20.01.2012 18:05 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

iRig Pre makes iOS device a pre-amp

IK Multimedia is always coming out with new ways for musicians to use their iOS devices to assist in performing or recording. Now the company has introduced the iRig PRE, a mic preamp designed to let you use standard XLR mics with your iPhone or iPad. The unit (US$39.99) won't be available until the early part of the second quarter of 2012, but when it's finally in the hands of music makers everywhere, they'll enjoy the features of the iRig PRE. It's powered by a standard 9V battery, and can amp up a dynamic mic for up to 40 hours or a condenser mic for up to 15 hours. The dongle, which plugs into the headset port on your device, also has a 3.5 mm jack for monitoring your music, auto gain control, and the aforementioned XLR jack. IK Multi

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