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20.05.2013 24:00 Uhr

Daily Update for May 20, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Flash) or the non-Flash link below. To subscribe to the podcast for daily listening through iTunes, click here.

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Samsung to pay for Galaxy-specific apps

In its continuing quest for domination in the Android market place, Samsung has announced a global contest for developers to make Samsung-exclusive apps. In particular, they're looking for apps that highlight the Group Play function showcased in the new Galaxy S4. Group Play allows users to interact and share content like music, photos, and games with other users. 10 winner developers will split $800,000 in prize money as the company looks for the killer app to help it stand out in the pack of Android handset providers. The contest requires developers to use Samsung's Chord SDK media streaming service to be eligible for the prize money. $200,000 goes to the first prize winner, three second-place winners get $100,000 each, and the remai

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Apple CEO Tim Cook faces the US Senate, bipartisan senators plan to question Apple’s creativity in tax avoidance

Apple has already made its planned remarks before a Senate committee on Tax Reform known. Here’s what the other side has to say via Michigan’s Carl Levin (Democrat) on the senator’s view of Apple’s tax avoidance strategy: “Apple wasn’t satisfied with shifting its profits to a low-tax offshore tax haven. Apple sought the Holy Grail of tax avoidance. It […]

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Flickr updated with grid UI, users get 1TB of free storage

A formal celebration of Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr wasn't what the internet outfit had up its sleeve for this evening's festivities. An update to Flickr has been unveiled at the NYC event with a host of new features that includes a retooled UI built out of a grid of images and user storage of up to 1TB for free. The redesign is also coming to mobile devices on iOS and Android. In fact, the Android update should be ava

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Apple India offers promotions on entire iPhone line to boost adoption

Apple is making some moves to make its iPhone line more affordable in India. Deals sponsored by Apple with partners include credit card rebates, trade-in discounts, subsidies, and modified payment plans. As a result of the plans, analysts expect "significant growth" in the region. 

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1.5-inch OLED screens being tested for Apple smartwatch, rumor says

Apple is testing 1.5-inch OLED touchscreens for use in its upcoming smartwatch, claims Taiwanese publication the Economic Daily News. Apple is in fact said to have tried 1.8-inch screens, but judged that they were too big. The 1.5-inch panels are reportedly being manufactured by Taiwan's RiTdisplay, and use one-glass-solution touch sensors, which should allow Apple to keep the watch thin. 

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Control-Alt-Grrrrrr: A look at Penclic's Mini Keyboard K2

Tired of the same old keyboard design and looking for something a bit different? The Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 (US$69.95) definitely fits the bill in terms of not being the typical keyboard, and as you'll see in this review that's not necessarily a good thing. Design and Functionality When I think of Scandinavian design, I usually think of sleek minimalist wooden furniture. The Swedish-designed Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 comes in black (unless you're looking at the company's website, where the keyboard is white), and definitely has a different look to it. It's about the same width and depth of the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but with a top end that swoo

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Facebook makes sharing in iOS apps even easier with new native Share Dialog for developers

At its event last month Facebook showed us a native Share Dialog as part of its Facebook SDK 3.5 for iOS update, and today Facebook announced on its blog that the feature is now available to developers. Now officially out of beta, the native Share Dialog will allow developers to implement easier sharing features into […]

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Spot satellite-powered Global Phone keeps adventurers connected for $499

Sick of that spotty (read: non-existent) cell coverage 1,000 miles off the coast of Alaska? This time, you can't blame AT&T. There is an option for getting connected, though, and it's not quite as pricey as you think. Spot, a subsidiary of satellite

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Yahoo NYC press event liveblog

News of Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr is already official, so today's NYC event will likely shed some light on that $1.1 billion deal. CEO Marissa Mayer will be on hand to address the crowd -- and we'll be there to give you the play-by-play. Will we hear exactly what Yahoo means when it sa

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20.05.2013 23:00 Uhr

Apple soll 1,5-Zoll-Display für die iWatch testen

Mit etwas Glück wird Apple noch dieses Jahr Apple-Fans weltweit mit einer zum Mac, iPhone, iPad und iPod touch passenden Armbanduhr beglücken. Viele Informationen gibt es bisher noch nicht, doch zumindest für eine Display-Größe soll sich Apple nun entschieden haben: 1,5 Zoll. Wie die taiwanische

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Samsung and Sharp Introduce New Ultra-High-Resolution Notebook Displays

While Apple's 15" MacBook Pro was the first consumer notebook to gain a Retina-level display nearly a year ago, it is no longer the only such offering, as Google's Chromebook Pixel with its 12.85" 2560x1700 display and Toshiba's Kirabook with a 2560x1440 220 PPI display have joined the market in recent months. Seeking to raise the ante on Retina displays, Samsung and Sharp have both introduced new high-resolution displays in the past week, targeting notebooks and ultrabooks with the latest technology. The new displays from both companies sport 16:9 ratios, making them unfit for Apple's line of notebooks, which all use 16:10 ratio displays, but they should make Retina displays a mainstream feature in the relatively near future. Sharp last week announced new

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Timed command-line screenshots

A TUAW staffer recently asked if there were a way to snapshot the exact same region of the screen over and over at timed intervals without buying third party software. There is, but it depends on your comfort with the command line. If you're experienced in Unix scripting, read on. If not, you may want to investigate standalone screen capture apps instead. I pointed him to /usr/sbin/screencapture. This built-in OS X utility allows you to specify a screen region to capture. For example, to capture a 50x200 rectangle starting at the point 200, 200, you'd say: % /usr/sbin/screencapture -R"200,200,50,200" ~/Desktop/foo.png You can easily apply a Unix shell script to create numbered output files. Unix commands will also enable you to sleep and

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Wacom releases Bamboo Loop photo-sharing digital card app (video)

Wacom's Bamboo line of products have always been far more whimsical and user-friendly than the rest of its professional offerings, and it's taken that a step further today with the introduction of th

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Apple publishes official testimony ahead of Cook Senate appearance

A day ahead of CEO Tim Cook's planned appearance in front of the US Senate, Apple has published its official testimony (PDF) for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. In the document, the company lobbies for corporate tax reform, specifically arguing that the government should be "revenue neutral, eliminate all corporate tax expenditures, lower corporate income tax rates; and implement a reasonable tax on foreign earnings that allows free movement of capital back to the US." Apple has roughly $100 billion in overseas cash, which it has refused to repatriate unless it can pay l

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AT&T to restore pre-loaded video chat network access by end of year

AT&T has made a statement regarding the future of video chat applications on its LTE network. According to the telecom company, all "pre-loaded video chat apps" will be available for all of its wireless customers "regardless of data plan or device" by the end of the year. The move is a turnaround from previous decisions by the company to prohibit use of FaceTime and now Google Hangouts chat on mostly grandfathered unlimited data plans.

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Mac-Tipp: Dateien oder Programme zu bestimmten Terminen automatisch öffnen

Wie man den OS X Kalender als Programmstarter verwendetManchmal kann es nützlich sein, wenn ein Dokument oder Programm auf dem Mac zu einem bestimmten Termin automatisch geöffnet wird - etwa um an noch nicht erledigte Arbeit zu erinnern. Das geht am einfachsten mit einem Bordmittel von OS X: Der Kalender-App. Das Einrichten ist ganz einfach:

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Bloomberg: Dish offers $2 billion for LightSquared's wireless spectrum

The last few years have been a tumultuous time for LightSquared, with the company's LTE plans facing one hurdle after another that eventually led to a bankruptcy filing. It looks like at least one company is now looking to buy its most valuable asset, though, with Bloomberg reporting that Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen has put a $2 billion offer on the table for the company's wireless

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AT&T to bring FaceTime over cellular to all customers by end of year

AT&T has announced that all mobile video chat applications, including Apple's FaceTime, will work over its cellular network by the end of this year.

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First Looks: Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 5

Believe it or not, Juice Pack Plus ($120) is actually the third all-but-identical iPhone 5 battery case in Mophie's extended rollout of the line. As the name suggests, it offers a larger capacity battery than either Juice Pack Helium or Juice Pack Air; this one is packing 2100mAh, and Mophie claims that it offers up to 120% battery life -- our prior tests suggest that it'll come in considerably lower than that. Physically, it looks a lot like the…

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Oyen Digital MiniPro enclosure dresses your hard drive like a Mac Pro

A few months ago I reviewed an external hard drive enclosure I was pretty fond of -- the Mercury On-The-Go-Pro. Today I want to tell you about one I like even more: The Oyen Digital MiniPro enclosure. The two enclosures actually are very similar in functionality. They both allow you to take your old laptop hard drives, insert them into the enclosure, and turn those old drives into useful spare external drives. They also both offer one USB 3.0 port and two Firewire 800 ports. The reason I like the Oyen Digital MiniPro more, however, is because

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Lenovo ThinkPad S3 and S5 teased, show off aluminum 'floating design'

Starting to get bored of the ThinkPad's classic look but not keen on the Edge series? Then we have good news for you! Earlier today we received a couple of photos that show off two upcoming Lenovo Ultrabooks: the 13-inch ThinkPad S3 (codename "Labatt") and the 15-inch ThinkPad S5 ("Guinness"). As you can see above and after the break, both aluminum laptops feature a

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Editorial: Google confuses magic with middling as it steps into music streaming

First of all: that name. Google Play Music All Access. Perhaps Google's presenters realized, as they were driving to the I/O keynote, that they had forgotten to name the new music-streaming service, and came up with that clunker backstage. Unique? Magical? It's easy to dismiss those claims within minutes of signing up. Ju

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News: AT&T: All video chat apps will work over cellular in 2013

AT&T has made a statement suggesting the carrier will allow all mobile video chat apps over cellular on its network by the end of the year. In a statement made to The Verge, AT&T said that pre-loaded Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry’s video chat apps will be enabled by mid-June “over cellular for our unlimited plan customers who have LTE devices from those three manufacturers.” Additionally, “Throughout the second half…

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How to get 1 year of NFL Sunday Ticket streamed games to your iPad, iPhone or Mac for $100 (plus Madden 25!)

From Are you ready for some football?  Last Friday our 9to5Toys team discovered an Amazon exclusive preorder bonus that will make most gamers’ wives and girlfriends cringe. The first 50,000 orders for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will include a full 17 week trial of NFL Sunday Ticket. A standard copy of this […]

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Inside Apple's push for comprehensive corporate tax reform

When Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook testifies before the U.S. Senate this week, he will make his case for comprehensive corporate tax reform, arguing that the current tax system actually undermines the competitiveness of American companies.

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NPD: US Mac sales flat compared to last year

A new report from market analysts NPD Group indicates that US Mac sales for the month of April were about even with the same month last year, which some analysts see as a positive sign for Apple. However, NPD's data -- which is normally considered reasonably accurate -- only covers US sales, meaning the higher percentage of Mac sales overseas is making meaningful predictions difficult. 

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AT&T to allow FaceTime over cellular for all customers by the end of the year

Back in January, AT&T decided to open up Apple’s FaceTime video chat service over its cellular network to all users on its new tiered plans. Unfortunately, that left those still on grandfathered unlimited data plans out in the cold. According to a statement from the carrier (via TheVerge), by mid-June all customers with LTE devices […]

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Tumblr updates iOS app to match redesigned Android interface

Today's definitely a big day for Tumblr: there's a refreshed iOS app in the iTunes Store! And, well, a bit of other news, too. But you'll hear plenty more about that later -- for now, it's all about mobile. The blogging platform just updated its application for iPad and iPhone, adding that "fancy new post type chooser"

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Yahoo's post-Tumblr purchase press event is live tonight, get your liveblog here!

Well, Yahoo! has already officially announced its $1.1 billion cash deal to snatch up social darling and microblogging platform du jour, Tumblr. The question on everyone's mind is, what else could the struggling web pioneer have up it's sleeve? Truth is we have no idea. Could Mayer have another acquisition to announce or a special new product lined up for

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Square Cash appears on invite-only site, lets you send money with an email

Square's been venturing beyond those tiny credit card swipers as of late. Last week, the company introduced its nifty $299 Stand POS system for iOS, and now it appears to be branching out to individuals, with a to-be-announced service called Square Cash. There's not much info to share at this point -- TechCrunch rec

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News: Apple releases testimony before CEO’s Senate appearance

Apple has released a document containing CEO Tim Cook’s testimony ahead of his scheduled appearance tomorrow before US Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Responding to questions about the company keeping more than $100 billion overseas, Apple used the testimony to state that it does not use tax gimmicks, and “has substantial foreign cash because it sells the majority of its products outside the US.” The company…

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Liberator gun made with consumer 3D printer, plastic pistol fires nine shots successfully (video)

Defense Distributed's plan is to put the power of guns in the hands of every person with access to the internet and a 3D printer. Until now, however, we'd only seen the Liberator pistol built using an expensive industrial-grade printer -- despite the fact that the

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Apple details 'extraordinary amount' of taxes it pays in testimony to US Senate

Apple on Monday published in full the formal testimony that Chief Executive Tim Cook plans to give before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in the U.S. Senate.

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AT&T to Expand FaceTime Over Cellular to All Customers by Year End

In a statement to The Verge on the future of pre-loaded apps, AT&T today revealed that it is planning to offer FaceTime over cellular to all of its customers on any data plan by the end of 2013.For video chat apps that come pre-loaded on devices, we currently give all OS and device makers the ability for those apps to work over cellular for our customers who are on Mobile Share or Tiered plans. Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry have chosen to enable this for their pre-loaded video chat apps. And by mid-June, we’ll have enabled those apps over cellular for our unlimited plan customers who have LTE devices from those three manufacturers. Throughout the second half of this year, we plan to e

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App-Rabatte zum Start in die neue Woche

Jeden Montag präsentieren wir auf apfelpage regelmäßig die App-Rabatte zum Start in die neue Woche. So könnt ihr mit sorgfältig ausgewählten Preisnachlässen noch einmal kräftig sparen. Folgende Reduzierungen können wir euch diese Woche empfehlen.

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Apple publishes recommendations on tax reform ahead of Senate hearing on offshore tax practice

Apple today has published its testimony proposing corporate tax reform and detailing the company’s tax practices ahead of CEO Tim Cook’s appearance at a Senate hearing on offshore tax practices scheduled for tomorrow. In the testimony, Apple proposed what it called comprehensive corporate tax reform that should: Be revenue neutral, eliminate all corporate tax expenditures, […]

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Apple Releases Statement Ahead of Tim Cook's Senate Appearance on Tax Policy

Apple today released a statement [PDF] ahead of Apple CEO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer, and head of tax operations Phillip A. Bullock's appearances in front of the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation tomorrow. In the seventeen page statement, Apple notes that it has created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States -- both directly and through suppliers and contractors. It notes that the company paid nearly $6 billion in federal taxes in fiscal 2012 and the company expects to pay $7 billion in 2013. The company also says Apple "does not use tax gimmicks", pushing back against reporting in The New York Times that exami

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Review: Trü Protection Trü-Fit Anti-Glare Film Set

Trü-Fit arrives in a 4-inch wide, 7.75-inch tall cardboard box; it’s about a quarter of an inch thick, compared to the flat envelopes we’re used to seeing. You tear a perforated tab across the top to open the box, which unfolds into a cross shape. On the left of the main panel are the installation instructions, below there’s a list of the contents, and to the right, there’s a pocket holding the film and accessories. Right…

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News: New Apple offers in India can reduce iPhone price

Apple has introduced incentives to make the iPhone more affordable for customers in India. Indian students who trade in an old smartphone will get 7,777 rupees ($144) toward a new iPhone. Non-students will earn the equivalent of $130 toward an iPhone purchase. Additionally, customers who use an American Express credit card to purchase an iPhone will receive ten percent cash back — a maximum refund of $111 to customers who purchase an iPhone 4, 4S…

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Portable Spielkonsolen dank iPhone und Co. vor dem Aus

Der Siegeszug von iPhone und iPad sorgt für ein langsames, aber sicheres ‘Aussterben’ von mobilen Spielkonsolen aus dem Hause Nintendo oder Sony, wie beispielsweise die Nintendo DS oder Playstation Portable. Das wird auch durch eine Untersuchung bestätigt. Portable Gaming liegt nach wie vor voll im Trend. Doch statt wie früher auf mobilen Spielkonsolen zu daddeln,

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Yahoo’s Tumblr for iOS updated with “stacks” like post type chooser, app attribution

Tumblr, which was purchased by Yahoo today for a cool $1.1 billion, received an update for iPhone and iPad today that introduces a new post type chooser that resembles fan stacks on the dock in OS X but still includes a 17+ rating. The update also includes attributing app sources to posts shared on Tumblr. This update […]

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AT&T confirms that all video chat apps will work over cellular by the end of this year

Will video Hangouts launch when you're on AT&T's 3G network? Can you FaceTime with a friend over LTE? The carrier's current video chat support is confusing at best. Following Google's Hangouts app launch last week, we attempted to try out the Android version over AT&T's HSPA network. After hitting connect, a message popped up instructing us to hop over to WiFi in order to complete the call. The carrier foll

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Futuremark PCMark 8 kommt Ende des zweiten Quartals

Nachdem Futuremark seinen neuen 3DMark für Windows-PCs im Februar dieses Jahres veröffentlichte und zwei Monate darauf die entsprechende Android-Version des Benchmarks nachlieferte, kündigt das finnische Unternehmen nun seinen neuen PCMark 8 an, welcher Ende des zweiten Quartals erscheinen soll.

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Neue Zahlen: Apple Store Umsatz pro Besucher auf Rekordniveau

Horace Dediu von Asymco hat eine neue Hochrechnung für die USA preisgegeben. Das Thema: Apple Stores. Die Zahlen sind sehr beeindruckend: Apple Store Besucher geben durchschnittlich 58 Dollar aus. In der Branche ist das

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MacBooks: Erhöhtes Auftragsvolumen vor dem Start der WWDC

Das taiwanische IT-Branchenmagazin DigiTimes meldete kürzlich, dass Apple in naher Zukunft neue MacBook-Modelle präsentieren wird. Nun berichtet das Online-Portal von einem steigenden Auftragsvolumen für die Zulieferer von Apple. In der Quelle heißt es, dass Apple die Aufträge zur Produktion der MacBooks um 20 Prozent gegenüber dem ersten Quartal 2013 erhöht habe. DigiTimes beruft sich dabei

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Apple Patente: Mehrere iOS-Geräte als Kombi-Blitz

Fotografie ist ein wichtiger Einsatzbereich für iOS-Geräte, vor allem für iPhone. Die verschiedenen iPhone-Modelle führen die Liste der am meisten verwendeten Kameras bei Flickr an, und Apple ist daher verständlicherweise darum bemüht, die Foto-Funktion des iPhones weiter auszubauen. Ein Patent, dass Apple kürzlich zugesprochen wurde, geht in diese Richtung. Es beschreibt, wie man mehrere iOS-Geräte

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Arduino Yun weds Arduino, WiFi and linux at Maker Faire 2013

The Arduino Robot wasn't the only interesting product the Italian company launched at Maker Faire this past weekend. Arduino Yún combines a

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Apple debuts new iPhone discounts, subsidies to gain ground in India

Apple is continually trying new methods to get its products into the hands of Indian consumers, and the Cupertino company recently rolled out a range of new offers to attract iPhone buyers in the world's second-most populous coutnry.

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Tumblr for iOS Gets Redesigned User Interface After Yahoo Aquisition [iOS Blog]

Following its acquisition by Yahoo, Tumblr for iOS has been updated with a redesigned user interface that offers up a brand new post type chooser, displaying post options that fan out vertically from the app's redesigned compose button to allow for speedier posting. The redesigned menu is similar to the radial posting options used by social networking app Path, which displays buttons unobtrusively in the corner of the app. Previously, hitting Tumblr's compose button opened a new window with square-shaped posting icons, which was more obtrusive than the current overlay design. Old Design on Left, New Design on Right Tumblr's update also includes app attribution for posts from iOS devices, a featu

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Apple still king of retail, new study finds

A new study from Asymco analyst Horace Dediu finds that Apple is continuing to outpace the rest of the retail industry in sales per customer, sales per store and sales per square foot -- more than double the income of the second-place finisher Tiffany & Co and three times the third-place entry, Lululemon Athletica. In addition to retaining the crown of retailers, Dediu found revenues had increased from a year ago.

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Briefly: SwitchEasy cocoon for 13-inch rMBP, Gustav Line released

SwitchEasy is now offering a a version of its cocoon laptop case designed for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. Built form a polycarbonate material, the cocoon is offered in four different colors, black, white, grey and yellow, and features a textured finish for improved grip. The case provides protection to the entire exterior of the laptop and comes with four rubber feet to keep the laptop from sliding around on a desk. The cocoon can be purchased through SwitchEasy's online store for $50.

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Tumblr-Übernahme durch Yahoo perfekt

Für 1,1 Milliarden Dollar bekommt der Internet-Riese eine rasch wachsende Plattform, Millionen junger Nutzer – und womöglich ein kleines Porno-Problem.

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Timed command-line screenshots

A TUAW staffer recently asked if there were a way to snapshot the exact same region of the screen over and over at timed intervals without buying third party software. There is, but it depends on your comfort with the command line. If you're experienced in Unix scripting, read on. If not, you may want to investigate standalone screen capture apps instead. I pointed him to /usr/sbin/screencapture. This built-in OS X utility allows you to specify a screen region to capture. For example, to capture a 50x200 rectangle starting at the point 200, 200, you'd say: % /usr/sbin/screencapture -R"200,200,50,200" ~/Desktop/foo.png You can easily apply a Unix shell script to create numbered output files. Unix commands will also enable you to sleep and

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Desktop Toys: Box mit Spielsachen sorgt für spielerischen Zeitvertreib am Mac

Die meisten von uns werden morgen wieder zum gewohnten Arbeitsalltag zurückkehren. Mac-Besitzer können mit Desktop Toys der grauen Routine etwas entfliehen. Desktop Toys (Mac Store-Link) ist am 6. Mai dieses Jahres im Mac App Store erschienen, und kann zur Zeit für 2,69 Euro heruntergeladen werden. Ganz ohne ist der Download mit seinen 259 MB allerdingsDer Artikel Desktop Toys: Box mit Spielsachen sorgt für spielerischen Zeitvertreib am Mac erschien zuerst auf

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Sat-Schüssel mit dem iPhone ausrichten: Dish Align

Wer kennt das? Die Satellitenschüssel will ausgerichtet werden und man findet ums verrecken nicht die richtige Position. Die kostenlose App Dish Align leistet hier gute Dienste. Der Download von Dish Align war für uns der Griff nach dem rettenden Strohhalm, nachdem sich der Astra 19.2E eine halbe Stunde lang erfolgreich vor

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Sat-Schüssel mit dem iPhone ausrichten: Dish Align

Wer kennt das? Die Satellitenschüssel will ausgerichtet werden und man findet ums verrecken nicht die richtige Position. Die kostenlose App Dish Align leistet hier gute Dienste. Der Download von Dish Align war für uns der Griff nach dem rettenden Strohhalm, nachdem sich der Astra 19.2E eine halbe Stunde lang erfolgreich vor

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Domestic Mac sales flat in April, viewed as slight positive for Apple

The latest data from the NPD Group shows that domestic sales of Mac computers were about even year over year in the month of April, which one analyst interprets as potentially a positive sign for Apple.

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Review: New Trent iCarrier IMP120D Dual USB Power Pack

iCarrier’s appeal comes from three key factors. While the battery originally carried an MSRP of $120, it now officially retails for $70; most alternatives around this price point offer half as much battery power. In fact, New Trent’s 12,000mAh cell is one of the largest in the industry, eclipsing options from better-known brands we’ve covered over the past few years. Moreover, unlike almost all of its rivals, New Trent includes not…

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Five apps to help you identify birds and their beautiful songs

Spring means migration and the return of birds to many parts of North America. It also means warmer weather and sunny days that are perfect for birding. Here is a list of apps to help you get outside and start learning about our feathered friends (all prices are USD). Field Guide for birds [iOS Universal; $0.99 to $19.99] There are several big name field guides that include photos and illustrations to help identification, bird calls, range data and other information about each bird species. Included in this list of guides is Audubon, Peterson, Sibley, and the all-digital iBird. Audubon Birds is a digital version of the popular paperback field guide. It has excellent images of the birds, range maps an

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[App-Test] Iron Man 3

Milliardär, Menschenfreund und Super-Held: Tony Stark ist Iron Man. Im Spiel zum Film versucht sich Gameloft anders als bei Batman und Spiderman nicht an einer offenen Spielwelt, sondern kombiniert Temple Run mit der In-App-Mechanik von Real Racing 3.Kein Freiflug also, aber auch keine

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Visualized: The Jolla phone's 'other half' kaleidoscope

Following some important pricing details, preorder launches and some concrete hardware specs, we've just got to play with the new Jolla phone. Sure, we've already toyed with the software, but today's event is all about the new physical home for the Sai

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Microsoft's next Xbox: The rumor roundup

It's been eight years since Microsoft and Sony announced new consoles, and tastes have changed considerably. Back then, new gaming gear was launched at E3, or using Elijah Wood-fronted MTV specials, but this time around Microsoft is pitching a

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20.05.2013 20:00 Uhr

Pinterest adds more data to your boards with rich pins

Pinterest is already an absurdly popular way to save stuff from around the web, be it shoes you love, accessories for your bridesmaids or decorations for your man cave. One thing the social-bookmarking service has been missing, however, is

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Großbritannien: Apple Stores mit bester Kundenzufriedenheit

Eine hohe Kundenzufriedenheit ist nicht nur Apples Bestreben, sondern das eines jeden Unternehmens. Umso zufriedener wird man beim iPhone-Hersteller sein, dass man in Großbritannien mit seinen Retail Stores in dieser Kategorie auf Platz 1 liegt. Denn die führende britische Verbraucherschutzorganisation „Which?“ hatte im Vereinigten Königreich eine Umfrage unter 11.000 Konsumenten durchgeführt, bei der man das

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Hangouts upgrade disables outbound Google Voice calls in desktop Gmail, company promises it will return 'soon'

Anyone who's tried out the new Hangouts feature in Gmail in place of the traditional Google Talk option got a bit of surprise when they went to make an outbound call from their computer. That feature gets disabled when the new Hangouts replacement is switched on, leaving folks looking to make calls with no other option than to revert to the old Google Talk in Gmail or seek out ano

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Apple's Revenue Per Store Visitor Hits Record High

Apple's retail stores have been ranked as the U.S. retail chain with the highest sales per square foot for a number of years and according to a new report from Asymco’s Horace Dediu, the company also outranks competitors when it comes to revenue per visitor, hitting a record high of $57.60 per visitor in the first quarter of 2013. Apple experienced a seven percent growth in visitors during the quarter, leading to an average of $13 million in revenue per Apple Store, which is the highest it has been during a non-holiday quarter. During its Q2 financial results call, Apple

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U.S. Mac Sales Flat in April as iPod Sales Continue to Slide

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today released a brief report highlighting April data from market research firm NPD looking at Apple's U.S. Mac and iPod sales. The data shows Apple's Mac sales coming in flat year-over-year, and while Munster acknowledges that it has become increasingly difficult to extrapolate NPD's numbers to Apple's global sales performance, he views the latest data as "neutral to slight positive" relative to expectations for the company.Based on the differences between NPD data and Apple reported Mac sales over the past few quarters, we note it is becoming more difficult to draw conclusions from NPD data (see table below). We note that some of the more recent supply issues with the redesigned Macs have impacted the Apple reported numbers over the past two quarters. At the end of the day, we believe this April data point is likely a neutral to slight positive given our expectation that iPads will continue to cannibalize Macs over the next few years.Munster stands

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Mac: MCE Technologies Internal Blu-ray Player/SuperDrive

At this point, we just have to accept the fact that Blu-ray drives won’t be built into Macs; in fact, all optical drives are being phased out of Apple’s computers at this point. But if you have an older iMac or Mac mini, and want to be able to play Blu-ray discs, MCE Technologies is about to offer a new solution. The Internal Blu-ray Player/SuperDrive ($80) is the first internal player we’ve come across for the iMac or Mac mini.…

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Apple zahlt 1 Million Dollar pro Stunde

Gigantische Zahlen: 1 Millionen Dollar pro Stunde oder 24 Millionen Dollar pro Tag oder 8,76 Milliarden Dollar pro Jahr! Hierbei handelt es sich um die Steuern, die Apple in den USA zahlen muss. Dennoch steht der iKonzern wegen seiner Steuerspartricks immer wieder in der Kritik. „Vielleicht wissen sie es nicht, aber Apple ist wahrscheinlich der

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Jolla kündigt Smartphone mit Sailfish OS an

Erste Geräte hatte Jolla, ein von ehemaligen Nokia-Mitarbeitern und MeeGo-Entwicklern gegründetes Unternehmen, bereits im November 2012 angekündigt, heute folgte die offizielle Vorstellung des Jolla Smartphones. Besonderheiten sind die austauschbaren Rückseiten und das auf MeeGo basierende Betriebssystem Sailfish OS.

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How to capture a sense of speed with panning

Cameras are very good at freezing moments in time. Browse through your photo collection, and no doubt you'll have lots of examples in which a fast shutter speed captured an instant and preserved it, seemingly in amber. What's missing from photos like those, though, are any sense of drama. If you're shooting moving subjects - at a car race, a sporting event, or an airshow, for example - then you might want to preserve some of that action. You should learn to pan your camera.Related StoriesWatch: Video shows what Apple's 'iTV' television set could look likeEar

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Agile Partners releases Lick of the Day 2.0

"Wait, who's Brett Terpstra? Does that guy still write here?" Yes, he does, on special occasions. The release of Lick of the Day 2.0 seemed like a decent reason to come out of hiding. Lick of the Day is an app from Agile Partners for iPhone and iPad which teaches guitar players new skills in an easy to digest video and interactive format (see previous coverage by Matt Tinsley). With each lesson you get a high-quality video that includes explanations, fast and slow versions as well as tips for making the most of picking patterns and finger positions. Each lick also includes tab/notation, text narrative and backing tracks for

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Microsoft launches The Music Room, an interactive TV series on Xbox Live

A day ahead of its hotly anticipated Xbox event, Microsoft has announced a new interactive TV series entitled The Music Room, exclusively on Xbox Live. As a part of Microsoft's drive to beef up Xbox's entertainment content, the two-part program will be available to Gold s

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United Airlines puts Dreamliner back in the air after four-month grounding

Four months after the Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with an emergency airworthiness directive, United Airlines is putting the fuel-friendly plane back in the air today. The Dreamliner had overheating issues with its lithium-ion battery, which saw two notable failures prior to its January grounding, but a recent revamp of the battery system might put some fliers' fears to rest. It's worth nothing that the

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Photos of a new Samsung Galaxy S 4 emerge, could it be the Acitve?

A stock GS4 may look virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor, but it looks like Samsung's got a new variant of its flagship phone that'll bring it some much-needed visual flair. The folks at GSM Arena unearthed photos of a GT-I9295 model (allegedly to be called the GS4 Active) sporting a bright red shell wi

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IRL: TYLT cables and a standoff between two Galaxies

Welcome to IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about the gadgets, apps and toys we're using in real life and take a second look at products that already got the formal review treatment. IRL is a column about stuff we're using in real life and yes, that sometimes includes neon-green charging cables. It also includes all manner of smartphones, as you know, and this week we've got a short-and-sweet write-up comparing the GS3 and GS4. Is the 4 worth an early upgrade? Not if you ask Jon Fingas, anyway, but that's mostly because he's happy with the camera, performance and LTE radio on last year's model. Filed under:

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Turkey's Erdogan visits Microsoft, Apple, Google

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdo&#287;an, has been touring Silicon Valley companies this week, on the heels of a similar tour by Turkish President Abdullah Gül last month. Both men received VIP tours of facilities at Microsoft and Google, and met privately with officials from Apple. All three companies are hoping to land a contract to supply the country with at least 10.6 million tablets for the country's students.

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20.05.2013 19:00 Uhr

Apple's retail stores now earn record $58 per visitor

For every person who visited an Apple retail store last quarter, the company took in a record setting $57.60 in revenue, according to a new analysis.

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Asymco's Horace Dediu touts record Apple Store revenues in Q1 2013

Asymco mobile industry analyst Horace Dediu is up to his number-crunching again, this time with numbers showing that Apple Stores continue to have the top retail revenues per visitor of any retailer in the US. The first quarter of 2013 (Apple's second fiscal quarter) saw visitor growth of 7 percent and a new record revenue of US$57.60 per visitor. Average revenue per store was $13 million, a record-setting level for a non-holiday quarter. Dediu noticed that the average visitors per store has steadied out at about 250,000 per store per quarter, and posits that that number might be stagnant because fire regulations keep the stores from packing in even more visitors. Apple's employment in stores

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Galaxy S III Android 4.2.2 firmware leaked, adds several S 4 features (video)

Samsung didn't stray far from its comfort zone when designing the Galaxy S 4, and now a leaked build of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for the S III makes it even harder

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How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Here's how to take screengrabs, also known as screen captures, on an Apple Mac.Related StoriesApple and the file system: Skating to where the puck might goApple's Cook defends tax practices and reveals of 'made in USA' MacMac malware uploads screenshots, certified by AppleLow MacBoo

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Apple testet angeblich 1,5"-Displays - für die iWatch?

Nachdem es fast zwei Jahre lang in der Gerüchteküche als beinahe sicher galt, dass Apples nächster großer Coup ein HDTV-System sein wird, so deuten in den letzten Monaten zahlreiche Berichte darauf hin, Apple wolle ein Smartwatch auf den Markt bringen. Eine solche Uhr könnte viele Funktionen vereinen, so zum Beispiel Telefonie, Musikspieler, Abfragen via Siri, Navigation, iMessage sowie einfac

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iWatch: Apple testet angeblich 1,5 Zoll OLED-Display

Neben den Aktualisierungen der bereits existenten Hardware ist natürlich vor allem interessant, mit welchem Produkt Apple uns als nächstes überraschenwird. Ein sehr wahrscheinlicher Kandidat ist die iWatch. Die Entwicklung der Smartwatch von Apple scheint langsam Momentum aufzunehmen. Zumindest wenn man Berichten Glauben schenkt, nach denen Apple momentan 1,5 Zoll OLED Displays für den Einsatz in

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Nvidia zeigt GeForce GTX 780 in Asien

In Asien hat Nvidia im Rahmen eines Events die GeForce GTX 780 nicht nur offiziell bestätigt sondern auch erstmals der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt. Parallel dazu haben Webseiten aus China alle Pressefotos der neuen GeForce-Grafikkarte bereits online gestellt.

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File Lite, File Lite Pro for iPhone shown to have vulnerabilities

Users of iOS file management apps File Lite and File Lite Pro might want to delete the apps from their iOS devices for now (or at least turn off Wi-Fi sharing). That's because the Vulnerability Laboratory has discovered three vulnerabilities in the latest versions of the apps, according to iMore. The worst vulnerability allows an attacker to upload files to a user's account without any interaction, while the other two permit code injection in the user's browser while they ar

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TanZen: Kniffliges Puzzle-Spiel kostenlos laden

Die Universal-App TanZen lässt sich heute kostenfrei aus dem App Store laden und bringt ein bekanntes Spielprinzip mit sich. TanZen ist zwar für iPhone und iPad verfügbar, allerings wird derzeit nur die iPhone-Version (App Store-Link) kostenfrei zum Download angeboten – sonst musste der Kauf mit 1,79 Euro beglichen werden. In dem Spiel gilt es Figuren mitDer Artikel TanZen: Kniffliges Puzzle-Spiel kostenlos laden erschien zuerst auf

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Mini-Bügeleisen: Last Minute Kosmetik für den Businessmann

Filed under: Haushaltstechnik Ein guter Business-Look ist nur dann einer, wenn er auch knitterfrei ist. Da man in Japan gerade in Geschäftsbelangen auf Seriösität und akkuraten Dresscode bedacht ist, kommt von dort selbstverständlich auch dieses portable Minibügeleisen für den Aktenkoffer. Nimmt nicht viel Platz weg und kann wenige Minuten vor der Konferenz oder dem Bewerbungsgespräch noch für saubere Bügelfalten an der Hose oder für einen schnittfesten Kragen sorgen. Das Gerät kann mit Batterien oder USB betrieben werden. Bartträger könnten ihren langen Gesichtszottel damit auch zurecht bügeln.

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Engadget is proud to be the home of the 2014 Best of CES Awards

When it comes to tech events, there's nothing quite like the International CES. It's a challenge, it's a marathon and it can be a little overwhelming -- but we wouldn't miss it for the world. CES has evolved dramatically since its inception in 1967 as a small, NYC offshoot of the Chicago Music Show and at Engadget we're proud to have been the Official Blog and Online News Source fo

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Prime minister visits Apple HQ as Turkey ponders 10.6M-tablet buy for education

Ahead of a planned purchase of more than 10 million tablets, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Apple's campus to hear the company's pitch for the iPad's use in education.

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Yahoo confirms Tumblr acquisition, Tumblr to remain independent

Yahoo has confirmed it has bought Tumblr, in a deal noted yesterday to be in the region of $1.1 billion. The search company has already moved its company blog over to the blogging platform, and despite CEO Marissa Mayer saying "We promise not to screw it up," there is reportedly a large jump in the number of users moving from Tumblr to Wordpress. 

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20.05.2013 18:00 Uhr

iWatch: Testproduktion bei Foxconn angelaufen, OLED Display wahrscheinlich

“Wearables” – so nennt man tragbare Computer. Und Apple ist im Begriff, seinen ersten Wearable zu fertigen: Die iWatch. Neue Informanten bestätigen, dass eine Testproduktion bei Foxconn bereits angelaufen sei. Allerdings werden vorerst nur

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Rumor Roundup: iPad 5 could weigh less than a pound, new MacBooks coming soon, and a 1.5″ OLED iWatch?

We showed you images of what we expect the fifth generation of the iPad to look like back in January, and today Digitimes reports that the updated hardware could be 25-33% lighter than the current full-sized iPad. We expect the next 9.7″ iPad to resemble the design of the 7.9″ iPad mini, but dropping a third […]

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Google+ app update for Android adds auto-backup and enhancement tools for photos

Google (and especially the Google+ team) are keeping themselves very busy. While I/O 2013 may have wrapped up last week, the company's just unveiled a new update for its social network on Android devices. Packing some familiar new photo skills (like auto-backup and

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active zeigt sich

Das Samsung Galaxy S4 ist noch keine vier Wochen auf dem deutschen Markt erhältlich, da kündigen sich mit Galaxy S4 Mini, Zoom und Active bereits die ersten drei Ableger einer neuen Modellreihe an. Letzteres wurde bereits von Young Soo Kim, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics, bestätigt und zeigt sich nun auf ersten Bildern.

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Happy Owl Studio Cashbox: a beautiful hand-crafted iPad cash register

The last time I talked to the guys from Happy Owl Studio, they were busy cranking out great-looking leather bags for Apple devices. Now the company is producing the Cashbox (starts at US$750 - $1,500, depending on the payment solution selected for the register), a product that was still in planning back in early '12 and is now ready to give your iPad cash register a solid and sustainable home. As you'll see in the video at the bottom of this post, Happy Owl uses sustainably grown and harvested bamboo wood that is then cut to precise measurements with a CNC milling machine, laser-etched with a logo of your choice, and hand-finis

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Sony's not showing its new PlayStation 4 just yet, but here's a taste (video)

What does the PlayStation 4 look like? We didn't find out back at Sony's big New York City reveal gala in February, but it looks like we're edging ever closer to that moment: June 10th at 6PM PT seems to be exactly when we'll find out. Hey, wouldn't you know it, that lines up with Sony's E3 2013 press conference, which we'll be liveblogging right here on Engadget. The coincidences simply won't stop! A new tease video today gives us a few glimpses at what we

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Insert Coin: Linkbot modular robotic platform lets you quickly build a bot, skills

In Insert Coin, we look at an exciting new tech project that requires funding before it can hit production. If you'd like to pitch a project, please send us a tip with "Insert Coin" as the subject line. Everybody loves robots, but the initial ardor for building one can quickly be snuffed out by the complex reality of actually programming it to do

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Samsung bringt Notebook-LCD mit 3.200 × 1.800 Pixeln

Dieser Tage findet die jährliche Display Week statt – eine Veranstaltung auf der die Display-Branche unter anderem neue Produkte präsentiert. Samsungs Display-Sparte kann dabei mit diversen Produkten aufwarten, von denen ein 13,3-Zoll-Notebook-Display mit 3.200 × 1.800 Bildpunkten herausragt.

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New MacBook Air release date, rumours and leaked images

The new MacBook Air release date is hot topic in the Mac world right now. In this article, we explore some of the rumours and uncover some alleged leaked images of Apple's next MacBook Air. Read our new MacBook Air release date, rumours and leaked images article to find out more.Related StoriesApple and Lenovo grow, but European PC market suffersApple and the file system: Skating to where the puck might goApple's Cook defends tax pr

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Report: Virtualization

Shift key tip; Mountain Lion user icons

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Report: Mountain Lion

running iTunes 10 instead of iTunes 11

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Report: Mac Marginalization

Endicia and; bank issues, experiences and tips involving Adobe Reader and PDFs

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Report: iTunes

11.0.3 update notes

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Report: Help Please

follow-up and more questions about video formats (60p, especially); low-contrast user interfaces and design studios

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Report: Development

Xcode and Mac OS X/application compatibility issues

20.05.2013 17:35 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink

Report: Applications

web publishing software (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress,etc.); Adobe issues, ReadySetGo, Pixelmator/Vectormator; iTunes compilation/organization tips

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Rumor: fifth-gen iPad to enter full-scale production in July

A report in the Taiwanese trade paper DigiTimes -- which has a mixed track record of accuracy -- claims that Apple will begin large-scale production of the fifth-generation iPad in July, with a possible launch in September. The new model is said to be significantly thinner than the previous full-size model, which was unveiled last September. The report also claims the unit will be a third lighter than the current model.

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WhatsApp: Gut 14 Millionen Nutzer in Deutschland

Der populäre Messenger-Dienst WhatsApp kann sich weiterhin über steigende Nutzerzahlen freuen. Vor allem hierzulande läuft es dabei sehr gut für das Unternehmen aus Santa Clara, Kalifornien. Im letzten halben Jahr maximierte sich die Anzahl der deutschen Nutzer laut einer aktuellen Hochrechnung von 9,3 auf 13,7 Millionen. Die Kollegen von Focus Online melden einen Nutzeranstieg von

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The 4 Best Things About the Google Redesign

Google announced a complete overhaul of its social network, Google , at this week's I/O conference in San Francisco. Here's an in-depth look at all the changes and why they make Google better.Related StoriesApple's iRadio delayed by song skipping negotiation with Sony Music, report saysWatch: Video shows what Apple's 'iTV' television set could look likeEarly Google Glass users finding 'sense of

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Apple Raising Notebook Orders Ahead of Likely Launch at WWDC

Digitimes briefly reports that Apple will be releasing updated notebooks "in the near future", with supply chain sources indicating that Apple's orders will rise 20% in the second quarter compared to first-quarter production.The new MacBooks are only expected to receive specification upgrades to Intel's latest Haswell platform and are estimated to be unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, the sources said.Claims of a 20% increase in orders come less than a month after the site claimed that orders would see a 10% increase for the quarter, although overall notebook shipments for 2013 are expected to be flat or only slightly higher year over year due to a lack of major updates and a weak PC market.

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Google's Field Trip app gets you into 13 museums for free right now

Museum buffs and tourists might want to download Google's Field Trip app right now. As we've told you before, the location-based app shows you cool things to do while on a trip. For a limited time, the app will also get you into 13 major US museums for free, as Google announced on the Field Trip Google+ page: Rumor has it you can visit 13 museums in 6 cities for FREE with Field Trip RUMOR CONFIRMED!!! For a limited time you can walk into any of these for free: Conservatory of Flowers, SF Californ

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Pixel Press: Videospiele selber zeichnen und spielen

Filed under: Games Eine ziemlich großartige Idee ist Pixel Press. Eine DIY-Gamingplattform für iOS und Android, die es einem ermöglicht 8-Bit-Spiele zu zeichnen und später zu spielen. Vorausgesetzt das Projekt schafft es durch die Kickstarterphase. Jeder, der allerdings mit Super Mario, Metroid oder den Gianna Sisters aufgewachsen ist, wird sofort das Potential erkennen. Pixel für Pixel kann man hier zunächst die Levels gestalten, später mit der App scannen und das Spiel designen. Der User bringt sozusagen die kreative Leistung, den Rest (heißt das Programmieren) übernimmt Pixel Press. Se

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HTC One for T-Mobile: what's different?

By most accounts, the HTC One is the most compelling Android smartphone on the market today, but only three of the major US carriers are wise enough to sell it. Up until this point, we've put the AT&T and Sprint models through their paces, and now we have an opportunity to round out the trio with T-Mobile's version. Given the carrier's recent shift to an unsubsidized pricing model -- which brings lower monthly fees in exchange for purchasing your phone outright -- you

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20.05.2013 17:00 Uhr

AirPlay-Spiele: Welche Titel lassen sich empfehlen?

Aus uns unerklärlichen Gründen verzichtet Apple bislang auf die gesonderte Auszeichnung von iOS-Spielen, die speziell für den Einsatz an einem Apple TV bzw. für das Zusammenspiel mit Mac-Airplay Anwendungen wie Reflector und AirServer vorbereitet wurden. Weder bietet der App Store eine gesonderte Kategorie, noch ein Symbol an, das Rückschlüsse auf die Airplay-Tauglichkeit

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1,1 Milliarden US-Dollar: Yahoo kauft Mikroblogging-Plattform tumblr

Bereits Ende letzter Woche gab es Gerüchte zu einer möglichen Übernahme der Mikroblogging-Plattform tumblr durch den Internetriesen Yahoo. Aus dem Gerücht ist nun ein Fakt geworden. Vorerst soll sich an tumblr jedoch nichts ändern.Wie Yahoo auf seiner Webseite direkt im ersten Absatz verspricht,

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Seamless and GrubHub are merging to form a giant food delivery service

Seamless and GrubHub, two of the biggest food delivery services in the US, have just announced they'll be merging into a combined company, with the name of the new operation to be decided at a later date. (SeamHub? Grubless?) Unlike some other transactions we cover around here, this does seem to be a merger in the truest sense of the word, with GrubHub founder Matt Maloney stepping up to the role of president, and Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky staying on as president. Though we don't yet know what the new service will be called, the companies are already saying it will serve 500 US cities, with around 20,000 restaurants taking orders. Also, as hinted in that p

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Early Google Glass users finding 'sense of freedom'

A software engineer for Comcast got his early version of Google Glass last weekend, grabbed his bike and shot video of his ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.Related StoriesiTunes 11.0.3 enhances MiniPlayer, tweaks album optionsApple's iRadio delayed by song skipping negotiation with Sony Music, report saysWatch: Video shows what Apple's 'iTV' television set could look like

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Abermals Selbstmorde bei Foxconn

Vor Kurzem berichteten wir bereits von einem aktualisierten Bericht der Fair Labor Association, aus dem hervorging, dass sich Foxconn auf einem guten Weg befindet, was die Optimierung der Arbeitsbedingungen betrifft. Doch nun geriet das taiwanische Unternehmen zum wiederholten Mal in ein negatives Licht, denn die unabhängige Menschenrechtsorganisation China Labor Watch meldet drei Suizide in der

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US Apple Stores make record sales whatever the measurement, says new analysis

Apple’s US retail stores, which already make more money than any other store per square foot, also top the list when it comes to revenues per visitor, according to figures from Asymco’s Horace Dediu (via CNET). Dediu calculated that in the latest quarter’s figures, Apple achieved an average revenue of $13m per store, equating to an average […]

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ASUS Zenbook Infinity Ultrabook to appear at Computex 2013 with Gorilla Glass 3 lid

ASUS' Transformer Book hybrid may have just graduated from our review testing, but the company already has a new product to tempt you. The Zenbook Infinity will be the "world's first Ultrabook with a lid made form Corning Gorilla Glass 3" and will be revealed in

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Kodak unveils new Mac-oriented scanner model

Kodak, continuing its journey back from bankruptcy, has introduced a ScanMate i940 scanner specifically aimed at Apple users for the North American and European market. In addition to featuring increase image accuracy and precision capture, the unit now comes bundled with NewSoft software for Macs, including Presto Pagemanager 9 for scanning images and doing OCR on the scanner as well as Presto BizCard Xpress business card-scanning software.

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Rumor: Apple testing 1.5" OLED displays for wearable 'iWatch'

Development of Apple's rumored smart watch is allegedly gaining momentum, as a pair of new reports claim the company is testing 1.5-inch OLED screens for a wrist-worn device, and that Foxconn has been contracted to build a trial batch.

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How to fix a water-damaged Apple iPhone

So you dropped your Apple iPhone in the bath, the sea or the toilet, and you want to fix it, dry it out, and recover the data inside. Here's how to rescue a waterlogged iPhone.Related StoriesApple patents way to use other device's flashes for mobile photographyUS Defense Department approves Apple's iOS devices for its networksApple plans to make earphones more comfortable

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Yahoo on Tumblr: We won't 'screw it up'

Yahoo has confirmed widespread reports that it will acquire the popular blogging service Tumblr, and also promised not to "screw it up." The deal is worth about US$1.1 billion, nearly all in cash.Related StoriesAndroid retains lead over AppleiTunes 11.0.3 enhances MiniPlayer, tweaks album optionsApple's iRadio delayed by song skipping negotiation with Sony Music, report says

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Foxconn reports three possible suicides at factories in China

Three workers at Foxconn factories in China have fallen to their deaths in recent weeks and police are investigating, according to the company.Related StoriesAndroid retains lead over AppleiTunes 11.0.3 enhances MiniPlayer, tweaks album optionsApple's iRadio delayed by song skipping negotiation with Sony Music, report says

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Apple to Begin Ramping Up Production of 25-33% Lighter iPad in July?

Digitimes reports that Apple will soon begin trial production on its fifth-generation iPad, with full production said to be planned to begin in July. Based on that schedule, Apple could hit monthly production of 2-3 million units by September as it prepares to launch the updated version of its full-size tablet. Mockup of iPad 5 next to iPad mini and iPhone 5 As with a number of previous rumors, the report claims that the new iPad will be narrower, thinner, and lighter than the current design, taking a number of design cues from the iPad mini. As a result, Digitimes says that the new iPad will be

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First Looks: Boombotix Boombot Rex Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Shipping at the end of this month, Boombot Rex ($130) is the latest Bluetooth speaker from Boombotix. Packed inside the hexagonal speaker are a pair of 36mm drivers, as well as a woofer and noise-cancelling microphone. A built-in clip lets you attach it to your backpack, clothes, or elsewhere. The speaker is also water-resistant and ruggedized, able to take some abuse without falling apart, as well as offering a replaceable front grille. Physical…

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News: Report: Apple testing 1.5” OLED displays for iWatch

Apple is testing a 1.5” OLED display for use in its smart watch, according to a report in Taiwan’s Economic Times. Reportedly, the company was looking at a 1.8” display, but decided for some reason that it was too big. For comparison, the sixth-generation iPod nano contained a wearable 1.5” touchscreen. Another report from the same publication notes that Foxconn has received a small-scale order for the smart watch for about…

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Turkish Prime Minister visits Apple HQ

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was seen visiting Apple's headquarters in Cupertino over the weekend, reports The Hurriyet Daily News. The visit was part of a series of stops to major technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Google and Microsoft. The visit wasn't just out of casual interest on the PM's part, however. Turkey is seeking to purchase 10.6 million tablet computers for use in its schools. Even for a company as large as Apple, an additional 10.6 million iPads sold would be massive. It's unknown who Erdoğan met with at Apple, but this was not the first time a Turkish government official sto

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Base: iPad 4 mit 16GB & Cellular für 431 Euro

Bei Base gibt es gerade ein richtig gutes Angebot, bei dem ihr ein iPad 4 inklusive Internetflat für kleines Geld bekommt. Der Mobilfunkanbieter Base listet das iPad 4 mit 16 GB und 4G-Modul in weißer Ausführung für nur 20 Euro im Monat (zum Angebot). Der Vertrag läuft über 24 Monate, insgesamt zahlt man also 480Der Artikel Base: iPad 4 mit 16GB & Cellular für 431 Euro erschien zuerst auf

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Yahoo! übernimmt Tumblr für 1,1 Milliarden US-Dollar

Die bereits seit mehreren Tagen andauernden Spekulationen haben nun ein Ende: Wie Yahoo! per Pressemitteilung bekannt gibt, kauft der Internetkonzern den bekannten Mikroblogging-Dienst Tumblr für 1,1 Milliarden US-Dollar und bestätigt damit zugleich entsprechende Medienberichte.

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Looking to pull even with Apple, Samsung to pay developers for Galaxy-specific apps

Apple rival Samsung is turning to third-party developers to help improve the standing of its smartphone lineup against the iPhone, offering $800,000 in prize money for Galaxy-specific apps.

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20.05.2013 16:00 Uhr

iPad 5: Beginnt die Produktion im Juli?

Neben einem neuen iPhone und dem iPad mini 2 erwartet uns dieses Jahr auch die fünfte Generation des iPad. Gerüchteweise soll es im Herbst so weit sein. Und dazu passend tauchte nun ein weiteres Gerücht auf, das behauptet, dass die Testproduktion des iPad 5 schon bald beginnen wird und im Juli dieses Jahres dann die

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Sony Entertainment Network web store launching in Japan on May 29th

The Sony Entertainment Network, which is already live in the US and Brazil among other countries, will launch in Japan on May 29th. As you may recall, the service is a browser-based marketplace with games, movies and other media available for download. SEN is especially targeted at PlayStation users; games and videos purchased will automatically show up in the PlayStation store. Given that S

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News: Song skipping terms slowing iRadio negotiations

A new report sheds light on the latest issue alleged to be delaying negotiations for Apple’s streaming radio service: Apple and Sony Music have yet to agree on how much Apple should pay for songs which people only listen to partially before skipping. The report notes that Pandora pays full royalties for each skipped song, as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, even if the song “only plays for a few seconds.” Another recent…

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Bettina Wulff will wieder gegen Google vorgehen

Nach dem Urteil des Bundesgerichtshofs zur Auto-Vervollständigung von Suchbegriffen rechnet sich auch die Ex-Gattin des Ex-Bundespräsidenten gute Chancen gegen Google aus.

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[Update] Milliarden-Deal: Schnappt sich Yahoo den Blogging-Dienst Tumblr?

[UPDATE 15:26 Uhr] Yahoo! hat die Übernahme offiziell bestätigt. Der Preis bleibt bei 1,1 Milliarden Dollar. [Danke Johannes] Artikel vom 18. Mai 9:18 Uhr: Yahoo! will seiner aktuellen Offensive und Imageverbesserung die Krone aufsetzen:

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Von Google Talk zu Google Hangouts: Update kappt Kompatibilität mit

Bisher verwendete Google für seinen Chat-Dienst Google Talk das offene Jabber-Protokoll. Dank diesem ließ sich der Google-Dienst auch problemlos in Apples Nachrichten-App einbinden.Doch künftig ist damit Schluss.Mit Google Hangouts hat Google zur Entwickler-Konferenz I/O auf einen Schlag seine

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Milliardendeal offiziell: Yahoo übernimmt Tumblr

Das Internetunternehmen Yahoo hat offiziell bestätigt, den Blogdienst Tumblr für 1,1 Milliarden Dollar (885 Millionen Euro) zu übernehmen. Ein abschließendes Abkommen sei getroffen, gab Yahoo bekannt. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWindiger Geschäftsmann steigt in Video-Spam einStudie: Cybermobbing unter Schülern wird zur Plage

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Microsoft entfernt Facebook-Apps aus WP-Store

Nachdem Google bereits vor ein paar Tagen Microsoft aufgefordert hat, die vom Unternehmen aus Redmond eigens erstellte YouTube-Applikation aus dem Windows-Phone-Store zu entfernen, verlangte Anfang des Monats auch Facebook das Löschen diverser inoffizieller Facebook-Clients. Dieser Bitte ist Microsoft nun nachgekommen.

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Apple Reportedly Testing 1.5-Inch OLED Displays for Smart Watch

Japanese blog Macotakara points to a pair of reports in today's edition of Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times addressing rumors surrounding Apple's smart watch effort. According to the first report [Google translation], Apple has begun sampling 1.5-inch OLED displays from RITEK subsidiary RiTdisplay. The report also claims that RITEK's joint venture RitFast will be supplying the touch sensor technology for the watch. Today's report echoes a

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Teen killed during attempted iPad theft; two men arrested

Two men have been arrested and charged with open murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery in the death of 15-year-old Marcos Arenas in Las Vegas last week. Jacob Dismont, 18, and Michael Solid, 21, were charged Saturday over the incident. According to police, the two attempted to steal an iPad away from the youth but he refused to let go of it, resulting in his being dragged and run over by the two men.

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European commissioner promises single mobile market by 2015

As much as Europe can hope for deeper integration, it doesn't feel that way when citizens get whacked for hefty roaming rates. European digital commissioner Neelie Kroes has got such charges in her sights, telling business leaders that she's planning to push through a single mobile telecoms market before she retires in 2015. She told European Business summit that she had "no intention to retire until [she'd] knocked down all the barriers to a single market," which was her "major priori

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Yahoo to acquire Tumblr for $1.1B, 'promises not to screw it up'

Yahoo on Monday announced it has reached a $1.1 billion agreement to buy Tumblr, the popular microblogging platform with a strong presence on Apple's iOS.

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Tumblr-Übernahme durch Yahoo perfekt

Für 1,1 Milliarden Dollar bekommt der Internet-Riese eine rasch wachsende Plattform, Millionen junger Nutzer – und womöglich ein kleines Porno-Problem.

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Yahoo übernimmt Tumblr für 1,1 Milliarden Dollar

Vor wenigen Tagen waren Gerüchte aufgekommen, Yahoo wolle den Blog-Anbieter Tumblr übernehmen. Heute bestätigte Yahoo diese Angaben, der Aufsichtsrat des Unternehmens hatte nichts gegen die Pläne einzuwenden. Der im Jahr 2007 gegründete Dienst wird für einen Kaufpreis von 1,1 Milliarden Dollar zu Yahoo wechseln, allerdings weiterhin eigenständig bleiben und nicht in den anderen Yahoo-Diensten

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Apple removes "Bang With Friends" from the App Store

After less than 10 days on the App Store, Apple this past week gave the boot to "Bang With Friends", an app that seemingly runs afoul of Apple's efforts to keep the App Store as reasonably wholesome and free of smut as possible. In case you're unfamiliar, "Bang With Friends" is an app that seeks to match up Facebook users with friends who share a common interest in, oh, how shall I phrase this, amorous relations. This past weekend, "Bang With Friends" co-founder and CEO Colin Hodge confirmed the app's removal with Valleywag. Hodge did, however, note that he's currently working with Apple to get it back in the App Store. While it stands to reason th

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Gekauft: Yahoo übernimmt Tumblr für 1,1 Milliarde Dollar

Filed under: Lifestyle Marissa Mayer und David Karp verkünden gleichzeitig die Internet-Hochzeit des Jahres. 1,1 Milliarden Dollar, einen Großteil ihrer Cashreserven, haben Yahoo auf den Tisch gelegt. Yahoo erhofft sich 20% mehr Traffic und 50% Wachstum. Wie genau sie statt der 13 Millionen Anzeigeneinnahmen eine Summe machen wollen, die auch nur annähernd die Investition rechtfertigt ist noch niemand so richtig klar. Denn bislang finden Anzeigen hier ja nur im Backend statt. Tumblr soll weiter unabhängig arbeiten und David Karp b

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Wird dem S4 immer ähnlicher: Neue Firmware für Galaxy S III aufgetaucht

Filed under: Android Eine neue Firmware für das Samsung Galaxy S III ist aufgetaucht. Es handelt sich um eine Testversion auf Basis von Android 4.2.2. Der Rollout soll angeblich im Juni beginnen und neben der aktuelleren Android-Version sollen vor allem diverse aus dem Galaxy S4 bekannte Features integriert werden. Neben dem Lockscreen wird es auch Adapt Display, Smart Switch und neue Fotofunktionen geben. Seht ein Video dazu nach dem Break. [Via SammyHub]

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Klavier spielen lernen mit Mac und iPad – Ein Selbstversuch mit Garageband & Synthesia

Schon mal ein Instrument gespielt? Falls ja, kennt ihr vielleicht den “Klick”, der euch nach Jahren der Unterrichtsabstinenz wieder zur Gitarre greifen lässt. Das Gefühl, sich mal wieder dem eingestaubten Klavier widmen zu müssen und unbedingt die Notenblätter raussuchen zu wollen um einfach mal zu machen… Wer

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Wau-Holland-Stiftung legt Rechenschaft über Wikileaks-Spenden ab

Das Spendenaufkommen für Wikileaks ist 2012 weiter zurückgegangen und reicht nicht mehr, um größere Projekte zu finanzieren. Nur die Serverkosten will die Stiftung noch tragen.

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Testproduktion des kommenden 9,7-Zoll-iPad soll in Kürze beginnen

Aus Kreisen taiwanischer Zulieferer heißt es, dass Apple in Kürze mit der Testproduktion des kommenden 9,7-Zoll-iPad beginnen wird. Voraussichtlich im Juli soll die fünfte Generation des klassischen iPad dann in die Serienfertigung gehen, sofern es bei der Testproduktion nicht zu Problemen kommt. Der Verkaufsstart ist für September anvisiert, mit einem monatlichen Volumen von 2 bis 3 Millionen

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20.05.2013 15:00 Uhr

Produktion im Juli: iPad 5 gute 33 Prozent leichter?

Es dreht sich wieder, das Gerüchterad. Erneut angetrieben von der DigiTimes. Aus geheimen Quellen will man einige Informationen zum Apple iPad 5 zu Ohren bekommen haben. Laut dem Bericht, beginnt sehr bald die Testproduktion

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Sailfish-Smartphone: Jolla stellt "The Other Half" vor

Jolla hat unter dem Namen "The Other Half" (Die andere Hälfte) sein erstes Smartphone mit dem Meego-Nachfolger Sailfish OS vorgestellt. Die Entwickler von Nokias einzigem Meego-Smartphone N9 bieten "Die andere Hälfte" mit 4,5-Zoll-Display ab sofort zur Vorbestellung an. (Smartphone, Meego)

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Turkish PM visits Apple, Google & Microsoft ahead of tender for 10.6m tablets for schools

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan has visited Apple, Google and Microsoft in the run-up to a tender for 10.6 million tablets for use in Turkish schools as part of a major modernization program in which textbooks will be replaced by tablets and chalkboards by electronic whiteboards … The FATIH project (the Turkish acronym for Movement of […]

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Yahoo confirms acquisition of Tumblr, but will run it as a 'separate business'

Hot on the heels of yesterday's rumors, Yahoo and Tumblr have jointly announced a "definitive agreement" for the former to acquire the latter for $1.1 billion. The agreement makes it clear that Tumblr will be "independently operated as a separate business" with its own branding and line of development. A frankly worded press release says that this arms-length arrangement will help Yahoo "not to screw it up" and promises that the 300 mil

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Watch: Video shows what Apple's 'iTV' television set could look like

A new Apple HDTV concept video has surfaced online, imagining what Apple's long-rumoured television, dubbed iTV, could look like, and the features it could bring to your living room.Related StoriesCould a Tumblr deal fix Yahoo's square reputation?How Google's I/O moves measure up to what Apple offersAndroid retains lead over Apple

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Update: Bonzai3d 3.0

AutoDesSys' 3D modeling program gains "over 80 new features including 14 new tools that add functionality for fabrication, 3D printing, NURBS modeling, shape editing, texture mapping and component management."

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New: Celtx Shots

Celtx Shots makes it possible to create multi-sequence, multi-shot storyboards (and blocking) for film, video, or theater and save them as animatics.

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New: Identity Scrubber 2013

Intego's Identity Scrubber is designed to locate and then delete or encrypt personal information on the hard disk of your computer.

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New: Spark Inspector

Spark Inspector from Foundry376 enables iOS developers to monitor and manipulate a 3D view of an iOS app's interface in real time.

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Beta: HandBrake 0.9.9

The open-source, multi-platform video conversion program gets improved Blue-ray subtitle support, more video frame rates (30, 50, 59.94, 60), double frame rate mode for the deinterlace and decomb filters, improved audio remix, updated presets, updated libraries, prevention of sleep during encoding and scanning for Mountain Lion, and more.

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Update: Cobook Contacts 1.2.6

Cobook's address book application gains batch deduplication of contact details, compatibility with Alfred 2, and import/export via the action menu.

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Update: iFFmpeg 3.7

The video and audio conversion program adds new ProRes options (including 59.94 and 60 fps), new H.264 profiles (High10, High422, and High444), updated audio gain for latest FFmpeg versions, and other improvements.

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Update: OnyX 2.6.9

Titanium's free maintenance, optimization, and customization utility adds a new version of SQLite 3, improved help, and new options to deleted saved application states, enable/disable rubber-band scrolling, and show/hide Simple/Full Finder switching.

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Update: EasyFind 4.9.1

DEVONtechnologies' free, disk-based file and folder search tool adds Gatekeeper compatibility, improved Mountain Lion compatibility, Quick Look and Slideshow menu commands, selectable text in the Quick Look panel, Retina display support, improved memory management, and other changes.

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Update: VideoDrive 2.7.07

Aroona Software's video import software gets support for iTunes 11.0.3, a status light for subtitles in the online metadata window, improved compatibility with iTunes 11 when tagging iTunes titles, faster startup and quit, and other changes.

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Update: MacAandD 4.1

The software engineering tool now includes Business Process Model Notation (with support for Collaboration, Process, Choreography, and Conversation diagrams), color and editing features in the Table editor, improved integration between diagram and definition entries for requirements and use cases, and usability enhancements to menu commands, toolbars, tool palettes, cursors. and diagram drawing.

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Update: MultiMarkdown Composer 2.2

Fletcher Penney's text editor for writing with MultiMarkdown syntax gains support for CriticMarkup (markup system for change tracking), a complete rewrite of the highlighting and preview code, comparison of document versions, drag-and-drop of files to insert paths, limited support for export to ePub, and other improvements.

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Amazon Update

Get discounts on new Mac Minis, Retina MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, plus digital cameras, TVs and much, much more at Amazon. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through any of our links to make purchases!

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Internet und Krieg: Wenn Social Networks zum Schützengraben werden

Wer heute Soldat ist, ist mit dem Netz aufgewachsen und füllt es mit eigenem Erleben. Armeen ist das nicht recht, dabei nutzen sie das Netz für sich. (Soziales Netz, Facebook)

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Tumblr-Übernahme durch Yahoo offenbar perfekt

Für 1,1 Milliarden Dollar bekommt der Internet-Riese eine rasch wachsende Plattform, Millionen junger Nutzer – und womöglich ein kleines Porno-Problem.

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Rumor: Production of Apple's 33% lighter fifth-gen iPad to begin in July

Trial production of Apple's thinner and lighter fifth-generation iPad is rumored to begin soon, with full-scale volume production to kick off in July, according to a new report.

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Erstes Smartphone mit Sailfish OS

Das finnische Start-up Jolla hat sein Smartphone mit dem aus MeeGo hervorgegangenen Sailfish OS angekündigt: Das Gerät mit Wechselcover soll noch in diesem Jahr erhältlich sein.

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Video Flashback: Steve Jobs explains why Macs don't sport "Intel Inside" stickers

In a recent interview, outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini explained how he passed up on an opportunity to get Intel chips inside the original iPhone. According to Otellini, Apple and Intel couldn't come to terms regarding cost. Further, Otellini explained that he simply had no way of knowing how successful and ubiquitous the iPhone would go on to become. While there's no way to know for sure just how seriously Apple was considering Intel as a partner for the iPhone, I couldn't help but laugh at the notion of an iPhone sporting an "Intel Inside" sticker on the back. Of course, Apple would have never allowed such a thing in a million years, but the thought reminded me of an old video where Steve Jobs is asked why Apple doesn't p

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Vector: Herausforderung für verregneten Feiertag

Wer am verregneten Pfingstmontag noch eine Herausforderung sucht, sollte einen Blick auf Vector werfen. Vector (iPhone/iPad) haben wir euch schon im vergangenen Jahr vorgestellt. Mittlerweile ist der Preis des Spiels dauerhaft auf 89 Cent reduziert worden und unlängst gab es das erste Update in diesem Jahr. Neben Grafik-Optimierungen und einigen Bugfixes gibt es in derDer Artikel Vector: Herausforderung für verregneten Feiertag erschien zuerst auf

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Mit Essen spielt man nicht: Richtige Würze dank Lego-Streuer

Filed under: Lifestyle Für Lego-Fans, die selbst beim Essen nicht oft genug an ihre geliebten Bauklötze denken können, gibt es nun dieses Salz- und Pfefferstreuer-Duo. Für umgerechnet 15 Euro kann man in Zukunft sein Rührei mit diesem Würzwürfel bearbeiten. Zum Jacobsen-Stuhl und zur Panton-Lampe können wir uns wahrlich nichts Besseres vorstellen. [Via 7Gadgets]

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Samsung follows Sharp in upping the ante for Retina displays, offering 276ppi

Following Sharp’s announcement of a 262ppi display, Samsung has gone even higher-res with the announcement of a 276ppi display in the form of a 13.3-inch QHD 3200×1800 panel (via The Verge). Apple’s current Retina displays are 220ppi in the 15-inch MacBook Pro and 227ppi in the 13-inch model.

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Microsoft entfernt Facebook-App aus WP-Store

Nachdem Google bereits vor ein paar Tagen Microsoft aufgefordert hat, die vom Unternehmen aus Redmond eigens erstellte YouTube-Applikation aus dem Windows-Phone-Store zu entfernen, verlangte Anfang des Monats auch Facebook das Löschen diverser inoffizieller Facebook-Clients. Dieser Bitte ist Microsoft nun nachgekommen.

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Emergency fix: How to recover a drowned Apple iPhone

So you dropped your Apple iPhone in the bath, the sea or the toilet, and you want to fix it, dry it out, and recover the data inside. Here's how to rescue a waterlogged iPhone.Related Stories91.3% o smartphone malware/viruses written for AndroidApple patents way to use other device's flashes for mobile photographyUS Defense Department approves Apple's iOS devices for its networks

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Apple's iRadio delayed by song skipping negotiation with Sony Music, report says

Speculation surrounding Apple's rumoured iRadio music streaming service has been circulating for some time now, but the company has yet to announce the new service. New reports suggest that delays to iRadio's unveiling are due to disagreements with Sony Music over skipping songs.Related StoriesGoogle Glass Explorer edition pops up on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500Could a Tumblr deal fix Yahoo's square reputation?

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20.05.2013 14:00 Uhr

Google-Chairman spricht sich für internationale Steuerreform aus

Großkonzerne wie Amazon, Apple und Google sehen sich zunehmender Kritik ausgesetzt: Die Unternehmen reduzieren ihre Steuerpflicht in Ländern wie Großbritannien oder Deutschland auf vollkommen legale Weise.

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A tour of the Jolla phone with software head Marc Dillon (video)

Say hello to the Jolla Phone. Preorders for the world's first Sailfish OS device launched today and we've called into Helsinki to get the whole story from Jolla's Head of Software, Marc Dillon. While we know there's a 4.5-inch "high definition" screen (resolution TBC), dual-core processor and 8-megapixel

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Google Hangouts ohne Jabber-Kompatibilität

Bereits mit der Einstellung des Google Readers und iCal für den Google Kalender sorgte der Suchmaschinenspezialist für große Empörung unter seinen Nutzern. Jetzt wurde bekannt, dass Googles „Talk“-Nachfolger „Hangouts“ nicht mehr das Chat-Protokoll XMPP unterstützen wird.

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Samsung to sell 10m Galaxy S4 in a month, compared to 5m iPhone 5 in three days

Apple gets criticised for only selling 5 million iPhones in the three days of its launch weekend Now there are suggestions that Samsung has done a good job if it manages to sell 10 million Galaxy S4 phones in 28 days.Related StoriesWoman sues Apple claiming that power button defect was planned91.3% o smartphone malware/viruses written for AndroidApple patents way to use other device's flashes for mobil

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Samsung to exhibit 13.3-inch notebook display with 3,200 x 1,800 resolution

On top of yesterday's 4K announcement, Samsung has also given us a quick heads-up on one of the prototype displays it's planning to show off at this year's Display Week event. It's a highly gawp-worthy 3,200 x 1,800 ("WQXGA+") panel destined for 13-inch laptops that insist on taking things further than the

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WordPress CEO claims 72,000 blogs defected from Tumblr after Yahoo acquisition news

WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg has spoken out in an attempt to capitalize on Yahoo's rumored $1.1 billion acquisition of rival blogging service Tumblr. He claims that once the news had broken on Sunday, defections from Tumblr to his own site had risen from 400-600 per hour to over 72,000 -- which presumably included users put off by Y

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Microsoft entfernt Facebook-App WP-Store

Nachdem Google bereits vor ein paar Tagen Microsoft aufgefordert hat, die vom Unternehmen aus Redmond eigens erstellte YouTube-Applikation aus dem Windows-Phone-Store zu entfernen, verlangte Anfang des Monats auch Facebook das Löschen diverser inoffizieller Facebook-Clients. Dieser Bitte ist Microsoft nun nachgekommen.

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Instant Messenger: Whatsapp in Deutschland immer beliebter

Die Zahl der Whatsapp-Nutzer in Deutschland ist laut einem Medienbericht innerhalb von sechs Monaten um 4,4 Millionen gestiegen. Der Dienst kommt dem Konkurrenten Facebook gefährlich nahe. (Skype, Instant Messenger)

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Europas größte Linux-Messe LinuxTag 2013

Der LinuxTag ist die europaweit größte Messe zum Thema freie Software mit dem Themenschwerpunkt Linux und sorgt unter dem Motto „Where .Com Meets.Org“ dafür, dass Entwickler freier Software und Benutzer sowie Vertreter der Industrie und der öffentlichen Verwaltung zusammen kommen.

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Apple plans to make earphones more comfortable

A patent filed by Apple seems to suggest that the company is working on a type of invertible ear tip for its headphones that is part of a plan designed to improve the user's comfort.Related StoriesiPad mini 2 rumour rollup: leaked specs, A7 chip and something we call 'iPadiGlasses'Woman sues Apple claiming that power button defect was planned91.3% o smartphone malware/viruses written for Android

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Low MacBook Air stock indicates new model coming at WWDC

Low stock of Apple's 13in MacBook Air at authorised resellers indicates that a new, updated MacBook Air launch could be just around the corner, possibly at WWDC in June.Related StoriesApple seeks Liquidmetal expert, reignites iPhone, MacBook Liquidmetal speculationApple and Lenovo grow, but European PC market suffersApple and the file system: Skating to where the puck might go

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Google-Chairman spricht sich für internationale Steuerreform aus

Großkonzerne wie Amazon, Apple und Google sehen sich zunehmender Kritik ausgesetzt: Die Unternehmen reduzieren ihre Steuerpflicht in Ländern wie Großbritannien oder Deutschland auf vollkommen legale Weise.

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Japan: HTC J One hat Speicherkarte und neue Kamera-Software (Video)

Filed under: Smartphones Geht doch. Beim japanischen Mobilfunker KDDI ab sofort zu haben: dasHTC J One. Die Variante des uns wohl bekannten Flaggschiff-Smartphones kommt - ebenso wie in China - mit einem Speicherkarten-Slot, in dem bis zu 64 GB nachgeladen werden kann. Doch damit nicht genug: Auch die Kamera und die entsprechende Software weisen Neuerungen auf. So lassen sich in Videos nachträglich Abschnitte markieren, die dann in Zeitlupe abgespielt werden können. Außerdem kommen orientiert sich HTC an

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20.05.2013 13:00 Uhr

“Die Alternative”: Jolla startet erstes Smartphone mit Sailfish OS

Es soll “die Alternative” werden. Unter dem Motto “The Movement” startet das finnische Startup Jolla, welches aus ehemaligen Nokia-Mitarbeitern gebildet ist, heute mit ihrem ersten Smartphone. Neben den Marktriesen Apple, Samsung und Co. will

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Type A Machines previews aluminum-framed Series 1 Pro 3D printer

If you've navigated through the endless sea of 3D printers at this weekend's Maker Faire, you may well have caught a glimpse of the Series 1 Pro, the latest offering from San Francisco-based Type A Machines. The printer, which is still in the "engineering concept" phase," trad

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Zur nächsten Xbox - Alle Vorgänger auf einen Blick

Wohl um die Spannung zur für den morgigen Dienstag angekündigten Vorstellung der kommenden Xbox-Generation hoch zu halten, hat Microsoft die Geschichte seiner Spielkonsole in eine Infografik gepackt. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaKonsolen: Xbox 360 dominiert weiterhin den MarktSkype: Link-Überprüfung wurde offenbar abgestellt

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Amazons Video-Transcoder erhält weitere Funktionen

Nachdem Amazon im Januar im Rahmen seiner Web Services (AWS) seinen Dienst Elastic Transcoder freigegeben hatte, erhält dieser nun einen größeren Funktionsumfang. So ist es nun auch möglich, Videomaterial zwischen unterschiedlichen Formaten zu wandeln.

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Apple's CEO to propose new tax laws to US senate

Apple's CEO Tim Cook will be answering questions about Apple's tax practices in front of the US Senate tomorrow and he plans to pitch his own ideas aimed at "simplifying" US tax laws.Related StoriesWeak iPhone 5 demand blamed for Foxconn's Hon Hai revenue dropFire Tim Cook? You're cuckoo bananasApple CEO to face Senate in tax grilling

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iTunes 11.0.3 enhances MiniPlayer, tweaks album options

If you were hoping that the next update to iTunes might reverse some of the drastic changes Apple made in last year's version 11, don't hold your breath. A minor update released on Thursday, iTunes 11.0.3, makes some tweaks to the program's interface, as well as applying fixes for some security issues.Related StoriesReport: Yahoo board approves deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1BGoogle Glass Explorer edition pops up on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500

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Googles Chat-Client kappt Jabber-Kompatibilität

Das neue Hangouts soll den Wildwuchs bei Googles Chat-Diensten beenden und lockt mit interessanten Funktionen - doch können wegen fehlender XMPP-Unterstützung zahlreiche Google-Talk-Kontakte unwiderruflich verloren gehen.

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Android retains lead over Apple

Android has remained at the top of the leader board when it comes to smartphones, according to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report.Related StoriesDell replays Windows 8 blame card as PC sales slideReport: Yahoo board approves deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1BGoogle Glass Explorer edition pops up on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500

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How Google's I/O moves measure up to what Apple offers

Google had a lot to say during Wednesday's Google I/O keynote - so would you, if you had three-and-a-half hours to fill. And while new features in voice-powered search functionality, Google Maps, and other pronouncements from the search giant were certainly eye-catching, just how much of what was said at this week's developer conference should make iOS device owners sit up and take notice?Related StoriesDell replays Windows 8 blame card as PC sales slideReport: Yahoo board approves deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1B

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Musste ja so kommen: Sparschwein bekommt Accelerometer und App (Video)

Filed under: Lifestyle Porkfolio heißt die intelligente Sparbüchse, die aktuell auf Quirky um Aufmerksamkeit und Umsetzung wirbt. Der Bauch des Sparschweins bietet nicht allein Platz für Kleingeld, sondern ist mit reichlich Elektronik ausgestattet, die einerseits immer den perfekten Überblick über die Ersparnisse bieten soll und andererseits mit Hilfe eines Accelerometers Eigentümer über ungewöhnliche Bewegungen - also vermuteten Diebstahl - informiert. Ihr ahnt es schon: Eine App für das Smartphone ist der Dreh- und Angelpunkt der

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iPhone 6 rumour rollup: Fingerprint sensor, Liquidmetal and names

There's nothing like exclusive, high resolution, leaked photographs of arcane internal iPhone components to trigger the gaga reflex in the iOSphere. It takes skill, honed by long experience with rumoring, to read into them far, far more than is actually there.Related StoriesNew iWork at WWDC: Apple seeking iWork bug testers, new version soon (we hope)

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Could a Tumblr deal fix Yahoo's square reputation?

Yahoo needs to prove its street cred to get in with the under-30 crowd, so the company is reportedly mulling a $1 billion bid for Tumblr, the social network where animated GIFs and all sub-genres of cats run amok.Related StoriesGoogle beats Apple to the music subscription market'Record labels helped Google beat Apple to the music subscription market'Dell replays Windows 8 blame card as PC sales

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Milliarden-Deal: Yahoo kauft Blogging-Plattform Tumblr

Der Aufsichtsrat von Yahoo hat einem Medienbericht zufolge dem Kauf der Blogging-Plattform Tumblr für 1,1 Milliarden US-Dollar zugestimmt. Die Übernahme soll heute bekanntgegeben werden. (Yahoo, Internet)

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iFFmpeg 3.7 bietet neue H264-Profile und erweiterte ProRes-Unterstützung

Das Video-Konvertierungswerkzeug iFFmpeg ist in Version 3.7 erschienen und bringt damit einige Neuerungen mit, insbesondere bei der Unterstützung von ProRes-Video-Formaten. Hier werden nun beispielsweise auch Videos mit 59,94 und 60 Bilder pro Sekunde unterstützt sowie das Pixel-Format YUV4444p10le von ProRes 4444. Die Optionen für ProRes-Encoder sowie die Vendor-ID runden die erweiterte Unter

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20.05.2013 12:00 Uhr

Google Glass Explorer edition pops up on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500

A lot of people were confused at the seeming randomness of who Google picked for the privilege of paying $1500 to get their heads into the Google Glass Explorer edition. But for those who can't wait until Google decides to release Glass to the masses early next year, the Internet has come to the rescue.Related StoriesBill Gates recalls last conversation with Steve Jobs in emotional interviewGoogle beats Apple to the music subscription market

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Türkischer Premier Erdoğan zu Besuch bei Apple in Cupertino

Hoher Besuch in Cupertino: Der türkische Premierminister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan schaute bei einer Reise ins Silicon Valley auch in der Apple-Zentrale vorbei. Die Türkei möchte in naher Zukunft 10,6 Millionen Tablets für Schulen des Landes kaufen. Bereits im letzten Jahr hatte der türkische Präsident Adullah Gül die Apple-Zentrale besucht und sich dort auch persönlich mit dem Apple-CEO Tim Cook unterhalten. Ein Jahr später folgte dem Präsidenten nun der Pre

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Xbox 720: Apple als neuer Konkurrent für Microsoft

Am morgigen Dienstag wird Microsoft die nächste Generation seiner Spielekonsole Xbox präsentieren. Anders als beim Start der Xbox 360 heißen die wichtigsten Konkurrenten heute nicht nur Sony und Nintendo, sondern auch Apple, Samsung, Facebook und Google. Bloomberg widmet einen Artikel der veränderten Ausgangssituation für das Videospiele-Geschäft bei Microsoft: Als das Unternehmen im Jahr 2005 die Xbox 360 veröffentlichte, war die Zahl der Konkurrenten recht überschaubar: Lediglich gegen Sonys

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Street Fighter IV nur 89 Cent, Greedy Spiders 2 HD heute gratis

Auch heute kann man wieder etwas Geld sparen. Sowohl iPhone- als auch iPad-Nutzer können sich freuen. Street Fighter IV (App Store-Link) ist nur für das iPhone verfügbar und kann zum ersten Mal seit fast zwei Jahren für nur 89 Cent installiert werden. Seit September 2011 zahlte man für den Kampfsport-Klassiker durchweg 4,49 Euro. Auch wenn StreetDer Artikel Street Fighter IV nur 89 Cent, Greedy Spiders 2 HD heute gratis erschien zuerst auf

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The first Jolla phone: 4.5-inch display, Android app compliant, 399 euros

The Jolla's Love Day in Helsinki has already spilled some major news: pricing and specs for its first Sailfish OS handset. It'll be an original Jolla design with a 4.5-inch display, microSD expansion, an 8MP rear camera and Android app compliancy out of the box. Developing [Thanks, Toni] Filed under: Cellphones,

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US Defense Department approves Apple's iOS devices for its networks

Devices built around Apple's iOS operating system have been approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for use on its networks, as the department moves to support multivendor mobile devices and operating systems.Related StoriesiPhone 5S: more photographs appear, indicate colour optionsiPad mini 2 rumour rollup: leaked specs, A7 chip and something we call 'iPadiGlasses'Woman sues Apple claiming that power b

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Report: Yahoo board approves deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1B

Yahoo's board of directors has approved spending US$1.1 billion in cash to buy popular blogging site Tumblr, according to The Wall Street Journal.Related StoriesWhat to expect from Apple at WWDC 2013: iOS 7, OS X 10.9, new Macs, iPhone 6, iPad 5?Bill Gates recalls last conversation with Steve Jobs in emotional interviewGoogle beats Apple to the music subscription market

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Dell replays Windows 8 blame card as PC sales slide

Dell last week again blamed Windows 8 for contributing to a decline in PC sales revenue during the quarter that ended May 3.Related StoriesWhat to expect from Apple at WWDC 2013: iOS 7, OS X 10.9, new Macs, iPhone 6, iPad 5?Bill Gates recalls last conversation with Steve Jobs in emotional interviewGoogle beats Apple to the music subscription market

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18-Jährige erfindet preisgekrönten Batterie-Ersatz

Um Mobiltelefone schneller und energieeffizienter aufladbar zu machen, entwickelte die erste 18 Jahre alte Eesha Khare einen sogenannten Superkondensator. Dafür wurde sie nun von Intel ausgezeichnet. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaHTC One: Hersteller verdoppelt FertigungskapazitätTop 10: Die besten Videos d

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100 Stunden Video-Uploads pro Minute: YouTube wird 8 Jahre

Filed under: Standards Gut, zugegeben: Der 8. Geburtstag von YouTube war eigentlich schon gestern. Aber wie soll man denn auch den Überblick behalten, wenn mittlerweile 100 Stunden Video-Material pro Minute werden aktuell auf Googles Server geladen, im letzten Jahr waren es noch 72 Stunden pro Woche. Über 1 Milliarde User sind monatlich auf der Video-Seite aktiv. Wo das hinführen soll, weiß sowieso niemand. Aber heute: Alles Gute nachträglich.

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20.05.2013 11:00 Uhr

Google's Field Trip app granting free admission to 13 museums

While Mountain View's Field Trip app may find attractions off the beaten path, footing the bill for excursions has been up to users. Now, however, the Niantic Labs-made application is handing out freebies for an unspecified limited time, allowing those who wield it to waltz into 13 museums fo

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Google I/O: Stolpersteine auf dem Weg zur internationalen App

Für Programmierer wird es immer wichtiger, die Bedürfnisse einer mehrsprachigen Kundschaft zu bedienen. Sie müssen ihre Apps internationalisieren und lokalisieren – das ist nicht dasselbe.

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'txtr Beagle E-Book-Reader im Test

Auf der letztjährigen Frankfurter Buchmesse fiel der E-Book-Reader 'txtr Beagle vor allem durch sein ungewöhnliches Konzept und den avisierten Preis von nicht mehr als 20 Euro auf. Zumindest beim Preis konnte man die eigenen Versprechen nicht halten, doch ob er die anderen, an ihn gesteckten Erwartungen erfüllen kann, zeigt unser Test.

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Yahoo! Japan angeblich Opfer von Hacker-Angriff

Yahoo! scheint den Schlagzeilen nicht entweichen zu können: Nachdem vor wenigen Tagen bekannt wurde, dass der Konzern eine Übernahme des Mikroblogging-Dienstes Tumblr plane und der Yahoo!-Vorstand dem Vorhaben laut AllThingsD bereits zugestimmt haben soll, dringen derweil schlechte Nachrichten aus Japan.

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Vubooo: Champions League Finale etwas anders verfolgen

Mit Vubooo wollen wir euch eine weitere App für das Finale vorstellen. Schließlich müssen wir ja nur noch fünf Mal schlafen, bis es endlich soweit ist. Dortmund gegen Bayern, BVB gegen FCB. Ganz Fußball-Deutschland schaut am kommenden Samstag nach London (außer ein kleines Dorf westlich von Herne). Wer zwischendurch noch doch noch auf sein SmartphoneDer Artikel Vubooo: Champions League Finale etwas anders verfolgen erschien zuerst auf

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Polaroid XS80: Action Cam filmt mit 1080p

Filed under: Camcorder Auf der letztjährigen Photokina hatte Polaroid drei Action-Kameras vorgestellt, mit der XS80 kommt jetzt eine vierte hinzu. Größte Neuerung: Videos in 1080p bei 30 fps. Bilder lassen sich mit der Kamera natürlich auch machen, die Auflösung liegt bei 16 Megapixel. Welche Qualität die dann tatsächlich haben, bleibt abzuwarten. Interessant übrigens, dass im Video-Modus auch dann nur 30 fps zur Verfügun

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KDDI's HTC J One variant packs a microSD slot, additional camera features (video)

These days, the presence of a microSD slot on new handsets is arguably more important than the amount of storage on the inside. One such slot found its way onto the Chinese variants of HTC's One, and now Japanese network K

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Völlig losgelöst: 3D-Drucker der nächsten Generation

Lassen sich künftig auch komplexe Strukturen im freien Raum "ausdrucken"? Ein beeindruckendes Projekt am Institut für Architektur in Barcelona legt dies zumindest nahe. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaRekord: 40 Gigabit pro Sekunde über Funk gesendetGoogle und NASA starten gemeinsam Supercomputer

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20.05.2013 10:00 Uhr

Neue Statistiken zum achten Jahrestag von YouTube

Google betreibt mit YouTube das weltweit größte Video-Portal, welches aktuell seinen achten Jahrestag feiert. Wie stark das Portal genutzt wird, zeigt Google immer wieder anhand von Nutzungsstatistiken mit fast unvorstellbaren Zahlen. Die neusten Statistiken zu YouTube bilden da keine Ausnahme. Mittlerweile veröffentlichen die Nutzer mehr als 100 Stunden Video-Material pro Minute auf YouTube,

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Sony Xperia UL announced for Japan: 5-inch 1080p display and 15-frame burst photography skills (video)

The FCC might have spoiled the surprise, but Sony's now gone official with yet another smartphone and this one's for its native Japan. The Xperia UL appears to be a slightly thicker riff on the Xperia Z, matching the display of the company's early-2013 flagship, while a

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App des Tages: Das Internet in einer Karte

Diese Idee finden wir sehr einfallsreich und wird mit dem Ernennen zur App des Tages belohnt: Die “Map of the Internet” ist universal und kann gratis geladen werden. In der App werden nichts anderes,

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Apple patents way to use other device's flashes for mobile photography

New patent in which a primary iOS device controls many other secondary devices as assistant flashes in order to light the sceneRelated StoriesSamsung photoshops Galaxy S4 into iPhone stock shotiPhone 5S: more photographs appear, indicate colour optionsiPad mini 2 rumour rollup: leaked specs, A7 chip and something we call 'iPadiGlasses'

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91.3% o smartphone malware/viruses written for Android

The Android platform is the target of 91.3% o all smartphone malware, according to F-Secure.Related StoriesSamsung photoshops Galaxy S4 into iPhone stock shotiPhone 5S: more photographs appear, indicate colour optionsiPad mini 2 rumour rollup: leaked specs, A7 chip and something we call 'iPadiGlasses'

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iOS und Android hängen portable Konsolen ab

Ein Trend, den man schon seit Jahren beobachten kann, hat mittlerweile extreme Formen angenommen: Spiele-Entwickler verdienen auf portablen Konsolen deutlich weniger. Uns wundert dieser Trend überhaupt nicht. Mittlerweile kann man kaum noch von einem Duell zwischen iOS und Android gegen die portablen Konsolen von Sony und Nintendo reden – denn diese beiden Plattformen sind mittlerweileDer Artikel iOS und Android hängen portable Konsolen ab erschien zuerst auf

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Telekom will Netzausbau in Randgebieten zurückfahren

Die Telekom will zukünftig den Netzausbau in „unwirtschaftliche Neubaugebiete“ zurückfahren, berichtet die Nordsee Zeitung. In die entsprechenden Bezirke sollen keine Kupferkabel mehr verlegt werden, statt Festnetzanschlüssen soll die gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Mindestversorgung mittels Mobilfunktechnik gewährleistet werden.

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Nook Simple Touch reportedly getting web browser, email client on June 1st

Remember that web browser that was found hiding in the Nook's search function? It's time could be nigh. According to a leaked memo acquired by TechCrunch, Barnes & Nobel will be updating the Nook Simple Touch and

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ASUS Transformer Book review: meet ASUS' first detachable Ultrabook

More Info ASUS announces line of Transformer Books ASUS Transformer Book shows sudden sign of life: 13-inch Core i5 model coming to Japan this week

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LG to demo 5-inch unbreakable and flexible plastic OLED panel at SID 2013

LG's got quite a bit in store for us this week at SID's annual display exhibition in Vancouver. In addition to that 55-inch curved OLED TV we first heard about last month, the company will be demonstrating a very nifty 5-inch OLED panel. Created for mobile devices, the display is constructed of plastic, making it both flexible

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Reviews: MaxUpgrades MaxConnect for 2006-2008 Mac Pro

Nobody outside of Cupertino's privileged bunch knows the future of the Mac Pro line for sure. Despite Apple's reluctance to tell us what the line holds, there are a large number of machines in service all getting a bit long in the tooth, relatively speaking. As production Mac Pros have been replaced with new iMacs and even the Mac mini, IT departments are looking for creative ways to repurpose som

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Review: MaxUpgrades MaxConnect Optical Bay for Mac Pro 2006-2008

Nobody outside of Cupertino's privileged bunch knows the future of the Mac Pro line for sure. Despite Apple's reluctance to tell us what the line holds, there are a large number of machines in service all getting a bit long in the tooth, relatively speaking. As production Mac Pros have been replaced with new iMacs and even the Mac mini, IT departments are looking for creative ways to repurpose some of the older machines to preserve dwindling budgets and continued expansion of needs. Regardless of generation, the Mac Pro makes an excellent server for the home or business, limited only by the dr

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How would you change Lenovo's IdeaPad U310?

Fussy about boot times, carry-weight or weak battery life? Then you probably gave Lenovo's IdeaPad U310 a wide berth. The thing is, aside from those flaws, it was otherwise a very solid Ultrabook for those whose wallets couldn't stretch to a premium model. We want to know, did you buy one? If so, what did you think of it, and let's imagine you were dreaming up a budget Ultrabook -- what would you change? Filed under:

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Refresh Roundup: week of May 13th, 2013

Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging for an update. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it's easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don't escape without notice, we've gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery we could find during the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and l

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Inside AT&T’s 83GB/hour mobile cell tower or why your iPhone no longer drops out at huge events

AT&T shared a little bit of what goes into a portable network cells they put up at special events where bandwidth needs will be extraordinary. Remember, AT&T’s network is about 80% iPhones so this is important stuff. The setup above was what they used to cover a recent Los Angeles festival (read: Coachella). This isn’t a test network; AT&T’s […]

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The Weekly Roundup for 05.13.2013

You might say the week is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workweek, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Weekly Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past seven days -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy. Comments

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Samsung plans to launch 65-, 55-inch 4K TVs in June

When Samsung unveiled its first 4K Ultra HD TV at CES this year, it said other sizes would follow, both larger and smaller than the initial 85-inch version. Now it's apparently ready to fulfill part of that promise, announcing in Korea that 65- and 55-inch models will launch next month. Of course our next question is how these smaller models will compare to the

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PST/10pm EST: Beard Edition!

Once more we come to that point in the week where we practice a time-honored tradition, the Sunday Talkcast. Tonight's show is a special one, as we are going to be joined by The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Jim Dalrymple, of Loop Insight. We'll be talking about The Magazine, among other things. I have heard tell The Beard may be joining us as well, so if you join us, do be on your best behavior. When The Beard is frightened, it doesn't end well. As usual, the Kelly Show means Aftershow, so you should come by for that as well. Since it's really all about you, the community, do see if you can join us, won't you? To participate live, you can use the

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