10.01.2012 02:05 Uhr, Quelle: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

CushPad: A goofy-looking but very useful iPad accessory

One of the oddest-looking iPad accessories that I've ever reviewed showed up last month, and if wasn't so doggone useful, I would have written this review sooner. The CushPad (US$34.99) looks and feels like a pillow, but it's actually a soft, washable stand for the iPad 2. Design The shape and size of the CushPad probably limits it to use around the house. I just can't see taking this with me on trips, even if I do need a pillow to prop my head on when I'm flying somewhere. I have enough stuff that I have to lug through security checks, and a truncated pyramid roughly the size of three loaves of bread isn't my idea of portable. The CushPad currently comes in one color -- blue -- although the website shows green, gray, black and red as poss

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