15.01.2012 16:05 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Apple's plans for your living room: On Apple TV, "iTV", Siri, and all the rest

The "iTV" rumourmill -- speculation that Apple will be releasing a full-size television, screen and all -- is back to full speed again. I've long been skeptical about this possibility, but even I have to concede that we reached the "no smoke without fire" level some time ago. The rumours are too numerous and too persistent to not have some sort of substance to them. Nevertheless, there's a few aspects of the most frequently repeated speculation that don't make sense to me; I'll explain which ones, and why, below. Want to add your own voice to the discussion? Jump into our comments section! The future of video distribution The big-picture issue that drives many of the rumours is the coming battle over how we, the viewers, will receive and pay for television content. On the o

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