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09.05.2013 24:00 Uhr

LinkedIn and Twitter updates for BlackBerry 10 focus on search

BlackBerry isn't done with improving the BlackBerry 10 editions of LinkedIn and Twitter -- not by a long shot. The company has once more upgraded the two social apps, this time with an emphasis on search. LinkedIn now lets users import contacts to find people they already know; in Twitter, meanwhile, universal search now shows photos, profiles and tweets on a single page. There's more than just these

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Zynga releases Running With Friends, from Eat Sleep Play

Zynga has released a new game in the 'With Friends' series (which started back when the company acquired Words with Friends, a very popular Scrabble-like iOS game). Running With Friends is, as you can see above, not a fitness app, though that does sound fun. Instead, it's an endless running game, based on the Running of the Bulls, where you compete with friends to earn points and distance. The game has you running, jumping, and dodging obstacles, all while trying to earn as many points as possible. As you might expect, the title is freemium, so it's free to download, and there are in-app purchases available if you'd like extra currency. Most of the games in the "With Friends" series have been super casual so fa

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Facebook Home's immediate future: buddy lists, an app dock, folders and more

Facebook Home and the First phone to ship with it on board were revealed just over a month ago, and in the time since, the Home team has been

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NVIDIA Q1 earnings: $77.9 million income on revenue of $954 million

NVIDIA's income statement may not look quite so appealing as it did just one quarter ago, but the company managed to beat the consensus expectations and its stock is now climbing in after-hours trading. Net income for NVIDIA's fiscal Q1 2014 rang in at $77.9 million, which is a 55 percent decrease from the previous quarter, but still 29 percent above Q1 of the previous year. Company revenu

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„Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded“ erscheint Ende Mai

Der Möchtegern-Frauenheld ist wieder da! Am 31. Mai diesen Jahres erscheint „Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded“ und vereint schlüpfrige Witze und beste Point & Click-Adventures-Unterhaltung. Erscheinen soll das Spiel sowohl für Windows, OS X und Linux, wie auch für die mobilen Systeme Android und iOS.

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Apple: Thunderbolt Firmware 1.2

"stability fixes for Thunderbolt and Target Disk Mode"

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Apple ups the promotion for its 50 billion app download contest

Apple last week announced a new contest leading up to the 50 billionth downloaded app. The lucky person who downloads the 50 billionth app will receive a US$10,000 gift card redeemable on the App Store. What's more, Apple will also be awarding $500 App Store gift cards to the folks who download the first 50 apps after the 50 billion threshold has been reached. Today, Apple boosted awareness for the contest by promoting it on their homepage. The homepage currently features a revolving series of photos which aim to illustrate just how big the 50 billion mark is. For instance, the ph

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iRiver's AK120 promises 'the finest audio,' priced at $1,300 with a leather case

Love music? Sure you do -- but can you really claim to be a true music lover if you're not plunking down $1,300 for the latest MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) player from iRiver? The AK120 looks a fair bit like its predecessor, the AK100 (albeit slightly larger), and features a 2.4-inch IPS touchcreen. Inside, you'll find two digital-to-analog converters, dual Wolfson WM8740 DAC chips and 64GB of memory, which is expandable up to 192GB via

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Apple pushes App Store promotion as 50 billionth download mark approaches

Thursday saw Apple increasing promotion for the forthcoming 50 billion download on its App Store, publicizing the approaching mark with a prime spot on the company's homepage.

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Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2 fixes Target Disk Mode issue

Apple has posted a new support download for Macs, Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2. The patch appears to deal solely with stability problems related to Target Disk Mode. The file is 1.22MB, and requires OS X 10.8.3 or later. 

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Review: BlueBulb Bluetooth Bulb 9W RGB + White

Hue, an accessory available exclusively in Apple stores and from Apple’s website, comes in the Starter Pack with three bulbs and a wireless bridge, while additional bulbs are available for $60 each. Also in the box are a power supply for the bridge, and an Ethernet cable to connect it to your router. Each of the bulbs is an 8.5-Watt light and puts out 600 lumens, which is roughly comparable to a traditional 50-Watt lightbulb. The capsule-shaped…

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Review: Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Starter Pack

Hue, an accessory available exclusively in Apple stores and from Apple’s website, comes in the Starter Pack with three bulbs and a wireless bridge, while additional bulbs are available for $60 each. Also in the box are a power supply for the bridge, and an Ethernet cable to connect it to your router. Each of the bulbs is an 8.5-Watt light and puts out 600 lumens, which is roughly comparable to a traditional 50-Watt lightbulb. The capsule-shaped…

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09.05.2013 23:00 Uhr

Bericht: Wendet sich Sharp von Apple ab?

Ein überraschender Bericht erreicht uns gerade aus Asien. Sharp will die Zusammenarbeit mit Apple beenden. Im Zuge eines Strategiewechsels werde der japanische Zulieferer künftig Samsung als größten Display-Abnehmer handeln. Bestätigt ist aber noch nichts.

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Daily Update for May 9, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Flash) or the non-Flash link below. To subscribe to the podcast for daily listening through iTunes, click here.

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Facebook's Open Compute Project eyes accessible, scalable network switches

Facebook's two-year-old Open Compute Project is fast becoming a (potential) cure-all for servers, with efforts underway that tackle efficiency, storage and

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iRadio stalled again as Apple, Sony can't agree to royalty terms

Apple's ongoing efforts to bring a radio service to iPhone and iPad owners has apparently hit another snag, as negotiations with Sony have dragged on.

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News: Apple wins iBooks trademark suit

Apple won a lawsuit on Wednesday over the use of the term “iBooks” as Black Tower Press, which sued Apple in 2011, was ruled not to have exclusive rights to the term. Black Tower Press, a small publisher, owned the “ibooks” mark, but never obtained a registered trademark. U.S. District Judge Denise Cote explained “ibooks” only described books sold on the Internet, and wrote that consumers would not confuse Apple’s…

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Apple releases Thunderbolt firmware update v1.2 with stability fixes

Apple today released Thunderbolt firmware update version 1.2 with small stability fixes for Target Disk Mode and Thunderbolt. The 1.22MB update is available for download from Apple’s website here.

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Update für Apple Maps bringt 3D-Karten für Paris und das Disneyland

Seit iOS 6 sind die größten Städte der USA nicht nur in einer Karten- oder Satellit-Ansicht verfügbar, sondern auch als detaillierte 3D-Modelle. Auch einige europäische Städte lassen sich seit einiger Zeit dreidimensional erkunden. Ab sofort ist auch Paris aus der Vogelperspektive zu bewundern.Wer

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Tesla Model S gets Consumer Reports' top score, suggests it's easy being green

While we largely enjoyed our time behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S, we clearly didn't have as much fun as Consumer Reports. The often stringent outlet just gave the EV sedan a 99 out of 100 rating, which makes it not just the publica

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Apple Releases Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 [Mac Blog]

Apple has released Thunderbolt Firmware update for all Macs with Thunderbolt ports, providing stability fixes for Thunderbolt and Target Disk Mode. The update requires OS X Lion 10.8.3 or later and uses 1.22MB of disk space. The update can be downloaded via Apple's software update page or through the Mac App Store.

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Sonnet upgrades xMac Mini Server with daughter card support, BNC

Sonnet today introduced a significant upgrade of its popular xMac mini Server, a Thunderbolt-to-PCI Express expansion system and 1U rackmount enclosure for a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac mini with a Thunderbolt port. The updated xMac mini Server now supports a double-width PCIe card's daughter card and includes BNC connector mounting holes on the enclosure's rear panel. In addition, the length of the xMac mini Server is now just 15.8 inches, optimizing it for a wider range of popular mobile racks, carts, and rack bags.

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Apple retakes fifth palce in Chinese smartphone market during Q1

Apple retook fifth place in the Chinese smartphone market during the first quarter of the year with an 8 percent share, according to Canalys data obtained by IDG News. Previously, during the third and fourth quarters of 2012, Apple had been relegated to sixth place. Samsung remained in control during Q1 2013, managing a 20 percent share. Local firms Yulong, Huawei, and Lenovo completed the top five.

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Tip of the Day: Enabling Video Playlists on Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, chances are good that you have at least some movies and TV shows in your library. If you’re a heavy iTunes user with a lot of video content, you may already know that you can organize these into playlists within iTunes, but you may have noticed that by default, there appears to be no way to access these playlists directly on the Apple TV. The good news, however, is that this capability actually does exist on the Apple…

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First Looks: MyCharge Hub 6000 Portable Powerbank with Lightning

Also coming in 3000 and 9000 mAh versions, MyCharge's Hub 6000 ($120) is the first external battery we've received with a Lightning cable of any sort, let alone one that's attached to the pack itself. The metal, rubber, and plastic battery is rather compact, with everything attached: there are flip-out wall prongs for charging, a USB port, and Micro-USB plug, too. It has a total output capacity of 3.1 Amps, with the Lightning connector capable of…

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Apple wins "iBooks" trademark case

Have you ever heard of Black Tower Press? Back in 2011, the small New York publisher of sci-fi and fantasy books filed a trademark suit claiming that it had the rights to use the term "iBooks". Yesterday a New York court ruled in Apple's favor, stating that the publisher's mark -- ibooks -- and Apple's electronic bookstore trademark would not be confused by consumers. Black Tower obtained the "ibooks" mark in 2006 when it purchased another publishing company that had used the term for an imprint selling sci-fi and horror novels. However, Black Tower never obtained a registered trademark for "ibooks", nor did the predecessor company. Apple did obtain registered trademarks. In 1999, it obtained a license from a

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Wii Street U update brings Miiverse support with favorites, emotional tags

Not exactly earth-shattering news in the weeks leading up to E3, but Nintendo Japan announced some nice little additions to its Google-powered Wii Street U. The panoramic mapping service is getting support for the proprietary Miiverse social network, letting you share favorit

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Microsoft reportedly developed set-top box prototypes

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Microsoft is prepping a streaming media box. The Xbox may have many of the same functions, but it's still primarily a gaming console. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there are prototypes

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Microsoft soll angeblich Interesse an Nook besitzen

Laut dem IT-Portal Techcrunch soll das Unternehmen aus Redmond großes Interesse an dem Hersteller für E-Book-Lesegeräte Nook besitzen. Abwegig wäre das Ganze bei Weitem nicht, hält Microsoft doch bereits 16,8 Prozent der Anteile am Unternehmen.

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First Looks: MyCharge Freedom 2000 Battery Case for iPhone 5

Winner of a Best of Show Award at the 2013 CES, MyCharge's Freedom 2000 ($100) has arrived for testing. The 2000mAh iPhone 5 battery pack is the second case, behind iKit's NuCharge, that doesn't have a fixed Lightning plug, but rather relies on a tethered cable that can be plugged in or pulled out of the iPhone's bottom as necessary. Instead of forming a case from separate pieces of plastic, however, Freedom 2000 is one permanently fused-together…

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09.05.2013 22:00 Uhr

Cyberthieves yank $45 million in sophisticated ATM hack, make Ocean's Eleven look trivial

It has the makings of a film -- but the fallout from one of the world's most sophisticated ATM heists is very real. The New York Times is reporting that a massive team of criminals worked in concert in order to grab some $45 million in a matter of hours over the course of two operations. The sheer scope of the project is hard to wrap one's mind around, involving trained personnel positioned in over two

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Paracable Offering Colorful Paracord-Wrapped Lightning-to-USB Cables [iOS Blog]

Paracable is a new company that is hand-wrapping Lightning-to-USB cables with paracord, a lightweight rope originally used in parachutes. The cables are not official 'Made for i' cables, but Paracable founder Travis Beck told MacRumors that they have sourced high-quality cables from China and have tested them thoroughly. The company buys cables without the USB-end attached in order to wrap the paracord, then attaching the end and using a hardening resin to ensure it is firmly attached. As Paracable explains, they were trying to create a cable that would not be destroyed by the founder's cat Baxter quite as easily as Apple's OEM Lightning cables. After much thought an

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Pixelmator 2.2 available with over 100 new features and improvements

Popular image editing app Pixelmator has released version 2.2., which brings slew of new features to the already powerful program. The update comes with an expanded collection of shapes and tools to manipulate them, enhanced gradient palettes, and a new paint selection tool among the more than 100 new features. The Text as Shape feature in particular looks like it will be a lot of fun to play with. At $14.99, Pixelmator is a steal of a design tool for people who can't justify dropping hundreds of dollars a year to rent a Photoshop license. We'll have a comprehensive review of Pixelmator 2.2 and its new features up later this month. In the meantime we've included a few videos from Pixelmator explaining a few of the new features.

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Photoshop-Konkurrent: Pixelmator 2.2 mit mehr als 100 neuen Funktionen veröffentlicht

Bereits seit seiner Veröffentlichung wird Pixelmator als „Photoshop-Killer“ gehandelt, was nicht zuletzt seinem deutlich günstigerem Preis zu verdanken ist. Doch auch in Sachen Funktionen braucht sich Pixelmator nicht zu verstecken. Mit dem aktuellen Update hat die Bildbearbeitungs-Anwendung sogar

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NHK and Mitsubishi develop the first H.265 encoder for 8K video

NHK's 8K Super Hi-Vision is an extremely bandwidth-heavy format -- so much so that earlier tests used gigabit-class internet links rather than traditional TV broadcasting methods. Thankfully, both the broadcaster and Mitsu

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Apple Still Negotiating With Sony and Warner Over iRadio Royalties

Apple is still in negotiations with Sony and Warner over its iRadio streaming music service, reports the Financial Times. Apple had offered roughly 6 cents per 100 tracks streamed, but later reportedly raised this to 12.5 cents per 100 tracks -- similar to the rate paid by Pandora. Although the company has reached an agreement with Universal Music, the largest record label, the FT claims other labels are still looking for better terms. Apple is reportedly working hard at reaching a deal and wishes to launch the 'iRadio' service at

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Ask iLounge: Can’t eject iPod nano without closing FIrefox

Q: I recently purchased a used third-generation iPod nano. I do not have a manual for it. I’m using Windows 7 on my PC with iTunes 11 and Firefox 19. When I try to eject the nano, I get a message that it can’t be ejected because a file is in use. I have found that if I close Firefox it will then let me eject. Do you know if this is a nano, iTunes, Firefox, or Windows problem? It can be annoying if I have something up on Firefox that I…

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News: Apps: Bugsy’s Math Quest, Netflix 4.1, Paper 1.3.1 + Pixuru

Peapod Labs’ just-released Bugsy’s Math Quest ($3) stars the company’s long-time mascot, Bugsy the hamster, who walks through 2-D side-scrolling levels, facing animals and monsters every few seconds. To get past most opponents, you need to tap once or twice on the bottom-of-screen keypad to enter digits that solve a multiplication or division problem. Each level ends with a boss encounter akin to a quiz, where you need to rapidly…

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Review: Antec Gain Bluetooth Receiver

Unlike Ribbon, which shipped with everything from a wall charger to a 3.5mm audio cable and earphones, Gain has been stripped down to the basics: you get a USB cable for charging, three sets of rubber eartips, a pair of inexpensive-feeling earphones, and the Bluetooth unit itself—a roughly 1.55” by 0.9” by 0.55” plastic box with a mirrored front surface. Five different colors are available for the plastic, which ranges from…

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YouTube launches pilot program for paid subscriptions, channels start at $0.99 per month

We've had a pretty clear indication that it was coming, and YouTube has now gotten official with one of the biggest changes to the way it does business to date. It's today kicking off a pilot program for paid subscriptions, which initially consists of a small group of partners offering channels that start at $0.99 per month. That initial group includes channels ranging from Sesame Street t

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Internationale Raumstation stellt auf Linux um

Die Desktop-Computer und Notebooks der Internationalen Raumstation ISS liefen bisher unter Windows. Stabilitätsprobleme ließen die NASA nach einer Alternative suchen. Nun werden die Rechner der Station komplett auf Linux umgestellt. Dabei fiel die Wahl auf Debian 6, das als sehr zuverlässig und stabil gilt.

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Netflix for iOS update features auto-play for TV shows, adds movie recommendations

Netflix today updated its iOS app with some features that will undoubtedly please all you TV lovers out there. First and foremost, the app update includes a post-play feature which immediately starts the beginning of a new TV episode once a user finishes watching the previous one. This feature could prove to be delightfully dangerous for folks already watching addictive shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Netflix notes that the app update now makes it easier for users to "binge" on their favorite shows. On the movie front, Netflix has also taken steps to keep you immersed in the Netflix universe. Following the end of a movie, t

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Facebook Home: Mehr als 1 Million Downloads

Filed under: Android Die halbe Million Downloads knackten Zuckerberg & Co mit Facebook Home innerhalb weniger Tage, jetzt sind mehr als 500.000 neue Nutzer dazugekommen. Cory Ondrejka, Chef der Engineering-Abteilung für mobile Geräte bei Facebook, hat das soeben bestätigt. Innerhalb eines Monats gab es mehr als eine Million Downloads. Das mag nach einem mittelmäßigen Erfolg klingen, hatte laut Ondrejka aber bereits den gewünschten Effekt. Die Nutzer verbringen bis zu 25 Prozent mehr Zeit im sozialen Netzwerk. Facebook Home steht außerd

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The Engadget Podcast is live at 3:30PM ET

It's another beautiful spring Thursday here in New York City -- okay, it's actually gray and rainy, but all the more reason to curl up in front of your computer with another edition of the Engadget Podcast. Tim, Brian and Peter will be your hosts for this week's journey through the world of technology. Comments

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Amazon reportedly developing smartphone with glasses-free 'holographic' 3D display

Online retailer Amazon is said to be working on a "wide-ranging lineup" of new devices, including a smartphone with a display capable of producing 3D images without the need for special glasses.

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09.05.2013 21:00 Uhr

Caption contest: Google Glass explorer takes virtual vision to a whole new level

What's better than a single pair of Glass Explorer Editions, you say? How about five? Well, that's exactly what Mr. Adib Towfiq has done, mounting a few of these bizarre frames to his head and, luckily for us, he took to Mountain View's social network to share it with the world. Now, he asks, "Am I doing it right?" If anything, we'd say this is certainly a step

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Sony schreibt schwarze Zahlen

Sony hat in dem Ende März abgeschlossenem Geschäftsjahr das erste Mal seit rund vier Jahren wieder einen Gewinn- und Umsatzzuwachs für sich verbuchen können. Nachdem das Geschäftsjahr 2012 noch mit einem Verlust von umgerechnet rund 3,5 Milliarden Euro abgeschlossen wurde, scheint es mit dem neuen Kurs aufwärtszugehen.

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Teardown finds Samsung Galaxy S4 more costly to build than Apple's iPhone 5

An analysis of parts found inside Samsung's new Galaxy S4 has concluded the flagship smartphone is more costly to build than Apple's iPhone 5, with a price tag of $237 for the 16-gigabyte model.

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New Antenna-Related Part From Upcoming iPhone Surfaces [iOS Blog]

Earlier today, highlighted new part photos posted by Japanese vendor Moumantai showing what is claimed to be from the iPhone 5S or perhaps Apple's lower-cost iPhone. The part corresponds to an iPhone 5 part attached to the top end of the main logic board, but does contain some layout differences. and other sites have speculated that the part is related to camera functionality given its proximity to the front and rear cameras on the iPhone, but we chatted with iFixit's Miro Djuric and determined that it appears to be primarily related to wireless antenna functionality, although its exact role has not been confir

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AppSalat: Pixelmator, Flick Golf HD und weitere Rabatte + Updates des Tages

Heute – zu Himmelfahrt – war das Hin und Her im App Store wieder groß. Der Super-App Donnerstag zieht seine Kreise und damit auch der AppSalat. Pixelmator für Mac mit Mega-Update. Über 100 neue

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Facebook Home hits 1 million downloads

While Facebook Home may not be for everyone, it gained some serious traction since its introduction. Today at Facebook HQ, Cory Ondrejka, Director of Mobile Engineering let loose that, in the month since Facebook Home was first released, it's been downloaded over 1 million times. And, the addition of the launcher to those phones is turning out as Facebook had hoped, as the company has seen it drive 25 percent greater engagement with the social network once Home is installed. Naturally,

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Inkompatibel Updates fürs iPad 1: Baut Apple an der App Store-Anzeige?

Durch die ständigen Ausfälle grundlegender App Store-Funktionen auf iPhone und iPad, fällt es oft nicht leicht, gewollte Veränderungen in der Darstellung des virtuellen Kaufhauses von Apples üblicherweise nicht angekündigten Wartungsarbeiten zu unterscheiden. Stellenweise fehlen die deutschen Übersetzung, manchmal ist weder der Kauf neuer Applikationen noch der Download verfügbarer Aktualisierungen

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Mac: Booq Boa Squeeze Backpack

Backpacks tend not to look all that different from one another. Most of the time you’ll find two straps, a zipper running from side to side, and a few extra pockets. Booq’s new Boa Squeeze bucks that trend, at least somewhat. It’s one of the most distinctive-looking backpacks we’ve seen in a while, although it still accomplishes the same task of lugging your stuff around. Naturally, it was designed to hold your favorite MacBook…

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Apple adds 3D Maps Flyover coverage to Paris and surrounding areas

Over the past few months, Apple has consistently, and yet silently, continued to increase the number of areas which receive the 3D Flyover treatment in its homegrown Maps app. Now, the French-language site iGeneration is reporting that Apple has added 3D Flyover support for Paris, France. The report adds that the 3D coverage extends to Versailles, Aulnay-sous-Bois, to Disneyland Paris, and to L'Hay-les-Roses Previously, the only city in Paris subject to 3D Flyover coverage was Lyon. Apple's Maps team has certainly been keeping busy as of late. This past March, for example, Apple added

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Amazon working to move further into hardware space with 3D smartphone, audio device

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is working to expand its hardware offerings, this year, beyond the Kindle e-readers and tablets (like the Kindle Fire). According to the new report, Amazon is working on two smartphones, including a high-end model with a 3D display. Like other smartphones currently on the market, this display could […]

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Amazon reportedly developing multiple smartphones, including one with a 3D display

Remember the EVO 3D? Swap out the HTC logo for an Amazon one, and you just might be onto something. According to a new Wall Street Journal report, one of the world's most famed forkers of Android is looking to expand its mobile portfolio by adding the one crucial device it lacks: a phone. As the story goes, the company has been toiling on a pair of smartphones as well as an "audio-only streaming device," all to "expand its reach beyond it

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HP ElitePad 900 review: HP's first Windows 8 tablet for the business world

HP's business PCs have always been surprisingly pretty. Not that good looks are high on our list of criteria, mind you, but at the very least they make a strong impression. Now that companies have gotten more comfortable with tablets (and Windows 8 in particular) HP is selling the ElitePad 900, its first Win 8 tablet built for the enterprise. Like all those

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Apple grabs No. 5 spot in growing Chinese smartphone market

At three times the size of the U.S. market, China has become one of the most important battlegrounds in the smartphone industry, and Apple's iPhone is now the fifth-largest smartphone seller in the country.

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Amazon Developing New Hardware Products Including a 3D Smartphone and a Streaming Music Player

Amazon is developing a number of new hardware products to complement its Kindle line, The Wall Street Journal is reporting. Amazon hopes to release the devices, which are being developed at an Amazon lab in Sunnyvale, California, in the coming months, but the WSJ is quick to note that some or all of them may be killed at the last minute for a variety of reasons. One of the devices is a high-end smartphone featuring a screen that allows for 3-D images without glasses, these people said. Using retina-tracking technology, images on the smartphone would seem to float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles, they said. Users may be

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News: NewerTech intros GripStand, GripBase for iPad mini

Newer Technology has announced the NuGuard GripStand and GripBase for iPad mini ($35-$60), a smaller version of the GripStand and GripBase we reviewed for full-sized iPads. Fitting seamlessly with Apple’s Smart Cover, NuGuard’s GripStand mini lets users swivel the integrated circular stand 360 degrees to position at any angle. The stand can also be used as a handle to carry the iPad mini like a very small briefcase. GripBase is a more…

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Bewegung, Schlaf und Ernährung: Zwei Wochen mit dem Jawbone UP

Es gibt ja mittlerweile von einigen Herstellern sogenannte Fitness-Armbänder, die als Schrittzähler fungieren – auch Jawbone mischt seit kurzem mit seinem UP mit. Wir haben nun seit etwa zwei Wochen ein Exemplar eines Jawbone UP in der hellblauen Farbvariante vorliegen – insgesamt soll es acht verschiedene Variationen geben, von denen bislang vier im Handel erhältlichDer Artikel Bewegung, Schlaf und Ernährung: Zwei Wochen mit dem Jawbone UP erschien zuerst auf

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Adobe says it’s considering a photographer’s bundle for Creative Cloud

Adobe’s unveiling of its latest updates to Creative Cloud earlier this week came with the announcement it will only support Creative Cloud members for future updates, effectively dropping support for customers of its boxed CS6 suite and below apart from security updates and some bug fixes. Adobe has since taken to its Photoshop blog to […]

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Netflix for iOS gets post-play features, improved second screen experience

The iOS bunch can't ever complain that Netflix doesn't bring its latest and greatest features to the platform, even if minor at times. Today, a mere couple of weeks after being suited with a novel audio menu and episode selector, the Netflix for iOS app has now reached version 4.1. And while this particula

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Kinderecke: Englische ABC-App kostenlos

Die englische ABC-App „Wee sing & learn“ ( AppStore-Link ) ist gerade kostenlos. Die App singt mit den Kindern das bekannte ABC-Lied. Wer Englisch als Fremdsprache lernt, kann so spielerisch die Aussprache der Buchstaben üben. Zugegeben, eine eingeschränkte Nutzung der eigentlich für muttersprachliche Kleinkinder gedachten App. Aber da

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Apple erweitert 3D-Karten um Paris und Disneyland

Ganze 332 Tage hat Apple gebraucht, um die 3D-Karten des iPhones nun auch um die Flyover-Ansicht der französischen Hauptstadt zu ergänzen. Damit ist neben Berlin, Rom und London jetzt ein weiterer Kandidat der 10 größten europäischen Metropolen in einer rundum dreidimensionalen Ansicht auf den Apple-Karten vertreten und ergänzt kleinere

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Samsung SideSync functionality gets detailed on video

For many iOS users, the concept of backing up their iPhones and iPads to ones PC is a familiar one -- just plug it into iTunes, hit a button, and wait around for an undetermined amount of time. For Android users, however, the idea of syncing one's phone to a PC may be a bit more foreign. Back in April, Samsung quietly launched

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Pixelmator 2.2 Adds Extensive Shapes Support, New Video Tutorials Website [Mac Blog]

The hugely popular Pixelmator continues to add features to its image editing app, this time adding an extensive collection of shapes and related tools, a new paint selection tool, and more. There is also a new tutorials website with videos showing how to use Pixelmator to its fullest. The last update to Pixelmator added CMYK support, color profile management. The software is becoming more and more powerful for image editors, while keeping its competitive price of $14.99 -- significantly less than Adobe's Photoshop, which the team considers its primar

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Facebook reportedly in talks to acquire Waze with near-$1 billion bid

Crowdsourced traffic and navigation app service Waze may be acquired by Facebook, according to a report. The discussions between Waze and Facebook come months after a possible acquisition offer from Apple and appears to be reaching the same financial levels as the billion-dollar Instagram deal in April last year. 

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Briefly: GOG expands Mac game catalog, NuGuard GripStand mini

Following its "Massive Mac Games Drop" at the end of April, has further expanded its Mac game catalog with 10 new titles. The new batch of games offers titles from various genres, and includes Slipstream 5000, Guilty Gear X2: Reload, Syndicate Wars, Strike Commander, Evil Genius, Rise of the Triad: Dark War, Guilty Gear Isuka, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, Darklands, and Litil Divil. Prices range from $6 up to $15 depending on the title, and every game has been tested to work on Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.

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Pixelmator 'Blueberry' update brings new shape, Paint Selection tools

The developer of Pixelmator has released an important v2.2 update for the image-editing software. Codenamed Blueberry, the update makes several enhancements to the app's shape tools, for instance adding "smart" controls that rapidly adjust outlines. The Shape Style palette has new Fill, Stroke Style, Shadow, and Inner Shadow options, and the Custom Shapes palette now includes dozens of preset objects.

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Firefox für Windows 8 frühestens im Oktober

Der beliebte Webbrowser Firefox wird frühestens im Oktober als Vollversion für Microsfts Betriebssystem Windows 8 zur Verfügung stehen, berichtet Computerworld. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony: Playstation 4 kommt ohne Online-ZwangOffice: Microsoft will Adobes Abo-Vorbild nicht folgen

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Best Buy Offers $125 Discount on MacBook Airs [Mac Blog]

In honor of Mother's Day, Best Buy has discounted its MacBook Airs by a total of $125. The company is offering a base discount of $100, plus a 'MOM25' promo code that drops the price another $25. The

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Kensington KeyCover Giveaway

iLounge and Kensington are giving away ten (10) KeyCovers, (retail value $79.99 each). The high-performance keyboard case that protects your iPad Snap your iPad into a protective, stylish aluminum case while adding the productivity of a wireless Bluetooth® keyboard. The Kensington KeyCover Hard Shell iPad® Keyboard beautifully complements the aluminum back of your iPad for the perfect combination of aesthetics and 360° hard-shell protection. Inside…

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Apple promotet 10.000-Dollar-Gewinnspiel auf der Website

Die 50 Milliarden App Downloads sind nur noch eine Frage der Zeit. Apple feiert jetzt schon auf der Startseite seiner Website den lang erwarteten Meilenstein. Zu sehen ist ein animierter Countdown, der die App

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AT&T's Aio Wireless offers pre-paid service, iPhones

AT&T has launched a new pre-paid wireless mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) named Aio Wireless. The carrier will operate on AT&T's network, but is only available in Houston, Orlando and Tampa at the present time. Four plans will be available from Aio Wireless. For phones, the Aio Basic plan offers 250 MB of data for $35 - $40 per month, 2 GB of data for $55, and 7 GB of data for $70 a month. Each plan also offers unlimited text and calls. Aio also offers a tablet plan at $15/month for 250 MB. One caveat: although the phones operate on AT&T's nationwide network, 4G data is capped at 4 Mbps, so don't expect to get the same fast LTE service you expect from AT&am

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Mystic*: Vergesst alle anderen Foto-Apps

Eine Neuerscheinung, die ihr euch nicht entgehen lassen solltet: Mit Mystic* lassen sich zauberhafte Fotos kreieren. Eigentlich ist Mel ja unsere Foto-Expertin. Heute habe ich ihr die Arbeit mal abgenommen und mir Mystic* (App Store-Link) auf das iPhone geladen. Es handelt sich um eine 89 Cent teure App für Foto-Filter und Effekte, die von zweiDer Artikel Mystic*: Vergesst alle anderen Foto-Apps erschien zuerst auf

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Google unveils 'Save to Drive' button for websites, streamlines content delivery to cloud storage

Google Drive may be playing catch-up to its competitors in some ways, but the cloud storage team in Mountain View is forging ahead in others. Today, Big G announced a 'Save to Drive' button that allow users to save content directly from websites to Google-fied cloud lockers. Adding the button's easy, as it only requires a few lines of HTML, and a JavaScript API allows web admins to control their behavior. Folks looking to take advanta

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Adobe's move to the cloud: What it means, and why it isn't so bad

In case you haven't heard, a chapter in the history of Adobe's venerated Photoshop (and other Creative Suite applications) has just snapped shut. That's because all future versions have been moved to the Creative Cloud and renamed "CC," meaning that the only way to grab anything after CS6 will be to sign up for an internet-only subscription. Now, many of Adobe's customers for those apps (at least those who actually

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Aio Wireless launches prepaid iPhone 5 plans starting at $55 per month

Thursday saw the launch of a new prepaid wireless carrier as Aio, a subsidiary of AT&T, went live offering Apple's iPhone 5 and service for $55 per month.

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Report: Apple loses share to Android in Q1 but maintains lead in tablet market

Research firm Canalys is out today with its latest report tracking worldwide smart mobile device shipments for Q1 with Android accounting for almost 60% of smart mobile devices shipped by OS. That’s compared to a 19.3% share for Apple and approximately 18.1% for Microsoft. Keep in mind Canalys’s report also includes notebooks, in addition to […]

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Apple Amps Up Promotion for 50 Billion App Milestone

Apple today increased its promotion for the upcoming milestone of 50 billion downloads from the App Store, an event the company is marking with a contest in which the person who downloads the 50 billionth app will receives a $10,000 iTunes Store gift card while the next 50 downloaders will receive $500 gift cards each. The milestone is now being promoted as the main feature on Apple's front page, with an animated counter being accompanied by a rotating series of iPad mini app photos with associated facts to put the "50 billion" number in perspective: - "With 50 billion steps, you could walk around the earth more than 800 times." [

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Netflix for iOS Updated with Movie Recommendations and Auto-Play for TV Shows [iOS Blog]

Netflix has updated its iOS app to version 4.1, adding several options to encourage continuous content viewing like auto-play for television episodes and post-movie recommendations. With the new features, after watching an episode of a television show, the next episode will automatically begin to play. Additionally, after a movie ends, Netflix will offer three recommendations for similar movies. The update also includes enhanced second screen options.- Added post-play feature where, when one episode of a TV show ends, the Netflix app automatically cues and then starts the next episode - In post-play for movies, the three best movie recommendations are displayed at the end of the movie currently being watched - Added enhanced second screen optionsThe un

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BT offering 38 'free' Premier League games to broadband and vision subscribers

BT's plan to match Sky on sporting rights has already seen it spend big to buy ESPN UK, but how does it plan on recouping that cash? By giving away £738 million ($1.1 billion) worth of live Premier League games for "fre

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The Engadget Interview: Cliff Bleszinski on next-gen gaming, Oculus Rift and the always-on console

What's life been like for the outspoken Gears of War designer and former design director of Epic Games since his departure last fall? Well, a lot of taking it easy.

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AT&T launches Aio Wireless with iPhone 5, other devices

AT&T has officially launched Aio Wireless, an awaited MVNO carrier offering cheaper prepaid plans. Aio is offering Basic, Smart, and Pro tiers for phones, all of which including unlimited calling and texting. Basic costs between $35 and $40, and includes 250MB of data. Smart costs $55 per month for 2GB, and the $70 Pro plan ups the data cap to 7GB. Once a cap is exceeded, Aio begins throttling speeds. A special $15 tablet plan provides 250MB of data.

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IG Metall erhöht Druck im Tarifstreit

Anfang der Woche drohen Warnstreiks in rund 85 bayerischen Betrieben der Metall- und Elektroindustrie, obwohl die Tarifparteien für die nächste Woche eine Einigung erwarten.

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Kasino verbietet Google Glass

In Las Vegas gibt es jetzt den ersten Ort, an dem Google Glass offiziell verboten ist.

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iOS 7: Apfelpage-Konzept mit neuem Lockscreen und App-Redesigns [Video + Bilder]

In knapp einem Monat findet die lang erwartete WWDC 2013 in San Francisco statt. Das Event bringt für die Nutzer gänzlich neue Software mit. Neben OS X für den Mac, erregt besonders iOS 7

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Spotify: Musik-Downloads mithilfe von Downloadify möglich

Nutzer des beliebten Streaming-Angebots Spotify können für den äußerst geringen Preis von nur 5 Euro pro Monat auf ein schier unendlich großes Musik-Portfolio zugreifen. Der Download der Files ist dabei jedoch nicht vorgesehen und gestattet. Die Erweiterung Downloadify für den Google Browser Chrome realisiert eine solche Maßnahme jedoch und lädt die Musik als komfortables MP3

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Drosselkom: Vollwertige Telekom Flatrates werden 10 bis 20 Euro mehr kosten

Die Drosselung der Geschwindigkeit beim Surfen bei den klassischen DSL-Angeboten der Deutschen Telekom wurde bereits zuhauf diskutiert. Nun reagiert das Unternehmen aus Bonn auf den Druck der Vielsurfer, die trotz der geplanten Änderungen eine vollwertige Flatrate ohne Begrenzung des Surfvolumens haben wollen. Entsprechende Flatrate-Angebote werden demzufolge auch weiterhin zur Verfügung stehen. Der Haken an der

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Foxconn streckt die Fühler in Richtung TV-Markt aus [iTV]

Auch wenn in den letzten Wochen Apples Geschäftszahlen ein wenig totgeredet wurden, kommt man nicht umhin, zu bemerken, dass es auch um Apples Geschäftslage schon mal besser bestellt war. Das ist nicht weiter schlimm, denn mit der Veröffentlichung neuer Produkte in der zweiten Hälfte 2013 dürfte auch das Tagesgeschäft bei Apple wieder an Fahrt aufnehmen.

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Peter Oppenheimer: Bestbezahltester CFO der Welt

Steve Jobs machte zu Lebzeiten von sich reden, indem er in seinen letzten Jahren als CEO von Apple für ein Gehalt von einem US-Dollar arbeitete. Zuzüglich Aktienvorteilen natürlich, mit denen auch Jobs dann ein mehr als ordentliches Gehalt erzielte. Das momentane Apple-Management ist weniger bescheiden. Nun würde man annehmen, der am besten bezahlte Apple-Manager sei

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iOS 7: Apple Testgeräte erzeugen bereits fleißig Web-Traffic

Das in New York ansässige Unternehmen Onswipe entwickelt maßgeschneiderte Websites für Web-Publisher. Im Verlauf der letzten Tage, konnten die Experten erstmals einen exponentiellen Anstieg von iOS 7 Zugriffen auf den Partnerseiten vermerken. Apple testet also knapp einen Monat vor der WWDC, bereits fleißig iPhones und iPads mit installiertem iOS 7.  iOS 7 sorgt für Web-Traffic

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Apple Aktie wird nach der WWDC auf 525 US Dollar steigen [Analyst]

Ben Reitzes ist Analyst bei Barclays und korrigierte Anfang März erst die Zielpreise der Apple Aktie nach unten. Nun gibt sich Reitzes aber optimistischer und glaub an einen  weiteren Anstieg des Börsenpapiers. Als Grund für den Anstieg nennt der Barclays Analyst unter anderem die bevorstehende WWDC. via Apple Aktie steigt langsam wieder Die Apple Aktie

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Apple vs. Samsung: Apple beantragt Einblick in den Android-Quellcode

Der Rechtsstreit zwischen Apple und Samsung beschäftigt uns nun schon eine Weile, und es ist kein Ende in Sicht. Apple hat im letzten Jahr mit dem eine Milliarde Dollar Urteil einen großen Sieg errungen, allerdings wird man erst Geld sehen, wenn die Berufungen durch sind und der neue Prozess über die Höhe des Schadenersatzes abgeschlossen

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Der Hype um die Zahlen – oder: Man sollte Äpfel nicht mit Samsungs vergleichen [Kommentar]

Nicht nur in unserem Kommentarbereich, sondern auch in denen jedes anderen deutschen oder englischsprachigen Apple-Blogs wird eines schnell klar: Es ist nahezu zum Volkssport verkommen, Geschäftszahlen zu vergleichen. Besonders Apple und Samsung werden da gerne gegenübergestellt. Irgendwo auch einleuchtend, schließlich stehen die beiden Unternehmen sich als direkte Konkurrenten auf dem Smartphone-Markt gegenüber. Dennoch muss man

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Steve Jobs entfernte persönlich jede Apple-Werbung von Fox News

Auch wenn Steve Jobs einen funktionierenden Kontakt zu Rupert Murdoch pflegte, dem CEO von News Corp., so war es kein Geheimnis, dass er den Sender Fox News förmlich hasste. In Walter Isaacsons Biographie des ehemaligen Apple CEO findet sich das Zitat “Fox ist zu einer unglaublich zerstörerischen Kraft in unserer Gesellschaft geworden”. Aus diesem Grund

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Apple Patente: Jetzt wissen wir wirklich, wie Lightning funktioniert

Im September 2012 stellte Apple zusammen mit dem iPhone 5 einen neuen Dock-Connector vor. Die Technologie hörte auf den Namen Lightning, und anfangs wusste man nicht viel über den neuen Anschluss, abgesehen davon, dass er kleiner war und das Design komplett überarbeitet wurde. Die ersten Teardowns brachten dann etwas Licht ins Dunkle und enthüllten einen

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USB-powered, versatile, touch-sensitive LED lamp hits the market

A neat new accessory from Satechi has hit the market: a USB-powered LED lamp. As the name implies, this lamp plugs into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port for power. That means, as shown in the above video, that your MacBook could power up the lamp that lights up your desk. The lamp is also […]

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Apple: Google is no "friend of the court"

Earlier this week, Google, along with a host of other companies, sought permission to file an amicus curiae brief to support Samsung's efforts to oppose Apple's own efforts to secure injunctions against a number of accused Samsung devices. Amicus curiae -- which literally means 'friend of the court' --- are briefs filed by third parties whose interests may be affected by the outcome of a particular case. More specifically, it's a way for a party to inform the court that its decision will have an impact that reaches out far beyond the two parties litigating the case in question. That said, Apple's isn't exactly keen on Google trying to help out Samsung in this regard. In a recently filed motion, Apple argues that Google's

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Engadget Mobile Podcast 179 - 05.09.13

It's a cold day in you know where when our two mobile editors are lost for words. If you thought this week might be any different, think again. If anything, a brief hiatus means they're literally finding words just for the show. Inscrupilous of them, we know. Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Brad Molen Producer: James Trew Music: Tycho - Coastal Brake (Ghostly Internationa

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TestFlight leaves private Android beta, lets devs test their own beta apps

After just shy of two months in private beta, TestFlight's now ready to welcome any devs wanting to upload apps and put them through their paces. As mentioned when it first appeared, the Android version (which bridges the app gap with an identical iOS iteration) includes app management, tracking and distribution as well as centralized feedback, keeping all those improvements in one easy-to-manage pile. Crash reporting is promise

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Launch der Android-Spielkonsole Ouya verzögert sich

Die mit Spannung erwartete erste Version der Spielkonsole Ouya, die auf Android-Basis läuft, kommt drei Wochen später als angekündigt in den Handel. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaMicrosoft frischt YouTube für Windows Phone auf.Electronic Arts: Keine Lizenzgelder mehr für Waffen

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Apple Maps for iOS Adds 3D Flyover Coverage in Paris [iOS Blog]

As noticed by iGeneration [Google translation], Apple has added new Flyover imagery and 3D buildings for Paris, France. The new imagery, which extends into the Paris suburbs, marks a significant enhancement for Apple's 3D maps in France given that the only previous coverage in the country was for the city of Lyon. Apple maintains a list of cities for which it offers 3D building coverage, as well as other iOS 6 features, but i

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News: AT&T debuts prepaid Aio Wireless with iPhone 4, 4S, 5

AT&T has announced the launch of Aio Wireless, a new prepaid cellular brand. Aio Wireless offers a number of devices under no-contract plans, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is being sold for $650. It is available with the Aio Smart plan, featuring unlimited talk, messaging, and data with high speed access for the first 2GB for $55 a month, or the Aio Pro plan, which offers the same features as the Smart plan, but…

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Review: Distil Union Snooze Alarm Dock for iPhone 4/4S/5

At 4.5” wide, 2” deep, and 3” tall, Snooze doesn’t take up a significant amount of space. The back and bottom panels are made of wood, with a rubber panel underneath that prevents the stand from sliding around. On the back you’ll find a cable passthrough, which allows you to charge your iPhone while it’s docked. A rubber insert in the ridge that holds the iPhone can be removed if you’re using a case. Only…

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Paris nun auch als 3D-Flyover in Apples Karten-App verfügbar

Vor zwei Monaten hat Apple insgesamt 15 neue Städte als 3D-Modelle in der Karten-App bereitgestellt, darunter auch Köln. Nun hat Apple auch Paris als Flyover, so der Produktname der 3D-Karten, bereitgestellt. Dabei sind auch viele Außenbezirke und sogar Disneyland als 3D-Modelle verfügbar. Bislang ist noch unbekannt, ob Apple weitere Städte neben Paris aufgenommen hat oder ob das Kartenmateria

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Netflix iOS app updated with auto-play episodes for TV shows, movies recommendation & an enhanced second screen experience

Netflix has updated its iOS app today with a number of new features that bring movie recommendations and a new auto-play feature for TV shows to iPhone and iPad. Version 4.1 of the Netflix app now includes and auto-play feature for TV shows that will automatically start the next episode of a season after the […]

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Huawei hosting 'Beauty' event on June 18th in London

Huawei is announcing an event in London for June 18th that'll celebrate beauty, glamour and inspiration. Although, we also hope to see a phone being launched. If the leaks are accurate, then this could be the official arrival of the 6.18mm-thick

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Satechi USB Bottle Lamp lights your desk with LEDs and power from a PC

Sure, the novelty may have worn off years ago when it comes to those miniature USB-powered accessories that reside on your desk and suck power from a PC, but this nifty lamp from Satechi has a bit more going for it. The simply named USB LED Bottle Lamp consumes just 1.2 watts of power, and while it won't likely have enough output t

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Apple extends Maps Flyover coverage to Paris, outlying areas

Apple has extended Flyover coverage in iOS 6 Maps to Paris and several surrounding areas, reports say. Aside from Paris, other new detail regions include Versailles, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Disneyland Paris, and L'Haÿ-les-Roses. Flyover renders scenery in a rough 3D state, clarifying maps and giving a better sense for what an environment will look like in person. 

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First Looks: Logitech Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control

Looking for an ultra-deluxe universal remote control package for your home theater (and Apple TV)? Well, Logitech has a new option for you: Harmony Ultimate ($350). This deluxe package builds upon lessons learned with 2012's $250 Harmony Touch and 2011's $100 Harmony Link, combining their feature into a comprehensive option. One box contains a color touchscreen remote and recharging station with a separate wireless hub, the latter capable of receiving…

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ICRA: Roboter raus aus dem Käfig

Auf der internationalen Konferenz frisch vorgestellt: Ein Roboter, der sich zu Lande und in der Luft bewegt, ein Roboter, der für den Einsatz in mittelständischen unternehmen geeignet ist und Roboter, die flexible Verhaltensmuster entwickeln können.

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Optimus G will be LG's first smartphone to pack LTE TDD

LTE TDD's not much of a thing in the US (other than on Clearwire), but it's widely used across Asia and in countries like Saudi Arabia. Still, many handset makers are just getting on board, and LG has launched its first smartphone with those bands -- an Optimus G variant -- on Saudi Telecom's network. LG said it would soon roll out that model along with

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Apple Maps 3D Flyover support comes to Paris

Apple continues to gradually expand the number of cities that support its 3D Flyover feature in iOS Maps, with Paris being the latest addition.

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Apple's Lightning Connector Detailed in Newly-Published Patent Applications

As noted by AppleInsider, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today published three Apple patent applications related to the company's Lightning connector introduced on its iOS devices late last year. Perspective view of Lightning connector The first application describes the hardware itself, while

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Android findet sauberen Lokus

Apps, die einen zur nächsten öffentlichen Toilette geleiten, gibt es reichlich. Die App der Toilettenvereinigung Singapore setzt noch eins drauf.

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Apple takes fifth spot in Chinese smartphone market

In the world's largest smartphone market -- China -- Apple's share rose in the first quarter of 2013 to make the company the fifth largest vendor. Numbers from research firm Canalys show that the release of the iPhone 5 and price cuts on older iPhone models drove growth of Apple's sales. Apple's share of the huge smartphone market pie is important to its bottom line -- while 27 million smartphones were shipped in the US during the first quarter, the number in China was a huge 82 million. That share is just 8 percent, well behind Samsung's 20 percent share, but is made up of much more expensive phones. Phones shipped

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AT&T-owned Aio Wireless launches prepaid service in Houston, Orlando and Tampa

Aio Wireless, a prepaid subsidiary of AT&T, is launching with a nationwide "unlimited" voice and data service. (As is so often the case, that buzzword comes in quotes because speeds will be throttled once you meet your plan's data cap.) The three plans range from $35 to $70 per month, and 4G downloads will reportedly top off at 4 Mbps. Customers can either choose from Aio's modest selection of handsets -- including the iPhone 4 and the

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Nvidia investiert in offene Android-Konsole Ouya

Die Auslieferung der als Kickstarter-Projekt ins Leben gerufenen offenen Android-Konsole Ouya wird sich um weitere drei Wochen verzögern. Als Grund geben die Entwickler die hohe Nachfrage von Endkunden und Händlern an. Neuer Verkaufsstart für die breite Masse ist der 25. Juli.

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Nokia Asha 501: Smartphone für 99 Euro

Nokias günstige Handy-Reihe Asha, die sich vor allem an Schwellenländer richtet, ist um ein Modell reicher: Nachdem Nokia bereits vor Kurzem das Asha 210 mit einer vollwertigen QWERTZ-Tastatur vorgestellt hat, präsentiert der finnische Mobilfunkhersteller im indischen Neu Dheli nun das Asha 501.

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Las Vegas: Ravensburger-Brettspiel wird digital

Las Vegas basiert auf dem Brettspiel, das für das beste Brettspiel des Jahres 2012 nominiert war. Nun ist es auch für iPad und iPhone erschienen. Willkommen in Las Vegas (App Store-Link), hier wird Runde um Runde gewürfelt, um möglichst viele der sechs Casinos auszunehmen. Die App kostet 2,69 Euro und steht für iPhone und iPadDer Artikel Las Vegas: Ravensburger-Brettspiel wird digital erschien zuerst auf

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Zendock MacBook Pro docking solution, a funded Kickstarter project, coming for MacBook Air

Last month, we covered the Kickstarter posting for the Zendock MacBook Pro docking station. As we profiled in April, the docking solution takes over your MacBook Pro’s ports in order to free up clutter on your workspace: The anodized alumnim box quickly plugs into several ports on the side of your MacBook at once, allowing […]

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Pegatron increases workforce by 40 percent, adds more grist to Apple rumor mill

Whenever a company involved in making Apple products adds to its workforce, the internet is flooded with "cheap iPhone" and "iWatch" stories. The latest event to perk up the rumor mongers is

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DAW fürs iPad mit MIDI-Schwerpunkt: NanoStudio

Da sich das iPad zusehends zu einer beliebten Recording-Plattform entwickelt und wir bereits die DAWs Auria und Music Studio im Test hatten, haben wir uns dieses Mal die MIDI-orientierte App „NanoStudio“ angesehen. Im Gegensatz zu Auria und Music Studio, fällt der Download bei NanoStudio mit rund 90 MB relativ klein aus. Die App ist am

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US Sen. McCain working on 'a la carte' cable TV bill

Senator John McCain is working on a legislative proposal that would, if enacted, significantly reshape the landscape of the broadcast and cable television markets by pressuring cable providers to allow their subscribers to choose which channels they want to pay for.

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AT&T Launches New Aio Wireless Prepaid Brand, iPhone Plans Start at $55/Month

Aio Wireless, a new prepaid cellular brand from AT&T, today announced that it has launched operations in Houston, Orlando, and Tampa, with additional cities coming over the next year. The brand offers customers access to increasingly popular prepaid cellular services alongside popular devices including the iPhone."We talked with no-annual-contract customers and created our service around what they want. They want simple, easy plan choices with unlimited offers; first-class service at affordable prices; great devices; nationwide voice and data coverage; and no annual contracts. Today's wireless customers don't want to compromise," said Jennifer Van Buskirk , president of Aio Wireless. "We are set up to win over value-conscious cu

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Daily Deals for May 9, 2013

It's time to save some of that hard-earned cash with our Daily Deals, featuring a handy list from Dealnews and our own hand-picked selections that include some sweet deals on iOS and OS X software (all prices are USD). Deals from Dealnews StackSocial: [Mac Software] Ondesoft Audiobook Converter for Mac downloads for free Other World Computing: [Computer Accessories] OWC 2012 Featured Move 'em Out Sale: RAM, accessories, HDDs, more eBay: [Battery Chargers & Accessories] 12,000mAh USB External Battery Pack for $16 + free shipping

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E-Books für 1 Milliarde US-Dollar: Microsoft will Nook kaufen

Filed under: Companies, E-Books Bei Techcrunch ist zu lesen, dass Microsoft Interesse daran hat, das E-Book- und E-Reader-Geschäft von Barnes & Noble zu übernehmen. Großes Interesse offenbar: Im Raum steht die Summer von 1 Milliarde US-Dollar. Dafür würde die Nook Media LLC, die Tochterfirma von Barnes & Noble, die sich sowohl um das E-Book-Ökosystem als auch die Lesegeräte, also die E-Reader und Tablets küm

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AT&T launches AIO Wireless MVNO with iPhone 5 plans at $35 to $70/month, tablets start at $15

. As we reported last week, AT&T today launched its new pre-paid wireless MVNO called Aio Wireless with the iPhone 5 on offer, front and center. Currently, the service is only available in  Houston, Orlando and Tampa but it is expected to roll out nationally over the coming months. The company will offer 4 plans: Aio […]

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Huawei W1, its first Windows Phone 8 device, comes to USA in prepaid form

Huawei and the United States government may have their differences, but here's somet

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Silverstone stellt „Raven RV04“ offiziell vor

Schon auf der Computex des Jahres 2012 zeigte Silverstone neue Gehäuse der Serien „Raven“ und „Fortress“, die seitdem auf jeder Messe zu sehen waren. Nun zeigt der Hersteller das finale Produkt, welches gegenüber dem Vorgänger „RV03“ die gleiche Kühlleistung bei kompakteren Dimensionen zeigen soll.

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Pegatron CEO denies making comments about iPad mini demand

Pegatron CEO Jason Cheng is denying making comments to Bloomberg linking the company's performance to weaker iPad mini demand, according to Fortune. Cheng says that after a Pegatron Institution Investors conference, a Bloomberg reporter came to him "trying to dig out detail numbers about some specific product." But, he claims, "I clearly refused to comment on specific products, nor customers, even though he continued with other questions. I did say those words that he quotes me in the articleÖ but I did not say anything associated with any specific products."

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Nokia stellt Asha 501 vor

Nokias günstige Handy-Reihe Asha, die sich vor allem an Schwellenländer richtet, ist um ein Modell reicher: Nachdem Nokia bereits vor Kurzem das Asha 210 mit einer vollwertigen QWERTZ-Tastatur vorgestellt hat, präsentiert der finnische Mobilfunkhersteller im indischen Neu Dheli nun das Asha 501.

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iGrand Piano und iLectric Piano für iPad und iPhone mit Audiobus-Support

Die Riege der Audiobus-kompatiblen Apps wird zusehends größer, neuester Zuwachs sind die Piano-Apps iGrand Piano und iLectric Piano von IK-Multimedia für iPhone und iPad. Für sich alleine gestellt scheinen beide Apps, laut den aktuellen Kundenbewertungen im App Store, ihr Geld schon wert sein. Nun haben die Entwickler mit der Unterstützung für die Routine-Software Audiobus* die

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Ein Interview mit Apples Produktfotografen

Der Name Peter Belanger ist wohl nur eingefleischten Kennern der Fotografie-Szene ein Begriff. Mit seinen Werken ist aber schon jeder in Kontakt gekommen, der sich auf Apples Produktseiten bewegte oder eine Werbeanzeige sah. Peter Belanger fertigt nämlich für Apple jene Produktfotos an, die dann für Bewerbung und Produktinformation zum Einsatz kommen. In einem sehr interessanten Interview mit

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Daily iPhone App: Zello lets you chat walkie-talkie style with friends, co-workers

After years of living in an area with no cell service, but a very active radio tower, I grew accustomed to talking with my husband using a ham radio instead of text messaging. Now that cell coverage has improved, we no longer use our ham radios and have switched to the iPhone. To recapture that walkie-talkie style of communication, we recently started using the Zello+ Walkie Talkie app. Zello+ is an instant, radio-style communication app that uses your mobile broadband connection to exchange short audio messages. The app lets you talk one-on-one to a single person or in a channel with a group of people. It requires a Zello account that is available for free. After you setup your account in the Zello app, you can add Zello contacts and start talking. The app has a lar

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Babyphone 3G: Besser kann man seine Kinder nicht im Blick haben

In der heutigen Zeit haben wahrscheinlich alle Eltern ein Babyphone, um den Nachwuchs zu überwachen, aber kaum eines bietet solche Funktionen wie Babyphone 3G. Babyphone 3G (App Store-Link) kostet 3,59 Euro und steht nicht nur als Universal-App für iPad und iPhone zur Verfügung, denn es gibt seit kurzer Zeit auch eine App für den MacDer Artikel Babyphone 3G: Besser kann man seine Kinder nicht im Blick haben erschien zuerst auf

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Apple Patente: Jetzt wissen wir wirklich, wie Lightning funktioniert

Im September 2012 stellte Apple zusammen mit dem iPhone 5 einen neuen Dock-Connector vor. Die Technologie hörte auf den Namen Lightning, und anfangs wusste man nicht viel über den neuen Anschluss, abgesehen davon, dass er kleiner war und das Design komplett überarbeitet wurde. Die ersten Teardowns brachten dann etwas Licht ins Dunkle und enthüllten einen

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Flipboard brings magazine curation to Android, gains web tools

If you're a Flipboard user, you'll recall that the app was recently updated to let you create your own magazines. Unfortunately, this functionality was limited to the iOS version. This changes today, as Flipboard brings magazine curation to Android. Creating a magazine is simple: just tap the plus

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BlueStacks takes on OUYA with Android-powered GamePop game console

So you want a console for free, eh? BlueStacks is apparently prepared to offer you just that in its GamePop game console, which costs nothing for the month of May with a one-year subscription to the service (wouldn't you know it, that costs $93.83 -- just below the price of an OUYA at retail). Like its counterparts, the GamePop is powered by Android (4.2) and runs mostly mobile games. The company isn't sharing specs just yet, sadly. BlueStacks is promising "over 500" games, and has some top mobile devs offering credence with in testimonial. "We've been a featured partner in App Player since early on and they

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AOL mit Gewinnplus dank Werbeeinahmen

Nach langer Durststrecke befindet sich AOL nunmehr im Aufwind. So konnte Firmenchef Tim Armstrong bei den jetzt vorgestellten Quartalszahlen wieder Gewinne präsentieren. Dies geht nicht zuletzt auf eine Verschlankung und Modernisierung des Unternehmens zurück.

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Leaked part may show next-gen iPhone's camera housing

A part discovered by French site Nowhereelse may be a section of a next-generation iPhone motherboard used to house the phone's camera and flash. Significantly there are some architectural differences versus the iPhone 5, like the camera and flash being linked together on the same ribbon cable. The part is said to have been obtained by a Japanese vendor, Moumantai, which has also got its hands on other alleged next-gen iPhone components in the past, such as a Home button and a camera lens.

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Freeware-Spieletipps zum Vatertag

Drei Windows-Spiele vom Ludum Dare: der Pac-Man-Agenten-Shooter "Undercolor Agents", das Tetris-Ballerspiel "Dehumanizer" und ein rasender, hüpfender Lichtball in (R, G, B).

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09.05.2013 16:00 Uhr

NZXT zeigt „Sentry Mix 2“ Lüftersteuerung

Mit der „Sentry Mix 2“ zeigt NZXT kurz nach der Vorstellung des Großgehäuses „H630“ eine dazu passende, schlicht gestaltete Lüftersteuerung für einen einzelnen 5,25"-Schacht, deren Design sich laut ihrem Hersteller an die Kontrolleinheiten von Audiosystemen anlehnt.

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Report: Virtualization

Spotlight reindexing tests

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Report: Mountain Lion

photo product compatibility

09.05.2013 15:50 Uhr, MacInTouch, Permalink


inline image display tweak via Terminal

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Report: Help Please

video formats (particularly AVCHD), processing, tools and compatibility, along with a note about displaying image file names on the Mac desktop.

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Report: Adobe

interesting perspectives on the company's decision to stop selling software. Customers examine costs, historical ironies, privacy issues, licensing problems, anti-piracy issues, Microsoft comparisons, compatibility, support and lifecycle problems, and more

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News: Shure debuts SE846 Quad Driver Earphones

After a long absence from the bleeding edge of the high-end earphone market, Shure has just debuted a four-driver canalphone model: the SE846 Quad Driver Earphones ($1000). Using 10 laser-cut, laser-welded stainless steel plates, Shure boasts that the SE846 earphones offer a true subwoofer experience through a revolutionary low-pass filter. The earphones feature two low-frequency drivers, one mid-frequency driver, and one high-frequency driver. Users…

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Gerüchte: iPhone 5S Bauteile und Billig-iPhone Vorbereitungen

In diesem Jahr wird womöglich nicht nur das iPhone 5S die Herzen der Fans höher schlagen lassen, sondern auch das Billig-iPhone. Beide anstehenden Geräte kommen aus der Gerüchteküche nicht mehr heraus. Das iPhone 5S

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Sony schreibt nach fünf Jahren wieder schwarze Zahlen

Endlich kehrt Sony nach fünf Jahren in die Gewinnzone zurück. Wie der japanische Elektronikgigant heute bekanntgab, belief sich im Geschäftsjahr 2012 / 2013 (es endet am 31. März) der Gewinn auf 43 Milliarden Yen, das entspricht etwa 331 Millionen Euro. Vor einem Jahr hatte Sony noch einen Nettoverlust von 457 Milliarden Yen melden müssen. Zum Erfolg trug neben dem Verkauf von Immobilien auch der in jüngster Zeit schwächere Yen-Kurs bei. Um dauerhaft für schwarze Zahlen zu sorgen, muss Konzernchef Kazuo Hirai das Kerngeschäft wettbewerbsfähiger machen. Die TV-Sparte ist seit Jahren nicht profitabel, und der Verkauf von Digitalkameras und Spielkonsolen wird nach Einschätzung von Sony in diesem Geschäftsjahr zurückgehen. Das

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Pegatron CEO says Bloomberg reporter made up report of ‘falling iPad mini demand’

Yesterday we decided not to run with a story published by Bloomberg that Pegatron’s forecasted 25 percent to 30 percent drop for second-quarter revenue was due to “falling iPad mini demand.” It seemed a little far fetched that an Apple supplier would be giving up specific information on Apple’s product demand, something we know suppliers […]

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Comcast reportedly axing Skype on Xfinity June 1st

Well, Comcast's idea to charge users $10 a month for set-top Skype hardware went as well as you could have expected

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Pegatron CEO refutes report about waning demand for Apple's iPad mini

While a report about Apple supplier Pegatron this week claimed demand for the iPad mini has been softening, the company's CEO has said in a follow-up that he said nothing of the sort.

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Disney Launches Photo and Video Sharing App Aimed at Families [iOS Blog]

Disney today announced photo and video sharing app Story, which allows users users to share photo and video collages, or "moments", with their families and friends. The app organizes user photos by location and time and creates specialized photo/video collages that users can edit or arrange. The collages can then be shared via Facebook or email as well as be available on the website. The Next Web notes that the app is intended for families with young children with a focus on sharing special moments so sharing, for now, is limited to more closed social networks like Facebook, but that Disney is looking at expanding sharing options to networks like Twitter

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Apple Maps: Paris und Umgebung jetzt auch in 3D

Apple aktualisiert sein Maps und bringt 3D Gebäude für große Teile Frankreichs an den Start. Darunter befinden sich Paris, Versailles, Aulnay-sous-Bois (20 km nordöstlich von Paris), The Hay-les-Roses (wichtiger Außenbezirk Paris) und die Touristenattraktion

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Pegatron's Plans to Boost Workforce by 40% Fueling Lower-Cost iPhone Speculation

Just a day after reporting that its consumer electronics revenue would drop more than expected in the second quarter, presumably due to weakening iPad mini demand, Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron has announced that it will boost its workforce by 40% in the second half of the year. The significant increase is fueling ongoing rumors of a lower-cost iPhone, as the firm has been reported to be handling production of the device.Pegatron's Chief Financial Officer Charles Lin told Reuters on Thursday that 60 percent of the company's 2013 revenue would come from the second half. He declined to comment whether the cheaper iPhone was a

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US-Satireseite The Onion gehackt

Kein Witz: Die syrischen Pro-Assad-Hacker-Gruppe SEA hat sämtliche Verteidungsschichten der US-Satireseite The Onion durchdrungen -- mit einfachsten Mitteln.

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Belkin's Thunderbolt dock delivers plug-and-play flexibility

It's dock o'clock, thank goodness, as Belkin's long incubation period of the Thunderbolt Express Dock closed out last month. The US$299 expansion peripheral is now shipping to customers; is it worth your attention? We've had a week to put it through its paces. The most direct product comparison for the Express Dock is Matrox's $249 DS1, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. Like the Matrox unit, the Belkin dock requires but does not include a Thunderbolt cable -- so you should mentally add at least $30 to the

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Best Buy Apple sale: Airs $125 off, 15% off $100 iTunes card, $17 Smart Covers, Bluetooth speakers, Free games, more

From . Best Buy is taking $125 off the price of MacBook Airs for the next three days to celebrate Mother’s Day. That yields some of the lowest prices we’ve seen. The retailler knocks off $100 across the board, then using code MOM25 knocks off another $25. Prices after discount: 11.6″ MacBook Air 4GB/64GB: $874.99 11.6″ MacBook

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Dish Network adds 66,000 broadband, 36,000 TV customers in Q1

While Dish Network's $25.5 billion bid for Sprint continues to wave in the breeze, the company has reported its earnings for the first quarter. Net subscriber growth only totaled 36,000 compared to 104,000 in the same period last year, as subscriber churn rose due to a price hike earlier this year. Its profits were lower in Q1 2013 than 2012 partially due to Blockbuster-related drops and a boost received last year from its

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Update: DCommander 1.1

DevStorm Apps' dual-pane file manager gets an option to show/hide parts of the main window, support for custom external viewers and editors, list font and size control, the ability to show/hide file list columns, and other improvements.

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Update: aText 2.1

Tran Ky Nam's auto-typing utility gains custom delimiters for snippet groups, support for Perl scripts, import of SpellCatcherX data files, a "Force convert data to new format" menu command, a fix for Mail, a fix for nested snippets not expanding properly, and other improvements.

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Update: Curio 8.6

Zengobi's freeform environment for brainstorming, notetaking, sketching, and mind-mapping adds support for Panic's Status Board iPad app, user guide updates, a hidden preference (accessible via Terminal) to set the ruler units, and more.

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Announcement: Adobe moves to cloud, stops development of Creative Suite

Adobe announced that it is "accelerating" its shift to the subscription-based Creative Cloud, unveiling new CC editions of its programs and giving notice that it is stopping development of Creative Suite.

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Update: PhoneView 2.9

Ecamm Network's iOS file transfer program drops support for PowerPC Macs and adds Retina display support, improved display for group messages, full-screen mode support, and several bug fixes, including one for a crash on Mac OS X 10.5.

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Update: Coda 2.0.8

Panic's web authoring program adds general stability and performance improvements, stability improvements for iCloud sync with active sites, reliability improvements for the SCM sidebar panel, and other changes.

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Update: Komodo IDE 8.0.2

ActiveState's IDE for dynamic languages adds updates for Retina displays, restoration of word wrap for all scintilla objects, support for Ruby 2.0 debugging, fixes for Python debugging, and other changes.

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Update: Quick3DPlan 2.7.5

Microcad Software's kitchen design program gets a tool to measure the distance between two points, numbered labels for cabinets (on floor plan and product list), auto-recovery after unexpected close, and other improvements.

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Update: QuickBooks for Mac 2013 R9

Intuit's business accounting, finance, and invoice software adds automatic population of the right panel of the Customer Payment form after the Customer: Job is selected, a fix for a crash when closing an Invoice window, a fix for an issue that caused the first row of a deposit to appear blank when tabbing through the form, and other changes.

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Update: Totals 2.2.4

Kedisoft's invoicing program gets a new file format that supports multiple access from difference computers (via Dropbox, Google Drive, NAS, and others), improved performance, filtering by document type in document report setup, AppleScript support for importing XML files into a script, counters to count by clients and projects, and other improvements.

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Update: Strata Design 3D CXi 7.0.6

The Mac App Store edition of Strata's 3D modeling, rendering, and animation application gains Gatekeeper compatibility and sandboxing, more selection options in 2D Bezier Reshape, enhancements for Collada import/export, FBX support for normals deformation, and numerous tweaks and bug fixes.

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Amazon Update

Get discounts on new Mac Minis, Retina MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, plus digital cameras, TVs and much, much more at Amazon. *Plus*, while you're saving yourself money, you're simultaneously providing critical support to the MacInTouch website, at no cost to you, just by clicking through any of our links to make purchases!

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High-end Shure SE846 with quad-drivers appear, $1000 street price

Shure has quietly slipped out its latest in-ear headphones, the SE846 with quad-drivers, through an official launch in Asia. The see-through plastic enclosure also allows users to get a close look at some of the 10 laser cut stainless steel plates that help comprise its internal design. It also incorporates 4 balanced micro drivers with two low frequency, one mid and one high frequency on a 3-way crossover configuration.

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09.05.2013 15:00 Uhr

Ein Monat vor der WWDC: Deutlich mehr Web-Zugriffe von iOS-7-Geräten

In einem Monat wird Apple in San Francisco die WWDC 2013 eröffnen. Dort dürfte das Unternehmen neue Versionen des iOS und OS X vorstellen. Die Zugriffszahlen von Geräten mit iOS 7 sind in den letzten Tagen deutlich gestiegen. Mac Rumors hat sich die Zugriffsstatistiken der eigenen Website genauer angesehen und seit Ende April ein plötzliches Plus an Zugriffen von Geräten mit einer Installation des iOS 7 verzeichnet. Zuvor gab es diese nur sehr vereinzelt. Die schlagartige Entwicklung der letzten Tage lässt vermuten, dass Apple kürzlich ei

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Sony Xperia A zeigt sich

Filed under: Smartphones Sony arbeitet weiter am 5"-Smartphone. Das Xperia A wird derzeit bei der US-amerikanischen Regulierungsbehörde FCC unter die Lupe genommen. Das Modell, das für den japanischen Mobilfunker NTT DoCoMo bestimmt ist, kommt wie dasXperia Z mit einem 1080p-Display, einer 13-Megapixel-Kamera, 16 GB Speicher und LTE. Interessant: Die 2.300 mAh starke Batterie lässt sich problemlos tauschen. Das wird bei vielen potenziellen Usern gut ankommen. Unbeantwortet bleibt hingegen die Fr

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Apple expands 3D Flyover coverage in Maps to Paris, France and surrounding areas

Apple has steadily been making improvements to its Maps data following a controversial launch. Last year Apple pushed out major updates to its 3D Maps coverage, adding a number of new cities in the US, UK, France, and Canada, while just last March it quietly pushed out some big improvements to Maps data in Japan.

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Purported next-gen iPhone motherboard part may reveal tweaked camera design

A component claimed to be part of the motherboard for an unreleased iPhone shows Apple may employ some internal design changes where the camera lens and flash are housed.

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If Apple was a colour it would be blue

Apple's not just black and white. We look inside Apple's true blue beating heart.Related StoriesApple expands flash storage options across iMac lineApple hijacks OS X devs to keep iOS on trackTen improvements we'd like to see in OS XHow to set up a Mac mini media center

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Apex Launcher 2.0 hits Google Play, puts notifications on app icons

Apex can honestly claim to be one of the more popular launchers on Android, with over a million installs and 44,000 ratings over at Google Play. The stock-like skin has just been updated to version 2.0, with the biggest addition being support for Apex Notifier. This feature enables iOS-stlye notifications on individual app icons, but you'll have to fork over $3.99 for Apex Launcher Pro to make it work. In the proper spirit of Android, however, you'll also get to pick which apps get notifications and which don't. If

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Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung's new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, faces even stiffer competition than its popular predecessor. With a five-inch, 1920x1080 display, it is also one of the largest phones on the market. Will the fresh hardware and slew of new software features enable Samsung extend its lead in the smartphone market? In our full review, we'll determine if the S 4 succeeds in outpacing the com  

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Newer Technology adds DVD option to MiniStack Max storage device

Newer Technology has updated its MiniStack Max external storage device to include another option for optical media. The revised version of the compact four-in-one device is now available with CD and DVD read-only and writable drives, adding to the already-available Blu-ray versions customers can purchase. 

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SteelSeries Touchscreen Gaming Controls im Test: Taugt das was?

Mit den Touchscreen Gaming Controls hat der Hersteller SteelSeries ein recht interessantes Produkt für Zocker und Tablet-Besitzer im Sortiment. Wir haben uns das Gamepad zum Nachrüsten mal genau angeschaut und auf dem Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 und dem Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD getestet. Die

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iPad mini: Bestellungen bei Hersteller gegen zurück

Das iPad mini ist mittlerweile schon einige Monate alt – und offenbar lässt die Nachfrage langsam nach. Der Apple-Partner Pegatron wird im zweiten Quartal 20 bis 30 Prozent weniger Exemplare von Apples kleinem Tablet produziert haben als im ersten Quartal. Bloomberg berichtet von einem starken Umsatzrückgang, den Pegatron selbst für das zweite Quartal vorhersagt: Im Vergleich zum ersten Quartal soll es ein Minus in Höhe von 25 bis 30 Prozent geben. Seit dem vierten Quartal 2011, als der Umsatz um 37 Prozent zurückging, habe es keine so negative Entwicklung mehr gegeben. Ein Grund sei die Tatsache,

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Dig!: Buddeln bis der Arzt kommt

In Dig! wird gegraben und gebuddelt was das Zeug hält, um dem Boden wertvolle Schätze zu entlocken. Dig! (App Store-Link) kostet 2,69 Euro und steht als Universal-App für iPad und iPhone mit einer Downloadgröße von 74,8 MB zur Verfügung. In Dig! spielt man einen Archäologen, der auf einem quadratischen Feld nach Schätzen sucht, die er dem MuseumDer Artikel Dig!: Buddeln bis der Arzt kommt erschien zuerst auf

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Werbefernsehen: Microsofts verschollene Windows 8 Clips für Asien (Video)

Filed under: Windows 8 Drei Minuten Spaß. Speziell für den asiatischen Markt wurden diese Windows-8-Werbespots von Microsoft produziert, dann in den falschen YouTube-Kanal gesteckt und schon klatscht das gesamte Internet ab. Wir wollen mehr. Viel mehr. Zwei weitere Clips warten hinter dem Break. Continue reading Werbefernsehen: Microsofts verschollene Windows 8 Clips für Asien (Video)

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Electronic Arts: Zehn Prozent der Mitarbeiter müssen gehen

Electronic Arts' Finanzchef Blake Jorgensen hat den Umfang des Stellenabbaus bei dem Unternehmen bestätigt. Rund 10 Prozent der Mitarbeiter werden demnach ihren Job verlieren. In den vergangenen Monaten hat EA bereits zahlreichen Spieleentwicklern gekündigt. (Electronic Arts, Games)

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Microsoft bekommt erstmals Finanzchefin

Sie ist erst 41 Jahre alt, war früher einmal Bankerin bei Goldman Sachs und steigt nun zu einer der mächtigsten Frauen in der US-Technologiewelt auf: Amy Hood, die neue Finanzchefin von Microsoft.

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The Loop launches a new magazine on iOS Newsstand

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop unveiled a new iOS magazine that'll complement the short news briefs found on his website. Inspired in part by Marco Arment's The Magazine, The Loop magazine will feature long form articles on music, design, technology, games and Apple from some of the best writers in the business. The Loop Magazine will be published twice a month and will be distributed through Apple's Newsstand. It'll cost $1.99 a month and will be delivered automatically to your device when a new issue is released. Dalrymple will feature some of the content on his website, but the main avenue of reading will be your iPad or iPhone. You can read more a

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Steve Jobs entfernte persönlich jede Apple-Werbung von Fox News

Auch wenn Steve Jobs einen funktionierenden Kontakt zu Rupert Murdoch pflegte, dem CEO von News Corp., so war es kein Geheimnis, dass er den Sender Fox News förmlich hasste. In Walter Isaacsons Biographie des ehemaligen Apple CEO findet sich das Zitat “Fox ist zu einer unglaublich zerstörerischen Kraft in unserer Gesellschaft geworden”. Aus diesem Grund

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Google updates I/O 2013 Android app, details streaming schedule

Google's spreading the love around to both I/O 2013 attendees and non-attendees alike with an update to its official conference app and a schedule of live-streaming videos, events and interviews. After signing in with your Google+ account, the app will figure out whether you'll be there in person or not, wi

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09.05.2013 14:00 Uhr

Analyst returns from China, says new iPhone in Sept, China Mobile deal soon

Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty claims that carriers and suppliers in China are happy with Apple. Her note to clients has also lead to speculation that Apple may be close to doing a deal with China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier.Related StoriesUK government to relax planning rules to ease 4G rolloutNokia takes on Apple and Samsung with clip of Lumia 928's low-light video capabilitiesiPad 5 rumour

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re:publica, die Internetmesse

Die re:publica ist zu Ende. Was vor sechs Jahren als kleine Konferenz von Bloggern begann, ist zur Großveranstaltung geworden. Viele Vortragende nahmen sie als ultimative Veranstaltung zur Kontaktpflege und Selbstvermarktung wahr, eine richtige Messe.

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Codoon SmartBand: China klont Jawbone Up, will fit bleiben

Filed under: Wearables Oha, das wird Jawbone überhaupt nicht gefallen. Codoon, ein chinesisches Unternehmen, das sich auf Fitness-Produkte spezialisiert hat, bringt mit dem SmartBand jetzt ein Accessoire auf den Markt, das dem Jawbone Up ausgesprochen ähnlich sieht. Und auch vergleichbare Funktionalität bietet. Das SmartBand trackt eure Schritte, analysiert euren Schlaf und lässt sich zur Synchronisation an den Kopfhörerausgang von iOS- und

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Samsung gets exclusive access to new Android ITV Player app until August 31st

While we've seen broadcasters and other content providers launch smart TV apps with only one manufacturer, ITV's decided to give Samsung rare exclusive Android access to its ITV Player. The Korean outfit announced

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re:publica: Das Internet als Nervensystem des 21. Jahrhunderts pflegen

Der Aktivist Cory Doctorow forderte zum Abschluss der Netzkonferenz, dass in alle vernetzten Geräte eine "Freiheitsschicht" eingebaut und DRM außen vor bleiben müsse. Für das Bewahren der Netzneutralität brachte er eine simple Lösung ins Spiel.

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Regenfälle lassen Apples Glaswürfel-Store in New York fluten

Nach heftigen Regenfällen in New York drang gestern Wasser in den bekannten «Glas-Würfel» Apple-Store an der Fitfh Avenue. Das Wasser drang kurz nach 8 Uhr in den «24/7»-Apple-Store ein. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt sollen sich gemäss der «New York Post» rund 15 Personen im Geschäft aufgehalten haben. Bis um 10 Uhr konnte der grösste Teil des Wassers abgepumpt werden. Der Apple Store war während des gesamten Wassereinbruchs offen. Zwischenzeitlich musste allerdings der West-Flügel geschlossen werden. Sicherheitshalber deckten die Mitarbeiter die iPads mit Plastik-Planen ab, damit diese keinen Schaden nehmen. Schlussendlich soll es an den ausgestellten Gerätschaften keinen Schaden gegeben haben. Dem Bericht eines Handwerkers zufolge könnte der Wassereinbruch mit den Umbauarbeiten am Dach des Apple Stores zusammenhängen, welche im Jahr 2011 fertiggestellt worden sind. Es scheint sich um ei

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'The Loop' Launches New Magazine for iOS [iOS Blog]

Jim Dalrymple, the veteran Apple journalist behind The Loop, is launching a new magazine for iOS devices today. Rather than simply being an iOS version of the existing site, the magazine version of The Loop is a separate publication hosting longer form writing from a variety of contributors and perspectives. As Dalrymple notes in his welcome message:For many years people have been asking me why I didn't release an app for the iPhone and iPad. The answer was simple: I couldn't find anything that added value to what I did on The Loop. I wanted something more than a side-scrolling news app that basically imitated what I'd already linked to or written on the Web site.

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Der Hype um die Zahlen – oder: Man sollte Äpfel nicht mit Samsungs vergleichen [Kommentar]

Nicht nur in unserem Kommentarbereich, sondern auch in denen jedes anderen deutschen oder englischsprachigen Apple-Blogs wird eines schnell klar: Es ist nahezu zum Volkssport verkommen, Geschäftszahlen zu vergleichen. Besonders Apple und Samsung werden da gerne gegenübergestellt. Irgendwo auch einleuchtend, schließlich stehen die beiden Unternehmen sich als direkte Konkurrenten auf dem Smartphone-Markt gegenüber. Dennoch muss man

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Graphics editing app Pixelmator receives large ‘Blueberry’ update with new shape tools, effects, and more

If you’re someone that regularly edits photos, or enjoys graphic design work, then you’ve likely used Pixelmator, which is arguably the best alternative to Photoshop on the Mac. Today, the popular $15 app is getting a huge update, known as 2.2 “Blueberry,” which includes over 100 new features. I’ve been testing out the new options,

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XiStera Kickstarter project promises to be affordable, multi-use accessory for iPhone 5

The XiStera accessory for iPhone 5 is an interesting new Kickstarter project that includes several functions in a small, affordable package. The XiStera works as an iPhone 5 camera lens, tripod adapter, viewing stand, bottle opener, stylus, earphone holder, LED light system, and keychain. The video above gives a closer look at the versatility of

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40.000 neue Mitarbeiter: Bereitet sich Pegatron auf das „Billig-iPhone“ vor?

Irgendwann in den nächsten vier Monaten wird Apples zweifelsohne das iPhone der siebten Generation präsentieren. Über ein mögliches „Billig-iPhone“ streiten sich hingegen die Geister. Apples Vertragspartner Pegatron scheint sich allerdings bereits auf die Massenproduktion eines solchen Gerätes

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By Odin's beard! Marvel Unlimited comics subscription app now available for Android

First gracing the digital pages of iOS devices in March, Marvel Unlimited is now available for Android. Part of the comic book publisher's digital subscription program, the app grants access to over 70 years of Marvel's greatest hits for $10 per month or $60 annually. Patrons looking to keep their data plans on a leash, or traveling beyond the reach of internet coverage, can stash books on their smartphone or tablet for offline reading. If your device is running Android 2.3.3 or higher (

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Huawei Ascend Y300 im Test

Für rund 140 Euro bietet der chinesische Hersteller Huawei mit dem Ascend Y300 ein Smartphone mit erstaunlich umfangreichem Datenblatt. Ein Dual-Core-Prozessor ist ebenso vorhanden wie ein vier Zoll großes Display. ComputerBase klärt im Test, welche Kompromisse der Käufer für den Preis eingehen muss.

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Nvidia steigt bei offener Konsole Ouya ein

Die Auslieferung der als Kickstarter-Projekt ins Leben gerufene offene Android-Konsole Ouya wird sich um weitere drei Wochen verzögern. Als Grund geben die Entwickler die hohe Nachfrage von Endkunden und Händlern an. Neue Verkaufsstart für die breite Masse ist der 25. Juli.

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Android-Updates von Samsung und Huawei

Samsung hat nach mehren Anläufen und Vertröstungen nun auch das nicht mehr ganz taufrische Galaxy S Advance mit Android 4.1 versorgt. Bevor das Ascend P2 im Sommer erscheinen wird, hat Huawei noch dem Vorgänger Ascend P1 ein Update auf die Android-Version 4.1 spendiert.

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Apple's Lightning connector finally detailed in patent filing

A trio of Apple patent applications filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday reveals the intricacies of the company's latest input/output protocol for iOS devices: the Lightning connector.

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Microsoft: Notfall-Hotfix für den Internet Explorer 8

Noch vor dem monatlichen Patchday hat Microsoft nun eine Zwischenlösung für die Zero-Day-Lücke im Internet Explorer 8 veröffentlicht. Der Hotfix soll zumindest fürs Erste den Internet Explorer 8 absichern. (Internet Explorer, Microsoft)

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Adobe: Zero-Day-Lücke in Coldfusion

Adobe warnt Nutzer von Coldfusion vor laufenden Angriffen im Netz und fordert Administratoren von Coldfusion auf, die Installationen abzusichern. Ein Patch kommt erst nächste Woche parallel zum Microsoft-Patchday. (Adobe, Server)

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Hotfixes von Microsoft und Adobe

Hotfixes und Sicherheitsempfehlungen sollen kritische Lücken im Internet Explorer 8 und im ColdFusion-Webserver von Adobe schließen.

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09.05.2013 13:00 Uhr

Nächster Milliarden-Deal? Facebook angeblich kurz vor Waze-Übernahme

Anfang des Jahres berichteten wir über das Gerücht, dass Apple an dem Kartendienst Waze Interesse zeigen soll. Jetzt wendet sich das Blatt, denn angeblich steht nun Facebook kurz vor einer Übernahme.Techcrunch berichtet unter Berufung

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Hands-On und Video: Nokia stellt das Asha 501 vor

Filed under: Smartphones Kurz bevor Nokia am kommenden Dienstag die noch fehlenden Details zum Lumia 928 präsentieren wird, hat der finnische Konzern in Indien das Asha 501 vorgestellt. Typisch: der Kunde hat die Qual der Wahl aus einer bunten Palette von sechs Farben. Anderweitig unterscheidet sich das neueste Mobiltelefon der günstigen Asha-Reihe hingegen stark von seinem Vorgänger. Die QWERTY-Tastatur macht wieder einem Touchscreen Platz. Neu ist auch das Betriebssystem, von Nokia als "Asha software platform" bezeichnet. Das Display zeigt nun jederzeit Uhr und Notifications an, dennoch soll der Akku im Standby-Modus be

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NewerTech crams an optical drive in the miniStack Max, combines SD reader and up to 4GB storage

It's no secret that Apple is trying to push the optical drive the way of the Dodo, but if you have a need for the legacy technology, then you might consider going all out with the miniStack Max from Newer Technology. Like other products in the

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Another Apple partner ramps up staff, fuelling rumours of budget iPhone

Reports are suggesting that Pegatron, who are a manufacturing partner of Apple, has announced plans to in increase the number of workers at its plant in China by up to 40% i the second half of this yearRelated StoriesRetina iPad mini to launch this autumn, third gen with new processor coming in 2014UK government to relax planning rules to ease 4G rolloutNokia takes on Apple and Samsung with clip of Lumia 92

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redmaloo Filz-Sleeve fürs iPhone 5: Stilvoller Schutz mit guter Verarbeitung

Passende iPhone 5-Hüllen für alle Geschmäcker kommen nach und nach auf den Markt. Auch redmaloo bietet sein beliebtes Filzsleeve nun für die neueste iPhone-Generation an. In der Vergangenheit hatten wir euch bereits mehrere hochwertige Hüllen und Sleeves von redmaloo, einem deutschen Hersteller für Smartphone- und Tabletzubehör aus der bundesdeutschen Hauptstadt, vorgestellt. Seit einiger Zeit bietetDer Artikel redmaloo Filz-Sleeve fürs iPhone 5: Stilvoller Schutz mit guter Verarbeitung erschien zuerst auf

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TechCrunch: Microsoft offering $1 billion to buy Nook Media

Microsoft has put forward an offer to buy complete control of Nook Media LLC, according to internal documents seen by TechCrunch. Redmond's joint venture with

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World of Warcraft laufen die Spieler weg

World of Warcraft, das wohl erfolgreichste Multi-Player-Online-Game weltweit, verliert an Strahlkraft. Allein im ersten Quartal 2013 verlor Wow 1,3 Millionen Abonnenten. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaPlants vs. Zombies: Zweiter Teil kommt im JuliSaints Row IV - Deep Silver stellt den Präsidenten v

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Sneak-Previews auf der Adobe Max

Die Sneaks sind die beliebteste Session während Adobes Weltkonferenz Max. Der Softwareriese erlaubt einen Blick hinter die Kulissen und zeigt mehr oder minder experimentelle Projekte, die nicht alle den Weg in kommerzielle Produkte finden.

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Apple vs. Samsung: Apple beantragt Einblick in den Android-Quellcode

Der Rechtsstreit zwischen Apple und Samsung beschäftigt uns nun schon eine Weile, und es ist kein Ende in Sicht. Apple hat im letzten Jahr mit dem eine Milliarde Dollar Urteil einen großen Sieg errungen, allerdings wird man erst Geld sehen, wenn die Berufungen durch sind und der neue Prozess über die Höhe des Schadenersatzes abgeschlossen

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“Las Vegas” von Ravensburger und mehr: Spiele-Neuheiten aus dem App Store

Trotz Feiertag: Heute ist „Spiele-Donnerstag“ und wir haben ein paar erwähnenswerte Neuerscheinungen für euch aufgestöbert. Las Vegas! von Ravensburger Mit Las Vegas! (2,69 Euro) hat Ravensburger das gleichnamige und zum „Spiel des Jahres 2012“ nominierte Brettspiel für iOS-Geräte veröffentlicht. Ihr würfelt entweder alleine oder im Mehrspielermodus gegen bis zu

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First Look: Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry goes live in the Mac App Store

As promised, image editor Pixelmator released a substantial update to its OS X app on Thursday, with over 100 new features and improvements including shapes, smart move, paint selection and an "effect" called Light Leak.

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Rise in iPads running iOS 7 seen in web logs, preview at WWDC likely

There has been a recent spike in traffic from devices that appear to be using iOS 7.Related StoriesSharp to start work on next iPhone screen in June, iPhone 6/iPhone 5S shipping in AugustRetina iPad mini to launch this autumn, third gen with new processor coming in 2014UK government to relax planning rules to ease 4G rollout

09.05.2013 12:20 Uhr, Macworld UK, Permalink Passport for iOS finds third-party clients, allows condition-free sign-ups

Despite's positioning as a Twitter alternative, it hasn't had either an app to call its own or a way to sign up without at least an invitation. The social network has just crossed both of those items off its list with its new Passport for iOS, albeit throu

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OUYA delaying retail launch to June 25th, altering controller to fix button sticking issue

The OUYA game console is shifting its launch from June 4th to June 25th, the company revealed in a press release this morning. Speaking with our friends at Joystiq, CEO Julie Uhrman explained the decision to push the console's retail launch back as a measure of keeping up with retail demand. "We've had incredibly positive reactions from our retail partners," Uhrman said. The date shift, "will allow us to create more units and, basically, have more units on store shelves." The company also revealed that it's altering the existing controller's button holes to ensure that retail buyers don't run into

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Pixelmator 2.2 mit neuen Effekten, Filtern, Formen und Werkzeugen

Die bekannte Bildbearbeitungslösung Pixelmator ist in Version 2.2 erschienen. Angesicht des kleinen Versionssprungs fallen die Änderungen an der OS-X-optimierten Software umfangreich aus. Highlight sind die neuen Bearbeitungsmöglichkeiten für Vektor-basierte Formen, die sehr leicht verändert und mit neuen Stilen wie Schatten versehen werden können. Zudem stehen bereits zahlreiche fertige Clipa

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09.05.2013 12:00 Uhr

Microsoft veröffentlicht Hotfix für Internet Explorer 8

Während Microsoft noch an einem offiziellen Fix für die derzeit aktiv ausgenutzte Zero Day Lücke im Internet Explorer 8 arbeitet, stellt das Unternehmen jetzt einen Hotfix zur Verfügung, um den potenziellen Schaden für die Anwender zu minimieren.

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Apple Aktie wird nach der WWDC auf 525 US Dollar steigen [Analyst]

Ben Reitzes ist Analyst bei Barclays und korrigierte Anfang März erst die Zielpreise der Apple Aktie nach unten. Nun gibt sich Reitzes aber optimistischer und glaub an einen  weiteren Anstieg des Börsenpapiers. Als Grund für den Anstieg nennt der Barclays Analyst unter anderem die bevorstehende WWDC. via Apple Aktie steigt langsam wieder Die Apple Aktie

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Ears-On: BeoPlay H3 und H6

Filed under: Kopfhörer Dass neue Kopfhörer von Bang & Olufsen auf dem Weg sind, hatte wir bereits berichtet, unsere Reporter in new York hatten jetzt Gelegenheit, die Neulinge etwas genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Zur Erinnerung: Die InEars H3 kommen mit 10,3mm-Treibern und dem neu entwickelten Micro Bass Port, der H6 bringt 40mm-Treiber auf die Dezibel-Waage. Der H6 sitzt laut unserem Team ausgesprochen bequem, auch und vor allem, weil er so leicht ist. Der Klang überzeugt dank seiner Linearität. Beide Ohrmuscheln sind mit Miniklinken ausgesta

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Zopo C2 phone with Aliyun OS hands-on (video)

We were rather surprised by Zopo's C2 (aka Xiaohei) when it was announced last month, and fortunately, it didn't disappoint us when we spotted the real thing at GMIC Beijing. For those who are just catching up, this Aliyun OS 2.0 phone packs some surprisingly good specs for its ¥1,399 ($230) price tag: a 5-inch 1080p LTPS display, a 13-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel front imager, a removable

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re:publica: Der Datenschutz und die "schizophrenen Konsumenten"

Guter Datenschutz sei kein Wettbewerbsvorteil für Firmen, hieß es auf der Internetkonferenz von Industrieseite. Online-Dienste, die laxer mit der Privatsphäre der Nutzer umgingen, würden nicht weniger genutzt.

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Mircosoft veröffentlicht Notfix für Internet Expolorer 8

Während Microsoft noch an einem offiziellen Fix für die derzeit aktiv ausgenutzte Zero Day Lücke im Internet Explorer 8 arbeitet, stellt das Unternehmen jetzt einen Hotfix zur Verfügung, um den potenziellen Schaden für die Anwender zu minimieren.

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Microsoft won't guarantee buy-not-rent Office for next decade

Microsoft yesterday took a swipe at long-time partner Adobe for the latter's wholesale shift to rent-not-buy software subscriptions, and along the way seemed to promise it would Office as old-school perpetual licenses for the next 10 years.Related StoriesFive overlooked abilities of the Finder's Path BarWhat is the best Mac for gamingManage multiple social media accounts with your Mac

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Five issues Microsoft must fix in Office Web Apps

I'm all in with Microsoft. I've got Windows 8 running on my primary work machine, I subscribe to Office 365 Home Premium , and I use almost every online consumer service that the company offers.Related StoriesFive overlooked abilities of the Finder's Path BarWhat is the best Mac for gamingManage multiple social media accounts with your Mac

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iPad 5 rumour rollup: iPad mini with Retina Display, plus iPad stylus, just because

The iOSphere seems to have lowered itself from mere rumor to mere guesses for iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2, though with just as much assurance.Related StoriesThe Macalope: Applefail is a one-way streetSharp to start work on next iPhone screen in June, iPhone 6/iPhone 5S shipping in AugustRetina iPad mini to launch this autumn, third gen with new processor coming in 2014

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Manage multiple social media accounts with your Mac

Keeping up with just one social media account is tough enough. But if you personally hang out on even one or two more services, or are in charge of socializing with your business's customers online, juggling it all starts to feel a lot more like work, and not the fun kind. Here are a few tools and tricks--some for power users, others for business cases, and even a slightly nerdier option--that can help take the drudgery out of managing social media.Related StoriesFive overlooked abilities of the Finder's Path BarWhat is the best Mac for gaming

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09.05.2013 11:00 Uhr

Clear: Gestengesteuerte Todo-App wieder für 89 Cent erhältlich

Clear empfehlen wir immer gerne weiter. Auch bei uns ist die App im täglichen Einsatz nicht mehr weg zu denken. Im Februar 2012 wurde Clear (App Store-Link) im App Store als iPhone-App veröffentlicht, schon einige Male konnte man das Programm für 89 Cent laden. Seit Mitte Januar lag der Preis nun konstant bei 1,79 Euro,Der Artikel Clear: Gestengesteuerte Todo-App wieder für 89 Cent erhältlich erschien zuerst auf

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Microsoft stopft Sicherheitslücke beim Explorer 8

Für die vor wenigen Tagen bekannt gewordene schwere Sicherheitslücke bei Microsofts Webbrowser Internet Explorer 8 steht jetzt ein Gegenmittel bereit. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaSony: Playstation 4 kommt ohne Online-ZwangOffice: Microsoft will Adobes Abo-Vorbild nicht folgen

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Software-Update: Huawei P1 bekommt Android 4.1

Filed under: Android Vor der Hardware-Party in London mit bereits bekannter Speisekarte gibt es Huawei zunächst Software-News. Android 4.1 steht ab sofort - endlich! - für das P1 zur Verfügung. Gleichzeitig bietet das Unternehmen auch die hauseigene Skin, Emotion User Interface - offiziell für das Smartphone an

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[App-Test] Pou

Das Tamagotchi, Geissel der späten 1990er ist einfach nicht totzukriegen. Mit Pou erfährt das virtuelle zeitfressende Haustier eine volldigitale Neuauflage. Spieler müssen sich aufmerksam um die vielfältigen Bedürfnisse eines kleinen Außerirdischen kümmern, der rein äußerlich Ähnlichkeit mit einem

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 hits the FCC with 7-inch screen and WiFi in tow

Just a little over a week after Samsung introduced the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 to the world, and it's already made its way to the FCC for approval. There's not much to say here that we don't know about, but as expected, this particular model is WiFi-only, with no LTE or voice-enabled bands mentioned in the documentation. As a reminder, the Tab

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iOS 7 zeigt sich verstärkt in den Serverstatistiken

Apple ist bereits fleissig dabei, iOS 7 zu testen. Nicht nur in den USA , auch auf deutschen Webseiten häufen sich die Zugriffe von Geräten, auf denen laut Serverstatistik iOS 7 installiert ist. So haben wir auf dem iPhone-Ticker beispielsweise alleine in den ersten Mai-Tagen bereits 30 Besuche von iPhones

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Erstes Software-Update für Google Glass

Rund einen Monat nach der Auslieferung der ersten Entwicklermodell von Google Glass steht das erste Software-Update für die Cyberbrille zur Verfügung. Darauf weisen User wie Bryan Liles (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaWindows 8.1: Öffentliche Vorabversion angekündigtYahoo will Suchpartnerschaft mit Microsoft beend

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10-Zoll Tablet Medion Lifetab E10310

Am 16 Mai hat Aldi-Süd ein 10-Zoll Tablet im Angebot, das auf den Namen Medion Lifetab E10310 hört. Es wird für 179 Euro über den Ladentisch gehen. Was dem Lifetab auf den ersten Blick bereits fehlt, ist ein UMTS-Modul.

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Facebook rumored to be buying GPS app Waze for up to $1 billion

Between buying Instagram and calling Facebook Home the "next version" of his social network, it's fairly clear Mark Zuckerberg's obsessed with the prime real esta

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Mystery 13-inch Sony Ultrabook slider pops up in horribly grainy YouTube video

We've already seen Sony take a stab at a Windows 8 hybrid in the form of the VAIO Duo 11, and now a clip has appeared on YouTube apparently showing an unannounced 13-inch Ultrabook slider with a 1080p Triluminos touchscreen display. Allegedly, the video is being used for training at UK retail chain Dixons, and in ad

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O2 präsentiert Live-Check für unterwegs

Auf der bekannten Web 2.0 Konferenz re:publica in Berlin kommen nicht nur überwiegend Blogger zu Wort, ab und zu stellen auch Firmen interessante Dinge vor. So gab o2 einen kleinen Einblick in die neue Funktion unter der Applikation „Mein o2“, mit welcher sich die aktuelle Qualität des o2-Netzes betrachten lässt.

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09.05.2013 10:00 Uhr

Trekstor Pyrus maxi: Neuer 8" E-Reader kommt im Juni

Filed under: E-Books Trekstor vermeldet Zuwachs der E-Reader-Familie Pyrus. Mit einem 8"-Display ist der Pyrus maxi das zukünftig größte Modell, wenn er im Juni für 149 Euro in den Handel kommt. Das Display verfügt über 1.024x768 Pixel und ist kein Touchscreen. Trekstor setzt weiterhin auf die Bedienung mit Hardware-Knöpfen. Dafür wurde die Benutzeroberfläche laut Hersteller komplett überarbeitet 4 GB interner Speicher steht zur Verfügung, der via SD-Karte auf bis zu 36 GB erweitert werden kann. Der Pyrus maxi wiegt 320 Gramm und kommt allen den meisten E-Book-Formaten klar. Gallery:

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Deutschland: Apples Datenschutz-Klauseln sind teilweise rechtswidrig

Das Landgericht Berlin hat acht Bestimmungen aus Apples Datenschutzrichtlinie in einem Urteil für rechtswidrig erklärt. Ursprünglich wollte der klagende deutsche «Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen» 15 Bestimmungen aus den Datenschutzrichtlinien für rechtswidrig erklären lassen. Die nun für rechtswidrig erklärten Bedingungen belasten gemäss den Richtern den Verbraucher in einer unangemessenen Weise, was nicht im Einklang mit der Datenschutzgesetzgebung stehe. Beispielsweise wurde die «globale Einwilligung», mit welcher der Nutzer Apple gestattet, die eigenen Daten zu nutzen, für rechtswidrig erklärt. Der Nutzer kann solche Vollmachten nicht pauschal ausstellen, ohne zu wissen, für welchen Zweck die Informationen verwertet werden. Gemäss dem Urteil darf Apple auch keine Adresslisten der Kunden verwerten. Bei den Adresslisten handelt es sich um die Namen, Adressen, E-Mail-Adressen sowie Telefonnummern vo

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Rumors of low-cost iPhone rekindled as Pegatron said be hiring additional 40K workers

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer and Apple supplier Pegatron said on Thursday that it plans to bolster its Chinese workforce by up to 40 percent in the second half of 2013, fueling speculation that low-cost iPhone is on the horizon.

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Mushroom Wars: Jetzt mit Multiplayer & kurzzeitig kostenlos

Das Echzeit-Strategie-Spiel Mushroom Wars wurde nicht nur mit einem Multiplayer-Modus ausgestattet, sondern ist auch kostenlos zu haben. Auch wenn es erst kürzlich eine Preisaktion für das iPad gab, sagen wir nicht nein: Mushroom Wars (iPhone/iPad) kann heute kostenlos aus dem App Store geladen werden. Damit wird nicht nur der neue Multiplayer, sondern auch die ebenfallsDer Artikel Mushroom Wars: Jetzt mit Multiplayer & kurzzeitig kostenlos erschien zuerst auf

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Tipp: Menulets verschieben und entfernen

Die Icons oben rechts in der OS X Menüleiste erscheinen normalerweise in der Reihenfolge wie diese aktiviert/gestartet wurden. Die Reihenfolge dieser Icons (von Apple «Menulets» oder «Menu Extras» genannt) kann aber auch geändert werden. Hält man während dem «Klicken und Ziehen» gleichzeitig die cmd-Taste (⌘) gedrückt, können die Icons nach belieben verschoben werden. Ein Ziehen aus der Menüleiste und Fallenlassen über dem Schreibtisch entfernt das Menulet. Programme in der Menüleiste (z.B. Skype-Status, Dropbox-Menulet etc.) können nicht verschoben oder durch herausziehen entfernt werden. Diese Programme verfügen meist über eigene Programm-Einstellungen ob und wie ein solches Menulet angezeigt werden soll.

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Tipp: iPhone schütteln um Eingabe zu widerrufen

Schüttelt man nach einer Text-Eingabe das iPhone, erscheint ein Dialogfeld, über welches man die eben getätigte Eingabe widerrufen kann oder diese Möglichkeit abbrechen kann. Widerruft man die Eingabe (gewollt oder ungewollt), kann man durch erneutes Schütteln des iPhones die eben widerrufene Eingabe «erneut widerrufen», also wieder zum Stand vor den Schüttelaktionen zurück gehen.

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Nokia takes on Apple and Samsung with clip of Lumia 928's low-light video capabilities

Nokia has posted a video comparing the camera on the Lumia 928 with the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5, as it gets ready to launch the phone.Related StoriesWill Apple replace my iPhone?The Macalope: Applefail is a one-way streetSharp to start work on next iPhone screen in June, iPhone 6/iPhone 5S shipping in August

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Adobe reassures channel and retailers about Creative Cloud

Adobe has assured its swing to the Cloud won’t impact its channel or retail relationships.Related StoriesIllustrator CC & InDesign CC previewPhotoshop CC previewAdobe previews Projects Mighty and Napoleon, a digital pen and ruler for the iPad & iPhone

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What is the best Mac for gaming

Playing computer games is a great hobby, and with high-end components and sleek design, Apple Mac computers make great games machines. But keen Mac gamers should be careful to get the right computerRelated StoriesFive overlooked abilities of the Finder's Path Bar 

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UK government to relax planning rules to ease 4G rollout

The UK government has published new plans for boosting the roll-out of 4G mobile broadband by helping to accelerate the process for operators to install new equipment.Related StoriesWill Apple replace my iPhone?The Macalope: Applefail is a one-way streetSharp to start work on next iPhone screen in June, iPhone 6/iPhone 5S shipping in August

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Intel: Keeping up with Moore's Law becoming a challenge

Intel will advance Moore's Law for the foreseeable future, but keeping up with it is becoming more challenging as chip geometries shrink, according to a company executive.Related StoriesApple expands flash storage options across iMac lineApple hijacks OS X devs to keep iOS on trackTen improvements we'd like to see in OS X

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App des Tages: ScoreCleaner verwandelt euren Gesang in Noten [Video]

Die Forscher KTH Institute of Technology haben ein Programm entwickelt, das euren Gesang auf Knopfdruck in Noten umwandeln kann. Egal ob ihr singt oder summt, unter der Dusche oder gerade im Getummel – ScoreCleaner

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iOS 7: Apple Testgeräte erzeugen bereits fleißig Web-Traffic

Das in New York ansässige Unternehmen Onswipe entwickelt maßgeschneiderte Websites für Web-Publisher. Im Verlauf der letzten Tage, konnten die Experten erstmals einen exponentiellen Anstieg von iOS 7 Zugriffen auf den Partnerseiten vermerken. Apple testet also knapp einen Monat vor der WWDC, bereits fleißig iPhones und iPads mit installiertem iOS 7.  iOS 7 sorgt für Web-Traffic

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Huawei P6-U06 zeigt sich in schickem Aluminium-Gewand

Filed under: Smartphones Jede Menge Bilder kursieren seit ein paar Tagen vom Huawei P6-U06 im Netz: entweder gibt es einen Maulwurf in der Firmenzentrale oder aber es ist wieder Mal ein kontrolliertes Anfüttern der Journaille. 6,18 Millimeter dünn soll der Neuling sein: Das wäre doch was. Zu sehen bekommen werden wir das Smartphone wohl am 18. Juni, wobei wir uns natürlich fragen, ob es das einzige Gerät sein wird. Galle

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Nokia unveils the touchscreen Asha 501 with new software platform, we go hands-on (video)

One or more additional members are expected to join Nokia's Lumia line-up next Tuesday, but today the company has chosen New Delhi as the stage to unveil the Asha 501, a new touchscreen handset that further blurs the line between featurephone and smartphone. While the last touchscreen A

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Wirbel um zurückgezogene Windows 8-Werbespots

Microsoft hat drei neue Werbespots für Windows 8 offensichtlich wenige Stunden nach der Veröffentlichung wieder zurückgezogen. Darüber berichten Online-Medien aus den USA. (Weiter lesen)Mehr zum ThemaYahoo will Suchpartnerschaft mit Microsoft beendenGoogle ist das Ziel der meisten IT-Berufseinsteiger

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Highscore-Spiel Impossible Road: Schummeln erlaubt

In dieser Highscore-Jagd ist abkürzen erlaubt: Impossible Road ist genau das richtige für Hardcore-Gamer. Ihr wollt immer einen noch besseren Highscore erzielen und eure Freunde übertrumpfen? Dabei ist euch jedes Mittel recht? Dann solltet ihr einen Blick auf Impossible Road (App Store-Link) werfen, das ab sofort als Universal-App zum Download bereit steht, frei von In-App-KäufenDer Artikel Highscore-Spiel Impossible Road: Schummeln erlaubt erschien zuerst auf

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Sony's 2012 earnings show a net profit of $458 million, its first since 2008

We've already heard from Sony about the positive effects some of its recent moves are having on its finances, and now the company is revealing its detailed results for the last year. Sony has managed a profit of $458 million in 2012, its first in several years and a good sign after it projected such optimism in last years results. The most anticipated news is what it projects for 2013, a year wher

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Patentstreit: Apple fordert Einblick in den Android-Quelltext

Der Patentstreit zwischen Apple und Samsung zieht erneut Kreise in der Technik-Welt. Jetzt wird in den Disput auch noch Android-Hersteller Google als Drittpartei ins Boot geholt. In Kalifornien hat Apple jetzt vor Gericht den

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Morgan Stanley: Produktion neuer iPhones soll im Juni oder Juli starten

Zur Apples Entwicklerkonkurrenz WWDC am 10. Juni wird Apple mit iOS 7 einen ersten Ausblick auf das Betriebssystem des kommenden iPhones geben. Das Gerät zum Betriebssystem, das „iPhone 5S“, wird hingegen erst im September erwartet. Neue Gerüchte aus Fernost bestätigen diese Vermutung.Katy Huberty,

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Sechste OS X 10.8.4 Vorabversion an Entwickler verteilt

Erneut eine Woche nach der Veröffentlichung der fünften Beta von OS X 10.8.4 veröffentlichte Apple am gestrigen Abend eine weitere Vorabversion des nächsten OS X Minor-Updates. Registrierte Entwickler können die Beta mit der Build-Nummer «12E47» über das Mac-Developer-Portal herunterladen. Erneut sollen die Entwickler beim Testen des neuen Systems primär auf Safari, Wi-Fi und die Grafik-Treiber achten. In einer vorhergehenden Beta-Version wurden Hinweise auf die nächste WLAN-Generation 802.11ac gefunden. Ob Apple bereits bei der nächsten Mac-Generation diese neue Funktechnologie einsetzen wird, ist noch nicht klar. Möglicherweise stellt Apple bereits an der WWDC 2013 neue MacBoo

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APX Labs mods Epson Moverio headset, adds camera, mic and motion sensors for improved AR

Epson's 3D display glasses, the Moverio BT-100 have been floating around as a development platform for a couple years, and APX Labs is the latest to hack the headset. APX Labs is a software firm best known for creating

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Google Earth 7.1 for Android introduces Street View and improved location search

Google Earth's desktop version added Leap Motion controls in version 7.1, and now its Android counterpart has picked up a few new features. Available today, version 7.1 introduces Street View which lets users take Pegman from space to your neighborhood with the power of a double tap. Search is also enhanced with updated location suggestions and improved directions that displays routes for transit, walking, biking and driving in 3D. Rounding out Earth's new feature set is a revamped interface that lists layers like Panora

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Airbus A320 family to use Dell Latitude laptops for electronic flight bags

Airbus isn't putting all its eggs in one basket -- or rather, one bag. While it already has a suite of iPad cockpit apps to assist pilots, the aircraft maker is hedging its bet with a deal to use Dell Latitude laptops as electronic flight ba

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ASUS 'We Transform' Computex teaser leaves us waiting for more teaser videos

Just like last year, ASUS is filling time before the Computex trade show by posting teaser trailers. Sporting a "We Transform" tag, its first one for 2013 features the spun metal casings, touchscreen laptops, convertibles, tablets and phones we've become accustomed to from the company. So what's next? The video doesn't appear to provide any hints, however the press page linked below includes a countdown to ASUS' press conference June 3rd,

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China's LeTV debuts 'Super TV' X60, throws in a quad-core S4 Prime chip

Quad-core smart TVs? Move over, Samsung and Haier, because another company's now joining the party. At a press event in Beijing yesterday, Chinese video content provider LeTV announced its first TV series dubbed "Super TV." Despite the cheesy name, there are a handful of big names behind it:

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Google Translate Android app gets Phrasebook syncing, additional language support for visual translation

Google Translate's truly a wonder of modern technology, with the ability to translate 64 70 languages, whether they are written, spoken or even

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Briefly: OCDock for iPhone 5, LightLinez short Lightning cable

Accessory retailer has commenced shipping the OCDock, a dock for the iPhone 5 that fuses with the ìfootî of the iMac and Thunderbolt Display. Designed to eliminate the hassle of wires, the OCDock boasts a cable as thin as a sheet of paper that slides under the aluminum foot of the iMac or Thunderbolt display. The dock is crafted out of brushed aluminum so it looks like an extension of the Apple product, not a separate piece. The dock retails for $80 and is sold exclusively at

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Google book scanning suit hits appeals court, no decision reached

A US federal appeals court has begun the discussion whether plaintiffs in the Google e-book digitization project lawsuit should proceed as a class, or as individuals. The Authors Guild is claiming that the Google Books project is, in essence, copyright infringement on a massive scale, and believes that a class of plaintiffs would squeeze more money out of the search engine giant more efficiently than separate suits, judged on individual merits.

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Nokia pits Lumia 928 against Galaxy S III again, challenges Samsung to audio recording contest

Ready for round two? Nokia is: it's put the Galaxy S III and its own Lumia 928 back in the ring,challenging Samsung's handset to an audio recording dual. The company's latest video (seen after the break) tasks both phones with capturing a musical performance in a New York subway. Naturally, Nokia uses the clip to show the Lumia's strength, flipping back and forth between the 928's clear, undistorted audio, and the louder but much noisier Galaxy S III recording. Developing

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New Kevo lock uses your iPhone for keyless entry

Kwikset has made a new lock it's calling Kevo that makes use of your iPhone to lose your keys for good. The idea on this one seems great, and apparently the company picked up some money from a pitch on the Shark Tank TV show. The lock has both standard key-based and wireless mechanisms, so instead of using your key, you can simply put your smartphone or a branded fob up to the lock, and it'll open up for you. You can also send a key to someone else's smartphone, so if they need to get in your house for some reason, you can send them a temporary key that only works for a given amount of time. That's great, and because the lock is still a standard mechanical lock, it'll

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Sony Xperia A hits the FCC with 5-inch screen and removable battery

Many have suspected that Sony wasn't done with its 2013 high-end phones just because the Xperia Z and ZL were shipping. As of today, that's more than just speculation: a once-rumored Xperia A has swung through the FCC for approval as NTT DoCoMo's SO-04E. The filing is unusually detailed for a device that isn't official, sh

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Drawing app Paper gets pinch-to-zoom, 'Made With Paper' art gallery, new Ink Engine in update

Paper by FiftyThree received an update on Wednesday with the addition of a few new features and backend enhancements, including a much-needed pinch-to-zoom feature that allows artists to quickly make detailed refinements to a piece.

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Samson Expedition Express PA does Bluetooth and XLR, ships this month for $200

It's been a while since we've looked at enhanced PA speakers, and one of the last big hitters in the category was a little ostentatious. Samson's new Expedition Express keeps things a little lower-key. The one-piece system will take both Bluetooth audio as well as quarter-inch and XLR instrument inputs, but it's subtle enough to feel at home at both the beach and the boardroom. It's also

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Apple seeds sixth 10.8.4 beta to developers for testing

The weekly release of new builds of the forthcoming OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4 are continuing apace, with build 12E47 now available for testers -- again with no new changes or known issues, and again asking developers to focus testing efforts on the same areas as before: graphics, Safari and Wi-Fi performance. Earlier builds of 10.8.4 are known to be slightly improving battery life, addressing bugs with Wi-Fi stability and reconnection after waking from sleep, as well as fixing some remaining Nvidia card graphic glitches.

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Daily iPhone App: Wizard Ops Tactics offers well-made tactical battles

Wizard Ops arrived on the App Store a couple of years ago -- it was a wild and wooly take on magical combat that played more like a shooter than a fantasy RPG. Developers Phyken Media have now returned to the world of Wizard Ops, though not the genre, with a new title called Wizard Ops Tactics. As you may have reckoned from the title, Wizard Ops Tactics is a turn-based strategy game, where you move various wizards and combatants around a 3D board, casting spells across various terrains to beat the other side. Just like the original Wizard Ops, the graphics on this one can get a little goofy, but also like the original game, the depth of game

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Facebook Pages Manager for iOS rebuilt for speed, gains emojis and stickers

Facebook has updated its Pages Manager application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by re-building the core of the app. By re-writing the app for speed, the application is now faster for scrolling through page timelines, loading photographs, and more. Facebook previously re-built its other iOS apps for speed, shunning web-based technologies and using

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CyanogenMod 10.1 hits Release Candidate, nears a 'stable' future

If you're a fan of CyanogenMod, there's a good chance that flashing nightly builds of the 10.1 release is now damn near second nature. Fortunately, a more stable future is in store for you and your phone, as CyanogenMod has revealed that a final release is close at hand. As a buildup to that point, you'll find that Release Candidate builds are now available for installation. For the uninitiated, CyanogenMod 10.1 is based on Android 4.2.2, and along with many additional features, it serves as a great way to upgrade your device in

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Pulse for iOS adds LinkedIn sharing

LinkedIn is quickly settling into its ownership of Pulse: fresh from integrating itself into the news app's Android edition, it's doing the same for iOS. Version 3.1 of the news aggregator largely mirrors the Android refresh and lets users flick a switch to share stori

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Sony waives its publishing fee; Would Apple ever do the same?

Video-game maker Sony has been making a big push for independent developers lately, both on its handheld PS Vita system and on its upcoming PlayStation 4 console, and yesterday, the company took another big step. Sony has decided to waive its usual $99 fee for PlayStation Mobile developers, meaning that anyone can join the developer network and publish games on its platforms for free. That's a big move, and while it might not mean a boost in PlayStation Mobile publishing (there are other hiccups, such as the difficulty of game creation and the limited size of the market), it does show just how open Sony is to independent software developers. So here's a question:

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Paper by FiftyThree updated with ‘Made With Paper’ feed, pinch to zoom, & Expressive Ink Engine built on OpenGL

The extremely popular 2012 App of the Year ‘Paper by FiftyThree’ has been updated today with a few notable new features making it even easier to create beautiful sketches, illustrations, and more. Among the new features, developer FiftyThree has added a new “Made with Paper” feature that acts as a feed for inspiration displaying ideas

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The Daily Roundup for 05.08.2013

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy. Comments

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Daily Update for May 8, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Flash) or the non-Flash link below. To subscribe to the podcast for daily listening through iTunes, click here.

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CocoaConf Alt 2013 canceled

The 2013 CocoaConf Alt in June has been canceled due to conflicts with its venue, the Intercontinental San Francisco. The issue arose because of a pre-existing agreement between the hotel and Apple. We had secured space in the hotel directly next door to the big show, and we were putting together a phenomenal list of speakers. Ticket sales were better than we had hoped. All was well until we got an email from the Intercontinental San Francisco, saying that they had determined that our event was in conflict with Apple and that due to their contract with Apple, we couldn't us

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This is the Modem World: The Great Computer Cold War of 1982

Each week Joshua Fruhlinger contributes This is the Modem World, a column dedicated to exploring the culture of consumer technology. I've known my friend Jeff since I was 2 years old. He was one year ahead of me in school, but in everything else -- little league, school, girls -- we were extremely competitive. We both had two sisters and looked to one

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Pulse newsreader updated with LinkedIn integration, one-tap read later support

In its first update after being purchased by LinkedIn for $90 million, Pulse on Wednesday showed the first signs of integration with the networking site by baking in the ability to share stories with a user's professional network.

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Neue Entwicklervorabversion von OS X 10.8.4 erschienen

Apple hat soeben über die Apple Developer Connection eine neue Vorabversion von OS X 10.8.4 veröffentlicht. Auch bei der Buildnummer 12E47 bittet Apple die Entwicklergemeinde, die WLAN-Treiber, Safari sowie die Grafikkartentreiber zu testen. Seit Anfang April veröffentlicht Apple im Wochenturnus neue Vorabversionen von OS X 10.8.4. Wann mit der finalen Version zu rechnen ist, kann schwer vorhe

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Slacker lures 6 million new listeners, makes profit on both free and paid users

When Slacker launched its big software overhaul in February, many were skeptical that a refresh could bring it back to prominence. Apparently, all that doubt was misguided: Slacker says it's racked up 6 million new listeners in the past three months, 3.5 million of which are on mobile. They're more involved, too -- there are 100,000 new paying customers, iOS installs have tripled and members of all kinds tune in for an average o

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Developers react to WWDC ticketing issues

This year's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) sold out in a matter of minutes, leading Apple to announce the convention would be streamed online for developers who couldn't get tickets. The demand has grown exponentially, while the size of the conference has not. With such intense demand, and tickets in short supply, some developers are taking to their blogs to suggest ways the conference can improve in the future.

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Sony PlayStation 4 ohne Onlinezwang

Nachdem zur nächsten Microsoft Xbox, die am 21. Mai vorgestellt wird, mittlerweile durch eine interne E-Mail von Microsoft widerlegte Gerüchte aufkamen, dass die Konsole über einen generellen Onlinezwang verfügen wird, dementiert Sony nun einen derartigen Zwang für die PlayStation 4 in einem Interview.

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Paper by FiftyThree Updated with Pinch-to-Zoom and New Gallery Feature [iOS Blog]

FiftyThree has updated Paper, its popular sketching app for the iPad. Version 1.3.1 includes a new gallery setting, a long awaited pinch-to-zoom feature, and performance enhancements. Originally released last March, Paper is designed to offer an intuitive way to capture ideas on a distraction free canvas. With the addition of pinch-to-zoom, Paper users can sketch with far greater detail than ever before. Unlike traditional zooming tools, Paper utilizes a magnifying glass-style circle that allows artists to zoom in on a specific area of the image. The update includes a gallery that displays a stream of artwork created using the Paper app. As with Paper's other features, the gallery use

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Syrian internet restored, cut fiber optic cable alleged at fault

Following yesterday's unexpected disappearance of Syria from the Internet, service to the war-torn country seems to be completely restored with no feared large-scale attack by the Syrian government against the rebels. Both the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency and Google's real-time reporting has demonstrated that traffic is increasing in the country. 

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Absolute Software unveils iOS Computrace Mobile Theft Management

Electronic device security and management solutions provider Absolute Software has announced the launch of Computrace Mobile Theft Management, the first iOS loss mitigation and theft recovery service on the market for business. Computrace MTM provides both loss prevention and theft recovery for a company's entire iOS deployment. 

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