30.01.2012 20:05 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Flowfold iPad sleeve: a water-resistant case with an eco-friendly footprint

If you live in an area that gets warm rain in the summer or cold rain in the winter, then you'll want to check out the iPad sleeve from Flowfold. It's a basic sleeve that'll protect your iPad from the elements. It's made of recycled materials, which makes it friendly for the environment, too. Design The Flowfold case has a basic sleeve design with sailcloth on the outside and a soft inner liner made of recycled bottles. The outer sailcloth layer is made from leftover scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. For those that have never sen it, sailcloth is used to make professional racing sails and has a unique glossy, fibrous appearance. This sailcloth sleeve is different from any other case I have seen because the styling doesn't c

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