18.03.2023 19:18 Uhr, Quelle: Engadget

Blizzard is working to shorten Diablo IV beta queue times

It’s safe to say Diablo IV’s early access weekend hasn’t gone as smoothly as Blizzard likely hoped it would. Shortly after the beta went live on Friday, many players found themselves in lengthy login queues. In my case, I had to wait nearly two hours before I got a chance to play the game, only to be quickly disconnected after about 15 minutes.Blizzard addressed the issue after players took to social media and the official Diablo IV forums to complain. “The team is working through some issues behind the scenes that have been affecting players and causing them to be disconnected from the servers,” Blizzard said in its initial post on the subject. “This is done so we can ensure stability amongst players who get into the game after the queue process.”Very kind of the Diablo IV beta to make sure I get work done today pic.twitter.com/VgZ1SBcebS— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) March 17, 2023If you’re waiting to play, Blizzard asks that you stay in the login que

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