15.02.2012 03:35 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

AppCartel offers new crowdfunding opportunity for developers

There's a lot more to building a business with your app idea than simply building the app. Having seen great apps wither on the vine due to bad marketing or poor planning, it's nice to see fresh efforts among developers who aim to enable great apps to find their market. AppCartel is a crowdfunding effort to pool resources for developers, allowing them access to a promotional team and other resources, plus money to build and launch their apps. In fact, if you've got a team ready to make a great app, AppCartel wants to hear from you. If you've simply got an idea, or you don't know how to actually create an app, this isn't for you. AppCartel is looking for teams needing funding for their project, which should be ready to enter development. I spoke to the crea

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