12.12.2018 18:18 Uhr, Quelle: iPodlounge

Review: Funxim Wireless Pro In-Table Wireless Charger

Since Apple unveiled Qi wireless charging capabilities last year, wireless charging pads have become commoditized to the point where there’s little to differentiate between them other than physical appearance. While we’re starting to see unique solutions like Twelve South’s PowerPic and the FurniQi side table, most wireless chargers still require you to place a relatively unsightly pad on a desk or tabletop, forcing you to balance home decor with the convenience of accessible wireless charging. This is what Funxim is hoping to solve with its new “long-distance” Wireless Pro charger, an accessory that allows you to integrate wireless charging into any table or desk, and do so without having to actually modify your furniture. {/exp:char_limit}

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