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07.01.2013 24:00 Uhr

Editorial: FTC and Google -- why the right decision feels so wrong to so many people

The Federal Trade Commission's absolution of Google after a lengthy investigation into alleged abuse of market power induced expected reactions from the principle pl

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Broadcom's 5G WiFi chips power LG's latest HDTVs

5G WiFi (better known to us as 802.11ac) makes Barry Allen look like a geriatric. Broadcom's been talking up the prowess of its 5G hardware for some time now, but the first chance we'll get to use it is inside LG's latest TVs. Open one up, and you'll find Broadcom's BCM43526 silicon, which promises to offer lag-free HD streaming from the internet or mobile device. The TVs will be making their way into stores across 2013, which'll be your first time to see if it works as well as promised.

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Vizio reveals 5-inch and 4.7-inch Android handsets bound for China, we go hands-on

We figured Vizio would bring new laptops, All-in-Ones and HDTVs to CES this year, but as companies are often wont to do here in Vegas, Vizio had a Jelly Bean-flavored surprise for us -- in the form of a pair of unlocked Android handsets. There's a 5-inch model with a 1920 x 1080 LCD, 8-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front-facing shooter and a dual-core

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with LTE headed for Verizon

Clue's in the headline, really. If you've been waiting on the news that Samsung's 10.1-inch Galaxy Note with Verizon LTE, then today's your lucky day. Samsung has announced at its press conference that the S-Pen running tablet will be coming to the network this month with a customized version of Jelly Bean and photo editing tools. There's no word on pricing yet, but we've contacted the company for more information.Filed under: Tablets,

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Samsung debuts T9000 refrigerator with LCD and Evernote integration

Refrigerators with touchscreens haven't made much of a dent in the American home, but they're certainly a staple at CES. Samsung's latest entry, the rather large 32 cubic-foot four-door T9000 LCD, isn't exactly new territory for the company. At 2011's show the the RF4982 showed what was possible with an 8-inch display and a few productivity apps, but the 9000 adds some much needed versatility by integrating

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Snakebyte gamepad evolves into Unu Android tablet, promises to replace your Smart TV

What defines ambition? Maybe it's building an Android tablet after first setting out to build a Bluetooth gaming controller. That seems to be the backstory behind the Unu, a pair of seven and 10-inch gaming tablets that started life as the Snakebyte gamepad. The German made tablet is built to take the role of game console, music player, internet device and Smart TV, packing in a TV docking station, a whitewashed variation of the original Snakebyte game controller and a qwerty-equipped air mouse. The tablet is also said to include a proprietary U

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Huawei kündigt Ascend D2 und Ascend Mate an

Die Gerüchte bezüglich Huaweis Präsentation auf der diesjährigen CES haben sich bestätigt: Die Chinesen präsentieren zwei Smartphones, die auf die Namen Ascend D2 und Ascend Mate hören und die neuen Flaggschiffe des Unternehmens darstellen. Die bisher vermuteten Spezifikationen haben sich zu einem großen Teil bestätigt.

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Upcoming Lego Mindstorms EV3 to include iOS support

Lego Mindstorms robotics kits have captured the imagination of millions of tech tinkerers young and old. Now Lego has announced that the 15 year-old educational robotics platform will gain compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Lego Mindstorms EV3, expected in the second half of 2013 at a price of US$349, features more robust programming and expansion capabilities. Powered by the new Mindstorms EV3 Intelligent Brick, the kit will have new Linux-base firmware, an SD slot, a USB port, and a new infrared sensor. While there's not much detail in the press release below ab

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Huawei Ascend Mate: Hands-On mit dem 6,1"-Monster-Handy (Video)

Filed under: Smartphones, Tablet, Android Der neue Mega-Kumpel von Huawei, das Ascend Mate, war alles andere als ein Geheimnis, darum war die offizielle Ankündigung auf der CES auch weniger Überraschung als vielmehr Vollzug. Egal. 6,1" sind und bleiben 6,1". Ein 720p-Display, eine 4.050

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iLuv unveils the Aud 5: a Lightning speaker dock with Bluetooth connectivity for non-Apple wares

Lightning speaker docks have started popping up on the regular and now iLuv is looking to join the party. The outfit has outed the Aud 5, a speaker dock that connects to the latest iPhone and iPod while sporting both Bluetooth and 3.5mm aux connections for the rest of your gadget arsenal. Touch controls get cozy up top for track adjustments and "high power amplification" for the sound output. While pricing details haven't been released, we do know that you'll have to wait until May to snag one.

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12 Days of Christmas promotion ends with game app

The 12 Days of Christmas promotional application ended its final day on Sunday with a free all-ages game app called Shark Dash. The gift capped a total of 13 limited-time free gifts from across the iTunes Store offerings and was available through the 12 Days of Christmas app, which was available in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and selected European countries. Despite some regional variations, many gifts were identical across all regions.

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Trakdot Luggage beams luggage location to mobile devices

Trakdot has announced the Trakdot Luggage, a new tracking accessory for travelers. The device is roughly palm-sized, and is meant to go into checked baggage before a trip. As luggage makes progress from city to city, the tracker can broadcast its location to Trakdot's website or a dedicated iOS/Android app, or else fall back on email and SMS updates. Still another app can be used for tracking baggage once it arrives at an airport carousel.

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Hyundai to add Siri Eyes Free to vehicles

Add Hyundai to the list of automakers who are jumping onboard the Siri bandwagon. The Loop reports that at CES, the company announced that the Eyes Free mode added to Siri in iOS 6 will be deployed in unspecified future models. In June, we reported that the Chevrolet Sonic and 2013 Spark from GM are supposed to have the Eyes Free feature, which allows users to interact with Siri through a voice-command button on the car steering wheel. Other automakers with plans for Eyes Free integration

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Meet 'North Cape,' Intel's reference laptop with a detachable 1080p screen, Haswell CPU

If you weren't following along with Intel's CES 2013 keynote, here's a partial summary: among other things, the company debuted its fourth-generation Core processors, which until now have gone by the codename "Haswell." In addition to talking speeds and feeds, though, Intel also showed off a reference laptop with a Haswell chip inside, a notebook called "North Cape." It was a hybrid, essent

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eatART's Titanoboa takes a trip around CES 2013

Looks like the Mondo Spider isn't alone in this world, after all. Turns out the folks over at eatART have designed him a robotic reptilian friend. We got a quick demo of the truly awe-inspiring Titanoboa, a 50-foot snake with a giant opening jaw. The serpent came into being last year, and while it isn't quite ready done, it's at least finished enough to slither the Los Vegas Convention Center parking lot, just outside of our trailer. Future updates should help old Titanboa with its sidewinding dreams. Check out its current state after the break.

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Intel stellt neue „Ivy Bridge“ mit 7 Watt TDP vor

Wie erwartet hat Intel im Rahmen der CES 2013 auch die ersten „Ivy Bridge“ vorgestellt, die eine deutlich geringere TDP bieten. Die im September zum IDF 2012 angepeilte TDP von zehn Watt wurde demnach sogar nochmals unterboten, die neuen Modelle werden mit der Klassifizierung von sieben Watt erscheinen.

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CES Show Report: iHome

Firing on all cylinders with expansions of its prior product lines, iHome this year is broadening its array of speaker and headphone offerings, focusing on value-priced options with atypically nice industrial designs. In addition to offering some Lightning speakers—many very similar to past options—the company has unveiled a large collection of Bluetooth speakers, including some based on older AirPlay models, and new Disney/Marvel-themed…

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Job-Anzeigen: 2013 Macs mit schnellerem WiFi bestätigen sich

Letzte Woche schlug das Gerücht auf, wonach Apple angeblich an extrem schnellen WLAN in den neuen Macs arbeitet (wir berichteten). Mit einem 802.11ac Wi-Fi Chip im Kern der Geräte wäre das sogenannte Gigabit WiFi

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Belkin WeMo home automation to gain an iOS-controlled light switch

Belkin's iOS-compatible WeMo home automation system has been the subject of several posts here on TUAW including a full review. I've used the system with the IFTTT scripting service to do everything from cooling off me and Ruby the Internet-famous cat to turning on the Christmas lights with Siri. Belkin announced in a support forum this weekend that they'll be introducing an iOS-control

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Hands-on with the Huawei Ascend D2

Chinese phone maker Huawei just pulled the lid back on its D2 Ascend. The D2 features a 5-inch 1,920 x 1080 full HD display, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.1. More info to come as we go hands-on. Aside from a plastic body, the D2 manages to have a premium feel.Continue reading Hands-on with the Huawei Ascend D2Filed under: Cellphones,

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ASUS Qube hands-on (video)

One of ASUS' most significant announcements at CES this year is the Google TV-powered Qube. Just as the name suggests, the device comes in the shape of a cube, with an IR receiver on the front side, a USB port on the right, and a bunch more on the back: HDMI-in, HDMI-out, another USB port, RJ-45 and IR-out. Internally the Qube packs a Marvell Armada 1500 chipset with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash storage. Like the chassis, the Qube's interface also features a rotating cube, but that's pretty much the only thing special about it so far. The Qube naturally comes with its very own remote control, and

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iLuv outs three more Bluetooth speakers, NFC and Qi-certified wireless charging join the fray

Looking for wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity in your next speaker dock? If so, iLuv's most recent CES announcement may be of interest. The MobiRock is the company's first Bluetooth unit to sport Qi-certified wireless charging pad for re-juicing sans wires while blasting the latest Big Boi album. That's not all. The unit also features NFC capabilities as well. iLuv also outed the MobiAria: a speaker that streams wirelessly via Bluetooth with NFC lending a hand for easy pairing. A USB charging

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ThinkGeek offers $500 HAL 9000 replica, makes you answer to 'Dave'

It was a little over a year ago that ThinkGeek gave folks a chance to add a bit of 2001 to their home with the IRIS 9000 iPhone dock, but it's really gone the extra mile this year. The retailer has today announced its new HAL 9000 Life-Size Replica, a $500 device that's said to be built using the original 1967 blueprints and image files. What's more, while it isn't exactly "fully functional," it is able to respond to voice commands and most IR remotes with a variety of suitably unsettling phrases (yes, including a rendition of "Daisy Be

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Engadget's CES 2013 stage schedule

Yes, we're back in magical Las Vegas. And while it was tough getting it through airport security, for the second year in a row, we've brought our stage with us. Starting Tuesday, we'll be spending the week talking tech with some of CES's biggest and most innovative companies. You can lock into an on-going livestream of the week's events after the break and check out a full schedule of interviews just below that (Note: All of the below times are listed in ET).Continue reading Engadget's CES 2013 stage scheduleFiled under: Announcements, Cellphones

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Samsung unveils 55-inch OLED HDTV, really is planning to release it this year

Despite big splashes at CES last year, we never saw any OLED HDTVs hit store shelves from Samsung or its competitor LG, but both are fixated on changing that in 2013. Although availability and pricing are still TBD, the KNF559500 is rocking a model number and loads of specs. While most of them are on par with Samsung's other top of the line HDTVs this year (quad core CPU, five panel Smart Hub and apps, recommendations, gesture control etc.), it's differentiating itself with a display based on self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which it claims makes for absolute b

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Samsung unveils 85-inch S9 UHD TV, 110-inch model to follow later this year

At CES 2013, it is apparently a must for mainstream HDTV manufacturers to bring a 4K television and as a market leader, Samsung is no different. So what does the mighty S9 UHD TV bring to the table? At 85-inches, it claims a size that's one inch beyond the competition, and features a crazy "Timeless Gallery" frame design that Samsung says "showcases the juxtaposition of a minimalist concept with such a large display." Even after getting a firsthand look at it we're still not sure how to interpret its odd stance, but after promising an "unprecedented new shape" we guess this had to be it?

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Samsung 2013 LCDs and plasmas

As a leading manufacturer of HDTVs, Samsung has predictably returned to CES with a heaping armful of new displays of both the plasma and LCD variety. There are many common factors across the higher end models, including new A15 quad-core 1.35GHz CPUs that claim a 3.6x speed boost over last year's dual cores. That extra horsepower isn't being wasted either, as this year's sets are the first to decode HEVC video, and also feature improved voice control with natural voice commands, better recognition of gestures with support for two-handed gestures, pinch to zoom and more. All are due during the first half of 2013 and include Samsung's AllShare DLNA client, as well as the S-Recommendation lists to help you find things to watch.

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Samsung launches six new point-and-shoot cameras at CES

It's CES week, and as such, high time for Samsung to flood the planet with point-and-shoot cameras to cater to our every whim, mood and price point. It's unveiled six new models that we've decided to break down for you like this: The WB250F comes with an 18x optical zoom, a 14.2-megapixel backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS and a 24mm lens. The WB200F has the same hardware, except its packing a CCD sensor rather than the CMOS. The WB800F gets a 21x optical zoom and a 16.3-megapixel BSI CMOS.

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Ouya and Kill Screen announce CREATE Game Jam, bait developers with $45,000 in prizes

Excited for Ouya? So are the folks at Kill Screen -- so much so, they've seen fit to host a 10-day competition to coax Ouya compatible game prototypes out of the development community. It's calling the event CREATE, and in addition to drumming up interest for Kickstarter's favorite game console, it aims to celebrate how Ouya and a new generation of indie game developers are making the television an open gaming platform. Starting on January 14th, Kill Screen will start accepting prototype submissions of playable (but not necessarily complete) games. Ten days later, a panel of i

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Asus präsentiert den „Transformer AiO“-PC

Vielseitig verwendbare Geräte liegen im Trend und so stellte Asus auf der Computex 2012 ein All-in-One-Gerät der besonderen Art vor, das vor Ort damals kurz getestet werden konnte. Es handelt sich um das Hybrid-Gerät Asus Transformer AiO P1801.

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First Looks: Speck CandyShell + CandyShell Grip for iPad mini

Highly similar to earlier versions Speck has released for the iPod touch and full-sized iPads, the new iPad mini versions of CandyShell ($45) and CandyShell Grip ($45) are nevertheless amongst the most protective playthrough-style cases we've seen for Apple's 7.9"-screened tablet. While the basic CandyShell is almost entirely soft rubber on the inside and glossy hard plastic on the outside -- thinner in a good way than might be guessed from its predecessors…

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SuperSpeed USB 3.0 will match Thunderbolt performance in 2014

With the addition of USB 3.0 to Apple's line of Macs, the Thunderbolt interface -- which hasn't really taken off -- may be relegated to the dustbin of history soon. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced at CES today that by 2014, USB 3.0 data-transfer speeds will be doubled from today's 5 gigabits per second to 10 Gbps. The faster SuperSpeed USB 3.0 will require new controller hardware on the computers, so don't expect your 2012 or 2013 vintage Mac to be able to take advantage of the swift interface. The group is designing USB 3.0 to use the same connectors, so you will be able to plug existing devices into the higher-speed ports. The revised SuperSpeed USB 3.0 may require new cables as we

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iPhone 5: Laut Consumer Reports das schlechteste Smartphone unter den Topmodellen

Das aktuelle Ranking der Top-Smartphones, welches das amerikanische Komplementär zur deutschen Stiftung Warentest- Consumer Reports- in der Februar Ausgabe veröffentlichte, straft vor allem das Apple iPhone 5 gnadenlos ab. Angeblich handelt es sich hierbei um das schlechteste Smartphone unter den Top-Modellen. Dieses Ranking ist allerdings mit Vorsicht zu genießen, da die nackten Zahlen dann doch

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Must See HDTV (January 7th - 13th)

We're a little tied up this week (there's a rather minor electronics event going on) but we're still bringing you our usual list of what to check for in HD. Our favorite show, Justified, kicks off its latest season this week, while many others return from winter break. Of course, there's also the National Championship game tonight, and NFL playoffs action this weekend and, some day soon -- NHL hockey. Look below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.Continue reading Must See HDTV (January 7th - 13th)Filed under:

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Huawei Ascend Mate hands-on at CES 2013

We've been handling Huawei's new 6.1-inch smartphone -- and there's a lot of screen there. The device feels good, it doesn't feel like Huawei products of the past -- with a nicely slim profile. Fingers are crossed that its 4,000mAh battery will prove enough for that imposing 720p display. We'll have video and more impressions up soon. DevelopingFiled under: Cellphones, MobileComments

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Live from Samsung's CES 2013 press event!

There will be plenty of liveblogs at this year's CES, but few will offer the kind of variety of Samsung's. January 7, 2013 5:00 PM ESTFiled under: Household, Tablets, SamsungComments

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CES 2013: Mobile Stromquellen mit Brennstoffzellen und Solarenergie

Was stört besonders an modernen Smartphones, egal ob iOS oder Android? Das beinahe tägliche Ritual, es an der Steckdose aufzuladen. Einige Aussteller auf der CES in Las Vegas begegnen diesem Problem mit einigen recht interessanten Konzepten.Am Stand von Lilliputian Systems auf dem Unveiled-Event fanden wir das Nectar. Ein kleines, 200 Gramm schweres Gerät, das den Akku eines iPhone angeblich bis zu 14 Mal voll laden kann. Schon Mitte des Jahres berichteten wir über die erst

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Glympse app gets integrated with Ford SYNC

Ford Cars with SYNC AppLink can now enable voice-controlled location sharing through the Glympse app on their iPhones. To use Glympse, drivers must have the app installed on an iOS or Android-based smartphone. The car automatically recognizes the app when the phone is Bluetooth(R)-paired or USB-connected. With Glympse activated, drivers simply need to press the SYNC voice button on the steering wheel and say, "Send Glympse." Users can send a Glympse to a friend's email or mobile number, or to Facebook and Twitter. Recipients of the Glympse can then monitor the vehicle's progress and ETA via a real-time dynamic map, on either a smartphone or desktop. After the user-defined time limit expires, the location is no long

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Analyst: iPhone mini kommt frühestens 2014

Die Gerüchte um ein abgespecktes iPhone, das preislich vor allem für den Prepaid-Markt von Interesse wäre, gibt es schon seit der Veröffentlichung des ersten iPhones. Bisher hat Apple jedoch anstelle eines neuen iPhones das Vorjahres-Modell im Preis gesenkt, um eine preislich interessante

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Huawei Ascend D2 official: 5-inch 1080p display, 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, Android Jelly Bean

Huawei's daring to dream big -- at least, that's what prior leaks regarding its latest Android lineup have seemed to indicate. And here at CES 2013, the company's finally formally introduced the Ascend D2, referred to by company Chairman Richard Yu as the "dream phone." Its top shelf specs -- 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core 1.5GHz K3V3 CPU, Android Jelly Bean, 13-megapixel rear camera and 3,000

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Intel introduces 'Bay Trail,' a quad-core Atom-based processor for tablets

Intel's just introduced a brand new quad-core Atom-based processor specifically meant for tablets, codenamed "Bay Trail." As you can see in the slide above, it's a 22nm chip that promises double the performance of current-gen Atom processors. It'll be available in tablets starting in holiday 2013. Details are light at the moment, but we expect we'll see Bay Trail show up in a variety of tablets across the coming year; leaks from earlier this year actually offered more detail than Intel did this afternoon. A press release from Intel following the presser also detailed some increased sec

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Intel confirms new lower power 4th generation Core Haswell processors at CES

Intel just confirmed it's 4th generation Intel Core Processors at its press conference at CES. Previous iterations went down to 15W, the new breed will go as low as 7W. These new chips are set to be part of the Core family, and best of all, these are available starting today. These are the Haswell chips we've been hearing about, and Intel promises they represent one of the largest improvements in battery life gain over a generation of the firm's history.

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Intel teases Clover Trail+ with the Atom Z2580

Intel's not saying too much about it yet, but it just announced the Atom Z2580 at its CES 2013 live event, the first processor of the upcoming Clover Trail+ family. Details are scarce at this point, but the chip-maker said it would enhance the current Clover Trail family with better performance and battery life. We should have more skinny on it soon, but anything that can keep our Atom-powered Windows tablets and devices kicking along for longer than they do now has got to be a good thing.Filed under:

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Huawei launches 6.1-inch Ascend Mate

Huawei launches an absolutely massive set today during its press event: the 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate. The handset boasts a 720p display and a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU but fortunately, that gigantic display (which is low temperature polysilicon) has been paired with a 4,000mAh battery -- the Galaxy Note II runs with a 3,100mAh cell -- and we're hoping this means the pocket-straining slab will go the distance in daily use. DevelopingComments

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Intel makes Touch, Wireless Display mandatory components for Haswell Ultrabooks

We're here live at Intel's CES press conference, where Kirk Skaugen has announced that if a company wants to use the name Ultrabook with Haswell internals, it'll have to include touch as standard. The other major requirement is that the device must carry Intel's Wireless Display, so at least you'll be able to see your images on your TV when your Ultrabook's screen gets too greasy. Developing

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Intel confirms partnership with Comcast, brings Xfinity TV viewing to Intel-based devices

Well, there's no new set-top box box per se, but most of those rumored Intel / virtual cable TV details have come true here at CES. Intel just announced a new partnership with Comcast, which will enable Xfinity TV viewers to watch television on Intel-based devices in the home. According to Intel, the collaboration will enable users to tap into Xfinity TV on "IP set-top boxes, Ultrabooks, Intel-based all-in-one PCs, tablets and smartpho

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Hyundai announces support for Apple's Siri Eyes Free

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show, Hyundai announced a number of new vehicle technologies, including integration with Apple's Siri-powered "Eyes Free" mode.

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Withings outs Smart Body Analyzer, Smart Activity Tracker

Accessory maker Withings has unveiled two new products at CES. The Smart Body Analyzer is nominally a weight scale, but also tracks figures for body fat and heart rate, which are transmitted to the Withings Health Mate app for iOS and Android. The scale even records air temperature and carbon dioxide levels, since these can potentially lead to health complications.

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PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD broadens Epson projector line

Epson America, Inc. today expanded its line of 3LCD home theater projectors with the 3LCD PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD. The new projector is tailored for families and first-time home theater enthusiasts as an affordable 2D and true 3D big screen entertainment solution. The Home Cinema 750HD is Epsonís brightest home theater projector to date -- projecting a bright and colorful display with up to 3,000 lumens of color and 3,000 lumens of white brightness for dark or light rooms. Offering full HD, active shutter 3D with 720p resolution, the Home Cinema 750HD simplifies display of movies, videogam

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CES Unveiled: Dexim's Lightning Power Skin and Music Talking Stylus

We looked at Dexim's chargers last year, but the company is rolling out new Lightning port Power Skin for the iPhone, as seen above. It should sell for $60 and be available at the end of January. For those of you who still have 30-pin iPhones, they were handing out samples of the ClickStick Bluetooth remote for the iPhone's camera. I'll have a review of that next week. One crazy accessory they were pushing as well was a Bluetooth stylus, which you can use to listen to music (you can actually plug your headphones into the end of it), or use it as a sort of pen phone, as it has a microphone on it. Crazy stuff, but it just mig

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[App-Test] Auto World 1.1 für iPhone und iPad

AUTO WORLD ist das erste interaktive und kostenlose Tablet-Magazin rund ums Thema Auto und Mobilität. Es erscheint seit August 2012 alle zwei Wochen weltweit und kann kostenlos im Apple App Store auf das iPad und das iPhone geladen werden.Schwerpunkt jeder Ausgabe ist die Leidenschaft fürs

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Philips showcases its 2013 Fidelio audio lineup at CES, we go eyes-on

Philips isn't showing off anything too groundbreaking at CES in the in the audio department, but it looks to be a solid offering all-around nonetheless. Whether you're eyeing the likes of a new soundbar for your home theater system or portable wireless speaker, the company should have you covered with latest Fidelio offerings -- and of course that's not all. We've got a quick breakdown of all the goods being shown off after the break, along with an eyes-on galleries so you can get up-close look for yourself. As always, you'll find the full press releases below it

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Fujifilm launches seven FinePix models at CES: bridge cams to rugged shooters

Fujifilm's raft of FinePix cams at CES are headlined by the HS50EXR, which aims to please those who love point and shoots, but aren't quite ready to make the pricey leap to a full-blown DSLR. The shooter captures photos at 16 megapixels, records 1080p video at 60fps and features a 3-inch tilting LCD screen. Loaded with a manual zoom lens and a 42x focal length range, the cam will arrive in March with a $550 price tag. With the device, Fujifilm is laying claim to the world's fastest autofocus in the camera's class at 0.5 seconds. For those who pinch their pennies a little harder, the firm is releasing the HS35EXR for $400, which drops 10

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Pantech Discover hands-on

Talk about a stark contrast to last year's AT&T Developer Summit: instead of blasting out a large number of devices, the Pantech Discover was the carrier's sole handset announcement today. It's certainly a spotlight hog, though -- the budget-friendly smartphone is making its way to store shelves on January 11th for $50, and it's bringing an entourage of premium features. Boasting a 4.8-inch 720p TFT display, 12.6MP camera, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2,100mAh battery and 16GB internal storage with microSD capacity, it's one of the most tempting phones we've ever seen in this price tier (on paper, at least). We've been able to spend some quality tim

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eatART's Mondo Spider cruises around CES 2013 (video)

It's sort of like Burning Man meets CES, meets a giant rideable robotic spider. eatART's eight-legged, 1,600 metal arachnid made the trip from Vancouver in order to cruise around the grounds of the Las Vegas Convention Center -- and thankfully we had a great view from our CES trailer. The big bug has been kicking around since 2006, but this is its first trip to the Consumer Electronic Show. We'd tell you more, but it's probably best to just watch the thing in action after the break. Gallery: eatART's Mondo Spider eyes-on at CES 2013

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ASUS announces ROG Ares II video card, dual Radeon HD 7970 GPUs, 1050MHz clock speed

The original ROG ARES graphics card was a head spinner, and the just announced sequel seems to follow suit. ASUS' ARES II features two AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition GPUs, and has a slimline two-slot design. The manufacturer claims it's the fastest graphics card available, outperforming the GeForce GTX 690 reference card by some 13 percent. There's 6GB of video memory, 1,100MHz boost clock, 1,050MHz base clock and 2 x 384-bit memory interface. If this sounds like something you just gotta have, then you'd better keep them eyes peeled, as upon release (no exact

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Live from Huawei's press event at CES 2013!

While plenty of mobile old hands appear to be holding back for later events, it looks like there's no stopping Huawei. We're expecting to see the official launch of several new phones, more network news, and hopefully a few surprises. Everyone's getting settled into their seats, and we'll be keeping you up to date with all the news as it happens.Filed under: Cellphones, Tablets, Wir

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Intel announces Lexington platform

During Intel's press conference at CES 2013, the company outed a brand new platform known as Lexington targeted mainly for emerging markets. The processor has speeds of up to 1.2 GHz with the company's hyper-threading technology. It supports dual shooters at 5- and 1.3-megapixels with burst picture-taking at 7 fps. It'll also decode and encode 1080p video at 30 fps. It supports microSD cards, dual SIMs (with dual standby), FM radio and WiDi streaming. DevelopingFiled under: Misc, IntelComments

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Daily Update for January 7, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Flash) or the non-Flash link below. To subscribe to the podcast for daily listening through iTunes, click here.

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App Store feiert 40 Milliarden Downloads, 20 Milliarden in 2012

iPhone 5, iPad mini und gleich zwei iPads mit Retina-Display: Für Apple war das Jahr 2012 hinsichtlich iOS ohne Zweifel ein voller Erfolg. Messbar ist dieser nicht nur aufgrund von verkauften Geräten, sondern auch anhand der App-Downloads in Apples digitalem Software-Laden. Dieser konnte allein im

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Philips showcases its 2013 Fiedelio audio lineup at CES, we go eyes-on

Phillips isn't showing off anything too groundbreaking at CES in the in the audio department, but it looks to be a solid offering all-around nonetheless. Whether you're eyeing the likes of a new soundbar for your home theater system or portable wireless speaker, the company should have you covered -- and of course that's not all. We've got a quick breakdown of all the goods being shown off after the break, along with an eyes-on galleries so you can get up-close look for yourself. As always, you'll find the full press releases below it all for more info.Continue r

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Live from Intel's CES 2013 press conference!

It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since the last time Intel held a keynote at CES. Back then, we got a glimpse of an early Medfield phone and also saw a demo of Fruit Ninja running on a touchscreen Ultrabook. (Remember when that seemed like a novelty?) Twelve months later, we still haven't seen that many Atom-powered handsets, but touch-enabled laptops are already the new normal. So what's in store for 2013? Personally, we're hoping for longer battery life on touchscreen Ultrabooks, and that might be a real possibility if Intel comes out with those low-power

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Buqu expands Magnetyze charging dock line for iPhone 5

Battery charging peripheral manufacturer BuQu has announced that pre-orders will commence in the second quarter of 2013 on the new Magnetyze Magnetic Charging System for the iPhone 5. The new Android and iPhone-compatible charging station is newly tailored to suit the iPhone 5's larger form factor and Lightning connector. Existing Magnetyze users will be able purchase just a new case for compatibility with existing docks.

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07.01.2013 22:00 Uhr

Shutterfly to buy ThisLife photo archive and sharing service

Shutterfly has made a name for itself by offering a streamlined way for photo buffs to turn their snapshots into scrapbooks, calendars, prints, and other products. Now, the company has acquired ThisLife, a cloud-based photo sharing and archiving service which offers both paid and free subscription tiers. Earlier this month, TechCrunch reported on a rumor that pointed to the impending acquisition, and it appears that those sources were spot-on. According to a press release regarding the deal, Shutterfly plans to use ThisLife's tech to further flesh out its product creation process. "Consumers will be able to safely and easily preserve, organize and share their memories, regardless of w

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Fujfilm announces pricing and availability for X100S and X20

At Fujifilm's press conference today, the company announced that both the X100S and X20 will hit stores at the end of March, with the X100S running you $1,300 and the X20 shipping for less than half, at roughly 600 bucks. A new 55-200mm lens will ship in April, with more lenses planned for later this year.Filed under: CamerasComments

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ASUS announces VariDrive media dock with DisplayLink SuperSpeed technology, USB 3.0, DVD drive

ASUS has just announced its new VariDrive USB 3.0 media docking device here at CES. Using with DisplayLink's SuperSpeed technology for Ultrabook and netbook expansion, the device also incorporates a DVD combo drive (8X). Port-wise you'll be adding HDMI (and HDMI audio), VGA and Ethernet to whatever you got as standard with the machine you're using it with. The peripheral is available starting this week, but no details on price just yet. Load

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Vizio's XVT Ultra HDTVs to bring 4K and glasses-free 3D to the masses, we go eyes-on

Vizio officially announced its 2013 HDTV lineup this morning and now we've gotten to see the new sets in person. At the top of the list are the company's XVT Ultra models at 55-, 65- and 70-inches, which will bring 4K video to living rooms on an unknown date later this year. The company had the 70-inch set on hand showing some native 4K footage, and as you'd expect, it looked good. Viewing angles approach 180 degrees, and the new design's 10mm bezel is barely noticeable. Speaking of which, the industrial design on the XVT line is understated and premium, with an anodized silver metal band surrounding the edge of the set and minimal branding. In addition to the 70-inch set, Vizio also

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CES 2013: Alcatel mit neuen One Touch-Smartphones und Tablets

Pünktlich zur momentan in Las Vegas stattfindenden Consumer Electronics Show (CES) stellt der Hersteller Alcatel One Touch neue Smartphones und Tablets vor. Bei den Smartphones gibt es bis zu Full-HD auf 5 Zoll, die Tablets sollen preislich punkten. In einer Pressemitteilung ließ Alcatel One Touch die Medien wissen, dass man in diesem Jahr eine Reihe

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CES Show Report: Imation / XtremeMac

Imation, parent company of XtremeMac, is showing off a number of new iPhone and iPad accessories. In addition to new cases, it premiered an updated version of the InCharge multi-device charging base and a pair of speakers.

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CES Unveiled: SpareOne Plus emergency phone

In a world where most of our readers are toting around iPhones, you may wonder why in the world we'd write up a AA-powered emergency phone. I very nearly passed this one by myself, until the pitch man noted "we have an app." Honestly, I think the SpareOne is a great solution to real problems, and yes, the app has a purpose. Here's Engadget's coverage of the SpareOne from last year. SpareOne made a splash last year as a "15-year phone" in that the battery would still power the device (provided it was powered down) up to 15 years later. The Plus still features this, plus 10 hours of talk time, plus 24 hours of LED flashlight. This year SpareOne debuted the SpareOne Plus, which incl

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Bestätigt: Polaroid kommt mit Android-Kamera um die Ecke (und noch viel mehr)

Filed under: Digitalkameras, Android, Camcorder Wir hatten schon im Dezember eine Ahnung, dass eine Android-Kamera mit Wechselobjektiv von Polaroid auf dem Weg ist, jetzt haben wir es schwarz auf weiß. Die iM1836 kommt mit 18,1 Megapixel und Android 4.1. Via WiFi

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SlingPlayer, TuneIn and other channels added to Netgear's NeoTV lineup

If the release of Netgear's new NeoTV PRIME has left you feeling like your earlier model is a bit dated, then maybe some fresh software for that streaming box will ease those woes. Announced today at CES, several new channels are now available on the NeoTV range, with the biggest names being TuneIn Radio -- if you want to rest those eyes for a while -- and

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Qualcomm and AT&T team up to bring 'internet of things' devices to the mainstream

While we're accustomed to the buzzphrase "internet of things", AT&T and Qualcomm want to talk about the "internet of everything." In short, it's pairing up to offer a development platform that uses the latter's Gobi 3G modems and the former's wireless internet which will be used to test new applications. The duo are expecting developers to get their hands on the

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Android-Updates von Samsung

Neben den zahlreichen Neuerungen auf der diesjährigen CES gibt es auch andere Neuigkeiten, über die es sich zu berichten lohnt. So wurden weitere Informationen über das Android-4.1-Update für das Samsung Galaxy S II bekannt, zudem hat Samsung das Update auf Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean für das Samsung Galaxy S Advance gestartet.

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Steelseries: Gaming-Tastaturen der „Apex“-Serie gezeigt

Obwohl mechanische Tastaturen mit Cherry-Schaltern auf dem Vormarsch sind, finden sich in der gehobenen Preisklasse noch Produkte mit Rubberdome-Technik, aber zahlreichen Zusatz-Features wie der „Isku FX“ von Roccat. Dieser möchte Steelseries nun über die neue „Apex“-Serie mit ganz ähnlicher Ausstattung Konkurrenz machen.

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CES Unveiled: Sphero reveals new apps to roll around in

The good folks at Orbotix, makers of the little roly-poly robot Sphero, were also in attendance at CES Unveiled last night, where they were showing off a number of new apps coming to add more functionality to the robotic ball. Sharky the Beaver was shown off a while ago, but it was on display last night as well, and it features the robot's complicated augmented reality system, where you can use the camera on your iOS device to spot Sphero, making it be displayed as something else (in this case, a cartoony beaver). Orbotix also told us about Nyan Cat Space Party, anothe

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Netgear's NeoTV PRIME with Google TV gets official at CES

We didn't doubt the reality of Netgear's NeoTV PRIME (GTV100) Google TV box after the candid shots of it we saw last month, but as expected, the company has chosen to make it official at CES. In addition to providing access to your favorite on-demand streaming services, just like the standard, PRO and MAX NeoTV models, the PRIME adds all the Google goodies -- live TV, the Chrome browser (Flash supported),

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Acoustic Research's $120 ARS60 Bluetooth speakers seem oddly familiar

This is Acoustic Research's ARS60, a portable Bluetooth speaker that's weirdly pint-shaped, pumps out 16 watts of RMS power and has a battery rated for ten hours of play at medium volume. Of course, we're fairly sure that this is a re-badged SuperTooth Disco 2, albeit slapped with a $120 price-tag. If you're interested in picking one up, it'll be available in the Spring, but if you don't want to wait that long, you could always just buy one of the originals at

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Voxx combining broadcast TV with Roku in Q4 2013, working with RCA and Terk

Roku may have lots of streaming content as is, but that doesn't always compare with what's on broadcast television. Voxx Accessories (formerly Audiovox) sees this problem too, but rather than just pointing it out idly (like us!), the accessory maker claims it has a fix. That solution includes an integrated digital antenna, creating a solution that pulls in broadcast TV (read: "over-the-air local HD broadcasts"), plus the features of Roku's Streaming Stick. We won't see the fruition of those efforts until late 2013, and when it does arri

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Polaroid confirms iM1836 mirrorless with Android, adds three more cameras

Polaroid left little doubt that it was launching its Android-based, interchangeable lens camera at CES, and sure enough, it's here: meet the iM1836. It mates an 18.1-megapixel, 1080p video-capable mirrorless body with Android (which we now know to be Android 4.1) to quickly share imagery with social networks over WiFi, or directly to other devices through Bluetooth. Its 3.5-inch display won't put the Galaxy Camera's 4.8-inch panel to shame,

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SlingPlayer, TuneIn and other channels added to Netgear's NeoTV line-up

If the release of Netgear's new NeoTV PRIME has left you feeling like your earlier model is a bit dated, then maybe some fresh software for that streaming box will ease those woes. Announced today at CES, several new channels are now available on the NeoTV range, with the biggest names being TuneIn Radio -- if you want to rest those eyes for a while -- and

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Spotted: Vizio's new touchscreen laptops and all-in-ones (hands-on)

If you loved Vizio's 2012 lineup of PCs, you're going to just love what it has in store for 2013. The company is refreshing nearly its entire line, and while these new models usher in upgraded components, they have the same industrial design as the original lot. Perhaps the biggest change is that all of Vizio's new PCs going forward will come with touchscreens, so that the Thin + Lig

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ASUS Nexus 7 dock hands-on

Along with the Qube and the VivoTab Smart at CES, ASUS also quietly showed off its dock for the Nexus 7 at its remote suite outside CES. Judging by the tablet's position in the above photo, you can tell that the fairly weighty dock makes use of the tablet's pin connectors towards the bottom of its left side. Swing to the back and you'll see a micro-USB port plus an audio-out socket. That's actually pretty much it for the dock, and there's no price or availability just yet for the US so we'll keep our eyes open for more detail. Gal

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Sony, Universal and Warner to use Dolby Digital Plus audio for UltraViolet common file format encodes

Although the UltraViolet common file format (CFF) was supposed to offer the promise of download once, play anywhere sometime in 2012, that year is behind us. There is some hope that 2013 will indeed be the year your UltraViolet Digital copies, that were bundled with a disc or upgraded via a disc-to-digital program, as Dolby has proudly announced that three of the major studios have chosen Dolby Digital Plus (aka E-AC-3) as their audio codec

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Adobe “verschenkt” Creative Suite 2

Bei Adobe gibt es derzeit ein dickes Paket zum Nulltarif. Die schon etwas in die Tage gekommene Creative Suite 2 kann aktuell gratis bezogen werden. Darin enthalten sind Programme wie Photoshop, Premiere Pro oder der Acrobat. Für aktuelle Macs ist das Angebot allerdings nur mäßig interessant – die CS2 ist noch komplett für PowerPC-Macs entwickelt

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First Looks: Native Union Switch

Built with rubber pads on two edges so that it can be used upright or on its side, Native Union's new Switch ($150) combines the minimalist good looks of the company's past speakers and handsets with the functionality of a Jawbone Jambox. Smaller than a pint of milk, the soft touch rubber-coated box includes a 14-hour rechargeable battery, three speaker drivers with an active bass system, and a cool top-mounted volume dial with a power button in the…

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First Looks: Audiovox 808 Studio Headphones

The latest Beats by Dre competitor has arrived in Audiovox's new 808 Studio Headphones ($130), which feature the now-requisite plastic arc frame and over-ear cushioning expected of Beats-alikes, here in three color options: glossy black, glossy white, and matte black. You still get 40mm drivers inside, plus two sets of cables -- one with a one-button remote and mic, the other without -- a carrying case, and 1/8" adapter. The key differentiators…

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Rumor Roundup: Light on evidence

This past week was relatively light on rumors, and as usual those rumors were light on evidence but when has that ever stopped anyone from pontificating about Apple? No HDTV from Apple in 2013, according to new report (BGR) Some analyst is now saying the Apple HDTV won't launch in 2013. This calls for a no-holds-barred cage match between him and Gene Munster in Madison Square Garden. Winner take all, where "all" is a Google TV with an Apple sticker slapped on the back.

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Dropbox delivers long-promised app for Windows 8 and Windows RT

We've been hearing talk of a Dropbox app for Windows 8 since the OS's big debut back in October, but there's now finally some good news for Windows users who favor the cloud-storage service. The Dropbox app is now available for both Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, offering all the basic features you'd expect (and not much more), including the ability to share files with with Windows 8's Share Charm. Windows Phone 8 users, on the other hand, still have some waiting to do for an official app.Filed under:

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New Biscotti XS brings TV video calling to the cloud for $300 this March

Dreaming of turning your HDTV into a George Jetson-style phone booth? If so, California-based electronics firm Biscotti might have what you're looking for. Earlier today the company announced its new XS TV camera, which connects to any modern HDTV via HDMI. Available in March for $300, the set-top receiver features two dual band antennas for WiFi support, as well as an Ethernet port for those who prefer a hardline network connection. Biscotti's new rig also ships with a full QWERTY remote control keyboard, a universal TV mount and a multiport power adapter with international power blades. On the soft

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Vizio Tablet PC hands-on

Vizio's not exactly a stranger to tablets -- it came out with an Android product back in 2011 -- but it's only just debuting its first Windows 8 slate, the Tablet PC. (How's that for an appropriate name?) Like so many other Win 8 tablets it has an 11.6-inch screen, but the similarities mostly end there. On the inside, it packs a dual-core, 1GHz AMD Z60 chip, making it one of the few tablets in this class that doesn't run an Atom processor. At the same time, the screen squeezes in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels -- an unusual resolution for a lower-powered product like this. Other known specs: 2G

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Fujifilm X100s digital split image display demoed (video)

Just as Fujifilm is getting under way with its CES 2013 press conference, the folks over at FujiRumors found some footage of Fujifilm's new digital split image display from the newly announced X100s. Earlier this week, the company announced this new way of manual focusing on the X100s, in which the user overlays two images to attain proper focus of an image. This feature seems to hit a high note for range finder camera users as it brings a certain familiarity for focusing work flow. Note that the display in the video is the rear LCD of the camera and no

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Cobra shows first underhood radar detector with Bluetooth

Cobra showed off some of its upcoming gear at a pre-CES event and the most noteworthy included the iRadar S-Series that's the first radar detector of its kind. It already earned a CES Innovation Honoree title and is unique in that it mounts out of the way under the hood of a vehicle and sends alerts over Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device.

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Panasonic erneuert Kompaktkamera-Serien

Alles einmal neu: Zum Frühjahr erneuert Panasonic sein Kompaktkamera-Angebot. Viel Brennweite, schlanke Gehäuse und Smartphone-Technik stehen im Mittelpunkt. So gibt es einige Modelle mit NFC, WLAN und GLONASS-Unterstützung.

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Live-Ticker von den Abend-Pressekonferenzen: Samsung und Huawei

Um 23 Uhr deutscher Zeit will Samsung seine CES-Neuheiten enthüllen, eine Stunde eher der chinesische Smartphone- und Tablet-Hersteller Huawei. Wir berichten live!

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07.01.2013 21:00 Uhr

Apps des Tages: Rabatte zum Start in die neue Woche

Jeden Montag gibt es bei uns nicht nur eine App des Tages, sondern gleich mehrere. Wir möchten euch mit den besten Rabatten in die neue Wochen schicken. So könnt mit ihr Apfelpage nochmal kräftig

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Teenage Engineering zeigt auf der CES einen WiFi-Lautsprecher: Hallo, OD11

Filed under: Lautsprecher Teenage Engineering überrascht auf der CES mit einem Produkt, dass man so von der kleinen Firma nicht erwartet hätte. Der OD11 ist ein massiver WiFi/Bluetooth-Lautsprecher. Abmaße: 26 x 26 x 26 Zentimeter. Der verbaute Verstärker bringt es auf 100 Watt Leistung. Über spezielle Software und DSPs soll der Sound besonders fulminant sein. Inwieweit das hilft, bleibt abzuwarten. Natürlich sind es Dienste im Netz wie Spotify, Rdio oder auch Soundcloud, auf die sich

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Sony confirms production end for PlayStation 2 worldwide

It's not just Japan that's ending production of the PlayStation 2, apparently. Sony tells The Guardian that production is over on a worldwide scale. Of course, it shouldn't be too hard to find one anytime soon, as Sony says over 1.5 billion units are already out in the wild. Of course, the first production run of Sony's PlayStation 3 also included full PS2 backwards compatibility, so that number's magnified even more. And then there's always the possibility that Sony will eventually put many (or most) of its PlayStation 2 games online in some form. Regardless, it's a sad day for Sony's most popular console, and we're pouring out a cold one for the console

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Lenovo signs up Bluestacks to add Android apps to its Windows 8 PCs

We've grown accustomed to seeing Lenovo's Android-running smartphones, so it shouldn't be a surprise to see the company bring the operating system to its PCs as well. The PC maker has followed AMD in teaming up with Bluestacks to bring its Android App Player to Lenovo's Windows 8 PCs -- almost a year to the day that the software was originally launch

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Nvidia showcases Tegra 4 CPU on Android & PC-compatible 'Project Shield'

Nvidia surprised on Monday by unveiling a new device dubbed "Project Shield," a hybrid game console with a dedicated controller and screen that runs Android and can wirelessly stream PC games.

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CES Unveiled: The Hapifork aims to help you track your eating habits with Bluetooth

CES Unveiled was held last night in the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas, and served as the unofficial kickoff of one of the biggest gadget shows in the world. The Unveiled room was crowded with new product demos, but one product stood out: The Hapifork. The Hapifork, as you might guess from looking at it above, is a Bluetooth-enabled fork. Yes, really. The fork (and there's also a spoon version) uses a combination of sensors to measure just how much you're eating and how quickly, and then will translate those metrics to either an iOS or web app. The fork won't actually measure what you're eating (so it won't measure caloric content or fat content), but it will measure each "fork serving" you take, and it can even be set up to give you a

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Teenage Engineering's new OD11 Cloud Speaker has 100W power, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi

Teenage Engineering made a sonic boom when it launched its OP-1 pocket synthesiser back in 2010. Right here at CES 2013 it's introducing a new audio curiosity -- the OD11. The firm is calling the device the Cloud Speaker and inside the (26 x 26 x 26 cm) cubic form you'll find a 100W class D amplifier with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity options. There's more to this geometry than just a speaker, though, as there are some internal smarts (filters and a DSP etc)

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Parrot's AR.Drone 2.0 gifted with optional flight recorder module and bigger battery

Marking the first anniversary of the AR.Drone 2.0 since last CES, Parrot has announced that it'll be offering an optional GPS flight recorder module as well as a bigger battery at some point this year. The former dongle simply plugs into the flying vehicle via the USB port, and it can record the flying parameters onto its 4GB memory, which can then be reproduced on the 3D AR.Drone Academy map. As for the larger battery, it'll come with 1,500mAh worth of juice which is 50 percent more than the original one (hence a flight time of up to 18 minutes now), t

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Vizio zeigt 10,1- & 7-Zoll Tablet mit Tegra-4-Quad-Core

Vizio hat auf der CES in Las Vegas zwei neue Tablets der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert, welche neben den Displays vor allem ein ganz besonderes Kaufargument mitbringen, bei dem für manchen Android-Nutzer ein Traum wahr werden könnte: Ein Mobil-Device außerhalb von Google mit einem unveränderten Android-Betriebssystem.

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Asus bringt PCI-Express-SSD „RAIDR Express“ auf den Markt

Neben der neuen High-End-Grafikkarte „Ares II“ und dem Einsteiger-Mainboard im Kleinstformat hat Asus auch noch eine weitere Besonderheit zur CES 2013 angekündigt. Mit der „RAIDR Express“ stellt der taiwanische Branchenriese eine SSD-Lösung für den PCIe-Slot vor.

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Mountain Lion generiert in nur fünf Monaten mehr Webtraffic als Lion

Nur fünf Monate nachdem Apple das neueste Betriebssystem Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion veröffentlichte, ist es bereits für den Großteil des Webtraffics verantwortlich, der von Apple Macs generiert wird. Zu diesem Schluss kommt eine neue Analyse des Statistikunternehmens Net Marketshare, dessen Netzwerk mehr als 40.000 Webseiten mit mehr als 160 Millionen eindeutigen Besuchern pro

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Gebührenstreit: Kabel Deutschland streicht Angebot von ARD und ZDF zusammen

Als Konsequenz aus dem Streit um die Zahlung von Einspeisungsentgelten mit ARD und ZDF schränkt Kabel Deutschland ab Dienstag das Angebot der Öffentlich-Rechtlichen Sender leicht ein. (Kabelnetz, Kabel Deutschland)

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Nokias CEO schließt Android nicht aus

Das finnische Unternehmen Nokia fokussiert sich seit der Präsentation von Windows Phone 7 und 8 auf die Veröffentlichung von Smartphones mit Betriebssystemen aus dem Hause Microsoft. Im Interview mit der spanischen Zeitung El País schließt das Unternehmen nun aber auch eine Nutzung von Googles Android nicht länger aus.

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Steve-Jobs-Film “jOBS” mit Ashton Kutcher startet im April 2013

Der erste Steve-Jobs-Film “jOBS” wird im April 2013 in die US-Kinos kommen, vorab ist eine Präsentation während des Sundance Film Festivals in Utah geplant. Bei “jOBS” handelt es sich um eine Verfilmung mit Hollywood-Superstar Ashton Kutcher in der Hauptrolle als Steve Jobs, wobei der Film nicht auf der offiziellen Steve-Jobs-Biographie von Walter Isaacson basiert. Diese

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Apple hunting for 802.11ac Wi-Fi experts

Apple is searching for a system test engineer with knowledge of 802.11ac Wi-Fi, reports note. The person will in fact have to specialize in Wi-Fi, and work at Apple's Cupertino headquarters, where they will be tasked with "testing, automating, leading, and working closely with the entire cross-functional team to ensure quality for Macintosh products." The opening may all but confirm that Apple plans to update 2013 Macs with 802.11ac.

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Apple Safari is 10 years old today

Sniff. Those children of ours get so old so quickly Today is the tenth birthday of Apple's Safari web browser, so have a little cake or maybe propose a toast to the default Mac and iOS browser. The first version of Safari was released as a public beta exactly ten years ago today. The app was designed by Apple to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer, which was the default Mac browser up to OS X 10.2. Steve Jobs introduced Safari at Macworld San Francisco on January 7, 2003, announcing that Apple based the browser on the company's internal fork of the KHTML rendering engine -- Webkit. The first official version was released on June 23, 2003. Safari's little brother for iOS made its debut in 2007 along with the iPhone. As of today

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Adobe veröffentlicht Creative Suite 2 als kostenlosen Download

Ein besonderes Angebot für ältere Macs und PCs: Die komplette Creative Suite 2 gibt es inklusive Photoshop CS2 kostenlos. Für jede Anwendung wird eine universelle Seriennummer zur Verfügung gestellt. Die CS2 erschien 2005 und war nicht auf Intel-Macs vorbereitet.Daher läuft die Suite auch nicht

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Panasonic's new Lumix and camcorder lineup arrives at CES

We're here at Panasonic's CES 2013 press conference where the company has just whipped out five WiFi camcorders and two Lumix point-and-shoot cameras. The camcorders all come with live view control and real-time broadcasting, while one camera offers a 20x zoom and the other one is ruggedized. DevelopingContinue reading Panasonic's new Lumix and camcorder lineup arrives at CESFiled under: Cameras

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Hands-on with NVIDIA's first game console, Project Shield

NVIDIA surprised the world last night by transitioning from hardware component manufacturer to game console manufacturer in one fell swoop, introducing the world to its portable game console, Project Shield. A 5-inch "retinal" HD multitouch display sitting atop a full-on game controller that resembles a blend of the Xbox 360 gamepad's curves and the PlayStation 3 DualShock 3's unfortunate analog stick placement, all powered by the newly revealed Tegra 4 quad-core cortex A15 processor. The console's set to ship in Q2 2013, and it promises stunning graphics for the Android games it's made to run, as well as a direct strea

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Engadget Podcast 322: pre-CES special 01.07.2013

The Engadget crew has rolled into Las Vegas, but for now the gates to CES remain closed. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot to talk about. Whether it's the steady flow of pre-show hardware teases, or chewing over what this year's show will bring, Tim and Brian have got it covered. Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater Producer: James Trew Hear the podcast

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Lexus' autonomous Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle and why we're not ready for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars aren't just the future, they're the present. Sort of. They're out there, but you can't buy one just yet. Google of course has made waves with its driverless car and not too long ago Nissan impressed us at CEATEC with its self-driving NSC-2015. Toyota, perhaps feeling a little left out, has taken to CES to show off the Lexus Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle, a machine capable of self-driving that, regardless, is still quite reli

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Lenovo vor Spaltung in „Lenovo“ und „Think“

Lenovo ist derzeit nicht nur aufgrund verschiedener neue Notebooks und PCs eines der Gesprächsthemen auf der diesjährigen CES, auch die angebliche Aufspaltung des Unternehmens in zwei unterschiedliche Bereiche sorgt für Gesprächsstoff.

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Acer Iconia B1: Nexus-7-Konkurrent wird nur 120 Euro kosten

Acer hat wie geplant auf der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) das Iconia B1 vorgestellt. Das Android-Tablet wird zwar deutlich weniger als Googles Nexus 7 kosten, hat dafür aber auch eine schlechtere Hardware-Ausstattung. (Android, Acer)

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CES 2013: Panasonic erneuert Kompaktkamera-Serien

Alles einmal neu: Zum Frühjahr erneuert Panasonic sein Kompaktkamera-Angebot. Viel Brennweite, schlanke Gehäuse und Smartphone-Technik stehen im Mittelpunkt. So gibt es einige Modelle mit NFC, WLAN und GLONASS-Unterstützung.

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07.01.2013 20:00 Uhr

Soundhülle für euer iPad

Wer kennt das nicht? Der Sound vom iPad geht in eine völlig falsche Richtung und ihr hört ihn somit schlechter. Abhilfe schaffen soll jetzt eine neue Hülle für das iTablet, das nicht nur das

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Panasonic has four new Blu-ray players and a few new media streamers

Modern Blu-ray players also make full-featured media streamers so in addition to Panasonic's four new Blu-ray players for 2013, there are two new boxes with Viera Connect (Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, CinemaNow and YouTube) sans optical disc drives. The 2D DMP-BD79 Blu-ray player is the only one in the lineup without built-in WiFi, while the high-end DMP-BDP330 is the only new Blu-ray model with 4K up-scaling, a web browser and two HDMI outputs. Like the 330, the DMP-BDP230 also does 2D-3D conversion and features Display Mirroring with select Andriod phones and tablets as well as featuring Mirac

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Kingston's DataTraveler HyperX Predator: a 1TB USB 3.0 flash drive

A 1TB flash drive? Frankly, we're incredulous, but that's what Kingston is claiming it'll begin selling later in Q1. The DataTraveler HyperX predator 3.0 promises read/write speeds of up to 240MB/s and 160MB/s respectively and will sell you a 512GB version right now. At the same time, it's launching 32GB and 64GB versions in the same line that offer read/write speeds of 150MB/s and 70MB/s. If you're interested in snagging one of the top two units, be advised that the price of the 512GB edition is a staggering $

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Panasonic announces HSN Shop by Remote for Viera Connect

If you're the shop-till-you-drop type who can't stand to get off the couch, you'll soon be able to peruse over 40,000 HSN products directly from Panasonic's Viera Connect. The On Demand channel will allow you to browse all that merchandise and see the corresponding videos, along with other info like customer reviews. Once you've selected a product you'll be able to purchase it with the remote, provided you have a TV or Blu-Ray model equipped with the service. Gallery: Panasonic HSN shop

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Nuance and ZTE annouce multi-year collaboration on voice-enabled Android devices

ZTE and Nuance have entered into another multi-year deal for voice activated services on ZTE devices. This time around, though, we'll see a larger focus on in-car services using ZTE's yet to be released Car Mode app -- which will be available in more than 25 languages at launch. Like most in-car setups the focus is of course remaining safe while driving but not giving up the interaction with the services on your mobile you've come to love. Using Nuance's stellar voice to text magic drivers will have access to text messages, calling fe

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Asus stellt „Ares II“ mit Dual-Radeon-HD-7970-GPU vor

Asus hat zum Auftakt der CES 2013 in Las Vegas den Vorhang für einige neue Hardware-Komponenten gelüftet. Mit dabei ist auch das neue Grafikkartenflaggschiff des taiwanischen Unternehmens, welches auf die Bezeichnung „Ares II“ hört und auf die Kraft der zwei übertakteten „Tahiti“-GPU-Herzen vertraut.

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Asus zeigt weitere Mini-ITX-Platine mit neuer AMD-APU

Hinter der Bezeichnung E2KM1-I Deluxe verbirgt sich Asus' neueste Lösung in Sachen Mini-ITX. Dort verbaut man erstmals den erst gestern von AMD vorgestellten E2-2000 als schnellste Lösung der aktuellen Plattform „Brazos 2.0“.

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HDR3 is a worthwhile HDR app for iOS

For people wanting to dabble in HDR beyond what Apple provides on iOS I'd suggest a look at HDR3 from developer Christopher Herbon. This US$0.99 app takes three different exposures in rapid succession, which are then combined to give you much more dynamic range. Bright areas of the photo won't be overexposed, dimmer parts won't be lost in shadow. The app supports a full 8 megapixel resolution on newer iPhones, and has some built-in image stabilization. After the image is taken, there are adjustments available for saturation, temperature, gamma, sharpness, brightness and contrast. You can crop the image, and add from a selection of frames.

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Eyes-On: LGs ET83 ist ein 23"-Monitor für Windows 8

Filed under: Monitore Gerade durch: die LG-Pressekonferenz/Keynote auf der CES. Smartphones und Tablets gab es nicht zu sehen, der Fokus lag auf Fernsehern und smarten Geräten für den Haushalt. OLED, 4K, größer, heller, ihr wisst schon. Beim allgemeinen Hands-On-Trubel fand sich dann aber doch noch etwas, was zumindest nicht 43 Monatslöhne auf ein mal verschlingt: der 23"-Monitor, der dank Touchscreen für Windows 8 optimiert ist. Das IPS-Panel macht einen guten Eindruck, alles funktioniert wunderbar. Na also.

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Fleksy predictive text beta software for Android wanted to write this post for us, will be demonstrated at CES 2013

If touchscreen typing worked flawlessly, we wouldn't have Bluetooth keyboards to avoid it, or special software around to make it a little easier. Syntellia is one company working on a solution in the latter category -- a predictive text engine called Fleksy -- that makes some pretty bold claims. Apparently, the technology means you can type accurately "without even looking at the screen," producing perfect prose regardless of if you "miss every single letter." Fleksy is already available on iOS, but Syntellia is showing off the beta of

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Panasonic introduces My Home Screen for personalizing your TV settings

Panasonic just announced its new My Home Screen feature, which brings more accessibility controls to your TV. It's meant to personalize your experience, with different home screens customized for every member of the family. Select Viera models will include built-in cameras with facial recognition to automatically take you to your personalized home screen, and voice controls will also provide this functionality. Gallery: Panasonic introduces My Home Screen

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Parrot's Flower Power monitors plant's environment, sends data to the cloud

For a company that usually makes Bluetooth audio products and quadcopters, this sure is a weird product coming from Parrot, but we dig it (pun intended). The French company has announced its Flower Power at CES, and as you can probably guess from the name, 'tis a smart sensor that you can insert into a pot to monitor the plant's environmental variables: sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer (but no acidity?). The data is sent to the cloud via Bluetooth Smart for analysis before coming back to your mobile device, and you'll be able to

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Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab removes Chinese tech over spying concerns

One of the leading US nuclear weapons labs, Los Alamos National Laboratory, has removed networking switches manufactured by H3C, a former venture between Huawei and 3Com, and now a full subsidiary of HP. According to a letter from November obtained by Reuters, government security specialists were alerted to the components by a lab engineer, who said the parts were installed the month before. It went on to state that two of the switches were "promptly replaced," but other H3C components may still remain in the lab, and will likely be replaced "as quickly as possible." Though H3C is no longer af

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Sixteen new plasma TVs from Panasonic for 2013, none that break into larger classes

The new 2013 lineup of Panasonic plasmas will be available starting in February, with 16 new models ranging from 42-inches to 65-inches -- nothing to compete with the 70 and up LCDs. The new flagship series is the ZT60. Only available in 60 and 65-inches, it is the only one in the lineup that offers "Beyond the Reference" level of picture quality and ultimate black color with its Studio Master Panel. The bulk of the new cool features of the ZT60 are also available on the VT60. Things like Voice Guidance and Voice Interaction -- which fall short of full blown voice control -- integrated camera and WiFi, TXH for both 2D and

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Panasonic details sixteen new LED TVs for the new year, none larger than 55 inches

The company most famous for its plasma lineup has sixteen new LCD TVs for 2013, many of which featuring IPS displays and 3D. The top four of the six lines are 1080p and feature the latest Viera Connect with personalized home screen and Swipe & Share (for sharing photos and video from your smartphone or tablet with the flick of a finger). The same four also feature the accessibility feature, Voice Guidance, but only the WT60 and DT60 can be controlled by voice -- although it isn't full on voice control. They will start to become available this spring, with the top-of-the-line WT60 setting itself apart by featuring a bu

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AT&T to release Digital Life home automation in March

AT&T's mobile-friendly Digital Life home monitoring system has been brewing for nearly a year. At last, it's ready to roll: the service is now expected to launch in eight markets as of this March. While we're still waiting on prices, the company is already dividing its offering up into packages. Those worried about break-ins can get a video package with live video from inside and outside the home. There's also bundles that can control doors, manage energy-based devices or even check for water leaks. The carrier is adamant that Digital Life is a go-between service, not a comp

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Panasonic announces Touch Pen for annotating images on your Smart TV

During the Panasonic press event at CES 2013, Toshi Hiramatsu showed off the new Touch Pen for use with Smart TVs. It allows you to flick pictures from an slate to the TV screen, annotate the picture right on the TV, then sync those changes back to the tablet. Filed under: DisplaysComments

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Panasonic announces new home theater systems and wireless speakers

In the audio department, Panasonic has six new personal audio units, one new wireless tablet prop -- not a docking station -- and three new home theater audio systems. Everything except the 2.1 channel SC-NP10 wireless prop will be available in March -- tablet users will have to wait another month. The entire lineup features Bluetooth, and select models also support DLNA and AirPlay. Only the SC-NE5 sports Apple's latest Lightening connector, but most feature USB ports for more universal wired listening. The press release for all the models are available after the break, but prices are yet to be announced.

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Panasonic has four new Blu-ray players and a few new media streamers

Modern Blu-ray players also make full featured media streamers so in addition to Panasonic's four new Blu-ray players for 2013, there are two new boxes with Viera connect (Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, CinemaNow and YouTube) sans optical disc drives. The 2D DMP-BD79 Blu-ray player is the only one in the lineup without built-in WiFi, while the high-end DMP-BDP330 is the only new Blu-ray model with 4k up-scaling, a web browser and two HDMI outputs. Like the 330, the DMP-BDP230 also does 2D-3D conversion and features Display Mirroring with select Andriod phones and tablets as well as featuring Miracast -- the DMP-MST60 and DMP-MS10 media streamers also do mirroring and Miracast.

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Apple: 40 Milliarden Downloads im App Store

Apple-Nutzer haben mittlerweile mehr als 40 Milliarden Apps aus dem App-Store heruntergeladen, fast die Hälfte davon allein im Jahr 2012. (Apple, Applikationen)

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Noch mehr Mini-PC-Varianten von Zotac

Die Zbox-Baureihe mit AMD- und Intel-Prozessoren hat schon zahlreiche Mitglieder, nun kommen zwei Ausführungen mit Intel Celeron und Core i3 hinzu.

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Samsung Galaxy S III kommt in zwei neuen Farben

Filed under: Android Das Android-Flaggschiff von Samsung, das Galaxy S III, bekommt zwei neue Farben ins Portfolio. Sapphire Black und Garnet Red ergänzen die Bandbreite. Ab wann diese Modelle auch bei uns erhältlich sein werden, wissen wir noch nicht, machen aber auf dem ersten Blick einen guten Eindruck. [Via Akihabara News]

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Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD, 1080p HDTVs eyes-on

Sharp just announced a slew of new HDTVs at its CES 2013 press conference (relive the liveblog now), We've got all the details on the standard models, including pricing right here, but we'll have to wait until the second half of the year to learn more about its AQUOS Ultra HD model. That doesn't mean you have to wait to see it however, we've got a few up close pics of the new high-res champ (until Sharp's 85-in

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Sigma Designs's new EasyTV comes with Wireless Display

You'd be forgiven for not knowing Sigma Designs' name, but it makes reference designs for plenty of other familiar names. It's outing a reference design for a new wireless dongle that'll help you share your smartphone's display on your HDTV in seconds. Powered by Qualcomm's Atheros AR6203 with 802.11n WiFi, the company is hoping to gain Miracast certification for the unit later in the year. Assuming, of course, that you don't just pick up a TV with such fanciful technology built-in.

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Engadget Giveaway: Win an expenses paid trip to Expand!

CES 2013 is already in full swing and Engadget Expand is celebrating with a huge giveaway: the Expand Celebrates CES Sweepstakes! We're giving out a handful of tickets to Expand as well as an expenses paid trip to the conference in San Francisco this March. Imagine: You could be the lucky grand prize winner who takes home round trip airfare to San Francisco for you and a friend, three nights at a swanky hotel, a WiFi-equipped Samsung WB850F digital camera to capture the fun, and a pai

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Live from Panasonic's CES 2013 press conference

Another CES, another Panasonic press event. The two really do go hand in hand as we can't wait to discover what will be unveiled this year. If you can't wait to find out what's new, too, then be sure to click through to read the live updates we'll be posting as the event unfolds.Filed under: HDComments

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QNX builds in-car speech framework with AT&T's Watson, knows our true intentions

QNX wants to put an end to in-car voice systems that require an awkward-sounding syntax to get the job done. As part of its CES launches, it's rolling out a framework for its speech recognition technology leaning on AT&T's Watson engine. By offloading the phrase interpretation to AT&T's servers, any infotainment system with the framework inside can focus on deciphering the speaker's intent -- letting drivers spend more time navigating or playing music

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Philips debuts new docks, other gear for iOS devices

Electronics maker Philips has revealed a slate of new accessories for iOS devices. Foremost is the Party Machine, a new dock created in tandem with djay developer Algoriddim. The hardware lets people dock two iPhones or iPod touches simultaneously, and in combination with djay, mix music as if they were using standard DJ hardware. Flashing lights sync with the music; some built-in mixing controls include options like a channel fader. A version shipping this month will cost $350, and support older iPhones and Touches with 30-pin connectors. A Lightning-equipped model is due at unspecified

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First Looks: id America Cushi Plus for iPhone 5

Based upon the company's earlier Cushi three-dimensional stickers and Cushi Band bumpers for the iPhone 5, id America's new Cushi Plus ($25) steps up the original concepts by bundling redesigned components into a complete and improved set. You still get front and back stickers for your iPhone, covering the bezel, Home Button, and entire back surface with your choice of 50 new pieces of puffy plastic art; a clear screen protector is included for the…

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CES Show Report: The Joy Factory

Relatively recent to the Apple accessory market but atypically ambitious, The Joy Factory makes everything from device-specific stands to charging solutions, styluses and cases. This year, the company is showing a series of new waterproof and shockproof aXtion Pro cases for the iPhone 5 ($79), iPad mini ($99), and iPad ($159), each custom-fit to the specific device and certified IP68/MIL-STD-810 against submersion and military-grade drop hazards.…

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Leistungsschutzrecht: Irische Verlegeragentur nimmt Verlinkungsgebühr zurück

Nach mehreren Medienberichten zu einer Zahlungsaufforderung über 300 Euro an eine Frauenhilfsorganisation, die bloße Links auf Zeitungsartikel veröffentlicht hatte, musste die irische Verlegeragentur jetzt reagieren. (Urheberrecht, Internet)

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Werbeblocker: Fernsehfee 2.0 kommt mit Android

Die TCU AG kündigt die zweite Generation ihres Fernseh-Werbeblockers Fernsehfee an, diesmal als digitale Set-Top-Box mit Android. Der 1999 kurzzeitig verkaufte Werbeblocker war Gegenstand jahrelanger juristischer Auseinandersetzungen. (Set-top-box, Audio/Video)

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Burglar breaks into Microsoft, steals only Apple products

A buddy of mine sent me this link from Google+ user Joshua Anderson. It's a clipping from the Palo Alto Daily Post about a break-in that occurred on Microsoft's Mountain View campus early this month. Despite Microsoft's offices being presumably filled with the best MS tech on the planet, the thieves instead chose to steal only five Apple iPads that were in the office. As the paper notes, no Microsoft products were stolen. Who knew that even burglars could have good taste?Burglar breaks into Microsoft, steals only Apple product

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Geniale Neuheiten: Apple 2013, iMacs und Blu-ray-Brenner im Test, u. v. m.

Mac Life 02|2013 (Link in den PDF-Shop) präsentiert einen Ausblick auf das kommende Jahr in Sachen Apple. Erfahren Sie, ob Sie sich auf einen Apple-Fernseher freuen können, welche Neuheiten OS X 10.9 bieten wird und einiges mehr. Mac Life schaut außerdem sogar bis ins Jahr 2020 und verrät, welche

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AT&T Screen Pack gives U-verse TV subs on-demand access to 1,500 films

As if there were any shortage of on-demand options, AT&T's giving U-verse TV subscribers more choice by offering multi-platform access to its growing catalog of films for a small monthly fee. The add-on service, dubbed Screen Pack, will allow users to instantly watch any of the 1,500 currently available titles from their home TV set, tablet or smartphone (via the U-verse app) or on for $5 per month. And for those who aren't quite sold on the idea of tacking additional

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LG's ET83 touchscreen Windows 8 monitor, fingers-on

We heard about it some time ago and managed to get some fingers on time with LG's new 23-inch Windows 8 optimized monitor at today's CES press conference. It's a nice looking peripheral, for sure. The IPS panel is cocooned by a black bezel, which meets a white shiny plastic rear at its tips. Along the bottom bezel are a number of touchscreen controls, including things like Menu, for adjusting picture quality and the like. The screen sits on a leg with a large hinge for adjusting your viewing angle. Unfortunately, the single leg support shake a bit when you tap the screen,

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Verizon announces Share Everything Plans for Small Business are arriving Jan 24th

Verizon is widening the scope of its Share Everything plans to accommodate small businesses from January 24th. Companies can purchase a single plan with up to 25 lines with unlimited minutes, texts, picture and video messages -- with the tiered pricing dependent on if you want data limits of 30GB ($225), 40GB ($300) or 50GB ($375), plus line rental. Enterprise customers can also plump for plans with tailored minutes to Canada or Mexico if they do the bulk of their business with our neighbors. Use of mobile

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Sharp launches AQUOS Ultra HD panel for mid 2013

Sharp announced an AQUOS Ultra HD set at CES complementing the other TV launches for this year. Set to debut mid year, the 240Hz 4K panel will feature a 4K upscaler, active 3D with Bluetooth 3D glasses, built in WiFi and a subwoofer to boot. No word on pricing but we'll get back with that as soon as we're able. DevelopingFiled under: Displays, Home EntertainmentComments

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Panasonic Lumix Z525 point-and-shoot makes an on-stage appearance ahead of CES press conference

We don't have too much to share on the point-and-shoot front just yet -- Panasonic's press conference is set to begin in just a few moments, but a small selection of TVs and this pocketable superzoom have already popped up front and center. According to the product packaging, there's a 16.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 20x Leica optical zoom lens and full HD video shooting. Stay tuned for more details from the company's CES launch event.Filed under: Cameras

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Eyes-on with Panasonic's new HDTV lineup ahead of CES press conference

Our liveblog of Panasonic's press conference is mere minutes away, but we've already glimpsed some new HDTV models displayed on stage. There looks to be a new LED set from the top-of-the-line WT series -- we'd estimate the size as 55 inches. Next to it is a yet-to-be-announced plasma model, almost certainly from the high-end VT series. We're eyeballing it at 65 inches, but we'll know soon whether our estimates are correct -- and hopefully, get the lowdown on specs and availability. Stay tuned!Comments

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LG will Bedienung „smarter“ gestalten und vernetzen

Der Montag vor der offiziellen Eröffnung der CES steht traditionell im Zeichen der Pressekonferenzen. Als erstes Unternehmen nutzte in diesem Jahr LG die Chance, neue Produkte für die kommenden Monate anzukündigen. Wirklich genutzt hat man sie allerdings nicht, denn Konkretes gab es nur wenig.

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HTC: Gewinn in Q4 2012 auf 34 Millionen US-Dollar gesunken

In Q4 2012 hat HTC das schwächste Quartalsergebnis seit 2004 verzeichnen müssen, mit gerade einmal 34 Millionen US-Dollar Gewinn nach Steuern. Im vierten Quartal des Vorjahres lag der Gewinn noch bei etwa 340 Millionen US-Dollar, wodurch HTC einen Rückgang der erzielten Gewinne um rund 91 Prozent hinnehmen musste. Ebenfalls gesunken ist der HTC-Umsatz, und zwar

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Cube: 3D Systems stellt zwei neue 3D-Drucker vor

Größer oder kleiner, eine, zwei oder drei Farben: Das Unternehmen 3D Systems stellt in Las Vegas mehrere neue 3D-Drucker mit erweiterten Einsatzmöglichkeiten vor. (3D-Drucker, CES 2013)

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07.01.2013 19:00 Uhr

Sharp announces second screen support on iOS and Android for its SmartCentral HDTVs

We're here at Sharp's CES 2013 press conference, that it'll release a SmartCentral second screen and remote control app for its Aquos TVs. The service will offer split-screen TV and web browsing support, and users will be able to "flick" photos and videos from their mobile device to the TV, presumably in a similar manner to Sony's Throw. The company is also announcing support for Netfl

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LG's 65-inch 4K display, eyes-on

With Mobile World Congress about a month away, there wasn't a peep about new smartphones at today's LG press conference. The company was all about TV -- well, TV and smart appliances, we guess. But we couldn't help but be enamored with the giant TV sets, the company showed off once the curtains were drawn back at the end of the press conference. The most eye-catching of all, clearly was the 84-inch 4K display which downright dwarfed the LG rep standing to its side. Sitting just off to the right was the newly announced 65-inch model, whi

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Zwei neue SanDisk-SSDs mit 19-nm-NAND-Flash

SanDisk nutzt die CES um zwei neue SSD-Serien im 2,5-Zoll-Format vorzustellen. Die Ultra Plus SSD richtet sich dabei an Endkunden, während die X110 für OEM-Systeme gedacht ist. Erstere soll eine sequenzielle Leserate von bis zu 530 MB/s bieten, letztere ist mit maximal 505 MB/s lesend ein wenig langsamer.

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DiskAid unterstützt WLAN-Zugriff auf iOS-Geräte

Nutzer können mit Version 6 der Software Dateien unverkabelt zwischen Mac und iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch übertragen.

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Apple offering refurbished 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros for $1869

If you've wanted a 15-inch MacBook Pro but have felt put off the steep price, now is the time to scoop one up for a little less cheddar. Apple is currently offering Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook Pros with Retina Display for US$1869 online. It's the entry-level model with 8GB of RAM and a 256 GB flash storage. If you're willing to go refurb, you'll save $330 (or 15%) off the "new" purchase price. The online store is also currently offering the high-end 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display (8 GB RAM, 512 GB flash storage) for $2379, or $420 (15%) off the the "new" purchase price. Refurbs aren't always available, so get them while they're hot

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iPad 4: Analyst prognostiziert auch in Zukunft solide Absätze vor allem im Unternehmensbereich

Während die Mac Verkäufe Weihnachten 2012 im Vergleich zu 2011 um 6 Prozent abgenommen haben, scheint Apple vor allem mit dem iPad weiterhin gute Absätze zu erzielen. Mit dem iPad Mini geht Apple vorrangig auf “Neukunden-Fang” und bietet hier eine tolle Einstiegshilfe in die Welt der Tablet PCs. Die Spitzenmodelle, wie das iPad 3 oder

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CubeX: Neuer Super-3D-Drucker kann drei Farben und Objekte so groß wie Basketbälle

Filed under: Drucker Die Firma 3D Systems hat bei dieser CES einige neue 3D-Drucker im Sortiment. Besonders interessant ist das neue Topmodell CubeX. Laut eigener Aussage "der ultimative 3D-Schreibtischdrucker". Der CubeX ist in der Lage Objekte in bis zu drei Farben zu drucken, die maximale Größe entspricht der eines Basketballs, was im Vergleich zu bisherigen Modellen eine Menge ist. Ab Februar sollen die ersten Modelle ausgeliefert werden. Zu einem Preis von umgerechnet ca. 1.900 Euro. Lest die englische Pressemitteilung nach dem Break. Continue re

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Apple verdoppelte 2012 die Zahl der App-Downloads

Der US-Konzern Apple hat im letzten Jahr entgegen einiger Unkenrufe den Zenit seines Mobile-Geschäfts noch längst nicht erreicht, sondern eilt weiterhin mit großen Schritten auf neue Rekorde (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaGoogle Maps: Zugriff für Nutzer von Windows PhoneDieb auf Microsoft-Campus entwendet nur iPads

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CES Show Report: House of Marley

At CES, House of Marley debuted a new lineup of speakers with a focus on Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as a new fabric design composed of reclaimed hemp and organic cotton. The company also debuted a new headphone collection with a continued emphasis on unique and environmentally friendly products.

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Nvidia kündigt Hardware für das Game-Streaming an

Nvidia hat spezielle "Grid"-Server für das Cloud-Gaming entwickelt, die anspruchsvolle PC-Spiele auf Mobilgeräte oder Fernseher streamen sollen.

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Lenovo setzt auf Spielerechner

Der chinesische PC-Hersteller zeigt All-in-One-PCs mit großen Multitouch-Displays und einen wassergekühlten High-End-Rechner.

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MSIs Slider-Tablet kommt Ende Januar nach Deutschland

Das MSI Slider S20, ein Windows-8-Tablet mit ausziehbarer Tastatur, soll Ende des Monats für 1000 Euro bei den Händlern stehen.

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LG's 55-inch OLED display, eyes-on

Talking about distracting. While LG was discussing washing machines and other smart appliances, we couldn't take our eyes off the 55-inch OLED display sitting on the side of the stage. It's one of two new sizes being added to the family, alongside the enormous 84-inch. The first thing you'll notice, if you've seen its bigger brother is that, all things considered, this is a fairly modest set. Well, relatively, of course. The next thing you'll pick up on is just how sharp the thing is. Playing some slow motion video of liquid flying through the air throughout the event, it t was impossible to take our eyes off the thing.

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Touch-Keyboard: Swype bekommt ein Crowd-Wörterbuch

Die mobile Keyboard-App Swype für Android analysiert Wörter jetzt per Crowdsourcing. Swype Living Language erkennt neue Begriffe seiner Nutzer und gleicht sie miteinander ab. (Android, Applikationen)

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Dritte Ultrabook-Familie bei Samsung

Samsungs edles 13,3-Zoll-Ultrabook 730U3E wird es mit und ohne Touchscreen geben; manche Modelle bekommen zudem LTE.

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SDXC-Speicherkarte mit 256 GByte und schnellere CompactFlash-Medien

Die erste SDXC-Speicherkarte mit 256 GByte kommt von Lexar und soll gut 900 Euro kosten. Toshiba bringt kleinere, dafür aber schnellere CF-Medien.

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3-Farben-3D-Drucker von 3D Systems

3D-Drucker gibt es auch auf der CES zu sehen: Der Konzern 3D Systems stellt mit dem CubeX in drei Varianten seine neue Maschine für den Endverbraucher vor – das Spitzenmodell druckt mit drei Materialien parallel, wird aber manchen bekannt vorkommen.

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iMac 2012 weiterhin mit hoher Nachfrage

Der neuste iMac füllte seit November 2012 die Regale. Da der Andrang auf die runderneuerten Modelle ziemlich hoch war, stiegen die Lieferzeiten rasch an. Doch auch jetzt, mehr als einen Monat danach, bleibt die

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Consumer Reports ranks iPhone 5 below several Android phones

Consumer Reports hasn't been kind to the iPhone in previous years and 2013 seems to be no different. BusinessInsider has clipped a graphic that shows Consumer Report's smartphone rankings that are to be published in its February issue. As you can see from the clipping, the iPhone 5 has come in dead last among smartphones. The magazine rates phones like the LG Optimus G, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Motorola Droid RAZR above Apple's latest phone. As of now there's no reasoning behind these results. When the February issue of CR hits newsstands later this month, we assume we'll get a breakdown of why Consumer Reports feels the iPhone 5 is losing out to Android phones.

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Liquipel 2.0: Wasserfeste Nanobeschichtung für Gadgets wurde noch mal verbessert

Filed under: Smartphones Vor gut einem Jahr hatten wir zum ersten Mal über die Nanobeschichtung Liquipel für Smartphones berichtet. Im Rahmen der CES hat die Firma aus Santa Ana den Nachfolger Liquipel 2.0 vorgestellt, das 100 mal effizienter sein soll als der Vorgänger, was die Wasserfestigkeit anbetrifft. In einem Meter Wassertiefe könnte so ein präpariertes iPhone bis zu 30 Minuten verweilen, ohne Schäden davon zu tragen. Unsere US-Kollegen kommen aus dem Staunen nicht mehr raus, wie ihr in dem Video nach dem Break sehen könnt. Schleusen auf.

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Netflix signs series rights deal with Warner Bros., will be only place to catch 2012-13 shows

In the war for our eyeballs and wallets, Netflix has signed a deal with Warner Bros. that'll keep the latter's 2012-13 production slate exclusive to the streaming service. Shows like Revolution, Political Animals and 666 Park Avenue are the crown jewels of the deal -- but users will also be able to view the full back-catalogues of shows like Chuck, Fringe and The West Wing. Given that Warner Bros. is owned by Time Warner, which also owns Netflix-rival HBO, we're curious what the

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Sharp announces new 6-, 7- and 8-Series AQUOS LED TVs as part of 2013 lineup

Despite not having the best of years, Sharp has still managed to make its presence felt in the television market -- namely by introducing plenty of AQUOS TVs in recent months, including that 90-inch LED beast we saw back in June of 2012. Today, the Japanese electronics maker is looking to increase its efforts on that front, with the firm adequately choosing this year's CES as the platform to unveil its new lineup of 60-,70

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Griffin adds Aha by Harman to its iTrip Auto in-car FM transmitter

Griffin is announcing that it's pairing up with Aha by Harman to add the latter's ABBA-named audio service to the features offered on its iTrip Auto car transmitter. Download Aha Radio from the App store and connect your smartphone to the device, and the iTrip will automatically find a free FM band and pump over 30,000 different audio stations over your whip's speakers. The iTrip can be picked up for $60 and the software can be snagged down at the source link.

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Technicolor's Qeo software aims to let connected devices speak the same lingo

The idea of the "internet of things" is fine and well, but when was the last time your smartphone had a chat with the fridge? Technicolor is aiming to solve those communication breakdowns with Qeo, a software system to bridge connected devices of all types and brands. While you may be thinking, "Technicolor? That company at the end of the movie credits?" it turns out that the post-production outfit also does items like

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Vudu brings disc-to-digital conversions home, iOS app adds offline viewing next month

Walmart Entertainment launched its in-store disc-to-digital Ultraviolet conversion early last year, and now it's making the process a bit simpler by letting customers do it by themselves at home. Powered by the Vudu To Go app for Mac and Windows PCs that already lets viewers stream or download movies in up to 1080p, they can search for previously-purchased movies from participating studios (DreamWorks Animation, Lionsgate, MGM Studios, Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner

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ASUS Qube announced at CES: Google TV arrives with on-screen cube interface

While the FCC may have already punctured ASUS' surprise, at least the company's now made it official. ASUS' first Google TV device is coming and will arrive with 50GB of WebStorage cloud space and access to over 100,000 movies and TV shows through Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. It'll arrive with its own 'Qube interface', unsurprisingly featuring a three-dimensional tetrahedron that rotates for access to your content. There's also motion-sensing remote control support

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Asus outs VivoTab Smart Tablet with Type Cover-esque keyboard cover

The Asus line of Vivo devices is growing today with another Windows 8 tablet, the Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet. The Smart Tablet packs an Intel Atom Z2760 dual-core processor, powering the same 10.1-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution IPS display found in its brethren. And that 10.1-inch screen can handle five of your fingers tapping all over it all at once, should you need to. Protecting that screen is a brand new "TransSleeve" keyboard, which does triple duty as a cover, keyboard, and stand, "all rolled into one." It's quite like the

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Samsung verzeichnet noch einmal Rekordzahlen

Der südkoreanische Elektronikkonzern Samsung kann zum fünften Mal in Folge ein Rekord-Quartal vermelden. Nach vorläufigen Zahlen wird das Unternehmen wohl einen Nettoüberschuss von 8,1 Milliarden Dollar (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaNetbooks haben PC-Markt für Windows 8 zerstörtDatenschutz: Piraten klagen bei EU gg. Regieru

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Apple App Store vermeldet 40 Milliarden Downloads

Smartphones und Tablets sind aus dem Alltag der Anwender aufgrund ihres theoretisch unbegrenzten Funktionsumfangs nicht mehr wegzudenken, welcher sich zudem mittels der durchaus beliebten Apps beliebig erweitern lässt. Diese Popularität zeigt sich nun auch in von Apple veröffentlichten Zahlen.

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Alcatel präsentiert One Touch Idol Ultra & One Touch Idol

So schnell kann es in der heutigen Technikwelt gehen: Gerade noch hat ein Hersteller das dünnste Smartphone der Welt für sich beansprucht, schon muss der Kelch weitergereicht werden. Jetzt beansprucht das Joint-Venture Alcatel mit dem Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra das dünnste Smartphone der Welt für sich.

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Apple iMac: Lieferstatus weiterhin schlecht

Die neuen iMac-Modelle bleiben im Apple Online Store mit einer weiterhin langen Lieferzeit gelistet. Während die 21,5-Zoll-Modelle mit 7 bis 10 Werktagen angeführt werden, liegt die Lieferzeit bei den 27-Zoll-Modellen aktuell sogar bei 3 bis 4 Wochen. Betroffen von den Lieferproblemen sind auch die externen Händler, die die iMac-Modelle über ihren Shop anbieten und auf

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John McAfee: "Habe Regierung von Belize mit Keyloggern überwacht"

Um John McAfee ist es seit seiner Abschiebung in die USA ruhig geworden. Jetzt veröffentlicht er in seinem Blog eine bunte Geschichte darüber, wie er mit Hilfe von verschenkten Notebooks mit Keyloggern und Prostituierten die Regierung von Belize abhörte. (Virenscanner, McAfee)

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Tick, Trick und Tracking in Disney World

Lieber zu Daisy oder lieber zu Donald? Diese und andere Präferenzen seiner Kunden möchte Disney laut einem Bericht mit dem "MyMagic+"-System tracken. Basis sollen RFID-Armbänder an den Handgelenken der Besucher im Vergnügungspark sein.

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07.01.2013 18:00 Uhr

iPad-Hülle mit integrierten Lautsprechern

Belkin hat eine neue Hülle angekündigt, die als Aufsteller dient und mit Stereo-Lautsprechern die Audioausgabe des iPads verbessern soll.

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App Store: 40 Milliarden Downloads – die Hälfte davon allein in 2012

Apple ist mit seinem App Store inzwischen immens erfolgreich.  Am 6. März 2008 stellte Apple den Marktplatz vor, und seitdem unterliegt dieser stetigem Wachstum. Über 775.000 Apps umfasst das Angebot inzwischen, auch wenn nicht wenige davon ein Dasein als “App-Leiche” fristen. Und diese 775.000 Apps werden von den Usern auch fleißig runtergeladen. Apple gab heute

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LG launches seven new Google TVs in five sizes

LG's just dropped the news that it's set to launch seven new Google TV sets in 5 different sizes. These will all be 3rd gen Google TV devices Developing.Comments

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LG's 55-inch OLED television starting at $12K, available for order now

LG just gave a price to its entry level 55-inch OLED TV: $12,000. That's the starting price, mind you. There are three different OLED sizes to choose from, but we're only seeing 55- and 65-inchers -- no word on pricing for the larger set, but we'd wager it'll be a pretty penny over that initial $12K. The TV company also mentioned partnerships with Activision, Verizon, Google, and Disney for its OLED line, and teased a third size for launch in 2013. Presumably that largest size will require a second or third mortgage, but we're hoping to hear more specifics during CES this week.Filed under: HD, LG

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LG announces its moving 100 percent to LEDs for its TVs, waves goodbye to Plasma

We're here at LG's CES 2013 press conference, where the company has just announced that it's ditching everything but LEDs for its HDTVs. It's also showing off its second-generation Cinema 3DTV design. DevelopingComments

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Im Video-Test: Stream-Downloader “Jaksta” sichert Mediathek-Inhalte, Youtube & Co. auf dem Rechner

Ein Preis der abschreckt, ein Funktionsumfang der seines Gleichen sucht. Wir haben nach dem Aus der die Mac-Version des Stream-Recorders "Jaksta" ausprobiert und sind verblüfft vom einfachen Einsatz des Alles-Mögliche-Downloaders. Einmal installiert "überwacht" Jaksta auf Zuruf den Online-Verkehr eures Mehr zum Thema

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802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi experts sought by Apple

With Apple rumored to be interested in releasing new Macs with superfast 802.11ac wireless connectivity this year, a new job listing by the company advertises a position for engineers experienced with Gigabit Wi-Fi.

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CES Show Report: Parrot

Increasingly ambitious and experimental in its development of electronic accessories for Apple’s devices, Parrot used CES to preview Flower Power, a Bluetooth 4- and iOS app-based plant monitoring solution for gardeners. While Flower Power hasn’t yet been priced—and Parrot was actively soliciting “what do you think the price should be” input from attendees—the accessory and app were both substantially complete in…

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Satoru Iwata: Nintendo denkt über Free-to-Play nach

Keine Umsetzungen für Smartphones, keine Socialgames und kein Free-to-Play: Nintendo gilt bei der Vermarktung seiner Serien als betont konservativ. Jetzt redet Firmenchef Satoru Iwata öffentlich über einen Strategiewechsel - der aber nicht Klassiker wie Mario betreffen soll. (Nintendo, Satoru Iwata)

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Kabel Deutschland beschneidet digitales öffentlich-rechtliches TV-Angebot

Im Streit zwischen KD und den Öffentlich-Rechtlichen gibt es keine Einigung. Nun begrenzt der Kabelanbieter die Einspeisung der digitalen Sender auf das Nötigste.

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Panasonic: Keine Smartphones mehr für Europa

Panasonic wird in Europa keine Smartphones mehr verkaufen und sich stattdessen auf den Heimatmarkt konzentrieren.

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Fusion Drive now available on entry-level 21.5" iMacs

Over the weekend, Apple began offering the Fusion Drive as an option on the entry-level 21.5-inch iMac. The Fusion Drive is a hybrid traditional HHD/SSD combo, which beings the faster write speeds of SSDs while offering the larger storage capacity of HHDs. Previously the Fusion Drive was only available as a BTO (built to order) option on the high-end Mac mini, high-end 21.5-inch iMac, and the 27-inch iMac. As with other Macs, adding a Fusion drive to the entry-level 21.5-inch iMac will set you back US$250.Fusion Dri

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Live from Sharp's CES 2013 press conference

Sharp has pushed its displays to be bigger and better each year, and we don't expect CES 2013 to be any different. With its IGZO technology there should be high res screens of all sizes, so tune in to see what's new for this year.Filed under: HDComments

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LG Magic Remote updated, switch channels by writing numbers

You love your LG Magic Remote, but you're sick of pushing buttons to switch channels, right? Well, that's kinda weird, but thankfully LG doesn't agree with us, today announcing an update to its Magic Remote that allows you to change the channel by writing numbers. Sure, it probably takes less time to actually push a button to switch a channel, but who're we to judge your channel changing preferences? The Android version of the LG's app already has the update, and we expect

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LG's 'Hecto' 100-inch laser TV projector arrives in the US in March

We're here at LG's press conference, where the company has just announced that the company's Hecto laser projector with Smart TV built-in will arrive in the United States in March, after landing this month in the company's native land of Korea. DevelopingComments

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Lenovo soll sich in zwei Geschäftsbereiche aufteilen

Das chinesische Unternehmen Lenovo, das seit Ende des Vorjahres als weltgrößter PC-Hersteller geführt wird, soll angeblich planen, seinen Marktauftritt zu überarbeiten. Laut dem Bericht einer chinesischen (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaHorizon: Lenovo stellt Tisch-PC für zuhause vorHGST: Notebook-Speicher mit 1 TB und 7.200 U/min

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Zotac bringt Mini-PCs Zbox ID83 und ID42

Im Rahmen der CES 2013 präsentiert Zotac die dritte Generation der Mini-PC-Reihe „Zbox“. Dabei stellt der Hersteller die Modelle ID83 und ID42 vor, die jeweils in zwei Varianten angeboten werden sollen. Ersteres ist als „Performance-Flaggschiff“ mit einem mobilen Core i3-Prozessor aus Intels „Ivy Bridge“-Generation bestückt.

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LaCie, HGST unveil new hard drive technologies

LaCie has announced three new storage devices at CES. Among these is the Blade Runner, a desktop hard drive designed by Philippe Starck. Its name stems from "blades" enclosing an amorphous main body, which in turn houses a 4TB hard disk. The drive has a single USB 3.0 connection, and costs $300. Only 9,999 units are being produced.

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Acer bringt Android-Tablet mit 7-Zoll-Display für 119 Euro

Das laut Gerüchten für Schwellenländer gedachte Tablet Iconia B1-A71 kommt wohl auch in Deutschland auf den Markt, aber mit gegenüber anderen 7-Zöllern deutlich eingeschränkter Hardware.

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Action-Posaune: Eines der besten GoPro-Videos aller Zeiten

Filed under: YouTube Basejumpen, Skifahren, Fallschirmsprung, Jeep-Safari, die Anwendungsbereiche einer GoPro-Kamera sind vielseitig, sollen aber immer was mit Outdoor und Action zu haben, häufig zumindest. Dieser versierte Blasinstrumentalist beweist, womit die meiste Action herauszuholen ist. Beim Posaune spielen, genau. Eines der besten GoPro-Videos aller Zeiten. Wort. Video nach dem Break. Continue reading Action-Posaune: Eines der besten GoPro-Videos aller Zeiten

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LG brings new OLED, 4K, Google TV, laser projectors and more to CES 2013

LG has already blown out many of its announcements before CES 2013 even started -- if you need a recap check the links below. Of course, we should find out more about what's new for this year (perhaps US launch details for that sweet OLED HDTV) and get some hands-on time at the press conference so open up our liveblog here to get all the info as it happens. LG 55-inch OLED TV available for pre-order in Korea this week, ready to ship next month LG details LCD, plasma HDTV lineup for 2013: 4K,

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Basis fitness tracker gets an Android app, to be available in Q1; iOS version still in the works

We'll say this about Basis: no one can accuse it of rushing products to market. It was a whole year ago back at CES 2012 that the company first announced its fitness band, which only just went on sale six weeks ago. It's a pretty promising device, actually, with sensors that track sweat output, heat dissipation, blood flow and heart rate. Unlike other fitness trackers, too, it can automatically detect when you're asleep or working out, so t

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Pantech Discover coming to AT&T January 11th, brings 720p and 13MP camera for $50

Pantech's built a reputation in the states as a budget brand, but that doesn't mean it's pushing out forgettable phones -- on the contrary, the Korean manufacturer has cranked out solid devices like the Burst and Flex over the past year. To start off 2013, Pantech is bumping things up a notch by launching the Discover (what we previously saw as the Magnus) on AT&T January 11th. For $50 on contract,

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OnLive extending LG partnership to G3 series televisions

Are you way into cloud gaming and own an LG Smart TV of the G3 series variety? You're in luck, as OnLive this morning announced support for that very line of Google TV-powered LG televisions, bringing a library of "over 300 titles" to the platform. The G2 series already got that support back in November, if you recall, but it appears that OnLive's reach is expanding across a variety of LG Smart televisions. Should you wish to get in on the action, you'll need a

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Texas Instruments reveals plans for DLP and OMAP-powered automotive infotainment and HUD systems

Texas Instruments has already shown off some new DLP technology here at CES, shrinking it down and shoving it into phones packed with pico projectors. It's not done, however, as TI has plans to put DLP into next-gen car infotainment and HUD systems. Why the shift into automotive? Well, TI already makes infrared cameras, sensors and other components for cars, and because infotainment systems are becoming de rigeur, DLP based systems are the next logical move for the company. TI thinks DLP is a perfect fit for cars because it delivers higher brightness, wider field of vie

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Sehr leichte und robuste Antennen entwickelt

Am Fraunhofer-Institut für Schicht- und Oberflächentechnik (IST) ist die Entwicklung einer sehr leichten und robusten Antenne gelungen. Diese besteht im Wesentlichen aus Kunststoff in einer komplexen Struktur. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaForscher bauen Nano-Magneten aus fünf AtomeniPhone-Dieb über Dating-Plattform ausgetrickst

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App Store: 40 Milliarden App-Downloads seit Plattformstart

Insgesamt 40 Milliarden App-Downloads konnte Apple seit der Eröffnung des App Stores registrieren, 20 Milliarden davon wurden allein im Jahr 2012 verzeichnet. Dies gab Apple in einer Pressemeldung offiziell bekannt. Insgesamt gibt es im App Store 500 Millionen aktive Accounts, 775000 Apps stehen für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch bereit. Nun kann Apple ein weiteres

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OLPC: Marvell zeigt Bildungsrechner XO-4 Touch auf der CES

Der Hardwarehersteller Marvell präsentiert den neuen Bildungsrechner der Stiftung OLPC in Las Vegas. Der XO-4 Touch ist ein Hybrid aus Laptop und Tablet. (OLPC, Tablet)

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Französischer Provider beendet Werbeblockade

Wenige Tage nach der Installation eines Werbeblockers in seinen Routern, will der französische Internetprovider diesen Schritt nun rückgängig machen. Protestiert hatte neben Unternehmen auch die zuständige Ministerin.

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Verfügbarkeit der neuen iMacs weiterhin sehr angespannt

Die Präsentation des runderneuerten iMacs erfolgte im Oktober vergangenen Jahres, seit dem 30. November nimmt Apple Bestellungen entgegen. Sehr schnell stiegen die Lieferzeiten jedoch deutlich an, gerade beim iMac mit 27"-Display konnte Apple der Nachfrage nicht entsprechen. Daran hat sich auch mehrere Wochen nach Beginn der Auslieferung nichts geändert. Weiterhin müssen Kunden viel Geduld auf

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Review: CoPilot Live Premium edition

If Apple Maps or Google Maps are not your cup of tea, there are still some low cost options out there that should satisfy most users. The folks who make CoPilot Live Premium for iOS asked me to take their app for a spin, and was glad to take a look. The basic app is now on sale for US $9.99, a third off the regular retail. The sale ends January 7. Unlike Google Maps, CoPilot Live is a universal app, and is quite at home on an iPad. The app uses Google and Yelp for local business info, making it more complete in that department than either Apple or Google. Other features include Traffic incident details alo

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Live from LG's CES 2013 press event

Smartphones, HDTVs and appliances galore. All will almost certainly be present at this year's LG press conference today in fabulous Las Vegas. Also, it's at the Mandalay Bay casino, so, you know, sharks, too. All that and more after the break.Filed under: Cellphones, Misc, Home EntertainmentComments

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NHK proposes new 3D broadcast format: transmits dual images at higher resolution (video)

A technical arm of Japan's national broadcaster, NHK Media Technology, is proposing a new Advanced Stereo 3D format for broadcasting high-quality 3D content. It would be able to transmit programming to both 3D-capable TVs and standard HD sets, all while holding hands with existing broadcast standards. According to DigInfoNews, the new format is being submitted to the ARIB, which decides broadcasting standards. What's different here is that NHK would be able to offer both images in full high-definition -- independently transmitting both left and right images instead of side-by-side at a reduced reso

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Acer stellt Iconia B1 offiziell vor

Seit einiger Zeit wurden die Gerüchte lauter, nun hat Acer soeben das Iconia B1 offiziell vorgestellt. Ob sich das Tablet trotz der schwächeren Ausstattung gegen das Nexus 7 von Google durchsetzen kann, wird man erst nach der Markteinführung wissen.

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Lenovo stellt Yoga 11S Ultrabook vor

Auf der CES in Las Vegas stellte Lenovo heute ein Schwestermodell zu seinem Ultrabook IdeaPad Yoga 11 vor. Das als IdeaPad Yoga 11S bezeichnete Gerät unterscheidet sich in 3 Punkten von Yoga 11. Das betrifft den Prozessor, das Betriebssystem und die maximale Auflösung des IPS-Displays.

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Vizio zeigt 4K-Fernseher auf der CES 2013

Vizio zeigt auf der CES 2013 sein Line-Up für die diesjährige Saison. Mit dabei sind neue HD-Fernseher, die in verschiedenen Größen gezeigt werden. Sie können den neuen 4K-Standard darstellen, der Full-HD mittelfristig ablösen soll. Dass die Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in diesem Jahr ziemlich TV-lastig sein wird, lag bereits in der Luft – viele Anbieter

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App Store reaches 40 billion downloads

iOS App Store downloads have surpassed the 40 billion mark, Apple has announced. The company adds that almost 20 billion of those happened in 2012 alone, and that there are now over 775,000 titles in the App Store. More than 300,000 are iPad-native. So far, developers have been paid over $7 billion in their share of app revenue. Apple claims a 30 percent cut from any App Store sale, which suggests that Apple has pulled in $3 billion from the business.

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Photoshop & Co: Adobe bietet Creative Suite 2 kostenlos zum Downlaod an

Adobe bietet derzeit seine Programmsammlung Creative Suite in der veralteten Version 2 kostenlos samt Seriennummern zum Download an. (Grafiksoftware, Adobe)

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Adobe bietet Creative Suite 2 mit Seriennummern zum kostenlosen Download an

In einem ungewöhnlichen Schritt hat Adobe die veraltete Creative Suite 2 nun für registrierte Anwender zum kostenlosen Download im Angebot. Dazu liefert Adobe zu allen Programmen auch eine jeweils passende Seriennummer, mit der sich die Programme laut Medienberichten auf älteren Computern problemlos installieren lassen. Offiziell ist die Creative Suite 2, welche im Herbst 2005 veröffentlicht w

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07.01.2013 17:00 Uhr

iPhone 5 hinter Android-Smartphones: Rankings genau lesen

Auf amerikanischen Apple-Blogs zieht eine “Schreckensnachricht” ihre Kreise: Das iPhone 5 sei das schlechteste Smartphone unter den Top-Modellen, wenn man dem Ranking von Consumer Reports glauben will. “Consumer Reports sagt, das iPhone 5 sei das schlechteste unter den Top Smartphones”, ist Business Insider empört, und 9to5mac schreibt: “Consumer Reports straft wieder das iPhone ab“. Denn das Magazin Consumer Reports bewertet in seiner Februar-Ausgabe die Top-Handys für viele Smartphone-Interessenten eine Kaufentscheidungshilfe. Für das iP

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Q4 2012: HTC kann Abwärtstendenz nicht stoppen

Den niedrigsten Profit im vierten Quartal seit acht Jahren musste heute der taiwanesische Smartphone-Hersteller HTC bekannt geben. Im vierten Quartal des vergangenen Jahres konnte man ein Plus von gerade (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaNetbooks haben PC-Markt für Windows 8 zerstörtDatenschutz: Piraten klagen bei EU gg. Regierung

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Apple's new iMacs remain in short supply

More than a month after the launch of the new iMac, Apple still cannot provide adequate supply of its redesigned desktop, as resellers remain completely barren.

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Papertab: Ein Tablet wie ein Blatt Papier

Plastic Logic, Intel und die kanadische Queen's-Universität haben zusammen eine Art Tablet entwickelt, das fast so flexibel wie ein Blatt Papier ist. Nutzer können mehrere Papertabs miteinander verknüpfen und sie wie Papierdokumente verwenden. (Display, E-Book)

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Freier Egoshooter: Großes Update für Cube 2 Sauerbraten

Das erste Update seit mehr als zwei Jahren bringt dem freien Shooter Sauerbraten viele Maps, neue Spielmodi sowie Verbesserungen bei Grafik und Gameplay. (Server, Games)

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Daily Deals for January 7, 2013

It's time to save some of that hard-earned cash with our Daily Deals, featuring a handy list from Dealnews and our own hand-picked selections that include some sweet deals on iOS and OS X software (all prices are USD). Deals from Dealnews Adobe: [Graphics & Publishing Software] Adobe CS2 Premium Plus for PC or Mac downloads for free B&H Photo Video: [Laser Printers] Konica Minolta 3730DN Color Laser Printer for $139 + free shipping Adorama: [Notebook Carrying Case] Cocoon Laptop Cases at Adorama from $13 + free shipping

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Happy Birthday: Apple Safari feiert zehnten Geburtstag

Filed under: OS X, Browser Heute vor genau zehn Jahren wurde die erste Public Beta des Browsers Safari veröffentlicht. Damals war Microsofts Internet Explorer noch das Maß aller Dinge und selbst Mozillas Firefox-Vorgänger Phoenix gab es noch nicht. Geschweige denn, dass Google nur eine Idee an einen Browser wie Chrome verschwendet hätte. Safari von Apple war der erste Browser der Mac-Usern eine Alternative zum Internet Explorer anbieten wollte. Wie man sieht, sind zehn Jahr

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Media-Saturn: Streit zwischen Eignern eskaliert

Der Streit zwischen den beiden Eigentümern der Elektronik-Ketten Media-Markt und Saturn eskaliert weiter. Der Minderheitsgesellschafter Erich Kellerhals wirft Metro-Chef Olaf Koch vor, ihm das Unternehmen (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaEinigung: Sky speist Bundesliga bei Telekom einVodafone kann US-Haltung zu Huawei nicht te

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Lenovo kündigt Gaming-PC Erazer X700 mit Radeon HD 8950 an

Der aktuell größte Personal-Computer-Hersteller Lenovo ist bisher eher durch funktionell gestaltete Desktops und Notebooks bekannt. Mit dem Erazer X700 schlagen die Chinesen nun aber einen anderen Weg ein und präsentieren einen futuristischen Gaming-PC, der hohe Leistung inklusive einer Overclocking-Funktion verspricht.

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OnBeat Mini und Rumble: Neue Lightning-Soundsysteme von JBL

Auf den Preis sind wir ja noch gespannt, aber das neue „OnBeat Mini“ von JBL sieht uns schon mal nach einer netten Sound- und Ladestation für iPads aus. Mit einem Lightning-Anschluss ausgestattet, akzeptiert das kompakte Soundsystem das iPad mini, das Mehr zum ThemaAbgedrehtes Zubehör: Holografie-Tisch für das iPad

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Fusion Drive becomes option on low-end 21.5-inch iMac

Apple has expanded options at its online store, allowing the Fusion Drive on customized orders of the low-end 21.5-inch iMac. Previously, only 27-inch and higher-end 21.5-inch models could get the upgrade. Picking a Fusion Drive adds $250 to the low-end 21.5-inch's pricetag, and still yields a total 1TB in storage.

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Canon Powershot N: Ungewöhnliches Kameradesign ohne Auslöseknopf

Die herkömmliche Designvorstellung von Kameras will Canon mit der Powershot N gründlich auf den Kopf stellen. Die Kamera ist fast quadratisch, besitzt ein klappbares Touchdisplay und besteht fast nur aus einem Objektiv. Der klassische Auslöseknopf fehlt völlig. (Digitalkamera, Canon)

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Wilde Kontenwechsel - Dawandas Sicherheitsproblem

Das Online-Portal Dawanda hat Sicherheitsprobleme. Mitglieder besuchen den Online-Shop und sind plötzlich in den Konten anderer Nutzer - und sie können alles: Alle Daten sehen, Produkte kaufen, kommentieren. Ein Hackerangriff wird nicht ausgeschlossen.

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Vollversion kostenlos: Adobe verschenkt Creative Suite 2 für Mac und Windows

Adobe verschenkt Vollversion! Ein Top-Tipp, der uns vom Kollegen Schicko zugetragen wurde, soll auch euch nicht versäumt bleiben. Die Creative Suite 2 ist aktuell kostenlos für Windows und Mac erhältlich. Zwar ist die Adobe-Sammlung

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HGST launches the $99 Travelstar 1TB 2.5-inch HDD, crams it inside its Touro, G-Drive and G-Raid units

Henry Ford may have felt that your Model T could come in any color "as long as it is black," but HGST feels differently about consumer choice. It's announcing its latest hard drive, the 1TB, 2.5-inch Travelstar HDD, which goes toe-to-toe with other 7,200 RPM drives like the Constellation.2 and Scorpio Blue. If you want to sling one of the ne

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Engadget's CES liveblogs: catch 'em all

It's liveblog season, dear readers. The excitement starts right now. Our fingers will soon be flying and our shutters clacking to bring you all the news and images right to your browser courtesy of our custom, live-updating liveblog tool. It's the best in the business, and we invite you to come see why. You'll certainly have plenty of opportunities, and they're all linked below for your bookmarking enjoyment. (Note: All of the times below are in ET.) Monday, January 7th 11:00AM LG 11:45AM Sharp 4:00PM

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Kodak licenses its name to JK Imaging for cameras and projectors

Kodak has been offloading many of its signature businesses, and we're seeing a another symbolic changing of the guard today: after deciding to quit digital cameras last year, the company is licensing rights to make Kodak-branded cameras to JK Imaging, a subsidiary of global supplier JA Capital Holdings. No, we're not expecting those names to be immediately recognizable, although the Kodak-badged cameras, pocket camcorders and projectors tha

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App Store: 40 Milliarden Downloads, 7 Milliarden Dollar für die Entwickler

“Es war ein wunderbares Jahr für die iOS-Entwicklergemeinschaft,” verkündete eben Eddy Cue per Pressemitteilung. Nicht nur für die Entwickler, sondern auch für Apple selbst lief 2012 prächtig: 40 Milliarden App-Downloads tätigten die Kunden mit dramatischem Anstieg in 2012. Es sind unglaubliche Zahlen, die Apple eben verkündet hat: 40 Milliarden iOS-Apps haben die Nutzer von  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad insgesamt aus dem App Store geladen. “Davon nahezu 20 Milliarden allein in 2012“, erklärt Apple. Das d

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Gabel mit iPhone-App: Hapifork

Mutti hatte schon immer recht: Iss nicht so schnell und kaue dein Essen ordentlich! Doch nicht alle Nerds wohnen und speisen noch im Hotel Mama wie bedauerlich. Mit Hapifork erhalten Schnellesser nun eine digitale Gabel, die diese Aufgabe der mütterlichen Ermahnung und die Überwachung der Essgewohnheiten übernimmt iPhone-App inklusive. Bizarre Zubehörprodukte lassen uns immer wieder erstaunen, pünktlich zur CES stellt Hapilabs nun die Hapifork des französischen Designers Jacques Lépine vor ein eindeutiger Kandidat für einen vorderen Pla

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IDEO founder David Kelley talks about Steve Jobs on 60 Minutes

David Kelley is a well-known entrepreneur and design professor at Stanford. The IDEO founder recently sat down and talked to 60 Minutes about his life, his work at IDEO and his time at Stanford. A small part of the segment also discusses his interactions with Steve jobs and Apple. Kelley's design firm IDEO worked with Apple on the first mouse, the Apple III, the Lisa computer and more. Through his work on these products, Kelley become a personal friend to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. You can jump directly to the Apple parts at the 3:00 and 7:40 marks or listen to the entire 12-minute marks. [Via

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Android-Tastatur Swype jetzt mit Crowd-Wörterbuch

Das Swype Keyboard für Android-basierte Smartphones und Tablets steht in einer neuen Version zur Verfügung, die erstmals mit einer Funktion ausgeliefert, mit der die automatische Vervollständigung von Wörtern (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaDieb auf Microsoft-Campus entwendet nur iPadsCES 2013: Nvidia stellt Tegra-4-Prozessor vor

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Weiteres Dokument bestätigt 30-Zoll-Monitor Dell U3014

Nachdem sich bereits die neuen Wide-Gamut-LCDs U2413 und U2713H aus Dells UltraSharp-Serie angekündigt hatten, gibt es neue Hinweise zum kommenden 30-Zoll-Pendant, das voraussichtlich den U3011 ablösen wird. Ein Dokument bestätigt dabei die Modellbezeichnung „U3014“ und nennt zudem einige Details.

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Apple's iPad expected to help hold 2013 PC growth to 2%

A new forecast calls for worldwide PC sales to grow just 2 percent this year, held back by demand for Apple's iPad and a tepid response to Windows 8.

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HBO deal extends Universal Pictures exclusivity deal to 2022

HBO has signed a deal with Universal Studios that extends its exclusive rights to Universal Pictures' and Focus Features' films for another ten years. The extension prevents competing video-on-demand services such as Netflix from gaining access to content, keeping it on HBO's TV, mobile, and online services until the year 2022.

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Canopy Sensus: iPhone bekommt mehr Touch-Oberfläche

Sensus ist ein iPhone-Gehäuse mit Zusatzfunktion: Es hat zwei berührungsempfindliche Oberflächen, über die das Smartphone bedient werden kann. (Smartphone, iPhone)

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Innenministerkonferenz: Neuer Chef will "neue nationale Strategie gegen den Terror"

Niedersachsens Innenminister Uwe Schünemann hat zu seinem morgigen Auftakt als Vorsitzender der Innenministerkonferenz der Länder (IMK) ein neunseitiges Positionspapier parat.

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Microsoft beschränkt Ausgabe des kostenlosen Media-Center-Key

Microsoft vergibt Lizenzschlüssel für das Windows 8 Media Center noch bis zum 31. Januar kostenlos, hat den Bestellprozess aber umgestellt.

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07.01.2013 16:00 Uhr

USB 3.0: Bald doppelte Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit

Wer Peripheriegeräte an seinen Mac anschließen will, der hat in jedem Fall zumindest die Wahl zwischen dem Thunderbolt- und dem USB-Standard. Erst mit der letzten MacBook-Generation vollzog Apple den Schritt von USB 2.0 auf USB 3.0. Wer ein entsprechendes Gerät über einen USB-Port an seinen Mac anschließt, der profitiert nun von Übertragungsraten von bis zu

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HP Pocket Playlist: WiFi-Speicher streamt Inhalte auf bis zu fünf mobile Geräte

Filed under: Festplatten WiFi-Speicher gibt es mittlerweile einige, HP hat auf der CES allerdings mit seinem neuen Pocket Playlist ein Gerät vorgestellt, das auch Webvideodienste wie Hulu, Netflix und andere Quellen aufnehmen kann, um sie später bei Bedarf abzuspielen. Auf bis zu fünf Devices kann der Inhalt gestreamt werden, sei es Android, iOS oder Windows Phone. Am 15. Februar soll das Pocket Playlist für 129$ (ca. 98 Euro) in den USA auf den Markt kommen.

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Uplay: Nutzerkonten der Ubisoft-Plattform geknackt

Seit Anfang des Jahres gibt es immer wieder Berichte von Uplay-Nutzern, wonach sich Unbekannte Zugriff auf deren Konten verschafft haben. Der französische Spiele-Publisher hat nun bestätigt, dass es zu (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaAge of Empires Online: Weiterentwicklung gestopptProject Shield: Nvidia kündigt mobile Konsole an

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Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD-LTE mit MediaTek MT6589

Bereits vor einigen Tagen hat MediaTek mit dem MT6589 einen kostengünstigen Quad-Core-Prozessor vorgestellt. Jetzt sollen im Rahmen der diesjährigen CES in Las Vegas erste Geräte mit dem besonders für Einsteiger-Geräte interessanten Prozessor vorgestellt werden. Den Anfang wird dabei anscheinend Alcatel machen.

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News: App Store hits 40 billion downloads, pace increasing

New App Store statistics released by Apple today include several milestones: 40 billion unique downloads of over 775,000 apps by over 500 million active accounts. The 40 billion downloads notably do not include re-downloads or updates, but do include nearly 20 billion downloads in 2012 alone—a huge uptick in growth reflecting iOS’s increased user base, availability of apps, and comfort with apps. Apple notably hit the 25 billion mark in…

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Marken: Lenovo spaltet sich in "Think" und "Lenovo" auf

Nach einem internen Schreiben des Konzernchefs will Lenovo den Konzern in zwei Sparten aufteilen. Die Marke "Think" soll die edlen Hightech- und Businessprodukte vermarkten, Lenovo die Endkundenrechner. (IBM, Lenovo)

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Google: Android SDK vermeintlich proprietär

Entwickler behaupten, das Android SDK sei keine freie Software mehr. Das stimmt aber nur für die Binärdaten des SDK und gilt schon länger. Der Code ist weiter frei verfügbar. (Urheberrecht, FSF)

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Piratenpartei: Bundesregierung verstößt bei Datenschutz gegen EU-Recht

Der Bundesdatenschützer ist dem Innenministerium unterstellt, das er kontrollieren soll - damit ist die Piratenpartei nicht einverstanden. Die Landtagskandidatin Katharina Nocun hat Beschwerde bei der EU-Kommission eingereicht. (Datenschutz, Internet)

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Notebook mit besonders stromsparendem Core-i-Prozessor

Auf der CES zeigt Lenovo das erste Notebook mit einem Core-i-Prozessor aus der neuen Y-Schiene, die weniger Strom verbrät als bisherige ULV-Modelle der U-Familie. Beim stiftbedienbaren ThinkPad Helix kann man Display und Tastaturrumpf trennen.

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Apples App Store zählt über 40 Milliarden Downloads

iOS-Nutzer haben nach Apples Angabe inzwischen über 40 Milliarden Apps im App Store bezogen – die Hälfte davon allein im vergangenen Jahr.

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Adobe verschenkt die Creative Suite 2

Auf der Adobe-Webseite stehen die Anwendungen der Creative Suite 2 inklusive Seriennummern kostenlos zum Download.

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AppleScripting OmniFocus > Swap Task Names and Notes

I use OmniFocus on a daily basis to keep track of important tasks. On a few occasions, I've entered tasks and assigned notes to them, only to decide later that I'd rather use the note as the task name, and the task name as the note. Rather than manually cycling through my tasks and swapping the notes, I wrote an AppleScript to do it. Now, anytime I want to perform this task, I can simply run the script. Here's how I did it Creating the Script 1. Launch AppleScript Editor (in /Applications/Utilities). 2. If your system-wide script menu isn't enabled already, go into AppleScript Editor's preferences window and turn it on.

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Intel, Plastic Logic and Queen's U build the PaperTab: a flexible e-paper tablet (video)

Plastic Logic may have bowed out of building its own e-readers, but that's not stopping the company from making its presence felt at CES. It's teaming up with Intel and Queen's University on the PaperTab, a 10.7-inch tablet concept built around a flexible, e-paper touchscreen. The prototype runs a Sandy Bridge-era Core i5 proce

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Apple Safari marks its 10th birthday as part of a much wider web

While most of us think of the web browser landscape as a fierce battle between Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, the situation was very different a decade ago. Internet Explorer still dominated the market, Firefox's precursor Phoenix was months away and Chrome wasn't even a twinkle in Google's eye. That makes today's 10th anniversary of Apple's Safari a significant milestone: the public beta released on January 7th, 2003 represented the first major new competitor to Internet Explorer in years, especially for the initial Mac users who hadn't se

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Samsung Techwin and iWatchLife partner on home monitoring camera systems

Samsung Techwin is getting a little cozier with iWatchLife and delivering the latter's full suite of home monitoring tools to the Samsung SmartCam. For $4.99 a month users can store, search and watch video clips from the iWatchLife site, get mobile alerts and share live streams with select friends and family members. The online service adds a lot of additional functionality to Samsung's surveillance tools, helping the paranoid get the most bang for their buck out of the $150 cam. For a few more details check out the PR after the break.

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Vizio unveils 2013 HDTV lineup, upcoming XVT Ultra HDTVs promise 4K for the mainstream

Just as we expected, 4K TVs are all the rage here at CES 2013 and naturally Vizio won't be left out. Among its 2013 lineup of LCD HDTVs is a new top of the line XVT-Series of Ultra HDTVs at 55-, 65- and 70-inches. The XVT551d, 651d and 701D don't have much in the way of prices or release dates, but the company claims it will "bring the expensive new technology to mainstream consumers." In the more accessible realm however are its M-Series displays, which will for the first time this year offer a universal backlit remote connected by WiFi Direc

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Google TV getting Ubitus support, promising 'console and MMO' quality gaming

Ubitus might call itself "the worldwide technology leader in cloud gaming solutions," but we've yet to hear of the Japanese cloud gaming company. But that's about to change, as the company just announced a partnership with Google TV to bring "console and MMO games" to various GTV-enabled devices. That means both Smart TVs and set-top boxes with Google TV will now have access to Ubitus' library of cloud-based games -- whether that means worldwide or Japan-only remains unknown for now, but we'll be sure to find out as CES 2013 kicks off in earnest today.Continue reading Google TV gettin

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Report: Security

FileVault 2 (vs. alternatives); Yahoo hijacking help; netflix security certificate

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Report: Miscellaneous

early Internet

07.01.2013 15:35 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: iPhone/Touch Platform

FaceTime problems; Newsstand subscription; ATT activation charges; Walmart; maps

07.01.2013 15:35 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: iMac

troubleshooting queries; Fusion drive for 21.5-inch model

07.01.2013 15:35 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Applications

Skype call recording; file sync and duplicate file management

07.01.2013 15:35 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Mountain Lion

search changes and tips; display menus; birthday event sound; printer/update problems; flash drive install issues; Get Info metadata; Safe Boot

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Report: Help Please

OS X versions and related issues (memory management, QuickTime, text appearance, compatibility, etc.); server support

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Patenttroll verklagt 14 Firmen wegen UMTS-Handover

Eine erst vor zwei Wochen gegründete Firma klagt in den USA gegen zahlreiche Unternehmen, weil ihre UMTS- und LTE-Geräte ein ursprünglich British Telecom gehörendes Patent verletzen sollen. Seine Laufzeit endet in wenigen Wochen.

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CES: Eyes Free bald auch für Hyundai-Fahrzeuge verfügbar

Mit Siri und der Eyes Free-Technologie ermöglicht es Apple, die Geräte mit natürlicher Sprachsteuerung zu bedienen, wodurch z.B. im Straßenverkehr für mehr Sicherheit gesorgt wird, da die Touch-Bedienung so gut wie wegfällt. Auf der

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Apple vermeldet 40 Milliarden App-Downloads!

Soeben hat Apple bekannt gegen, dass insgesamt 40 Milliarden Apps aus dem Store geladen wurden. Das sind beachtliche Zahlen. Alleine im Dezember wurden 2 Milliarden Programme geladen. Im Jahr 2012 waren es somit satte

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App Store verbucht insgesamt 40 Mrd. Downloads

Filed under: iOS Apple hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass von 500 Mio. Usern insgesamt 40 Milliarden Downloads über den App Store gelaufen sind. Die Hälfte davon alleine 2012. Im vergangenen Dezember konnten zwei Mrd. Downloads verzeichnet, was den bisherigen Rekord in der Geschichte des App Store darstellt. "Es war ein wunderbares Jahr für die iOS Entwicklergemeinschaft," so Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President Internet Software und Services von Apple. "Entwickler haben über sieben Milliarden Dollar über den App Store verdient und wir investieren weiter, um ihnen

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Windows 8: Vizio bringt Full HD-Tablet mit AMD-CPU

Der US-Computerhersteller Vizio hat mit dem Vizio Tablet PC sein erstes Windows 8-Tablet vorgestellt, das anders als alle bisher verfügbaren Konkurrenzprodukte mit einer AMD-Plattform daherkommt. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaHorizon: Lenovo stellt Tisch-PC für zuhause vor

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HP nutzt CES zur Präsentation neuer Monitore

Hewlett-Packard konzentriert sich auf der diesjährigen CES in Las Vegas hauptsächlich auf die Präsentation von neuen Monitoren. Der Konzern ergänzt dabei die günstige Pavilion-Serie um neue Modelle und stellt die neue ProDisplay-Reihe für Unternehmen vor. Die Diagonalen der Displays liegen dabei zwischen 20 und 27 Zoll.

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Fujitsu Scansnap iX500: Einzugsscanner schafft 25 Seiten pro Minute

Die Fujitsu-Tochter PFU hat mit dem Scansnap iX500 eine neue Generation ihres Einzugsscanners vorgestellt, der bis zu 25 DIN-A4-Seiten pro Minute erfasst. Dabei arbeitet der Scansnap iX500 unabhängig vom PC und kann Dokumente auch direkt auf ein Smartphone oder Tablet scannen. (Scanner, Cloud Computing)

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Google, Yahoo, Microsoft und Amazon anfällig für Clickjacking

Ein Sicherheitsforscher demonstriert an populären Webseiten wie Amazon, Google, Yahoo und Microsoft Live, dass viele Webseiten immer noch schlecht gegen Clickjacking geschützt sind.

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Bluetooth-Geräte als Mac-Wachhund

Mit der App Keycard deaktiviert sich ein Apple-Rechner immer dann, wenn sich der Nutzer mit seinem iPhone, iPad, iPod touch oder Android-Handy entfernt.

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Apple's App Store tops 40 billion downloads

Apple announced today that the App Store has topped 40 billion unique app downloads. The bulk of these downloads, 20 billion, took place in 2012 with the holiday month of December racking up 2 billion downloads alone. "It has been an incredible year for the iOS developer community. Developers have made over seven billion dollars on the App Store, and we continue to invest in providing them with the best ecosystem so they can create the most innovative apps in the world," writes Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. The App Store is available in 155 countries. It now has 775,000 iOS apps, 300,000 iPad apps and 500 million active accounts.

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Apple: App Store just hit 40 billion total downloads, half of those in 2012

Considering that Apple's App Store only crossed the 25 billion mark in March 2012, today's announcement of the 40 billionth unique download certainly looks like proof that the market is more vibrant than ever. Thank you, Rayman Jungle Run. Continue reading Apple: App Store just hit 40 billion total downloads, half of those in 2012

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Magellan's smartGPS navigator has built-in Yelp reviews, syncs with your phone (video)

It's no secret that the GPS business has faced an uphill battle these past few years. Thanks to smartphones there's less of a reason to invest in a standalone navigator, and while GPS companies have been selling mapping apps of their own, that doesn't quite make up for plunging device sales, now does it? Well, Magellan has an interesting solution: the firm just announced the smartGPS, a dashboard navigation device that's designed to work in tandem with an iOS / Android app. Naturally, both the smartGPS and the app have turn-by-turn navigation, so you can

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Fitbit announces the Flex wristband, a $100 fitness tracker to take on the Jawbone Up

You know what they say, right? You can never have too many fitness trackers. After coming out with two health monitors back in September, Fitbit is back with a third product, the Flex -- a waterproof wristband seemingly designed to compete with the Jawbone Up. (In PR speak: "Fitbit understands that one tracker does not fit all.") Like other Fitbit devices, it counts calories, steps taken and distance covered (but not flights climbed). It then automatically sends that data to a personalized

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Canon reinvents the point-and-shoot with ambidextrous PowerShot N

No, you're not holding it wrong -- in fact, with Canon's new PowerShot N, any and every orientation is correct, thanks to a unique square design with key controls mounted around the center-positioned lens. In this case, a picture (of the camera body) tells far more than a thousand words -- this radical build is a bit tricky to explain, but we'll do our best. The idea here is that there's no one top or bottom, left or right side to the camera. Instead, those positions change based on how you've opted to orient the point-an

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Canon PowerShot ELPH 130IS brings WiFi to the company's high-end point-and-shoot line

Were you betting Canon would announce a few WiFi-enabled cameras at CES this year? Ding ding ding -- you're a winner! Fork over 200 bucks and claim your prize. The company's latest ELPH may be tiny, but it still packs all of the banner features you'd expect in 2013. On the wireless front, you'll have the ability to create an ad-hoc network for booting stills and videos directly to connected computers, tablets or smartphones. There's also compatibility with Canon's CameraWindow app (for Android and iOS), along with

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Canon PowerShot A2600 and A1400 offer modest feature bumps, little incentive to upgrade

Every member of a company's CES lineup can't be a blockbuster -- that's certainly the case with this duo of mid-range Canon PowerShots. The A2600 and A1400 are fine point-and-shoots, sure, but they're destined for the bags of beginner shooters, with modest feature sets and price points to match. The A2600, which replaces last year's A2400, is the pricer of the two models, ringing in at $150 with a 16-megapixel CCD sensor, a 5x 28mm zoom lens with a maximum aperture range of f/2.8-6.9, along with a 3-inch, 230k-dot LCD. It can shoot 720p HD vid

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DLP unveils new Pico chip architecture, promises brighter projectors with better resolution

Pico projectors are slowly getting better and better as the years go by, and DLP's latest chip architecture announced at CES aims to raise the bar once more. The platform is the same size as the current generation, but it promises that products will be able to offer twice the resolution, 30 percent higher brightness and 50 percent increase in energy efficiency. Given our fondness for products like the Samsung Galaxy Beam, we're pretty excited to see how good movies look on our living room wall. Don't get too anxious, however -

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Pentax launches brass-bodied MX-1 point-and-shoot: 12MP with 4X zoom

With some classy brass casing, Pentax' new point-and-shoot is a little more refined than what we often get in smaller cameras. Fanciful materials aside, Pentax has paired a 12-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor with a f/1.8-2.5 lens, capable of up to 4x optical zoom. There's a dedicated exposure compensation dial for adjustments on the fly, while the the 3-inch LCD display is articulated to better see what you've captured. Pentax has added its own dual shake-reduction system and shooting modes include macro capture capable of detailed images from just 1cm away. The camera will launch next month priced at $500, in a choice in silver and black

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Pentax offers 100 different custom color options for its Q10 mirrorless camera

If Pentax's Q10 ILC piqued your interest when we got to play with it back in September, then perhaps the choice of 100 different paint jobs might push you to a purchase. Alongside several new cameras at CES 2013, the camera-maker will start to offer custom ordering for the mirrorless unit, with a choice of colors for both the grip and body. And the options? They include pink, white, black, red, turquoise, gold, green, magenta, orange and brown -- and

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Canon's latest VIXIA camcorders stream and share with your mobile device

On the eve of CES, longtime optics heavyweight Canon announced four new camcorders for its VIXIA product line. The HF R42, R40 and R400 all feature a 53x advanced zoom, a DIGIC DV IV image processor and a 3.28-megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor. In addition, these movie-makers capture HD MP4s at up to 35Mbps and AVCHD progressive 60p recordings that tops out at 28Mbps. Moving things to the cloud, Canon's new HF R camcorders allow users to remotely browse and download files via the web. Further adding

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SanDisk releases Ultra Plus and X110 SSDs with speed on a budget

SanDisk is coming to CES with the aim of democratizing solid-state drives, and its new Ultra Plus (X110 for PC builders) just might do the trick. The 2.5-inch drive (not yet pictured here) musters 530MB/s peak read speeds and 445MB/s writes, like many higher-end SSDs, but promises to ditch some of the premium we commonly associate with that breakneck pace. The 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities on offer will cost just $75, $110 and $220 -- low enough that we could see them easily slotting in as a fast boot drive or a full-fledged replacement in a laptop. Anyone looking for a quick storage pic

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PowerA's Moga Android game controller grows in Pro model, arrives this spring

Remember the Moga? It's the Bluetooth-powered Android game controller unveiled in mid-2012 by gaming accessory manufacturer PowerA, in case you'd forgotten. With PowerA's just announced Moba Pro, however, the company's taking its original concept and blowing it out into a full-on gaming controller (reminiscent of what you use on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, as seen above). Like with the first Moga, the Moga Pro features four face buttons, a standard d-pad, and two shoulder buttons -- additionally, the Pro has two triggers below each shoulder, making shooters all the more s

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SpareOnePlus adds location tracking, audio alerts, keeps the 15-year life on a single AA battery eyes-on

Xpal's SpareOne disaster-ready cellphone was one of the most intriguing devices we saw at last year's CES. Using a huge capacitor, the stripped-down GSM handset promised a 15-year battery life from the charge of a single AA Energizer battery. While the call quality was basic, it could certainly be the sort of unit that you could stow in a first aid kit or car trunk for emergencies. Now the company has returned with the SpareOnePlus, which adds location-based dat

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Datenschutz: Piraten klagen bei EU gg. Regierung

Der Bundesregierung droht wegen der Organisation der obersten Datenschutzbehörde ein Vertragsverletzungsverfahren durch die EU. Auslöser dafür ist Katharina Nocun, Landtagskandidatin der Piratenpartei in (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaAktion Sunflower: Pädokrimineller Ring zerschlagenEinigung: Sky speist Bundesliga bei Telekom ein

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Durchschnittlich 80 Apps pro Nutzer: Apple freut sich über 40 Milliarden App-Downloads

Apple hat mal wieder neue Rekordzahlen zu vermelden. Mehr als 40 Milliarden Apps wurden mittlerweile aus dem App Store für iOS geladen, zwei Milliarden davon allein im Dezember. Apple zählt hier nur die „echten“ Downloads, erneute Downloads oder Updates sind Mehr zum ThemaYoutube-Kanal-Tipps “EveryS

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Apple's App Store reaches 40B downloads, almost half occurred in 2012

Apple on Monday announced that more than 40 billion applications have been downloaded from the iOS App Store, with nearly 20 billion of those in 2012 alone.

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Report: Mountain Lion overtakes predecessors in OS X share

Mac OS X 10.8.x, known as Mountain Lion and the current release of the operating system, has accounted for a majority share of the web traffic from Macs for the first time, according to new figures from web statistics firm Net Marketshare. The crowning comes just five months after the release of Mountain Lion, and took about half the time it took Lion (10.7) to take the lead position away from Snow Leopard (10.6) as the most popular version of OS X.

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USB 3.0 to get 10Gbps transfers in standards enhancement

A faster version of USB 3.0 is in the pipeline, according to the USB 3.0 Promoter Group at CES. Expected to be completed by mid-2014, the development of a SuperSpeed USB enhancement will add a higher data rate to the USB 3.0 specification, allowing for up to double the date throughput of existing USB 3.0 connections.

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Nvidia shows Project Shield handheld gaming system at CES

Nvidia has shown off a new handheld gaming system alongside its next-generation Tegra 4 mobile processor. Titled Project Shield, the portable gaming device will play Android-based games as well as PC titles on Steam, by streaming gameplay footage over a Wi-Fi connection from a personal computer that renders the game itself.

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Fujitsu adds scan-to-mobile device option to ScanSnap iX500

Fujitsu has announced a new addition to its ScanSnap range, offering the ability scan documents directly to mobile devices. The ScanSnap iX500 will scan a document and send it over Wi-Fi to an Android or iOS device running the ScanSnap Connect app, without needing to use a computer as an intermediary device.

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Zwei neue Billig-APUs von AMD

Mit den von TSMC gefertigten 40-Nanometer-Chips E1-1500 und E2-2000 erweitert AMD die Baureihe von E-APUs für kompakte Billig-Notebooks.

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ION stellt neue Audio-Lösungen zur Digitalisierung, Party und Telefonie vor

Der Audio-Zubehörhersteller ION hat auf der Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas eine breite Produktpalette vorgestellt. Unter anderem finden sich zahlreiche Lösungen zur Digitalisierung von Kassetten und Schallplatten. Neben vollautomatischen Systemen wie dem CD Direct (Schallplatte auf CD) oder dem iLP Lightning (Schallplatte auf iDevice) gibt es auch das Pure LP (Schallplatte) für den Mac

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07.01.2013 15:00 Uhr

Audience eS515 Smart Sound Processor brings three-mic support and selective audio capture to phones

Even if you haven't heard of Audience, there's a very good chance you (or a close friend or family member) have used a product with one of its audio processing chips installed. The company, which prides itself in its noise-cancelling prowess, is taking to CES to launch its latest high-end processor, dubbed the eS515. This particular chip offers a new high-performance, low-power codec subsystem and integrates a handful of impressive fe

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3D Systems second-gen Cube 3D printer boasts faster prints and more materials

Everybody loves a sequel, right? And what better place to launch a followup than in shiny Las Vegas? Exactly a year after launch the first generation of its consumer-friendly 3D printer, the Cube, 3D Systems is getting ready to unleash its successor on the world. The second-gen Cube offers a number of enhancements over last year's model, including the ability to print up to 1.5 times faster and printing in both ABS and recyclable PLA plastics. The printer maintains the earlier version's easily-loaded cartridges

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3D Systems' CubeX 3D printer does three color prints 'as big as a basketball'

3D Systems isn't stopping with the release of one 3D printer at this year's CES. Nope, the company's launching a new, high-end model on our very stage. It's calling the CubeX "the ultimate desktop 3D printer," featuring a build platform that can handle prints up to 1,030 cubic inches (10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5-inches) -- or as big as a basketball, hence the above image. The CubeX has three printing modes at resolutions up to 125 microns and three different print fill densities. Like its lower-priced counter

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Dropbox für Windows 8 und Windows RT erschienen

Nachdem es bereits Dropbox-Applikationen für alle gängigen Systeme gibt, hat der Cloud-Speicherdienst nun auch angepasste Apps für Microsofts Windows 8 und Windows RT veröffentlicht. Diese können nun kostenlos im Microsoft Store geladen werden.

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Mehr als 40 Milliarden Downloads im App Store gezählt, zwei Milliarden allein im Dezember

Apple hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass im App Store schon mehr als 40 Millionen Downloads gezählt wurden. Dieser Wert bezieht sich auf "unique downloads" und nicht auf Titel, die von einem Nutzer mehrfach heruntergeladen wurden, auch Updates gehen nicht in die Statistik ein. Ungefähr die Hälfte dieser Downloads entfiel alleine auf das letzte Jahr. Der letzte Monat war ein Rekordmonat: Im Dezemb

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CES 2013: Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon ist Table-PC und Desktop in einem

Filed under: Desktops, Windows 8 Laut Lenovo ist der IdeaCentre Horizon, der erste Table-PC der Welt, der zugleich ein Desktop ist. Genau, Table und nicht Tablet. Bei einer Bildschirmdiagonale von 27 Zoll sollte man auch nicht von einem mobilen Device reden. Erinnern wir uns an das unbezahlbare Microsoft Surface, also der Wohnzimmer-Trumm und nicht das neue Windows RT-Gerät. Der Lenovo-PC ist im Vergleich dazu um einiges günstiger. Er soll bei 1.700 $ anfangen und kommt mit Windows 8, Core i7-CPUs, NVIDIA GeForce-Grafik, Full-HD-Multitouchdisplay und 720p-Frontkamera. USP soll ei

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Netbooks haben PC-Markt für Windows 8 zerstört

Windows 8 konnte bei den Verkaufszahlen in den ersten Monaten seit der Markteinführung im Oktober nicht mit seinem Vorgänger Windows 7 mithalten. Die Gründe dafür sind vielfältig, eine der Ursachen sollen (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaDieb auf Microsoft-Campus entwendet nur iPadsCES 2013: Nvidia stellt Tegra-4-Pr

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Hewlett-Packard: Monitor mit Monster-Beat

Bei Hip-Hoppern und Fußballprofis gehören Kopfhörer von Beats inzwischen zur Grundausstattung. Jetzt kündigt Hewlett-Packard einen Monitor an, dessen Soundsystem auch aus dem Klanglabor des Dr. Dre stammt. (Display, Hewlett-Packard)

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Router mit Adblocker: Französischer Provider blockiert Werbung

Der zweitgrößte französische Internetprovider Free sorgt mit einem kleinen Firmwareupdate für seine DSL-Router derzeit für Diskussionen. Die neue Firmware enthält die Betaversion eines Adblockers, der Werbung schon auf dem Router ausfiltert. (DSL, Netzneutralität)

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Playstation 2 wird nicht mehr produziert

Sony stellt die Produktion der Spielekonsole komplett ein, berichtet der britische "Guardian".

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CES 2013: Nvidia Tegra 4 Quadcore mit LTE und 4K

Nvidia hat auf der CES in Las Vegas seine neue mobile CPU Tegra 4 vorgestellt. Zum Einsatz kann die CPU in Smartphones und Tablets kommen und arbeitet mit der bekannten 4+1-Struktur und 72 CUDA-Kernen.

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Daily iPhone App: For the Win is a Board Game Geek's dream come true

That headline is more literal than you might think: The recently released iPhone app For the Win was project managed and user interface-designed by one Bradley Cummings, perhaps better known as the iOS editor on the popular site Cummings has been covering iPhone games over there for a while now, and with For the Win, he's decided to release one of his own, with some publishing help from Tasty Minstrel Games and Michael Eskue. As you might imagine from a game put together with help from BoardGameGeek, For the Win turns a set of relatively simple rules into a complex proposition: The core idea is that you're laying down tiles on a board (that feature geeky standbys like

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CES 2013: Withings zeigt Smart Activity Tracker und Smart Body Analyzer

Neues vom Gesundheitsgadget-Spezialisten Withings: Zur CES 2013 zeigt Withings mit dem Smart Activity Tracker seinen ersten Fitness-Bewegungssensor, der ähnlich wie Fitbit oder Nike Fuel die Bewegungsfreudigkeit des Nutzers speichert. Dazu gibt es mit dem neuen Smart Body Analyzer auch eine neue

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Fujitsu outs ScanSnap iX500 scanner with iOS and Android apps, improved speeds

Fujitsu's been making scanners for years now, and it's even figured how to bypass the PC altogether so that you can send files straight to an iOS or Android device. The last time it released a phone-friendly scanner, though, it was more of a portable device, one that was only capable of scanning so many pages per minute. Now, the company's coming out with the ScanSnap iX500, a very similar product except for the fact that it's meant to live on your desk, and has enough power to scan documents twic

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Linksys reveals a trio of 802.11ac WiFi routers with beamforming, and a USB adapter to match

Like most of its peers, Cisco's Linksys badge started off modestly in the 802.11ac WiFi world last year, offering just one router and one bridge for early adopters. It's taking the complete plunge in 2013 with three new routers and a USB adapter. The AC 1200 (EA6300), AC 1600 (EA6400) and AC 1750 (EA6700) routers all introduce beamforming, which optimizes the signal path and theoretically doubles the

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Memorex launches a trio of Bluetooth audio products, we suggest you keep 'em away from the chandelier

While it may not be shattering glasses with Ella Fitzgerald's voice any more, Memorex is still in the business of producing gear for your ears. It's outing three new Bluetooth speaker products to play nicely alongside your smartphone and tablet. If you're looking for a discount Jambox, the Travel Speaker offers six hours of battery life with the same built-in microphone and portability options for $90, while a FlexBeats

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Slacker Radio comes to Chrysler's UConnect

If, like us, you'll only consider driving when you've got a soundtrack of baroque chanting, then traditional radio stations can often be something of a disappointment. Chrysler and Slacker Radio have teamed up to ensure that our niche tastes can be catered for on the move, as the latter will be joining the former's UConnect service. The company won't be drawn on when the tie-up will happen (trust us, we've tried), but hey -- it can't be too long, can it?

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Garmin K2 in-dash infotainment system brings a hint of glass cockpit to the road

Many pilots would agree that Garmin's aviation products are some of the most desirable solutions in the sky. Multiple flight displays and advanced avionics offer the ultimate glass cockpit experience, even in a single-engine Cessna. Now, the company is hoping to bring some of that functionality and style to ground-based vehicles, with the K2 in-dash infotainment system. We saw some early hints of this impressive rig over at our sister site Autoblog during least year's CES, but Garmin is finally ready to drop the curtain officially, sharing the very first render and plenty of details to boot.

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Jabra readies Revo and Revo Wireless over-ear headphones, Vox in-ears

Jabra has been venturing further and further into headphones after years of focusing on headsets and speakerphones. CES 2013 is a perfect mirror of that shift: all three products it's launching at the show are geared towards music lovers rather than plain old conference calling. The Revo and Bluetooth-based Revo Wireless (above) both integrate Dolby Digital Plus audio processing and, along with a companion app for Android and iOS, may eke out more detail than usual from compressed songs. These and the in-ear Vox (after the break) are a

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Alcatel reveals 5-inch One Touch Scribe HD smartphone (hands-on video)

Alcatel wasn't shy about letting the world know that it'd debut a quad-core 5-inch smartphone here at CES, but now we have a better understanding of the company's lofty ambitions for the One Touch Scribe HD. The Android 4.1.2 handset features a 5-inch HD (1,280 x 720) IPS display, 1GB RAM and offers enhanced functionality with an optional capacitive stylus and specialized apps such as a notebook and movie editor -- this in addition to packing that previously announced

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Alcatel intros the One Touch Idol Ultra, the 'world's slimmest phone' at 6.45mm (hands-on video)

Yes, there's a bit of a contest going on among smartphone manufacturers to determine which one has the thinnest device. As proof that Alcatel can play that game, too, the company has just jumped into the circle with its One Touch Idol Ultra, which measures 6.45mm at its thinnest point and ekes by the previous champ, the 6.55mm BBK Vivo X1. Alongside the One Touch Scribe HD, the device stands as Alcatel's flagship smartphone reveal at CES. Beyond t

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Hands-on with the Alcatel One Touch Idol, the Ultra's younger sibling (video)

Promise not to get confused, but in addition to the One Touch Idol Ultra -- which currently holds the title as world's thinnest smartphone -- Alcatel has just announced the One Touch Idol, which sports thicker curves and a less impressive set of components. The Android 4.1 phone offers a 4.7-inch qHD (960 x 540) IPS display, along with 512MB RAM and a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU. The Idol features an 8.15mm profile, but at 110g, it also weighs less than the skinnier 119g Idol Ultra. The phone will be sold in single SIM (4GB built-in) and dual-SIM (8GB built-in) version

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Alcatel details Evo 7 and Evo 7 HD tablets with removable cellular data modules

It isn't the first time we've heard of Alcatel's One Touch Evo 7 tablet, but the company's using today as an opportunity to spill new details and announce a souped-up version of the slab. As a unique selling point, both of the tablets can be upgraded to support mobile data connections via add-on modules. You're looking at the most interesting of the pair up above, which is the Evo 7 HD. It includes a 7-inch WXGA (1,280 x 800) display, 1GB RAM, a dual-core 1.6GHz CPU and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The tablet features 4GB of built-in storage, which

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Acer updating its AcerCloud service with full Android and iOS support

Until now, Acer's online storage service AcerCloud has been a one-way affair: you could upload files from your PC and access them on an Android device, but you couldn't back up anything stored on your phone or tablet. Well, fortunately for all of you who like to mix and match operating systems, that's about to change. The company just announced it's updating the service to support Android and iOS, in addition to Windows. Now, you'll be able to share files from your mobile device and have that count toward the cloud storage that comes with your Acer PC. Additionally,

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Alcatel One Touch Tab lineup starts at $129, due in Q3 with Android 4.1

Alcatel's pair of Evo tablets will find a trio of low-cost siblings later this year, as the company has just announced the One Touch Tab family of slates. Each of the devices will arrive in Q3 and will come loaded with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Unlike the Evo lineup, a mobile data option won't be in the cards, as the One Touch Tab assortment is limited to WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0. But enough with the formalities let's meet the group. At $149, the One Touch Tab 7 HD is priced in the middle of the lineup, but its higher pixel density suggests it might be the most desirable of the

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iHeartRadio coming to Chrysler and GM autos, iHeartAuto for aftermarket devices launches

iHeartRadio isn't limiting its CES announcements to mobile and PC wares. The internet streaming service is heading to Chrysler Uconnect and 2014 GM infotainment systems. Soon, the company's library of 1,500 channels will be available in-dash with mobile app compatibility for further fine-tuning with Chrysler's Uconnect Access software on Android and iOS handsets. In addition to the manufacturer news, iHeartRadio has also teamed up with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment to bring the iHeartAut

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SteelSeries announces Apex and Apex [RAW] gaming keyboards (yes, the keys are backlit)

If the keyboards we saw in the run up to CES told us anything, it's that you ain't a serious gamer unless your keys be lit. We guess it's a good thing, then, that the two new 'boards SteelSeries has brought to the show -- the Apex and Apex [RAW] -- aren't lacking that all-important backlighting. Both feature low-riding main keys, an extra-fat space bar, a bunch of macro keys, some extra arrow keys, a

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Belkin announces WeMo Smart, coming to your coffee pot later this year

Sure, Belkin's WeMo technology handles outlets and such with an iOS companion app, but now the company is looking to leverage the system with household appliances. WeMo Smart will allow companies to leverage Belkin's apps and existing tech to add new features to their various wares. At CES, a partnership with Jarden Consumer Solutions (JCS) -- the outfit behind brands like Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam, Cr

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New Swype beta adds 'Living Language,' uses crowd-sourcing to predict your texts

The Swype keyboard has already evolved several times since it debuted a few years ago, adding Dragon Dictation for voice texts and later introducing personalized dictionaries and culturally relevant "hotwords." The latest beta introduces Swype Living Language, which is meant to further personalize your keyboard by analyzing your texts and providing predictions based on your most-used words. There's also an editing feature that flags potentially incorrect words and suggests likely alternatives (think "ged morning" vs. "good morning"). In addition to

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Toshiba updates its all-in-ones, mainstream Satellite laptops for early 2013

Sometimes a PC lineup just needs a little nip and tuck, you know? Toshiba certainly thinks so, as it's sweeping through its everyday all-in-one and laptop ranges with tweaks. The most conspicuous update we see is for the higher-end Satellite P series portables, which receive a Windows 8-friendly touchscreen on the 14-inch model and a 1080p display for the 17.3-inch behemoth. Toshiba also says it's sprucing up the

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Acer announces Iconia B1-A71, a wallet-friendly 7-inch Jelly Bean slate

Acer is expanding its tablet lineup with a new budget-minded 7-inch slate running Jelly Bean. The Iconia B1-A71 pairs a dual-core 1.2GHz processor from Mediatek with 512MB of RAM for a machine that certainly wont set any benchmark records, but wont hurt any wallets either. The rest of the specs, like the WSVGA screen, 8GB of storage and lone 0.3-megapixel camera are certainly also helping keep costs down. At 11.3 ounces and 11.3mm thin it's a pretty svelte device, especially considering its expected starting price of under $150. Sadly there's no concrete time frame for release. If you're hungry for a

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Haier HDTVs to get Roku compatibility, HXT series debuts with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 silicon

Usually, at this time of year Haier rolls out a bundle of new HDTVs, but at CES 2013 it's upgrading some of its existing product lineups instead of hawking all-new gear. Turns out models from Haier's 2013 Core, Encore and Encore+model lineups will be Roku ready, meaning there's an MHL port round the back just for Roku streaming sticks. Of course, you've gotta bring your own dongle to enjoy this new benefit on most of Haier's TVs, unless you spring for Encore+ set bundled with one. Additionally, Haier's HXT 3D Smart TVs wi

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Alcatel's affordable OneTouch Pop phone lineup revealed for Q1 arrival

In addition to the quad-core One Touch Scribe HD and the astonishingly thin One Touch Idol Ultra, Alcatel just took the wraps off of its 2013 lineup of budget Android smartphones. The trio consists of the One Touch X'Pop, S'Pop and T'Pop, which will be sold throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. Unfortunately, it's difficult to determine how aggressively Alcatel plans to push these devices, as the company hasn't announced pricing for any of the handsets. L

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Alcatel outs two high-spec One Touch phones: the 5-inch 1080p Scribe X and Scribe HD-LTE

Just like CES itself, Alcatel is only just getting started. In addition to the 5-inch 720p Scribe HD that was just announced, there's also going to be a Scribe X version of that handset with a top-end 1080p panel, a slightly faster 1.4GHz quad-core processor and a higher-res 12-megapixel rear camera. Separately, there'll also be an LTE version of the Scribe HD, which we gather will have much the same specs except for the faster modem. So, the crucial upgrade options are there, just not at the same time.

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3M zeigt Touch-Tisch mit 84 Zoll und 4K-Auflösung

Der Technologiekonzern 3M hat im Vorfeld der CES 2013 in Las Vegas einen Multi-Touch-Tisch vorgestellt. Dieser beeindruckt vor allem durch seine Größe von 84 Zoll, das Gerät kann (derzeit) bis zu 40 (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaCES 2013: Nvidia stellt Tegra-4-Prozessor vorProject Shield: Nvidia kündigt mobile Konsole an

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Mars-Rover Curiosity: Zurück aus den Ferien

Auf dem Mars hat der NASA-Rover Curiosity eine mehrtägige Ruhepause nach den Weihnachtsfeiertagen beendet. Nun soll eine auffällige Gesteinsformation namens Snake River unter die Lupe genommen werden.

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HTC: Umsatzverluste und magerer Gewinn

Smartphone-Spezialist HTC hat wegen seiner Absatzprobleme ein weiteres Quartal mit schwachen Zahlen erlebt. Die harte Konkurrenz auf dem Smartphone-Markt lässt den Gewinn im Vergleich zum Vorjahr deutlich schrumpfen.

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07.01.2013 14:00 Uhr

Nintendo-Boss Iwata: Start der Wii U war "nicht schlecht"

Filed under: Wii U Die Wii U ist nicht so eingeschlagen wie damals die Wii, was die Verkaufszahlen anbetrifft. Dennoch beteuert Nintendo-Chef Saturo Iwata, dass die Zahlen "nicht schlecht" seien und die neue Konsole sich "konstant verkaufen" würde, so Iwata gegenüber der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters. Er gibt zu, dass der Verkauf von zwei unterschiedlichen Versionen eine Herausforderung gewesen sei. Early Adopter haben für die Einstiegsvariante scheinbar wenig Interesse gezeigt, daher war die Verfügbarkeit der teureren Version ein bisschen dünn gesät. Noch weiß die Wii U nicht mit allzu vielen Titeln au

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US-Zoll zieht gefälschte Lightning-Kabel ein

Guter Fang in Alaska. Dort hat der US-Zoll gefälschte Lightning-Kabel und Adapter im Wert von 635.000 US-Dollar aus dem Verkehr gezogen. Die mit gefälschten Signets ausgestatteten Kabel fielen durch eine schlampige Verpackung auf und werden vernichtet. Die Ladung war mit einem Frachtflugzeug aus

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Dropbox veröffentlicht App für Windows 8 & RT

Der Cloud-Speicheranbieter Dropbox hat eine App für die Nutzer von Microsofts neuen Betriebs­systemen Windows 8 und Windows RT zum Download verfügbar gemacht. Das Programm steht kostenlos über den Windows (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaAge of Empires Online: Weiterentwicklung gestoppt

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3M präsentiert 84"-Touch-Tisch mit 4K-Auflösung

Nachdem der weltweit bekannte Konzern 3M bereits letztes Jahr auf der CES einen 46 Zoll großen, mit Full-HD-Auflösung ausgestatteten berührungsempfindlichen Bildschirm gezeigt hat, legt das Unternehmen nun nach und präsentiert auf der diesjährigen Messe eine neue Version mit 84 Zoll und einer Auflösung von 3.840 × 2.160 Pixeln.

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2,5-Zoll-Festplatte mit 1 TByte und 7200 U/min vorgestellt

HGST bringt die neue Travelstar-Platte mit SATA-6G-Schnittstelle für den internen Einsatz sowie als externe Variante mit USB-3.0- und FireWire-800-Schnittstelle in den Handel.

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HGST: Notebook-Speicher mit 1 TB und 7.200 U/min

Die Western Digital-Tochter HGST (vormals Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) hat ein 2,5-Zoll-Festplattenlaufwerk mit einem Terabyte Speicher­kapazität und 7.200 U/Min Umdrehungs­geschwindigkeit vorgestellt. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaCES: Intel kündigt sehr energieeffiziente Y-Series anCrystalDiskInfo 5.2.1 - Analysetool für Festplatten

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Lego stellt Mindstorms EV3 vor

Lego hat auf der diesjährigen CES die dritte Version seines Roboter-Baukastens Mindstorms vorgestellt. Zu den Verbesserungen der neuen Version gehören unter anderem ein stark erweiterter Funktionsumfang, verbesserte Akku-Leistung und eine vereinfachte Programmierung.

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USB 3.0: Thunderbolt-Konkurrenz

1996 erblickte der USB 1.0 Anschluss die Welt. Die Übertragungsrate lag damals bei 1,5MB/s in der niedrigen Bandbreite und 12MB/s in der hohen Bandbreite. Seit dem Release wurde der Anschluss immer weiterentwickelt. Neue und

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Sauregurkenzeit hält an: HTC macht so wenig Gewinn wie zuletzt 2004

Filed under: Companies HTC hat seine Geschäftszahlen für das Quartal 4 2012 bekannt gegeben. Und mit 34 Millionen Dollar Gewinn hat die taiwanesische Firma erstmalig wieder so viel erlöst wie zuletzt noch 2004. Das ist nicht viel. Der Optimismus, der zuletzt noch die Runde machte, bekommt hiermit wohl wieder einen Dämpfer. Read | 

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Zotac refreshes ZBOX range with Ivy Bridge, dual WiFi antennas, improved cooling

Despite the fact that Zotac's model number sequence appears to run backwards, the company's latest mini-PCs on show at CES appear to contain healthy upgrades relative to the ZBOX ID84 we saw in August. According to a brief report at Hot Hardware, the new range -- including the ID42 and ID83 -- will bring additions like dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual WiFi antennas for better reception and, most importantly, a cooling system the allows for more powerful processors up to a Core i3-3120M. Di

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Mobiler USB-Monitor von Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard zeigt auf der CES 2013 einige neue Notebooks, PCs und Peripheriegeräte, aber vor allem zeigen sie Monitore. Einer davon, der U160, ist HPs erster USB-Monitor. Der U160 kommt in einem Lederetui, das nach dem Öffnen auch gleich als Standfuß zum Arbeiten oder für Präsentationen dient.

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USB 3.0: Doppelt so schnelle Datenübertragung ab 2014 möglich

USB 3.0 wird 2014 doppelt so schnell, dies hat die USB 3.0 Promoter Group bei der Consumer Electronics Show bekannt gegeben. Die Spezifikation soll bis Mitte 2013 fertig sein, erste Geräte könnten Ende 2014 bereitstehen. Eine Verdopplung der Datenübertragung bei USB 3.0 würde einen Sprung von bisher 5 auf 10 Gigabit pro Sekunde bedeuten und

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Piratin bezweifelt Unabhängigkeit des Bundesdatenschützers

Die Spitzenkandidatin der Piraten für die kommende niedersächsische Landtagswahl hat sich bei der EU-Kommission über die Bundesregierung beschwert.

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Mobiles Zusatzdisplay mit Touch und Pen

Der portable 13,3-Zoll-Monitor Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p ist mit einem IPS-Panel bestückt und dockt entweder per USB 3.0 an einen PC oder ein Notebook an oder in der Akku-Ausführung drahtlos per WLAN.

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Entwicklung eines neuen USB-3.0-Standards mit doppelter Geschwindigkeit angekündigt

Anlässlich der Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hat die USB 3.0 Promoter Group eine Weiterentwicklung des Standards angekündigt, der im Vergleich zum bisherigen SuperSpeed-Modus doppelt so schnell sein soll und damit theoretisch 10 Gigabit pro Sekunde (1,25 GB/s ) erreicht. Aufgrund des USB-Protokolls dürften aber im praktischen Einsatz nur zwei Drittel der Bandbreite zur Verfügung stehe

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CES 2013: HAPIfork, die digitale iPhone-Gabel

Mit Start der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas trudeln die ersten News zu recht absurden Gadgets ein: HAPIfork, die digitale iPhone-Gabel von HAPIlabs, gehört definitiv dazu. HAPIfork misst, wie lang man für eine Mahlzeit benötigt und die Intervalle zwischen den Bissen.Zu

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Sony PlayStation 2 Produktion endet nach 12 Jahren

Der Elektronikkonzern Sony hat die Produktion seiner Spielkonsole PlayStation 2 nach mehr als 12 Jahren endgültig eingestellt. Das Unter­nehmen bestätigte jetzt entsprechende Medienberichte, wonach man (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaUS-Stadt ruft zur Zerstörung von Gewaltspielen aufPatentfirma nimmt Handyhersteller erneut ins Visier

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Scala 2.10: Value-Klassen, Futures und Akka-Aktoren

Die sowohl auf JVM als auch unter .NET laufende General Purpose Language ist in Version 2.10 erschienen und führt etliche, aus anderen Programmiersprachen vertraute Konzepte ein.

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07.01.2013 13:00 Uhr

iPhone 6: Designstudie aus Italien

Wie könnte das iPhone 6 aussehen? Federico Ciccarese hat sich mal wieder ausgetobt, und einen Prototyp entworfen: Metallfarben und mit abgerundeten Ecken, so stellt er sich das nächste iPhone vor. Schick, sehr schick. Der italienische Designer Federico Ciccarese liebt das schlanke und minimalistische Design der Apple-Produkte. So kommt es, dass er sich in seiner Freizeit an das MacBook Pro setzt und selbst einen Prototyp entwirft.

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Mindstorms EV3: Lego kündigt neuen Robotikbaukasten an

Eine vollständig neu entwickelte Brick mit schnellerem Prozessor und Linux-Kern soll für mehr Flexibilität und Kompatibiltät des Mindstorms EV3 sorgen. Der Preis liegt allerdings deutlich über der vorherigen Version des Roboterbaukastens.

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So blieb die Entwicklung von Safari lange ein Geheimnis

Erinnern Sie sich noch an die Zeit vor Safari, als auch Mac-User mit dem Internet-Explorer im Web surften? Bis sich Apple daran machte, mit Safari einen eigenen Internet-Browser zu entwickeln. Dies geschah unter strengster Geheimhaltung, wie Safari-Ingenieur Don Melton jetzt verriet. Don Melton hat

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Windows RT: Jailbreak ist jetzt erstmals gelungen

Windows RT, die für ARM-Prozessoren optimierte Version des neuesten Betriebssystems von Microsoft, ist an sich ein geschlossenes System. Es war also nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis jemand versucht, es (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaIE-Lücke: "Fix-it"-Patch wurde offenbar ausgeh

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HTC auch im viertel Quartal mit schwachen Zahlen

Die High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) aus Taiwan kann auch im vierten Quartal 2012 dem Abwärtstrend wenig ent­ge­gen­set­zen. Erneuert verringerten sich Umsatz und Gewinn im Vergleich zum vorherigen Quartal und Jahr. HTC-Chef Peter Chou möchte dieses Jahr wieder an alte Erfolge anknüpfen, wie er gestern mitteilen ließ.

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NHK startet 8K-TV-Ausstrahlung bereits ab 2016

Das neue TV-Format „Super Hi-Vision“ mit einer Auflösung von 7.680 × 4.320 Bildpunkten könnte früher starten, als bisher angenommen – zumindest in Japan. Während man sich hierzulande mit der Durchdringung neuer Fernsehtechnologien immer sehr schwer tut, legt NHK in Japan den Zeitplan um satte vier Jahre nach vorn.

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HGST: 2,5-Zoll-Festplatte mit 1 TByte und 7.200 U/Min.

Die Western-Digital-Tocher HGST, die ehemalige Festplattensparte von Hitachi, bringt eine 2,5-Zoll-Festplatte mit 1 TByte Kapazität und 7.200 Umdrehungen pro Minute in 9,5 mm Bauhöhe auf den Markt. (Speichermedien, Storage)

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Mindstorm EV3: Lego kündigt neuen Robotikbaukasten an

Eine vollständig neu entwickelte Brick mit schnellerem Prozessor und Linux-Kern soll für mehr Flexibilität und Kompatibiltät des Mindstorm EV3 sorgen. Der Preis liegt allerdings deutlich über der vorherigen Version des Roboterbaukastens.

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Die 98. Themenwoche auf Dachbodenfund

Seit Freitag läuft die 98. Themenwoche in der Galerie von Das per Abstimmung im Forum festgelegte Thema der laufenden Woche lautet: "Dachbodenfund". Die Themenwoche ist eine seit fast acht Jahren jeden Monat stattfindende Aktion in unserer Galerie, bei der Benutzer interessante Bilder zum ausgewählten Thema veröffentlichen und diskutieren lassen können. Jeder auf

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HP steigt mit dem U160 ins USB-Monitor-Geschäft ein

Filed under: Displays HP hat auf der CES eine ganze Armada neuer Monitore vorgestellt (wir wühlen uns aktuell noch durch die Details), dieser hier jedoch, der U160, sticht aus der Masse heraus: Es ist der erste Monitor von HP, der sich via USB an Computer anschließen lässt. Der 15"-Screen verfügt über eine Auflösung von 1.366x768 Pixeln, wiegt 1,5 Kilo und lässt sich - dank integrierter Leder-Hülle - ähnlich wie ein Tablet auf dem Tisch "aufbocken". Helligkeit und Kontrastverhältnis sind laut HP vergleichbar mit aktuellen Laptop-Displays. 179 US-

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Horizon: Lenovo stellt Tisch-PC für zuhause vor

Der chinesische Computerhersteller Lenovo hat auf der CES 2013 mit dem IdeaCentre Horizon einen großen All-In-One-PC mit Multitouch-Bildschirm vorgestellt, der als weltweit erster "Tisch-PC" für Heimanwender (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaTablets mit Windows RT: Microsoft als KontrollfreakGoogle Maps: Zugriff für Nutzer von Window

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Wissenschaft: Gas scheint negative Kelvin-Temperatur anzunehmen

Unter dem absoluten Nullpunkt wird es heiß: Münchner Forscher haben ein Gas geschaffen, das sich verhält, als habe es eine Temperatur, die unter dem absoluten Nullpunkt liegt. Gleichzeitig ist es unglaublich heiß. (Wissenschaft)

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10 GBit/s: Nachbrenner für USB 3.0

Ein Update für USB 3.0 soll die Datenrate der Standard-Schnittstelle auf 10 GBit/s verdoppeln. Ein solches USB-Update dürfte Thunderbolt noch weiter in die Highend-Nische drängen.

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Wemo von Belkin: Per WLAN das Licht an- und ausknipsen

Belkins modulare Heimautomatisierung Wemo wird um einen Lichtschalter erweitert. Außerdem können die bisherigen Geräte wie das Babyfon, die Steckdosenfernsteuerung und der Bewegungssensor auch über Android-Geräte kontrolliert werden. (Belkin, Hausautomation)

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Hapifork: Intelligente Gabel warnt bei zu schnellem Essen

Hapilabs zeigt auf der CES die intelligente Gabel Hapifork. Sie misst, wie schnell der Nutzer isst und soll dabei helfen, langsamer zu essen. (Quantified Self, Kickstarter)

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Vor zehn Jahren: Apple stellt erstes eigenes Notebook mit 17"-Display vor

Vielleicht erinnern Sie sich noch an Apples damalige Anzeige: Der hünenhafte NBA-Spieler Yao Ming bedient ein kleines PowerBook mit 12", während neben ihm der kleinwüchsige Vern Troyer den 17"-Boliden in Händen hält. Genau zehn Jahre ist es nun her, dass Apple überraschend zwei neue PowerBook-Modelle auf den Markt brachte. Zuerst präsentierte Steve Jobs auf der MacWorld Expo 2003 das groß dime

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07.01.2013 12:00 Uhr

Apple-Browser Safari wird zehn Jahre alt

Am 7. Januar 2003 demonstrierte Steve Jobs das damals als Internet-Explorer-Alternative für Mac-Nutzer gedachte Surfbrett erstmals der Öffentlichkeit.

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Letzte Chance: Mac-Spiele via Steam zum Schnäppchenpreis

Wer heute noch schnell zuschlägt, kann in der Steam Encore Aktion noch bis zu 75 Prozent bei einer ganzen Reihe Mac-kompatibler Spiele sparen. Nach der Weihnachtsaktion (wir berichteten) schiebt Steam mit dem Encore Sale noch einmal paar sehenswerte Angebote nach. Mit dabei sind unter anderem The

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Nintendo chief describes Wii U sales as 'not bad', says supply was misjudged at launch

There's almost a gory fascination with watching Wii U sales right now, because we know they're short of the thunderous launch of the original Wii and it's only a question of "by how much?". Nevertheless, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has insisted to Reuters that the Wii U's reception has been "not bad" in terms of hard figures, and that the next-gen console is "selling steadily" even though shelves haven't been depleted like they were with its predecessor

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Nvidia GeForce 310.90 als neuer WHQL-Treiber

Nachdem Nvidia in letzter Zeit zahlreiche Beta-Treiber zum Download bereit gestellt hat, scheinen nun einige WHQL-Treiber zu folgen. Denn so so hat zum Beispiel erst am 17. Dezember letzten Jahres der bis dahin als Beta-Version verfügbare GeForce 310.70 das Microsoft-Siegel erhalten.

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Sony Computer Entertainment: Produktionsstopp für die Playstation 2

"Game Over" für die gute, alte Playstation 2: Sony hat offiziell die Produktion der legendären Konsole eingestellt. (Sony, Playstation)

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HP U160: Hewlett-Packard bringt USB-Display

Ein 15,6-Zoll-Display von Hewlett-Packard lässt sich mit einem USB-2.0-Kabel an einen Rechner anschließen. Das HP U160 ist 1,2 Zoll dick. (Display, Hewlett-Packard)

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Nutzerkonten von Ubisofts Spiele-Plattform Uplay gehackt

Assassin's Creed, Anno - mit Spielen aus diesen Reihen bietet Ubisoft Klassiker an. Die neusten Versionen können aber nur noch mit der Plattform Uplay gespielt werden - wenn dort nicht gerade Nutzerkonten geknackt werden.

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Nvidias neuer Tegra 4 Prozessor schlägt Apples A6X Prozessor

Heute startete in Las Vegas die berühmte Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Im Mittelpunkt stehen in diesem Jahr vor allem technische Neuheiten, die im Bereich der Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Cloud-Services und internetfähiger TVs  angesiedelt sind. Den Anfang machte dabei Nvidia mit der Vorstellung des neuen Tegra 4 Prozessors. Herstellerangaben zufolge soll es sich hierbei um den weltweit

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Rundfunkbeitrag: Gerichte stellen sich auf Klagen ein

Der Widerstand gegen den neuen Rundfunkbeitrag nimmt zunehmend formale Züge an. Wie das Nachrichtenmagazin 'Focus' heute berichtet, rechnen die Verwaltungsgerichte ab Frühjahr mit den ersten Klagen. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaGoogle-Kartellverfahren: Microsoft kritisiert die FTCAktion Sunflower: Pädokrimineller Ring zerschlagen

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Leikr: Ex-Nokia-Ingenieure entwickeln GPS-Sportuhr

Eine Gruppe ehemaliger Nokia-Ingenieure aus Dänemark hat mit der Leikr eine neue GPS-Sportuhr mit WLAN, Linux, Qt und Openstreetmap entwickelt. Sie verfügt über ein 2 Zoll großes Farbdisplay, auf dem sie Daten, Karten und Trainingsanweisungen anzeigt. (GPS, Mobil)

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Lenovo: Tragbare Touchscreens mit Stifteingabe und WLAN

Lenovos neue, tragbare Displays arbeiten mit Touchscreen und Stifteingabe. Sie werden über WLAN oder USB 3.0 mit dem PC verbunden und sollen mobilen Windows-8-Nutzern die Arbeit erleichtern. (Display, Lenovo)

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Neue externe Medien von LaCie

Der Speicheranbieter hat zwei Festplattengehäuse mit jeweils fünf Einschüben sowie eine neue externe Design-Festplatte vorgestellt.

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EX Hybrid Controller: QWERTZ-Tastatur für das iPhone 5, nächste Runde (Video)

Filed under: iPhone Eine wirklich überzeugende QWERTZ-Tastatur für das iPhone ist bislang noch niemandem geglückt, die Kids von versuchen es dennoch noch mal. Der EX Hybrid Controller besteht aus Tastatur einerseits und einem Gamepad andererseits. Beide AddOns sind magnetisch und lassen sich, glauben wir dem Video (hinter dem Klick), problemlos am Smartphone anbringen, mit dem Telefon wird über Bluetooth kommuniziert. Wie praktisch das ist, sei mal dahingestellt. Die Tastatur selbst soll nur zwei

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9,7-Zoll-iPad: Wachstum im Business-Segment erwartet

Das 9,7 Zoll große iPad soll in puncto Marktanteile laut Analysten besonders im Business-Segment wachsen, da in diesem immer mehr Tablets gefragt sind. Laut Marktanalyst Gene Muster von Piper Jaffray planen in diesem Jahr mehr Unternehmen eine Integration von Tablets, eine Umfrage des Analysten unter 59 Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen hat ergeben, dass 15 Prozent

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Zwei Jahre: Der Mac App Store feiert Geburtstag

Der Mac App Store feiert Geburtstag. Vor zwei Jahren, am 6. Januar 2011, hat Apple das virtuelle Software-Kaufhaus für den Mac in Betrieb genommen und damit auch die Basis für den reinen Online-Vertrieb von Mac OS X geschaffen. Die Downloadzahlen Mehr zum ThemaYoutube-Kanal-Tipps “EverySteveJobsVideo” und “EveryAppleAds”

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The Walking Dead: Telltale Games arbeitet an zweiter Staffel

Rund 8,5 Millionen Episoden von The Walking Dead hat Telltale Games verkauft, einen großen Teil davon über mobile Plattformen. Jetzt hat das Entwicklerstudio mit der Arbeit an der Fortsetzung begonnen - und würde gerne Story-Ableger zu Half-Life und Halo produzieren. (Adventure, Telltale)

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iHeartRadio tailors streaming to mood with 'Perfect For,' adds alarm for good measure

Looking to stream tunes based on your mood without the need to make a meticulous selection? If so, iHeartRadio is looking to oblige. The internet music service has announced the "Perfect For" feature that allows you to tailor your stream from over 1,500 live stations by selecting your current temperament or activity. Following the announcement at CES today, the add-on will be available for iPhone and PC with compatibility for other devices arriving shortly. In addition to the listening tool, the outfit has added alarm functionality for early morning wa

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USB 3.0 verdoppelt Geschwindigkeit auf 10 GBit/s

Der Datentransfer-Standard USB 3.0 wird schneller: Das hat die USB 3.0 Promoter Group im Rahmen der Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 angekündigt. Das auch SuperSpeed USB genannte Update soll (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSurface Pro könnte am 29. Jan. präsentiert werdenCES: Intel kündigt sehr energieeffiziente Y-Series an

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Codenamen zu AMDs Radeon-HD-8000-Serie aufgetaucht

Bezüglich der Codenamen zu AMDs Sea-Islands-Generation herrscht eine ziemliche Verwirrung. Während zum Beispiel „Venus“ zuerst für eine Desktop-High-End-Variante mit dem überarbeiteten GCN2-Design stand, handelte es sich schlussendlich um einen Mobile-Chip – und zwar mit der bereits bekannten GCN-Architektur.

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Stationärer Handel steigert Umsatz mit Online-Shops deutlich

Im Weihnachtsgeschäft 2012 haben immer mehr Händler mit Ladengeschäften auch mit Online-Handel Umsätze gemacht. Der Umsatz in Online-Shops stieg um gut 13 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr an.

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Withings stellt Fitness-Tracker vor

Der europäische Speziaist für vernetztes Gesundheitszubehör tut es dem Konkurrenten Fitbit nach. Neu ist außerdem eine verbesserte WLAN-Waage.

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07.01.2013 11:00 Uhr

Hitachi bringt 2,5-Zoll-HDD mit 7.200 U/min und 1 TByte Kapazität

Mit der neuen Travelstar hat Hitachi zum Auftakt der CES 2013 heute die Verfügbarkeit der ersten 2,5-Zoll-Platte mit 1 TByte und 7.200 U/Min bei einer Bauhöhe von 9,5 mm bekannt gegeben. Zielgruppe für die neue Lösung sind in erster Linie Notebooks, aber auch Spielekonsolen und andere Personal-Storage-Produkte.

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Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD mit MediaTek MT6589

Bereits vor einigen Tagen hat MediaTek mit dem MT6589 einen kostengünstigen Quad-Core-Prozessor vorgestellt. Jetzt sollen im Rahmen der diesjährigen CES in Las Vegas erste Geräte mit dem besonders für Einsteiger-Geräte interessanten Prozessor vorgestellt werden. Den Anfang wird dabei anscheinend Alcatel machen.

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Im Ausverkauf: Amazon räumt das Hörbuch-Lager

Für Hörbuchfreunde lohnt sich diesen Monat ein Besuch bei Amazon. Der Versandhändler bietet aktuell mehr als 300 Hörbücher mit 40 Prozent Preisnachlass an. Bei den Angeboten handelt es sich allerdings durchweg um die CD-Versionen, wenn ihr diese auf euren iOS-Geräten Mehr zum Thema

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Philippe Starck: Laufwerk Blade Runner von Lacie nur 9.999 Mal erhältlich

Der Blade Runner ist eine externe Festplatte von Lacie, die 4 TByte Speicherplatz per USB 3.0 zur Verfügung stellt. Das ungewöhnliche Gehäuse wurde von dem französischen Designer Philippe Starck entworfen. (Speichermedien, USB-Festplatte)

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Nvidia Tegra 4 mit vier Cortex-A15-Kernen

Als erstes ARM-SoC für Tablets vereint der 28-Nanometer-Tegra vier CPU-Kerne des Typs Cortex-A15 mit einer lesitungsfähigen GPU; auch ein LTE-Modem kommt von Nvidia.

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T-Systems bekommt Großauftrag von EADS

Bisher betreut T-Systems die Arbeitscomputer des Flugzeugherstellers Airbus. Diese Dienste sollen nun ausgebaut werden.

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Archos sattelt Android aufs TV

Ein Android-Aufsatz mit Gyro-Fernbedienung macht herkömmliche TV-Geräte zum Smart-TV.

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LEGOs neues Mindstorms Roboter-System EV3 mit iOS-Kompatiblität angekündigt

LEGO hat mit dem EV3 eine neue Generation des Mindstorms Roboter-System vorgestellt, welche auch zu Android und iOS kompatibel sein soll. Der dänische Hersteller von Bausystemen hat in der neuen auf Linux basierenden Roboterlösung einen ARM9-Prozessor mit 64 MB RAM sowie 16 MB Flash-Speicher integriert. Weiterer Speicher für zusätzliche Instruktionen und Daten kann über einen SD-Slot dem Syste

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Live von der CES im TechStage-Ticker

Neben dem CES-Special von heise online gibt es auch Live-Ticker von der CES: TechStage berichtet während der gesamten Messe von allen wichtigen Veranstaltungen und über alle interessanten Entdeckungen.

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CES: NVIDIA zeigt Project Shield, eine neuen Gaming Controller (Video)

Filed under: Games, Android Eine gewisse Ähnlichkeit mit dem PlayStation 3 DualShock Controller ist dem Project Shield nicht abzusprechen, großer Unterschied natürlich ist der integrierte 5"-Bildschirm, der es mit 1.280x720p auf eine Pixeldichte von 294 bringt. NVIDIA verspricht bis zu 38 Stunden Batterielaufzeit und ein Audiosystem, das "gleichauf mit der Jambox" ist. Weiterhin an Bord: ein microSD-Slot, ein USB-Port und ein HDMI-Ausgang. Im Inneren der kleinen Konsole arbeitet natürlich

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Archos TV Connect: macht auch den letzten Fernseher noch androidisch smart

Filed under: Fernbedienungen, Desktops, Android, Fernseher In den kommenden Tagen werden wir auf der CES überschwemmt werden mit neuen Fernsehern, die meisten davon dürften sich mit dem "Smart TV"-Attribut schmücken oder zumindest mit ungewöhnlichen Formfaktoren beeindrucken. Archos kümmert sich derweil darum,

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HTC made just $34 million last quarter, its lowest profit since 2004

Think back to the days of Windows Mobile, to when PDAs were a thing, to when HTC barely had enough clout to put its name on its own hardware. That was the last time the Taiwanese manufacturer reported a profit as measly as today's. Despite Peter Chou's recent bout of hopefulness, the Taiwanese manufacture says it took home just NT$1 billion ($34 million) in net income in Q4 of 2012 -- which is less than a tenth of what it made in the same quarter of 2011. Revenue was at least in line with HTC's pessimistic forecast of NT$60 billion, which equates to a 41 percent drop year-over-year, so the stock market

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Cyberwar: Israel will virtuellen Iron Dome errichten

Israel will seine Fähigkeiten im Bereich der virtuellen Kriegsführung weiter ausbauen. Das kündigte Premierminister Benjamin Netanjahu laut einem Bericht des Nachrichtenmagazins 'Focus' (aktuelle Ausgabe) an. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSSL-Zertifizierer gab quasi Blanko-Zertifikate ausVodafone kann US-Haltung zu Huawei nicht teilen

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Nvidia treibt mit „Grid“ das Cloud Gaming voran

Abseits des Tegra 4 und der Mobilkonsole „Project Shield“ stand Nvidias CES-Pressekonferenz im Zeichen der Cloud. Wie unschwer zu vermuten ist, geht es bei „Nvidia Grid“ vor allem um Cloud Gaming. Zu diesem Zweck hat Nvidia in den vergangenen fünf Jahren ein voll integriertes System entwickelt, das die Anforderungen erfüllt.

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Apple's 9.7-inch iPad to get boost from increased enterprise tablet adoption in 2013

While many recent reports have focused on Apple's new iPad mini, one market analyst says an uptick in expected enterprise tablet purchases will allow the full-size iPad to continue its domination of the market.

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Ubuntu: Blizzard plant für 2013 eine Umsetzung für Linux

Ein US-Journalist will erfahren haben, dass Blizzard einen seiner Titel noch im Jahr 2013 für Linux umsetzen will. Wahrscheinlich handelt es sich um World of Warcraft. (WoW, Ubuntu)

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ARM-Tablets: Jailbreak für Windows RT

Ein Sicherheitsforscher, der sich selbst Clrokr nennt, hat einen Jailbreak für Windows RT veröffentlicht. Damit lassen sich für ARM-Prozessoren entwickelte Desktop-Applikationen auf einem Tablet mit Windows RT nutzen, was Microsoft bislang unterbindet. (Windows 8, Sicherheitslücke)

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Live von der CES im TechStage-Ticker

Neben dem CES-Special von heise online gibt es auch Live-Ticker von der CES: TechStage berichtet während der gesamten Messe von allen wichtigen Veranstaltungen und über alle interessanten Entdeckungen.

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Auch Einsteiger-iMac mit Fusion Drive

Apple hat die Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten seines kleinsten All-in-one-Rechners erweitert.

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Web-Statistik: Mountain Lion überholt Lion und Snow Leopard

Laut der Dezember-Analyse von Net Applications ist die letzte OS-X-Version unter Internet-Nutzern mittlerweile die beliebteste.

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USB 3.0 zukünftig mit doppelter Geschwindigkeit

Die Spezifikationen des Universal Serial Bus (USB) werden zur Jahresmitte 2013 aufgefrischt und versprechen fortan bis zu zehn Gigabit pro Sekunde als maximale Geschwindigkeit. Dies entspricht einer Verdoppelung der aktuellen Bandbreite. Mit ersten Produkten, die den neuen Standard unterstützen, ist ab Ende 2014 zu rechnen.

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Apple verkauft bereits die ersten generalüberholten MacBook Pro Retina 15 Zoll Modelle

Wer zur richtigen Zeit einen Abstecher auf Apples refurbished Seite im online Store wagt, der kann unter Umständen sogar einige Euros beim Kauf eines generalüberholten iPads beispielsweise sparen. So schnell die Angebote im Store sind, so schnell sind diese aber auch wieder verschwunden. Das Interesse an den refurbished Geräten scheint also auch entsprechend groß zu

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Project Shield: Nvidia kündigt mobile Konsole an

Der Chiphersteller Nvidia hat im Rahmen seines CES-2013-Presseevents überraschend eine eigene tragbare Gaming-Konsole vorgestellt. Und die hat es in sich: "Project Shield" basiert auf dem ebenfalls gerade (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSo sah das Android-Maskottchen am Anfang ausAndroid: Jelly Bean durchbricht 10-Prozen

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Neuausrichtung: Adobe will künftig weniger aber bessere Apps machen – Debut, Collage und Proto fallen durchs Raster

Adobe will sich im Bezug auf die Neu- und Weiterentwicklung von Tablet-Apps neu ausrichten. Die vor gut einem halben Jahr vorgestellten Apps Debut, Collage und Proto sowie die Android-Versionen von Ideas und Kuler wurden in diesem Zuge aus den App Mehr zum Thema

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Globatrac: Trakdot verrät, wo verlorenes Gepäck ist

Das US-Startup Globatrac kündigt mit Trakdot ein kleines Gerät an, mit dem Flugreisende erfahren, in welcher Stadt ihr Gepäck ist, wenn die Fluggesellschaft es verloren hat. (Mobil, Startup)

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GPS für Quadrokopter AR.Drone 2.0

Hersteller Parrot zeigt auf der CES ein Modul für das Fluggerät, das GPS und einen "Flight Recorder" enthält.

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07.01.2013 10:00 Uhr

Fujifilm stellt X100s und X20 vor, verspricht schnellsten Autofokus der Welt

Filed under: Digitalkameras Fujifilm verpasst zwei seiner HighEnd-Kameras der Kompaktklasse Updates. Die X100s ist der direkte Nachfolger der X100 und ist - lauft Fujifilm - mit dem schnellsten Autofokus der Welt ausgestattet, zumindest in dieser Kameraklasse, als ohne Wechselobjektiv und mit APC-C-Sensor: 0,08 Sekunden. Die X100s ist mit einem 2mm f/2 Objektiv ausgestattet, kommt mit 16,3 Megapixeln in einem APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor (hui!) und v

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Facebook: Mittlerweile über 600 Millionen mobile Nutzer

Laut einer inoffiziellen Statistik konnte Facebook am Ende von Q3 2012 mehr als 604 Millionen mobile Nutzer (56 Prozent der gesamten User) vorweisen. Zwar bietet Facebook seit Ende 2011 keine offiziellen Statistiken mehr zur Anzahl und Verteilung der mobilen Nutzer an, dennoch hat Analyst Benedict Evans einen Weg gefunden, die Statistiken auszulesen – entsprechend sind

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Lego Mindstorms EV3: Neue Roboterplattform von Lego

Lego hat auf der CES bereits die dritte Generation seiner Roboterplattform Mindstorms vorgestellt. Lego Mindstorms EV3 soll für Kinder einfacher zu handhaben, zugleich aber auch "hackbarer" sein als der Vorgänger NXT. (Roboter, Lego)

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Nvidia: Tegra 4 mit A15-Quad-Core und Echtzeit-HDR für Fotos

Wie erwartet, hat Nvidia in Las Vegas den ARM-Baustein Tegra 4 vorgestellt. Was man mit vier A15-Kernen und 72 GPU-Rechenwerken machen kann, zeigt das Unternehmen auch: HDR-Fotos fast in Echtzeit schießen. (Prozessor, Nvidia)

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Shield: Nvidias Handheld mit Android, Tegra 4 und Steam-Stream

Nvidia baut ein Konkurrenzprodukt zu Nintendos 3DS und der PS Vita auf. Das Android-basierte Shield ist ein Handheld mit Nvidias neuen Quad-Core-A15, HDMI-Schnittstelle und einem erstaunlich großen Akku. (Nvidia, Steam)

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RAID-Speicher von LaCie mit bis zu 20 TB Kapazität

LaCie hat neue RAID-Speicher mit bis zu 20 TB Speicherkapazität vorgestellt, die je nach Modell entweder als NAS in das lokale Netzwerk eingebunden werden oder über Thunderbolt direkt mit dem Mac in Verbindung stehen. Das 5big NAS Pro verfügt über ein Intel-Dual-Core-Prozessor sowie 4 GB RAM und erreicht Übertragungsraten von bis zu 200 MB pro Sekunde. Neben RAID 0 und 1 steht auch RAID 5 für

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CES: NVIDIA stellt den Tegra 4 vor

Filed under: Chipset NVIDIA hat wie erwartet gestern Nacht unserer Zeit den Tegra 4 vorgestellt. Der neue Prozessor folgt dem gleichen Prinzip wie der Tegra 3, hat also eine 4+1-Architektur, legt allerdings in der Grafikabteilung massiv zu: 72 GeForce-Kerne stehen zur Verfügung, das bringt auf dem Papier die sechsfache Performance. Möglich wird das durch die 28nm-Bauweise. Der Tegra 4 ist der Vierfachprozessor mit Cortex A15 Kernen und bringt - wichtig in heutigen Tagen - LTE-Kompatibilität. Laut NVIDIA ist der Tegra 4 der schnellste verfügbare Prozessor für mobile Geräte (keine Überraschung), soll aber vor allem auch in den Kam

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BBC Sport app launches for iOS in the UK, Android version promised 'soon'

Just in the nick of time for the F1 season starting in March, not to mention this year's other imminent sporting pleasures, an all-new BBC Sport has landed at the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Its creators promise it'll deliver the latest scores, stats, news and analysis, all mixed in with commentary from Radio 5 Live and on-demand video highlights to help bring events to life. If you're in the UK, check it out for free at the source link. An Android version is also in the works, but as to whether it'll get here in time for the Six Nations rugby next month is anyone's guess.

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Smart Glasses M100 von Vuzix feiern Premiere auf der CES

Bereits Mitte November hatte Vuzix seine Smart Glasses vorgestellt, nun hat das Unternehmen wie versprochen das Modell M100 auf der CES in Las Vegas gezeigt. An den bereits bekannten Daten hat sich dabei nichts geändert.

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Nvidia: Shield-Spielkonsole mit Tegra 4 und Android

Nvidia verbaut den neuen Tegra 4 als erstes selbst: In einer Handheld-Spielkonsole mit 5-Zoll-720p-Display. Das Android-System streamt auch PC-Spiele auf Fernseher.

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Geforce Experience und Grid: Nvidia streamt PC-Spiele von der Cloud auf Fernseher

Nvidia schickt sich an, das PC-Spielen für die Zukunft fit zu machen. Kern ist das Geforce Grid, mit dem Dienstleister Spiele auf Geräte wie Fernseher streamen können. (Grafikhardware, Nvidia)

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Quantified Self: Withings stellte Body Analyzer und Activity Tracker vor

Zwei neue Geräte zur Selbstvermessung stellt Withings auf der CES vor: eine "Smart Body Analyzer" genannte Waage, die Gewicht, Körperfettanteil, Herzfrequenz und Luftqualität misst, sowie den Smart Activity Tracker, womit Withings Fitbit oder dem Nike Fuel Band Konkurrenz macht. (OLED, Cloud Computing)

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Google-Glass-Alternative: Android-Datenbrille mit Kamera

Videobrillen-Veteran Vuzix könnte Google mit einer Android-Datenbrille zuvorkommen: Die M100 bietet wie Googles Project Glass ein monokulares Display sowie eine eingebaute Kamera.

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CES: Vizio zeigt Windows-8-Tablet mit AMD-Prozessor und HD-Display

Filed under: Tablet, Windows 8 Nach dem Einstieg in das PC-Geschäft Anfang 2012 war es nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis Vizio mit dem entsprechenden Windows-Tablet um die Ecke kommt, zur CES diese Woche in Las Vegas ist es nun soweit. Der Vizio Tablet PC ist mit einem 11,6"-Display ausgestattet und läuft mit Windows 8, also nicht der RT-Version. Interessant dabei ist die Kombination aus Hardware und Features. Das

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Time Warner Cable's TWC TV is coming to Roku streaming boxes

Confirming what we reported back in April, Time Warner Cable is bringing its TWC TV suite of streaming channels to Roku players. Launching "this quarter" TWC TV on Roku will bring 300 of its channels (including faves like ESPN and the Viacom family of networks) seen on iOS

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Epson adds the Home Cinema 750HD to its line of home theater projectors, ships in March for $899

Looking to finally convert that guest bedroom into an in-home movie theater this spring? If so, you're in luck as Epson has announced the 3LCD Powerlite Home Cinema 750HD projector here at CES 2013. The home theater unit offers 2D and 3D 720p capabilities for viewing at up to 120 inches or larger. Touting up to 3,000 lumens of both color and white brightness, the 750HD sports Bright 3D Drive tech and Easy-Slide image correction to po

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D-Link's DGL-5500 802.11ac gaming router ships with Qualcomm's StreamBoost tech

Now that Qualcomm's busted out its StreamBoost technology, it's high time we saw some hardware built that can take advantage of it. D-Link's first to the queue with its new DGL-5500 802.11ac gaming router, which is able to shift bandwidth around to ensure lag-free performance. Aside from its wireless prowess, the soda can-shaped unit has four Ethernet and a USB port as well as easy-to-use setup instructions. It's being shown for the first time here at CES, and will arrive in stores late in the Spring, with prices still to be decide

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D-Link releases the $120 SharePort Go II pocket router / hotspot with added SD card reader

D-Link's second crack at its SharePort Go portable router comes with a raft of new features designed to help road warriors lighten their gadget load. The device is designed to turn a single Ethernet connection into a WiFi hotspot (like the SharePort DIR-505) with the added bonus of a built-in battery and media sharing capabilities. The new edition gets a squared-off new look, a built-in SD card reader and the ability to share the connection from external 3G and 4G modems. It'll arrive in April, setting you back $120, so you've go

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D-Link launches a raft of routers, cloud cameras at CES

Unfortunately for D-Link, the unbroken blue skies of Nevada aren't helping the company promote its latest raft of cloud-connected networking products. It's launching a pair of coke cans dual band routers and cloud-connected cameras that'll let you coat your house in WiFi and broadcast your antics across the internet. The cameras will save VGA footage to a hard drive, while the routes promise to offer speeds of up to 1750Mbps. If you want an impromptu security system, the cameras will arrive in February, the 1050 setting you back $80 and the 1150 a cool $100, w

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G-Technology updates G-Drive mini and G-Raid mini with 1TB HGST Travelstar hard drives

G-Technology's G-Drive mini and G-Raid mini have been around for a bit, but the storage brand is taking the opportunity at CES to update the duo with Hitachi's (HGST) Travelstar hard drives. Both external storage repositories are set to get the 1TB 7,200 RPM 2.5-inch components that notch the measuring tape 9.5mm. The G-Drive mini is now available for $200 sporting one of the drives, USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 connections. Dual-wielding the Travelstar, the G-Raid mini touts 2TB capacity while remaining Firewire bus powered d

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Roku celebrates 700 channel milestone with new partners: Coby, Harmon Kardon and others now Roku Ready

Sure, Roku's compact Streaming Stick will happily pipe streaming content to any MHL-ready TV, but there's nothing like the guarantee of certification to convince you you're buying the right flatscreen. Roku has announced partnerships with six mare hardware manufacturers, ensuring future devices from Hisene, Harmon Kardon, Coby, Voxx Accessories, Apex and TCL will be "Roku Ready." New TVs from partners old and new will be on display at CES, Roku teased, all flaunting the Streaming Stick's access to a wealth of streaming co

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HGST outs Touro Mobile Pro external hard drive and Travelstar 2.5-inch HDD

Here at CES, HGST (Hitachi Storage) has announced two storage options that look to immediately get cozy in your workflow. First, the "industry's first" 1TB 7,200 RPM 2.5-inch Travelstar HDD measures 9.5mm and looks to boost performance over 5,400 RPM models for $100. If an external storage solution is more your style, the Tou

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CES 2013: Nvidia stellt Tegra-4-Prozessor vor

Der Prozessorhersteller Nvidia hat die neueste Ausgabe seines mobilen Tegra-Chipsatzes vorgestellt. Die "System on a Chip"-CPU (SoC) ist nach Angaben des Herstellers der derzeit schnellste auf dem Markt (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSo sah das Android-Maskottchen am Anfang ausAndroid: Jelly Bean durchbricht 10-Prozent-Marke

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10 GBit/s: USB 3.0 wird doppelt so schnell

USB 3.0 wird erweitert, um Datenraten von 10 GBit/s über neue, aber abwärtskompatible Stecker und Kabel zu erreichen, kündigte die USB 3.0 Promoter Group an. Bereits Mitte 2013 soll die Spezifikation fertig sein. (Netzwerk, GreenIT)

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Nvidia: Shield-Spielkonsole mit Tegra-4-Chipsatz und Android

Nvidia verbaut den neuen Tegra-4-Chipsatz als erstes selbst: In einer Handheld-Spielkonsole mit 5-Zoll-720p-Display. Das Android-System streamt auch PC-Spiele auf Fernseher.

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Seagate stellt kabellosen Datenspeicher für Mobilgeräte vor

Mit dem Wireless Plus Mobile Device Storage hat Seagate auf der Consumer Electronic Show einen kabellosen Datenspeicher für Mobilgeräte vorgestellt. Die eingebaute Festplatte bietet eine Speicherkapazität von 1 TB, während der integrierte Akku eine mobile Laufzeit von bis zu 10 Stunden ermöglicht. Für den Zugriff sorgt die Seagate Media App, welche für Android, iOS und Kindle Fire erhältlich i

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07.01.2013 9:00 Uhr

Edge 510 and 810 cycling computers appear on Garmin's web store

Garmin's got a lot of products showing up on its website we've never heard of, including two cycling computers in its Edge range -- the 510 and 810. Both have GPS / GLONASS-based tracking and do what pedallers want them to do: log distance, speed, gradient info, and other measurements from ANT+ sensors if you got 'em. You can now also connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth so the Garmin Connect Mobile app can add some additi

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Garmin's 2013 nüvi sat nav line-up detailed on company's website

Yep, more Garmin stuff we haven't seen before. The website for the 2013 range of nüvi GPS sat navs is live, and there are a ton of new models in "ESSENTIAL," "ADVANCED" and "PRESTIGE" categories. As you can probably guess, the ESSENTIAL series are the most basic, with standard navigation features and 4.3- or 5-inch screens. The ADVANCED series have slightly more to

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Nvidia stellt Tegra 4 als „schnellsten" Quad-Core-SoC vor

Wirklich überraschend war es nicht, dass Nvidia auf der CES-Pressekonferenz die vierte Tegra-Generation vorgestellt hat – schon Ende Oktober wurde dies vermutet. Und auch zahlreiche technische Details waren spätestens seit Mitte Dezember bekannt.

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Nvidia zeigt Tegra-4-Handheld „Project Shield“

Mit der bereits im Vorfeld erwarteten Vorstellung des neuen Tegra-4-SoCs hat Nvidia auf der CES auch gleich ein erstes Gerät vorgestellt. Wer nun ein schnödes Smartphone oder Tablet erwartet, dürfte jedoch überrascht sein: Hinter „Project Shield“ verbirgt sich eine leistungsstarke Handheld-Konsole mit Android in Reinform.

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JBL Onbeat Rumble: Lightning-Lautsprecherdock mit eingebautem Subwoofer

JBL hat eine Lautsprecher-Dockingstation mit Apples neuem Lightning-Anschluss vorgestellt, die über einen Subwoofer verfügt. Wer will, kann per Bluetooth auch andere Geräte benutzen. (Sound-Hardware, PC-Hardware)

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Gesteigertes Interesse an Großdrohnen

Südkorea und Japan wollen vom US-amerikanischen Rüstungskonzern Northrop Grunman GlobalHawk-Drohnen kaufen. Auch Deutschland steht vor der Anschaffung von vier weiteren Großdrohnen dieses Typs

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Four new Oregon touchscreen GPS devices pop up on Garmin's website

As Garmin hasn't made any official announcement, we can't tell you when these sneaky handheld GPS navigators first showed up on the company's website, but say hello to the Oregon 600, 600t, 650 and 650t. Aesthetically, they all look identical, with a 3-inch "transflective color TFT touchscreen" in portrait orientation (240 x 400 resolution). Similarly, they share the overwhelming majority of internal specs, and all track your jaunts into the great outdoors using GPS and GLONASS. The only major differences w

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Kepler Space Kit: Atmosphärenflüge mit der eigenen Kamera

Eine Kamera an einen Wetterballon zu hängen und Fotos oder Videos vom Rand der Atmosphäre zu machen, ist als Selbstbauexperiment recht aufwendig. Mit einem Bausatz soll nun jeder Bilder der Erde aufnehmen können. (Raumfahrt, Foto)

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Aluminium-Schutzrahmen: Bumper für das iPhone 5

Für das iPhone 5 bietet Apple keinen Bumper mehr an. Die Apple-Gummischutzhülle passte nur für die 4er Version des iPhones. Nun haben Fans einen Metallrahmen entwickelt, der dem iPhone 5 passt. Er wird über die Crowdplattform Kickstarter finanziert. (Apple, iPhone)

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Belkins mobiles Dock-System verwandelt iPad in ein kleines Heimkino

Auf der Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas hat Zubehörhersteller Belkin mit dem Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater ein neues Dock-System für das iPad vorgestellt, welches Apples iOS-Tablet in ein kleines Heimkino verwandeln soll. Das eingelegte iPad dient hierbei als Kinoleinwand. Ausgestattet mit vier Lautsprechern, welche über eine kostenlose iPad-App mit speziellen Tonprofilen versehen w

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iOS-Hacker: Jailbreak erst nach Veröffentlichung von iOS 6.1

iOS-Hacker Planetbeing ist Teil des iPhone Dev Teams und ist nach eigenen Angaben erfolgreich beim Entwickeln eines untethered Jailbreaks für iOS 6 gewesen. Die Veröffentlichung wird sich allerdings noch verzögern, da Apple iOS 6.1 vorbereitet.Damit widerspricht er der Einschätzung eines anderen

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Belkin kündigt neues iPad-Case mit integriertem Soundsystem an und will Heimautomatisierung WEMO erweitern

Belkin will den Begriff „Portabel“ bezogen auf Soundsysteme neu definieren. Mit „Thunderstorm“ bietet der Hersteller ein nach eigenen Angaben vollwertiges Soundsystem in Form einer iPad-Hülle an. Als Hauptanwendungsbereich hat der Hersteller das Filmegucken oder auch Spielen im Auge. Die in Mehr zum ThemaiPad-Tastaturhülle Writer Plus jetzt mit deut

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Geonaute: Actionkamera mit 360-Grad-Rundumblick

Geonaute hat eine Actionkamera vorgestellt, die fast eine komplette Rundumaufnahme ermöglicht. Dabei kommen drei Bildsensoren und drei Objektive gleichzeitig zum Einsatz. (H.264, Foto)

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Elektrode gegen Demenz

Eine experimentelle Therapie mit tiefer Hirnstimulation soll die Entwicklung von Alzheimer verlangsamen.

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch: Safari ist 10 Jahre alt

Heute zelebriert ein täglicher Begleiter seinen runden Geburtstag: Safari ist auf den Tag genau 10 Jahre. Über die Zeit entwickelte er sich zu einem Instrument, das für viele Apple User nicht mehr wegzudenken ist.

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Apples Fusion Drive nun auch für den 21,5-Zoll-iMac verfügbar

Apple bietet nun auch die Speicherlösung Fusion Drive als Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten für die Bestellung eines günstigeren 21,5-Zoll großen iMac-Modells. Bisher konnte Fusion Drive nur in Kombination mit dem 27-Zoll-iMac bestellt werden. Der Flash-Speicher, der seine Kapazität durch eine klassische Festplatte erweitert, kostet zusätzliche 250 Euro. Fusion Drive wurde erstmals im Oktober 2011 beim neuesten iMac präsentiert

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Tracking-Lösung soll Gepäck aufspüren

Das US-amerikanische Start-Up Globatrac hat auf der CES-Vorveranstaltung "CES Unveiled" mit "Trakdot" eine Lösung vorgestellt, mit der man selbst sein Gepäck tracken kann.

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Passiver Verstärker für iPhone 5 und iPad mini

Auf der "CES Unveiled" wurden Hüllen präsentiert, die die Lautstärke von iPhone 5 und iPad mini ohne Elektronik mehr als verdoppeln sollen.

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Verhaltene Wachstumsprognosen zum CES-Auftakt

Gute Geschäfte wird die Unterhaltungselektronik-Branche 2013 vor allem in China und Indien machen; für Europa und die USA sind die Aussichten mager, hieß es zum CES-Auftakt. Der Messe geht's dennoch prima.

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"Smartes" DECT-Telefon

MI "The Home Phone" präsentierte ein französisches Start-Up ein "smartes" Festnetz-Telefon, das mittels Crowdfunding finanziert werden soll.

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HP Pocket Playlist WiFi drive takes video from Hulu or Netflix, shares media with five devices

There's no shortage of WiFi storage devices these days, but it's not often that they collect web video -- which makes HP's new Pocket Playlist at least somewhat worthy of a closer look. Through a PlayLater subscription and PC software, the wireless drive can store video from Hulu, Netflix and other sources for playback when it's more convenient. Anyone not keen on trying to snag a local copy of a stream can still share up to 16 movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos to as many as five devices, including Android, iOS and Windo

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CES Show Report: Griffin Technology

Griffin always comes prepared for big CES debuts, and this year is no different. The company has a huge collection of new audio accessories, a novel new motion sensing wand co-developed with Crayola, cases in a newly expanded Survivor series, and Nickelodeon-licensed cases.

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CES Show Report: Uniq Creation

Uniq Creation has continued to expand its lineup of fashion-forward iPad, iPhone, and Mac cases, showing off several new designs at CES. Each has a theme, such as travel, which is carried across multiple types of device cases.

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First Looks: SwitchEasy FreeRunner for iPhone 5

FreeRunner for iPhone 5 ($35) is one of the most protective cases we've ever seen from SwitchEasy, and that's saying something given that the company includes everything from port covers to film with every purchase. This case is composed of a plastic and rubber back, plus a touch sensitive hard polycarbonate plastic screen cover that did not hinder the screen's responsiveness at all in early testing. Once installed, FreeRunner provides impressively…

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CES Show Report: Mobee Technology

Mac-focused developer Mobee Technology is using CES to expand its accessory collection to include iPhone, iPad, and iPod audio, charging, and induction charging accessories. Each of the inductive charging products can be powered by the company’s previously-released Magic Feet or Magic Charger, or used with a regular Micro-USB cord when necessary.

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CES Show Report: Soundfreaq

Specializing in boxy Bluetooth-capable stereo systems of various sizes, Soundfreaq won last year’s Overall Best of Show Award for its outstanding $100 Sound Kick speaker, which debuted at CES. This year, the company is debuting Sound Platform 2 ($150), a completely redesigned version of its very first speaker, now with a device-agnostic tray, a unique two-system streaming feature, twin USB device charging ports, and an optional rechargeable…

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CES Show Report: iLuv

Rather than focusing its efforts on a single category of accessories, iLuv makes everything from speakers and headphones to iPhone cases and now—quite interestingly—business solutions, including a new iPad-charging safe.

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CES Show Report: Macally

Known best in the Apple accessory world for its highly affordable cases and simple electronic accessories, Macally always has a couple of rabbits to pull out of its hat at CES. This year, the company is showing a value-priced $80 Wi-Fi hard drive enclosure, a $60 Wi-Fi SD card/USB transmitter, and a stylish curved Lightning Desktop Charging Dock ($50) for iPads, iPhones, and iPods, amongst other new products. Macally will also sell 6-foot ($30)…

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CES Show Report: Eton

Eton debuted four new solar and hand turbine powered accessories at CES, including two new solar-powered speaker systems and two naturally-powered charging accessories.

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CES Show Report: Dexim

Known for its electronic accessories, including chargers and sometimes outside-the-box add-ons, Dexim this year showed two key products: the Music Talking Stylus and new Power Skin battery case for the iPhone 5.

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CES Show Report: myCharge

As a division of RFA Brands, myCharge specializes in battery packs for Apple’s devices. Its prior lineup of hike-named batteries—Peak, Summit, Trek, and Sojourn—were all good, but focused on Apple’s prior Dock Connector standard; the company is now showing Lightning-ready solutions at the 2013 CES, as well as broader USB solutions.

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CES Show Report: Belkin

Typically known for relatively large booths and numerous product debuts across different platforms, Belkin’s initial focus at this year’s CES was showing off its ThunderStorm speaker system, and the new WeMo Light Switch.

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CES Show Report: Ion

Previously known near-exclusively for audio equipment—and formerly branded as Ion Audio—Ion has branched out into other types of accessories over the past few years. This year, it’s showing a large collection of DJ and audio accessories at various price points, as well as a nice-looking speakerphone, and even a wireless scanner.

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CES Show Report: Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics is known for its communication devices, including radar detectors, GPS devices, and more. At this year’s CES, it’s showing off new products including an advanced version of its personal vehicle radar detector and an affordable Bluetooth speaker adapter.

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CES Show Report: Pure

Known for its speaker systems, Pure used the 2013 CES to introduce Jongo, a line of multi-room wireless speakers. The colorful Jongo line can stream using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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CES Show Report: Kubxlab

Kubxlab, makers of the mOna iPad stand, introduced the Ampjacket, an acoustic amplifier case for iPhone 5, iPad mini, and iPod touch.

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News: New Audio-Technica QuietPoint, SonicSport headphones at CES

Audio-Technica has announced its new line of products for CES, including new additions to its QuietPoint headphones line and the introduction of its SonicSport headphones. The company’s budget-priced ATH-ANC29 ($100) over-ear headphones provide up to 87 percent noise cancellation, and interestingly, the cord can be detached for cordless noise-cancelling headphone use. Also, the ATH-ANC33iS ($80) in-ear headphones offer up to 90 percent noise…

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Case bringt Touch-Screen auf die Rückseite des iPhones [Video]

Auf der CES soll eine neue iPhone Case vorgestellt werden, die das Gerät mit Touch-Screen auf der Rückseite und an den Seiten erweitert. Klingt unglaublich? Seht selbst:

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Webstatistik: Mountain Lion das verbreitetste Mac-Betriebssystem

In der Statistik von Net Applications überholt Mountain Lion mit 32 Prozent Marktanteil erstmals Lion (28 Prozent). Letzten November lag OS X 10.8 noch knapp hinter 10.7 und 10.6, fast unverändert blieb hingegen die Zahl der Snow-Leopard-Nutzer.Snow Leopard verliert weniger als einen Prozentpunkt

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Sensus Case macht iPhone-Kanten und -Rückseite Touch-sensibel

Immer wieder gibt es Gerüchte und Hinweise, dass Apple auch auf dem Rahmen oder der Rückseite des iPhone oder iPad Touch-Sensoren anbringen könnte. Eine neue Schutzhülle namens Sensus macht ein iPhone schon heute auf den Seiten und der Rückseite berührungsempfindlich. Der Hersteller Canopy zeigt die Schutzhülle Sensus ab morgen auf der Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, der Verkaufs soll im Sommer 2013 beginnen. Die Schutzhülle kommuniziert über den Dock- beziehungsweise Lightning-Anschluss mit dem iPhone un

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Microsoft: Diebe entwenden bei Einbruch nur Apple-Geräte

Wie eine lokale Zeitung aus dem kalifornischen Palo Alto vermeldet, haben Diebe in ein Büro im Microsoft-Campus in Mountain View eingebrochen. Recht skurril ist an dieser Meldung jedoch der Fakt, dass ausschließlich Apple iPads gestohlen wurden. Der Diebstahl ereignete sich vermeintlich über die Weihnachtszeit, in der das Büro der Forschungsabteilung von Microsoft nicht besetzt war.

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Update: MacGourmet Deluxe 3.2.6

Mariner Software's recipe and wine management application gains Mountain Lion compatibility, interface improvements, import/export improvements, and updates for Retina displays.

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Update: Flicker1 2.1.3

Andrea Prosperi's Flickr client adds resizing of images to standard Flickr sizes before uploading, support for discussions and replies to groups, reordering of images in upload view, and preservation of Light Table selection and position on startup.

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Update: CrystalMaker 8.7.1

The interactive visualization program for crystal and molecular structures now includes DL_POLY 4 format support, a redesigned Video Recorder palette with high-resolution preview, a major user guide update, indexed online help, partial Retina display support, and more.

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Update: PaintSupreme 1.5

BrainDistrict's layer-based paint program gets integration of filters and effects created in the company's IFX-Supreme, improved performance doing transformations and using drawing tools, faster layer switching, interface improvements, a Red Eye removal tool, Vector tool shortcuts, increased sensitivity for the Bucket tool, improvements for the Crop and Clone Stamp tools, and more.

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Update: The Unarchiver 3.6

The free archive extractor adds support for the Internet Archive WARC format, restoration of Leopard support in the legacy version, fixes for bugs in XAR/.pkg, CAB, HQX and Compress, and other changes.

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Update: CheckSite 1.4.1

Changes since Version 1.3.3 of Colorize's tool for HTML testing include better previews for problems with multiple occurrences in the same page, basic JavaScript checks, improved HTML5-specific checks, a view that shows all visited pages in a table, and an option to keep cookies while visiting multiple pages.

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Update: Nozbe To-do 1.4.1

Macoscope's desktop Nozbe client gets project templates, filters in every view, improved speed, improvements for Quick Add, and other updates.

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Update: Fresh Finance 1.9.2

Recent changes in Fortora's personal finance manager include support for viewing and canceling previously-scheduled online bill payments plus support for Online Bill Pay.

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Update: Script Debugger 5.0.5

Late Night Software's AppleScript authoring environment adds generation of bundle IDs for bundled compiled scripts and applets/droplets, full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8.2, improved timer accuracy when stepping through scripts, and other changes.

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New: VizMac

Vandaurico's VizMac can open and render Visio files, pan and zoom the drawings, display properties for any shape, control layer visibility and colors, control annotation visibility and colors, and more.

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New: Loopster

Heinz Gtz' Loopster provides independent control of playback speed and pitch for audio files, with keyboard control of all functions, transposition of up to 12 halftone steps, up to 10 loops and locators per song, and more.

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New: BitSafe

Ross Flint's BitSafe is a secure personal information manager that can store a variety of note types, with AES-256 encryption, iCloud and Dropbox support, a password generator with adjustable complexity, browser extensions, and other features.

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Amazon Update

Get discounts on new Mac Minis, Retina MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, plus digital cameras, TVs and much, much more at Amazon. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through any of our links to make purchases!

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NVIDIA building Tegra 4 into an Android gaming controller / console, dubbed 'Project Shield'

A video shown on-stage during NVIDIA's press conference just unveiled "Project Shield," a gaming controller / portable console running the just announced Tegra 4. The controller looks an awful lot like a PlayStation 3 DualShock 3, albeit with an HD screen attached. NVIDIA's promising 38 hours of gaming out of the rechargeable lithium ion batteries built-in, a swanky audio system "on par with" jamboxes, and a full-on Android gaming experience. A micro SD sits next to an HDMI output and a standard eighth inch audio jack, directly below the customizable 5-inch "retinal display" touchscreen. NVIDIA's hoping Shield will replace your average controller as well -- perhaps with that newly detailed Grid system? -- and company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off its use in-tandem with a swanky LG

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NVIDIA unveils i500 Soft Modem with Tegra 4, capable of pushing 1.2 trillion ops per second

NVIDIA's apparently still not out of news from its CES 2013 presser -- the company just unveiled the i500 Soft Modem chip. The soft modem, which is the fruit of the company's purchase of Icera and is utilized with Tegra 4, is a baseband processor that can do 1.2 trillion operations per second and is reprogrammable with software to work with a lot of different networks. The modem, which is 40 percent smaller than a conventional baseband chip, is sampling to manufacturers this month. DevelopingFiled under: Cellphones, Wir

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Designer David Kelley discusses close friend and collaborator Steve Jobs in CBS interview

In a one-on-one interview with '60 Minutes,' founder of global product design firm IDEO David Kelley discusses a number of high-profile projects including a Apple's first mouse, as well as his relationship with Steve Jobs.

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NVIDIA details the Grid, a card built for powering cloud computing

NVIDIA's CES 2013 press conference is still ongoing, but the chipmaker is already unveiling something we've only seen teased before: the NVIDIA Grid, a card used for cloud computing. CEO and founder Jen-Hsun Huang detailed the new card on-stage, which you can see above in a rack of 20 grid servers. Huang says the rack pushes out roughly 240 NVIDIA GPUs worth of power, or about 200 teraflops -- equivalent to approximately 700 Xbox 360s. The Grid was given a tease earlier this year; the card will assist in pushing serious horsepower to the cloud, so that gaming over the air, across multiple devices becomes a less complicat

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Liquipel 2.0 nanocoating debuts with improved water protection, matches IPX7 and beyond (video)

We were rather stoked when Liquipel brought its "watersafe" nanocoating service from California to South East Asia in fall 2012, but it turns out that the Santa Ana-based company had another surprise lined up for us later on. At Startup Debut 2013 in Las Vegas today we saw the announcement of Liquipel 2.0, which claims to have "significant advancements in durability, corrosion resistance and water protection" than its predecessor. Specifically, the new version is "up to 100 times more effective while maintaining component integrity and RF sensitivity." Obviously we had to see it to believ

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NVIDIA officially unveils Tegra 4: offers quad-core Cortex A15, 72 GPU cores, LTE support

One new SoC per year? That's what NVIDIA pledged back in the fall of 2010 and today at its CES 2013 presser, it delivered with the Tegra 4's official unveiling. The chip, which retains the same 4-plus-1 arrangement of its predecessor, arrives with a whopping 72 GeForce GPU cores -- effectively offering 6x the Tegra 3's visual output and is based on the 28nm process. It also is the first quad-core processor with Cortex A15 cores on-board, and offers compatibility with LTE networks. NVIDIA claims this piece of silicon is the world's fastest mobile processor, and showed a demonstration in which a Tegra 4 went head-

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HP announces two affordable thin-and-lights, including one with a touchscreen

Geez Louise, folks. HP's notebook lineup is starting to get confusing. So confusing, in fact, that we feel compelled to offer a little primer before we get to what it is the company announced today. Rewinding to sometime last year, the company came out with its first Ultrabooks. Then it unveiled so-called Sleekbooks, which basically hold the same promise as Ultrabooks, except that for whatever reason (AMD processors, a too-thick chassis) they

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HP unveils an avalanche of monitors ranging in size from 20 to 27 inches

It's pretty clear HP is all about monitors at this year's CES -- in fact, that's pretty much all it announced, with the exception of a couple laptops. All told, we've detailed 10 models here, and that's not even counting that USB-powered one we wrote up in a separate post. You can find all the gory details after the break, because we're assuming you don't want Engadget's home page taken up by paragraphs on resolution, contrast ratio and brightness ratings. (Or do you?) For those of you who just plan on skimming, all you really need to know is

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HP intros its first USB-powered monitor, the U160; goes on sale this month for $179

In case you haven't noticed, HP's presence at CES 2013 pretty much boils down to monitors: the company just unleashed nearly a dozen models and, uh, very little else. As it is, we decided to round up most of the new displays into a single news post, but there's one we felt deserved its own story. That would be the U160, HP's first USB-powered monitor. Now of course, this is hardly the first USB display to hit the market, but it is

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Glympse announces voice-controlled location-sharing app for Ford SYNC

What's the point of hitting the road for glamorous destinations if you can't brag it up? To that end, Glympse is launching a new voice activated location-sharing app that works with Ford SYNC-equipped vehicles. You'll need to install it on a compatible iOS or Android smartphone, then connect to your SYNC system via Bluetooth, provided you're one of the 5 million Ford drivers so equipped. From there, you'l

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Lego Mindstorms EV3 arrives tailored for mobile, infrared and more hackability

Lego's Mindstorms kits were born into a world where the PC reigned supreme for control; the company is ushering in 2013 with an acknowledgment that its build-it-yourself toy part of a much wider universe. Its updated Mindstorms EV3 runs on new Linux firmware that's ready for Android and iOS control out of the box, creates an overall more hackable platform and allows further programming on the core Intelligent Brick itself; accordingly, there's an SD card slot for local storage. A built-in infrared sensor expands the possibilities for a more autonomous design,

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07.01.2013 6:00 Uhr

3M: Touch-Tisch mit 84 Zoll und 4K-Auflösung

Noch vor Beginn der CES in Las Vegas zeigt 3M seinen neuen Touch-Tisch, der Microsofts Surface-Table Konkurrenz machen soll. Die Hardware stimmt, die Inhalte noch nicht ganz. (Display, Technologie)

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Marvel trots out OLPC 4.0 at CES, launch details coming this week (hands-on)

Details of OLPC 4.0's release and price won't be revealed until later this week, according to Marvel, but the company was happy to let this editor smudge the laptop with his fingerprints. It's not the fastest machine imaginable, but it switched between screens and loaded content snappily with its Marvel-made 1.2Ghz dual-core ARM processor. A slight hint of choppiness appears when scrolling through lists, but the hardware is definitely useable and do

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Hands-on with Toshiba's new LED Cloud TVs and Media Box with Blu-ray

Although a mixer isn't exactly the best place to spend quality time with new TVs and Blu-ray players, we did take advantage of the time with the new hardware that was on display at Toshiba's CES party. We saw new a few Media Boxes with Blu-ray as well as new Cloud connected LED TVs. They all shared a common look and feel, which is part of Toshiba's new corporate design elements. Cloud can of course mean just about anything these days, but to Toshiba it means things like network upgradability, peer to peer WiFi, Skype, as well as an event calendar and photo album. The slimmer L7300 line and higher includes a wireless keyboard with trackp

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How would you change the Orange San Diego?

Orange's £200 ($308) San Diego was one of the first Intel-powered Android devices to hit the market. Despite its budget price, it packed a Medfield-based 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU that the company promised would deliver more performance and battery life than its pricier rivals. It almost achieved it too, with benchmarks that stood equal to the Galaxy S III and more than 24-hours of standby life. The problem, was that our reviewer couldn't find a compelling reason to buy one of these over a last-gen Android

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Konzeptstudie: iPhone 6 mit iPod-nano-Design und iOS X

Wenn sich ein iPod nano und ein Nokia Lumia ganz lieb haben und ein Mac als Geburtshelfer funktioniert, kommt dieses iPhone 6 heraus. Federico Ciccarese hat sich über das zukünftige Design des Apple-Smartphones Gedanken gemacht, nachdem er sich zuvor das iPad mini vorgenommen hatte.Sein iPad mini

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Hands-on with Toshiba 84-inch L9300 Series Ultra HD 4K LED TV

The latest to announce its entrance into the Ultra HD market with its 84-inch 4K LED TV is Toshiba. The L9300 series is also available in 65-inch or 58-inch models and will be available this Summer with no word on price. According to a representative of the company, the key to Ultra HD is the processing as there won't be much native content at launch, and it has the best with its CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor and CQ Engine. The demo model on display sure impressed, but we'll hold our final judgement when the product finally ships. Gallery: Hands-on with Toshiba 84-inch L9300 Series Ultra HD 4K LED TV

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07.01.2013 5:00 Uhr

Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook getting a 1080p screen option later this month

Dell's had a fairly minimal presence here at CES 2013 but it does have this bit of news to share: its XPS 13 Ultrabook is getting a 1080p screen later this month, according to a company spokesperson. In general, it's encouraging to see PC makers step it up on the resolution front, but it's particularly good news here, as the XPS 13's mediocre 1,366 x 768 screen was one of the few things we criticized in our review. Now that the weak display is getting taken care of and the trackpad drivers have been fine-tuned, that leaves just one lingering flaw: no SD card reader. Perhaps we can't have it all, but it does sound like this wil

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Windows RT 'code integrity mechanism' gets sidestepped, allows unsigned desktop apps to run

As Microsoft continues to promote and push its RT apps and programs, Windows tinkerer Clrokr at SurfSec has detailed how he managed to circumvent Redmond's controls on what can run on Windows RT. It's worth nothing that this may not lead to a broad jailbreak solution, capable of running any desktop program, but it does demonstrate an existing vulnerability. Clrokr outlines how he tinkered with the part of the RAM that instructs the OS whether it should run unsigned, authenticode signed, Microsoft(8) or Windows(12) signed apps. The default setting is for the latter two options, whereas changing this entry allows those other app types to run. If you know your Windows kernel, you can check the

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Toshiba refreshes the Qosmio X875 gaming laptop with a 1TB hybrid drive

For the most part, the 2013 Toshiba Qosmio X875 gaming laptop is just like the 2012 version. The company just announced an updated version, but the only main difference is that it will now be offered with a 1TB 7,200RPM hybrid hard drive, which uses 8GB of flash memory to help speed up boot-ups and application load times. All told, Toshiba is promising a 3.6x increase in read / write speeds over last year's model, and that programs will launch up to 30 percent faster. Other than that, this really is the same notebook. Same "Black W

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Toshiba unveils $800 Satellite U845t: a touchscreen Ultrabook for the budget crowd

We've been expecting to see some budget Ultrabooks at CES, especially as the category has been around for a while and just about all notebooks are due to receive updates with Windows 8-friendly touchscreens. Toshiba just unveiled one such sub-$1,000 system, the Satellite U845t. It's a 14-incher with a touch-enabled, 1,366 x 786 screen, and it will be available for $800 when it debuts in March (on March 10th, to be exact). It's not Toshiba's first Ultrabook with touch -- the Satellite U925t claims that honor -- but it's the first entrant in the budget category. At fo

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Lenovo kündigt „Table PC“ IdeaCentre Horizon an

Seit der Vorstellung von Windows 8 hat sich das Angebot an All-in-One-Systemen stark vergrößert. Die Hersteller versprechen sich vor allem im Zusammenspiel mit den großen, Touch-fähigen Displays neue Absatzchancen im privaten Bereich.

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LG erweitert UHD-TV-Linie um Modelle mit 55 und 65 Zoll

LG Electronics hat zum Start der diesjährigen CES zwei weitere Fernseher mit 4K- respektive Ultra-HD-Auflösung (3.840 × 2.160 Pixel) und Cinema-3D-Technologie vorgestellt, die das bereits im letzten Jahr gezeigte 84-Zoll-Modell 84LM9600 mit IPS-Panel ergänzen, das bereits für knapp 20.000 US-Dollar angeboten wird.

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Masimo iSpO2 hands-on: track your pulse and blood oxygen with your iPhone

Pulse Oximeters are an essential hospital tool and serious athletes rely on them to track the efficiency with wich they pump oxygen into their blood stream. Masimo's new iSpO2 puts these rather important health metrics within reach of the consumer by tying the sensor to your favorite iOS device through an app. The device, available now for $249 through Amazon, feeds your blood oxygen level, pulse rate and perfusion index (the rate of blood flow

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BeeWi's Ghost Bee Bluetooth headphones also stream music to your stereo (hands-on)

BeeWi may not be a well-known name in the audio world, but the company's bringing some innovation to the space with its new Bluetooth headphones. Called Ghost Bee, the cans have capacitive buttons on the right earpiece that serve as music and phone call controls. The Ghost Bee also comes with a base station that connects to the headphones via micro-USB and hooks up to any home stereo's 3.5mm audio-in jack. That base station is what really sets the Ghost Bee apart from other wireless headphones on the market. You see, using the free BeeWi iOS or Android companion app, you can dock the headphones and stream both locally and cloud-sourced tunes from your phone wirelessly to the stereo speakers.

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Refresh Roundup: week of December 31st, 2012

Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging for an update. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it's easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don't escape without notice, we've gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery we could find during the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and let us know. Enjoy!Continue reading Refresh Roundup: week of De

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07.01.2013 3:00 Uhr

Canopy Sensus case adds backscreen and side touch to iPhones (hands-on)

Canopy promised a whole new world of smartphone control with its Sensus iPhone case in the fall, and we've at last had a chance to gauge how well it works here at CES. If you'll recall, it delivers 10-point touch input across the back and sides that let apps add interaction without blocking the screen -- think of the PlayStation Vita's back touch and you've got the idea. That theoretically sounds great for gamers, but we'd like to see how well it works outside of a dedicated console. In practice, the case isn't much different in dimensions to a standard protective

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Sennheiser's Momentum headphones are back in black at CES

Taking the "if it ain't broke, don't don't fix it" approach, German audio equipment maker Sennheiser is reintroducing its Momentum headphones in black. Aside from its Batmanesque color scheme, these are the same sleek set of cans that we got up close and personal with at last year's IFA. A lightweight marriage of stainless steel and buttery smooth sheepskin leather, the Momentum Black features a flexible 3.5mm audio jack -- with sexy red accents on t

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Felt Pulse and Rewind Bluetooth speakers hands-on

We've been seeing Bluetooth speaker after Bluetooth speaker debut as of late, but Felt Audio's $99 rechargeable Pulse is one of the smallest of its kind. It supports Bluetooth for up to 40 feet, and it pairs with enabled devices in about three seconds. Battery life is rated for about four hours, and the speaker recharges via micro-USB. The controls are intuitive: you can manage calls and change the device's volume via buttons on the side. A clip on the back can be used as a stand for propping the device up during conf calls and the like. Felt also showed off its larger Rewind speaker (also for $99), which adds more functionality in the form of built-in earbuds that retract up to 3 feet. When

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Siemens' waterproof Aquaris hearing aid means rain doesn't need to stop play, we go ears on

It's no fun being deaf or hearing impaired. Especially if you are fond of the great outdoors and all the weather-related perils that come with it. Siemens knows this and developed the Aquaris hearing aid, the only one to receive an IP68 rating for continuous submersion under water (to three meters). It's also dust- and shock-proof, if you're further up the extreme activity lifestyle ladder. It's not just about keeping the elements out, it's also got Bluetooth meaning wearers can listen to music on smartphones and other devices while under water. The device itself is what you might imagine a hearing aid to look

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Dexim's Music Talking Stylus writes, rocks and listens

Styli? Boring. Sure you can draw and write with the things, but what happens when you want to rock? Reach for Dexim's Music Talking Stylus, naturally. The pen input device communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, letting you use it to wirelessly listen to music or talk to your pals. The stylus has a built-in volume button and vibration functionality. There's a headphone jack on one end and when you remove the rubber nub, you gain access to its microUSB port for charging when its five-hours of battery life run down. If yo

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Fingers-on with Synaptics' ThinTouch keyboard, coming soon to an Ultrabook near you

If you recall, Synaptics is looking to branch out from touchscreens and touchpads and break into a another kind of navigation device: keyboards. The company announced several months ago that it was working on the so-called ThinTouch keyboard, whose slim profile might make it an ideal fit for Ultrabooks and other lightweight laptops. Back when it was first announced, we got to play with small wooden tiles, each of which had a single key affixed to it. More than anything, the idea was to demonstrate the uni

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Urban Hello introduces bizarrely attractive home phone via Kickstarter, we go eyes-on

The Kickstarter page for Urban Hello's beautiful, strange home phone may not be live yet, but we've already gotten our hands all over it. The HD voice device is more than looks, though, featuring two OLED screens built into a minimalist aesthetic, intended to simplify the home phone experience. The handset even comes in a handful of colors, "in order to blend in better with the decoration of any interior." A pre-order of $85 will net you one of the very first off the production line -- of course, the Kickstarter has to go live before you can pledge any money.Gallery:

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Who should I follow at CES 2013? Engadget editors on Twitter

We know what you're thinking: it's CES week, how can I possibly get bombarded by more tech news over the next couple of days? Great news! We've created a handy-dandy list of our editors. Follow us and you can be sure to have a stream full of gadgety goodness over the next several days -- there's no faster way to get the full Engadget CES experience, 140 characters or so at a time. We also invite you to keep a close eye on #EngadgetCES, which will be our go-to hashtag during the show. And, if Twitter Lists are your thing, you'll find ours here. Oh, and if you're looking for us on Google+, you can find the team and personal accounts right here.

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We'll be liveblogging Sony's CES 2013 press conference tomorrow

It wouldn't be CES without a big showing from the folks at Sony. So, what can we expect from the company's event at its Las Vegas Convention Center booth? Cameras? Phones? TVs? Laptops? Tablets? Sony-contracted celebrities hamming it up for an audience of tech bloggers? The answer is mostly like a big "yes" to all of the above. You too can join in on all of the fun at this very link. January 7, 2013 8:00 PM ESTFiled under: Cellphones, Cameras,

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TUAW Talkcast, 10pm ET/7pm PT: Birthday Edition!

It's the first Sunday of the new year! Now that holiday chaos is mostly over, it's time to settle back into normal routines, like five day work weeks and Sunday night Talkcasts. This week is the birthday edition, since we have the birthdays of not only our own Dave Caolo, but friend of the show Jeff Gamet too! We've got TUAW's own Best Of series to discuss, as well as the earnings call, not to mention resolutions, CES, and what have you. Kelly hosting means aftershow, and you know you've missed it, so be sure to swing by for all the fun! Since it's really all a

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Eyes-on with Mad Catz' GameSmart crossplatform gaming peripherals

You've already learned all about Mad Catz' latest line of gaming peripherals -- part of its new GameSmart crossplatform Bluetooth initiative -- but now you can get an up-close and personal eyes-on as well. Not only do we have the gallery below, but also a lengthy hands-on video just beyond the break with Mad Catz' own Alex "Big Boy Barry" Verrey. Beware that the gamepad-style controller and the F.R.E.Q. headphones are both prototypes, so if you see some off marks, know that they'll likely be sorted by final production

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HAPILABS introduces HAPIfork (and spoon) smart utensils, brings metrics to your mouthfuls (Hands on)

How smart is your fork? We wager not smart enough. Enter HAPILABS and the HAPIfork which brings your cutlery kicking and screaming into 2013. The basic concept is an eating tool that measures three metrics -- how long you eat for, how long between each mouthful, and how many of them you take. It uses these data to give you feedback on your eating habits which can be viewed online via a sports-tracking style web interface. There is of course, a brace of companion mobile apps too for Android and iOS, allowing you to track your eating habits on the go

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Hands-on with Liquid Image's Ego Mini action cam at CES Unveiled

GoPro ain't the only name in the action camera game, and here at CES Unveiled we've just got a look at Liquid Image's latest mountable cam -- the Ego Mini. It shoots 1080p video at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps, and is WiFi enabled, so you can livestream if hooked up to something with internet access. Obviously it's pretty small and light (as well as waterproof), and we saw it nestled inside a motorbike helmet, and in various mount configurations like four cams pointing in all directions for 360-d

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La Crosse 810-163TWR tornado alert radio eyes-on

Live in Tornado Alley? Just generally afraid of being swept away by a cyclone? You may want to cast those eyes in the general direction of the La Crosse 810-163TWR weather alert radio. The walkie-talkie-like device is up to all of the NOAA standards, tuning you in to national weather alerts. You can set an alarm on the gadget that'll turn radio alerts on any time there's a national disaster. New this time out is a devoted tornado button. Click that and it will only trigger when faced with that specific disaster. The device is due out in April and should you around $50. Sadly the unit present her at CES was just a dummy, so if there are any tornadoes in the area, we're all out of luc

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Eton adds two more solar-powered Bluetooth sound systems to its Rukus lineup

For those about to rock out (in direct sunlight, at least), Eton won't just salute you, but offer you more options for your environmentally-friendly moshing. At this year's CES, it's launching two more solar-powered Bluetooth boomboxes to compliment the Rukus that arrived at 2012's show. The Rugged Rukus offers the same hardware as the flagship, but wrapped in a sturdy IPX-4 shell that'

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Eton adds BoostSolar to its charging lineup, instantly pleases George Harrison

If it's been a long, cold, lonely winter, then the return of the springtime sun is good news both for your mood and your collection of mobile devices. Eton's adding a portable solar panel to its lineup of portable chargers that'll keep your gear juiced when you're out and about. The BoostSolar will easily strap to a backpack and once its own 5,000mAh lithium-ion battery is charged, will let you snap on additional units for unlimited power, which you can then push out via its microUSB port. The luxury of not needing an outlet when you'

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Eton launches a pair of ZoneGuard weather radios to rouse you with disaster warnings

Eton's range of disaster-ready hardware is growing with a pair of ZoneGuard weather alarms that'll keep you informed should the worst threaten to happen. Hooked up to a variety of early-warning systems, traffic-light LEDs will keep you informed of the danger levels with help from specific area message encoding data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. As usual, the company has partnered with the American Red Cross, which will get a share of the profits when you buy a co-branded unit. It'll be available from Q1, with the ZoneGuard priced at $40 and the ZoneGuard Plus costing $80, an

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Seagate's $200 Wireless Plus 1TB hard drive streams content everywhere, includes 10-hour battery

A (very) early slip through the FCC's database uncovered Seagate's Wireless Plus drive several months ago, but here at CES, the company is finally ready to take the official wraps off of the aforesaid drive. It's a portable 1TB affair, shipping with USB 3.0 support and offering up the ability to stream music and video to practically anything courtesy of its inbuilt wireless module and 10-hour battery. In our testing, the unit did everything it promised, but those with an iOS device will enjoy enhanced usab

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Delphi and Verizon launch new connectivity system: track and monitor your vehicle through your smartphone

Delphi has allied itself with Verizon to launch a new Vehicle Diagnostics service. It works through a cloud system that connects your four-wheeler to your smartphone (or internet browser), showing precisely where your car is, as well as options to secure it and check its vitals. Delphi promises the new system will work in most vehicles sold in the US since 1996 and users can pick up alerts for driving and vehicle performance issues, as well as setup geo-fences to monitor if your car goes outside speci

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Ion unveils cellphone accessories for home phone replacement, speakerphones

If you've cancelled your home phone service, but still yearn for handsets peppered throughout the house, Ion's Bluetooth Cordless Phone Station could fill that void. Slotting a cellphone into the base, which also functions as a charger, allows a trio of satellite handsets to make calls using the docked device via Bluetooth and DECT 6.0 tech. If design and conference calls ares on your mind, Ion's rolled also out a saucer-shaped speakerphone

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Ion introduces Air Copy: mobile scanner for smartphones, tablets and laptops

Ion's Air Copy has just stepped into the wireless mobile scanner arena, and it brings support for slinging scanned documents and photos as big as size A4 to Android, iOS, Windows 8 and OS X devices via WiFi. Once documents are scanned, they're saved as high resolution 300 DPI JPEG files to the connected hardware. A free app available for the gadget gives users a real-time preview of what's being scanned. There's no word on pricing or availa

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Ion reveals digital conversion turntables for iOS, PC and Mac, we go hands-on

Vinyl may be the format of choice for discerning audio connoisseurs, but those harboring love for both digital and analog options may have their interest piqued by Ion's latest lineup of turntables. The iLP Lightning takes a traditional turntable, replete with RCA outputs, and adds a 30-pin dock connector that's compatible with Cupertino's Lightning to 30-pin adapter. Leveraging a free app, the table converts a record's audio to MP3 files, separates it into track

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Ion outs its Lightning-compatible iDJ 2 Go Plus, we take a close look

Cupertino's Lightning connector has put a few DJ peripherals out of the running for new iOS devices, but Ion's iDJ 2 Go Plus is up for the task. The portable rig supports Apple's new connector, features two scratch wheels, a crossfader, a handful of backlit buttons and a collection of knobs for music junkies to do their thing. As for software, the hardware can take advantage of the firm's fr

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All-Star Guitar gets loaded with Lightning connector compatibility

If you caught Ion's All-Star Guitar in our holiday gift guide, but didn't find it under the Festivus pole since it lacked support for Apple's Lightning connector, there could be hope for next year's holiday haul. The faux guitar is getting refreshed with a Lightning connector and has kept the same form factor, complete with light-up fret buttons and built-in speaker. For the uninitiated, the rig above can accommodate an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and allows users to learn notes

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Fitbug launches Bluetooth-connected activity sleep tracker and scales (hands-on)

Not to be confused with a similar product, the UK-based Fitbug has unveiled a collection of new connected health gadgets here at CES. The Fitbug orb is button-sized tracker that measures calories, distance and even pace. The pedometer tech inside also monitors your sleeping pattern. Connectivity wise, it can hook up to iOS devices including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generation) and the iPad Mini, while Android support will be limited to Samsung's Galaxy S III. There's three sync modes: Push, for instant updates, beaconing means you can send data at intervals throughout the day, or stream data to monit

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Seagate's Central debuts at CES, accesses your digital wares inside your home and out (video)

Seagate's Wireless Plus portable streaming hard drive isn't the only device the company is pulling the wraps off of at CES. The outfit has also announced Central: a robust shared storage / consumer NAS solution for your home that allows streaming to DLNA compatible devices and Samsung Smart TVs as well as computers and mobile devices. The same Seagate Media app that sorts your files on-the-go is at work here on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire to push content to your living display or view while you're on the r

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Chevy's Siri and TuneIn in-car apps hit 2013 Sonics and Sparks, we go hands-on

Not enough Siri in you life? Hop into a 2013 Chevy Spark. Those vehicles rocking a MyLink radio are eligible to upgrade to Apple's friendly iPhone 4S / 5 helper. Using the Bluetooth button on the steering wheel, you can access the assistant. We got a demo from a GM rep, who showed us how to access messages, read back to you through the car stereo. If you're feeling vocal, you can also dictate responses and Siri'll shoot them back off, all without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. You can also ask for things like recommendations for local businesses, but those won'

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Hands-on with Tobii REX, a peripheral that brings eye-tracking to any Windows 8 PC

One of the neat things about CES is that it gives us a chance to check in with startups we covered the previous year. In the case of, Tobii, twelve months makes a world of difference. When we met with the company last January, it had never publicly shown off its eye-tracking Gaze UI, which allowed us to navigate, zoom, select and scroll on a custom Windows 8 laptop with just our pupils and a touchpad. After playing with it, it was obvious to us the technology still needed some fine-tuning, but nonetheless Tobii promised it would have a product to sell in about a year's time. Fast forward twelve months: Intel now owns a 10 percent stake in the company, and

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Genius Gila gaming mouse hands-on

What does it feel like holding a CES Design and Innovation nominee in your hand? If Genius is any indication, it feels an awful lot like a $100 mouse. A pretty nice $100 mouse, mind you -- one with all sorts of flashing lights and rubber injected sides. The Gila GX Gaming Series fits nicely in the hand, as one might expect, from a peripheral designed for extended MMO marathons. It's also got a nice weight to it already, but if that's not enough, that's no problem: there's a trap door in the bottom that opens up. Inside, you can slot a tray of watch battery-sized weights

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3M Touch Systems 84-inch Projected Capacitive Display hands-on

We knew we'd be seeing 3M Touch Systems' monster capacitive display once again, but we had no idea just how massive this year's iteration would be. Taking up residence in a corner of CES Unveiled 2013, the company's latest multi-touch prototype now measures in at 84 inches, far surpassing its 46-inch predecessor, with 100-inch versions waiting in the wings. This particular touch table now supports Ultra HD resolution (4K) and was shown running a software demo currently in

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Huawei's Ascend D2 confirmed by uncovered billboard at CES

The days preceding CES are like an easter egg hunt, with clues of future products everywhere. Easily revealed near the cabstand line of the Las Vegas Convention Center is a billboard proudly displaying the Huawei Ascend D2 we've been expecting. We will have to wait until tomorrow at 1pm ET for the Huawei press event for the official details, though, which we'll of course be covering live. [Thanks, anon]Filed under: Mobile

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Lenovo announces the IdeaPad Yoga 11S with Ivy Bridge, Windows 8; arrives in June for $799+

That headline says it all, doesn't it? The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S is like the Yoga 11, except instead of an ARM chip, it has a laptop-grade Ivy Bridge processor. That means it's more powerful, of course, but more importantly, since this is an X86 system it runs full Windows 8 instead of Windows RT. Hello, legacy application support! As a full-fledged PC, the 11S also steps up to a higher-quality display: a 1,600 x 900 IPS screen, compared with a 1,366 x 768 LCD on the Yoga 11. Other than that, this has fundamentally the same design as

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Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 hands-on at CES 2013

The wearables market is becoming a growing obsession here at CES 2013 -- and it's been the first chance we've got to handle the Vuzix M100 -- its new lightweight set of smartglasses. It'll have some stiff competition from Google's incoming effort, although the premise is a little different -- less augmented reality, more a wearable smart screen that pairs to your tablet or smartphone. We're uploading our video as we speak, and we'll have more first impressions after the break. DevelopingGallery: Vuz

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BodyMedia CORE 2 armband and View patch health monitors hands-on

BodyMedia introduced its CORE 2 fitness tracker armband earlier today, but all we saw of it were a couple of rendered photos. Well, we just got to see some prototypes of the device, including the basic CORE 2 band, its metal bracelet and swappable plastic face plate accessories, and learned a bit more about the device. As you can see in our gallery of photos, the new model is quite a bit smaller and thinner than BodyMedia's previous health trackers. For now, the basic CORE 2 model comes with an adjustable elastic band (available in multiple colors) and a sensor module pa

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USB 3.0 enhancement to bring 10Gbps transfers, backward compatibly in mid-2013

Don't call it USB 4.0. Here in Las Vegas, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced the development of a SuperSpeed USB (that's USB 3.0, if you're curious) enhancement that will "add a much higher data rate, delivering up to twice the data through-put performance of existing SuperSpeed USB over enhanced, fully backward compatible USB connectors and cables." This supplement to the USB 3.0 specification is anticipated to be completed by the middle of this year, bringing along a new 10Gbps data rate, improved data encoding for more efficient data transfer, and of course, compatibility with existing 5Gbps hubs and devices (a

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Lilliputian debuts Nectar Mobile Power, offers two weeks of battery life per cell

Lilliputian's not exactly known for consumer devices, in that the company's created approximately none before today. But tonight at a pre-CES 2013 event, Lilliputian debuted its first entry into the consumer market: the Nectar Mobile Power system. For $299.99, you'll snag the device itself, and any additional pods (with two weeks worth of power, claims Lilliputian) cost an extra $9.99. It'll arrive this summer exclusively at Brookstone retail outlets and Nectar Mobile Power

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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix official: 11.6-inch reversible screen, arrives next month for $1,499+

The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix has been a known entity for some time, first showing up on the company's Israeli website and more recently stopping by the FCC with AT&T LTE in tow. The device is no longer an enigma, as Lenovo is pulling back the curtain on the 11.6-inch convertible Ultrabook, which will go on sale in late February for $1,499 and up. Like the famously flippable ThinkPad Yoga, the Helix

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iHome iDL100G Lightning Dock hands-on

iHome didn't waste any time getting word out about its suite of CES-ready wares last week and here at CES Unveiled 2013, we're getting our first look at the stars of its lineup. Hailed as a first for the company's product line, the iDL100G and the iDL45 are two docks that support Apple's new Lightning port, making them attractive options for owners of the iPhone 5 or refreshed iPad and iPod. The triple charging dock - iHome's highest end model -- retails for $150 and is fairly attractive, though it doesn't match the luxury of the Jony

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Trakdot Luggage hands-on: find your lost bags

Lost luggage is a seemingly unavoidable inevitability for the frequent traveller. Millions of bags either get left behind, sent to the wrong city or simply disappear completely. GlobaTrac has created Trakdot Luggage to give the constant flyer a little more of a sense of security. The palm-sized plastic device slips discreetly into your duffle or suitcase and updates the owner on its location via an app, SMS, email or the Trakdot website. Sadly the apps are not live in Play or the iTunes app store, so we can't tell you much about their functionality, outside of some specialized alerts that are promised, like a notification when your bag hits the claim carrosel. On the site you can set up cu

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Avatron's Air Login hits the App Store, free for local use

Last month, TUAW blogger Erica Sadun did a writeup of a preview edition of Avatron's Air Login remote computer access app. Erica and I were both beta testers for the app, which is used to control any number of Macs from your favorite iOS device. Air Login (free, universal) is now live on the App Store. As Erica noted in her previous writeup, Air Connect (free) is installed on the Macs you wish to control. Those Macs must be running OS X Lion or Mountain Lion. Air Login is loaded on your iOS device(s), and can be used at no cost on your local network to control

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The Weekly Roundup for 12.31.2012

You might say the week is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workweek, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Weekly Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 7 days -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.Continue reading The Weekly Roundup for 12.31.2012Comments

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Pure unveils Jongo for low-cost multi-room audio, revamped Pure Connect app

Many consider Sonos the main game in town for mobile-friendly, multi-room audio. Pure wants to give us at least one major alternative. Its new Jongo speaker line delivers multi-speaker streaming for radio, podcasts and Pure Music subscriptions across the home through WiFi, rather than a proprietary network, and includes Bluetooth for those who want to skip the network altogether. The system promises to cut the traditionally high costs of spreading sound throughout the home, as well: the inaugural Jongo S340B portable speaker (at left) coming in t

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Lenovo intros four IdeaPad laptops, all with touchscreens; prices start at $699

Remember we said lots of PC makers were going to play it safe at this year's CES, introducing touchscreen versions of their existing laptops? That definitely applies to Lenovo: the company just announced four touch-enabled notebooks, and they all look pretty similar to its earlier offerings -- save for those touchscreens, of course. First up, there's the IdeaPad U310 Touch and U410 Touch, which have the same industrial design as the U310 and U410 Ultrabooks, just with a little extra heft (th

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Lenovo announces the ThinkVision LT1423p, a mobile touchscreen monitor with pen support (video)

Maybe you're the kind of person who needs an external display even on business trips. Or maybe you've got a non-touch PC, and getting a touchscreen monitor seems like the best way to jump on the Windows 8 train (you know, as opposed to replacing your PC altogether). Whoever you are, Lenovo's banking on there being more of you out there. The company just announced the ThinkVision LT1423p mobile monitor, a 13.3-inch display that weighs a shade under 1.6 pounds, making it light enough to potentially stuff in your carry-on. Once it ships sometime in Q2, you'l

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Lenovo announces multi-user Horizon Table PC for $1,699 and up (video)

In addition to announcing some traditional all-in-ones today, Lenovo is introducing the IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC. It too is a full-fledged, battery-powered desktop, but it can collapse into table-top mode, becoming a 27-inch, 1080p slate optimized for multi-user touch input. The design is quite similar to the Sony VAIO Tap 20 we saw at IFA, with a built-in stand that supports the screen in an upright position. The 17-pound design feels sturdy, but it's also very thin, at 27mm (1.1 inches) thick. T

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Lenovo unveils new IdeaCentre A730 and C540 desktops for $549 and up

In addition to announcing new touchscreen notebooks today at CES, Lenovo is unveiling a trio of Windows 8-optimized desktops. You can get the lowdown on the new Erazer X700 gaming system here, but for now we'll take a look at the two all-in-ones. Up first is the IdeaCentre A730, a 27-inch multi-touch all-in-one that measures just 0.9 inch (24.5mm) thick. Still, the system has room for an optical drive, which is integrated into the base. You have your choice of a 2,560 x 1,440 or 1,920 x 1,080 frameless display, and like m

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Lenovo introduces Erazer X700 gaming desktop: dual graphics support for $1,499 and up

In addition to outing two new all-in-ones today, Lenovo is introducing the Erazer X700 gaming desktop. This $1,499-and-up setup is for big spenders, with dual graphics support -- up to two NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 chips or ATI CrossFireX, or up to dual AMD Radeon HD 8950 graphics -- and Onekey overclocking to increase processor speed by just clicking a button. The highest-end configuration will ship with a Core i7 Extreme processor, and users can add up to 4TB of storage thanks to hot-swap external drive bays. Of course, there's also an optical

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Lenovo intros the ThinkPad Edge E431 and E531 with new trackpad, charging standard (video)

It's CES, which means if a company is going to show up, it may as well go all out with the product announcements. Lenovo, for its part, is getting a head start. The show doesn't actually kick off for another two days, but the company has already unveiled a slew of desktops, laptops and Ultrabooks (and one travel monitor, to boot). Now it's rounding things out by introducing a couple notebooks for its small business customers. These include the ThinkPa

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Griffin Technology

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Uniq Creation

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Mobee Technology

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Sony Xperia Z auf der CES gesichtet

Filed under: Smartphones Die besten Momente auf großen Fachmessen? Der erste Rundgang, während die Stände noch aufgebaut werden. Da trifft man dann auf der CES zum Beispiel das Xperia Z von Sony. Wenn das neue 5"-Smartphone nicht in Las Vegas vorgestellt werden würde, hätten wir uns schon sehr gewundert, die Leaks waren zahlreich und eindeutig. Alles wie besprochen. Und auch wenn die

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