13.01.2012 05:05 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Spotted at CES: Skech Trax iPhone 4 case

Today, while checking out the variety of iPhone case options available in the iLounge Pavilion at CES, I saw a display that caught my eye: iPhone 4 cases made from recycled bicycle tires. As a Portlander, I am legally obligated* to follow up on any product that is recycled or bike-related, so I went over and checked them out. They are made by a company called Skech, and I actually got my hands on the Skech Trax case. This is a flip style case (like a steno pad, not like a book) with a nice soft interior and the exterior is made of the aforementioned used tires. This is cool because all the cases are a little different and have some cool texture to th

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