16.02.2012 23:06 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Magnus magnetic stand has a hold on your iPad 2

Sometimes the most simple accessories can be the most effective. When I received a tiny box from Ten One Design claiming to hold a stand that would support an iPad 2 in an upright position, I scoffed. But it turns out that the Magnus magnetic stand (US$49.95) really does work. The Magnus is a tiny sculpted piece of aluminum with a very powerful magnetic strip at the bottom. When you place an iPad 2 onto it in the designated landscape orientation (with the home button on the right side), the Magnus and iPad click together. Held in the magnetic clutch of the Magnus, the iPad is nicely balanced and stays securely perched. This is one of the smallest iPad stands I've reviewed so far and I've reviewed a lot of 'em.

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