry price -- the camera is $79, Engadget reports --

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Samsung: Fünftes Rekordquartal hintereinander

Apples stärkster Konkurrent im Smartphone-Bereich meldet äußerst positiv Zahlen, die die Anleger zufriedenstimmen sollten. Im vergangenen Jahr konnte demnach den höchsten operativen Gewinn der gesamten Unternehmensgeschichte verzeichnen. Dies kann vor allem mit den populären Galaxy Smartphones begründet werden, die nach wie vor sehr hoch in der Gunst der Verbraucher stehen. Insgesamt rechnet das südkoreanische Unternehmen

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Tactus morphing touchscreen keyboard hands-on (with video)

We had opportunity to catch Tactus at SID earlier this year, though with news that the Tactus keyboard was new and improved for CES we had no choice but to take a quick peek. What's new? Well, Tactus has been sampling some new coating materials attempting to reduce glare -- and succeeding -- cut down on the controller's size by 70% and in so doing also doubled up the speed that the keyboard activates. As a refresher, the system includes a reservoir stored in the device, a controller to move the fluid into the tixels -- yes, tixels, Tactile Pixels -- and software to control the entire system. Once activated, the tixels inflate and become squishy that o

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NEC revamps its MultiSync lineup with new 24-inch IPS monitor

NEC's MultiSync monitor lineup is well-known for offering a slew of versatile choices -- as such, this year's CES isn't too bad a time for the Lavie creator to introduce a new member of the family. The newly announced 24-inch LED EA244WMi looks pretty good on paper, boasting a 1920 x 1200 resolution with IPS technology and a 16:10 aspect ratio, plus there's also built-in speakers four USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and, similar to that

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Analyst: Apple sollte auf Gewinn verzichten, um Konkurrenzkampf nicht zu verlieren

Wenn es nach Paul Sagawa von Sector & Sovereign Research geht, sollte Apple bei der Preisgestaltung seiner Geräte umdenken. Besonders hat es der Analyst hierbei auf das Smartphone-Segment abgesehen. Wenn die Konkurrenz Boden gutmacht, werde es schwer für Cupertino, die Preise zu halten, so seine These. Apple verdient beim Verkauf von iPhones nicht schlecht –

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Ultra-HD-Fernsehen: 4K-Demokanal über Satellit Eutelsat 10A gestartet

Der Satellitenbetreiber Eutelsat hat einen Demokanal für ultrahochauflösendes Fernsehen (4K, Ultra HD) gestartet. Hersteller, Produktionsfirmen, Rechteinhaber und Pay-TV-Betreiber sollen damit Erfahrungen sammeln können. (Audio/Video, Fernsehen)

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Wichtiges Sicherheitsupdate für MoinMoin-Wiki

Das Update auf Version 1.9.6 behebt unter anderem eine kritische Schwachstelle, die bereit aktiv von Cyber-Kriminellen ausgenutzt wird.

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Hands-on: Polaroid-Digicams mit und ohne Android/Wechselobjektive (Video)

Filed under: Digitalkameras Polaroid hat ja auf der CES Digicams vorgestellt, allen voran die iM1836 mit Wechselobjektiven (per Adapter auch Micro Four Thirds) und Android 4.1, dazu kommen dann noch noch Modelle ohne Android (iM1232W, iM1030) bzw. ohne Android und Wechselobjektiv (iS2433). Unsere Kollegen haben die Teile in Las Vegas schon mal befingert: Der iM1836-Prototyp liegt entsprechend der Preisklasse (399 Dollar) in der Hand, sprich: mit edel & wertig ist es nicht allzuweit her. Obendrein erwiesen sich Androi

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Almond+ WiFi router coming to Kickstarter: touchscreen, 802.11ac, home automation

Securifi isn't your average Kickstarter outfit. It already has one Almond wireless touchscreen router under its belt, currently sold at Amazon, and now it's about to bid for crowdfunding to build a sequel: the Almond+. The new device will incorporate a 2.8-inch 320 x 240 touchscreen for PC-free setup, dual band 802.11ac for speeds of up to 1,167Mbps, plus an integrated Smart Home hub that works with the slightly esoteric Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. In conjunction with the iOS and Android app, this would let

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Sony startet weltweit ersten 4K-Distributionskanal

Der japanische Konzern hat auf der CES mehrere neue TV-Geräte mit der neuen (auch Ultra-HD bezeichneten) 4K-Auflösung vorgestellt, darunter einen 4K-OLED-TV (56 Zoll). Auch die Frage nach den Inhalten (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaQualcomm stellt Snapdragon 800 mit 2,3 GHz vorSony stellt wasserfestes Xperia Z mit 1080p vor

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Paypal: "Diese Phising-Mail ist keine"

Der Jurist Alexander Herrmann hat Paypal einen eindeutigen Betrugsversuch durch eine Phishing-Mail gemeldet und war sehr überrascht über die Antwort: Die Mail sei echt. Offenbar verschickt Paypal die Entwarnung automatisch. (Server, Phishing)

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Huawei stellt Riesen-Smartphone mit 6,1 Zoll vor

Der chinesische Hersteller Huawei hat auf der Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas das "Smartphone mit dem größten Bildschirm der Welt" vorgestellt, das mit einer Display-Diagonale von 6,1 Zoll (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWindows Phone 8: Samsung ATIV Odyssey in KürzeQualcomm stellt Snapdragon 800 mit 2,3 GHz vor

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Neue USB-Speicher von Kingston vorgestellt

Der Zubehörhersteller Kingston hat auf der Consumer Electronics Show verschiedene neue USB-Speichersticks vorgestellt. Für das größere Aufsehen dürfte dabei der HyperX Predator 3.0 gesorgt haben, der mit einer Speicherkapazität von 512 GB beziehungsweise 1 TB die Speichergrenze nach oben verschiebt. Auch die Geschwindigkeit des Sticks kann sich sehen lassen und liegt im Lesevorgang bei 240 MB

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CES 2013: Intel zeigt kommende Ultrabook-Designs, demonstriert 4. Generation der Core-Prozessoren

Intel hat in der CES-Keynote eine Vorschau auf neue Chips gegeben und macht damit Hoffnung auf neue, noch dünnere MacBooks. Apple wurde zwar nicht explizit genannt bei gestrigen Vorstellung in Las Vegas, die vierte Generation der Core-Prozessoren für neue Ultrabook-Designs ist aber ideal für bis zu

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Firefox OS: Prototyp-Gerät auf der CES zu sehen

Das (ursprünglich als "Boot to Gecko") vor knapp einem Jahr erstmals angekündigte mobile Mozilla-Betriebssystem Firefox OS nähert sich langsam aber sicher der Marktreife. Dessen Macher haben auf der CES 2013 (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWindows Phone 8: Samsung ATIV Odyssey in Kürze

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Huawei Ascend W1 auf der CES entdeckt

Der chinesische Hersteller Huawei hat nicht nur zwei interessante Android-Smartphones auf der diesjährigen CES in Las Vegas vorgestellt, sondern auch das Windows-Phone-8-Smartphone W1. Ob und wann das Gerät auf den deutschen Markt anzutreffen sein wird, ist aber noch nicht bekannt.

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AMDs neue CPU-Roadmap

Mit einem neuen Tablet-Prozessor sowie zwei neuen APU-Generationen für Notebooks und Desktop-Rechnern will AMD den Abstand auf Intel verkürzen und in boomenden Marktsegmenten Fuß fassen.

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Kontrollierte Video-Verbreitung mit Ciscos Videoscape Unity

Der Netzwerkausrüster hat eine neue Version der Video-Plattform vorgestellt, die nun um DRM-Technik von NDS erweitert wurde. Cisco erhofft sich gute Geschäfte mit der TV- und Kabelnetzbranche, gerade in den besonders TV-affinen USA.

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Polaroid Kids Tablet: Gummierung, Android und Alterskontrolle für 150 Dollar (Video)

Filed under: Tablet Polaroid zeigt auf der diesjährigen CES nicht nur eine Wechselobjektiv-Android-Kamera, sondern auch ein Tablet für Kinder, das auch genauso heißt: Kids Tablet. Das Teil läuft unter Android 4.0, kommt mit 1-GHz-Prozessor, 8 GB Speicher, 512 MB RAM und 7-Zoll-Touchscreen, der im Augenschein nicht gerade umhaut, was aber angesichts des 150-Dollar-Preisschilds nicht weiter verwundert. Dazu gibt´s große Knöpfe und vorinstallierte Al

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Samsung's 2013 CES press event now live for online viewing

Samsung brought the party to Las Vegas just hours ago, and we were there to call the shots as it happened with our liveblog of the event. We were introduced to plenty of wicked new televisions -- some smart, others massive, and one that's just downright impressive -- along with

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„XCOM: Enemy Unknown“: Kostenfreier DLC „Second Wave“ erhältlich

Die Neuauflage des Strategiespielklassikers „XCOM: Enemy Unknown“ (ComputerBase-Test) erfreut sich nicht nur großer Popularität, sondern auch einer ordentlichen Produktpflege. Nach dem ersten DLC folgt nun ein weiteres, diesmal kostenloses Inhaltspaket, welches die Wiederspielbarkeit erhöhen soll.

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Diskstation Manager 4.2 Beta: Synology will mit seinen NAS-Servern ins Unternehmen

Der NAS-Hersteller Synology hat eine neue Betaversion seiner NAS-Firmware Diskstation Manager 4.2 veröffentlicht. Die enthält vor allem Funktionen, mit denen Synology seine Geräte für den Unternehmenseinsatz rüsten will. (Speichermedien, Storage)

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Steuerrazzia bei Nokia in Indien

Die indischen Behörden haben den finnischen Smartphone-Riesen offenbar wegen massiver Steuerhinterziehung aufs Korn genommen: Laut Bericht werden sowohl ein Werk als auch Büros des Konzerns durchsucht.

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Safari feiert zehnten Geburtstag

Apples eigener Webbrowser wurde vom verstorbenen Mitbegründer Steve Jobs am 07. Januar 2003 erstmals der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Demzufolge markiert das heutige Datum den bereits zehnten Geburtstag von Safari. Steve Jobs kündigte den Browser Safari während einer Keynote innerhalb der Macworld-Messe mit folgenden Worten an: “Haltet euch fest. Wir haben etwas komplett Neues für euch!” Der

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CES 2013: Belkin streicht eSATA-Unterstützung in Thunderbolt Express Dock

Der Zubehör-Spezialist Belkin streicht bei seinem neuen Thunderbolt Express Dock die Unterstützung für eSATA. Das jetzt bei der CES 2013 präsentierte aktualisierte Thunderbolt Express Dock wird günstiger als zunächst angekündigt, wird dafür allerdings auch ein bisschen weniger können.Als Belkin

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SkypeHide tarnt Datenversand in Skype-Gesprächen

Der Datenstrom der VoIP-Software Skype kann gut genutzt werden, um den Versand zusätz­licher Daten zu verschleiern. Eine passende Software haben Forscher vom Institut für Telekommunikation der Universität (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaIE-Lücke: "Fix-it"-Patch wurde offenbar ausgehebeltNetz-Zugriff: Teenager setzen Eltern außer Gefecht

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Wie die alte Airport Express: Neuer Netgear WLAN-Verstärker für die Wandsteckdose unterstützt AirPlay

Mit dem WN3500RP hat Netgear einen neuen WLAN-Verstärker im Programm, der obendrauf noch als AirPlay-Empfänger eingesetzt werden kann. Von iOS-Geräten und mit einer Zusatz-App auch von Android aus lässt sich drahtlos Musik an über Miniklinke oder USB an den Range Mehr zum ThemaBackups: Regelmäßige Datensicherung

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Ultra HD: Samsung kündigt 4K-110-Zoll-LCD-Fernseher an

Auf der CES zeigt Samsung einen 4K-Fernseher mit 85 Zoll. Das Gerät mit 1,3-GHz Quad-Core-A15-Prozessor soll in Deutschland sogar im 110-Zoll-Format auf den Markt kommen. (Cloud Computing, Business-Notebooks)

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Tethercell: Handelsübliche Batterien per Bluetooth steuern

Zwei Raketentechniker wollen Batterien und Akkus reif für das Internetzeitalter machen - ihr Tethercell-Adapter verwandelt eine AAA-Batterie in eine fernsteuerbare AA-Batterie. (Akku, Mobil)

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Intel: Schnellere Tablet-Atoms, billigere Smartphone-Atoms, sparsamere Core-i-CPUs

Tablets mit deutlich leistungsfähigeren Valleyview-Atoms sollen vor Jahresende zu haben sein und auch billigere Atom-Smartphones. Für Windows-8-Tablets kommen 7-Watt-Versionen von Core i3/i5/i7.

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MacBook Pro Retina erstmals generalüberholt im deutschsprachigen Refurbished Store

Im deutschsprachigen Apple Store für generalüberholte Geräte gibt es erstmals das MacBook Pro mit Retina Display. Momentan stehen die folgenden Konfigurationen zur Verfügung: Das MacBook Pro Retina mit 2,6 GHz QuadCore-Prozessor und 512 GB SSD wird für 2459 Euro angeboten, 440 Euro unter dem Neupreis. In der Ausstattung mit 2,7 GHz QuadCore, 768 GB SSD und 16 GB RAM sind es 3299 Euro, 550 Euro

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Nyko unveils Charge Station U, Pro Commander Wii U peripherals at CES 2013

In the past few years, Nyko's transformed from a third-party peripheral manufacturer of poor repute to one many gamers depend on for quality products. Devices like the Nintendo Wii Charge Station and the 3DS Power Pak+ went a long way in earning good will, and the latest slew of add-ons continues the company's recent tradition. Nyko's Charge Station U ($34.99) bolsters the standard Wii U GamePad charge stand with space for two plain Wii controllers (and incl

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MakerBot showing off Replicator 2X 3D printer later today

The year of 3D printers? It's sure looking like it from where we're sitting. There are more companies at CES 2013 promoting consumer versions of the technology than ever before. Of course, MakerBot's not going to sit idly by and watch this all go down. The Brooklyn-based company is set to show off its Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer -- the dual-extruding "big brother" to its recently released second-gen printer -- at a press conference tomorrow. Hopefully pricing and available will be arriving on with it.Filed under: Misc

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Qualcomm mit neuem Snapdragon 600 und 800 Prozessor

Qualcomm, großer Gewinner im Halbleitermarkt 2012, hat auf der CES seine neuesten ARM-Prozessoren „Snapdragon 600“ und „Snapdragon 800“ vorgestellt. Letzterer soll bis zu 75 Prozent schneller sein als der Vorgänger „Snapdragon S4 Pro“. Der Snapdragon 600 soll diesem immerhin noch um 40 Prozent überlegen sein.

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Job-Angebot weist auf Gigabit-WLAN in kommenden Macs hin

Nur kurz nach den Gerüchten um Macs mit Gigabit-WLAN, gießt Apple höchst selbst Öl in das Feuer. Eine Stellenanzeige sucht nach erfahrenen Testern, die sich gut ausdrücken können und bestens mit 802.11-Technologien in Geräten für Endanwender vertraut sind. Angeblich sollen entsprechende Macs bereits in diesem Jahr auf den Markt kommen. Bei Apple werden derzeit zwei

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THQ: Spiele und Studios werden versteigert

Die Zukunft von THQ ist düster: US-Medien berichten, dass Ende Januar 2013 eine Versteigerung stattfinde, bei der Spielemarken wie Saints Row unter den Hammer kommen. Unter anderem EA und Warner Bros. sollen Interesse haben. (THQ, Games)

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1-TByte-Stick mit USB 3.0

Noch im ersten Quartal will Kingston den DataTraveler HyperX Predator in den Handel bringen - zu welchem Preis ist noch nicht bekannt.

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Modellpflege bei Nikons Kompaktkameras

Beauty-Retusche, Best-Shot-Selector, Blinzelprüfung: Nikon aktualisiert mit der S6500 und der S2700 das Coolpix-Sortiment.

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Positionsbestimmung mit Serverhilfe

Forscher bei Microsoft Research arbeiten an einer verbesserten GPS-Navigation für Mobilgeräte, die besonders stromsparend sein soll.

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Support für den Windows Home Server läuft aus

Ab sofort wird es keine Updates für die erste Generation des Windows Home Server mehr geben. Man sollte die Dienste des Servers daher sicherheitshalber nicht mehr über das Internet zugänglich machen.

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Belkin überarbeitet einmal mehr das Thunderbolt Express Dock

Das Thunderbolt Express Dock sollte ursprünglich bereits vergangenen Sommer erscheinen, doch wurde der Veröffentlichungstermin immer wieder verschoben, um das Gerät zu überarbeiten. Dabei schwankte auch der Preis und lag zuletzt wegen der Integration von eSATA und USB 3.0 bei 399,99 US-Dollar. Auf der diesjährigen Consumer Electronics Show hat Belkin nun eine weitere überarbeitete Version präs

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Apple sucht weiter nach Retail-Chef

Nach dem Rauswurf von John Browett hat ein US-Medium insgesamt acht mögliche Kandidaten ins Spiel gebracht – fünf externe und drei interne.

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Project Shield: NVIDIAs Game-Hybrid wird teuer aber redlich

Filed under: Companies, Project Shield NVIDIAs just vorgestellter Controller/Konsolen-Hybrid Project Shield für Android- und vom PC gestreamte Games wird nicht dem "altehrwürdigen Geschäftsmodell" folgen, das bei Rasierklingen, Druckern und Spielkonsolen genauso profitabel wie gemein funktioniert (Konsumenten mit Basisprodukt zum gestützten Preis ködern, um ihm langfristig überteuerten Nachschub anzudrehen). Man wolle vielmehr ganz altmodisch und redlich mit dem Verkauf der Geräte Gewinn erwirtschaften, erklärte N

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Microsoft gratuliert Windows RT-Hacker zum Erfolg

Microsoft hat dem Entwickler der ersten "Jailbreak"-Methode für sein neues Tablet-Betriebssystem Windows RT zu ihrem Erfolg gratuliert. Gleichzeitig erklärte das Unternehmen, dass der Ansatz im Alltag wohl (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWindows 8: Vizio bringt Full HD-Tablet mit AMD-CPUQ4 2012: HTC kann Abwärtstendenz nicht stoppen

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Diagnosegerät: Registrierung für Tricorder X Prize startet

Ein mobiles Breitbanddiagnosegerät nach dem Vorbild des Tricorders aus der Star-Trek-Serie zu entwickeln, ist die Aufgabe des Tricorder X Prize. Am heutigen 8. Januar 2013 startet die Registrierung für den mit insgesamt 10 Millionen US-Dollar dotierten Wettbewerb. (Technologie, Wissenschaft)

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Panasonic HX-A100: Minikamera am Ohr

Ein ungewöhnliches Konzept verfolgt Panasonic bei seiner Minikamera HX-A100. Das 30 Gramm schwere Gerät wird am Ohr befestigt. (Panasonic, Bildstabilisierung)

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Parrot Flower Power überwacht den Zustand von Zimmerpflanzen

Das Sensorstöckchen von Parrot, die bislang vor allem mit iher AR.Drone bekannt wurden, kommuniziert per Bluetooth mit iPad und iPhone und bietet Anschluss an eine Gärtnerdatenbank.

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Forschungsergebnisse für künftige Generationen

Eine Kooperation von deutschen Wissenschaftsinstituten soll Strategien entwickeln, um die Daten der modernen Forschung unabhängig vom Speichermedium langfristig abzusichern. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf unterschiedlichen Disziplinen.

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Qualcomm: Entwicklungsplattform für das Internet der Dinge

Java-Entwickler sollen mit der für das zweite Quartal versprochenen "Internet of Everything"-Plattform Anwendungen für Bereiche wie Haus- und Gebäudeautomation schreiben können.

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Video: Corning demonstriert staubtrocken, wie stabil Gorilla Glas 3 ist (Video)

Filed under: Smartphones Corning zeigt auf der CES natürlich wieder die neustes Version seiner Touchscreen - Scheiben Gorilla Glas, dessen dritte Version dreimal kratzfester als die aktuelle sein soll und natürlich auch irgendwie stabiler, was die Jungs von Corning auf der Messe wiederum mittels verchromten Stahlkugeln demonstrieren, ohne dass dabei auch nur ein Hauch Action aufkommt: ingenieurmäßig unspe

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'Steam-Box': Valve investiert in PC-Hersteller Xi3

Der Spielentwickler und Steam-Betreiber Valve soll seit einiger Zeit die Einführung von so etwas wie einer eigenen Spielkonsole planen. Die "Steam Box" selbst wurde auf der CES zwar nicht enthüllt, aber (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaAge of Empires Online: Weiterentwicklung gestopptProject Shield: Nvidia kündigt mobile Konsole an

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Linux-Desktops: Compiz wird nicht auf Wayland portiert

Compiz soll nicht auf Wayland portiert werden. Das gab der Compiz-Entwickler Sam Spilsbury bekannt. Es werde lediglich Bugfixes für den Compositing Manager geben. Spilsbury sieht die Fragmentierung unter Linux als großes Problem. (Ubuntu, Linux)

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Fujifilm-Retrokameras: X20 und X100S mit X-Trans-Sensoren und optischen Suchern

Fujifilm hat mit der X20 und der X100S die Nachfolgegeneration seiner Retrokameras vorgestellt und sie mit dem X-Trans-Sensor ausgestattet, der auch schon in den Fujifilm-Systemkameras seinen Dienst verrichtet. Neu ist sein Einsatz als 2/3 Zoll großes Modell. (Digitalkamera, Fujifilm)

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Qualcomm und Ballmer: Treffen der Generationen

Qualcomm-CEO Paul Jacobs hat auf der diesjährigen CES die Keynote gehalten. Das blieb früher Bill Gates und Steve Ballmer vorbehalten. Doch Ballmer ließ sich auch diesmal blicken. Und stimmte mit in das Loblied der "Bornmobile"-Generation ein.

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Bericht: Apple plant Billig-iPhone mit großem Display

Apple will laut Quellen aus Asien in diesem Jahr eine günstigere Version seines iPhone auf den Markt bringen, die vor allem für China und andere aufstrebende Märkte konzipiert ist. Angeblich gibt es bereits (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSamsung verzeichnet noch einmal RekordzahlenApple verdoppelte 2012 die Zahl der App-Downloads

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Steuer-Spar-Erklärung, WISO und SteuerFuchs: Die Steuererklärung 2012 auf dem Mac

Falls ihr schon ganz heißt darauf seid, endlich eure Steuererklärung für 2012 zu machen: Die neu im Mac App Store verfügbare Steuer-Spar-Erklärung 2013 unterstützt euch dabei. Wenn man der Beschreibung glauben darf, führt die App nicht nur Schritt für Schritt Mehr zum ThemaiMovie unter OS X: Film-Import per Drag-and-Drop (Video)

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Fliegende Kameras mit dem Kepler Space Kit

Für Nah-Aufnahmen von der Sonne brauchen Sie nicht selbst zu fliegen. Lassen Sie ihre Kamera mit dem Kepler Space Kit allein aufsteigen.

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FireFlower lässt FFmpeg wachsen und gedeihen

FFmpeg 1.1 steht ab sofort unter anderem mit neuen En- und Decodern, Demuxern und Untertitelfiltern bereit. Die Sammlung von Bibliotheken und Werkzeugen zur Verarbeitung von Audio- und Videomaterial unterstützt nun außerdem animierte GIFs.

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Samsungs TV: Viele Pixel, viele Apps, wenig OLED

Samsung kündigte zum CES-Auftakt neue Apps und Konzepte für die bessere Bedienung von Smart-TVs an. 4K-Fernseher gibt es bald in ganz groß, OLEDs bleiben dagegen Mangelware.

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Was bedeutet die CES 13 für Apple in der TV-Branche?

Die 3 größten Produzenten von TV-Geräten, Samsung, LG und Sharp, zeigten auf der CES 2013, was ihr Repertoire zu bieten hatte. Bereits im vergangenen Jahr stellte Samsung OLED-Modelle vor, heuer wurden dann endlich die

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iPhone-Hülle mit berührungsempfindlicher Rückseite

Das Sensus Case von Canopy erlaubt zusätzliche Bedieneingaben beim iPhone 4/4S und 5. Allerdings müssen Entwickler dazu eine API nutzen.

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Neuer 27 Zoll iMac ist in 3 bis 4 Wochen versandfertig

Apple hat mit dem neuen iMac in der Tat wieder für eine kleine Designrevolution gesorgt. Das 2012er Modell ist bisher der dünnste Desktop PC aus dem Hause Apple und erfreut sich somit auch einer hohen Nachfrage. Das kann man vor allem zwischen den Zeilen lesen, denn wer einen 27 Zoll iMac der neusten Generation sein

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Deutschland: Mobiler Web-Traffic geht zu zwei Dritteln von Apple-Geräten aus

Normalerweise beziehen sich die meisten Studien zum Web-Traffic auf die USA. Nun haben die Marktforscher von Webtrekk allerdings gesondert den deutschen Markt betrachtet und konnten dabei feststellen, dass Apple in Sachen mobiler Web-Traffic deutlich die Nase vorn hat. In erster Linie konnte das Webanalyse-Unternehmen Webtrekk aus Berlin feststellen, dass immer mehr Deutsche mit dem Smartphone

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Mad Catz kündigt „GameSmart“-Peripherie für mobile Geräte an

Gamingspezialist Mad Catz, der nach dem Kauf von Saitek vor allem durch die modulare Cyborg-Serie bekannt ist, hat passend zur CES in Las Vegas neue Eingabegeräte vorgestellt. Die unter dem Motto „GameSmart“ gezeigten Produkte sollen das Spielen an mobilen Geräten wie Smartphones oder Tablets „auf ein neues Level heben“.

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Video und Ergebnisse zum DX11-Benchmark „Catzilla“

Vor etwas mehr als zwei Monaten kündigte sich ein neues Benchmark-Programm an: Dieses soll nicht nur technisch beeindruckend werden, sondern ebenso thematisch nicht viel mit bisherigen Benchmarks gemein haben: Denn so hat man sich als Hauptprotagonisten eine Riesenkatze inklusive Laserstrahlen ausgedacht: „Catzilla“ eben.

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N wie Neu: Canons PowerShot N

Mit der Canon PowerShot N führt Canon eine neue Kompaktkameralinie ein, die sich als kreative Ergänzung zum Smartphone versteht.

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08.01.2013 11:00 Uhr

Apple-Internet-Boss Cue beschäftigt sich mit Foursquare

Nachdem sich Gerüchte, der Konzern könne den Navi-Anbieter Waze übernehmen, nicht bewahrheitet haben, wird nun über ein Interesse Apples an dem Check-In-Dienst spekuliert.

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SuperSpeed USB 3.0 soll Thunderbolt 2014 einholen

Früher hieß es USB gegen FireWire, nun USB gegen Thunderbolt: Noch liegt Thunderbolt bei der Geschwindigkeit vorne, doch auf der CES kündigte die USB 3.0 Promoter Group "SuperSpeed USB 3.0" an. Die Datenübertragungsgeschwindigkeit soll im Vergleich zu USB 3.0 verdoppelt werden.Sie würde dann

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Manager gesucht: Apples Suche nach einem neuen Apple-Store-Chef

Nach dem letztlich doch schnellen Abgang von Apples ehemaligen Retail-Chef John Browett, sucht der Konzern nun nach einem neuen Manager für die Apple-Stores. Dabei kommen interne und externe Kandidaten in Frage. Einen weiteren Fehlgriff will Apple sich in diesem Bereich nicht leisten. Die Kollegen

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iMac 27 Zoll: 4 Wochen Wartezeit

Gut iMac will Weile haben: Wer den großen iMac mit 27-Zoll-Display bestellt, muss 3-4 Wochen warten und wird das Gerät somit erst im Februar in Empfang nehmen können. Das kleine Modell ist hingegen in 7-10 Geschäftstagen versandfertig.Offenbar hat Apple immer noch Probleme mit den neuen, dünnen

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Kingston bringt USB-Stick mit 1 Terabyte Kapazität

Der Speicherspezialist Kingston hat auf der Unterhaltungselektronik-Messe CES in Las Vegas einen USB-Stick vorgestellt, der externen Festplatten durchaus Konkurrenz machen kann - wenn natürlich auch nicht im (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaUSB 3.0 verdoppelt Geschwindigkeit auf 10 GBit/sHGST: Notebook-Speicher mit 1 TB und 7.200 U/min

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Adobe verschenkt Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign und Co. – allerdings nur für ältere Systeme

Adobe bietet derzeit die komplette Creative Suite 2 inklusive Seriennummern kostenlos an. Grund dafür ist eine Umstellung der Aktivierungsserver, durch das Angebot soll Käufern der Software auch weiterhin die Nutzung ermöglicht werden. Von diesem Umstand profitieren nun zunächst einmal alle Mehr zum Thema

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Parrot Flower Power: Pflanzen rufen per Bluetooth um Hilfe

Mit dem Pflanzensensor Flower Power will Parrot Hobbygärtnern helfen, die nicht mit einem grünen Daumen gesegnet sind. Auf dem iPhone oder Android-Gerät gibt es Tipps, damit die Pflanzen überleben. (Server, 802.3)

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Irische Zeitungsverleger wollen keine Lizenzgebühren für Verlinkungen

Die Verwertungsgesellschaft der irischen Zeitungsverleger will klarstellen, dass sie für die bloße Verlinkung auf Zeitungsinhalte keine Gebühren verlangt.

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Intel liefert neue stromsparende "Ivy-Bridge"-Prozessoren für Notebooks aus

Auf der Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hat Intel heute offiziell die neuen Strom sparenden Core-Prozessoren auf Basis der "Ivy Bridge"-Architektur vorgestellt. War bislang seitens Intel eine Leistungsaufnahme von 10 Watt im Gespräch, konnte man in den vergangenen Monaten die TDP (Thermal Design Power, Maximalwert der thermischen Verlustleistung) der neuen Notebook-Prozessoren nun sogar

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Belkin verbilligt Thunderbolt-Dock und streicht Funktion

Das vor über einem Jahr erstmals angekündigte Thunderbolt Express Dock soll nun ohne eSATA-Anschluss kommen und etwas günstiger werden.

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Fitbit-Tracker mit Armband

Das Angebot an Fitness-Zubehör für Mobilgeräte wird langsam unübersichtlich: Nun stellte der Anbieter Fitbit einen weiteren Bewegungs-Tracker vor – diesmal als Armband.

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Hands-on: Lego Mindstorms EV3 mit Bastelanleitungen von der iPad App (Video)

Filed under: Spielzeugbots Lego zeigt auf der CES das nächste Mindstorms-Set, das auf den Namen EV3 hört und im August zu haben sein wird, in den USA für 350 Dollar. Der Botbaukasten wird dabei dank ARM9-Prozessor schneller, außerdem gibt´s mehr Speicher, USB-Port, SD-Karten-Slot, erweiterte Programmiermöglichkeiten und 3D-animierte Bastelanleitungen als iPad App. Video nach dem Break. Gallery: Hands-on: Lego Mindstorms EV3

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Polaroid präsentiert neues Kids Tablet PTAB750

Tablets erfreuen sich bei Nutzern großer Beliebtheit, wobei sich diese Popularität auch auf die jüngsten Generation erstrecken dürfte. Aus diesem Grund haben in der Vergangenheit bereits mehrere Unternehmen spezielle Kinder-Tablets vorgestellt, weshalb nun auch Polaroid sein eigenes „Kids Tablet“ PTAB750 präsentiert.

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Lacie 5big Thunderbolt: 20 TByte als Designobjekt auf dem Schreibtisch

Lacie hat mit dem 5big Thunderbolt ein externes Laufwerk vorgestellt, das bis zu 20 TByte Festplattenkapazität verwalten und mit fünf Laufwerken ausgestattet werden kann. Es wird per Thunderbolt an den Rechner angeschlossen. (Speichermedien, Storage)

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TV und Video: Sony meint es ernst mit 4K

Sony hat auf der CES nicht nur "bezahlbarere" 4K-Fernseher angekündigt, sondern obendrein gleich auch eine Distributions-Plattform für Filme in 4K-Auflösung. Viele andere Hersteller zeigen auf ihren 4K-Geräten nur hochgerechnete Full-HD-Inhalte.

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Adobe: Creative Suite 2 jetzt ohne Login herunterladbar

Gestern machte die Meldung die Runde, Adobe verschenke die Creative Suite 2. Während das technisch durchaus korrekt ist, ist dem rechtlich nicht unbedingt so. Auf jeden Fall scheint es Adobe ernst zu meinen – die Wartungsarbeiten von gestern sind beendet. Das Ergebnis: Der Login entfällt – jeder kann die Programme nun herunterladen. Wir berichteten gestern

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Steam Box: Valve investiert in Xi3

Sieht so die Steam Box aus? Das könnte gut sein, denn das eigentlich für industrielle Bedürfnisse gedachte Chassis ist Markenzeichen einer Firma namens Xi3 - und in die hat Valve investiert. (Steam, Linux)

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Mehr ultra: Sony zeigt 4K-Fernseher mit 56-Zoll-OLED

Sony hat einen der ersten 4K-OLED-Fernseher gebaut. Der Prototyp mit 56-Zoll-Diagonale wird auf der CES in Las Vegas ausgestellt - parallel zu neuen 4K-LCD-Fernsehern. (Sony, OLED)

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Tauziehen um Internetzensur: Google lenkt in China (ein bisschen) ein

Seit Mai 2012 wies Google Internetnutzer in China auf Suchwörter hin, deren Gebrauch wegen Zensur zu einem Abbrechen der Verbindung führen kann. Die chinesische Regierung reagierte mit verschiedenen Störmaßnahmen. Google hat den Hinweis wieder entfernt.

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Hands-On mit dem Sony Xperia Z: 5-Zoll großer Full-HD-Display, 13-Megapixel-Kamera, wasserdicht (Video)

Filed under: Smartphones Der Höhepunkt der Sony-Pressekonferenz gestern abend anlässlich der CES war die Vorstellung des Xperia Z und des Schwestermodells Xperia ZL. Das 5-Zoll-Smartphone läuft mit Jelly Bean Android, hat einen 1080p Full-HD-Touchscreen, eine 13-Megapixel-Kamera und unterstützt LTE. Man sieht es dem 139 x 71 x 7,9 mm großen und 146 Gramm schweren Gehäuse des Xperia Z nicht an - aber es ist, anders als das ZL, nach IP55 und IP57 als wasser- und staubdicht ausgewiesen. Sowohl Vorder- als auch Rückseite sind mit kratzfestem Glas bestückt. Im Innern stecken ein Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Quad-Core-Prozessor mit 1,5 GHz

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Phones 4U gives Sony Xperia Z March 1st release date in UK, will be coming to Vodafone

Sony unveiled the Xperia Z just hours earlier over in Las Vegas, but UK retailer Phones 4U has already announced that Brits will see the phone at the start of March. Excited "omni-balance" fans can pre-register (that is, sign-up for email updates) on the phone-seller's site starting today. The press release adds that it'll arrive across "a range of networks". In fact, Vodafone's told us directly that it'll definitely be selling the new flagship, although it hasn't followed Phones 4U's posited date -- we're still waiting for official confirma

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IoT: Konsortium will Internet der Dinge voranbringen

Elf Unternehmen haben das "Internet of Things Consortium" gegründet, darunter Logitech und Ouya. Sie wollen dafür sorgen, dass internetfähige Geräte besser zusammenarbeiten. (VoIP, Internet)

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Netgear: NeoTV Prime kommt mit Google TV

Netgear erweitert seine NeoTV genannte Mediaplayer-Reihe um eine Set-Top-Box mit Google TV. (Server, Netgear)

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X100s: Fujifilm kündigt X100-Nachfolger an

Gleiches Konzept, stark überarbeitetes Innenleben: Rund zwei Jahre nach der Markteinführung kündigt Fujifilm das Nachfolgemodell seiner Edelkompakten X100 an. Die Haupt-Features: Neuer Sensor, schnellerer Autofokus, digitaler Schnittbildindikator.

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Abgeschottetes Android für Unternehmen

Eine speziell angepasste Version des Mobilbetriebssystems überwacht, was der User mit seinem Gerät tun kann – basierend auf der jeweiligen Nutzungssituation.

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08.01.2013 10:00 Uhr

Gigabyte arrives at CES with two Windows 8 tablets, including an 11.6-inch S1185 with 1080p and Ivy Bridge

Who's afraid of the Windows 8 tablet crush? Not Gigabyte. According to Mobile Geeks, the company has brought a couple of new tablets to Las Vegas -- the S1185 for regular customers and the businessy S1082 -- in the expectation that they'll make a dent despite intense competition. The more interesting S1185 has a few things going for it, including a 1080p 11.6-inch display, a pow

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Ford teams up with Eaton, Whirlpool and SunPower to create MyEnergi Lifestyle, hopes to reduce everyone's CO2 footprint

Trying to lower your utility bill? Maybe it's time you talked to a motor company -- Ford is on the warpath to reduce energy consumption. In a collaborative effort with SunPower Eaton and Whirlpool Ford is trying to show the world how it can drastically lower its electricity bills through the use of technology. The effort is called MyEnergi Lifestyle, and according to a model cooked up by the Georgia Institute of Technology, its energy-saving tricks could reduce the energy costs of an average single family home by as much as 60-percent. If every home in the U.S. got with

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Sony stellt wasserfestes Xperia Z mit 1080p vor

Der japanische Elektronikkonzern Sony hat im Rahmen der CES 2013 sein neustes Flaggschiff Xperia Z präsentiert. Das 5-Zoll-Android-Smartphone will mit Full HD, Quad-Core-CPU und einer (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaAndroid-Tastatur Swype jetzt mit Crowd-WörterbuchSamsung verzeichnet noch einmal Rekordzahlen

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AMD stellt Radeon-HD-8000-Serie für OEM-Rechner vor

Erst am gestrigen Tage haben wir über die vermutlichen Codenamen für AMDs Radeon-HD-8000-Grafikgeneration, Codename Sea Islands, berichtet. Wenig überraschend hat AMD auf der CES-Pressekonferenz kein einziges Wort über die zukünftigen Produkte gesprochen und stattdessen unter anderem den Notebook-Ableger, Solar System, erwähnt.

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Frühjahrsputz in der Cloud

Nicht genutzte Instanzen in der Cloud können Nutzer schnell teuer kommen. Janitor Monkey überwacht, markiert und löscht die eingesetzten Ressourcen.

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eBay-Apps mit verbesserten Verkaufsfunktionen

Das Auktionsportal eBay hat die iOS-Apps für iPad, iPhone und iPod touch auf Version 2.2 beziehungsweise 2.7 aktualisiert und insbesondere bei der iPad-Variante verschiedene Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Grundlegend überarbeitet wurden in beiden Versionen die Verkaufsfunktionen, welche unter anderem für Fotos zusätzliche Bearbeitungsoptionen bereitstellt und neue Möglichkeiten zur Speicherung vo

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Sony Xperia Z: 5-Zoll-Display, Quad-Core-CPU und 1080p-Auflösung

Das Sony Xperia Z stellt das künftige Sony-Flaggschiff dar und wurde en détail während der CES 2013 vorgestellt. Einen besonderen Fokus hat Sony auf das Display des Xperia Z gelegt, denn dieses wartet mit einer 5-Zoll-Diagonalen auf und bietet überdies die Full-HD-Auflösung von 1920×1080 Pixeln an (Pixeldichte: 440 ppi) – während der CES 2013 wurden

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Seagate announces new wireless hard drive

Seagate has announced the upcoming launch of a new wireless hard drive that offers 1 TB of storage. The Wireless Plus features built-in WiFi capabilities that allows the drive to create its own network. Because of this, data can be streamed from the drive directly to another device without the need for any sort of actual internet connection. A 10-hour battery is also built directly into the device, and an included USB 3.0 adapter lets users quickly transfer content between the drive and a computer.

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Auf der Suche nach einem neuen Apple-Retailchef

Momentan beschäftigt Apple keinen eigenen Chef der Retail-Abteilung. Nachdem sich Apple im Oktober von John Browett getrennt hatte, übernahm Tim Cook vorläufig die Leitung der Retail-Kette. Dies ist aber keine Dauerlösung; Apple ist eifrig auf der Suche nach einem neuen Retail-Chef und wird wohl erheblich vorsichtiger und sorgfältiger vorgehen, als es bei der gemeinhin als Fehlschlag aufgefass

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BlueAnt announces Q3 Bluetooth headset

BlueAnt offers up its 3rd iteration of the Q-series of bluetooth headsets at CES 2013: say hello to the BlueAnt Q3. Packed in the new Q3's curvier shell are all the niceties of a modern Bluetooth headset including Siri support, Google Voice actions -- using free downloadable app -- wind noise protection up to 22mph, wideband audio and the promise of 7 hours talk and 100 hours standby time. Like the Q1 and Q2 before it, the Q3 will launch shortly after it

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DisplayLink stellt USB-3.0-Lösung für den Mac vor

Bereits seit längerer Zeit gibt es auf Basis von USB 2.0 von DisplayLink verschiedene Dock-Lösungen, um unter anderem zusätzliche Displays über USB am Mac anzuschließen. Allerdings beschränkt die Bandbreite von USB 2.0 bei derartigen Lösungen die maximal zu erreichende Auflösung und Anzahl der Anschlüsse. Auf der Consumer Electronic Show hat DisplayLink nun auch für Mac-Besitzer Abhilfe verspr

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Apple iPhone 4 mit 16 GB für 449,00 Euro bei Ebay

Price Guard bietet heute das Apple iPhone 4 mit 16 GB zum Preis von 449,00 Euro versandkostenfrei auf Ebay an. Wer nicht das neueste Modell haben muss und ein gutes Smartphone sucht, sollte sich das Angebot anschauen. Die Auslieferung erfolgt ohne Vertrag und ohne SIMLOCK.  Apple iPhone 4 Hauptmerkmale: kein Vertrag, kein SIMLOCK T-Mobile Geräte (APN/Zugangspunkte vorkonfiguriert, Logo) Display: Retina Display,  3,5″ Multi-Touch-Widescreen-Display (8,89 cm Diagonale) mit  960 x 640 Pixel bei 326 ppi Mobilfunknetz und Wi-Fi: UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (

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CES 2013: Dead Trigger 2 kommt in 2. Quartal 2013

Der Shooter Dead Trigger zählt für mich zu einem der unterhaltsamsten Shooter für Mobilfunkgeräte respektive Tablets. Umso mehr freue ich mich darüber, dass der Entwickler Madfinger nun den Nachfolger Dead Trigger 2 angekündigt hat, der vor allem auf Tegra 4-Geräte ausgelegt ist.

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Delphi / Verizon's Vehicle Diagnostics hands-on (video)

We first caught wind of Delphi and Verizon's new Vehicle Diagnostics service a couple of days back. Today we got to see the thing in action at the Pepcom event here at CES. The hardware is a small black plastic box that should plug into most cars sold in the US after 1996. Once inserted, it communicates wireless with your Android or iOS handset or tablet. The Delphi rep we spoke with started things off by pointing out that it does more than just the diagnostics implied by its name -- and that's certainly the case. There's a long laundry list of functionality here. He certainly had a lot to talk about. On a base-level, we're talking geo-fences, performance alerts and map tracking -- it can also mimic key functionality, so you can l

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Windows RT: Microsoft gratuliert Jailbreaker Clrokr

Microsoft hat in einer Stellungnahme dem Hacker Clrokr zu seinem Windows-RT-Jailbreak gratuliert, sieht darin aber keine Gefahr. Dennoch soll die Lücke geschlossen werden. (Windows 8, Applikationen)

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 800: 75 Prozent schneller als der Snapdragon S4 im Nexus 4

Qualcomm hat mit dem Snapdragon 800 auf der CES eine neue Generation seiner ARM-Prozessoren vorgestellt. Der Chip soll rund 75 Prozent schneller sein als ein Snapdragon S4 Pro, der unter anderem in Googles Smartphone Nexus 4 zum Einsatz kommt. (Prozessor, USB 3.0)

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08.01.2013 9:00 Uhr

CES 2013: Sensus, die berührungsempfindliche iPhone-Hülle

Eine der besonderen Hardwarefunktionen der PlayStation Vita ist ihre berührungsempfindliche Rückseite. Zubehörhersteller Canopy ließ sich davon inspirieren und zeigt auf der CES in Las Vegas Sensus, eine berührungsempfindliche iPhone-Hülle.Mit ihr lassen sich iOS-Apps bedienen, ohne dass der

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Qualcomm stellt Snapdragon 800 mit 2,3 GHz vor

Gestern war Nvidia mit der Vorstellung des Tegra 4 dran, heute zog Qualcomm, der Marktführer in Sachen mobiler Prozessoren, nach. Neben dem Snapdragon 600 stellte der Chiphersteller auch sein künftiges (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaNetbooks haben PC-Markt für Windows 8 zerstörtWindows 8: Vizio bringt Full HD-Tablet mit AMD-CPU

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Neue Roadmap: Intel mit Billig-Smartphones und 7-Watt-CPUs

Genau zwei neue Prozessorlinien hat Intel auf der CES vorgestellt - aber auch die neue Roadmap. Zudem gab es ein großes Versprechen für Notebooks mit Haswell-CPUs. (Prozessor, Intel)

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Kingston: USB-Stick mit 1 TByte und USB 3.0

Mit dem Datatraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 bringt Kingston einen USB-Speicherstick mit einer Kapazität von 1 TByte auf den Markt, der dank USB 3.0 recht schnell ist. (Speichermedien, Storage)

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Bosch: Selbstfahrende Autos brauchen noch mindestens zehn Jahre

"Wir bewegen uns in diese Richtung in einzelnen Schritten", sagte der nordamerikanische Bosch-Manager Scott Winchip am Montag auf der CES.

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Flower Power: Parrot zeigt Pflanzensensor mit iOS-Anbindung

Im Sommer haben wir euch bereits den Pflanzensensor von Koubachi vorgestellt, der weiße „Pilz“ misst Feuchtigkeit und Lichteinfall bei euren Pflanzen und erinnert euch ans Gießen, Rollo Hochziehen oder auch Düngen. Dank WLAN-Anbindung erreichen euch die Nachrichten des Sensors auch Mehr zum ThemaBasteltipp: “Knet-Do

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Corning's Thunderbolt and USB 'Optical Cables' transmit data over hundreds of feet

Making good on a promise to unveil new interconnect products at CES, Gorilla Glass producer Corning on Monday revealed optical Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables that can transfer data over hundreds of feet.

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Briefly: Belkin iPad speakers, Crayola iPad pens, G-Tech

Among the many goodies to be found at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Electronista spotted the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater speaker stand ($200). It combines a folio-style iPad case with front-facing speakers and features a free app to help customize the sound to different kinds of media. The case will be available both in 30-pin and Lightning connector styles, with the latter becoming available in the spring. The unit turns an iPad into a 9.7-inch landscape HD cinema and offers pass-trough access to the rear camera, mic, headset jack and other controls.

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Lego Mindstorms EV3 robotics set boasts Linux, ARM9 SOC

Today, The Lego Group announced Lego Mindstorms EV3, a new platform for consumer robotics designed to introduce a younger generation to the excitement of building and programming robots while adding new flexibility for its devoted following of robotics enthusiasts. Lego Mindstorms EV3 is the result of three years of product development by an international team of Lego designers, Mindstorms user-enthusiasts and leading technology experts.

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Pentax MX1: Digitalkamera wird durch Altern schöner

Die Pentax MX-1 ist eine Kompaktkamera mit einem aus Messing gefertigten Ober- und Unterteil, dessen Lackierung im Laufe der Zeit abgewetzt wird. Dadurch soll sie laut Pentax eine Patina entwickeln, die die 12-Megapixel-Kamera immer schöner werden lässt. (Digitalkamera, H.264)

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Texas Instruments: Projektoren in Handys und Tablets bald mit 720p-Auflösung

Texas Instruments hat eine neue Miniprojektorentechnik auf DLP-Basis angekündigt, die eine Verdopplung der Auflösung bei gleichzeitig erhöhter Helligkeit gegenüber den aktuellen Modellen mit sich bringt. So können Tablets und Smartphones mit eingebauten 720p-Projektoren entstehen. (Display, Texas Instruments)

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Plair streams video to HDMI through WiFi, arrives this month for $99 (eyes-on)

A simple idea thoroughly executed is sometimes best, and that's what Plair is aiming for with its new, self-titled streaming video adapter. The golf wedge-shaped device grafts on to an HDMI port and receives video over WiFi from custom apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. While we've certainly seen wireless device-to-TV solutions before, it's Plair's sheer diversity of sources that makes the difference: along with local content, it includes the near-obligatory internet portals like YouTube and CollegeHumor ,as well as access to a deluge of video from traditional TV sources. We saw NBC intenret clips piped to a TV in remarkably good (thoug

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Lexar: SDXC-Speicherkarte mit 256 GByte Kapazität

Lexar hat eine SDXC-Karte vorgestellt, die 256 GByte Daten speichert. Die Karte wird allerdings deutlich mehr kosten als viele Digitalkameras und Camcorder. (Speichermedien, Storage)

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Netgear: Smart Home für Alle

Spielkonsolen, Musik und andere Unterhaltungsdienste zu vernetzen und mobil zugänglich zu machen, sei der offensichtliche Beginn gewesen. Kameras und Türen seien der nächste Schritt, meinte der Netgear-Chef Patrick Lo.

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Apple Store 0 Prozent Finanzierung iPhone 5, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad und mehr noch für kurze Zeit möglich

Wer noch mit dem Gedanken spielt auf das 0 Prozent Finanzierungsangebot aus dem Apple Online Store zurück zu greifen, der hat noch bis zum 11. Januar Zeit. Ab einem Mindestbestellwert in Höhe von 479 Euro kann man dann bequem und ohne Mehrkosten sein Apple Device der Begierde in monatlichen Raten zahlen. Apple hat die Aktion Ende November

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Hands-on with Xi3's 'Piston' modular PC at CES

Remember when Xi3 announced a Kickstarter project for its modular computers late last year? Well, those machines are here today at CES, thanks in no part to some lofty backing from Valve. We got a first look at its latest mini-PC, code-named Piston, tonight -- and though a more comprehensive demo is to come, we walked away with some impressions nonetheless. Of course, Valve wouldn't back this system if it didn't have some serious graphics chops. It's optimized to run Steam -- and specifically big-picture mode -- and to that end it packs a quad-core chip. Most specs remain vague, though the Piston apparently offers up to 1TB of storage. The package is tiny yet rugged, with an aluminum chassis

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GM launches API framework to let developers put wheels on apps

So far we've gotten a look at some Siri / OnStar canoodling here at CES 2013, and iHeartRadio flaunted its new GM liaison yesterday. But the automaker wants to let all comers in on the MyLink action, so it's just announced a new developer portal, SDK and forum for would-be in-vehicle app creators. The site will allow apps to be coded and gain approval "in a secure and controlled manner" with a helping hand from GM, so that users can purchase and download apps dire

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IOGEAR wireless access point and computer-to-TV streamer refresh

IOGEAR really needs to start naming its products something other than stockroom codes and long-winded yet vague descriptions of what they do. After checking out the company's new Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix, we cast our eyes over the GWAVR -- a little black box which plugs into your display via HDMI and functions as a wireless access point for streaming. It's intended to receive 1080p video and 5.1-channel audio from mobile devices and computers, welcoming content broadcast via WiDi,

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Cambridge Soundworks Oontz XL and Ultra hands-on

That slick-looking piece of hardware we know you looked at while clicking in here is Cambridge Soundworks' Bluetooth Oontz XL. Also on display was its bigger brother -- at least as far as price and battery is concerned -- the Oontz Ultra. The Oontz XL rings in at $149 and has been battery tested to run for 10 hours. The Oontz Ultra lacks the garish orange swath of branding but picks up an extra 6-hours of battery life, speakerphone functionality and the requisite price bump bringing it up to $199. Both of the Oontz portable speakers sounded good even in a room filled with constant aural distraction,

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JBL Rumble, OnBeat Mini and Charge spotted at CES, we go ears on

One of the more colorful -- in the literal sense -- announcements during the CES build-up was the new line of Bluetooth speakers from JBL. Here at Pepcom we spotted them out in the wild, so thought we take the chance to go hands and ears on. The little guy, aka the Charge, was the first of the bunch we heard pumping out some tunes, and our inability to hear the company reps telling us more about it is testament to how loud it is for such a small device. The design of the Charge also looks -- objectively -- even better in real life. The modern design and materials work

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Hands-on with Lego's Mindstorms EV3 kit (video)

Lego's third-generation Mindstorms kit has been redesigned to appeal to both kids desperate to craft and modders looking for even more customizability. With assembly instructions now provided by a 3D animated diagram on an iPad app, this isn't the Lego you'll have remember from childhood. If you'd like to see what it's like in action, head on past the break to watch the video. Gallery: Lego Mindstorms EV3 Hands-on

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Kabel Deutschland schränkt ÖR-TV-Programm leicht ein

Der Streit um die Fortführung der Zahlung der sogenannten Einspeiseentgelte erreicht erstmals den Kunden. Der Kabelnetzbetreiber Kabel Deutschland schränkt ab heute den Empfang einiger Drittprogramme der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten leicht ein, folgt dabei aber weiterhin den gesetzlichen Vorgaben.

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Looxcie to bring POV cameras to Europe via Apple Store, releases new enterprise model

Looxcie announced on Monday that it would be bringing its tiny Bluetooth-enabled Looxcie HD streaming camera to Europe via Apple's retail outlets and unveiled a new real-time collaborative enterprise platform called Vidcie.

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Samsung erwartet weiteres Rekordquartal

Nach vorläufigen Zahlen erwartet der südkoreanische Elektronikkonzern einen operativen Gewinn von 8,6 Billionen bis 9 Billionen Won (4,3 Milliarden Euro)

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Weitere Modelle für das Nikon-1-System

Mit Produktpflege in Form der Nikon 1 J3 und der Nikon 1 S1, die unterhalb der V- und J-Serie zu finden ist, erweitert Nikon ihr Systemkamera-Angebot. Auch die Objektivpalette wird um zwei Zoom-Objektive erweitert.

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08.01.2013 8:00 Uhr

Hands-on with Snappgrip, a case that turns your phone into a point-and-shoot

We normally don't bother to write about iPhone cases here at Engadget, but this one seemed pretty neat. Snappgrip is a case that turns your iPhone into a point-and-shoot camera -- partly for kitsch's sake, but mostly to make one-handed shots easier to pull off. The design is simple: it's just a plastic shell with a shutter button, a dial for controlling shutter speed and a hand grip -- the sort you'd normally find on a compact camera. To use it, you'll need to download the free iPhone or Android app. Interestingly, though, the company is releasing its SDK to developers, so in theory you'll one day be able to use this case with other camera apps. Another quid pro quo: the case only fits the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and

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TP-Link shows a fleet of beautiful network connectivity devices, we go hands-on

No matter how big or small your network related needs may be, TP-Link appears to be up to the task. The network equipment manufacturer has unleashed a horde of new gear at CES. First up to bat is the AC1750 dual band gigabit router, which features dual USB sharing ports and is capable of wireless speeds of up to 1,750Mbps. Set to release sometime in Q2, the AC1750 is also equipped with a built-in media server that allows users to stream and share media through a PC, PS3, or Xbox 360. Next on the compa

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hippih's Bluetooth-powered hipKey keeps your iPhone close, your precious things closer (hands-on)

Bluetooth accessories that let you keep tabs of your stuff aren't exactly new, but few are as charming and well-designed as hippih's hipKey, at least from our initial impressions. Created and designed in Denmark, the tiny crescent-shaped device made its US debut at CES 2013 after a couple of very successful months abroad -- it apparently sold out just five days after it was available through Apple Online Europe. It connects to any iOS device with Bluetoo

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iSmartAlarm uses a WiFi camera and iPhone app to warn you of potential burglars

iSmartAlarm is a home security alarm, but not the kind that uses a shrill sound to send burglars scrambling. The alarm system, currently a project on Indiegogo, is a $79 WiFi camera that sends alerts to a corresponding iPhone app. Essentially, when the camera detects someone in the home, it will send a notice to your phone in the form of a text, email or phone call. The camera itself has a series of LED lights around the lens, so it will still work even if you've turned off all the lights. Once you do get an alert you can dig into the app itself, where you can see a screenshot of the potential culprit, and choose to either ignore the alert or dial 911. For now, the app is for iOS only, though a company rep told us an Android version is in the works. Until then, check out

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Extreme Reality's Extreme Motion uses 2D webcams for 3D motion games (hands-on)

Extreme Reality's technology revolves around gestures, and its latest effort is to bring that movement to the masses: its Extreme Motion developer kit turns just about any off-the-shelf webcam or built-in camera on common platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows, into an almost Kinect-like system capable of tracking 3D motion. Despite missing depth cameras or other additional sensors, it's theoretically quite accurate -- the software tracks joints across the body in every frame, although it's not quite so sensitive as to track fingers. This author had the chance to make a fool of himself in front of a laptop's

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Dish upgrades whole-home DVR to Hopper with Sling

The second generation of Dish Network's whole-home DVR system was announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show -- the Hopper with Sling. The new unit allows customers to watch live and recorded television anywhere on Internet-connected tablets with the newly integrated Sling technology, and move recorded television to an iPad for viewing without an Internet connection using the free Hopper Transfers app.

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Windows Phone 8: Samsung ATIV Odyssey in Kürze

Der koreanische Elektronikkonzern Samsung hat auf der Consumer Electronics Show 2013 die baldige Einführung seines ersten Mittelklasse-Smartphones mit Windows Phone 8 bekanntgegeben. In Kürze soll das Samsung (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWindows 8: Vizio bringt Full HD-Tablet mit AMD-CPU

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CES Show Report: Cygnett

Known for its interesting and occasionally polarizing designs, Cygnett has a number of new and updated cases on display at the 2013 CES.

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LG will Bedienung vereinfachen

Die Südkoreaner stellen auf der CES die bessere Bedienbarkeit ihrer Geräte in den Vordergrund. Und wollen alles mit dem Smartphone vernetzen – Fernseher, Kühlschrank und den Saugroboter.

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Hands on with the Dyne and DTV-capable RCA Mobile TV tablet (video)

RCA's new Mobile TV Tablet appeared in the flesh here at Pepcom at CES 2013. The eight-inch tablet's a little weighty, but packs a combination DTV and Dyle TV tuner -- an industry first -- so we'll forgive it a little. There's an 8-inch IPS touchscreen, which, while suitably bright, was coated in fingerprints. It's not the prettiest tablet we've seen but it's something you'll have to forgive for all that wireless functionality paired with Android 4.0. There's also 8GB of built-in storage with microSD expansion and while those TV functions work without data, in the thick signal mess of tonight's event we couldn't get the Dyne app running. Take our word for it, it did work prior to filming our hands-on and we were able to watch live TV and hop around channels

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Zagg Origin is two speakers in one (video)

Here's a cool little surprise from the Pepcom floor: the Zagg Origin is a two-in-one speaker system. The smaller of the two fits in the palm of your hand, communicating with your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. It's got some physical buttons on top and an auxiliary port, power button and mini-USB slot on its rear. It also vibrates like crazy when it plays. Drop into the larger dock desktop speaker and the music starts playing through that via the aforementioned vibes. Pretty cool, really. It's gonna run you around $250 when it launches in roughly seven weeks. Watch video of the origin in action after the break.Gallery: Zagg Origin hands-on

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Project Shield won't be sold at a loss, says NVIDIA

NVIDIA's Tegra 4 powered handheld looks a lot like a typical game console, but it isn't. You could say that its operating system sets it apart, or its knack for streaming PC games, but that's not it -- it's that Shield won't be sold at a loss. Although many consumer game devices eventually turn a profit, they often hit the market as a loss leader, herding gamers into a closed ecosystem and securing a revenue stream for the manufacturer -- every Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation game made funnels

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Energi charging backpack by TYLT hands-on

Seemingly made for the urban warrior, the Energi charging backpack by TYLT does precisely what it claims to do. Hosted on Christie Street as a crowd-funded project and shown off here at CES 2013, the bag offers an array of compartments for everyday product storage (as you would assume), in addition to a charging base within its main pouch. The brick is capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously via USB, as well as a micro-USB port for juicing the bag itself. There's also an accessible slit on the lower right side for threading out cords and charging devices on-the-go. It's currently on sale for $169, but look for that price to jump to $189 once the comp

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Targus debuts the Touch Pen for Windows 8, we go hands-on (video)

The Targus Touch Pen for Windows 8 is a paintbrush that you can rub all over you Windows 8-enabled PC monitor, whether or not it's actually a touchscreen. By using an independently powered dongle attached magnetically to one side of the screen, the Targus Touch Pen's strokes are picked up as both actions in the "Modern" UI and within a painting application we were shown (running on a non-touch Acer laptop). It's hard to imagine many folks using the Touch Pen for its touch capabilities, but we sure could see ourselves spending an afternoon using it for electronic painting. Regardless, the pen retails for $100 and bec

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IOGEAR unveils uncompressed 1080p wireless streaming matrix switcher

It just wouldn't be CES without IOGEAR showing off new jet-black wireless streaming devices, and today it's unveiling the lovingly named "Wireless 5x2 HD Matrix," or GWHDMS52. The two-piece set is capable of streaming uncompressed full HD (1080p) content, including 3D video and 5.1-channel audio, from anything in your main entertainment setup to another TV up to 100 ft away, using the

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08.01.2013 7:00 Uhr

Apples Retail-Geschäft: Viele Kandidaten für John-Browett-Nachfolge

Neben Scott Forstall wurde mit John Browett Ende letzten Jahres ein weiterer Apple-Senior Vice President entlassen. Bisher hat Apple noch keinen Nachfolger für den Retail-Chef benannt – und die Suche dürfte alles andere als leicht sein. Management-Krise unter John Browett Ein Artikel der Website AllThingsD widmet sich der aktuellen Situation in Apples Retail-Geschäft. Die immer größer werdende Sparte des Unternehmens ha

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Samsung's point and shoot offerings for 2013 hands-on

Samsung's launch schedules were packed today as evidenced by the depth of the 2013 product line we had a quick look at at CES. First up is the $749 NX300 (pictured above) a 3D still and film capture featuring a 3.3-inch AMOLED tilt touchscreen, a 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, support for 1080p at 60 fps that can blast all your imagery to your desktop via its dual-band WiFi. Next up is the $249 WB250F with a 3-inch capacitive touch display, a 14-megapixel sensor, 18x optical zoom, 1080p video capture, WiFi and will ship in black, white, red, or gun metal. Samsung'

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iON reveals Adventure and Air Pro 2 sports cameras, we go hands on

You may remember iON stepping out onto the action camera market back in spring, when we went hands on with the OG Air Pro. Fast forward to CES, and it's back with a brace of new cameras to capture your every move. First up is the iON Adventure, a 1080p GPS-enabled helmet cam with a twist, almost literally. The device has the same tubular format as the original, but the lens is actually on one of the longer sides, rather than at the end of the barrel, making it more suitable for chest mounting. The Adventure also has two memory card slots, meaning you can pack in a whole lot more

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Polaroid Kids Tablet hits CES, and we drop it on the ground a couple of times (video)

The Kids Tablet? Okay, Polaroid doesn't get any points for creativity on the naming side of things, but the company clearly did put some thought into creating a low-price slate for tiny hands. This seven-incher features a rugged rubberized design -- in fact the company didn't flinch when we dropped it twice during the video hands-on that you'll find after the break. The buttons are big and easy to press, and tablet looks fairly easy to clean after the inevitable PB&J smears. The screen leave a bit to be desired, we'll say that, but that's probably to be expected from a $150 kids tablet. The device runs Android 4.0, featuring a Polaroid skin that looks a bit like Microsoft tiles -- again, probably a good thing fo

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Fisher Price Create and Learn Case hands-on

When you think high-tech, you don't necessarily think kids. But as any parent who owns an iPad can tell you, that tablet is fast-becoming a pricey toy (or distraction). Which is why Fisher Price has crafted the Create and Learn Case which, itself, is no great slice of cutting edge tech. In fact, it's a rather dumb case, seeing as how it merely offers a kid-friendly holster for that iPad. Download the company's free companion app and you have a recreational learning tool for children that separates its programs across three categories: create, learn and explore. Those first two offer different activities encompassing free

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CES Show Report: iSkin

Squarely focused on cases and bags with fashion appeal, iSkin is using the 2013 CES to introduce a wide range of designs that have been laser-targeted towards specific markets. Laptop sleeves, shells, bags, and traditional cases are all in the mix this year, as are newly fashionable silicone rubber keyboard covers—an evolution of a long-standing product for the company.

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Corning demonstrates how strong its Gorilla Glass 3 really is (video)

We've just spent some time with Corning, which is showing off the strength of its third-generation Gorilla Glass. The company has tweaked the chemical and atomic composition of the raw materials of the glass, which in turn has increased its density -- making it much more scratch and dent resistant than last years model. Interested in seeing just how much stronger it is? Head on past the break for the video. Gallery: HP Pocket Playlist Hands-on at CES 2013

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Polaroid's interchangeable lens cameras hands-on (video)

Interchangeable lens cameras from Polaroid? Yep. They're here at CES, and the company let us spend some hands-on time at tonight's Pepcom event at the MGM Grand. It's important to note, right off the bat, that these things are still firmly in prototype mode, so we'll hold off on passing any sort of judgement on build quality until the company puts something a bit more final in our hands. For the moment, however, they're buggy at best. And they certainly don't have the build quality of a, say Sony NEX, but that's to be expected in part due to t

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Fitbit Flex hands-on at CES 2013

Fitbit's been in the fitness-tracking game for a while now, but today marks its first official entry into the wearable band space. Shown off here at CES 2013, the Flex is a wireless band much in the vein of Nike's Fuelband and Jawbone's rebooted Up. But while it shares many similarities with those existing products, there are a few very notable areas where it breaks apart from the pack-- namely, the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0. Now, health nuts can wirelessly update their stats to an iPhone or limited selection of Android (!) devices via that standard without having to manu

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Visualized: Intel Lexington-based smartphones from Acer and Xolo

At Intel's press conference today here in Las Vegas we got a chance to see smartphones from Acer and Xolo based on chipzilla's Lexington platform. This new SoC follows in Medfield's footsteps but is targeted primarily at emerging markets. It scales up to 1.2GHz, supports 1080p video and features HSPA+ with dual SIMs. We w

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Coby unveils a deluge of updated LED TVs, mobile speakers and headphones

Coby has rarely been shy about making a full-court press at CES, and it's keeping up that tradition with a mountain of media-focused launches at the show this year. The highlights? Its new edge LED-lit 18 and 56 Series TVs promise thinner bezels at frugal respective prices of $499 (for a 32-inch 18 Series) and $119 (19-inch 56 Series). They're being accompanied by small and mid-size soundbars (seen below) with Bluetooth at $80 and $100. Those who prefer their audio in portable form also get their fill: there's five mobile speakers ranging from a $20 battery-powered set to

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Ematic FunTab Family tablet range running Android 4.0 launches at CES

Throwing its hand in to the ever-expanding range of neon-colored rubber-edged 'family' tablets, Ematic has announced its Funtab series of tablets -- all running Android 4.0. They will also arrive with the company's kid-friendly Zoodles mode. First up, the Funtab XL ($150) is a 9.7-inch touchscreen for multimedia consumption, with a 1.2GHz processor, and 16GB of internal storage. There's also HDMI mirroring to connect the tablet to HDTVs, while there's two (unspecified) cameras peering out from the front and rear. Next up, both the FunTab ($120) and the FunTab Pro ($150) run on 7-inch capacitive scr

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Kenwood announces four new in-car multimedia receivers: connects through Bluetooth to most smartphones

Within its array of updated audio hardware, Kenwood announced several new in-car multimedia receivers that is can hook up to your favorite smartphone or tablet (whether it runs on Android, iOS or BlackBerry). Through your smartphone of choice, you'll be able to access and play from Pandora, while there's even an option to upgrade to Harmin navigation if you're using an iPhone, where there's also new Siri voice controls and automatic Bluetooth pairing. There's more music options through Sirius (if you have the necessary vehi

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Babbel launches subscription-based language learning program for iPad

Looks as if there's a new twist in the language learning game. Following the release of a basics guide on the iPad last year, Babbel has decided to bring most of its 11 language guides to Apple's tablet line -- but rather than forcing customers to fork out giant sums for the full monty, it's offering tools in smaller subscription chunks. Learners can choose from French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian

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HealthMath unveils Inner Balance iOS app and sensor for managing stress, clearing the mind

We're a tad skeptical that an app and a sensor can help you destress and "rebalance the mind and emotions," but give HealthMath the benefit of the doubt for the moment. The company's new Inner Balance app and accompanying sensor use emWave technology to monitor stress levels -- which primarily means monitoring your pulse. The app then helps guide you towards "an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync" through exercises. The monitor clips to the users earlobe and plugs into an iOS device via a standard, old-school 30-pin connector. The app, for its part, spits out a "coherence" reading al

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Looxcie launches Vidcie b2b collaboration platform and Vidcie Tough rugged POV camera

Makers of POV cameras, Looxcie, has just launched a new business to business focused line called Vidcie. The announcement comprises a new real-time collaboration platform that allows enterprise customers to collaborate and share what they are seeing / working on in real time. The Vidcie line also incorporates a new weatherproof cam -- ideal for those workers out in the field -- called the Vidcie Tough. The rugged cam pairs with smartphones and tablets and will come with a bunch of different mounts and accessories. Existing Looxcie cameras will also play nice with the

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Ooma Office brings VoIP to small business, launching this month

Ooma's expanding its VoIP offerings to the world of business, introducing "Ooma Office" today at CES 2013. Ooma Office takes the already existing VoIP functionality built into Ooma's Telo device (made for residential use) and adapts it for small business purposes -- conference bridges, an automated, programmable receptionist, and line extensions are all part of Ooma Office. You can even set your own on-hold music, should that be your kinda thing. The biggest difference from Ooma's home offering is the price; at $19.99 a line, Ooma Office is much more expensive than the residential version (which only charges for the initial base, and not for servic

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Vivitek outs the Qumi Q7 HD LED pocket projector, set to arrive this summer for $1,000

If diminutive, portable projectors catch your eye on the regular, Vivitek's latest may be worth a gander. The outfit has announced the Qumi Q7 HD LED pocket projector at CES, touting up to 800 lumens of brightness and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. Packing 720p native WXGA resolution at 1,280 x 800, the unit is also 3D-capable thanks to Texas Instrument's DLP Link and sports 2D to 3D content conversion tech. In terms of connections, the Q7 wields HDMI, VGA, composite video, RCA audio-in

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OLPC XO-4 to sell starting at $206, production commencing March

We were told we wouldn't be hearing any pricing or availability information about the OLPC XO-4 until later in the week, but it didn't take the One Laptop Per Child folks too long to let us know a little more about their gameplan. Just a short while ago, OLPC let us know that its recently announced XO-4 kid-friendly laptop will sell for $206 per unit with a minimum purchase of 10,000 units, while pricing is said to be lowered with a greater volume order. Additionally, the company noted that it's planning on meeting

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Samsung setzt auf der CES vor allem auf Fernseher

Samsung selbst bezeichnet sich gerne als Schwergewicht der Elektronikbranche, angesichts der Erfolge der vergangenen Monate und Jahre nicht zu Unrecht. Entsprechend hoch waren deshalb die Erwartungen an die Pressekonferenz im Rahmen der CES, wie auch schon zuvor bei LG wurden diese aber nicht ganz erfüllt.

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Eigene Stärken sollen Sony zurück an die Spitze führen

Der lange Zeit äußerst erfolgreiche Elektronikhersteller Sony musste zuletzt mehrfach Verluste ausweisen und sorgte damit für eher negative Schlagzeilen. Schon im vergangenen Jahr wollte man deshalb die eigenen Stärken bündeln und somit die Trendwende einleiten.

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CES Show Report: Dropcam

Dropcam has shown off its new iOS Wi-Fi camera. Designed to be a “drop-in” solution—hence the name—the $149 Dropcam can be easily configured to connect to just about any standard home Wi-Fi network and will stream 720p HD video via Dropcam’s own online service. The basic live streaming service is included with the purchase of the camera unit, and the company offers the ability to save “PVR” recorded video…

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ASUS VivoTab Smart hands-on (video)

You know how ASUS started with one Transformer tablet and then quickly grew that line to, like, half a dozen models? Yeah, well, the company's about to do the same thing for Windows 8 slates. The outfit already announced the VivoTab and VivoTab RT, and now it's about to start selling the VivoTab Smart, which comes with an optional magnetic cover. Yes, very similar to that smart cover. The difference, though, is

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AMD auf der CES: Grober Fahrplan für 2013

In einer kurzen Pressevorstellung auf der CES hat AMD die Pläne für das Jahr 2013 dargelegt und einige der kommenden Produkte vorgeführt. Themen waren insbesondere die APUs „Temash“, „Kabini“ sowie „Richland“. Zu den leistungsstärkeren „Kaveri“-APUs sowie der Radeon-HD-8000-Serie („Sea Islands“) hielt man sich hingegen bedeckt.

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CES Show Report: Martian Watches

As one of many companies showing off Bluetooth 4-capable watches at the 2013 CES, Martian Watches introduced three models—G2G, Passport, and Victory—with integrated microphones and speakers so that you can make and receive iPhone phone calls from your wrist.

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08.01.2013 6:00 Uhr

Firefox OS shows up on a mystery phone, we go hands-on

Firefox's mobile operating system showed up on a mystery phone tonight at a pre-CES event ahead of its unveiling later this year, carrying no branding and looking light on features. Sadly, the WiFi in the event space didn't give us much of a chance to explore the OS' inner workings, and the phone was dubbed a "mystery" device by Mozilla reps, but we did snap some pictures of it. We also know that it's got at least an ARMv6 CPU and 256MB of RAM, and likely more power than that. Mozilla's planning a 2013 launch of the Chrome OS -- an OS powered entirely by HTML5 -- in partnership with Telefonica, Qualcomm, and "a long list of in

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Samsung ATIV Odyssey for Verizon hands-on

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey bound for Verizon has been a known device ever since Windows Phone 8 was launched, but at the time of its announcement we were told that we could expect it in December. The month came and went, and today we were informed that the new smartphone is now going to be hitting the market in "the coming weeks." Fortunately we finally got some face time with the phone tonight, and it's about as forgettable as we expected. This doesn't mean it's a terrible device -- we'll reserve judgment until its official review when it comes -- it just doesn't have the crazy flagship-type specs we would like to see. I

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CBS interviews former Apple designer David Kelley

CBS' news magazine show 60 Minutes has run an interview hosted by Charlie Rose with longtime design guru and close friend of Steve Jobs, David Kelley. Kelley, who started the design firm IDEO, was the man behind Apple's original mouse and many other designs over the years. He is now head of his own school of "human-centric" design principles and recounted his friendship with Jobs, his struggle with cancer and other challenges in the interview.

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CES Show Report: JBL / Harman Kardon

Although JBL announced some of its latest speakers via a press release just before CES, the company also had some new models to introduce in person.

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CES Show Report: Tylt

Relative Apple accessory newcomer Tylt is on hand at CES showing off many of its new and recent products. In addition to an updated version of the cables we saw last year, Tylt showed iPhone 5 cases and a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

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CES Show Report: Zagg

Best known for its clear film protectors, ZAGG announced a number of new audio products at the 2013 CES, including Origin, a new desktop/portable Bluetooth speaker system.

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CES Show Report: Cambridge Soundworks

The longtime, budget-focused speaker specialist used CES to show off its Oontz series of Bluetooth wireless speakers, designed to appeal to mobile device users.

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APU Temash: AMD zeigt sein Quad-Core-Tablet

Temash ist fertig - AMDs erstes Quad-Core-SoC für x86-Tablets. In Las Vegas zeigte das Unternehmen einen Prototypen, der die PC-Version von Dirt Showdown akzeptabel spielbar machte. (Prozessor, AMD)

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Atmel's XSense technology's will make curved touchscreens possible (hands-on)

Atmel's XSense technology made its debut way back in April of 2012, but today ASUS became the first big name gadget maker to commit to using the tech -- pledging to put it in an unnamed next-gen tablet set to debut in Q1 of this year. For those unfamiliar, XSense is a capacitive touch sensor that can be bent and bonded to surfaces of any shape. We got to see XSense for ourselves at CES today and chat with its makers to learn a little more about it. While there are no technical limitations to the size of its touch sensors, Atmel's technology

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CES Show Report: Brookstone

Having previously released a number of Big Blue family wireless Bluetooth speakers, Brookstone used the 2013 CES to unveil a new model called Big Blue Go, as well as the unique Lilliputian Nectar charging solution. It also showed early sketches of Big Blue Party, an indoor/outdoor portable unit with weather resistance, planned for release late this year.

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Fulton Innovation launches eCoupled technology for bi-directional wireless charging (hands on)

Wireless charging is slowly creeping into more and more devices, and the convenience it brings is a welcome addition to our technological lives. But what if you don't have a charging pad nearby? With Fulton Innovation's eCoupled technology inside your device, you could use the charge in your tablet to charge your phone (or vice-versa). Essentially it enables the bi-directional movement of power between compatible devices. Any Qi enabled device can be charged by the eCoupled hosting device, and when two enabled devices are held

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Canon PowerShot A260, A1400 and ELPH 130IS hands-on

Canon's put WiFi into a boatload of its cameras and camcorders here at CES 2013, so why not some point-and-shoots as well? That's just what it announced earlier today with the teeny Powershot ELPH 130IS, a $200 compact camera that offers wireless sharing capability with otherwise innocuous specs: a 16-megapixel sensor, DIGIC 4 processor, 8x optically stabilized zoom lens and an f/3.2-6.9 28mm wide-angle lens. We had a chance to play for a bit with t

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ViewSonic outs three Windows 8-certified touchscreen displays

ViewSonic's just revealed a trio of 10-point touch displays with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratios, and they're Windows 8-certified, to boot. As for connectivity, each monitor comes loaded with DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and USB compatibility. The 23-inch TD2340 features a dual hinge stand that can be adjusted four ways, which allows the monitor to pivot or lay flat. It will be available this month for $599. The 27-inch model, the TD2740, brings a picture frame stand which allows it to lay flat. That's coming in available in Feb

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Pentax Optio LS465 hands-on: a point-and-shoot with customizable skins, compact form-factor

Another point and shoot arrives at CES from Pentax and this one trades a restrained design for one that's all your own. While the 16-megapixel Optio LS465 arrives in black, pink, purple color options, they also come with customizable skins. Essentially the skins just just paper inserts that fit under a removable clear plastic cover. You just twist the ring around the lens and off it comes. It can also capture video at 720p, while ISO levels can be cranked up to 6400. The Optio LS465's f/3.9-6.3 lens is capable of up to 5x optical zoom, while a combined 36x is possible with digital zoom. The camera has a 2.1-se

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for Verizon hands-on

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is no stranger to us, as we've had the opportunity to review the global unit on two occasions. This is the first time, however, that we've seen the S Pen-toting tablet bearing the Verizon logo -- and an unusually large one, to boot. Hardware-wise, the Big Red branding and LTE support are essentially the only major differences; its dimensions and glossy (read: fingerprint magnet) titanium gray back are the same as what we've seen on models past, and it comes with the same 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB RAM, 7,000mAh battery and th

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Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize registration begins tomorrow

Who hasn't dreamed of having a Tricorder from the show Star Trek? Qualcomm announced the Tricorder X Prize last year, who's aim is to create a Star Trek-like device. Those who are interested in fame and fortune, as well as the $10 million prize, can finally register starting tomorrow and then they have to actually make it happen. There have already been over 250 teams pre-registered for the competition, and those interested can head to the official site for the full guidelines and actually register for the site.Filed under:

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HP launches Pocket Playlist WiFi drive at CES, we go hands-on

We just got to spend a few moments with HP's new Pocket Playlist, a tremendously small WiFi drive that can pump out media to up to five devices at once. Thanks to a PlayLater subscription, the drive can pull content from Hulu, store it up and push out content to your smartphones. Capable of pushing out video to three devices at once or audio to five, it's designed for those long car trips where one person wants to watch Dora while someone else watch

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Crayola and Griffin targets child artists with Crayola Tools for Apple's iPad

Griffin Technology has partnered with Crayola to showcase three creative tools made for the iPad, each of which uses the tablet's unique features to offer an innovative digital canvas for aspiring young artists

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08.01.2013 5:00 Uhr

Wikipad gets chromed out buttons and Big Fish games, we go eyes-on

What's this? The Wikipad? At CES 2013? But we were told it wouldn't be here! As it turns out, the Wikipad is still kinda here, albeit with Big Fish Games. And wouldn't you know it, Big Fish games are now integrated into the $500 Android gaming tablet's launcher. Not only that, but the Wikipad's seen some visual updates since we last got our hands on it -- most notably are the chromed out buttons, which show up on all sides of the device. The controller piece is still removable, tho

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Sony's new Blu-ray player and HTIB hands-on

A Ultra HD stole the stage at the Sony CES 2013 press event, but sharing the stage and vying for attention were a number of audio and home theater devices. In addition to a number of One Touch audio devices that aim to make it easier than ever to listen to music around your house, Sony's latest Blu-ray player, the BDP-S5100. The all-in-one Blu-ray player home theater system (pictured above) also sports the One Touch audio feature, but don't try to stack anything on top of this web shaped box. Gallery:

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Amped Wireless 2013-era super-range WiFi gear unveiled at CES

Amped Wireless is famous for its super-strength WiFi gear, which can stretch internet over huge distances and through houses where no other internet signal dares to tread. We've spent the last few minutes taking a look at the hardware it'll be putting out over the next few months and if you come with us after the break, we'll talk you through the new range -- including a few sneak peeks into what it

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Huawei Ascend W1 hands-on: the company's first Windows Phone 8 device

If you were following Huawei's presser from earlier today, you may have thought the company's CES 2013 story was "All About Android." Turns out, it's not. On the showfloor here at Pepcom, the company was able to give us a first look at the Ascend W1: it's first entry for the Windows Phone 8 space. Admittedly, the W1 doesn't share any of the lust-worthy, high-end specs that adorn the

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ViewSonic unveils VSD240 smart display running Android 4.1: arrives in April for $499

ViewSonic has decided to give Android-powered "smart displays" a second go-round. After releasing the VSD220, it's following it up with the VSD240, a 24-inch monitor running Android 4.1. Though we're living in an age when Sony and Lenovo are both marketing battery-powered all-in-ones to consumers, ViewSonic is targeting the VSD240 more toward business users than anyone else. The idea, company reps say, is that it could act as a secondary display in the office -- one that'

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Viiiiva heart rate monitor works with iOS and sport watches

When it comes to exercise, there are plenty of iOS apps that can do everything from tracking your running or biking speed to estimating calories burned, but when it comes to ensuring your workouts are worth it, no metric is more important than your hear rate. With that in mind, fitness tech company 4iiii Innovations is introducing the Viiiiva heart rate sensor, complete with iPhone compatibility. Engadget reports that the new device will hit 4iiii's online store and other retailers soon, with a pr

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Sony's Action Cam Pet Mount concept may lead to man's best YouTube videos

It's just a concept, sure. But if it means more dog's eye view videos are destined for YouTube, we whole-heartedly support Sony's Action Cam Pet Mount.Filed under: Cameras, SonyComments

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HTC One SV on Cricket 4G hands-on (video)

Ready to make its debut on Cricket Wireless, we've spent some time with the One SV here at CES. In a great flame red finish, the specification sheet matches what we've seen on the Desire X and Desire C. There's a strong-performing 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display with a UI that has that familiar HTC sheen. Yep, there's that Sense overlay and those bonus camera features (burst photography and the like) that we've seen from the Taiwan phone maker's 2012 catalog. Like the Desire X, the curved size and (relatively) small screen-size mean it's easy to handle, while LTE connectivity and

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Hands-on with Atoms: a Kickstarter-funded 'modular robotic toy'

Sitting apart from the abundance of health-tracking apps and gadgets on display here at the CES 2013 Bluetooth SIG event is a toy made for the creative-minded geek: Atoms. Fueled by a successful kickstarter campaign, these intelligent building blocks veer away from the intimidating halo surrounding other DIY entries like Raspberry Pi which require a certain level of programming proficiency, allowing any user to pick up a kit, then plug and play. Color-coded according to their usage -- blue for sensors, green for action and red for connectors -- the modules offer users an 'unlimited' n

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Sony SideView hands-on (video)

It wasn't exactly a spotlight announcement at today's Sony CES press event, but it's a cool feature nonetheless. As we mentioned in our liveblog of the event, the feature brings to mind Microsoft's SmartGlass, and after playing around with it for a bit, our minds haven't really changed on that front. Essentially, it's a method for turning your tablet or handset into a supplementary content and control device as you're watching your TV. It's got a program guide, information on cast and crew, a remote and apps all built-in. It's an extremely intuitive system -- we were able to pick it up as soon as we picked up the device. Click Program Guide and you get a list of shows. Click on one of those and you get a synopsis and information on cast m

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Canon Vixia R40 wireless camcorder hands-on (video)

Sony announced a quartet of camcorders earlier today at CES 2013, and while Vixia G20 is a tweaked version of the previous model, the R40 and R42 bringing a raft of new features like WiFi connectivity to the game. All the new camcorders pack a 53X zoom, DIGIC DV IV image processor and a 3.28-megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor, along with full HD at 60P and 35Mbps AVCHD recording. The R40 and R42 add an interesting twist, however, with WiFi and compatibility with Canon's new CameraAccess app, which brings streaming and remote control features. We took the R40 for a qu

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CES Show Report: Kanex

Kanex’s main focus is connectivity, and its main 2013 CES release is no exception. meDrive ($99) is a file server for iPad and iPhone, with Mac and PC compatibility. It joins other new accessories including Thunderbolt adapters and forthcoming Lightning accessories.

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Olympus: Sechs neue Kompakte

Hart im Nehmen sind die drei neuen Outdoor-Modelle der Tough-Serie von Olympus; das neue Traveller-Flaggschiff setzt auf einen weiterentwickelten Bildstabilisator.

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Sensus case brings touch input to the back and side of your iPhone

If you're one of the select group of iPhone owners who feels that their device simply doesn't have enough touch input options, Canopy is showing a new accessory at CES 2013 that more than addresses that problem. Called the Sensus, it's a case for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 that bestows the devices with additional touch surfaces on the back and right side. The Sensus, which will sell for between US$59 and $99 when it arrives this summer, connects to the phone's 30-pin or Lightning connector for power and offers a passthrough for charging and data. When used with apps specifically designed to take advantage of it, the case adds 10 points of multitouch input. Canopy h

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Hands-on with the 7-inch XO Tablet, OLPC's first consumer device

It appears the XO Touch (aka 4.0) wasn't the only new device OLPC brought to CES 2013. Interestingly, the company is moving into the consumer market this year, and it's releasing a 7-inch slate (1,024 x 600 resolution) in the US called, funnily enough, the "XO Tablet." So let's run through the specs. It's got a 1.6 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 gigs of flash storage (expandable by microSD), WiFi, HDMI-out, a 3,800 mAh battery, and 2- and 1.3-megapixel shooters at the back and front, respectively. While the tablet runs stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, it

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Kanex launches $99 meDrive, a private cloud for your iOS device

Kanex might be typecast as a mere maker of display cables, but that doesn't mean it's not capable of belting out the odd line of Shakespeare. Its latest "challenging" role is the meDrive, a device that creates a private cloud to bounce files between your iOS and desktop devices. With its WebDAV support, it'll let you bounce iWork documents on your privat

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Olympus intros upgraded Stylus Tough TG-2, TG-830 and TG-630 rugged cameras

Olympus knows many of us will be jonesing for a rugged camera once the weather warms up, and it's more than happy to deliver with a trio of refreshed Stylus Tough point-and-shoots. The TG-2 iHS flagship is all about going closer and deeper than before: it preserves the 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, 25-100mm equivalent f/2.0 lens and 1080p video of its predecessor, but introduces a new Microscopic Macro mode that Olympus claims can provide extreme detail from as little as 1cm (0.4 inches) away. The body's waterproofing is also resilien

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Olympus reveals SZ-15, SZ-16 superzoom cameras with upgraded sensors

It almost wouldn't be a camera introduction without a couple of superzooms, would it? Appropriately, Olympus is updating its lower-cost SZ models at CES with new sensors and a handful of extras to match the long-distance optics. The 24X zoom SZ-16 iHS makes the undeniably larger leap: its 14-megapixel sensor now relies on low light-friendly CMOS (instead of the SZ-12's CCD) and introduces a quicker TruePic VI processor. The added power lead

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Olympus SH-50 iHS touts 5-axis video stabilization in a compact, $300 camera

Olympus helped conquer shakycam videos first in the OM-D, but not everyone has $1,300 to throw at a high-end mirrorless body. It's clearly aware of our plight in launching the SH-50 iHS at CES. Despite the 16-megapixel camera's PEN-like looks, it sits squarely in the point-and-shoot category with a matching $300 price, even while it borrows the OM-D's 5-axis stabilization to fight unwanted jolts while making movies. We'll have to make do with 3-axis work on our still photos, although we won

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Blue Microphones unveils Nessie: an adaptive USB mic with built-in features to improve recordings

Adding to its line of capable USB recording tech, Blue Microphones has pulled the curtain back on the Nessie at CES 2013. This latest offering looks to get cozy on your desktop and lend a hand with vocal, instrument and voiceover recording all while adapting in real time to keep those captures free from extra editing or mixing. The Nessie touts a built-in pop filter and shock mount to keep unwanted noise down alongside adaptive processing that in

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Hands-on with Blue Mics Nessie: a USB mic that masks your flaws (video)

Blue Microphones is known for its top notch USB microphones. Heck, the Yeti is a staple around the Engadget compound for recording podcasts and voiceovers. The company's latest, Nessie, continues the audio maven's fascination with cryptozoology while delivering some interesting new features along with another fantastic retro design. At the top is the mic itself, which looks quite a bit like the Snowball. It sits at the end of a long arm with some slight articulation. The small extension allows you to either focus Nessie up for tall casters or down for recording the occasional acoustic g

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Intel shows off 4th-gen Core processors bound for Apple's MacBook lineup

Intel on Monday demoed a number of upcoming processors set to hit market later this year, including low power versions of the company's "Haswell" fourth-generation Core series CPUs slated to roll out in Apple's inevitable 2013 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air refreshes.

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08.01.2013 4:00 Uhr

Sony's 4K Handycam and HXR-IFR5 4K Interface Unit prototypes eyes-on

No question, today's Sony press conference was all about the 4K. TVs, media services and even 4K recording for consumers. The latter arrived in the form of a couple of prototypes. First off was the generically labelled 4K Consumer Camcorder, a prototype device that was hanging out in a glass case at the Sony booth after the event concluded -- though there was a Handycam logo on the side of the device. It's not a bad looking handheld -- about a standard size for a prosumer model, with a viewfinder, mic and handle at the top. As for specs? No such luck at this early stage. Directly to the right of the camcorder was another glass-encased device, the HXR-IFR5 Interface Uni

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Qualcomm outs Snapdragon 800 and 600: up to 2.3GHz quad-core, 4K video, due by mid 2013

Having pushed the Snapdragon S4 into an outrageous number of devices last year, it seemed inevitable that Qualcomm would come to CES 2013 with an even more fiery Snapdragon S5. As it turns out, that prediction was slightly off the mark. We do have new chips to talk about, thank goodness, but a change in the branding means they're actually called the Snapdragon 600 and 800. Both SoCs are due to arrive in high-end phones,

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Canon PowerShot N hands-on (video)

What's square and rounded with white all over? That'd be Canon's new PowerShot N -- a point-and-shoot that can be held in any which way. At first glance, it's a bit of a strange proposition -- the camera's square shape is admittedly a bit bizarre, and it does't look like it'd be terribly comfortable to use. So, did Canon get it all wrong with the boxy N? Not exactly. It's surely not going to be a first choice for everyone, but we do see what the device's design team was thinking here. The idea is that you can hold the camera any way you like, thanks to a shutter release and zoom trigger positio

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CES 2013: Liquipel improves its water-repellent coating

At last year's Startup Debut I was quite impressed with Liquipel, a company who will add a nanocoating to your iPhone (inside and out), making it incredibly water repellent. This year Liquipel was back with version 2 of their product. There are actually a few companies who do this now, as the technology was not unique to Liquipel in 2012. This year they hope to stay ahead of the competition (like HzO, which was at CES Unveiled) by offering a better coating -- as Engadget reports, "up to 100 times more effective" The big downside to Liquipel in the past has been that you had to send your precio

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Eyes-on Sony's 56-inch OLED Ultra HDTV

If you've ever seen an OLED TV, you'd you'd remember it. Same can be said about 4k. Combine the two together and you truly have a sight to see -- which is exactly what Sony has done. Of course it is very difficult to judge picture quality when a TV is on a stage vs in your living room. That doesn't mean we aren't impressed and it doesn't mean we won't be looking forward to the day we can see our favorite content on it in the comfort of our own home -- assuming of course, that one is affordable in our lifetime. Gallery: Eyes-on Sony's 56-inch OLED Ultra HDTV

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AMD Radeon HD 8000 series GPUs official for laptops, desktop series now shipping to OEMs

Most of the secrets surrounding AMD's latest series of mobile graphics chips have been known for a while now, but that didn't stop the company from making everything official today. Intended for traditional laptops and ultrathins alike, the Radeon HD 8000M series supports DirectX 11.1 and stands as the first of the company's mobile GPUs to incorporate the AMD Graphics Core Next architecture. The lineup consists of the Radeon HD 8800M, HD 8700M, HD 8600M and HD 8500M. The chip manufacturer announced that the Radeon HD 8000M series has already been incorporated into products from ASUS and Samsung --

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Adobe: we are not 'giving away' free CS2 suite to public

A variety of tech sites claimed earlier today that Adobe had released a free version of the outdated (but still functional on many Macs and PCs) full CS2 suite of software, however the company has posted on its forums that the version is intended (and legal) only for those who already have a license. Adobe is deactivating the verification server that allowed CS2 software to function, and is providing a version that doesn't require activation to those who need it.

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Nikon D5200 to reach US photographers in late January for $900

Americans wanting to leap into DSLRs with a Nikon D5200 have had no choice but to sit on pins and needles waiting for a release date. As of CES, we know that they'll have a more comfortable seat very soon: the company has committed to bringing the advanced amateur camera to the US in late January for $900 with an 18-55mm lens in the box. Some of the D5200's companion accessories should be available at the same time, including the $95 WR-T10 and $278 WR-10 wireless remotes, the $127 WR-R10 remote transceiver and the $75 WR-A10 wireless remote adapter. The D5200 isn't the cheapest route into interchangeable lens cameras in the wake of these prices

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Nikon outs Coolpix S6500 with WiFi, new beauty touch-ups

The budget, compact long-zoom camera field must be a cutthroat one -- Nikon unveiled the Coolpix S6300 early last year, quietly slipped out the S6400 later in 2012, and it's already previewing a S6500 at CES. What's new that justifies such a quick refresh? WiFi, mostly: the S6500 should be one of the less expensive cameras in its class to share its photos directly over a local network. Photographers with self-conscious subjects also get five new Glamor Retouch modes that brighten cheeks, eyes and teeth. Otherwise, those who bought an S6400 will fe

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Nikon unveils J3 and S1, takes 73-point AF and 15 fps stills to entry mirrorless cameras

Nikon clearly wants to make amends for its unspectacular J2 launch late last summer: it's launching not one but two 1 series models that provide a stronger incentive to go Nikon among lower-end mirrorless cameras. The 14.2-megapixel J3 and 10.1-megapixel S1 mostly receive hand-me-down features from the semi-pro V2, although that's not necessarily a bad thing. The leftovers give them

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Sony's 65-and 55-inch Ultra HD TVs, eyes-on

The message of tonight's Sony CES press event? Bigger's not always, better, we guess. The huge reveal on the side of the stage at tonight's event were two new Ultra HD TVs-- smaller siblings of the positively massive 84-inch beast we've already seen. But what these guys lack in sheer size, they make up for a bit with bezel. There's a lot that on either side of the display. That's where the magnetic fluid speakers live, right in the middle of the glossy black expanse. The overall effect is a TV that looks much wider than it is tall. The TV also looks a fair bit thicker than a lot of the HDTV

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Live from Qualcomm's CES 2013 keynote

Who wants faster phones and tablets? We totally do -- and thankfully so does Qualcomm. This year CEO Dr. Paul E. Jacobs is taking the stage for the prestigious pre-CES keynote presentation, the one that Microsoft has hosted in years past. Last year Steve Ballmer brought out Ryan Seacrest to engage in some banter. What surprises are ahead this year? Join us to find out. January 7, 2013 9:30 PM ESTFiled under: Cellphones, TabletsComments

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Sony Xperia Z: Dünnes 5-Zoll-Smartphone mit 13-Megapixel-Kamera

Mit dem Xperia Z hat Sony ein neues Topmodell der Xperia-Reihe vorgestellt. Das Android-Smartphone unterstützt LTE, hat einen 5 Zoll großen Full-HD-Touchscreen und eine 13-Megapixel-Kamera. Zudem ist es gegen Staub und Wasser geschützt. (Smartphone, Sony)

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Sony to launch 4K digital distribution network this summer, 'mastered in 4K' Blu-ray discs

Now that Sony is bringing 4K TVs to more mainstream sizes with the launch of 55- and 65-inch models later this year, it's also expanding the availability of content. When it launched its $25,000 84-inch Ultra HD LCD last year it loaned owners a hard drive solution that came preloaded with movies, but now buyers will be able to download movies as well. According to CEO Kaz Hirai "4K is not the futureit's now" and Sony is doing it's best to make that happen. Also arriving on shelves ar

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PowerSkin smartphone cases add color, slim design for 2013

XPAL Power, Inc., maker of the PowerSkin line of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting cases for smartphones, has previewed its new line-up for 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show, showcasing a Pro Series of double-injection hard plastic iPhone 5 battery cases in a variety of colors for the first time ever, a next generation slim design for iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III, along with the Hybrid Battery Charger, featuring suction cups and tip connectors compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices.

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08.01.2013 3:00 Uhr

CES Show Report: Incipio

Originally known for basic mobile phone cases before focusing on early iPhone designs, Incipio has become a case design powerhouse—a expert in creating polished iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac cases, as well as bags and basic electronic accessories. The company’s OffGrid Pro battery case for iPhone 4/4S wowed us at the 2012 CES, and this year the company is debuting several new iPhone 5 OffGrid designs, along with new iPad cases, Mac bags,…

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CES 2013: Fitbug launches the Orb, for tracking sleep and activity via iOS

photo: engadget Whatever you do, don't confuse the Fitbug with its similarly-titled competitor, the Fitbit -- we accidentally did so at this week's CES Unveiled event, and the company's rep gave us a stern correction. In our defense, it's easy to mix the two up: They obviously sound similar, and they perform similar tasks, both tracking health and calorie consumption via a Bluetooth app. But Fitbug's new Orb unit hopes to do even more than the popular Fitbit -- not only will it track calories burned through the pedometer, but it will also measure sleep (presumably by noting when you're laying down and going inactive). The Fitbug will hook up with any iOS dev

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Samsung estimates $8.3 billion in profits for Q4, brags about phone sales

What's the lion's share look like in sales numbers? About 500 handsets a minute, according to Samsung. The Korean hardware giant flaunted the sales estimate in its Q4 investors guidance, where it says it expects to see $8.3 billion in profits when the official earnings report drops later this month. That's just shy of double what it reported over the same period in 2011. Sammy contributes the growth to a plentiful supply of regional

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Lenovo's IdeaCentre Horizon 'table PC' is a 27" portable computer

Lenovo on Monday unveiled an interesting, if not completely useful, "slate" PC in the IdeaCentre Horizon, a 27" multitouch all-in-one that can convert into a tablet-like device reminiscent of Microsoft's original Surface concept.

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Apple further delays delivery of 27-inch new iMac model

For the second time, Apple has pushed back delivery of new 27-inch iMac models to 3-4 weeks, signalling further wait times for customers who order the larger of the two new iMac models. The 21.5-inch models are still somewhat constrained, but continue to list 7-10 business day ship times. Apple had previously warned that 27-inch models would be in very short supply, but expected demand to ease after the holiday shopping period.

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CES Show Report: Moshi

Best known in its earlier days for cases and protective solutions, Moshi has become a reliably good electronic accessory developer in recent years, with a particularly sharp eye for Mac-ready accessories. This year, the company is showing new iOS-ready battery packs, aluminum headphones, Lightning cables, and other neat accessories for computers and the Apple TV.

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Ford looks to go the Android route with its Sync AppLink system, offers it to other automakers

Ford used CES to announce its new AppLink developer program to foster more in-car app development, but it looks like it has even grander plans than that. The company tells Wired that it's willing to give the system that Sync AppLink is based on to any other automaker that wants it -- and at no cost and with no restrictions, no less. Or as Wired puts it, it's looking to be the "Android of automotive app architectures." To that end, Ford says that it's not even looking for other automakers to incorporate Ford branding if they use the system, and that it sees AppLink as being platform agnostic. It's not offering a ton of specifics beyon

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Sony Xperia Z: hands-on with the new flagship at CES 2013 (video)

Sony has had over a year now to dust away any residual Ericsson branding and with a reinvigorated direction towards mobile, it's welcoming the CES crowds of Las Vegas with two new smartphones -- the Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL. Both are running Android Jelly Bean, have 5-inch 1080p screens laced with Sony's new Bravia Mobile 2 technology, quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro and new 13-megapixel

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Sony Cyber-shot H200 features 26x OIS lens, 20.1MP stills for $249 (hands-on)

Sony's priciest CES model is still quite affordable, with a wallet-friendly $249 MSRP. That sticker price will net you a 26x lens with SteadyShot optical stabilization, a 22.3mm wide-angle focal length and a 20.1-megapixel sensor. The "DSLR style" shooter follows a typical superzoom form factor, with a large extended grip, a dedicated mode dial and a generous pop-up flash. You won't find the full gamut of advanced shooting modes, but there is a manual option, along with a program mode, Intelligent Auto, panorama and scene modes. There's a 3-inch LCD on the rear, but no touch functionality to

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Sony's ruggedized Cyber-shot TF1 hits this month for $199, we go hands-on

Looking for a ruggedized stills shooter for your next trip to the slopes? Sony's Cyber-shot TF1 should have you covered, to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It'll also do just fine with drops in the snow -- it's shockproof to (solid-surface) drops of up to five feet and waterproof to 33 feet, so you can even haul it along for a soak in the hot tub before you settle in at the lodge. The camera packs a 2.7-inch LCD, a 16.1-megapixel sensor, a 25mm 4x optical zoom lens, a top sensitivity of ISO 3200 and a 1 frame-per-second burst mode. You can also shoot HD footage at 720p, letting you snag some b-roll to complement those helmet-moun

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Sony Cyber-shot W710 and W730 entry-level cameras start at $99, we go hands-on

Yup, Sony's still in the business of making sub-$100 pocketable shooters. The Cyber-shot W710 is set to retail for a mere 99 bucks this month, while its similarly-specced W730 counterpart will carry a list price of $139. Both cameras offer 16.1-megapixel sensors, 2.7-inch LCDs, 720p HD video modes, a 1 frame-per-second burst option and a top sensitivity of ISO 3200. You'll also find software consistencies, with Intelligent Auto, Picture Effect and Sweep Panorama modes available on both versions. The bargain-basement W710 includes a 28mm 5x optical zoom lens, while the pricier W730 model packs a 25mm 8

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Sony Cyber-shot WX80 packs WiFi, 10 fps shooting, 12,800 ISO in a $199 point-and-shoot (hands-on)

There's no full-frame sensor or advanced mode dial here, but Sony has managed to line up a compelling set of features for its CES flagship point-and-shoot. At $199, the Cyber-shot WX80 offers a huge jump in performance with only a modest bump in price, making it by far Sony's best value of the show. Granted, we haven't seen sample images or video clips, but boy does this camera

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Sony Handycam PJ790V and PJ650V get brighter projectors with HDMI input, we go hands-on

In the past, we may have considered a projector-equipped camcorder if the price was right, but with dim output (typically less than 20 lumens) and content options limited to footage you've shot, the available functionality often didn't justify a premium of several hundred dollars. Sony, for its part, is working to make that secondary display massively more appealing -- the company's latest generation of high-end camcorders adds an HDMI input, with an option to display content from any comp

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Sony Handycam TD30V delivers premium feel, 3D shooting for less than a grand (hands-on)

Not quite ready to hop aboard the projector train? Sony's betting that 3D might be your game. The Handycam TD30V is the company's $999 answer to 2012's $1,499 TD20V, delivering a nearly identical feature set for a heck of a lot less cash. There's absolutely no reason to toss last year's model up on eBay in favor of adopting this slight modification -- instead of adding features, Sony trimmed a couple tools,

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Sony kills off SD camcorders, launches four entry-level Handycams starting at $249 (hands-on)

It's 2013, and Sony's pair of standard-definition Handycams are officially on their way off store shelves. The company has retired the SX45 and SX85, which first began shipping in 2011 for $199 and $249, respectively, opting instead to introduce an entry-level HD model for $249. The CX220 is an update to last year's $299 CX190, offering enhancements in nearly every feature category. The Exmor R sensor has been boosted to 8.9 megapixels for stills and 2.3MP for video, with a 32/2

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Sony Handycam CX380 and PJ380 offer boosted specs with less heft, we go hands-on

In the market for a solid mid-range camcorder? Sony's Handycam 380 packs many of the features you'd need, and it ships with an optional built-in projector, too. The CX380 and PJ380 are nearly identical, with the latter model adding in a 13-lumen projector, including a video input for displaying content from smartphones, tablets, computers, or any other source with an HDMI port -- you can watch footage you record through the 26.8mm G lens, just like last year's PJ260V, but you can also

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Sony introduces Balanced Optical SteadyShot for well under a grand with CX430V, PJ430V Handycams (hands-on)

Sony's Balanced Optical SteadyShot has been perhaps one of the camcorder industry's greatest innovations in recent years, delivering a much smoother handheld picture by moving the entire lens module, rather than specific elements, to compensate for shake. Launched at last year's CES, Sony's CX760V was the first model to include the stabilization feature, but at $1,500, it's very much a premium option. Now, two sub-$1,000 offerings have been given the gift of smooth shooting -- the CX430V and PJ430V will ship in March for $

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Sony's BDP-S5100 Blu-ray player promises boosted WiFi range, cares about your wellbeing

It's 2013, and as such, it's time for Sony to preview its updated flagship Blu-ray player and catch some sun in the Nevada desert. This year's model is the BDP-S5100, which shares plenty of features with last year's BDP-S790, including 2D-to-3D conversion, DVD upscaling and streaming content from Netflix and its ilk. The refinements promised in this model include a fully encased optical drive to repel dust and debris, I/P noise reduction, One-Touch and boosted WiFi reception. There's also an interesting reference to the unit being able to run interactive apps incl

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Sony launches the Bravia KDL-W900A LED connected 3DTV at CES

Sony's television firmament has swelled to include the company's Bravia KDL-W900A here at the tech jamboree that is CES. The edge-lit, slimline display comes loaded with the company's X-Reality Pro engine for rendering, Motionflow XR 960 and two pairs of active-shutter 3D glasses. Spec fans will note that it's got built-in WiFi, "One Touch" NFC-enabled screen mirroring, USB port and the obligatory hookup to

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Sony Xperia Z announced: HDR video capture, 5-inch 1080p Reality Display, water-resistant

Sony's flagship smartphones may not have set the world on fire so far, but the company is making another concerted push in 2013, launching two top-end phones with near-identical internal specs. The Xperia Z is the main player here, with refined mirrored panelling across the sides and back and a machined power button being the only physical undulation from the 5-inch oblong. Sony's put in its latest tech from across the family, being the first device to house its Exmor RS sensor ca

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Sony announces touch-enabled VAIO T15 Ultrabook with touch, new touch-enabled VAIO T14

We've already hinted that the name of the game for laptops at CES will likely be incremental updates, and the latest company to prove our point is Sony. The PC division just announced an optional touchscreen for its VAIO T Series 14 Ultrabook, which originally debuted back in October. The touch T14 will be available for $800 in the spring. In addition to updating the T Series 14, Sony is releasing the T Series 15, which boasts a full HD touch display and will go for $950 when it hits the market this spring. Why no specs, you ask? Well, the co

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Samsung Techwin announces two new HD CCTV systems for the security conscious resolution snob

Samsung Techwin, the Korean conglomerate's video cameras and security division, is announcing two sets of HD CCTV systems for security-conscious types who don't want to settle for a grainy VGA image. The eight-channel SDH-P4040 and 16-channel SDH-P5080 come with four (or eight for the superior model) "weatherproof" 720p nigh vision cameras with a range of 85 feet. Connect them up to the supplied DVR with a Cat5E cable and images can be in

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Sony announces 65-and 55-inch Ultra HD TVs at CES: arriving this spring, pricing a mystery

We wouldn't blame you if you cried tears of agony when you realized that you could afford neither the $25,000 nor the space in your home to accommodate Sony's 84-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. Fortunately for you, the company is announcing 65 and 55-inch versions that'll occupy less room in your home while still pumping out 4K images. Both offer a Triluminous display with the company's X-Reality PRO and Motionflow XR960 technology, WiFi and NFC one-touch screen mirroring. At the same time, the company's launching a range of "Mastered in 4K" Blu-ray discs, but sadly the constraints of the format mean the discs

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Sony unveils NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers, waterproof Walkman MP3 headphones at CES (eyes-on)

With Sony's CES press conference literally just starting, we're pleased to be able to give you an early look at the latest sound pushers from its Personal Audio Division. The company is still aiming for that classicly subtle retro-futuristic look on these new devices, so you might not be swayed if you've never been a fan of the aesthetic in the past. That said, we're pretty impressed with what's inside of 'em. To start, there's a duo of new NFC-packing speaker bars

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Sony Xperia ZL hands-on: an alternate 5-inch 1080p, quad-core take on 'premium'

You can't fault Sony for trying. After announcing its renewed focus on mobile back in 2012, the company's consistently issued thoughtful hardware for the global marketplace. But its collective efforts have yet to spark the "emotional" storm company CEO Kaz Hirai seems to be striving for. Well, if the smiles on our faces are any indication, Sony may have a bonafide hit on its hands with the Xperia ZL. Introduced officially at its CES 2013 event, the 5-inc

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Parrot's Zikmu Solo speaker goes Duo, two make a pair over WiFi

It was only last October when we took a close look at Parrot's new Zikmu Solo (as well as chatting up CEO Henri Seydoux, pictured above), so we were a bit surprised when the company made an announcement for the same Bluetooth speaker at CES. You see, while the original Starck-designed Zikmu was sold in a pair, the slightly smaller Zikmu Solo -- powered by a 1GHz Cortex-A8 processor no less -- was designed with small rooms in mind and is theref

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AMD announces Temash, Kabini, Richland, and Kaveri APUs at CES 2013 (video)

AMD's press event here in Vegas just wrapped up, and if there's a single acronym to describe everything that we witnessed, it's this: APU. The two highlights were codenamed Temash and Kabini, two products that the company is touting as its first true system-on-chip APUs. In fact, each of 'em will launch as the "industry's first quad-core x86 SoCs" in the first half of 2013. It also took the wraps off of Richland, an APU that's presently shipping to OEMs and promises to deliver "more than 20 percent to up to 40 percent over the previous generation of AMD A-Series APUs." The outfit will be bundling Richlan

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Vizio's 2013 sound bars bringing big audio, Bluetooth connectivity to living rooms (ears-on)

An HDTV without a sound system to match is like a Ferrari on 14-inch rims -- still a beautiful sight to behold, but its performance falls short of what could be, given the right accessory. Vizio knows this, and so has announced its 2013 lineup of sound bars to give your HDTV some audio to match. Plus, they're all Bluetooth enabled, so they can stream tunes from your mobile device of choice as well. They come in 40-, 42-, and 54-inch models, with the smallest bar packing 2.1 channel audio, and the two larger sizes delivering 5.1 surround sound. Each bar also comes with a wireless subwoofer to deliver low-end punch -- the 40- and 42-inchers come with a 6-inc

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Sony announces the world's first 4K OLED TV at CES

4K TVs look amazing. OLED TVs look amazing. You can imagine, therefore, how good a 4K OLED TV will look. Sony has just wowed the audience here at CES 2013 with the news that it's produced the world's first Ultra High Definition television that uses Organic LEDs. Given how many companies have launched 4K sets here -- Westinghouse, Hisense,

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SwannSmart ADS-450 Wi-Fi Network Camera: Review and giveaway

As part of our coverage of home automation and security devices that work with Mac OS X and iOS devices, there have been quite a few Wi-Fi cameras that we've looked at. The latest is from security device manufacturer Swann, and it's the ADS-450 Wi-Fi Network Camera (US$129.99). This device uses a Wi-Fi connection to beam VGA-quality (640 x 480) color video at up to 30 frames per second to a cloud storage service, where you can monitor your home or office from your Mac, PC, and iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. Design Like most similar products that have been reviewed on TUAW, the ADS-450 can be mounted on flat surfaces, attached to a wall, or hung from a ceiling. It provides audio as well, so you can use it to spy on employees

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Magisto sharpens its AI video editing algorithm, adds themes, albums and group editing

Sure, Magisto's automatic video editing algorithms are great for social media mashup clips, but what if you want to use the service's robotic sense of cinema to tell a story? CEO Oren Boiman says it's just what social video is missing, and has tweaked the service to fill the gap. Users now have access to a collection of themes to change how their footage is handled. The idea is to tip the algorithm in on the emotion the user is trying to convey, selecting "so cute" or "street beat" to cue it to select appropriately adorable or aggressive song suggestions, special effects or title treatments. The service also a

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Pure debuts modular Jongo synchronized audio system

Today at CES 2013, Pure announced the Jongo family of products -- an affordable multiroom audio products that allows the user to start with a single speaker and add more Jongo products for perfectly synchronized audio all around a home. Using Wi-Fi along with the free Pure Connect app, users also get the additional benefit of listening to multiple, tightly synchronised Jongo products in a single room or in a multi-room environment.

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CES Show Report: Odoyo

Odoyo’s biggest new products at CES are electronics. Not only is the company showing off one of the earliest Lightning-equipped battery cases, it’s also displaying a car charger capable of powering the third- and fourth-generation iPads at full speed.

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08.01.2013 2:00 Uhr

Hisense's 65-inch XT900 Ultra High Definition TV eyes-on

The world's fifth-largest TV maker has officially unveiled its new 65-inch UHDTV here at CES and we've just basked in the glow of its sumptuous 3,840 x 2,160 panel. WiFi-enabled, with a USB detachable camera perched on top, Hisense's new UHDTV is capable of 2D-to-3D picture conversion (with active shutter glasses) and multi-screen functionality. Unfortunately, the dim event room may not be the best place to show off these pixel-dense devices, but we came away impressed. The 4K trailer was crisp, colors wer

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Hisense XT780 3D Smart TV with Google TV at CES 2013, we go eyes-on

Hisense has barely made the news official, but here at its CES 2013 press event, we were able to glimpse its latest Google TV effort, the XT780 3D Smart TV with Google TV. The sleek set, to be offered in both 65- and 55-inch models, features a 7.9mm bezel and arrives with a chip on its shoulder: it received the CEA Innovations Honoree Award. It's also paired with that same uniquely contoured remote we saw back at IFA. In fact, the dual-sided controller's folded over shape bears a distant similarity to the mag

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Live from Sony's CES 2013 press conference

It's January, it's Las Vegas, it's CES and it's time for Sony to shine. The company always puts on a good show at the Consumer Electronics Show, and we don't expect this year to be any different. So grab a seat and a snack and follow the TV / camera / smartphone / celebrity deluge on the other side of the break.Filed under: SonyComments

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SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to rival Thunderbolt speeds in 2014

The newest version of the ubiquitous universal serial bus protocol is primed to get a performance boost in 2014, with data transfer speeds doubling to 10 gigabits per second while maintaining backwards compatibility with the huge existing USB ecosystem.

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CES 2013: Kensington offers a tracking solution with the Proximo Tag Kit

Kensington is in attendance at the International CES here in Las Vegas this week, and the company kindly sat down with TUAW this afternoon to show off some of its latest products. The most interesting of their recent offerings is something called the "Proximo Fob and Tag Kit," which is a relatively cheap tracking solution designed to work over Bluetooth 4 with your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. We've seen tagging kits like this before, but Kensington's, now available, offered a nice set of features at a very reasonable price. The idea is that you can use an included key fob or a tag (just the tag is available for $24.99, while a full fob and tag kit is $59.99) by attaching it to whatever object

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4iiii unveils Viiiiva heart rate monitor that wirelessly links to your iPhone or smartwatch

So, you've been monitoring virtually every aspect of your athletic performance and tweeting it to the world, but not your heartrate or other basic performance factors? Apparently that just won't do, sport-o, so 4iiii has announced the chest-worn Viiiiva monitor. That'll let you add those indicators to sportwatches like those from Garmin or Timex thr

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CES Show Report: Just Mobile

We’ve called them “the masters of metal,” and of course, Just Mobile has revealed an exciting lineup of new aluminum-heavy accessories, including an update to its largest battery pack and a handful of totally fresh ideas.

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CES Show Report: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia has continued to expand its lineup of iOS-focused accessories for the professional musician, debuting a new digital guitar interface, pedalboard MIDI controller, portable wireless studio monitors and a cable kit designed expressly for helping iOS device users connect iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices into a studio setup.

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CES 2013: Kamerabeichte als Frustventil

Wenn Menschen länger den gesamten Tag miteinander verbringen, entstehen unweigerlich Spannungen. Damit wir nicht an ihnen oder uns ihretwegen gegenseitig ersticken, lassen wir unserem Frust täglich in einem Monolog vor der Kamera freien Lauf. Wir präsentieren: Die Kammerkamera in der Kamerakammer.

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Hisense previews 2013 TV lineup that includes a 110-inch 4K set, Google TV and glasses-free 3D

Hisense gave us a tease of its TV future late last year with reasonably-sized 4K sets. We now know that it's bringing a lot more to CES -- and we do mean a lot. Its 2013 lineup will include the XT900 line, which brings 3D-capable 4K displays to 65-inch, 85-inch and slightly staggering 110-inch sizes. If extreme resolution isn't top on the list, there's still the 55- and 65-inch XT780, which port Hisense's Google TV interface fr

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Ford opens AppLink developer program, wants more apps with in-car voice control

Ford's SYNC AppLink technology for smartphone voice control while behind the wheel is currently only a feature of a handful of big-name apps. That may soon change, however, as here at CES, the motor company has announced a developer program to promote integration of its AppLink APIs into third-party software. Registration for the fledgling online community is open at the source link below, and interested devs will get access to an SDK, accompanying documents, and will qualify for technical g

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We take a hands-on look at the Samsung Series 7 Ultra at CES

In addition to checking out the Series 7 Chronos at Samsung's presser, we got a glimpse of the 13-inch Series 7 Ultra, the first Ultrabook in the Series 7 line. It's available in Core i5 and i7 configurations, and both come with a very bright, 1080p display. Like the larger Chronos, it's eminently grippable, thanks to a slightly textured brushed-metal finish and comfortably rounded edges. That's not to say that this machine even approximates chunky -- it's a mere 17mm thick. That's especially impressive when you factor in the touchscreen. We have no price or availability to share, but when this system does come out, you'll have your choice of 128GB or 256GB SSDs and

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NEC shows off a super-thin, 12.8mm thick Ultrabook, we go hands-on

Just after wrapping up its CES 2013 press conference, Intel showed off two Ultrabooks: one that's just a concept, and one that you can actually buy. What you see in that photo up there is the NEC LaVie X, the follow-up to last year's NEC LaVie Z. It's a 15-inch Ultrabook that measures just 12.8mm thick. We realize you might be desensitized to such specs at this point, so here's a little context: that's almost two millimeters thinner than the 15-inch Samsung Series 9, which alre

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The Daily Roundup for 01.07.2013

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.Continue reading The Daily Roundup for 01.07.2013Comments

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Lenovo Horizon 27: Rollender Tisch-PC als Mini-Surface-Konkurrenz

Keinen Tablet-PC sondern einen Table-PC hat Lenovo vorgestellt. Das Lenovo Ideacentre Horizon ist damit gewissermaßen die bezahlbare Heimversion von Microsofts Multitouch-Tisch Surface, nicht zu verwechseln mit dem gleichnamigen Tablet Surface. (Lenovo, Multitouch)

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Athenahealth to acquire mobile drug reference Epocrates

Athenahealth, known for its electronic health record and management solutions, will purchase Epocrates, the creators of one of the most popular medical reference apps among doctors. As GigaOM reports, Athenahealth will pay US$293 million for the software company, which was originally founded in the late 90s and created medical reference material for the Palm Pilot. With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, Epocrates now focuses on apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, along with online versions of its medical reference guide. With Athenahealth already offering its services to many healthcare prov

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Samsung expands its Dropbox integration to include PCs, Smart Cameras

Samsung has been enraptured with Dropbox and its cloud storage since last year, and we're quickly learning that it's a long-term love affair. The Korean firm is expanding its integration with Dropbox to not just include another smartphone, the Galaxy Grand, but also its 2013-era PCs (now that Windows 8 has support) and

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Belkin drops price for upcoming Thunderbolt Express Dock

Belkin's upcoming Thunderbolt Express Dock has returned to a $300 pricetag, the company now says. The product has been in development since 2011, and was originally assigned the $300 price -- along with a September 2012 launch date -- at last year's CES. In June, however, the company made some modifications to the peripheral and raised the price to $400. The September release date came and went, forcing Belkin to push the launch to the first quarter of 2013.

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Canopy unveils Sensus touch case for iOS devices at CES

Aimed primarily at gamers and visually-disabled users, a new iPhone case from Canopy offers 10-point touch input on the back and right side of the case which enables use of custom apps without ever blocking the screen. The technology has applications in gaming, drawing and will braille users, among other options. The Sensus case is being shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but will be available to retail this summer.

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Weiße Ware: Kühlschrank mit Evernote, Babymonitor und Kalender-App

Samsung hat ein Küchengerät vorgestellt, das den Anfang einer ganzen Serie intelligenter Haushaltsgeräte markieren soll. Die etwas überforderten Samsung-Mitarbeiter konnten abseits der Kühlungstechnik leider nur wenige IT-relevante Details nennen. (Android, Google Play)

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08.01.2013 1:00 Uhr

Canonical narrows timeframe for Ubuntu for smartphones to 'late February'

Our first look at the upcoming Ubuntu phone OS left us excited but wanting for more details, and it seems that Canonical has now indicated when you'll first be able to grab it. According to OMG Ubuntu, engineering manager Alan Pope said that a downloadable image of the upcoming system will be available in late February for the Galaxy Nexus handset. From what we've seen so far, if you're brave enough to grab it you'll be in for a reasonably fluid and hackable experience, although actually doing some

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Vizio shows off a 10-inch Tegra 4 tablet and a lower-end 7-inch slate

Earlier today we showed you the Vizio Tablet PC, the outfit's first Windows 8 slate. Now we're back for part deux, starring Tegra and a healthy dose of Jelly Bean. While touring the company's suite, we found two prototypes: a 10-inch tablet with NVIDIA's new Tegra 4 chip and a mid-range 7-inch model designed to take on the lower end of the market. Starting with the 10-inch model, key specs (aside from Tegra 4) include a 2,560 x 1,600 display, 32GB of on-board memory, NFC and dual 5MP / 1.3MP cameras. The 7-incher, meanwhile, has 16 gigs of storage, and steps down to Tegra

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Hands-on with the new Samsung Series 7 Chronos at CES

We walked away from the Samsung press conference with more than just a liveblog brimming with new announcements -- we got our hands on two of the company's new laptops, as well. First up was the refreshed Series 7 Chronos, which as you may know features a slimmer design and an optional touchscreen. Seeing it in person definitely makes it easy to understand why this is one of Sammy's most premium machines; the brushed-metal chassis is elegant in addition to being incredibly svelte. It packs a C

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Parrot's Flower Power: Monitors plants using your iPhone

Don't have a green thumb? Parrot, perhaps best known for its AR.Drone quadricopter, has a new product on the way called Flower Power that could help you keep yours plants happy and helping by means of your iPhone or other iOS device. Announced at CES, the stake-style sensor gets inserted into the soil next to a plant and monitors things like moisture, sunlight, temperature and fertilizer content. This information is sent over Bluetooth Smart to a cloud-based server, then piped to your device so you're informed when the plant needs water, food or moving so as to achieve the appropriate lighting conditions. The

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Sofant SmartAntenna could double battery life, ease network congestion

Battery life on your mobile can be a constant source of anxiety if, like us, you're pretty much "always on." Scottish-based firm Sofant thinks it might have the answer, or at the very least, a soothing tonic with its SmartAntenna technology. It's claimed that the tiny antenna you see above consume 90 percent less energy, and can potentially double battery life of devices. It's not just the dwindling power that gets a boost, with Sofant claiming it can also ease network congestion and dropped connections by reducing the number of devices with weak signals. SmartAntenna comple

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ActiveVideo announces Cloud TV developer program, hopes to woo web developers to television

Have a knack for drumming up gorgeous code in HTML5? ActiveVideo wants to help you put your talents to work on the big screen. The company is launching a new Cloud TV access program designed to help developers acclimate to ActiveVideo's development tools. The company says it's a two stage program, kicking off by introducing developers to the company's APIs, Javascript libraries and services, and panning out to offer priority access to tools, premium development kits and exclusive opportunities to showcase completed apps at trade shows and public events. ActiveVi

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Kingston präsentiert USB-Stick mit einem Terabyte Kapazität

Kingston zeigte heute auf der CES die neuen „Hyper-X-Predator“-USB-3.0-Sticks aus seiner Reihe „DataTraveler“. Die neuen Flash-Drives haben die enorme Kapazität von 512 Gigabyte und einem Terabyte. Außerdem waren aus der gleichen Serie die neuen „Ultimate-3.0-Generation-3“-Sticks mit 32 und 64 GByte zu sehen.

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Hyundai joins car makers supporting Siri Eyes Free tech

Korea's Hyundai is joining the list of car makers supporting Apple's Siri Eyes Free technology, according to a CES announcement. The company hasn't identified specific car models yet, but says that upcoming vehicles with dashboard consoles will get the technology. Using Eyes Free requires a device running iOS 6.

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Ascend Mate: Huawei präsentiert Smartphone mit 6,1-Zoll-Display

Huawei hat ein neues Android-Smartphone mit großem Bildschirm und interessanten Extrafunktionen vorgestellt. Dank eines großen Akkus und Stromsparfunktionen soll das Telefon bei normaler Nutzung zwei Tage ohne Aufladen auskommen. (Smartphone, Android)

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Smart-TV-Alliance holt Panasonic und Technisat an Bord

Die Smart TV Alliance will einen herstellerübergreifenden Standard für Smart-TV-Apps schaffen. Außer Samsung und Sony sind nun alle großen Hersteller mit an Bord.

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Dish launches Hopper with Sling, a commercial-jumping DVR that boots live and saved content to the web (hands-on)

Dish's Hopper just took a massive leap. The whole-home DVR solution, which launched at CES last year and began shipping to consumers this past spring, now has built-in Sling functionality -- think of it as a supercharged version of the "SlingLoaded" DVR we first saw in early 2009. The

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Dish Anywhere app delivers content on the go, Sling video feed from Hopper DVR (hands-on)

Dish is further reinforcing its promise to deliver content even when you're not in front of the TV. The new Dish Anywhere app is your portal for live streaming, powered by Sling, along with on-demand content direct from the web. As one of three apps designed specifically with Hopper with Sling owners in mind, Anywhere is tasked with displaying movies and TV shows directly from your set-top box at home. You also have access to the programming guide, and a full remote control for familiar navigation. We tried out the Anywhere app

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Dish Hopper Transfers for iPad takes your DVR content offline (hands-on)

There's really no way to encapsulate all of this awesomeness in a headline, so you're gonna want to read on. Sure, there's Dish Anywhere, for realtime streaming of live TV and DVR content, but Hopper with Sling owners will soon be able to take their content offline, for viewing on trains, planes and anywhere else where you don't have a connection (or don't want to burst your monthly bandwidth cap with hours of video). Assuming you have the necessary hardware, including Dish's latest DVR and an iPad, Hopper Transfers will let you

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Did ASUS' Atom-based VivoTab show at the FCC with AT&T-ready LTE?

ASUS' Atom-based VivoTab has largely stayed on the sidelines while the VivoTab RT takes the limelight. The FCC may have just hinted that it's time for the non-RT model to shine with a filing showing what could be a North America-specific variant. The absence of RT labeling across the descriptions is the main clue that there might be Intel Inside, although the slate on show clearly isn't a pedestrian WiFi model -- there's four-band LTE inside, includ

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Sprint announces summer timeframe for Windows Phone 8 launch, partners with Samsung and HTC

Sprint's the last of the big four carriers in the US to launch Windows Phone 8 products, but the platform's presence on the Now Network may be closer to a reality. The company announced today that it will be launching Windows Phones this summer and will be working with HTC and Samsung to make it happen. We naturally were left without any additional details on the actual devices, but that will of course come with time as we approach the anticipated launch. Head below

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Eyes-on with Samsung's new 85-inch S9 UHD TV at CES (video)

Right on the heels on Samsung's CES press conference, we got up close and personal with Samsung's just-announced work of art, the 85-inch S9 UHD TV. Its size alone is pretty spectacular, but Sammy clearly wanted to make this one a looker. The company calls stand a "timeless gallery" frame, and indeed the set would fit right in with some of the more conceptual pieces at the MoMA. Still, that easel-like design could be a bit limiting for some living rooms, so you can remove the S9 and wall-mount it -- though the 2.2 channel audio is built into that frame. Unique design aside, this TV is all about th

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OCZ will PCIe-Version der Vector-SSD-Reihe vorstellen

Neben anderen Neuheiten wie aktuellen SSD aus den Deneva-2- und Talos-2-Serien sowie einem neuen Z-Drive R4, über das die Kollegen auf der CES vor Ort in Las Vegas bestimmt noch berichten werden, will OCZ auch ein neues Vorab-Modell aus der Vector-Serie zeigen.

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THQ-Insolvenz: Marken und Studios im Einzelverkauf

Im Rahmen der THQ-Insolvenz kommt es nun zu einem Einzelverkauf von Marken und Studios. Ursprünglich plante der Publisher, die zum Verkauf stehenden „Assets“ an den Anteilseigner Clearlake Capital Group zu übergeben, der bereits ein (Schutz-)Gebot von 60 Millionen US-Dollar abgegeben hatte.

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Jailbreak für Windows 8 RT

Ein Entwickler hat einen Weg gefunden, einen essenziellen Sicherheitsmechanismus von Windows RT, der ARM-Variante von Windows 8, zu überlisten. Damit lassen sich auf Tablets mit RT prinzipiell auch unsignierte Desktop-Anwendungen starten.

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Apple's hunt for a new retail chief continues

Remember when Apple fired retail head John Browett at the end of October? Well, his job is still open in the company, and as AllThingsD's John Paczkowski notes, Apple may be taking its time to replace Browett because they can't afford to make another mistake hiring a Senior VP for this critical position. The retail stores are a key to Apple's success; in the fourth quarter alone, the 390 worldwide Apple Stores generated an average of $6,050 per square foot. That's huge -- Tiffany & Company stores only earn about half that amount. Paczkowski's article lists five candidates whose names have been bandie

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Cooltek mit neuem Silent-Midi-Tower Antiphon

Unter der Gehäusemarke Cooltek bringt PC-Cooling einen neuen Midi-Tower auf den Markt, bei dem insbesondere auf geräuschmindernde Maßnahmen Wert gelegt sein soll. Rund 1,35 Kilogramm Dämmmaterial, „Silent“-Lüftereinlässe, „geräuscharme“ Ventilatoren sowie Entkopplungsvorrichtungen sollen für eine niedrige Lautstärke sorgen.

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Huawei Ascend D2: 5-Zoll-Full-HD-Smartphone mit langer Akkulaufzeit

Mit dem Ascend D2 hat Huawei nach eigener Aussage das leistungsfähigste Android-Smartphone vorgestellt. Und die Ausstattung des Neulings kann sich sehen lassen: 5-Zoll-IPS-Touchscreen mit Full-HD-Auflösung, 13-Megapixel-Kamera und lange Akkulaufzeit sowie staub- und wasserresistentes Gehäuse. (Smartphone, Android)

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Sharp: 4K in Fernseher und Monitor

Sharp will in diesem Jahr außer 4K-Fernsehern auch einen großen 4K-Monitor anbieten. Außerdem will der japanische Konzern seine Smart-Funktionen in Fernsehern ausbauen.

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