16.01.2012 15:35 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

OnLive goes from gaming to Desktop and TV

The folks from OnLive, who we met up with last week at CES, are understandably apologetic about the fact that the iOS app for gaming hasn't yet shown up in the App Store. But though they may be sorry it hasn't appeared, OnLive's Bruce Grove is still mum on what the holdup is all about, only saying that the app is still going through Apple's "approval process." Is Apple holding the app up for breaking subscription rules, or did OnLive submit it a little late to the App Store over the holiday season? Grove doesn't budge, only saying that OnLive is currently "learning about the process a little more." At any rate, the gaming app is still due out "soon" -- whenever that may be. But that doesn't mean OnLive isn't working; T

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