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09.04.2012 24:00 Uhr

NC State researcher finds more efficient way to cool devices, looks to cut costs too

Does your electronic device have you a bit hot under the collar these days? A researcher at NC State has developed a faster and less expensive method for cooling gadgets -- especially those that tend to crank the heat up. Dr. Jag Kasichainula, an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, authored a paper on the research that implements a "heat spreader' composed of a copper-graphene composite and an indium-graphene interface film to cool devices. Because the two materials

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Universal Studios films appear in iCloud, Fox still unavailable

One advantage to iCloud is the ability to re-download movies that you purchased through iTunes. When the download feature became available in March, only four of the six major movie studios were on-board with the service. The two holdouts, Universal and 20th Century Fox, had contracts with HBO that prevented their participation in the service. HBO reportedly loosened its agreement and now Universal movies are available for download via iCloud, according to a MacRumors report. Movies from 20th Century Fox are still not available in iCloud, but negotiations supposedly are under way and iCloud support should be coming

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Google's Android emulator gets updated with GPU support, better CPU performance

Google brought some improvements to its Android emulator when it updated the SDK last month, but it's now back with an even bigger update that's sure to please developers. The latest version finally adds built-in GPU support, which Google says will help the emulator better keep pace with current smartphones that rely so heavily on GPUs themselves. Along with that, Google is also promising better performance across the board (including improved CPU performance), as well as emulation of more hardware features, including the ability to tap into the sensors and multitouch input of a tethered Android device (Blu

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Parallels Desktop 7 updates with Linux, 3D, control tweaks

Parallels has released a minor update of Desktop 7 for Mac, its flagship virtualization software. The patch introduces "experimental" support for the final beta of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, a Linux variant due to be launched on April 26th. Another new Linux-related feature is the ability to download and install Fedora 16 without leaving the Parallels Wizard.

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Chrysler introduce in-car wireless charging

Chrysler will introduce in-vehicle wireless charging, an industry first, as an optional extra for the 2013 Dodge Dart when it becomes available in the second quarter of this year. Mopar, a division of Chrysler Group, have made a small charging bin that fits in the center console which charges a phone fitted with a specially designed case when the engine is running.

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Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies at 83

The computing industry has lost one of its larger figures following the death of Commodore founder Jack Tramiel on Sunday. He died at 83 of unmentioned causes. He leaves behind his wife Helen and three sons.

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Facebook kauft Fotodienst Instagram für Milliardenbetrag

Facebook-Chef Mark Zuckerberg nimmt jede Menge Geld in die Hand und vergrößert sein Reich: Zu diesem gehört schon bald auch der beliebte Fotodienst Instagram. Allerdings solle kein Instagram-Nutzer gezwungen werden, Facebook zu nutzen.

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09.04.2012 23:00 Uhr

Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 5:30PM ET

It's Monday, and almost as regular an occurrence as the day itself, we're here to help by letting you listen into the recording booth when the Engadget HD podcast goes to mp3 at 5:30PM. Please be a part of it by reviewing the list of topics after the break, then participating in the live chat as you listen in.

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Tim Cook's total 2011 to amount to over $378 million

In all Apple CEO Tim Cook pulled in about $378 million in 2011, even if most of that money won't be available to him for years, according to the New York Times. The bulk, $376.2 million, consisted of a one-time stock grant that won't vest unless Cook stays with Apple for 10 years. In terms of immediate pay, his combined salary, bonuses, and miscellaneous perks during the year amounted to $1.8 million.

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Prop 'n Go is my new favorite iPad stand

I have been through sooooo many iPad cases and stands. Cases with keyboards, cases without, backpack cases, mini-briefcase models, you name it, I've tried it. Since I work at home, my needs aren't that complicated. I need something that serves as a stand, won't tip over, and allows me to adjust the angle of my iPad to taste. The good folks at Padded Spaces sent me the Prop 'n Go Slim tablet stand and I'm hooked. I reviewed the original Prop 'n Go case almost a year ago, and found it nice to use, but way too thick. I then tried a slimmer case from Padded Spaces last year, and while very well constructed, I t

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Commodore founder Jack Tramiel passes away at age 83

Terribly sad news from the family of Jack Tramiel today. The Polish-born businessman is perhaps best known in the technology universe for his founding of Commodore International, the company responsible for the Commodore 64, 128, Amiga, etc. Tramiel's story is an inspiring one; he was born into a Jewish family, and during World War II, was sent to Auschwitz. He was rescued in April of 1945, and some 39 years later he purchased Atari Inc.'s Consumer division and formed the Atari Corporation that is so well recognized in gaming lore. As first reported by Forbes, Martin Goldberg -- a writer working on a book about the Atari brand and the ear

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As 'iPad' becomes synonymous with 'tablet,' Apple must protect brand

The success of the iPad has made it the go-to tablet for consumers, leaving Apple in a position to defend its brand and ensure it doesn't become generic.

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09.04.2012 22:00 Uhr

Rumored LG D1L targets high-end with dual-core Snapdragon and LTE

If a spiritual and titular successor to LG's Optimus 2X has you a little hesitant, then maybe its rumored relative the D1L might make you feel more comfortable. The spec sheet makes it clear that this machine is a high-end affair, though it trades in the 4X HD's quad-core Tegra 3 for a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 and an LTE radio. Otherwise it sounds quite a bit like that other LG flagship announced at MWC, including a 4.7-inch 720p display and Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, there's no guarante

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Facebook kauft Instagram

Für eine Milliarde US-Dollar hat Facebook die kostenlose Foto-Sharing-App Instagram samt des dahinter stehenden Teams übernommen. Wie Mark Zuckerberg heute bekannt gab, soll Instagram unabhängig weiterentwickelt werden und nicht komplett zu Facebook portiert werden.

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Firefox may soon add HTML5-based video chat

Mozilla is gearing up to allow a plugin-free approach to video chat in upcoming versions of Firefox. A demo at the IETF 83 conference caught by TechCrunch showed off the implementation of WebRTC, an HTML5 component that will allow two-way voice, video, and file swaps. As shown, it would sign in with Mozilla's Social API.

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Some Nokia Lumia 900 handsets having trouble connecting to data networks

Nokia's latest Lumia, the 900, has been rightfully lauded for its low price and lovely polycarbonate shell, but apparently, all is not well with the new handset. According to forum posts on Nokia Support Discussions and elsewhere, some 900s aren't able to connect to any of AT&T's data networks. The affected phones get data reception initially, but once the connection is severed by turning the phone off or placing it in airplane mode, it fails to reconnect. Some have successfully solved the probl

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"10 Prozent Idioten": Piratenpartei klar gegen Diskriminierung

Die Piratenpartei hat auf einen Diskriminierungsvorwurf der Jungen Piraten mit einem Zitat des Die-Linke-Politikers Gregor Gysi reagiert: "In jeder Partei gibt es zehn Prozent Idioten". (Piratenpartei, Politik/Recht)

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CNN Money: New York Times gets Tim Cook's earnings wrong

The New York Times ran a report over the weekend that claimed Tim Cook was a million-dollar-a-day CEO. Acording to a follow-up report from CNN Money, that estimate is way off. The CNN report claims the NYT was correct with the CEO's yearly salary of US$900,000, but made a mistake when it included the one million shares of Apple stock that Cook was granted in 2011. These shares won't vest for ten years, which means Cook won't see any of that money until 2021. CNN Money took the value of those shares ($376.2 million on the day they were granted) and calculated that Cook would get $103,000 a day over the ten-year period. When you combine the stock money with Cook's salary, the resulting figure

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PSA: AT&T now unlocking out-of-contract iPhones

In case you've been living under a rock (or enjoying the weekend holidays), AT&T on Friday revealed its plans to start unlocking out-of-contract iPhones. However, customers looking to take advantage of the deal will have to meet a few requirements first, which include having an account in good standing (so pay those past due fees before inquiring), a fulfilled contract, paid an early termination fee or that a handset upgrade was done. The unlocking process can be achieved at any brick-and-mortar shop, online via chat or by dialing AT&T's 611. For what it's worth, we tried this and found it to be pretty

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09.04.2012 21:00 Uhr

Gerücht: Apple testet bereits neues iPhone mit 1 GB RAM, A5X-Prozessor

Wenn demnächst einmal mehr ein iPhone 4 in einer Bar aufgefunden wird, könnte es sich lohnen, einen Blick ins Innere zu werfen. Denn Gerüchten zufolge soll Apple bereits Prototypen des kommenden iPhones an ausgewählte Mitarbeiter verteilen – getarnt als iPhone 4. Im Inneren soll unter anderem ein

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Google doodle gets animated to honor zoopraxiscope creator

Long before there was Flash animation in the world, Eadweard Muybridge gave us the Zoopraxiscope, a simple stop-motion device considered by some to be the first-ever movie projector. Created in 1879, the player features spinning glass disks that give displayed images the illusion of movement. Muybridge, born this day in 1830, photographed a galloping horse to help settle the question of whether all four of the animal's hooves leave the ground at the same time while galloping (they do), later animating the image via his new invention. That movement can be set in motion with a click on today's Google doodle.

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Facebook kauft Instagram für 1 Milliarde US-Dollar

Wie Mark Zuckerberg soeben über sein Facebook-Profil mitgeteilt hat, wird das größte soziale Netzwerk demnächst den Foto-Sharing-Dienst Instagram kaufen. Kostenpunkt: Eine Milliarde US Dollar oder umgerechnet gut 765 Millionen Euro. Laut Zuckerberg soll Instagram jedoch nicht in Facebook

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7,85-Zoll-iPad existiert – zumindest zu Testzwecken

Neben einem Fernsehgerät aus dem Hause Apple steht auch ein kleineres iPad hoch im Gerüchte-Kurs um neue Apple-Hardware. Es soll gerüchtehalber einen Bildschirm mit einer Diagonalen von 7,85 Zoll haben und vor allem gegen die Kindle-Tabs aus dem Hause Amazon antreten. Das neue iPad ist noch nicht richtig auf dem Markt und glänzt vor allem

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Panasonic preps USB battery pack for phones and tablets

Panasonic took an unusual step into mobile accessories Monday through the unveiling of a new external battery pack. The flagship QE-QL301 can share its maximum 10,260mAh of power between two USB devices at once. At four times the power of even a well-equipped smartphone, it has both the power to give meaningful extra battery life to two devices, including to tablets like the iPad.

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Fotosharing: Facebook kauft Instagram

Facebook übernimmt das US-Softwareunternehmen Burbn, das die Fotosharing-App Instagram und den dazugehörigen Fotosharingdienst entwickelt hat. Der Kaufpreis soll laut Medienberichten eine Milliarde US-Dollar betragen. (Instagram, Techcrunch)

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15-inch Samsung Series 9 review (2012)

Samsung Series 9 (NP900X3A) laptop review Samsung unveils redesigned Series 9 laptops with 13- and 15-inch displays, starting at $1,399 Spotted: the elusive 15-inch Samsung Series 9Before there were Ultrabooks, there was the

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Facebook übernimmt Instagram für 1 Milliarde US-Dollar

Wie Facebook vor wenigen Minuten bekannt gab, übernimmt man die populäre Foto-App Instagram für satte 1 Milliarde US-Dollar in Bargeld und Aktienanteilen. Instagram ist mit mehr als 27 Millionen aktiven Nutzern eine der erfolgreichsten Foto-Apps für iOS und Android. Die Android-Version wurde erst letzte Woche v

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"Bartending" chronicles life as a former Apple Genius

Former Apple Genius Stephen Hackett recounted his years working at an Apple Store in his recent book, Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius. The short book is just under 50-pages and details the customers and problems Hackett saw while working as a Genius. It's a lighthearted, personal read that you can finish in about an hour. The book is available for US$8.99 from Hackett's website in an iBooks-friendly ePub format and from Amazon (that's Steven's referral link, so h

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Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook confirmed on its website that it has reached an agreement to purchase Instagram. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, "I'm excited to share the news that we've agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook." The release says the photo-sharing app developer sold for US$1 billion. Instagram's CEO says that the company will continue to offer its flagship apps for iOS and Android as independent products.Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billi

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Leap Wireless, T-Mobile strike deal to swap spectrum, pending FCC approval

Earlier today, Cricket's parent company Leap Wireless announced a deal that'd see its own Savary Island Wireless, T-Mobile and Cook Intlet/VS GSM VII GPS (itself a T-Mo venture) swap spectrum in a handful of markets. The agreement lets Leap Wireless inherit 10MHz of AWS waves in Phoenix, Houston, Galveston, and Brian-College Station, TX, while the Magenta carrier -- in partnership with Cook Intlet -- would receive spectrum in various markets within Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Leap's CEO Doug Hutchenson says the move's bound to help "provide u

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Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, in a surprise move, stated Monday that his company had bought Instagram. The effort was meant to drive improved photo sharing beyond what Facebook does today. Unlike the acquisitions of services like Beluga, however, he stressed that Instagram wouldn't be directly absorbed into Facebook's platform. That separation was valuable, he said.

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Analyst anticipates 4-inch unibody iPhone, iPad mini

The next-generation iPhone may employ a unibody design, similar to the way MacBooks are currently constructed, says Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. The claim is based on a tour of suppliers in China and Taiwan, who he adds gave the impression that some parts would go into production in June, paving the way for a launch sometime in the fall.

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Google+: "Wir sind auf dem richtigen Weg"

Google+ hat mittlerweile über 100 Millionen Nutzer. Google-Chef Larry Page sieht das soziale Netzwerk auf dem richtigen Weg. (Google, Soziales Netz)

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Power Pot - Strom aus Feuer

Filed under: Thermische Energie Wer in dieser Festival-Saison auf der Suche nach besonders vielen neuen Freunden ist, könnte sich mit einem Power Pot einen ziemlich soliden USP schaffen. Der Power Pot ist ein Topf, der die darin entstehende Wärme während des Kochen nutzt, um Strom zu produzieren. In Outdoor-Gefilden genauso unerlässlich wie beim Campen. Momentan befindet sich das Produkt no

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An early look at Ivy Bridge motherboards: or, the side order without the main

Ssshh. Ivy Bridge is officially still a mystery, remember? Nevertheless, through some quirk of chronology, the accompanying Z77 chipset for motherboards has already been announced. If there's a reason for this early entrance, it's probably because Z77 is backwards compatible with Sandy Bridge, which means that the latest crop of motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, Intel and MSI can be considered fully-fledged products in their own right. Well, kind of, anyway. In reality, some of the key selling points of Z77 won't get activated until you c

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Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook announced on Monday that it has purchased Instagram, the maker of the popular photo sharing service for iPhone, for $1 billion.

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News: Facebook to acquire Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook has announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire the popular photo-sharing app Instagram. According to the company, Facebook will pay roughly $1 billion in cash and shares of Facebook for San Francisco-based Instagram, with the transaction expected to close later this quarter, subject to customary closing conditions. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has issued a statement on the matter, which appears below. “I’m excited…

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Facebook to buy Instagram

How's this for some big news on an otherwise slow Monday? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has let slip that his company is buying popular photo-sharing app Instagram. According to a report from All Things D's Kara Swisher, Facebook will pick up the social app for a cool $1 billion in cash and shares. Check out some PR on the subject after the break. DevelopingContinue reading Facebook to buy InstagramFacebook to buy Instagram originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 09 Apr 2012 13:05:00 EDT

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Intel war’s: Mac-Verkäufe nur leicht steigend, angeblich wegen mangelnden Hardware-Updates

Die Welt kann so einfach sein: Die Mac-Verkäufe – oder besser gesagt: das Wachstum verglichen mit dem Vorjahreszeitraum – ist nur unwesentlich fortgeschritten und Intel ist schuld. Die Anwender würden schließlich auf Macs mit Core-i-CPUs auf Ivy-Bridge-Basis warten. Die Marktforscher der NPD-Group haben festgestellt, dass in den USA der Markt für neue Mac-Rechner nur unwesentlich

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Apple: Streit um verlorenen iPhone-4S-Prototyp soll beigelegt worden sein

Themen, die sich wiederholen, sind langweilig. Aus wohl diesem Grunde, fand er verloren gegangene iPhone-4S-Prototyp im letzten Jahr wohl nicht ganz so viel Anklang wie der ähnliche Fall ein Jahr zuvor, als Gizmodo den in einer Kneipe gefundenen Prototyp des iPhone 4 aufgekauft hatte. Und wahrscheinlich werden wir vom letztjährigen Fall auch nichts mehr hören,

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Marketplace reporter visits Foxconn factory in China

Marketplace's China correspondent Rob Schmitz is known as the man who uncovered the falsehoods about Foxconn factory conditions being told by Mike Daisey in his play, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. As a follow-up to the report, Schmitz got an inside look at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. You can watch his teaser video and visit Marketplace's website for additional details about his visit.

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AT&T said spending $150m on Lumia 900 ad push

AT&T has earmarked as much as $150 million for promoting the Lumia 900 launch, insiders claimed Monday. An Ad Age leak had AT&T going beyond conservative estimates depending on conditions. AT&T declined to comment on the assertion, although it has publicly promised a major ad campaign with TV ads and other promos in effect.

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09.04.2012 19:00 Uhr

Windows Phone Free-Time Machine draws curious New Yorkers, one Kourtney Kardashian (video)

Oh the thrill of seeing a familiar face. No, not the Nokia Lumia 900, which made an appearance in several forms at the Windows Phone event in New York City's Bryant Park today, but Kourtney Kardashian, who drew crowds to the Free-Time Machine -- that fled just as quickly as they arrived. The reality TV star far overshadowed the Windows Phone experience, which is on display in several cities across the US today. New Yorkers can visit Bryant or Madison Square Parks for a chance to flick through some Metro tiles on a Lumia 900, and play to win gift certificates and other prizes -- and in the case of one ecs

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Apple's Tim Cook awarded $378M in 2011, won't see most of it for years

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook earned about $378 million in 2011, making him the highest-paid CEO in the U.S. based on one new analysis. But Cook won't be able to actually collect all of the money unless he stays at Apple for 10 years.

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Neu im Guinness-Buch: Größte Rube Goldberg Maschine der Welt (mit Video)

Rube Goldberg-Maschinen können einfach nicht genug gebaut werden, diese herrlich unnützen aber oft vor Genialität strotzenden analogen Konstruktionen. Die Purdue Society hat nun den neuen Guinness-Weltrekord aufgestellt und die größte Rube Goldberg der Welt gebaut. Anders als bei sonst üblichen Versuchen, baut diese Konstruktionen nicht auf ausufernden Flächen auf. Sondern kombiniert 300 Schritte auf ein kleinstem Raum, darunter eine Saftpresse, eine Dampflokhupe, knallende Luftbal

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Netflix for Xbox 360 updates with better contrast and episode navigation

Got both an Xbox LIVE Gold membership and a Netflix account? Well, you'll be treated to a slightly revamped steaming video app on your 360 today. The tweaks are nothing ground-breaking, but they'll certainly deliver some welcome changes. New navigation options allow you to skip around movies much quicker during playback and even jump immediately to the next episode of a show. If you're one of those folks that's still rockin' a 4:3 screen you can use zoom to transform your letterbox video into a fullscreen clip. There's also a new single sign on feature for easily accessing your Ne

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Intel previews Z77 chipset for Ivy Bridge: USB 3 and PCIe 3

The first ingredient to Intel's Ivy Bridge launch manifested on Monday through its Z77 desktop mainboard chipset. Better known as Panther Point, it can use existing Core chips made using Sandy Bridge but is designed to take advantage of the imminent new chips. The design is Intel's first with native USB 3.0 support and can take as many as four of the faster, 5Gbps standard without needing an outside chip.

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Acer outs USB-powered C120 pico projector

Acer has just begun shipping its C120 pico projector. The portable device is optionally USB-powered and has a native 864x480 resolution, but can also show 1280x800-pixel images. The DLP projector can produce 100 ANSI lumens of brightness from its LED lamp, though that number goes down to 75 when only on USB power.

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Briefly: Dinner Spinner barcode scanner, FlexoStepX for CS5 Dinner Spinner has undergone a major upgrade that includes a new Grocery Scanner feature. The new tool, available for both Dinner Spinner and Dinner Spinner Pro, allows users to scan grocery barcodes directly from their mobile device to find recipes, add items to shopping lists, or create a virtual pantry. In addition, the existing Shopping List feature has been expanded to the free version of Dinner Spinner in the latest release. Dinner Spinner Pro is available as a $3 purchase in the App Store

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Kommt das iPhone der 6. Generation doch erst im Oktober? [The New iPhone]

Kaum ist das neue iPad erschienen findet die immer aktive Gerüchteküche rund um Apple ein neues Ziel. The New iPhone. Neben den zu erwartenden neuen Features drehen sich die Spekulationen wie immer auch um den Erscheinungstermin der nächsten Smartphone-Generation aus Cupertino. Erst letzte Woche ließ ein Foxconn-Mitarbeiter verlauten, der Releasetermin sei für Juni angesetzt. Anscheinend

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AT&T's iPhone unlocking process simple but time-consuming

AT&T began unlocking iPhones this weekend. The unlocking process is being described as easy but long, according to a report on Electronista and forum posts at iMore. Customers only need to provide their phone's IMEI to AT&T, and then they wait for Apple to unlock the phone. This wait period may be as short as a few minutes or as long as four to six days. Most customers are being told to expect to wait up to 72 hours for the unlock to go through Apple's system. Keep in mind that only iPhones that are out of contract are elig

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Contour+ vs. GoPro HD Hero 2: through the desert and into the skies

Engadget Show segments come about in any number of ways. Sometimes it's a no brainer, with some awesome new gadget just aching for some air time. Other times it's a matter of our wanting to do something cool, like, say, flying a plane. The GoPro / Contour segment from the last Engadget Show was a little bit of both. The ultra-rugged camcorders were a perfect fit for our desire to take on some extreme activities in the Nev

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Supercase: Aus iPad mach MacBook Pro

Filed under: Laptops, Tablet Wer sich noch immer nicht entscheiden kann, ob nun ein Tablet oder Notebook auf der nächsten Einkaufsliste steht, könnte dank dieses iPad Keyboardcase zwei Fliegen mit einer Klatsche schlagen. Dieses iPad-Case macht aus der Flunder ein nahezu vollständiges Laptop dank Tastatur, Extra-Lithium-Ionen-Batt

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NYC phone booths to get second lives as slate stalls

Believe it or not, but there are still hundreds, nay, thousands of phone booths out there on the streets of New York City. Obviously, in the age of the ubiquitous smartphone, most of them go untouched -- though, usually that has more to do with some mysterious substance covering the handset. The city is preparing to update this urban staple by replacing the touch tone quarter eaters with 32-inch tablets. The giant slates will offer a quick connection to 311 for requesting info and filing complaints, as well as interactive guides to the neighborhood. Instead of being a place to prank call 1-800 numbers, the phone booth will now become your one

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iPad is the only tablet brand many consumers know

In two years, the iPad has become a household name. Now it may be turning into a generic term for all tablet products, says a report by the AP's Mae Anderson. The "genericization" of brand names happens over and over again, but it only affects a small fraction of all brands (estimated at less than 5% in the US). Band-Aid, Thermos, Kleenex, Yo-Yo and aspirin all started out as brand names that have (to a greater or lesser degree) become generic terms for the products they identify. For most consumers, "iPad" describes all tablets the same way "Xerox" refers to any photocopier or "Googling" covers off on all Internet search. Som

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Engadget Giveaway: win one of five V-Moda Crossfade M-80 on-ear headphones!

Are your grandmother's decade-old earbuds just not cutting it any more? Time to get a pair of your own. V-Moda's got five pairs of its latest on-ear headphones, the Crossfade M-80, to give out to our dear readership. Each of them normally would run you $230, so this opportunity is a pretty sweet alternative to having to shell out a benjamin or three just to get some solid sound pumping into those fragile eardrums of yours. You know the drill: head below, read the rules and leave a comment to win!

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Apple's next iPhone predicted to have redesigned 'sleek' unibody case

Apple's next iPhone will feature a new design that could employ a single unibody frame reminiscent of the company's MacBook lineup, according to a new report.

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Apple rumored experimenting with A5X iPhone, new iPod touch

A new rumor Monday has shown that Apple might be examining the effect of the A5X chip in an iPhone. The 9to5 claim has a version of the new iPad's chip was reportedly sitting in the existing iPhone 4S body as a test mule. The design, codenamed N96, reportedly has the same 1GB of RAM, although no mentions were made of what might be different.

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Ask iLounge: Adding Attachments to iCloud Calendar Events

Q: I remember reading somewhere that iOS 5 or iCloud now supports file attachments in the Calendar, but I can’t seem to get this working on my iPhone or iPad. Even stranger, since I setup iCloud I can’t even seem to add attachments in iCal, which I’m sure was working fine before. Am I missing a setting here or is this simply not possible? - Jonathan A: Unfortunately, the handling of event attachments in the iOS 5 Calendar app can…

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09.04.2012 17:00 Uhr

Studie: iOS-Geräte in China

Laut einer aktuellen Studie verbreiten sich Apples Smartphones und Tablets in China vor allem in den großen urbanen Zentren an der Ostküste und in der Hauptstadt.

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iOS-Multitasking: So funktioniert es wirklich

Mit iOS 4 führte Apple das Multitasking ein. Ein Doppelklick auf den Homebutton öffnet die Multitasking-Leiste, die alle zuletzt genutzten Apps auflistet. Seitdem Apple dieses Feature eingeführt hat, hält sich ein Gerücht hartnäckig unter den iOS-Usern: Apps in der iOS-Taskleiste verbrauchen Speicher und Batteriepower, daher muss die Taskleiste ab und zu geleert werden, um die

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News: Fifth-gen iPod touch reference found in iOS 5.1 build

Code pointing to an updated version of the iPod touch has been found in an internal iOS 5.1 build, according to a new report. 9to5Mac reports that references to an “iPod5,1”—the fourth-generation iPod touch is referred to as “iPod4,1”—were found inside a file which was contained in an internal build of iOS 5.1. As noted in the report, the iPod touch was the only iOS device that didn’t receive an update last…

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Studie: iOS-Geräte in China

Laut einer aktuellen Studie verbreiten sich Apples Smartphones und Tablets in China vor allem in den großen urbanen Zentren an der Ostküste und in der Hauptstadt.

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Lego Architecture: Wolkenkratzer aus über 15 Mio. Steinen

Filed under: Spielzeug Der Reiz an riesigen Lego-Konstruktionen liegt wahrscheinlich auch ein bisschen darin begründet, dass man selber immer zu wenig Zeit hat, bzw. auch einfach untalentiert ist, um selber derartige Projekte zu realisieren. In der nun eröffneten Ausstellung "Lego Architecture: Towering Ambition", die im National Building Museum in Washington DC stattfindet, wurden ganze 15,5 M

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Acer's C120 pico projector goes on sale, ready to be powered by your PC

Unless you had a particularly keen eye for tiny projectors, you may well have missed the announcement of Acer's C120, back at CES. The palm-sized pico projector has now hit the market, weighing in at an ultraportable 6.34 ounces. The peripheral features a USB connection, which can be used to power the device when it's plugged into a PC. The C120's also got a quick-starting LED lamp, which can display presentations in WVGA or WXGA. Business people, teachers and lovers of tiny projectors alike can pick this guy up now for $259. Not sold? Watch a projection-worthy video presentation from CES, after the break.

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Google Doodle zu Ehren von Eadweard Muybridge

Der US-amerikanische Internetkonzern nimmt sich den 182. Geburtstag des Fotografen Eadweard Muybridge zum Anlass und ehrt den Foto-Pionier auf der Startseite der Suchmaschine mit einem speziellen Doodle.Der (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaµTorrent 3.1.3 Build 27022 - Freier BitTorrent-ClientKritische Lücken in Apps von Facebook & Dropbox

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News: Universal Studios’ films now available on iCloud

Films from Universal Studios are now available for re-download through Apple’s iCloud service. Citing multiple reader reports, MacRumors notes that films from Universal no longer display a “this movie will not be available from iTunes in the Cloud” warning when viewing the movies’ listings in iTunes, while films from 20th Century Fox retain the warning. A report from last month indicated that the absence of both Universal and…

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Most iOS devices in China sold to customers in urban areas

A report from Chinese strategic advisory firm Stenvall Skoeld suggests that Apple has a 10 percent penetration rate in China with the highest levels of ownership found in urban centers like Beijing, Guandong and Shanghai. The lowest percentage of ownership was found in Tibet which had a 0.1 percent penetration rate. The report also claims that, at the end of 2011, China was home to 21 million iPhones and iPad. The actual number may be higher as China Mobile, which does not carry the iPhone, says it has 15 million iPhone users on its network. You can read the full report on Stenvall Skoeld's website. [Via

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Nokia 306 manual hints at keyboard-free Asha handset

The team at Unwired View has bagged a .PDF that purports to be the user manual for Nokia's 306, the first full-touch member of the keyboard-loving Asha family. None of the images in the document (we've collated a handful above) show a handset with a hardware keyboard, but it's not clear if it's running S40 either. The images show that the device can support multiple home screens, an Android-style notifications bar and pinch-to-zoom, but this could either be evidence of the S40 re-skin (codenamed "Sonic") or, fancifully, the first appearance of Espoo's Linux-based

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Max Payne 3: Keine Demo und neue Screenshots

In wenigen Wochen wird der nächste Teil der Max-Payne-Reiher offiziell auf den Markt kommen. Eine Demo-Version werden die Entwickler von Rockstar Games im Vorfeld nicht zur Verfügung stellen.Mehrere Nutzer der (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum Thema0x10c: Das neue Werk von den Minecraft-MachernSony PlayStation 4: Details zu CPU & Grafik von AMD

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Foxconn HR manager pegs next-gen iPhone for October

The next-generation iPhone will ship in October, a report from South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper suggests. The paper has directly questioned the head of human resources at Foxconn's Taiyuan factory. "We just got the order. It [the iPhone launch] will be around October," the source claims. The person also backs up part of a Japanese report from late March, which observed that there were Foxconn hiring ads across Taiyuan. "Yes, it's true we are hiring a large number of workers," the Foxconn HR head says.

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Videochat im Browser ohne Plug-ins

Mozilla hat einen Videochat nach dem neuen WebRTC-Standard demonstriert, der zukünftig ohne Plug-ins direkt im Browser funktionieren soll.

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AOL verkauft Patente an Microsoft

Für über eine Milliarde US-Dollar kauft Microsoft mehr als 800 Patente von AOL.

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09.04.2012 16:00 Uhr

AT&T's iPhone unlock process accomplished through Apple's iTunes

AT&T has begun allowing out-of-contract customers to unlock their iPhone for use on other carriers, and the unlock codes are applied to the device after restoring through iTunes.

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Phase One P25 vermählt sich mit Holga - 20.000 Euro-Kamera trifft auf 20 Euro-Knipse

Filed under: DIY, Digitalkameras Der Fotograf Mike Martens hat sich seine sehr eigene Kamera zusammengestellt. Er kombinierte bereits 2007 eine Phase One P25 (20.000 Euro) mit einer günstigeren Holga 120N für 20 Euro. Bevorzugtes Klebemittel: Gaffa-Band. Da kräuseln sich die Haare bei Fotoequipment-Fetischisten, dass jedo

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Panasonic pimps portable power packs purportedly powering phones (and tablets)

Panasonic isn't letting any chocolate egg hangover delay its plans for global smartphone domination. It's releasing eight new external battery packs that'll power your smartphone and / or tablet. The biggest model in the series, the QE-QL301 packs a 10,260 mAh battery that claims to charge a handset four times over, or juice two at the same time (twice). The range also includes three wireless charging plates powered by

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Microsoft kauft für 1 Million Dollar Patente von AOL

Der US-amerikanische Softwarekonzern Microsoft hat von AOL rund 800 Patente zum Preis von mehr als einer Milliarde US-Dollar erworben. Nähere Informationen dazu liegen dem Online-Portal 'Techcrunch' vor.1.056 (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWhatsApp: Wir machen das Geschäft nicht kaputtFacebook: Klage wegen Nutzung eines Profilfotos

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Hotel-WLAN manipuliert alle abgerufenen Webseiten

Mit dem Ziel, zusätzliche Werbung einzublenden, greifen bestimmte Internet-Gateways in den HTML-Code von Webseiten ein.

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iPhone 5 doch erst im Oktober?

Anders als von vielen Apple-Fans erhofft, könnte Cupertino an dem Produktzyklus für das iPhone festhalten. So berichten Foxconn-Mitarbeiter, dass bereits Aufträge für die Herstellung des neuen iPhone 5 vorliegen, dessen Startdatum auf Oktober 2012 gelegt sei. Ein HR-Leiter des Foxconn-Werks in Taiyuan machte entsprechende Angaben gegenüber der südkoreanischen Zeitung Maeil Business Newspaper. “Wir haben eben den Auftrag erhalten. Das Release-Datum wird im Oktober sein”, wird der Insider zitiert. Die Zeitung hatte nachgefragt, da das Werk auffällig viele Stellenangebote

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Daily iPad App: National Geographic Today

National Geographic is known for its stunning photography and outstanding videos. Now you can get a portion of both each day with the National Geographic Today App. Released last week, the iPad app includes news, videos, quizzes, articles, and jaw-dropping photography. The National Geographic Today app serves up a fresh dose of material each day and lets you browse through seven days of back content. Like the other National Geographic apps, the format and content of the Today app looks fantastic on the first iPad and the iPad 2. Unfortunately, it does not take advantage of the retina display of the new iPad but, hopefully, this is ju

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Update: MailTags 3.0

Indev's Mail plug-in for tagging is now available for Mac OS X 10.7 only and includes a revamped interface for Lion mail, more flexible tagging, improved display of tags in the message list, easier tagging of multiple messages, expanded customization options, and more.

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Update: Clip Manager 4.1

myFMbutler's FileMaker Pro clipboard utility adds AppleScript improvements and full support for FileMaker Pro 12, including the new layout clipboard format and new script steps.

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New: Jitsi 1.0

Jitsi is an open source, multi-platform program for audio, video, and text chats, with support for a variety of protocols, including SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger.

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Apple: iAd Producer 2.1

The iAd Producer update brings support for Twitter integration, support for WebGL assets, device support for the newly-released iPad, onion-skinning for animations, support for image sprites, testing with USB-connected iOS devices, and more.

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Security: Java Malware - A Half-Million Mac Infections?

Apple patched a gaping Java security hole, but there are reports that more than a half-million Macs may already be infected. Here are some recommendations and resources.

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Update: Screenflick 2.1

Araelium's screen recorder adds an Export Queue, faster and better export to non-QuickTime .mov formats, letterboxing on export as needed, improvements for keyboard event visualizations, recording from HiDPI (Retina) displays, improvements in memory and CPU use when recording, and more.

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Update: Texmaker 3.3.3

Pascal Brachet's multi-platform editor for LaTeX documents adds the ability to store and restore basic session settings (files, line, bookmarks, quick compilation mode), modification and drag-and-drop reordering of user tags in the user tags panel, @electronic in bibliography items detection, and other changes.

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Update: DEVONsphere Express 1.4

DEVONtechnologies' search and connection utility adds live updating for Office 2008 documents, better Postbox support, improved memory and CPU use, and an option "to easily update the index manually."

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Update: WaterRoof 3.6

Hanynet's IPFW firewall frontend adds full compatibility with Lion Server, a new connection inspector, support for natd and port redirection on Lion Server, a new interface, a new boot script, and integration with serveradmin on Mac OS X Server.

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Update: Marked 1.4

Bret Terpstra's previewer for MultiMarkdown, Markdown, text, and HTML files is now available for Lion only and gets a revamped interface, improvements for custom processing, per-document styles using a metadata header, Scrivener 2 support, leanpub and mmd_merge support, syntax for including external files and source code, and more.

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Update: Indigo Pro 5.1.0

Perceptive Automation's home automation software gains adds support for FanLinc, support for new i2CS firmware modules (including Motion Sensor, TriggerLinc, I/O-Linc, KeypadLinc Dimmer, SwitchLinc Dimmer, SwitchLinc Relay, and Thermostat), improvements to the Plugin API, and more.

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Report: Security

Java versions, trojan horse, etc.

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Report: QuickTime 7

follow-up about playing old digital movies; plus upside-down iPhone movie

09.04.2012 15:05 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: MobileMe

iCloud migration and alternatives

09.04.2012 15:05 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: iTunes Store

credit cards and security issues

09.04.2012 15:05 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Hard Drives

Seagate Constellation drives; SSD temperatures

09.04.2012 15:05 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Audio

high-quality audio, sampling rates, listening tests; Decibel app; tape transfer question

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Report: iPhones

ATT unlock experiences and tips

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Amazon Update

Adobe Lightroom 4 is now shipping at half the old price, just $149! And Amazon has good discounts across the Mac line-up, from MacBook Airs to MacBook Pros, Mac Minis through iMacs to Mac Pros. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through any of our links to make purchases!

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09.04.2012 15:00 Uhr

Mass Effect moaners kinda get their own way as people power strikes again

SPOILERS. Who can't name a beloved TV series that didn't end the way you wanted? BSG? Lost? Sapphire and Steel? Blake's Seven? Quantum Leap? The Sopranos? All of which ended either with tear-inducing bum-notes or confusing conclusions that caused furious head scratching. Despite that, the traditional reaction is to say "Well, I didn't enjoy that, but I respect the writer's artistic decision." Not so for gamers who felt short-changed by the intentionally devastating conclusion to Mass Effect 3. Fans of the game poured their outrage online, developer BioWare saying that the fe

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Lecker: Sushi Bot produziert Röllchen am laufenden Band (Video)

Filed under: Standards Was macht eigentlich die Automatisierung in der fast schon religiös der Handarbeit verbundenen Sushi-Industrie? Wo der Schnitt des Meisters über Geschmack und somit Erfolg oder Misserfolg entscheidet? Wo Tradition alles bedeutet? Konkret formuliert? Wer rollt eigentlich die gemischten Tablets, die es im Supermarkt gibt? Suzumo baut seit den 80er-Jahren Sushi-Robotern, wobei: Roboter sind das nicht wirklich, einfach Maschinen, die der Gro&szli

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iOS in China dominated by Guangdong, other big urban areas

An uncommon study from Stenvall Sköld & Company has shown that much of Apple's mobile device share in China is disproportionately located in its urban areas. Based both on its own device analysis and research from local firm Umeng, it saw the distribution of 21 million iOS devices understandably skewed towards those provinces with the most urbanized populations. The highest concentration at 13.4 percent wasn't in one of the biggest cities but instead Guangdong province, home to Shenzhen and the Foxconn plants that make most of the iPads and iPhones for the world.

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Windows Vista support isn't an eternal flame, but from tomorrow it's 'extended'

Remember how we told you that Windows Vista was getting extended support? Well here's a little PSA: that new phase begins tomorrow, and it's slightly different to what Redmond calls 'mainstream' support. You'll still get security updates until April 2017, but you'll lose certain other benefits. Key among those are warranty claims and no-charge incident support. So, after the party is the after-party -- at least until you're ready for an upgrade party.

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Lenovo's IdeaTab S2109 unveiled on YouTube, shows off 8.9mm-thick unibody shell

About a month after we spotted the IdeaTab S2109's FCC document, Lenovo's quietly launched a YouTube video for its 9.7-inch 1,024 x 768 slate over the weekend. Why so shy? No idea, but what we do know is that on top of the deets we obtained last time, this Android 4.0 device comes in an 8.9mm-thick, gunmetal-finish unibody shell that packs a 1.3-megapixel front camera (yet no back camera), microSD slot, micro-HDMI, micro-USB and 10 hours worth of battery juice. Alas, there's no confirmation on the specific TI OMAP chipset used here, nor does the video indicate when or where we can ge

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Foxconn employee says Apple placing orders for next iPhone to debut in October

The head of human resources at one Foxconn factory claims that Apple has recently placed an order for its sixth-generation iPhone, and that the device is on schedule to launch in October of 2012.

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is AT&T killing my iPhone?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I just received this text from AT&T: "Network changes may soon impact your 2G phone service. Exchange 2G phone @ AT&T store w/free 3G AT&T U2800A phone by 5/15 & avoid service impact." I wonder what this means? On the one hand, it's an excuse to get a new iPhone; on the other, I really wanted to hit the 5 year mark using this phone. :( It has served me well, even after an unpleasant fall into a toilet. Anyhow, I'm sure I'm not the only one still using the original phone. Is AT&T making my original iPhone unusable? :( Your loving niece, Lisa

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Zukünftige MacBooks könnten mit Surround-Sound ausgestattet werden

Musik liegt in der Luft: Ein neues Patent, das von Apple stammt und vom United States Patent & Trademark Office veröffentlicht wurde, lässt darauf hindeuten, dass Apple in Zukunft Raumklang für MacBooks implementieren will. In der Patentschrift machen sich die Ingenieure Gedanken über die mögliche Implementierung. Patently Apple berichtet über eine Patentanmeldung vom Sommer 2010,

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Analyst sagt: Apples HD-Fernseher wird iPanel heißen, Produktion soll im Mai starten

Es gibt wieder Neues von der Kaffeesatzleserei bezüglich Apples möglichen HD-Fernseher. Einmal mehr hat sich der Anaylst Peter Misek von Jefferies & Co. zu Wort gemeldet und seine neusten Einschätzungen geschildert. Demnach soll das Gerät als “iPanel” verkauft werden, die Produktion soll im Mai anlaufen. Gerüchte mit Tradition: Was das iPhone inzwischen hinter sich hat,

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09.04.2012 14:00 Uhr

Spaß am Montag: MashUp-Videos aus der VHS-Zeit (Video, Video, Video!)

Filed under: Standards MashUp-Videos? Gab es natürlich auch schon vor iMovie und YouTube, Jonathan McIntosh hat sich mit dieser VHS-Scratching-Kultur eingehend beschäftigt und ein Best Of zusammengestellt, von den 1940er-Jaren bis 2005. Da rappen die Sesamstraßen-Puppen zu N.W.A., Nancy Reagan preist die modernen Drogen wie Crack und deutsche Truppen marschieren zu britis

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LG D1L soll Gegenstück zum Samsung Galaxy SIII werden

Nach den sieben auf dem Mobile World Congress vorgestellten Neuheiten will LG weiter nachlegen. Neben dem angeblich in Entwicklung befindlichen LG Miracle auf Basis von Windows Phone 7 arbeite man auch an einem weiteren Android-Flaggschiff.

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Bericht: Ivy Bridge trifft GTX 670M

Gut 15 Monate nach Sandy Bridge ist es soweit: Ende April wird Intel den Nachfolger Ivy Bridge ins Rennen schicken. Schon jetzt werfen wir einen Blick auf den Mobilableger und wollen klären, wie groß der Sprung geworden ist und für wen sich der Neuling in erster Linie lohnen könnte. Aber auch Nvidias GeForce GTX 670M wird einem ersten Test unterzogen und muss sich behaupten.

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Hyundai A7 unterbietet Amazon Kindle Fire

Mit dem A7 will Hyundai in Kürze das wohl mit Abstand preiswerteste Android-4.0-Tablet auch außerhalb Chinas anbieten. Laut Notebook Italia soll der Verkaufspreis bei etwa 110 US-Dollar liegen, also circa 85 Euro zuzüglich Steuern.

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SIM-free Nokia 808 PureView up for pre-order in Italy, expected to launch in May

Eager to tinker with Nokia's 41-megapixel cameraphone ahead of everyone else (especially if you're based in North America)? Then it looks like you might want to take a trip to Italy next month, as online retailer is now accepting pre-orders for the 808 PureView ahead of its "expected" May availability. Il costo? €599, which works out to be about $780 -- not cheap for a SIM-free, Symbian Belle-powered device, but at least the option's there for the mobile photography connoisseurs. Alternatively, ke

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Neuer Sony-Chef: Kaz Hirai streicht 10.000 Stellen

Der neue Sony-Chef Kazuo (Kaz) Hirai streicht weltweit 10.000 Jobs. Sein Vorgänger Howard Stringer wird voraussichtlich persönliche Konsequenzen für vier Jahre Verlustgeschäft tragen müssen. (Sony, PSN)

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Stellenabbau bei Sony

Der neue Sony-Chef Kazuo Hirai plant einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge den Abbau von weltweit 10.000 Arbeitsplätzen.

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09.04.2012 13:00 Uhr

Nikkei: Sony streicht 10.000 Jobs bis zum Jahresende

Filed under: CompaniesDie japanische Zeitung Nikkei berichtet, dass bei Sony rund 10.000 Stellen gestrichen werden sollen. Bis zum Ende des Jahres würde sich das Unternehmen so von rund sechs Prozent seiner Mitarbeiter trennen. Damit nicht genug: Sieben Manager, darunter auch der Vorstandsvorsitzende Howard Stringer, sollen bereits gezahlte Boni zurückgeben. Bei einem Verlust von rund 3,2 Milliarden Dollar im vergangenen Jahr zählt eben alles. Sony äu&szli

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DingleBerry 4.0 cancelled, open-sourced in search of PlayBook OS 2.0 root exploit

DingleBerry arrived with an awesome name and even better functionality: the ability to root a BlackBerry PlayBook. For the moment, however, it seems the utility is little more than dust in the wind. We've received news that development of the famed exploit has been halted. If it's any solace to super users, the project may find new vigor, because the source code for DingleBerry 3.3.3 is now available for all to improve upon. Perhaps the cat

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Kinder von Bill Gates bekommen kein Smartphone

Der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung erzählte Melinda Gates, die Frau des Microsoft-Gründers Bill Gates, dass ihre drei Kinder so normal und bodenständig wie möglich aufwachsen sollen.Die Kinder, (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaFacebook: Klage wegen Nutzung eines ProfilfotosSenf dazu: Die Angst vor den köpfenden Piraten

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09.04.2012 12:00 Uhr

Raspberry Pi hat den CE-Prüfsiegel-Test bestanden

Anfang des Monats wurde bekannt, dass sich die Auslieferung des Kleinrechners namens Raspberry Pi weiter verzögern wird, da dieses Gerät bisher noch über kein für die Europäische Union zwingend erforderliche (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaIBM-Supercomputer für riesiges Radioteleskop SKASamsung bringt Speicherkarten mit bis zu 80 MB/s

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ASUS Transformer Prime bekommt GPS zurück, mit einem Dongle

Filed under: Tablet Wir wissen, dass ASUS' Transformer Prime Probleme mit dem GPS-Empfang hat, da helfen auch keine Firmware-Updates. Jetzt berichtet Al

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09.04.2012 11:00 Uhr

Warum Mozilla alte Versionen von Java blockiert

Die Firefox-Entwickler von Mozilla haben sich dazu entschlossen, veraltete Versionen von Java im hauseigenen Browser aus Sicherheitsgründen zu deaktivieren. Warum diese Entscheidung getroffen wurde, erklärt (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaMicrosoft bringt sechs Bulletins in diesem MonatFlickr mit neuen Möglichkeiten zur Bildbearbeitung

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Suzumo SushiBot pumps out 300 Kwik-E-Mart rolls per hour (video)

We tend to avoid scooping up sushi whenever there's no chef in sight -- at, say, a grocery store, or a gas station -- but we've always assumed there was a human cranking out maki somewhere behind the scenes. If Suzumo's SushiBot makes it to the production line, that may no longer be the case. The compact machine doesn't exude beauty in the traditional sense, but what it lacks in elegance it easily makes up with efficiency. The contraption can plop down rice clumps for nigiri at a rate of 3,600 per hour,

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Sony to cut 10,000 jobs and slash bonuses, says Japanese newspaper

There have been some major adjustments at Sony HQ already, but Japanese business sheet Nikkei reckons they're nothing compared to what's on the horizon. It reports that, come an announcement on April 12th, Kaz Hirai will clear out 10,000 jobs by the end of this year -- that's six percent of his workforce. The paper also says that seven execs, including chairman Howard Stringer, could be asked to forgo their bonuses, as the company concedes a $3.2 billion loss for 2011. It's a just a single report and it's entirely possible that none of this will happen, but merely the hint of such au

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Estimated 21M iPhones, iPads in China heavily concentrated in urban areas

A new analysis estimates that there were 21 million iPhones and iPads in China by the end of 2011 and notes that Apple appears to have reached an approximately 10 percent penetration rate with iOS in the country's biggest urban centers.

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Open-Kang-Projekt schneidert Ice Cream Sandwich auf eure Bedürfnisse zu (Video)

Filed under: Android Mehr Persönlichkeit für Ice Cream Sandwich gefällig? Das neue Custom ROM von Team Kang, demnächst fertig, lässt euch jegliche Freiheit, was das Arrangement und die Funktionalitäten der Android-Buttons angeht. Damit nicht genug: Bis zu fünf Knöpfe passen jetzt auf das Display. Damit können entweder Apps oder bestimmte Aktionen gestartet werden, auch

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1 Infinite Loop: Ein Blick ins Innere [Foto-Galerie]

Nur den wenigsten ist es gegönnt, einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der Ideenschmiede Apple werfen zu können, ist es doch normalerweise notwendig ein Angestellter oder eingeladener Besucher zu sein. Auch dass im gesamten Gebäude üblicherweise ein Fotografie-Verbot besteht, dürfte einer der Gründe sein, warum das Innenleben für die Öffentlichkeit bis jetzt ein einziges Mysterium blieb.

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"Osterei statt Nazipartei" auf Webseiten der FPÖ

Aktivisten der österreichischen Anonymous-Bewegung haben am Ostersonntag erneut die Webseiten der FPÖ ins Visier genommen. Neben einem Pony-Bild wurde die Nachricht "Osterei statt Nazipartei" auf einer Seite (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaµTorrent 3.1.3 Build 26994 - Freier BitTorrent-ClientMicrosoft bringt sechs Bulletins in diesem Monat

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[Tipps und Tricks] Mac-OS-X-Netzwerkdienste: Bildschirmfreigabe anpassen

Das Programm „Bildschirmfreigabe“ kennt zwei Modi, den Steuermodus und den Beobachtungsmodus. Beim Steuermodus erhalten Sie volle Kontrolle über den anderen Mac und können so arbeiten, als säßen Sie direkt vor diesem. Beim Beobachtungsmodus haben Sie hingegen die Möglichkeit zu verfolgen, was auf

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China: Schüler verkauft Niere für iPhone

Dies ist eine der eher traurigen Meldungen, die man im Zusammenhang mit Apple zu berichten hat. Ein chinesischer Schüler verkaufte seine Niere an einen illegalen Organhändlerring, um sich aus den Verkaufserlösen auch mal ein iPhone kaufen zu können. Ein iPad war zwar auch noch drin, doch die verbleibende Niere scheint nun auch nicht mehr einwandfrei

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Researchers suggest haptics and audio for discreet password input

You can use as complex as a password as you like, but that won't do you much good if someone's able to watch or record you entering it. Researchers Andrea Bianchi, Ian Oakley and Dong-Soo Kwon have some ideas for overcoming that little problem though, and recently put together a video demonstrating a few of the possibilities they've come up with. All of those rely on haptic input systems -- either on their own or in conjunction with some audio output (through headphones for privacy). That includes things like a dedicated haptic keypad or ha

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Hass auf Android von Apple-Gründer Jobs war echt

Der Chef des US-Internetkonzerns Google, Larry Page, teilte kürzlich mit, dass die tiefgehende Abneigung des im letzten Jahr verstorbenen Apple-Chefs Steve Jobs gegen das mobile Betriebssystem Android nur Show (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaVLC-Entwickler warnen vor gefälschter Android-AppWikipedia setzt bei neuer App auf OpenStreetMap

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Neue Patente: Surround Sound und Gesichtserkennung

Seine Erfindungen lässt Apple so schnell wie möglich schützen – Patentstreitigkeiten gibt es schließlich schon genug. In der vergangenen Woche kamen zwei neue Ideen zum Vorschein: Die Gesichtserkennung für iOS sowie ein Surround-Sound-System für MacBooks.Über das gesamte Gerät verteilt, anstatt wie bisher nur an zwei Stellen, plant Apple dem Patentantrag zufolge künftig die Lautsprecher im MacBook zu verbauen. Durch den Einsatz von Hoch- und Mitteltönern sowie den entsprechenden Basslautsprechern ließe sich passend zum schicken neuen Retina-Display so auch besser hören. Einen nur auf den ersten Blick älteren Hut beschreibt das zweite

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Leak: Sony seen cutting 10,000 jobs

Sony's April 12 strategy meeting might see it make its largest job cut to date. Leaks to the historically accurate Nikkei have had it slashing 10,000 jobs, or about six percent of its worldwide employee base. The Japanese trade paper added that seven executive leaders, including chairman and former CEO Sir Howard Stringer, would likely be asked to forfeit their bonuses.

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Wireshark 1.6.7 - Überwachung von Netzwerken

Wireshark ist ein Tool zur Überwachung von Netzwerken, das auch von vielen Spezialisten eingesetzt wird. Es kann zur Fehlerbehebung, Netzwerkanalyse und auch zur Software- und Protokollentwicklung eingesetzt (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaClamWin Free Antivirus 0.97.4 - Gratis VirenscannerFreemake Video Converter Video-Konverter

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AT&T's iPhone unlocking process detailed as easy, long

AT&T's iPhone unlocking plans have been detailed in posts on MacNN's forums and on others like at iMore. Owners only have to call or talk to AT&T agents and, if they're out of contract or willing to pay to exit a contract, just need to provide their phone's IMEI. As with unlocks in Canada and elsewhere, Apple handles the actual unlock, which requires that users backup and restore in iTunes.

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Philips' new ErgoSensor desktop display demands that you sit up straight

Remember those halcyon days when your mother would chide you to sit up straight should you ever start to slouch? Good news, desk jockeys, because Philips' ErgoSensor desktop monitor is here to stop your stooping now that mom's no longer around -- and it doesn't require you to wear some silly plastic pendant or occupy any of your USB real estate. The 24-inch, 250-nit, 1920 x 1080 display has a sensor in its bezel that watches you while you work, a

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How would you change ASUS' Transformer Prime?

"All hail the new king," was how we capped off our review of the Transformer Prime, which simply blew us away. Gaming performance was astonishing and it only improved when Ice Cream Sandwich appeared in the middle of this year's CES. In fact, the only issues we could find involved a less-than-ideal speaker placement, slightly flat color reproduction and the fact that the keyboard dock and battery is an additional $150. The company's even getting around fixing the GPS issue with the soon-to-be-released

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Inhabitat's Week in Green: autos galore, electric trees and the world's largest rooftop farm

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green. Flying cars and taxis of the future drove out of our imaginations and onto the show floor of the 2012 New York Auto Show this week as autophiles poured into the Jacob Javits Cente

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Refresh Roundup: week of April 2nd, 2012

Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging for an update. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it's easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don't escape without notice, we've gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery we could find during the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and let us know. Enjoy!

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Universal Pictures now available to re-download on Apple's iCloud

Movies from Universal Pictures purchased on iTunes can now be re-downloaded through the iCloud service, leaving just one major studio, Fox, that is not a part of iCloud.

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Too late for Easter: Chocolate printer to hit eBay in April, cost $4,000

Confection connoisseurs hoping to skip the whole "molded chocolate" routine for something more constructive won't have to wait long: Choc Edge's delectable 3D dessert printer is almost ready. The Choc Creator is the brainchild of Liang Hao and a kitchen of assistant cooks -- additional research at the University of Brunel, software by developer Delcam, oversight from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and funding from the Research Councils UK's Digital Economy pro

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Marketplace reporter gets rare tour of Foxconn's iPad plants

American Public Media's Marketplace has posted early details of a rare guided tour of a Foxconn factory. The only such tour outside of an earlier ABC visit, the visit by Mike Daisey exposé reporter Rob Schmitz included "unfettered" access. In first-hand talks with staffers, his initial impression was that many of the reports of underage workers and dangerous conditions were overstated, and that the truly common issues were management and pay.

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