17.02.2012 02:05 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Coverage? for iOS tells when you can and can't get on the cellular network

Coverage? is an iOS app that tells you where to expect coverage from all the major US carriers. The maps are based on coverage maps from the cell companies, but they are interpreted, updated, and quite a bit more useful. You can see all major US carriers, and overlay them. I initially looked at Coverage? in 2010 when the iPhone was only on AT&T. At the time, I found the comparisons a bit depressing. The Verizon coverage was pervasive, and the AT&T coverage was pretty sparse outside the big cities. Fast forward to today, and Coverage? is out with a new version that has updated maps, and, for the first time, maps that include AT&T LTE signals. The current iPhon

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